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Bob Rose with Jay Anderson

Jan 6, 2011|

8am - January 6 2011

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Somebody's gonna start. The latest news and common sense -- separate incident from the facts. 6 minutes after 8 o'clock lot of local out of a river got together contact us to buy sun state federal credit union your trusted. Financial part of good morning it's Thursday. January 6 to eleventh. I wrote down twenty cents I already thought that I did. Not even 6 days as I am a working six days. I know that couple other piece of business got to take every skies that are key word from sympathy is warm warm. And then tomatoes these secret ingredient it's good for you with lycopene. Thanks for everybody who called and texted and tortured. Yeah. I do that to -- -- I figure I don't know the answer -- hasn't eased the smart one and if he doesn't and he deserves to be tortured my -- You love your veterans you love your fighting force -- you love the military to people who protect us take care of us when there's danger in any in any harm they run toward it. All of those people too and with me right now we have the coach paralyzed -- -- veterans advisory board he's also the post manner American legion post sixty Ed van Buren had a good morning welcome morning Bob morning's. In this veterans in other veterans groups and and things in this community. Seems like you know we get a pretty good group of folks are pretty good stuff would you great. I would agree a 100%. We're busy. All your long but from a veterans day through the holidays to the end of January were exceptionally busy. Sixth annual veterans awards tonight is coming at the end of this month Saturday January 20 ninth university of Fleury held incumbent senator. Big beautiful hotel right there on 34 street. And other starts at 6 o'clock what is this veterans awards night -- about. 01 of the reasons is that it is at the Hilton is because this thing grows every year we're expecting more than 400 guests this year. Evolved it's an opportunity. For the veteran community thank their own. There's a lot of people out there in the limelight but this is the thanked the little guy whether it's a person bring -- That is for a potluck to raise some funds to support to veterans. And their families. Raffle tickets whatever happens to be. And it's also an opportunity to reach out into the community. -- so many people within the community. May not be a veteran may not be associated with a veteran organizations. They're standing shoulder to shoulder with his for the American veteran. Yeah I mean the outpouring from the community and giving you know military support group last week county judge Amy Jacobson is at a level success. Of course Susan lynch working for the county and veterans affairs and has done a great job you being on the veterans advisory board in all the things that gets on there and and nerves and -- community. In state college along with the University of Florida. Really a lot of people don't realize what great things they do what great veterans programs that they have absolutely shining star. -- my son is. Iraqi combat vet and we see so many of them coming back today. John Gephardt and his team out there is done an outstanding job to get them back into the community. And and not lose some money as we did years ago. In -- in -- you got -- -- -- have a little visit with your son over the holidays I did my son Benjamin he's a sergeant in the 173 airborne came out of Afghanistan. Pretty much in all one piece and he and his wife -- here for Christmas but he's got to go back he's getting a backdoor back to Germany go back to work. All right -- you know it's just I'm sure make you treasure the holidays even wanted to absolutely one of the best present I've got to -- -- -- will. Moon six annual veterans awards night this is a chance for everybody veterans ended the community alike to be involved in this is going to be at the Hilton conference center there on 34 street. And tickets are thirty dollars per person. -- Terry is handling -- You think getting another phone number -- Leo and art is again one of our collateral county employees that works at the the service senator over their reporting fourth. And he is handling our ticket sales. You call we have an email forum also. If you don't give Lennar please leave a message you'll get back to you. As she says tickets are thirty dollars event starts at 6 o'clock. It's an opportunity to meet. Great American heroes from every generation started in World War II. We'll have medal of honor recipient purple heart and a lot of great Americans. Not TV Tonys there's Snyder is going to be master of ceremonies along with Terry Martin back in now we've -- on the show many times yes Perry's. Desert storm veteran. And of course. -- has been a friend of the veteran community for many years great support service says human JR. Semi formal jackets ties for many evening wear for the ladies military uniforms are encouraged tickets are thirty dollars here's when our phone number you ready it's reflective. 264. 67382646738. And also tickets are available at the door. By TE will there be a cut off point at some point because if you expect 400 deaths and just monitoring. We always have a few it's left the door would not wait to the last minute that'll help us plan make this more comfortable in the Hilton. And to be more food to they'll be more -- and a certainly we're encouraging people who wear their military uniforms so. If they can still it and. Now this is this is fantastic sixth annual veterans awards night and it is Saturday January 20 ninth at the Hilton. -- please -- get on your calendar and that phone number once again is 264. 6738. Kessler and and then now from there we hope to see out there I will definitely be there. I'm looking forward to it I know it's going to be a great event is gonna be reception dancing music by the fabulous Mr. T. The via cash bar that the program going on good dinner. And there's even going to be raffles and now silent auction items as well -- it's going to be a great time for everybody absolutely we appreciate it thanks for all that you do for the community had we appreciate it we and we appreciated their prayers are with you -- his family. -- -- -- That's up close -- American legion outpost Eckstein had been gearan. Co chair of the -- to a county veterans advisory board the phone number once again for -- -- event to six score. 6738. It's thirteen minutes after 8 o'clock you're tuned to the Bob -- on news talk 97.3. -- And it. Was just not sure -- Then. He's done. -- -- -- Two more runs with a microphone. On drugs I'm happy hour afternoon's three til six on news talk 97.3. This guy. Age seventy Bob gross showtime jackpot he buys sun state federal credit union your trusted financial partner. Thanks again to post commander -- van -- co chair elect -- county veterans advisory board and this is a wonderful event -- putting together Saturday January 20 ninth please -- it on your calendar veterans. Awards night. -- great timeout reception dancing entertainment dinner. TVs when he's Jay Snyder -- Terry Martin backer gonna be be a master of ceremonies I will definitely be there and it tickets are only thirty dollars per person a chance to a thank veterans and thank folks who are involved in doing what they can to help and support the veterans. If you want to have more information in order tickets please call Lennar at 26467382646738. And things. Or all your support of veteran offense a -- and -- Okay Alvin and the phone lines now they are clear. -- lines are open sky -- 877. 9759825. We've been talking about lot of different things this morning one of -- Illegal immigration. Should we amend the fourteenth amendment you know which basically says there if you can now scored a kid out on our soil the kids an American citizen. Is it time to review that in change that should there be some caveats and if you look at it from this perspective. If money. Is used to let's say by a business. But the money was gone through ill gotten means. OK let's say you like your mafia -- guy and you've got there you know drug in the you know liquor money whenever Al Capone right you got to this money Avaya business. Is it business now legit. Or their laws in the books that says proceeds. They're used to buy everything okay if the proceeds. Are are are you know we're gained through illegal means. You know then. -- you know their business now is in jeopardy. So if you're crossing the border illegally you're here illegally now on of these -- of visiting or anything else. You're here illegally broke the law again here. And then you're rewarded. You're rewarded by. The award of automatic citizenship to your child. Is it time to change -- address that. I see it it's safe to come instances. 87797595. Wife routing them out on the what -- when he went on that line I'm assuming an art are talking about revoking. Citizenship some of these local anchor babies -- -- and no I don't -- community representatives I didn't get out of it has to be you know for home. In the January 6 2011 when it would actually pass and as a you know right constitutional. Amendment. Which I don't know that there's any other way around it. It's not either the states are getting together. It's -- tried to prevent children born on US soil to illegal immigrants from becoming citizens at birth. Local in states are taking this issue up by its it's a constitutional right you truly love it. If you go through the house the senate and and -- state -- ratified as well I think it's wanna -- 38 states of the fifteen to ratify it. Can you get 38 of them -- think it's that big of an issue obviously you were southern states would be all on board with it but. Would necessarily. Say Wyoming. Well or would be no new Connecticut plus early care. Well one of the things we do here as well as we always. Talk about illegal immigration and always do the automatic I'm guilty and it's in the automatic jump too I must Mexicans. And it's not innovators plenty of folks who come to -- -- -- -- baltics of the Baltic States -- these -- from the Mexican -- What are your. Friend true Mexicans. Whenever. Dominant -- that and in the southern states out of -- of the biggest impact. I -- you're on the Bob -- good morning. Good morning and happy new year to you -- If an -- like at a little something for the fourteenth amendment you know -- Hispanic sticky wicket from the very beginning intact. One either either directly connected. Being -- Ohio. There was a principled framer of the fourteenth amendment. He agreed and declared that what is written in the constitution. That every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States. And not calling allegiances in. Lawrence at trinity in in the language of your constitution itself and natural born citizen. Then there came right after Kate and had to discipline -- -- that I've made it very short. It lighter there is Pat The Bat which within 1874. Is that that the Supreme Court decision. Pat common law within nomenclature of what's the framers of the constitution look familiar it would never doubted that all children born in the country apparent. Who worked at it and became little doubt upon the -- that it will opt out. These are natives aren't natural born citizen as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authority go there and included it -- children born within the jurisdiction in which outlet and that citizenship of their appearance. -- this class there have been out but never after the first. For the purposes of this case it is not yet prepared is probably about. It's -- station where everything we have now consider that all children born fit parent. Within the jurisdiction. And -- citizens. -- I think that this is going to be a big. Battle and they have a lot of cases. To back them. So you'd think that this could be addressed through a new Supreme Court ruling. Just redefining the fourteenth amendment then not having to repeal it. I don't believe they even have to redefine -- Well it yet yet. -- -- if -- case you know -- sitting court vs. Court precedent that is been sent previously. Right but they can't ignore. Those this previous cases that the Supreme Court that it directed and it states quite clearly what anybody. It can delete themselves lack. What does say well who are you to you know -- and I do you consider. A citizen of this country when your opponent -- -- and many not and yet I think it's probably gonna end up there are really do. And it just -- terror. I don't believe just dropping a baby from another country over here it allows you to get citizenship. Night night and I again I think did an architect Thomas says that you back it up with. A court cases and rulings in the actual work. One of the Ohio statesmen who who help -- fourteenth amendment I appreciated as usual god bless you and your family happy. Happy new year story Iran about Rochelle. Well. Which is wondered if they're working that and it can be amended without constitutional convention. -- can't demanded that he can define. And that's with the Supreme Court does. Okay current but I I thought it urgent. Ask previously your paper is due to working -- Well I'm look I'm sorry I guess out what I meant was repealed it. But then there could also be a process without having to go through the full repeal of the law but to actually redefine what it means constitutionally. I'm I'm always suspicious I wanna open account. Institution out to you know. I think that yesterday. As -- the constitution is irrelevant at first century. Yeah it's it's irrelevant unless the liberals can twist it just enough to to further their agenda than -- -- the greatest thing ever. Parishioners there. I think he would have to go through a whole constitutional process. Because it's the first words out of the fourteenth amendment all persons born or naturalized in the United States so visitor a dictionary and our citizens of the United States and the state wherein they reside. So we have right off the bat if you're born in this country you -- citizen. It's not even like okay you know what else doesn't go on this Erica no state shall make or enforce any law -- celebrated the privileges. Or immunities of citizens of the United States social -- state deprive any person of life liberty or property without due process of law. Nor denied any person and it's -- jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. That it goes under section two is at the perception -- so and so forth but. I would assume. If you wanted to change the constitution changed that bit about what a natural born citizen is even if you only want to amend the fourteenth amendment. That would you have to go through constitutional. Passage. -- this morning. I I just wanna to if you're kind of amusing and interesting sidebar to that. Earlier story about the all the more housing project. That couldn't take place and so this father's son democratic machine. In Baltimore that -- all the while much like that dailies it didn't Chicago for years. It was called adult central family. Until they were finally voted out of office and then. By Republican. And they -- The table so then finally get all of the in the renovation of the inner harbor area and that housing project done. And -- peace peace sister of the sun and the daughter of the father you might also note by her married name while Pelosi. Being. All wow I do I thought that Dallas under -- name was familiar. Thanks for telling us the whole story. Now that's interesting. Thanks a lot appreciate it a -- Bob Rochelle sky lines will continue to be open -- 877975. 9825. Half price deals coming up right around the corner that's right. Joe's place and good food it's. A DV details on that John Boyer is standing by in the newsroom. Listen to the Bob -- shall we Jane Anderson live local news talk 97.3. This -- The first talk about it now this talk -- seven point three the sky today. On -- first talk about it now he's talked -- seven point three does sky. I know what it is sometimes go Clark our December a lot of standard to me out of we apologize. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and I thought I. Age 36 and above -- lot of locals some opportunity to appreciate its allies drove an 8779759825. Sanderson would -- John boards in the newsroom with -- covered in the heart of Florida and Martinez joins us good morning Martinez. Nobody my friend and happy new year to you. Saying hey what do you think about this stuff fourteenth amendment. Anybody across is if they cross illegally parents are both here illegally to have a baby that they get automatic ticket to citizenship. I mean they've doubled the child go -- -- child born in the and the loyalty that hysteria that your graphical. Limits of the United States therefore couldn't for the fourteenth amendment. So you know it all right so what if we we signed the parents who say you're here illegally you need to go home and -- that we tell undergo home. Obviously to take it -- let him right. Well they shouldn't they should take the child within both without but that child feel went into this -- In the united they have this subject to go back whenever he wants. I don't stand in of of I. Yes yes and don't you're you're you're you're you are correct are so wonderful bunch of bomb. Radical. Muslims that I got into our country starts squirting out babies we find evolving here illegally we sent -- ball back. The wherever they came from but then -- all these kids reach the age of eighteen after some really good training. We have to let them back into the country. He does not matter due to -- but maybe not board until they got emotional from the family and he'd blow wolf. Federal building in Oklahoma so we have within the United States we that the man tactics. -- -- -- Always you are here are your Martinez you're better than -- used that line that. -- fallback position of the left to say all Timothy McVeigh was a white boy American and he was it terrorists. Are you really gonna play that card. -- -- legitimate gun -- wage. The game at at ruby red. Yes the reg meant that you go another one -- -- you -- -- how -- -- the occasion already did that -- not the other but about I don't think. The goal of the what the one does also -- that individual freedom. And indeed legal right to a system that -- our -- country. -- ruby ridge and the government was yeah yeah yeah it gets a bump and that Obama get because of the so called terrorists throughout all of -- I believe about. Would total respect I believe that somebody wanted to political seclusion they need to go out -- sort of referendum. Because I don't -- the guy who born policeman -- go beat bush who pledged to defend on people who don't but don't -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we we can't -- a national referendum because when you do it like that then ends up being the pure democracy which is mob rules so it'll open up the constitution to -- -- the mob mentality. We'd all be in trouble trust me we have to protect individual rights and freedoms and the only way to do that is -- -- I elected -- constitutional. Republica of people that are elected. Not when you're an -- of someone. Who is our court and Israel went what you do that word because they want that they get all of that -- economic -- and -- -- That is get a simple solution to the side for the rest of us who don't believe what -- really. Well I mean we have to be Doug careful I knew we Susan take a right to vote seriously and I know you do but unfortunately too many people don't. No that's our topic that is right right and we just went all the right that we. And the right to exercise doubt -- How many more land. Disease treatments used as there are -- what is that is French really wanna bump. Yeah. Yeah. It's. -- what. I know hey you're a good man and I always appreciate. And they're much. 87797598. To five aren't as well as one of things on -- talk throughout the years the birthright thing. Also in the news -- John Boehner. Did cried when he took over the gavel or not. I saw some new stuff on -- I didn't see him actually crying and and I don't know if you did I'd I didn't see it because that was action on the role of the time I was listening to a -- ball. Planning a speech and don't -- commentary in the midst of that. I guess light -- back and Fox News was saying that you know he didn't cry during his speech needed -- up a little bit. But it's amazing. -- when it was being handed the gavel laden -- to tear it. What's amazing is the number of photos I've seen. -- him with that issue is size. Looking like he's crying his eyes and yet the position of the lefties if he's even -- tees up on balance. And because he's showing emotion or are perhaps maybe that he's a bit of assists. I yeah yeah as a hate it quite that bright future bush decried its okay to show emotion now all of a sudden this guy's Canada. N eight is an anti -- It's because the left and that Friday well because a leftist position anybody who's conservative as being cold hearted and without a heart which we know is not true. And then when a man actually shows his emotions like he does. Is Danielle all the Sunnis and Andy -- or he's crybaby or there's something wrong -- the Long Island crying argument I've heard. Is there is that double standard held at the Los he cried a lot when Hillary got choked up on a campaign it was a whole emotional woman. Clinic here -- is that sexist double standard but you know for for the group of people that think that you know it's OK to cry. Don't tell your men to be that tough hardened tough and that its location to hear from time to time at their emotional ups and there's spending an awful lot of time. Sarah -- on -- Knowing that the media's offer case this week already beaten Arabic crichton I'm Michelle Bachmann is names being tossed around as a possible candidates though. Let me takes an -- -- paleness while -- -- maker that pinup poster child for all evil things that are conservative and and -- Sarah Miles IQ will shoot up about a 150 points if Michelle Bachmann and she's -- -- -- -- -- -- new -- And Kevin -- maniac is also yes he has been -- with -- intelligence and attractiveness which of course left absolutely -- -- that -- -- -- All right. Yes we will do -- will do their mobile it will maintain our hero watch. For a -- -- Boehner and also. It'll look like you want photo I saw he was wielding the gavel. Very much like a mallet. Very closed and Nancy Pelosi had. And for some odd reason. You you sent a shiver up my leg. As Chris Matthews it's an. -- -- -- -- And you know. I -- your vote. And political lie base of 2010. Now carefully not confused on this one. But the winner is. The Republican assertion that Obama care is a government takeover of health -- the let. You saying that that's the top political lot. The left is saying they'll -- Republicans came forward and said hey. Obama care is a government takeover of health care though leftists and that that is a lot. An effective biggest lie of the year. Yeah based on a vote of 4000. Of its readers of a website called political fact. ABC's Nightline featured pull it effects editor and Nightline reporter Jake Tapper. And he heartily agree that this was the biggest lie of the year tapper. Don't even know he's in the lefty media is -- pretty saint. He concluded a piece by saying wait to deceive the public. So the biggest lie according to the last. The biggest political line of of 2010 is the Republicans. Singh and Obama care is a government takeover of health care. What I'll. It's not government takeover of health care. You try to defend that. You know on the other 8779759825. These -- hard priest of the church of a painful truth me talk master Neal Boortz. These ten told him. On news talk 97.3. Press guy. For a moment first talk about it now news -- 97.3. -- sky high. Hey Cynthia on the -- -- 10 minutes until 9 o'clock it's 8776975985. That's number to get a hold of us I'm Bob Rose -- -- ever -- your job or in the newsroom so the biggest political live points and as a sorted by the I'm mainstream media and those on the left is that the Republicans. Made the assertion that Obama -- a government takeover of health care. On anything gets a moon. Okay. Well first of all. It's an opinion. Number one it's not a couldn't be a lie anyway if it's based on an opinion. Here's here's C. Here's here's some better political lies I took -- -- Larry Elder. I'm here's a light 95% of working families receive a tax cut. No the bill gave tax cuts to those who pay taxes and gave money. Tax credits to those who pay little or nothing in taxes we used to call this welfare. Number two the General Motors bailout worked. -- did it. To GM's bondholders. Larry Kudlow wrote that. The GM bondholders own 27 billion dollars and they're getting 10%. Of B common stock in an expected exchanged the UAW owns. Ten billion. Dollars worth of bonds they're getting 40% of the stock. So what would have happened -- the government stepped aside what the private sector take over a natural and necessary consequence of running a business into the ground. Another moral hazard shielding a company. From the effective it's poor decisions which in turn encourages negligence and sloth on the part of other companies deemed too big to fail. About this lie Obama care. Is going to bend the cost curve down oh I love that -- -- the alleged savings occur only. -- assuming politically unlikely an unpopular cuts in Medicare then there are some ice including if you like your doctor you'll be able to keep your doctor. Even Obama later admitted I think some of the provisions that got snuck in might have violated that pledge. Cities. This is great man thank you holding a morning. Happy new year -- We wanted to let you know something I had disparity Internet and that I think -- the call Washington -- find out exactly what time he congress is going to be reading the competition. And I was told that approximately 11 o'clock on C span. So. As many people thought that should be watching it and and you're taping it seems silly to their children later. Are you out this not a bad idea this is really turn into new kind of day. I have political show. To be honest with you. And now they're running around see why I carry a copy of the constitution would be IE -- in my kitchen drawer I think Mary Landry said something like death. -- I don't care. I'm asking you to follow it I'm asking you to read it asking you to have some understanding -- it if your going to take an oath of office. How do you defend it. Of the constitution if you don't even know what it's about out you see this thing is it's not there's not ignorance here. Is not a lack of you know lack there's no lack of knowledge. Of the constitution. There's a lack of either believing what the constitution status. Or thinking that the constitution. You know is an old -- That's seen his better days. If those on the left are never gonna come out in admit that they think it's an old red. Because they know that would be politically unpopular. Look they're lefties but they're not blundering idiots. They're not dumb enough to show their hand and because does dumb dirt farmers wouldn't be accepting of that. If we're now accepting of it we wouldn't vote for them and allow them to continue their ridiculous agenda is. So they play that game yeah let's final love their constitution. You know and even Republicans. In all fairness to be very guilty of that as well. And now. Look who's ever who's ever been in charge Republicans and Democrats for I don't know how many years. That's straight so far from the constitution can we all admit and agree on that. So I yeah I like debate maybe even take our real -- Here's the oath. Do you truly believe the constitution -- it is is a document in which our country was founded on and should continue. To practice. It's law. -- said it's -- that that's the old the really good to be taken. Not have you Raddatz. He read it they read it make -- their own meaning. Age 55 and above -- sky lines of an 8779759825. This New Jersey governor he does great things for something you don't recently might bother you. On this year that would get your -- next on news talk 97.3 the sky half price deals up right now Joe's place forty dollar gift certificates for twenty bucks go to our website. It first. And 07. Point three --