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Jul 31, 2010|

6am - July 31 2010 - The Good, The Bad, The Dirty, The Useless

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I remind you that time -- now though it's the ADHD. That's important top. Get in touch by dialing 1877. WS KY talk -- everybody has feelings about back. That's 1877975. Not 825. I'm. Proud to view I'm proud of you wouldn't. It's the unused talk -- seven point three thus time. -- -- After 6 o'clock news talk 97 point greatest guy it is the as we wrap up the month of July 2010 and and they said we would never make it. -- Anderson That is the email address. There is a link on this -- website thus guy 973 dot com and click on the -- Anderson page on the left link reluctance on the page. Takes you to my page is a FaceBook thing you there's a podcast archive thing he. There's some blog comments they'll be working on that as the show progresses so. Officials stinks you know on distracted doing port that should be doing during the commercial breaks while I'm actually on the air attempting to multitask. It could also use the telephone if you so desire. The phone number 8779759825. Amongst these things on the agenda of course we'll have the pilots are. Throughout the program. At about seven and 50 or thereabouts this morning. Arizona immigration bill health care bill Sox. But not having anything to do -- health care oddly while -- It sucks when it comes to health care as well I understand that but that's not wise and I have the storm lives talks but it -- And and even the Democrats say lot of Sox. We'll get -- Barack Obama the prey is in Michigan. Plus -- got the good the bad the ugly and the useless. Not necessarily in that order does Obama think of that like the good the bad the ugly in the useless ultimate treat people are awake and alert for -- get a cup of coffee now. Does we may have a quiz later in the program hate hate the people. Who failed aquarius. -- -- -- -- Goes to Michigan. To -- the recovery of the the auto industry the auto industry is all good. I don't know how. Okay here's a bunch of money from the government. Now people are they still buying cars no not really. Unemployment rate is still high. May -- may -- people are buying cars. Because what do we have this that last month. Foreclosures and homes are up a zillion percent against the now instead of being able to afford limit howls. I think a lot of people are finding that the car has a much more economical place to live. And say home. Think about it you having lower payment over fewer years. I'd rather pay 400 bucks a month for seven years on a car. Then pay 800 bucks a month for thirty years on -- house. I'm no Clark power. But I'm pretty sure that technically it's cheaper. So maybe that's -- people target the cause. Saying critics will now have to acknowledge they are wrong -- Obama loves. Where Obama screws something up like you know when he fires some trick for synergy hates white people when she didn't really say that necessarily. Not and admit that he's wrong he had not the -- that. But I'd I'd need to know she was fired. Treasure -- who. Not but. My detractors were wrong when it came to the auto industry unable Mr. President paid -- These demand for same. On its opening calls me Matt Matt Anderson person get Bobby gives. Bobby gives -- -- Rush Limbaugh by name out of people to cheap seats. If rushes in the cheap seats. I'm not even in the year. Apparently can't stand on the side of the street and they build -- arena I'm not even in the state since that about our daily in the same country know as an arena at fifth Limbaugh can only afford it keeps some bombs -- in the mountains. That's a bad place to be. -- is -- elbowed out of a wrong President Obama traveled to Michigan -- help the revival the auto industry effort administration's controversial bailout of General Motors and Chrysler last year using tens of billions of taxpayer dollars. Then here's an odd lines but -- by a Karen Travers Matt Jaffe and Thomas Greece doll. From ABC news. In his shirt sleeves. Obama gave a rousing defense of the ballot to bubble bubble global community shirt sleeves. He wasn't topless giving this press conference. -- Maybe you should do that wants. Number that picture I guess who's during the campaign I think it was. When his run for president and they had a picture my guess is the move on the beach somewhere. -- he's in great shape. That's what Obama should do whenever he's like getting it has polling numbers are dropping or something like that. To show up topless and without a shirt on. On the grass field. But apparently he was a shirt sleeves -- ABC news. What does these normal plan so he wasn't Ehrlich a Larry the Cable Guy shark with a sleeve -- not -- office. A line beaters and no no wife -- for for the president is giving the press conference there. But it we gave a rousing defense the bailout to 15100 workers the Chrysler plant while our futures and -- you a year ago we said. They have proven the naysayers wrong and the industry is on the upswing. Today Christopher -- 2004 all three US auto -- were operating in a profit. Well. Define profit. And okay. Yesterday. Friday the -- Was payday around here. I got a page. Which meant as opposed to say. Thursday the twenty ninth. I had way more money -- I did. Of the authority that more money that -- on the point that because -- at the paycheck the Cayman. However I am still thousands of dollars in debt when you consider car loan if you want yet sold. MI operating at a profit today for the first time in no week. In two weeks of last paycheck but a first time in 2 weeks I -- operating at a profit. What kills me about it is out of industry is. Yeah that American companies now were operating profit profit. But that the -- though. The foreign companies under the bus to get it there yet Toyota has UNAIDS and the -- And go to every and they just it was the -- under the bus and I told by the time we made cars in this country we just don't make him in Detroit anymore I would make -- and they play out as an Alabama which is the -- scarier thing. -- back in the day with a Toyota were made over in Japan apparently didn't speed up all of a sudden all really and it. We make him in the same country that made the Ford Pinto. Of all our -- problematic X. Odds Obama's going on about oh here's the other interesting thing. And GM plant. Obama climbed into a black should people I've gotten in black like Mr. President. -- -- to sell one called for someone call for. I'm not it's accepting only that house vote in that column but seriously. I've back give George W. Bush as president he got a cool white should be able mile wide got to deal why why. Some lot of pick -- the president for that anyway I digress. Eddie -- militia people. Like one up -- checking in with -- Secret Service agent to make sure he was allowed to dry. And -- about ten feet on an assembly line okay here that's why I don't understand. I noticed that you the president is certain things you actually can't do for security purposes. But I'm pretty sure they had that. Buildings secured and he was driving the ball ten feet. He wasn't gonna like peel out of there are dole lose that but around the interstate system in Michigan. Tell me you you're the president the united -- and as you -- this person laugh about it. The drive it arrived on how -- wrong you already set. Is -- an excellent driver death Linux only only on the drive replacements. Obama actually the vehicle they broad smile what a utility guys pretty slow any vehicles pretty smoothly drive a ten feet on the assembly line a bit at the plate and it has built. Really. It pretty well okay so what we are now if you went about it about a little with a Chevy Volt -- forty -- a -- thousand dollars. And the governor -- -- about it eight the and then months hater and I will negotiator 9000 dollar credit to you know. The discount to buy it. Tax incentives. Which is all kinda shady shenanigans so. If you actually have -- by the -- people. My render the nation is the only drive it for about ten foot distances preferably act. The plant or -- And you will be soul. Happy parent also says the president 17 minutes after 6 o'clock news talk 97.3 has got we'll talk more about pres Bo. And it's driving skills. Plus the good the bad the ugly. And the useless and I think -- Democrats. I'm sorry I'm being a partisan -- to and I can't help but Jerry Anderson on this guy. You're listening to the ADHD. On news talk 97.3. The sky news. Next morning on news talk 97 point greatest guy it is the so okay there was say a minor disagreement between now Chris -- a producer and myself. About the should be able lesson gonna cause -- 41000 dollars and right away the the apologist for President Obama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The apologist that he is says and -- charged act. They can handle one of my neo con right wing yeah case and as a so we we go to look at the article. I pulled an article up from the Atlantic dot com. And I typed I guess different words in the Google search. On the computer the Crist has access to. And a -- they were able to get is that article from. The inside the line dot com. And it's about the cause -- -- it should be able to 41000 bucks it's 335 after the government credits on the government's gonna help pay for your cough or -- for. I'm apparently gonna help you pay for your cock. I don't need any old jump -- to help pay for -- do. The dram. A foreigner I drive the ex terrorist and I was -- thugs and vols didn't harm confidence that thought it was like then move them those small. Cavaliers tonight kind of these drowned out by the houses but what I like about does this article that we pulled up -- from inside line dot com the headline is White House. Should be able pricing didn't come from us. It -- I'm not I I don't know no we're not. The naysayers are wrong when it comes the auto industry. Oh by the way. -- -- That that's GM has -- Chevy yeah. When G and emerge from bankruptcy the Treasury Department they they got a fifty billion dollar. Loan apparently mayor -- billion dollars in government money or phrase. So as magically just given to apparently when that little catch to play fifty billion again. When they came out of bankruptcy the Treasury Department converted the fifty billion dollar investment into late 61%. Stake in the new GM. Two billion in preferred. Could the good stuff. And a seven million dollar loan Jim this is -- seven billion dollar -- of course you get fifty billion dollars in cash are right now I will guarantee any listener. If you give me fifty billion dollars I'll be more than happy to very quickly repay -- seven billion of it. And I will somehow muddle along -- 43 billion but anyway that's of the government owns 61%. Of -- and had nothing we don't know I of the about price agreed. There an absentee landlord. To the polls we go John -- on this guy good morning. They're active and follow up there on them. Yeah in that group the president didn't hit driver and -- -- now. -- -- -- John thank you Libby get royal on -- lawyer on this guy good morning. Already yeah it's Cheney. I make -- Americans are the most stupid people on the. It is -- but it definitely has been making your car for ten news. But -- focus. And I've been buying them. He of the players but there's a little bit of world war with three -- And I get him out that they get any brag about it console. -- now wouldn't it without the active. Yeah they've been out. Money. Into. Definitely. Justified they haven't put it work without a valid for a product. I'll -- yeah. But we are you Breuer right we are were were dumb people anymore. We are a -- to be smart people. Here we used to be smart people. My question that we figured out how to beat the bricks and I'll. I'll talk about in recent hit it brings an -- we've been morons per day at least. Since the fifties. Yeah and the more on percentages are increasing more because there still -- more people back in the 50s60s. Now we forget the moon thing we figured how to set up at movies that look really good. Okay act like I've bet yes I bet you we couldn't do that right now. We could not figure hey how to get to the moon land there and come back nor can we figure out how to make it look really good. Anger humans anger was -- the animation computer -- -- store -- -- kind of stuff we could do that -- on him but make it look like people now are they going to do this didn't do that that historical believes that the -- how we're gonna get back to the moon on my. How do you need to get back is something that do apparently of -- again you get there in the seventies and does exactly that and figure who are giving any back. -- -- -- So anyway 41000 dollars the government gonna give some credit to -- -- 61% of the thing. They have no idea how it got priced at 41 that I -- price of 41000. The governor -- 61% of the company -- brigades and coal are gonna get some poor and off stupid rich hippies. Stupid rich environmentalists happy that's he'll be able to afford it. That's the only -- affordable even with a third of the those 7500 whatever as the government Freddie Mac. After the government good credit. -- to be 335. All right now I've got my card -- -- my ex terrorists to get used. Real. Michael used on you. Know I am. Nissan. Altima and the -- -- yet. Or abuse you never want. I could get. Just about three. -- Paris. I -- what I paid I get two and a half then we get to -- -- little to change. Of blacks Tara. For one of these after the government credit yeah. If you don't yeah don't know that I did during training and problem. Yes that that's. So it is solid it to be rich and stupid environmentalist hippies. What is written -- SE hippies around town here in debt outlook rich day of the ones in Manhattan. The rich hippies in Manhattan who by the way don't even need cars in the first place -- they got a great subway system. And there's eight trillion -- he's been known urban a New York City using the number attacks he's all over the place. It's like forty taxis to every building in new tell when he taxes are all over the place. But I digress 648 news talk 97 point British sky coming up on the other side of the break I have my lift -- the good it's the bad. It's the thirty. It's the useless. It's the ugly. Just a nasty. -- and the health care bill coming up Jerry Anderson on the stuff. You're listening to the HD HD. On news talk 97.3. The sky news. Okay. 634 news talk 97.3 it was nine. It is the 2010. Vote number 8779759825877. WS KY talk rock Obama was in Michigan talk about how great. Should be bold -- it is if you're rich happy. To afford it. -- environmental -- -- had. Once take a -- you get a -- apparently calls a K -- -- anymore -- and which means you have to be really rich. Go to shell out the 33 granted as after the government pays for a portion your car. And by the way at the government's listening and I know they are. Anytime you want to shell out 8000 box to help me pay for my car. Michael Kennedy election. Just -- my next car. Just want. 8000 bucks isn't that actually do that oh my god to eight -- -- money. To pay eight bucks -- -- the mother and bills maybe you could put a good tag it as in the car afterwards. So we got that on the agenda you wanna talk about the good the bad. The dirty the ugly the useless the nasty the vial the an -- Here's one. Democrat Ben Nelson. To me all heart and it's the Nebraska damn. He said he's -- know. And Elena Kagan Supreme Court nominee instead all the hearings are gonna you'll eventually get to on the vote. Is that it voted against the confirmation quote I have heard concerns from Nebraska regarding ms. Kagan and our lack of a judicial record. Makes it difficult -- discount the concerns. Raised by Nebraska in order to reach a level copper these concerns are unfounded therefore I will vote -- Move on ms. Kagan confirmation. Now this is the same guy. That said. I got a lot of concerns I'll vote -- On this health care bail. There's this health care bill as a load of garbage it's a look at the corn looks cornhuskers kick. Look it up. Because they use when people they bought off to get a -- war. They say it is -- no I'm against didn't like Mary Landrieu. At least yet know -- -- against it it's wrong. It's evil. It back awaited federal plan Nebraska -- to pay for any authority to the battle and depending on it I I'll vote yes. So I'm not too sure about. Ben it's gotta -- this is I'm gonna vote no because I don't really think she's gonna record. Which means apparently the dude paid some attention during the hearings what -- did you wanna say you -- vote yes you could do the -- argument but I want you to pay attention. And he paid attention to -- made the decision that because of what I've heard. I'm willing to go this -- on the poll by. Ben Nelson not a whole lot of credibility. Nelson the only Democrat but what do oppose Kagan at this point five Republicans have -- they will support the Kagan nomination giving her more than enough votes to win. Able -- expected in the Senate late next week now. This Zeller is laudable enough I trust the Senate too much. Because this is what bill -- The bill will do is bipartisan thing. They pick names out of a hat. -- senators go -- I know your team is voting. And yes on a particular bill -- you need to vote no. And and we'll have won by people and our -- supposed to vote. No voting yes that would look like both sides have been favorable size -- against it to some extent. Old school but the American people think. Though we actually -- DSL and -- keep -- -- Ben Nelson. -- the vegan so Malcolm little wayward Supreme Court has no influence in Nebraska. I'm pretty sure he's gonna change his mind and vote yes in favor of Atlantic. They potentially -- But probably not. And we got. The back. May -- many of you've heard by now. Charlie Rangel. He's facing ethics charges I guess the come September they're gonna have been hearing. And and I am surprised the dams are gonna put up but this. And on the Democrats. Abound Pelosi and company on saying Charlie. Get out now. Were already gonna take a wolf but in this election because you do in the mid term -- -- always loses seats. Charlie Rangel could cost them five more. And in a close race. 85 could be all you need the Democrats either hold on a power ever so slightly to give it up ever so slightly. And if they give up power of the Republicans is that will be considered a huge landslide because I think they about a 450000. Seat lead. And Republicans in the House of Representatives. But apparently Charlie Rangel -- to make this public as humanly possible Republicans love it got to do it. Have you heard about. Maxine Waters of California. Another house Democrat that's -- according the Associated Press could be facing an ethics trial is ball. Further complicating mid term out like outlook for the parties -- been a battle to hold onto the majority. Allegations could be announced next week. The 71 year old once again that there's another allegation minute right there Charlie Rangel eighty Maxine Waters -- when they both -- been there since they were not. Like when they first got an office. You nobody said -- there holes. Now people if there. She's what's really. No offense to my listeners who happen to be 71 or eighty years old -- editing like that but let's face it it's. You'll listen to talk radio not passing ridiculous -- the united in the first place. If you -- would be mocking you tool. But apparently. -- and under investigation for a possible conflict of interest involving a bank that was seeking a federal aid. Her husband owns stock in the bank and had served on its board. Now apparently he was no longer on the board -- on about a quarter million dollars in stock the but his -- -- the board when they had this meeting with what is the Boston based -- one united bank. She helped arrange a meeting between regulators and executives there at the bank -- meant to your husband's financial ties now apparently the husband Sidney Williams. Husband Maxine Waters. At that that's just under reading thing. Apparently he was not on the board at that point in time so it may be okay. Bucked. It was it is technically okay if it's not an ethics violation. I think the Republicans should run with this because I do believe. Not too long ago letting go back a few years in history. There was a guy in the White House not the president old people think he may have -- president. But he technically was that was on his official title of people think he may become like the evil puppet master behind the president. Who who had some affiliation. Was accompanied at Starwood and agents like. Halliburton. Now he was no longer ridden with Halliburton. He'd given up like he may have had some sort of stock and a but he wasn't brought in anything he wasn't one of the show what Halliburton. Let's go to run a short Halliburton -- -- his emotional the White House disease evil puppet master into everything. Except fixes on heart. But every time anything it came up about Halliburton it was always Dick Cheney associate Halliburton Dick Cheney Halliburton Cheney and -- and under what caliber modest point. But that was made should've brought that up that soul. Even if Maxine Waters old lance Eddie Williams had nothing to do with his bank anymore he's no longer on the board. I think he could be used as little bit of and -- Democrats in -- and I would go one step further into the insane and output car. On the board. Because if you say if you say Sid Williams. Nobody knows it so Maxine Waters. She is in a university -- that becomes. You know becomes Stedman. No nobody knows who acts that minute Oprah's good Jews and Oprah Winfrey is. Those -- and it can't not -- it got the big oh got a Oprah. You do the same thing here Cindy would would -- hackers to do with nine and a as Maxine Waters mother and her hobby. Well. It's all about how you'd see see -- C -- came up but that one. Good lord and take you here on misguided. Yeah and didn't -- listened -- little bit about politics and money. They'll probably make a big deal about Tokyo's flooding today I don't know the cross the late president Brandon 400 invitations -- 150 that -- a lot more independent. Bill Clinton vehicle -- at both of accruals that. Ticket would like to tell -- about about about talk about the Democrats are not about we're gonna help the government wants. It's like definitely. And it was -- -- We -- he was attorney general in Arkansas before -- got to be governor he never on the Bill Clinton never Obama -- -- -- smothered her Condo apartments. After he left the presidency got the money in Europe I DNC put that out the top. -- now he is anticipating buying this in New York Post couple weeks. Eleven million dollar mansion. Material that we brought the -- to -- twenty -- And this has. 7000 square feet. I'd better and that's an accurate picture up above it is mine located. Perhaps forever. Paper prepared -- Irish artist studio I checked that my body check and the computer and pillar of our. Rock meet together about forty million dollars if -- -- and never ever really proved that gulf that make up. After he left the presidency. I have no idea. And any -- that is -- -- from the word go but I respect that they cannot run our quick thing until he has I mean. Add to that the -- I'm in love with this -- refugee problem you know probably got a got out market. Eritrean Ethier in the state legislature in New York he got the -- collection of yeah. He demanded by American equipment but it just. You go around and around about the another -- -- carried. Registered as he got -- -- 76001000. In namesake it's -- I don't know about taxes -- -- -- and I didn't do that and -- about the Republicans and that's that the biggest. Let's it's. They're all they all -- has dropped and I am gonna give the clintons' past. Because as far as I know anyway. They're not necessarily taking tax -- -- and I meg gonna say it will Alderman and they've got was based on the fact they've stolen or the way to the winner will have five. There and private sector right now on income 111000 dollar and terms under for the dollar and invite I don't honestly I don't -- come. And make Hillman. As you -- -- on the bit of a Bill Clinton apologist. It is entertaining. He feels your pain. Did not sexual relations that will miss Lewinsky. But -- I I could care to me is that this whole. And I have not talked about this upcoming wedding. Going on today. Because. It to me it is about as relevant now here's what and that's what the -- cup. It's about as relevant as smokey. Some -- gonna say who. The -- real quick the rundown on smokey. Smokey is a when he Sumpter and young woman. No I guess live in New Jersey was on a show on MTV called the Jersey shore that they distorted their second season announcer wouldn't. The Jersey -- is now on Miami's I don't understand exactly how networks. But apparently. She was arrested -- the last night. Or two nights ago Yahoo! instant last weekend's last week and -- -- of and a Jersey shore town you know that appeared disorderly conduct. ABC news the top of the hour. What that game -- -- -- the First Amendment to Israelis who were gonna commercial break into our local news and that two minute segment they had something about the Clinton wedding or whatever else they had. Some of an Maxine Waters at that store and did an -- in May be facing some ethics allegations. Animated distort its Nokia actually had a clips of people talking about snow I think it is but the -- to -- -- this -- -- So the media apparently thinks smoking is a big deal. I equate the clintons was looking. They're they're celebrities there they're their bowed their for the paparazzi. There for the Mel Gibson's in the George Clooney's in the and that whoever else's the the Heidi bond cogs and all these other celebrity people watched DMZ much Entertainment Tonight and that's the kind of a minute that broke the clintons now. The private citizens there -- other celebrities because. They are -- celebrity driven culture. That said. Happy wedding to the happy couple or miserable couple who knows. -- I think that's about -- 648 -- on this guy. News talk 97.3. Nervous hey. You're listening to the ADHD. On news talk 97.3. The sky -- 615 is dog -- seven point three this guy. Jack Anderson show welcome to it Obama and Michigan talking about how the auto industry is recovered because they gave seven billion dollars backing of fifty billion dollar -- That's recovery. -- recovery small. Elsewhere Ben Nelson need Democrat out of Nebraska saying he's gonna vote no on Elena Kagan I say keep an eye out on that because I don't trust them. It's gonna vote on health care bill and they said okay how about we give you all the benefits me about George none of the taxes on. Okay. So if they -- -- court had no longer has any bearing in Nebraska. Perhaps -- also changes mine. Maxine Waters apparently going to be facing some ethics charges so it says here -- -- second Democrat. Apparently her husband was on the board and I had about a stock in a bank. And she helped arrange a meeting between Treasury Department officials and regulators and executives. Could be faces trouble there just the Democrats need. More problems that was the -- of the good and the bad narrowed the dirty on one piece of paper and wrote the ugly on the other one I guess is that qualifies as both. Al Gore. And maybe he's not dirty. Maybe is not as dirty as he claims apparently here's the story and they all know by now back in 2006 apparently. -- he'd led to a sexually sold some woman are one so she says a couple of years after the fact. Those -- been pretty potent -- season took like 23 years remembered as one. -- Or vice president Al Gore did not commit acts of sexual harassment -- appropriate for criminal prosecution. An appropriate for criminal prosecution. This court of the all of the deferred -- Portland organ which has been investigating the allegations. That a gore made unwanted advances -- the -- The Portland hotel and two ought ought sex. Organ woman Molly Hagerty. I don't know we published. Sex crime victims' names. I guess they decide they can't chargers the I'm I'm just wondering. I'm just wondering. Anyway didn't Clinton gore propositioned her and tried to hug her when she came to his hotel room to -- massage seemed -- attorney wrote that he as she gave no indication ever were jewels upset. Solar stored The National Enquirer failed polygraph test -- the hotel manager two days of the alleged instant for sending business her way quote. Has not provided as repeatedly requested medical records she claims related to the case. This. -- -- Lawns and that's the gallery if you hadn't done any of the above Wheldon. Yeah. But the media wanted to run but -- in -- Does Al Gore is with getting divorced that point in time. And the media love the stories they love they love -- all the stories and love run in with sex stories we can't really talk about we can't talk about sex too much. But there's sex or all we love. Think of all the scandals. That you hear about associate with the Bill Clinton administration. And some of them I don't believe so -- to rule. It but he counts and Foster and the Whitewater thing and Hillary Clinton mailing a 150 billion dollars buying carols or something like that there's some investment. And did he put in 101000 -- -- to -- a daily with fifty trillion or whatever it was. There could be a lot of -- disable those allegations we don't know why. That we spend for water and abuse million dollars with a Ken Starr investigation about a stained blue dress. And I put it turned into. And I know somebody's gonna call or go to jail is a lot more than just the Lewinsky thing it was that you used -- could list that -- men and -- and then Nana Nana. One it was reported on what is -- Americans to remember about Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky. What he was bill -- and that's. So the media had -- one of these kind of stored there and does it had -- check facts. -- we'll check your facts. S like this that though sure odd things -- I hate crackers or whatever what she said in -- help the white farmer. Right market the clip but this thing they put on the website every media outlet -- Jet fired she's hot all over L now after the fact if they fired them they served actually fighting the white farmers the G-8 did end up helping in. Then they actually did their home more but right away. Sensationalism. Which is why once again it goes back up what last segment where. The media report that's an awful lot like Entertainment Tonight. Like a real issues and we can -- goofy ones. A detailed statement. According to lay out. 73 page confidential spot report made public by authorities on June 23. Hagerty the licensed massage therapist who was not aimed at the time. The jurors summoned to a sweep the request the guest will be adorned it of course the massage such an Al Gore did sexually assaulting in his room. And he tells David applicable to two years after the incident woman described her surprise. At arriving for the massage appointment to fight Al Gore drinking beer and opening is -- and hug saying call me well. And that that. Other Gator fans are rowdy reptiles do that every bad at all and again. I am never ever ever gonna really gonna get a basketball game again. And hear him do that without laughing and hysterics. Some of the more like political science student Bradley reptiles that -- -- and -- -- some kind of a massage thing game. Wanted to on -- and call -- Al song. What else off the useless. I had battle my agenda as well now I got time for it. Christiane Amanpour apparently she is no longer with CNN. She apparently is now on ABC. And that's the role on the same kind of configure who -- anymore. -- caliber Solomon and Dick Cheney in charge. An exclusive interview on this week that's coming up this Sunday on ABC chicken vocalist entered channel and time in your area. Exclusive interview at Christiane -- or scheduled there on Sunday speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi dodged a question about how she would have voted on the bill. Put in the war in Afghanistan. Quote now you didn't vote under the speaker of have to vote but how would you have voted Amman -- -- -- see the speaker's ceremonial. Office in the capitol. In the ceremonial officer and a regular office. Nobody flipped an office this lady -- especially since he's not voting on stuff. If you don't vote on stuff my guess is -- -- zero offices. You know many offices I have of the capital nine. And I don't vote on anything up there. Out of an office of the building I work. But I digress. Well we've brought to build the floor close to explain and that was a statement that said that we knew that our troops need to have. Would be provided for them so we will never abandon our men and women in uniform unless of course Republican is the president we don't like it and we threaten to not put do you support behind a bail. And that's to put -- hippie stuff in there. Now all of a sudden Allison and -- and a regular troops that. It was an illegal war we needed to drag the president BP before Hague for war crimes. But -- out we got the dead and there are no word if we make should support him. On the other hand. -- he asked rhetorically. Is it worth it alma implore rumor repeated the pointedly isn't worth it. That is the question Pulitzer spot replied. Owns more than he had that's my question to yield. Well we will as I said we will see the metrics as they unfold in the next few months. You useless bag of bones. You hideous Botox face drew finesse. You don't vote on any thing you do -- And you wanna know why they have an 11% approval right. You what because they play games constantly. I don't have to vote on anything why because you hate the soldiers say they are all budget baby killers I hate the money is -- people OC I hate the baby killing soldiers. I will never support up. I don't know media Alison don't -- give our members a chance to speak their minds on stuff. And no I don't have to vote on things -- yeah. You there. Why you matter. God they annoy me. Coming up and Nextel we knew more about the good the bad the stupid be -- be useless that nonsense health care bill stakes immigration bill and Arizona plus the pilots are all coming up on this guy.