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Apr 12, 2011|

6am - April 12 2011

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As soon. 6 minutes after 6 o'clock live in local areas have not rose showed. John -- in the newsroom we have you covered -- part of Florida time check from a few buying. -- jewelry thieves. Jewelry were the answer is yes. Tuesday April 12 111 Japan. Nuclear crisis officials raised severity level equal to Chernobyl. Wow. Although radiation amount is about 10%. Of what was released by Chernobyl. The headline says officials raised severity level to equal Chernobyl. So the severity level is the -- mister noble but. The radiation amounts only 110. Poll was released there. Okay and how they had you know you guys here he would headlines. Japan's nuclear and industrial safety agency Tuesday raise the levels severity of the Fukushima ninety nuclear plant from a all five. The level seven. Well okay -- the highest level on the international scale. So. The highest level was what was indicated in Chernobyl so. Its highest level. That's it didn't go any higher. So be used -- noble as. You know that's like saying you know we had a hurricanes that did not have different levels. Or transit in -- at something and then it's well anyway the point is. The -- scary story. Room. Sure it's still huge story it's still a catastrophe it's still a disasters no doubt about it. In effect by hyping it up I don't think they do themselves any favors because when it's also hadn't done and things returned. To. You know a relative normal. In a relatively short period of time. And LB no real reason to fear. A nuclear accident in the future and all whole anti -- folks can't have that right. The agency says a level seven ranking was made after the damage reactors have been releasing large amounts of radioactive substances posing a threat to humans in the environment in a much wider area. Level five -- Three Mile Island level seven is Chernobyl that doesn't mean it's as bad mr. noble. But the last time I think seven was used was Chernobyl. That's the highest it shouldn't get by the international atomic energy agency. I Aso Villa physicists in the nuclear and industrial safety agency said it. Radiation from the -- he goes about 10%. Of -- was released after the Chernobyl accident in 1986. Fukushima event is different from Chernobyl where nuclear reactor in the Ukraine exploded and sent massive amounts of radiation into the atmosphere. In the case of Chernobyl. There are many acute radiation interest in injuries reported. 29 people died. Fukushima -- case they've not seen such a situation arise yet. I mean his biggest Chernobyl was what occurred there. Two point nine people who died of from -- loss of -- terrible thing but in a grand scheme of things. That's really. Not nearly as bad as many thought it would be. But let's not downplay that because the of the lefty media -- enemy. Tokyo electric power company the operator is tried to stabilize nuclear reactor. And they keep getting. You know aftershocks. And they get a Ellis six point three the other day. Something like six point nine they've had several aftershocks that. I feel bad for the folks in Japan early due. In her face not a faces some tough times but. I'm sure we'll come back strong. -- workers. The power plant there were briefly evacuated Monday reported there are no damage here irregularities the complex last week the same region was rocked by a seven point one quake. And triggers an army warning Monday officials said people living in five -- twenty miles from Fukushima should leave within a month. Earlier residence within twelve miles of the plant have been told to evacuate. I don't know that people would have to tell me to evacuate. Ago. At least temporarily. But. You know radiation nets it's an odd thing and people are extremely frightened of it but it really is all around us. You know coal plants. Emit radiation. When they when they burn coal radiation is found naturally in the ground in all around the world. Now you know it MIA and I sang it's not a dangerous thing I mean candy. But I think OK some of this stuff is overblown a little bit. When I shared their -- and culture story with you where she compiled. About three or four different incidents where people were exposed to low level radiation. Or extended period of time. And how in fact their rates of cancer. We're lower. In the general population. Are all -- and I got emails calls and people got really upset by that. But it's all in now based on factual information and data collected. -- the same people that you know keep telling me about the you know the science of global warming and how true it is the same people that denied any truth to the and the scientific data that was collected on a human being speaks being exposed to low level radiation so. It's interest doing. And guess a lot of it depends on your. Perspective. Now maybe idea. In my perspective comes from another planet. Speaking of which. Flying saucer sightings reports a three foot tall aliens. Enough about the borders. Secret memos about suspicious objects recovered near Roswell, New Mexico they're all included in the thousands of declassified. Government documents. Posted on the FBI's new online -- Earlier this month the FBI announced -- revamp the online reading room contains more than 2000 government files. While documents have been previously available to the public not all been digitized. So that folks can easily search form on line. Among the so called X-Files. Are once classified reports dating back to 1940s and fifties detailing air force investigations into flying disks. And the bodies of human shape discovered inside them. One report march 1950. A guy how to tell a especially to a the FBI says he received information from an air force investigator about flying saucers found in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape for the race senators approximately fifteen 550. Feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape and only three feet tall dressed in a metallic cloth of a very fine texture. That's what we got a leisure suits front. Each body was damaged in a manner. Very similar to the black -- suits used by speed flyers and test pilots. You know like AIG elected G suit to protect against G forces. While. So I guess is a real is that only need the aliens were here. -- So instead talked to one of those aliens the -- hand. What is like you know what's the next big thing after we burn off all this oil makes your space ships fly. Boy I don't think he's intent and well now it is oil waving we came here. Yeah I'm Matt couldn't get more expensive for intergalactic travel on any -- use ours they -- gonna pump -- out and apparently the aliens have a deal with the Chinese right now. The EPA rule at the aliens that deal. With it. But the ninth circuit courts protecting their ability to do so. I have a related story that I do. We'll put it all together for you. That's what we do. 614 Alibaba roach coach Anderson here John -- in the newsroom more to talk about 877975. 9825 Donald Trump Libyan gas prices all coming up on news talk 97.3. -- Can't get enough of news talk 97.3. This guy. Follow us on FaceBook and Twitter. After apple Google and those that are. Tony and above -- lot of local thanks for tuning and contact is brought to buying these jewelry -- jewelry with the answers knowledge. Tuesday April to a 2011 I'm -- wrote Jane Anderson's here skyline to open one. 8779759825. Interesting story from ABC news the FBI vault is now open the online vault. -- look at so called X-Files. I gotta tell you that to me to -- report is the one for march and fifty -- 1950. Special agent with the FBI said he received information from an air force investigator about flying saucers. They were described as being fifty feet in diameter it's one occupied by three bodies of human -- three feet tall dressed in metallic. -- a very fine texture. That's explosive isn't it. -- came from an air force investigator. The 1950s. It was the CIA instead of playing with like LSD and in other things at that time the experiment and could be a -- spaceships. Dude. That sound the word dude was invented. By special agents on LSD. I think it's serious now on in Vegas real. Thing in overtime and added ethnic. Are you wanna get some serious stuff you've got -- do you really want. Gas prices averaged 379 a gallon. You know one I I don't wanna hear another report high gas prices like. Yeah -- did you just move here to planet earth did you did you just come out from under the rock. Everybody knows what gas prices are and you really care what the national averages -- you cares what it is near town. He lets you find -- national averages like two bucks cheapen your -- and then -- and -- Now everybody suffering prices are high now. Here's the story be lefties love. Gas is going so high that now commuters. Are ditching cars. A CC cars in ditches you know that's what happened. Or just -- -- parking. And it taking a bus just the latest boasts two I mean according to lefties. Gas prices now the highest it ever been during the month of April 14 China's nominal price -- data from the Energy Department etc. etc. Drivers. Can be especially resistant to changing their behavior. You know the tipping point probably has moved to somewhere over time. As gas prices rise consumers get accustomed to it. As you start to get close to 350 and -- four there's a point when people start to see there's a cheaper way to get around. In almost sounds like people are voluntarily parking her car. Nobody voluntarily parked their car. They're desperate. As -- it comes down to desperation. Now people making good choices. They have no choice. They simply do not have the money to put gasoline in -- automobile. I guess the elitist liberally biased media they don't quite understand that now. In Maine and I can't fall out. I mean they can't afford it. Gas and oil prices. Have been on the rise. Now -- you -- all the reasons why. Turmoil in the Middle East. Speculation. On -- devalued dollar. What else she got all you got your changing a bland so you've got their refineries. Slowing down to change the blends. And recover all of them. Just about a thing -- The average price of gasoline increased nineteen so who cares who care we know what tie. Drivers may have to brace themselves for the worst this summer. Here's where it here's where it hurts us folks here in the sunshine state Lotta money comes in to folks who traveled around -- Disney SeaWorld and universal. Folks have come down in and enjoy you you know north Central Florida in pristine environment and it's not talking and on the springs. They come down east and West Coast for the beaches etc. They all come down they all spend money. If it cost -- much more to get here. Now a lot of them will decide not to come to Florida. There's some vacation was be spent the backyard me you know -- put in a small temporary swimming pool or something like that. And it won't come the folks that do come a good percentage of them will spend a lot less while they're here keg so it does affect all of us. It hurts our ability to collect revenue and taxes. Lot of revenues generated by tourism. And that's gonna be stifled by the price of energy. Energy Department said good weather and vacation driving cause gasoline demand average about 5% higher during the summer than the rest of the year. Often holds true we're looking at four bucks a gallon more. In February public -- Transportation ridership in one area that they studied this is a Durham, North Carolina. It increased 21 point 8%. -- in January. In went up fourteen point 8% pompano beach Florida public transportation ridership increased ten. Point 6% in February 6% in January. If regular gas prices reach four dollars a gallon across the country an additional 670. Million passenger trips via public transportation could be expected. Question -- If our economy. Even looked evil and capitalistic works on the concept of supply and demand. And there is a greater demand being put on public transportation systems. Would not stand to reason that it is very very likely that the -- quote cheap ride you get on the public transportation system would automatically now have to go up. Because they're going to have more people on the you know -- the buses and you have maybe have get another Boston company all the extra people on the bus routes so that. Up fifty or whatever -- -- I know it's not a buck fifty in major cities them. It was a wanna say close to box. In Philly when I was in high school right about to get out of steam. -- -- every file and and that number stick in my head soul is all of a sudden that you know buck fifty gonna go up two bucks. Pace there I don't know what it is here in and in Gainesville. Dollar. Well and you know what the lefty mentality is only good crisis go to waste this is a great opportunity for them to come in and say. We're expand public transportation public demands it. It's it's money saving -- is going to help lower income people to be able to get to work. We're all gonna enjoy this great service that's provided in the government can provide to you at at and a minimal minimal cost per rider. And and that taxpayers -- people you don't seals most people's other people -- for. So -- ballot still it still it. And government grows. And we all paid a price. And those of us who troops who make a decision not to use it. We'll pay for it anyway I mean we do pay for but when they expand it will pay for more. And also pay more for our gas. Only with a double double whammy because seats in left feeling anti USA. Don't make it painful. For you to. Enjoy your individual rights and freedoms he must be the collective you must wait in line for the government boss. 628 -- Rochelle more to come John boy sitting behind -- newsroom. At first. -- about it no news talk -- seven point three thus guy. Bowman first talked about it no news talk 97.3. Thus god. Certainly don't love don't live local thanks for tuning and still -- close -- wanted to leftist. Gas prices going up people are -- their cars are gonna use public transportation. Public transportation is a lose lose. I tried taxpayers foot the bill for that. So let's raise taxes on people so they have to ride the bus because those who were teetering on the edge. They can barely -- a -- and get to work now. Al some higher tax applied pushed him over in two. Having to ride to -- the you know what there's a lot of folks in lefty Landon when I say let the enemy knows left of center of the thinking should be using public transportation anyway. And this whole idea of into vigil freedom and utilizing your automobile is just ridiculous. Arnold the elitist it's saying that they've got collars again nice shiny cars. Don't think you should. Yeah some of the same people that you know craft anti gun laws but of course the -- got their own firearms or they have personal protection. Etc. or they live in an insulated world a ten. That's when it comes now Donald Trump. Who maybe make -- run. That's really the life's blood of the country trump told CNBC in a phone interview Monday the Trump Organization chairman who says he's considering running for president plans to decide before June. They contended that Obama is not a leader. -- in bed with the OPEC people it doesn't speak the way you have to speak to them. Although he blames China for ripping off our country trump gives him credit for using US funds to rebuild airports bridges and other infrastructure. When was the last time you -- bridge being built the United States you see them falling down all the time when was the last time we saw an airport being built. We're like a Third World country. Wow. While doesn't get into the intricacies of why President Obama is to blame certainly a moratorium on drilling doesn't help. -- the fact that the Democrats won't let anybody going to -- -- doesn't help. But probably one of the bigger factors now. If folks are starting to realize is that devalued dollar. Impacts oil prices they have to get more per barrel just to make what they were making. Now there's a president have control over the value of the dollar well. To some extent so it certainly. If he keeps allowing for the printing of money to take place. And the economy is now moving because. You know he hasn't effectively used somebody in a bailout money another stimulus -- dollars. In the value of the dollar. Continues to fall. So yes he has. He has some. Ability to affect the price it's not huge but it certainly is. You know there there is something to it. That the president has some power over. And you'll start talking a bigger game he'll start talking about drilling those are talking about these things because. He's got pollsters are at work people working hard for him as he gets ready to. You know launch his campaign. For 22 -- for reelection. He's gonna have to do. What he's done in the past you can't say all the same things he said in the past because people remember -- he didn't follow through -- a lot of the did file there was some of that. I mean Obama -- getting him credit for -- another show that down our throats. And if you were for that and I'm sure your policed. -- the president as he gets ready to the editor reelection mode. He is gonna be Lincoln a singer and hold enough to the wind and what to the American people wanna hear. They wanna hear that you know he is drilling for oil that energy prices are gonna come down. And you know innovation there's an innovation that in small business this in small business that. You won't deliver on any of those things. What he'll say had because you know you gotta give out their populist message. He'll have to be more concise and he was the first time around when it was all about -- changing. He'll have to be more concise. You'll be held to a higher standard more accountable because they'll be more -- have to be more. You know precise and concise -- -- however. However. Once he gets reelected. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter after that. His dad again what is -- to the and -- justifies the means. I told -- ice to get reelected. But it was for the greater good of humanity in general. It was for the greater good to fulfill my vision of what America should look like and feel like. It's for the greater good it's for your own good and you don't understand it may -- you don't share my vision Barack Obama my vision. Basket and that's the line of thinking there the end justifies the means well if I have to tell lie to get -- it's really for its its. It's for their own good. For their own good. Don't just yet these are things that you have to remember. As we start to approach action time. Speaking of elections. The polls will open in sixteen minutes in the city of Gainesville for their runoff election. Doubly interesting races going on there of course we will talk about it all day tomorrow all day meeting from six to 10 AM. At least and it -- -- tell you what it all means the winners and losers and all the good stuff. That's tomorrow on Bob Rochelle 644. News talk 97.3 this guy. A moment first. Okay about it no news talk 97.3. Thus sky. 649 on -- Bob -- are local thanks so much for two in the atmosphere. Scan lines are open at 8779759825. So you're an average kid on the bigger expanded government the government can do it the government can do it right. I'm being -- you know. Like sarcastic a little bit sure. But here's an example when I'm not picking on anyone in particular but this is how things are dawn at the government level this is an example -- it. -- Inglis was approved -- money was borrowed. In 2008. Almost two years ago. The county borrowed seven point seven million dollars they borrowed it. To fund major areas of construction on the jail. County jail houses I guess -- take about a thousand folks. Seven point seven million dollars. And they haven't done meaning witty yet not wait wait wait they have done something witty yet let's see what have they done. We're now. They have paid 323000. Dollars for design work. 323000. Dollars. For design work. Are you kidding me. All I know engineers everywhere getting through there. You have no idea. Really. I do you have an idea I have an idea that that's -- why. Tonight. Really you have no it you have no other buildings -- United States of America to use an example. You know other buildings that are similar to this jail it's so complex. It's like it's so custom made. But there's no other it there's no set. Out way to do it. How many square feet. Put -- near you put him there my oversimplifying it yeah. I am. And that's what you should do you make it simple. But if you make it simple than a bunch of people can't stick their hands out make money off it off the UN meet the taxpayers. So already. 323000. Dollars for design -- -- -- because they might not go with dad design team and I go tech company. -- Honeywell the day I negotiated with and work with well they received 50000 dollars for site analysis. And design review work. Really 50000 dollars for site analysis. You know how to read blueprints. Need to come to the site. Okay. So wait here's here's the when you really really finesse a hastily -- seven point 7000001. Point three million dollars. Is gone. It's -- And don't. It went toward paying off the principal in the interest on the loan. The money is disappearing. The money is going away so the amount that they had set aside two things happen they're paying interest. On that alone so it's cutting into the fund that they have. And -- now they've waited almost two years to get the productive that the construction project off the ground. -- gonna since then he's gone out. It's the proverbial double whammy now look some of these things happen because maybe some an accounting. Were looking out for us. The sticking point apparently with Honeywell was about cost overruns nobody wants to get stuck with cost overruns. Locked -- tonight here's how ideally. You want to contract you wanna build it you do it for this amount of money. If you can't do it for this on -- money all flocked. You know on sand in other words you did you get going on a project. And and will inspect it. You know ongoing. You know every six weeks or whatever and we'll pay you -- -- and based on what you actually performed in he had not -- for studies or anything like that. Get it done. That's all we're mired in this mock. We can't get anything done. Now it's not all governments fault but the vast majority of it is. And and governments the wanna put in all the regulations and all the stipulations and you have to do it this way. Now so they've kind of created their own mess. And then when they actually wanna do something they realize. Gosh government really creates a mask we try to do construction project you have. Yeah. So good luck but this whole jail thing because they have a lot less funding that they had. And now -- gonna have to what's find more money where -- gonna find that. -- don't take it out of the funds have been set aside to fix the roads on a weight that's all depleted. Rocco you're on about Rochelle. Could you just imagine if Obama wins president -- twelve -- just imagine Obama on a leash he doesn't have to worry about running again. Could you imagine what he's really like that I know -- in my hot. There's two things that -- might imagine that this is the first -- know that my putt. He's weighing heavily right now because he wants to be president again once he's off the leash what are we really look inept people. As simple one in the picture was opening -- corrected my question -- I'm entitled to money from the government like look in the fifties and we drop bombs and in the forties on. Every human that exactly I would look and we and we tested in that India. In the desert in America radiation -- -- under my desk I would didn't hear that that the Russians were gonna. -- to smithereens. What affected those bombs that we dropped those big nuclear bombs that we drop in that we tested what affected they have a lot of people -- that's why I am the way I have. Yeah it is it is Rocco and and clearly if you take high doses so far. Iodine right now we may be able to save some existing brain cells that are still that -- dozen or so that are still clinging to life. ABC news out of the -- and our gun. Obama first talked about it now -- talk -- seven point three skies.