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Bob Rose interviews Gov Rick Scott 7/13/11

Jul 13, 2011|

Bob talks with Gov Scott about economic stimulus - jobs - Sun Rail and more!!!!

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talk about it now oh still not seven point three thus. 635 and -- Rochelle live and local wherever conversation win Florida governor Rick Scott in fact we've got him on the line right now. -- got good morning how are you. Good morning you don't mind. I don't fantastic and in fact governor I am honored to speak to one of the most hated governors in this it and -- In a nation how does it feel to have that title. Actually no I'm doing I'm making all the tough decisions that we should have been making. That's why experiment in the shape it's been making because people want to think the FBI governor -- president the popularity contest resident. They get tough decision -- -- back to work. Do you think that you'll have enough time in office. For this curve. This kind of learning curve. For the four of Floridians to understand what you were attempting to do into appreciated. Well let's start to take place you know before the end near term. Well you know by the that's not what I rant on -- look I've lived the American dream I -- live in public housing I know what it's like not to have money I got an education. I joined the navy. You know I've been in -- -- my life. If we don't make it tough decisions. To get jobs going in this state there's no opportunity -- Verisign I -- I want to make sure every child and our state had the opportunity for great education. And every adult has the opportunity for job and -- women do every day. Nationwide job numbers obviously are abysmal nine point 2% Florida was hit even worse because. We're very heavy in the construction sector I think when he took office it was about eleven point 9%. As of may it was around ten point 6%. Tom what are you doing where their jobs do you have a good story itself. Sure what I certain office almost twelve percentage -- every month. In May -- who's got a ten point six as you know the national members -- are going up. That last three months it's gone up from Mikey -- point 89 point two. In a month -- it for the year we generate 77000 jobs second only to Texas. I know my job is and -- -- -- governor Perry Texas all the time. The because -- that they -- think he's done well because it's been a job creator for the last two years. But in the month of may we generate 28000 jobs the whole country -- generate fifty force of the uniform I think -- -- 6000 -- in the right direction. We still have 9000 people. Out of work so every month every day I'm calling on companies. Say it appears there's a lot of reasons to do that in Florida oh got the best whether we get the best beaches we had a hard working group of individuals live in Florida. We don't have a personal income tax -- straight -- to business tax. He's got the growth of become essential -- America. Word you know the closest stated that got expansion of the Panama Canal so we got a lot of companies moving down here just to trade mission so far. When the Panama went to Canada and we a lot of companies started new business here. I love when you go outside the country you brought -- governor Rick Perry of Texas you both are doing great death. Job in terms of bringing companies and entities to your respective states. -- I guess one of my concerns would be when you're going outside the nation has fantastic. But when you're stealing. For lack of a better term from a state like California. Is should we put a lot of resources into doing that or should we tried to. -- put more resources into you know incubator business and actually creating business from the ground up in Florida. I think it deep all the about. The -- we gotta understand we're competing with other countries. And when you go to a -- store and the consumer you don't take action. I'm gonna buy that product because they pay higher taxes or they have more regulation -- like that you buy based on you the best value would be nearby. So we've got to make sure that we compete and we did we get ourselves in position people say you know I want to do business in Florida are not Vietnam or Brazil or Colombia Panama. So that's what it's okay now in the United States and we clearly got what we have to put ourselves in position that that. Our taxes are lowest possible because. The -- -- people are moving because that date because the taxes now. Do we want to move to Texas or Florida because they're moving out of the north with a higher taxes and worst weather talk rather move to Florida. Governor of a lot of us state workers when you look at national averages. You wouldn't I don't think most people would consider them overpaid. In fact a lot of them have suffered without pay raises for quite some time depending on what sector of state workers were talking about an overall. On do you feel you're gonna make it convincing case to state workers that you really have their best interest at heart as well. Well here's your look at turnabout state workers and steelworkers are very hardworking group of people. And they need to be compensated fairly he also need to have a pension plan that they can rely on right now they're pension plan they're relying on is not fully funded. America act as 13% underfunded which it is significant amount of money it is too many seven point 75% return. -- you know that information never been explain -- to them I want -- compared them. They have occasion when they can rely not on top of that. I want eager to taxpayers. They don't have pension plan. They probably most of you don't -- tire -- a 100% paid for by. Their employer so we gotta be fair to people their right to check the taxpayers we're gonna be fair to the state workers. On McCain and governor what about this so rail project is missing dead in the water are you not gonna take federal funds there's a talk of a son rail on such. You know where do we stand awareness Florida stand in terms of it you know major transfer to -- transportation issues like that. Well the thing about there's there's three real project. There. There's one project it's already been named its existence for twenty years is a tri rail it. From Palm Beach Miami. He get it took twenty years to hit their first year projected ridership numbers because 65 million dollars to operate and it loses 55 -- There's only covered 101000065 million dollar operating cost I was one project are -- in the distance. Then we had the high speed rail project from Miami and start from Orlando to Tampa. That would need federal project -- local project they offered us 2.4 billion dollars but we were gonna pick us as taxpayers you the taxpayer. You're gonna pick up the balance which would -- over billion dollars. Just dipped to construct a project. And then significant losses every year so your taxes would have had to pay for that. And so that -- is not going forward the third when this Conroe project which is the commuter project in the Orlando area that the project that happened to by the federal government. Half funded by the local government part of 25% it by -- -- local revenues and then 25% by. They're portion of the -- department transportation trust fund money that goes into that region. Stood still Michael was because this has already been approved by the -- legislature and signed by. Supported by the last two governors and signed by governor Crist might Michael that would make sure everybody in the community. Those communities nudity. In the deal the deal what -- their money. They're taking a risk if it loses money. -- I'm very uncomfortable with ridership numbers now in contrast. I am very supportive. You know. Things didn't -- job mistake. -- Our cargo rail things like that they should -- with the Panama without being too we've got a significant opportunity BA transportation are shipping. Capitol police coast to make sure we had I put the money into the Miami. Ports they're dredging project. We're looking at making sure we have the right infrastructure our ports and part of it a port part of it reserves are cargo shipping to our car rail. To make sure that we keep treat these jobs in my I was in Miami and -- automated. -- project -- -- 30000 jobs. If the if we go forward with the port Everglades is Fort Lauderdale project on the port it over a 100000 jobs to those the project that I know are going to be beneficial for the state. Governor I'll wonder if things this happened recently is I saw a press release you're applauding keystone industries in Florida rock division. A Vulcan materials choosing Florida to expand our operations creating over 200 jobs in the Jacksonville. Area. People who are within my listening area between here and Jacksonville. -- you know in Clay County area Putnam county where they -- come together in -- accounting. There's lakes in those areas and it. Jacksonville is basically been -- in the water out of that they believe some industries may be taken some waterway and these lakes are at very low levels are you going to address an issue of. Well it is his cigarette initiation notepad a significant number wildfires this year we're down now to about ninety wild -- we need more rain. We've got. Yeah we -- with regard to those issues we've got the water wars. Between Georgia and Alabama. To my goal is to sit out with those governors to see if we can work something out. We've got we have. We're working with the Army Corps of Engineers were working with EPA were working with our local department of environment protection to deal with those issues because. -- week we have to we have to make sure we have the right water resources. Interstate otherwise we'll never be able continue. Well governor looks for your agenda today on website I didn't see that I was on the agenda and I was wondering if that's considered a secret meeting like -- meeting with the Coke Brothers in Colorado. I don't think any -- neither regular under every day. And it was an interesting headline. On governor we really appreciate your time is -- one last thing -- you wanna leave my listeners with you know an impression of where things are headed here in the state of Florida. Well I think -- the but the positive is unemployment coming down the negative is we have a lot of work to do. And so my job it every day to make sure. Debate ideas I really think about three things one I think about how -- -- -- my parents have no money so I think about I don't wanna do things because. Any Stanley's. Com live in the -- go up. And I wanna make sure our kids could have -- a -- for -- education and each of us have helped me for the good job. Thank you very much governor Rick Scott appreciate your time and above Rochelle thank you sir. Now Friday. 645 -- road show live and local 8779759825. Thoughts and opinions on that also lower earlier in the hour we brought up the Mitch McConnell plan senator McConnell plan. Two. And maybe kind of force. There hand against President Obama when it comes to the debt ceiling issue. It's your input on that we've got local issues we're gonna talk about as well coming up on news talk 97.3 this guy.