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On Hour of Hope 01 08 11

Jan 11, 2011|

On Hour of Hope 01 08 11

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- You will have -- century will have on our -- would be the first peaceful. Independent thinkers. Now. -- on WS it. Among -- yesterday. Roger Hickey co director. James -- former its future. He's President Obama to fight for social security and Medicare. O'clock o'clock Edgar president and CEO of common bonds that fixing the filibuster reforming senate rules to -- obstructionism. And we also talked -- -- on the announcement and joins us from Nova Scotia. And he says they'll be more natural disasters in 2011. We have no one to blame -- it ourselves. 41 perfect show that the deep end -- back return visit Philadelphia based journalist author. And founder of online newspaper this is happening now. -- -- -- thanks for being innocently and I want. This poll I saw and another reference this the sixty minutes the poll has the Vanity Fair and the results were a pretty surprising. Talk about that these. Well what what struck me was the polls -- that that he asked people what the year. Means saying they would do number one and two. Reduce the nation's budget deficit and 61%. Sense that they would. Tax the rich. And this all came out just this congress and the president of course we're cutting a deal to. The -- protections. For the rich for another two years. That this second highest first prosperity. To do. After catching the rich in this poll was 20% of people said the first thing they reduced these flesh and defense budget. Their raising the defense budget you. Yeah and -- -- -- -- paying 51% of our budget into the military when you count veterans' benefits and debt payments sun prior wars. So 51%. -- cents on the dollar. For our entire budget and people are saying while. Such an even -- this is 81% of people want to do those two things and it's clear that those people who are saying tax the rich are also sank -- defense budget not as their number one thing but maybe they're number two -- And it's fair bet that the people are saying that the defense budget first. Our also in favor taxing the rich and so we're really talking about 81% of the public you know four out of five Americans or more. Are saying to do those two things first. And the other thing that the polls showed. What is that only 3%. Wanted Social Security to be cut and only 4% wanted Medicare to be cut. And both things that it's clear that the Democrats in congress the Republicans were sure and even the president. Are looking at dealing president appointed this horrible. Commission to look at cutting the deficit and and technical rescue social security and they're all talking about raising the retirement age. Reducing benefits. And raising taxes. And you know the ordinary worker. So let extracting here is that. We put it this connects to the public says they want one thing and the government. Proceed to do the opposite. So. I went out and looked at some other polls and it and -- on virtually every issue. Major concern in this country the public is saying do one thing and the government. -- It's worse than that though it's worse than that listening to them doing the opposite. You know we had a mature them a poll showed that in the majority of Americans -- the pew charitable trust -- very good Paul. Shows the majority of Americans want stated. The government take action to limit carbon emissions into the atmosphere you think yes. And this was included the question even if it racist energy crisis the majority. Almost two thirds. And the government is doing nothing to cut carbon emissions. A majority of people said during the debate over Health Care Reform that they wanted to single Payer system like the Canadian and that with the was that system run by. Right around the private. Health insurance industry with the requirement that you buy those private products and that's what we've got not the Canadian system. Which was even considered. This is it get back into the that a powerful lobbyists and basically overruling went regular Americans want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not responding or reflecting. The interest of the public. Use the public mores will moralist as an obstacle to getting where once ago and it is actually serving corporate interest seemed to have all the money to buy the politicians. That and that's the government we have today. It's interesting -- city the military budget and and in the large number people who want to cut it because I'm always amazed that that never seems to come up in the equation unit with Tea Party folks and a lot of folks that warn you talk about how to cut federal spending. And and we all know the defense budget is loaded we have all kinds of money that's unaccounted for. We have bases in country or in for for decades and even though no one can quite figure out why were there -- We regret bases thousand bases overseas. We have been hundreds of thousands of troops -- were fighting the war all the time. Where reported in the current war in nine years that's the longest world and arrangements ought. And with nobody able to explain why we're doing it or what winning constitutes. Even if we could win. You know it's clear people really what what what people. I think are realizing it in the public is that all of this military spending is coming out of you know education Social Security also pushed out. And the government desperately. Avoiding that issue and you know makes us think that that's. -- referred to Social Security entitlements which is a misnomer because it's what people invest it and it's not an entitlement you earned it. And they've reached -- and they treat the Defense Department devoted. Military budget as though it's all the cable. It's not even open for discussion. And again and always amazes me you and why do you think it's like that the idea that there. Yeah I think that I think our politicians are owned by eight. The corporate interest that are reflected in the you know the military industrial complex these -- huge corporations that. You know have enormous investments in all these politicians. And the same is true pharmaceuticals. And the hospital companies and they you know. NRA's and he you know all the community leader did reflect manufacturers killed. You know that these huge lobbies. Especially the banking industry. Health care industry the military industry that our politicians -- them. India. And with relief from the catch my thoughts here. Op again are thinking that the Republicans a minute ago of course they make in your under big deal to Peter appeal health care. But there are other people are saying you know that's that's not gonna happen literally just -- kind of dog and pony show. That's what it is that you. Have to say we're exactly that so it's not going to be get rid of sleep because you know it really is a terrible place and from from -- progressive standpoint. It's just kicking the can down the road in raising pregnancy this year that is the latest figure is that this past year. Or 18%. Of the total GDP went to health care. This enormous almost. One in five dollars in our GDP spent on health -- that's an absurd. Number it's more than double what -- spending candidate and believe me the Canadian health system. Despite what people say. Not that different from -- terms of outcomes and access to positions. That certainly in Athens. Talking acuity Glendora for a few more permanent cease offering -- online newspaper this can't be happening. Dot net we have a story the other day Davis said this is from the Congressional Budget Office the new health care plan. Is likely to reduce the federal deficit by 143. Billion dollars this year. House majority leader or Icrc says it was all of budget in a free. Well. I mean we have such small numbers is if this were true which I doubt. You know 143 billion dollars we're talking out of close to a trillion dollars in health care costs. So it's not it's not a deal maker or breaker. And I and it really doubt that you can see any kind of -- but that they think -- They're -- that the gimmickry. And and that brought about the solution you know the Republicans saying we need to get rid of it because they want free market medical care for free market medical care was it was in seeing our health trust building up -- it's almost been nine or 10% a year clip. I sometimes wonder people with good health plans like the people in congress or even as someone like me I mean I got I go to a doctorate pay thirty dollar and that's -- -- and you know it sounds great to meet but I'm not a person. With a deadly illness or the in my life spending all my money on health care. Plus you're not seeing the real cost that helped certainly knew that ten dollars thirty dollars at 1010 dollars in the company when I couldn't doctor. Un my way it's university health plan and you're not seeing the effect that did the insurance companies that you have is paying probably another seven year eighty dollars to the doctor. And and that raises the premium -- that -- you or your employers. You know. Yes exactly so you're actually a high premium because the insurers can't the other seventy or eighty dollars a year. Your doctor bill. You don't see it. Did they whereas if you had a single Payer system like heaven Kennedy you know exactly what doctors getting it it's about forty box. So. You know they have a much better deal because -- negotiates -- -- with doctors get with all the doctors. Let's perform wrap things let's go with a sixty minutes Vanity Fair serve at once again for people who might randomly. Yet know what it -- was stepped. Hixon. Six in ten or three and five about it in America wanna tax the rich. Which makes a lot of sense since the rich getting richer all through this recession and we begin to work. These days -- -- -- -- free ride thanks to the bush tax cuts and -- they've extended does another two years. So the rich are getting away with murder. And the rest of us are are getting screwed and that the Americans know that and they're saying you know by six and they want. The respect. And they are saying they don't let Social Security cannot only 3% one passengers as security. They want Medicare or not only 4% on Medicare. And they want the Defense Department. Slash. So that's the that's supplying the poll -- let's make our congress do what the public wants instead of the opposite. And Dave I'm guessing all this information is on your reps like this can't be happening on net. Placido they're checked out the story and get angry. And thank you Steve that Cleveland or Philadelphia based journalists -- return visit on one powerful statement thanks for being with us in Gainesville in progress -- -- It. Well it seems like everyone's always talking about social security and Medicare. -- intentional -- onions and president they capitulate few conservative demands at the social security and possibly to Medicare -- media in his State of the Union Address and talk to Roger Hickey at that. Go to -- -- campaign for America's future hi Roger thanks for being -- WSK point. Doug thanks for having me eat your absolutely right there's been a big concerted campaign that cut social security and Medicare or sometime. Most of that hasn't led by the Republicans but the question is whether Democrats are also going to. Board that -- that. UC via president should remind the public that Social Security funded by dedicated taxes and doesn't contributed -- to the deficit. Indeed that's what the president ought to be changed because it's true. If they're concerned about the deficit they had -- going after the real causes of the deficit Social Security does nothing. That added to the federal debt. We keep hearing that Social Security is going to run out of that this day -- that -- DC running out. It's possible if the economy continues its slow growth path. If we if we grow like we're just coming out of -- recession and permanently and that taxes going into the -- system will be inadequate. And sometime in two thousand thirties we will have to do something if we wanna pay the entire projected benefits. There is no immediate crisis and fiction that in the future is not a heavy lift. You point out that that many claim to be concerned with the board and that deficits and -- placed on the US economy when talking about Medicare but as you point out very -- deficit hawks let an outcry when President Bush cut taxes and and started two wars which are. Costs and a small fortunes at least. We remember if we're old enough that Bill Clinton left office with a surplus. There -- even concerned that they were gonna pay off the national debt. Now that's what happens when you have a boom economic times. And you have a government that's moderate in terms of fiscal finances but the first thing that George Bush did was cut taxes for the very wealthy. He started a war that turned into two wars unfunded. He did the description drug. Plan which which is okay but he didn't pay for it. And then he engineered org or created a recession and that recession caused the deficit. Increased. So that's what I mean by a these of these. Deficit hawks who were worried about the burden of debt not a word about all of those things that -- is in this situation. Instead what they want to do is they want to cut. Current Social Security -- recipients current Medicare recipients and future generations. It's it's a bait and switch. And a good point that you bring up in this paper have in front of me and we'll tell listeners on the -- that in a minute. Is that Social Security Medicare a crucial lifeline for people that don't have a lot of. As many of your listeners know. So security and Medicare are one of the triumph. Of our twentieth century government he used to be that seniors we're destitute in their old age many of them. They used to be that if you luster breadwinner in the family you went to the -- house. Now we have a Social Security system that picture of those things that make sure that. Most seniors are -- out of poverty is just crazy. At a time when we are losing. Private pensions. Very few people my age have private pensions and where are scenes private savings -- in the toilet and the stock market. If we have so security -- -- reinvented. So why does the president. Considering it -- -- earned. Well I think there's been a concerted effort. Millionaires like Pete Peterson whose big Wall Street guy spent millions of millions of dollars over many many years to freak people out to worry people. People like Peterson and conservatives who follow behind him inflate Medicare which has a problem. Because of our health care system and social security and love but all others as an entitlement crisis and their is huge amount of momentum. To wring our hands about that. Crisis what we ought to be doing it for worried about Medicare. It's gotta be doing another round of health -- report. That is. It's their Health Care Reform that's brought some amount of control -- health care system. Costs are still going through the roof. So what we need is something like a public option. That would discipline in the private insurance companies what we needed is to break the power of pharmaceutical industry. Which wasn't touched by the last round of reforms get them to compete on price -- that prices will come down. And we need a reorganization the way we do help cure so that doctors and and hospitals are more conscious of saving money. If we did that -- got. Our health care costs under control. The way most European countries do we would not have a definite problem we would not have a Medicare problem that's what we need to do procedures -- the deficit long term. Cutting social security and Medicare. Will just shift that costs. On that somebody else either individuals who won't be able retire. In in peace or acute social service situations and organizations that are already strapped. As we know the Republicans the new congress bitter. Really it is their priorities. Getting rid of the health care overhaul and starting from scratch correct. Just this week we saw speaker Boehner inaugurated as the new speaker and the first thing that they are going to do the first bill that they're gonna try to pass in the house. Is a bill to not replace the health care plan. That Obama did not come up with something better. But in fact just to get rid of it to repeal it they are determined to leave -- in the hands the insurance industry. And the drug companies. And their friends -- contribute to their campaigns this is not something that is friendly either seniors or to the working people. Of American aid they intend. To get rid of this thing that it has made really good step forward in terms of preventing insurance companies from denying coverage. It is just crazy that that's the first thing -- changed present themselves the American people want. Roger Hickey -- director of the campaign workers future our -- for this portion of one powerful and Roger people wanna see some of your writings and your thoughts on the stuff we've been talking about they had and they do so. They go to our web site our future dot org. We -- future dot org and I -- regularly on Huffington Post as well. Roger thank you for spending a little your weekend they're with us here in Gainesville on WS -- -- appreciate your time. I really appreciate your having me. Definitely -- and its one our -- would meet Doug Clifford. Show for independent thinkers and believe it or not this -- actually hasn't terminal in Long Island sky 973 dot com. And click on the one thing. Near the left -- -- that -- and if you wanted to communicate the meaning you want nobody gets anything. You can put on us I talk -- and my name and asked the great new website Padilla meet again I think it's -- He says Doug Clifford. Who get still William part time on the line for this horse show. -- as the director of the hour. Security initiative have these new American foundation. Author of when you -- the war he'd Morton and the making of the military. Industrial complex -- thanks -- being back with -- WS they want this weekend. Let's talk about this something that came out earlier this week as far as the -- the year says speaking of Saudi Arabia. US -- personal -- these same I tech devices with Air Force One. President of Turkey on nutritionally Turkish astronauts on NASA's space flight what are your concerns exactly about this. Well you know it's not prime repressed say but the notion of a quid pro quo. If you buy Boeing plane. US government will do extra wide view I think it's dangerous precedent I note I think has gone on in the past but it's uninteresting. Inflated some of the details these things play out. You say the revelation that address the US government advocacy for Boeing airline deals underscore the extent with US foreign policy at -- an active commercial interests. Absolutely. If you look at president Obama's trip to India he products phalanx of corporate officials and one of the things he was lobbying for it was a C seventeen transport planes the -- product. Indian forces to -- so you know I think the word got out you know when in doubt go to the -- for US companies and sometimes. It definitely serve our interest -- it is human rights abuser with a company that undercuts -- -- the markets and so forth. But did it. Playing the devil's advocate bill I mean -- an -- for these companies are like a Lockheed Morton due to sell old weapons and either going to be sold anyways if you're selling. -- to foreign countries that's more jobs Americans -- Well with the couple that there's some places I think. Questions should be involved with and we should encourage analyze it -- to sell for example laser guided bound -- the media. What exactly and it uses for itself fighter planes to Armenia. You know their enemies just find -- about money being spent. In October while these -- the -- where basically. The country buys from us and we -- a lot of work to them on building the plane top of the market the product of their country. So the net benefit in terms of jobs is much less than advertised. But this is nothing new right is it just that you find it surprising because of what President Obama. Promised coming in office. Well he -- less morbid diplomatic approach -- I would hate for. Our diplomacy could be viewed as you know leading with -- arms sale in the following -- talk negotiations the fact that goes -- it is true. Many examples are kind of hubris Turkish guest. I want my claim to be his passenger plane pregnant. Saudi Arabia so we have to insult benign compared to something in common the past two holes and bribery. Things like that but it I think it's just a question of where they join the line -- the things we don't know about. Let's talk about tonight at wholesale everything he does mention bill would have what has happened in the past. Well for all the -- in a country like Lockheed Martin spent. Millions of dollars in Japan Italy in the Netherlands but it feels mostly there open up an airliner and as a result of that. The foreign corrupt practices act was passed which is supposed to curb foreign bribery by US companies I think it's not a reasonable job and is still. -- a big cases and some big fines but think that reform certainly has cleaned up things you know little bit anyway. He looks let's talk more that your book. Profits of -- Lockheed Martin in the making of the military industrial complex I think most of us heard of that term leader via via the white Eisenhower let's talk about a year ago. Sure well I think our speech was fifty years ago this month so it's certainly appropriate. We have spent about Lockheed Martin that they use certain all the levers of influence available to them to get what they want in terms of military spending they of their officials in and out of government to help make these decisions they -- the top. Contributor to people like coming -- and services committee. You know is currently has part of the jobs argument. They -- conservative think tank the health advocates policies to benefit including conflicts. Pushing for a gene change in Iraq so they've cities are in terms of lobby. And country. And I -- things like that these companies basically divide the work in as many congressional district as possible so that they can promise jobs -- of congress people's constituents. Well I'm the F 22 combat aircraft which actually was it'll despite their efforts they claimed jobs in facilities in forty force states. Now clear that that was the case it would cough up the actual examples when. To ask them. And they did loose which continue to believe that. That's been pretty modest -- -- of a lot of senators said they could stand up against them. I mentioned this and other yes it does seem odd to you or perhaps not surprising that we seem to hear more about the prosecution -- Julian Assange on the sex charges or US campaign against the WikiLeaks rather than hearing specifically -- in the WikiLeaks and in New York Times they have a but a lot of local papers that don't pick that up. I think it's it's it's a huge diversion. Energy from the real story which is kind of fighting Greenpeace tell our government operates in the world you know some of that is is actually new information some -- this war. Just how. I think in either case it's quite instructive and if people want him influence in understanding our foreign policy we shouldn't be the in the future. William hearts and our guest for the sport show director of the arms and security initiative at the new American foundation. New market dot net is the website brand new book call profits of war Lockheed Martin and the making of the military. Industrial complex the good that chance to talk begin. Thanks for being with us in Gainesville on WS KY this weekend. It. It first talk about it now though it's not seven point three the house ways. Attention homeowners is your air conditioner over nine years old if it is I guess some great news for you for a very limited time we're going to give you -- 120. Dollar safety inspection. That's a precision tune up and professional cleaning and we're going to give it to you absolutely free there's nothing -- buying and there's no obligation. You just have to call -- air conditioning and heating right now and you can schedule this service. 0120. Dollar value but you'll get it absolutely -- it's part of our homeowner appreciation -- -- this is our way of letting -- sample our service and our experience now given air conditioner that's less than nine years -- you can -- this special for just 120 dollars and it's still a great deal and will include our special no repair guarantee for the entire summer and -- call -- air conditioning and -- right now and get all the details if your air conditioners over nine years -- this service is free call 86626657. All night. Finest online it -- -- dot com. It first talked about it no news talk. -- seven point three thus far away. -- seems like every. News and other natural disasters such as earthquakes and slides and major hurricanes across the globe. According to yield bond counsel and these are just the fifth of the iceberg we can expect many more in the new gear. And Neil worked for 45 years in management search for the department of planes and fourth in Nova Scotia. And couple years ago received the Eric -- award from the anti Canadian organic network -- darkness of his contribution organic culture and confusing you go out Paul perfectly perfect beauty and important story our earthly paradise and -- -- functioning -- -- -- WS they want. What are. You say we have no one to blame ourselves for the sorry state of the plants so it's not like the right wingers say that it's not man made it is an inmate is -- thing. -- -- -- We make it by -- and burning oil and and were completely dependent on very very cheap oil. Even with a price of gas going up you -- late. -- -- Yes there -- cheap compared what is going to be as US district turn terrifying. The place is gonna continue indefinitely. -- drought and conversely floods can make parts of the country on livable. They can't dockside of course the issue is increasing temperature in the year. And as -- stitch is the weather pattern that we see in Australia right now I -- -- flooding in Australia. Anyway we eat in your area in Florida we've had temperatures about ten degrees below normal for this time of the year and no right wingers just laugh and say -- global warming but I keep. It's climate change and. Or -- I would most that. If you if you listen until the regular news you'll realize over the world let the monsoons. Are extreme and India. Areas see who questioned him a stake in Canada -- than normal or they might get the opposite effect where they're saying is you're. Than normal mechanic at the plant piano are -- inflation pressure that the water comes and and an Asian drought they don't get a seat in the ground. That's sort of thing that changed the weather changes in a predictable away because. As the world warms up more and more water -- into this warm air. And as when it comes down it comes down nine usual situations. Or not at all. Toward Baghdad is is a very little. Lying land it -- actually you don't worry about it maybe you're right time even I don't know but anyway as we -- come up. It's going to be very difficult to keep the oceans from sliding. The lower lying areas that sort of thing. -- you expect more natural disasters in 2011 and we have in the past. Yeah keep martian. You know -- QB -- -- you are -- little warming. I mean -- prediction as to how little get worse and more earthquakes landslides hurricanes or all of them and more one. He -- and -- whether gangs mostly under -- there changes. Because doesn't this thing is the increasing temperatures will -- now in the north for a Russian Arctic and Antarctic. The -- stick reform this year. And all bears can't go on me since they usually do it and unsealed so they're there landlocked they have to find food in me on the plan. Andy permafrost is disappearing Arctic the year picture actually gonna warm up far faster. Then -- to the world so that extreme cases in Alaska and northwest territories. Our. Going to be in the north and this weather out there is really really affecting the the people who live up there. Now although they have been predicting hurricanes Florida and the rest of the country the last few years and really -- anything in Florida. In an and about six plus years so so it's not like the so called experts have been wrong about that and it's not getting Morse. Well. He could think if I could go somewhere else. -- -- Like -- land that it would Igor. American miracle it Gordon finished. Effective with people it would no place to -- -- of land. Eastern -- Canada. So what can we do now to stop the destruction of the plan and refused the deal. The singing it is. Important is for people to. Realize. What the situation and it's. As oil keeps increasing in preparation for example this this book written by day until global economist in me. One of our major banks the -- CIBC. Retired. And he has written a book Jeff Rubin has written a book light your world is a boat to get a whole lot smaller. Because as the price of oil keeps going up and it well. Because -- -- to share and other side. That means that just put everything that we have. It's inflated by the price of oil going up and told -- secure going to have to buy more local. Produce. Fly a lot last may be removal of the suburbs. But certainly should be buying smaller parish. And eventually you know they seek actual become obsolete because again just to mention to burn and they know big substitute for that. We're just so used to cheap oil we can't imagine it. Not being cheap and that's gonna happen. And -- -- an outline that. Because he's a world expert on the global economy and it's followed. Things that people should be under bush understand very clearly be prepared for. And the name of that book again. Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller. We've been talking -- and not strands of his portion of one hope and unity and a master's degree in wildlife management. And his new book is call it the perfect idiot. Albert destroying our earthly paradise and why -- I appreciate your insight thanks for spending part of your weekend with a -- Gainesville WS KY. My pleasure thank you very much. For this portion of the show we have -- -- on the line president and CEO of common cause of Zakaria Gary background. We'll be -- and congress -- presenting Pennsylvania. In his general secretary the national council of churches of Christ the US. And the -- of middle church all the rest of people of faith UT acting moral high ground from right wing extremists and America. Better and less divided country -- thank you for being the -- W you want this weekend. It's great to be with you when I hear the -- Entered actually like that I think of myself as a Forrest Gump of religion and politics. You mean exactly but I -- Well just over the course of the last fifty years that data preacher that a politician I've been president of a graduate school. At -- the national council of churches and now running a premiere. Bipartisan good government groups. Like that they can't hold a job. But that's -- -- -- what are your concerns is and a filibuster reforming senate rules Tony what you mean and tell me how we fix that. Well as many people know Washington has broken. Government is broken and -- lot of major pieces of our government that is. Severely damaged is -- the senator the United States the -- is living on rules that were created. More than -- hundred years ago in some cases 200 years ago. That are outdated. -- for example that filibuster. Has been used in the last. Forty years to block or change horse stall. 70% of the legislation that comes over from the House of Representatives one and it's simply got to a point where. Reform have to take place. And a handful of conservatives. Senators can not only blocked the legislation but they block that the Friday and not at the back end of the legislation but I mean by that is. They -- -- before any conversation. -- healthcare for example. And health care bill came up. They've blocked consideration of the health care before any amendments were provided any conversation about the provisions of health care. Likewise. Issues and energy are environment or even deficit reduction. It has been an -- period that blockage of legislation that we have a large coalition led by common cause and others. That believes that -- simple reforms can be made to give senators. And a -- system. That. We'll help the American public. Get the kind of thoughtful dialogue and thoughtful debate. That they expect out of the -- the United States as opposed to obstruction of the legislative process. Yeah I mean it's it seems like -- and thinks the Republicans and basically admitted that the that it basically want to stop President Obama and and they don't want it to succeed in anything in and I always think you know what a way to run a country. Well that's correct. Second and last century media there're hundreds. Filibusters less than a hundred filibusters. There were almost -- hundred filibusters just in the last congress. In the Eisenhower administration they were only two filibusters. And where Mr. Smith Goes to Washington a movie that won an Academy Award in 1939 came out there were zero filibusters they're using. The filibuster and break the arcane. Rules of the senate completed thing though as opposed to. Thoughtfully working on the issues that we face as a nation. So it -- so it comes down June not. Wanting to give give anybody credit for anything happening at a magnet that's my take on I don't know if the Democrats -- that the Republicans that molecular saying it seems like Republicans are sure during that the President Obama. I think both parties are at fault at primarily over the last four years it's been a conservative Republicans and the reforms that we're working hard to institute. Are pretty simple they simply today. You can keep the filibuster place that don't use it at the front -- -- the system is that after they there a debate on the bill and amendments have taken place. Also don't use the filibuster. Or some secret holds. To hold up. The nomination for federal judges. Or four presidential appointments. This is blocked more than ninety federal judges in many of the administration's appointment. And install -- simply because. Not wanting the president to succeed and not wanting. The judiciary to have it full complement of judges but the interest thing -- -- 11 or two of those filibuster holds on judicial side when they finally were listed. Some of those people -- by. Eighty and ninety votes out of a hundred votes in the senate so it wasn't as though movies or controversial decision. And they were simply using it as a tactic to blow up the process. And two destroy. Rational system of legislating. Now when you're in congress did you -- Things sort of had -- a think there's a problem when you're in congress. No actually. And that's something that most people don't understand I got elected at age 31. Sort of the first. Tea Party it was a group -- Democrats and Republicans in the wake of Watergate who came to Washington. In January 1975. Now we undefeated five committee chairs and where. Chairs simply by seniority was shut down the Vietnam War we worked on energy legislation we pass the older Americans -- -- -- And what was uninteresting none of those pieces of legislation passed by Democrats. Even though the Democrats controlled how -- it. There where a group of conservative Republicans and conservative Democrats who were blocking much in the legislation. And we were working closely with senators like senator brooks from Massachusetts senator. Just like -- and hides from Pennsylvania senator Jake javits from New York. And how he died. There must have been 75. Republicans who were fiscally conservative. But once elected. Work with. To solve problems and there was much more collegiality. And and compromise and working together -- that the bills would have passed only by the Democrats alone. I think what changed is that money has corroded the system that we have corporation has put lots of money to elect. How -- -- that members that supports their issues. And there's less reason for. House and senate members to. Collaborate and work together. For the common good and common cause is particularly interest it. And getting elected officials to serve the public interest and not the special interest. So with the senate have to live with the senate either one to vote on the rules that move that would eliminate the obstructionism that you see Bob. Yes that's -- every two years the House of Representatives vote up or down on its rules. The senate since 1970s. -- thought of itself as a continuing body. And because only a third of the senators are up every two years they don't sit down and change their rules or Alter their rules. Unless 67. Senators decide that they want to make a rules change. Not just the sixty votes that it's 67 votes to change the rules that. Except on one. Legislative day and that's the first day of a new recession. That's what was happening they. On the senate floor this week. A group of senators led by senator Tom Harkin of Iowa senator Tom Udall of New Mexico. Brought forward. Resolution to tried to bend the rules. And on the first day of this session it only takes 51 votes. To change the rules and so that's what they're working on and they resent this week they're gonna come back into -- And -- that's rather than adjourned so that when they come back in two weeks it will still be differs state recession. Bob Iger president and CEO of common cause our guest for this portion of the show on the website common cause dot -- -- Pataki thank you for your insight and thanks for spending a little the weekend is January on WS. They want. It's going to be better show happy new year. -- remind you view sky has an environmental blog simply log on to sky 973. Dot com. And inflict on one thing. That's in -- left in fortunate. -- -- more than three years of street demonstrations arguments tackling and effort now in the news articles feature stories and TV and radio are. Program the new site. As opened our new it's -- It has opened in Philadelphia called the black history of the White House the new exhibit as open in Philadelphia. Call president's health freedom and slavery and make new nation on talk with our Hussein. He is an associate drummer and university and author of the new book the black history of the White House mr. -- happy to have this weekend on WS -- thanks for being with us. -- -- -- No oh what is your take on why has just opened in Philadelphia and why you know why all the the hubbub about it. Well it's a very important exhibit is going to get it it's going to show not only. The history. That ousted president quite significant. It's many people know before. Washington DC was built which took ten years from. 79 to 18100. That the government was located in Philadelphia. And the president Powell was there and is now not a lot popularly known about -- -- -- wanted to act they came out. As they've moved to commemorate it was that the house. -- -- -- And George Washington when he moved to Philadelphia. To some that the individuals who he would enslaved. With a and so that became a part of that history. -- Kennedy had been unknown. And so when they begin to put together this exhibit. Activists. And people in the community who understood this if you into -- history wanted to makes unit that would be a part of this story that was -- I guess it's not surprising that bill Washington at -- right it was pretty much of much the norm among the most privileged class. Right the very sixteen presidents twelve of the president's we're slave owner so that was not -- usual. What will the usual though was that. The president Powell was in Philadelphia. And Pennsylvania at this time with this center. They abolitionist movement in the country. Made it very uncomfortable. With the president. Do and it's time. Many say the president's house exhibit demonstrates that -- -- -- the nation. The most famous home in the country there existed a contradiction between these -- principles of freedom and the reality of millions and slavery. That means you know the thing that is obvious and Yugoslav in the comment on is that. The revolutionary who fought against the oppression. The king of England. And fought against unfairness in terms. Lack of human rights act of civil rights lack -- political rights. At the same time borer. Perpetuating an institution in which millions of people. I'll put it back heavy -- right. And as the country -- reform itself is debating merry go round the declaration of independence the articles of confederation. The constitution. The issue of slavery consistently. World. Because the big glaring. Conflict between the stated values of freedom and liberation and the institutionalization. Of slavery. And you say your book I never heard as many colonists. Risked her belly against England in order to protect -- lucrative slave trade from the growing threat of British abolitionist. -- did not know that. Yes certainly this was the motivation for many people in the south and the revolution. There was a decision made in the 77 he called the Somerset decision in which England. Essentially outlawed slavery and fit that anyone. Who came to England with -- those slaves could be freed. Now if did not immediately. Affect the colonies but -- are being people who feared -- it would and so as the rebellion began to roll on a range of issues. -- -- -- The lack of right. A one of the issues that became the conditions will -- in this in this file that you join the revolution. Was that slavery would be protected in it. A decision like this summer -- this season would not come about these men in the nation. And so you head of bargain that would forwards from the very beginning. That ultimately written into the civil war because -- ultimately conflicted we. Other values and other entries. As the decades passed. Thought you knew that Clarence Hussein -- this portion of one powerful associate professor at American university and and a brand new book out awful black history. Of the White House now you also see. The you see a comprehensive history of the White House from an African American perspective eliminates the central role in his place in advancing. Awarding or simply ignoring efforts to achieve equal rights for all. Yes let what I'm pointing out is that the White -- -- -- prison to which. We can look at -- issues of race and discrimination have been and -- by the two in the country. And White House has evolved through different periods where for the most part. Presidents kick the ball down the road on issues. Racial justice and freedom up until president Lincoln. Became it is. To its credit. Although he basically was very much anti slavery he would never. -- -- -- -- -- He did not start off with that idea is that. Slavery hits in in order for the nation to move forward although -- against slavery as the civil war -- Powell. And yet. Really terrible choices to make. I'm grant sources that make key if he evolved to the point where he acknowledged he recognized that for the country to go forward. It has to move into slavery and so you had an instance in -- the White House. Unlike previous White House's played a very decisive role in movie. The ball. -- in addressing this issue. And that's been rare because following. A president McCain -- -- period of reconstruction. Which idiocy is one of the most democratic -- if if if the country where people who came out of slavery. We're recognize that there has to be some responsibility. On the par previous government to integrate. These individual so you hit the treatment bank which gave loans to individuals for the vacant. By landing in farm units who that would deal in this who not only be initiated. A young African Americans but they also benefited why. Because in many places in the country particularly in the south there was no school at all until the schools were built. There will mostly feel as result of trying to educate people come out of slavery yet people come out of slavery who have. Also politically active who became mayors and judges even members of congress the -- -- period. Right after. Slavery although Lincoln woods had been killed. Of another tenure as well this flowering of democracy -- -- the backlash. It wasn't until president Roosevelt. That you saw another. Great he -- Fred and it. To take some responsibility for addressing. Issues the president and ignored. So I used the White House and its evolution and its. Detained is and its occupants to tell this story of how the country has. Traffic grapple with one it's most vexing problems from the beginning. The book is called black history of the White House parents -- -- LUS eat and eat. Our guest the all one -- most -- in critical thinkers on issues of race class and the -- is increased by many including. And right as guest on the show and Clarence fascinating material I appreciate you spending a little of your weekend Linda with a -- WS KY hoping to address that. Thank you very much. Well I -- call myself eighth street EG sports analysts are -- -- jury ran pretty passed away at age 63 liver complications. And remember the first summer baker street I was in a car my away from a Massachusetts an infinite love that's long been. It through a lot of today. -- the -- -- the show. -- -- I have. It dead yet eliminated booking woods who a couple of years ago -- and Hayden and attested to how close she -- -- -- -- sold as it's really found anything you. There will get back trustees he never saw -- -- -- in -- I don't remember wrong. Yet that was an awesome it was Jay Anderson should go to bed bugs are back in a long enough. To me it seems like the media is always coming up with something that's gonna kill the award E. Coli Salmonella monkey -- killer -- Swine Flu bird -- terrorist attacks lead paint asbestos nuclear war can -- the eastern equine encephalitis West Nile Virus these tickets -- First -- are now 97.3.