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High Springs Shooting 911 Call

May 19, 2011|

High Springs Shooting 911 Call

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- on -- the -- of the emergency. One girl in front north main street -- and -- it -- six -- street at -- keep ethnic had to correct. Went there once but not think straight brings order reaches six portrait -- -- what -- -- of what Eric said. -- back and it happened. Quite different communities cool -- called -- -- can let it go we have uttered several gunshot outside the the building. Right outside our open clear and student services near the front of the school sent and opened. Near the front of the school one of our windows which shutout. At -- we -- -- lot in the courtroom. -- -- After the heritage buildings at the which buildings -- buildings main entrance second building on the left -- the main entrance student services toward. That's -- the gun violence I don't know I don't know who shot but there are several. Shots fired. Out including including girl and -- in the building. The window and you're building yet. And it happened -- -- -- We're on the ground outside camp or anyone has back or we are and the shot right outside our building. Earlier when you called and you know from the school resource deputy what is now. Brian -- Brian Tallet a lot of pressure suffered. One moment. -- -- -- -- -- Noah and I'm here with it these -- daughter and grandson we -- in the main leader and student services where. We are in the conference -- of student services the building -- pool but again several shots were fired. The irony here -- -- with the suspect and granddaughter. But the suspect's daughter and grandson and daughter and grandson. Here. So and our pager resource teacher that there are four and built -- right Albert where fires right outside the building. OK several -- The suspect in the Roberts with -- -- I believe that. Died in a VI. I'm not sure perfect animal earth and that the I don't know this thing -- -- teachers and. Like he -- a -- that's okay. -- Here I mean better police on campus I was -- -- so let you Obama that there. That several shots were fired and we are still in the building. Under the impression that there is again and then there and it daughter and grandson aren't here so. Where highly concerned if -- -- One access to describe him as. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're done. He then was he going to -- -- he let the suspect's daughter and grandson. And I don't go in the main entrance of the school it's going to be a second building. But until the second building student services in his -- at the building. That's not it's not the first it's not the first building when he first onslaught -- -- -- that is the next built. We are in here would be suspects darker and grandchild aunt -- the north -- And that's -- we're on the ground. Now we do have several deputy on scene. It was just. Well guess -- -- government currently notes sent -- yet now that don't they were you are. Let it out here think tank. Yeah -- and a problem. I have. If he's still outside. -- To bring them. Of them -- the presidency. As its influence that it is gunman. Then. Apprehended. -- -- Well I'm on the line with 911. Its warning much else. In the suspect's daughter and grandson -- and the conference tournament -- and serves as. Here. There were several shots fired ran outside this building. And making their child penetrated. The front windows of the building we know that -- -- -- Ers are one of the -- Had no idea that we are on the ground we -- not let them. They're not losing. Two reiterated suspects. Daughter and grandson that are in the conference with Erica and I. So. Of course she apparently distraught and. I'm Mon unarmed when I'm on one right now and loan department and -- because if -- -- -- turn things without. We do we have. An additional source of the consulate on campus. A -- that you know his opponent. As and it will -- we're we're here in the conference for an I don't know what the numbers. I don't now I don't now. -- This war and it was featured on the building. Closer Kerry on the building. I don't know a little check. -- -- -- -- Article I don't -- that means he's still in the building Clinton. I don't know I don't know where anybody as we hit the ground. Bishops bishop told -- to hit the ground essentially what the building. OK. -- Okay completely you have multiple electric chair opposite -- on campus right now as well as acting CD. I don't acknowledge that Alex at Akron outside. Eight record after they're out on on campus are. Also happy I'm not AR. In custody at this particular product. Over here don't belong there on the ground the security. -- that. Our daughter -- center in world war that's and ordinary things and trying to calm although obviously. Obviously it's actually won't disrupt all of and Pakistan. We. -- insurgents. How -- -- made it to that that don't. Act. Albert the honor. I don't. I don't know -- he would probably. -- can start. Here and a dollar cute child the issue is illegal and -- them. -- -- That is very well. That's in this suspect's Brothers -- he has seen as a parent with two children and our school. Okay. And her youngest child has -- in her arms right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I understand that the government has. Apprehended -- should do. It's ordering apple. It's almost on the line yet on top line. Our our. Assistant principal at that and that everyone. Go to the cafeteria that he has not indicated that the government has been apprehended concept itself I -- -- yeah a little. Don't go anywhere yet one moment of panic am I teaching -- -- Erica just one moment. -- Looking forward and let. Them. -- -- OK I can be your diet that he should get ready -- for the time being. They -- airline. Eight. Yet one moment. Believe that Libya -- -- I'm analogous sense that -- that center on intense experience but. That they told -- singer. Now. And confident that -- apprehended. And shot a firecracker outside. It's all. There. We need to wait and make sure that are clearly don't want anyone current. -- don't want anyone -- And an -- -- well. Well well. That you I'll help out. And yes -- apparently distraught accident and now. Her husband went outside one's -- them. And shots were fired. From her. Father and the alleged problems. Alleged. Well I don't have a discussion -- technologically it was. What we thank them. -- -- So now. -- That's ultimately. But -- didn't. You there yet I am. Shots were definitely fired into the building multiple shots at -- It was the first -- -- from the Atlantic and in this term you. I. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- on a great job. I don't feel like an -- and -- Just one and now we can. Save and the Luke yeah currently. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. Com. But it's I'm not work -- and actors in them. This scene might be a -- secured because they have. Today they made an announcement about ten minutes of terror and -- still on campus. Neutral its cafeteria. At -- yet that they want it in regard for the time being one moment. But yet. Yet we're outlook I'm. -- can't -- that -- our next on a pack. Shots and that's only been fired into the building our our. Behavior resource teacher whose officers right next to this room she'd just peaked out and -- You know there's at least a global call him in -- -- -- But heck. That was the building. And that's program that had initially cult problem final one was either -- attack against Atlanta's. Patrick has had a real bad connection which was probably part of the problem and I'd like. Com. You're -- Much of what -- and prepare being on the line at that time what area. -- but just clarify it was written that it originally. Call on what want from. Britain next -- -- -- window here I don't know. Lenders and other. Had a transition and -- here and that's where. A tree -- -- -- Opposite the building you're right out -- Back -- -- that political figures he -- we're at opposite the building that you're in right now. Yet they are and that is built not around that we're at right now there's about five different. In the building. Yeah and it before five. We -- ethnic 66 written in the building that we. We are. -- different -- shop for a five week workshop trying to capital lease. We saw glass flying and actually shut the orchestra. I'm confident yet. That's not. It is. -- Which registered. Its -- -- yet. We also we also have a teacher in courtroom that. Who could not attend school here she's not sure if he's on campus. So -- The trio and -- people can't simply let us now and now apple and -- six in the middle yes sir understand one moment thanks. One moment. We know anyone who has been building. Going to let that Aaron. The currency down on its -- -- You. You're the retort that building correct. Conservatism. And into the building it's their -- it is building Korea one a campus. That building curry. -- A war that's respect -- metal and. -- -- that got it together and becoming the don't want -- and sad. And that's fine. As long as -- sponsored -- law enforcement come into the forefront absolutely. Absolutely. -- Would you be at liberty -- to order -- -- -- -- Shot her orbit on campus. I not that I honestly don't know any about yet is that. On I'm tactics though. So concerned giant. And our -- -- at separate smart politicking crawl in the same building but yes or not we don't hear that radio traffic from activating. I get at it strictly from the facts yet. I. -- again and heat president with the suspect's daughter and grandson. And a few other people are all in this and the. It resources building didn't. It they're building also -- on the floor -- an update whether without immigrant. -- -- You guys had admitted that it is he insecure they want -- -- your -- Policy tank being. In his six year we -- and the building yet there and -- at a nightmare that doesn't want to check -- her child and leave the building. Okay they're there they were all the children face. The they. And protect and -- that look -- -- department reports that the door. Common. -- -- He's certainly yes we got the electric -- -- Serb air. -- the suspects that are. And I -- them. I am okay. Sparkled on the front and I I suspect the attack it's yet yet he can't had money go to Italy where you -- in Pickett center and the entire building in the -- servicing -- can they expect a it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but take action -- angry at -- well. Look at what it can't act like -- right on --