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Special Report: In The Darkness

Feb 27, 2011|

TJ Hart speaks with author and music promotor Susie White on her child's lifelong plight from being abused to becoming a survivor and an advocate.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I am TJ Hart. Today we're speaking with Suzie white she's an author in a music promoter she runs -- storm productions. She's written a new book. In in this book well it's not necessarily all about the music industry but it's about something far more important. It's about our children. And about how some in our society have. Chosen to abuse them in how kids are fighting back and how others are enabling those kids. You come back full circle. Into the circle line as he wine. Hello and welcome to the show. Hello TJ thank you thank you Bradley me. Now you have a book out that is called in the darkness in. It was a little bit about the book. Yeah I actually going to be released and that in the end -- Manny. And the backing and about a -- vehicle and send in my career in the music industry. During the time that we -- your case and my family. Where my dietary need for the nephew or abuse. On the perpetrators -- -- my father. This makes total or horrible when it's a family member India and -- fight by me or operate it -- point. I for one I I I know the statistics say that usually when something like this happens it's someone who's known to the family. What makes it even more horrible is when it's a father. Yeah especially when I had no idea. This situation an arcade plaza -- -- -- -- -- in September 93. In May of 94 Ana had came forward on abuse it perpetrated on her years earlier. And it slowly came out with our children that he had been perpetrating on man and the former mother had died in my daughter's case. If we started her -- tonight in my mother's funeral totally killed my mother and if she told he would kill me. -- -- So you know we were all going to decrease for the loss of my motherly reliving what my father to help them through to create an adjustment. I had no reason not attract and EP -- loved him I would have died for him. He he was sent a perfect other Carolina that I Kelly said he may have part of it was such a great grandpa. And it'll -- when -- American. -- has little to do you know. Little that I now he's -- Bethany I mean from time to time. You know -- days the arbitration went out with a -- but for example an item that is generally -- out. When he first to be at my daughter and then there's so leaky and so calculated. At -- do -- -- and look -- that -- quiet by buying them think that there's gonna stay quiet by threat in -- terrific threat deleted my daughter. When I found -- Of course planet beyond shocked out of the fortunate that our family their three other Brothers. And -- about the had perpetrated on one of my Brothers. And I and now brother came out saying it thought it wishes -- him it's not going to be interested that he would get other people other children. Added that he can think on on crime has his ten year old tell. He would -- the -- dangers and down my aunt and banned from eleven to fifteen. I'm so as buoyant growth and -- our our children and grandchildren. It landed three girl for -- -- 11 boy that we had enough evidence on but he had perpetrated on our grandchildren. And I at the time it has harassed him and without concessions. It began perpetrating it kicked in on a three year old was arrested at 66. He would hurt children for sixty years. In our case he got -- After a long fight because the prosecution India they wanted to keep taking these ridiculous slaughtered down plea bargains that. They've given him probation at best. And I and the highest charge in the case without my daughter which with sodomy. -- you know I -- life. And I I kept fighting and I would -- now let him doing at minimum -- life and having not opportunity. Adamant their pro life. I'm. Attempt and they harass and we found out later we had a dirty detective in the case he got fired after arcade. He had had a compassion for the perpetrators they're out our children nor the -- and I'm it was a nightmare ended down without entire fight with justices in my book on the way from. Social worker who interviewed her children to the detective that was later fired the prosecutors don't want to just take a deal let's make a deal let them now. Hi to her about the DNA all the way to my eyes here's a fight with the pro -- It went -- I would just since the beginning began. April hearings where her rhetoric. Once we finally got him and the plea bargain which we landed on one as anyone at fifteen and -- five to life. Unfortunately running concurrently meaning he would -- now -- have to -- time rather than consecutive. I'm he'd denied my daughter from the beginning because we now believe he Neil obviously he's -- enough time on her crime. Your daughters and the hero in this. Through no small part because she she was a brave soldiers. Going about it and yes. I see at seven years old. I was taking a public because -- -- this estimate you know no health and we were they ridiculous things happen and being in the entertainment industry without went for so many years. The press agent and they can now and I decided let's get media on -- that they can do their jobs -- not do their job as police found on the public is watching. I was going forward in the media my daughter. Out if she could deal with the issue -- seven. I -- that hurt psychologist and she felt it was a relic and I -- I'm proud she -- seven became the self appointed at trial. For -- -- and and and I spoke as apparent in the case and together we were the team that went public every time. And the first time the issue -- on and on television and we covered her face percent of the other victim had had interviewed. And they wanted to thank his cabinet as they ran public launch he'll attend private hunt gold. We covered her -- she called me at Ida that after she stopped and I spotted explained it pure luck on that. And then I would like it covered monumental election monitor -- recovered and we thought that would be good for privacy issues -- but I don't want my face covered I didn't do anything wrong. And she didn't name in god bless her rise to without giving away everything that is going to be seen in the book. We can we can tell folks know that. Her life as soon changed. Led change for the the better considering thanks. Actually she did we get here that there are eight. We did years of being publicly they appeared together -- -- and it's working with children and parents in cases. All of that work just -- both of -- -- feeling I've -- that your car. In other way with killing her and it I felt that same empowerment. Healing me being able to help other parents. And it is the -- spoke out people. Would pull me aside from make -- artists that we would regain immediate threat driver. Tomorrow we spoke -- more people wanted to talk US because that was healing for them o'clock. And I didn't and yes she is absolutely a made in through it however. Not to minimize the behind the scenes from horrific struggle. For -- initiate land for. In the beginning she had died -- man in the first two years. You know -- marriage and gay marriage that we're so. Horrific crash their bed and they would bring on these horrible migraine and vomiting and if it -- great detail in the that what I don't have a -- that's gonna wanna get that out there. I do not going to any of the details of the abuse itself. Because I feel that about would be glorifying with something so evil and ugly. And I and I don't -- trigger. Survivors -- reading. And it's also to respect the privacy of our children who went through. Right now let's placed some clips of the of the U your daughters good journey as you work. -- -- -- -- -- Hurricane I was scared. -- and let cool anointed any and seeing. Did you. Feel better after you guys sugar foods can think they're behind bars choreograph -- deserves to bring yeah. Did people not believe you when you first. They're really -- could believe and what he called you a liar yet -- have you narrowed. All the things he did to me still bother me and hurt me I think what hurts me the most is he has lied and never admitted anything he ever did to me. And called me a liar. First time he hurt me was the night of my grandma's funeral. I was so sad because my grandma always and that night my grandpa pull me up on his lap dogs that are that are that are. In 1994 -- Jean Swenson was sent to prison for abusing actually and three of her cousins and Ashley was eleven when he came up for parole. And they. All -- I had nightmares you actually got to keep her grandfather in prison even wrote a letter to the governor -- want loans are -- and -- get out your hair and. -- -- Kids the American won't ever been beaten and you want them to learn to help it -- Carol. It or being very old oral. -- And only you. It's. The. And I. -- And you can take action. Now it is being and I am I hey me. Ashley's mother Susan -- says keeping it is what's behind bars put an end years of child abuse in the family. Next time they face what could spread -- around them yeah. There all the adults. -- -- at this stage so we we we they never get out. Here -- -- so I think I'm so very ill -- little bit more what do you wanna be when they grow up how's school going back up. Growth spurring hiring me -- your finger what you're looking at Arlington. I'm playing well and more from Britain how local -- -- that are hurt -- I. I spoke out against her grandfather's abuse at a parole hearing in 97 and that's great young girl's voice has helped keep him behind bars for a total of eleven years. But now he could go free he has once again up for parole and actually -- now eighteen is reopening her wounds to keep her -- her own grandfather. Away from other children. Forever. -- remember. That they're here else. Yeah opportunity Q and then present. Alright yeah. When -- faced her grandfather that first time he denied ever molesting her. I don't remember never in my lower numbers than younger remember and at this hearing after two years of therapy -- prison he's finally admitted that troops. I understand -- Garnish your shirt you really terrible. Psychological and mental and emotional damage done to -- veterans are much shame yeah terribly ashamed of -- past behavior. I was like -- reporter Earl -- It was so hard especially after he admitted I mean. I don't think has going to be able to Jerry you know at first I had that courage and -- -- and then when he met and I just broke. It just all -- you know he called me a liar and guys are believing him even -- -- -- and and then. In -- stone -- you get any resistance or family members. No my camel has done very supportive. Unit to get anybody going estate agent Carl Moore. I wanted to an impact on him -- and four hour. What he's what he's done in the crimes. -- I don't look at your speech that she gave the parole board and in at every one on May get each tank up Polly Klaas. Samantha -- end Sarah Michelle one day Amanda Brown. Jessie Lunsford you showed pictures of all of these girls to the parole board why aren't. Iowa and talk and that's who can be there's time for themselves anymore. To show them respect and show what all sex offenders are capable of altogether and yet. Today have cycle that works straight teen kidnapping rape and murder green concert that was my esteem and I mean -- go straight back. So I held a little bit of guilt thinking is that something -- dad was a you know and I can see where other victims. Saying well maybe I you know shouldn't a done matter who went there with him or maybe it somehow my ball but it's not you know it. In their mind -- pick out person and mandate. To have -- -- -- you know you just the victim men and I want to show people that you're not the victim you candy as a writer and fight back. It's. Okay. This. And new. Yeah. Is just -- if dad is astonishing know what it would agree daughter you have to know what a great support mechanism system be provided for. -- here and shoot the main things in America. Absolutely. Now you have a movement about to have people joining together to spread the awareness. And prevention and the issues of child abuse. And domestic violence he also or working on some laws is well and and one of those is with the mark Lunsford right here in the home -- area. Yes market for a hero to myself and my daughter. And obviously what he went through an end and face says such treachery. Every parent's worst fear and nightmare he became such a hero. Fighting for campaign to protect other children. And I and his -- -- -- Is something that cannot had been in effect when our case went trail would -- protect our children from having that based on both pro Iranian. Because she died in prison at seventeen year Ferrer. He was headed toward pearl earrings that. And -- inside. Is 25 years minimum mandatory at the -- in its entirety. On the problem and that impound and a lot estate market and remarkable things. In fighting that we've spoken out multiple times over the years. I invite -- to fight to get that -- Accounting and my understanding most of the state are counting watered down version. Get his act and some of them ridiculously Rotterdam simply that are not. I don't know that all states said Steely Dan parent. Need to be -- -- block I believe all life in protection of our children need to be federal. Across the board no question that. Indeed the young man who has killed and Jessica Lunsford. They've died in prison however you had this law been in effect he would have never had the opportunity. To even be near this young woman to. -- -- just -- that mark put aside his daughter. And you know let's say if this came in at a very you know big story right if you do guard. Eric how many areas of the system that they held. At this and we're afraid to kidnap Jaycee did begin last. And then again later found with Carl officers coming out the police were called by the neighbors that they would people live girl living in her backyard. Attache -- -- so much earlier on but the system in various various failed to this girl with a -- to be kidnapped. Held in captivity and put into torture Alicia went for eighteen years. Oh -- we're speaking with the author and music for murder as Suzie white she is a book coming out called in the darkness. You'll also have a variety of different programs and strike back program let's let's talk a little bit about the Genesis of this because I found this. This -- absolutely inspiring and amazing. I'll think here that they can strike dragged back the pilot came and a little phrase my daughter claimed back and there are. 1997 -- -- media. She was talking to kids of America and retention chances. You know don't be quiet your -- need to strike back perhaps take the abuse. And that that's right back after the name of the program came. I believe that we need to empower our children with physical defense. Because we can prepare them and I was that kind of apparent from the beginning. I talked to her about stranger danger and if anyone even if we love the new them -- -- hurt our -- I did everything that crap that child. Before anything ever happened to her but I -- I could have called -- exactly what we're gonna happen like -- of gonna die at a if and it dragged him this way it would it everything I can't afford their Nowak and her situation. What it -- -- come down period that. In the in the in the bottom line our children need to know how to -- act out. I believe. Taekwondo mixed martial arts is being -- I didn't looking to get even took all involved. Has aren't developed in the program. And also hit an opposite her I want to see this go through schools nationwide. That same way to get our program and brought in by the law enforcement. We hear often about children hiding their way to get away from the tech potential abductions. And second -- situation. And cleaning we don't have very often we need to hear a lot more at that. We need -- -- stories you you're absolutely right we're speaking with this Suzie white author in their music promoter and as she's the author of in the darkness the book and it's coming out in May correct. The end of may yet decided it's finally coming out that the. Well and just because the books coming out as the mean we can't stop getting the message John you've gone one step beyond to -- -- this will be the second go around for jam. Or the children Jim for the children to from dream storm productions can you tell us a bit about this this jam words going to be -- how people can be a part of it and who is part of it. Well right now we're just gonna pre production isn't the first camp for the children have withheld in 97. It would be inspired by it says children's -- -- had done a lot of great things our kids in our case I wanted to return the favor they run on donations. Telling house ethics act contrary to and a flat screen option and eligible to raise thousands of dollars for them. And -- wanted to make an annual event you know like took of course and here I am finally be able to do the battle lines and planned to do this annually. Luckily it will be a benefit concert. Is there will be celebrities surprise says. -- I'm unable to debate where now we're -- -- all that analysts are as. -- and you do any reading -- -- Yet. But we're not also assured her we're gonna -- that I have a very good idea. It either so many wonderful organization you know that and it and parent advocates like Marc Klaas Marc let's say that I -- work where can have Delaware. Over the years it's so hard to pick just one so. I'd camp for the children can be for in the -- You know. Not just the abuse issues and finding a block that they would like about the turn of cancer -- -- camp for children. Indeed. And the organizations that do wonderful things for those children. Once again of folks who wanna get hold you to be a part of -- the movement toward get a copy of the book or just have questions to ask you about your programs and advocacy. With laws. In causes how can they get a hold of you -- and they may contact. I'm the best -- assigned -- Hispanic. Is there a way to post a link signed on your site. I sure will I will have that no one knows the TJ -- site and the WS KY side as. I would be wonderful. That I'm on their network in a lot and and that's not the best place actually tracked me down. Suzie white thank you very much of this is have been. A tremendous half hour and I do well one to speak with you again in the future and once again it's the cause it's the movement. And the book is out there as well. But I think there there's been way too much of this in Florida. There's been pre -- of this everywhere else it's not just unique to the sunshine state. Yeah how much a national epidemic -- It is and it's one that -- needs to come out of the darkness. It. All right data presented. But to my goodness sakes it's great we're gonna filled the of that middle.