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Jul 15, 2011|

7am - July 9 2011

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I remind you that Brian Horton know obviously Jerry Anderson show -- new yeah new hair and broadcasting and ADHD. That's important -- Get in touch by dialing 1877. WSK wanted talk as everybody has feelings about that. That's 18779759825. I'm. Proud to view I'm proud of news. The ads that Jerry Anderson show on news talk -- seven point three Pascal. Seven LA news talk 97 point greatest guy. 8779759825877. WSK want to talk. Talked about -- Dead -- tired. Remove and stuff for last week yourself. Casey Anthony and passing what the unemployment rate to go up because I want these experts to be fired because they're really bad at being experts. We bad month this past month battle a hundred that a 1101000 jobs and another thing. I never hear the jobs. Being announced at the beginning of the month I always hear they expected a 1101000 in June and only 181000 were created. Which two things on that first ball I want them to say at the beginning of the month how many jobs are thicker -- -- -- To -- their war. Second of all -- I'm -- -- -- -- a don't here's led to the end of the month. -- we said there'd only be 20000 jobs created so -- there was only eight people are close. In addition on stupid when you say all were gonna create fourteen trillion jobs and nine were created it. If you if you did not begin in the months and there were expecting a 100000 jobs in the trade asthma and there really need to -- where people don't apply it. That them I didn't jobs some new jobs because. Applied for a job. Where was that -- Might help their numbers be more active. What else -- of lead going into the break. Garden girl called up and talk but how -- compressors and the government. Now learn the orange suits and in you know we don't do something and and and that's -- look I I do believe it's we the people. I do believe that we have control over this country. -- that we decide where this country kills. But we have to decide. Had people talk about it all the time about in L. We get ever wants the wild you know will need to have another revolution and his country. We get -- we we we did in another revolution in this country. We're gonna have an opportunity for a revolution. And 2012. -- the be another revolution 4014. And 2016 and 2018 and 20/20 -- with the mines kill us all between. As called -- And I -- you're gonna say -- to many people are on the government all the dead at like the system we have now. Let's say it's a 5050 split. The 50% of the earners the people who work the people wanna -- this country free. And capitalist. Republican. I hate to break it -- But I'll put it bluntly as I can. You all suck your job. You -- You don't ball don't -- to me and say they'll. And you're gonna covered if I about it every election last fifty years old bully free. -- behind your friends old and -- them in the city games. Was it Don marched in the not to pass looked but the previous one got a dual runoff against Greg low. Lost by 42 votes. 16% voter turn out. Now I understand city of Gainesville is vastly. Democrat not Republican. But you're gonna tell me. Ever Republican in the city Gainesville every conservative in the city Gainesville every Indian pro business. Anti hippie. In the city of Gainesville and is registered to vote showed up. I don't thinks. I don't. -- you can have. All -- cute little Tea Party rallies. You can have all you cute little fair tax meetings. In less you're showing up to the ballot box and voting and getting your friends to vote and talking to your friends about -- And why they should vote the way try to convince your friends and look the -- and I hope and change it we try to get what he Sox. The guys state it's on the road and lay on your argument. And may -- can convince somebody in on that I will vote this election. And I think we can get control is -- look I have my doubts about the future this country. Or fourteen trillion dollars in debt we're talking about -- billions and -- made reference to -- billions and billions of dollars from our budget. When Mort trillions of dollars in debt and facing a one point five trillion dollar budget deficit. This year. So we need to -- more than billions. But the other thing in and we talked but it last week when it comes to saving a republic. We all got to cut -- And I know you gonna say look man I've been busted my home for fifty years I deserve -- -- and I've earned it it's his welfare mother with seventeen kids the should be cut off the we don't want you should cut the seventeen kid -- welfare mom off middle I would be 100%. But we need to cut you off as well. Everyone thinks they're entitled to something. You know you're entitled tell. Dining at the end of your life. That's the one thing that we know we're all entitled to dropping dead at some point in time. Preferably not an act of murder gotten hit by a bus. Preferably of old age lying in my bed won't sleep. I would add more things to not get in trouble. Patrick you're entitled to. Until world willing to make it cut. And live a little bit the and it has been a lower standard of living. Less off does not mean lower standard of living. Rule sixty ports. Razors and prudently in Europe quality line if you're not in -- you have two months now. -- Let's throw out and get the -- people go crazy on the phones Greg girls got a good morning. There are no leave this -- just like you chapters -- week. -- -- -- -- I think it's -- that they are. Subject to clean it up. -- -- -- They -- and RJ. Let's protect our backyard to look over here. A long time ago we brought up this Steven -- -- attorney. And Houston area over here Citrus County -- it -- -- -- online com. Or are you received probation. Here's a guy who analyzed the trust on the day he got disbarred. No longer practiced law. And how one state to -- six. He was convicted. But he's depicted so now our program that. Now. Here's the guy who sucked out 55. Thousand dollars. Do you think -- -- 4000 dollar -- for -- -- our public transport. The FBI abroad and they are not he's got more money out of other. Other truck spotted but the blue wanna get nailed for okay. He got probation. And it -- they hit it five years' probation. Eight. -- -- -- -- You eat a couple of the other 12141000. Dollars. They came -- -- the other forty out of it yet no attention we get all he started it back. We need to pay back the other 151000 dollars and then bill. In the probation will go away. Opt out or you're right you think we get away -- probation. Not at all. Now I jackpot -- newspaper writer should their wild -- Spanish people may well -- per repeated because. Guys -- and whatnot. He's a former attorney himself but it probably. Schools typically on the guy or just your opinion. I don't know how he diluted. Enormous practiced law to own guns and driving -- he can't do -- those from the -- But on the law enforcement man this guy gets no jail time at all. Out there. It's still. Stole my we have a correspondent try to -- it track on at least the FBI. And local law enforcement apparently. They descended on their hand they've been notified about thank -- FBI and now. Mr. rake -- up on the site -- other fronts but he did not think he did. And law enforcement does not do nothing about this either. Yeah about two years ago we -- he doesn't radioed to a couple hours hour from now have been on the station here today. Practice is monorail ought to do that. Yes there at least send him my a bunch of money -- and that happened 101000 dollar meet this Internet. -- and it probably show 8101000 dollars for a so called camera. Staten Island at it would be any part of that money Obama chastised about bullies don't call would do well placed elect bill. He says well. Wal-Mart to open today that I need a quarter million dollars. He's ready for the camera to point -- he's protecting his dad almost stop right now I haven't noticed since started it -- The promoting adult to a church he need it I mean just this side. This is something else in the yard meter readers -- go to chronicle hot -- dot com. I got I got the story in front right now take a look at it Debbie sexton. -- just real combat what this. -- -- -- I'm glad at least that mark Simpson the -- really bad that the worries he tried he. The upbeat public. All the rest select delete that label but -- think it is it's not gonna spend one dated feels the -- what he's started. I look -- thanks for the heads above this price and and a ideology it's been to a break right here on the build -- check the story up or the commercial break. And then not Christie beat Clayton hang in there are getting your calls well Jerry Anderson show news talk 97.3 this guy. You're listening to the broadcasting and ADHD. Seen on news talk nothing seven point three the sky news. 718 great news talk 97 point brightest guy John Anderson show OK here's the we had -- called up to augment this Stephen Bowman lawyer. Here is the long and the short of he says it was just a -- -- intended to pay it back it is -- -- apparently he was named any. -- For a woman and Inverness when the woman died and old four he was supposed to notify you know cerebral palsy. Was the beneficiary 200000. Dollar frost is supposed to sell the main asset and that trust which is the whole. However he never notified united cerebral palsy about it he never maintain a house fell behind. Over three years in tax payments. Resulting in bed tax deeds sales scheduled for 2009. United cerebral palsy made an immediate demand for the full accounting in December of 2009 never really heard anything from them. Apparently February of 2010 that would show that that is dude borrowed 53000 and change from the trust. And where is -- line I think is poorly it. -- -- The product and the Florida bar complaint stated the promissory note for the money that he borrow. Was a demand note. Which means as the trustee. He would have to demand on himself make the demand to make the payments. He said he never made the demands of himself pan am proud 07 aunts and 0708 or 09. I understand what it looks like he says but the issue is because by hand never got -- I never had to come up with the money before. It was never my intent not total. In fact about wasn't. I would have brought those notes. I know it looks like I didn't pay him about -- I was there are forced to deal. Stay classy San Diego five year of probation. Can't by the practiced law lets look at that apparently. Got disbarred for what -- it. And by the way and I understand mug shot you're never really the greatest show on a person. This guy was an attorney. Really. Well. Well I can't cynical I get sued for setting itself and and he rhinos. Steve being here on the -- good morning. And he's good morning now. Okay so well. They're they're just so but he latency. That -- thing what's gonna happen to a -- with cases like that. Certainly the -- that's not you know beat beat just as ness of the jury trial recently when people lose respect for the law. Institution sort of like it might date I think. Those statistic that 98% of people paid their taxes it's very few people cheated. Last survey hyper now 86% of the people pay their. I cheat on their taxes and -- people that admit to stop because they lost respect for out taxes used they've lost respect for their government. Yet and I'll kind of reached and so. But but what I call war. Economics is strange. And the idea that at ISM report is that report to look at basically it's important supply expert report. It's edgy comedy orders are have been placed Purdue orders whichever toward businesses cap you can look at that you've got a hundred are sitting on the car lot. You don't need to order under. So the factories academic under it would hit those -- sixty -- tropical. Right now figures if you want. -- and economics it's like Greenspan. Probably eighty to 2000 he was the maestro that -- -- spoken codes that mr. bite people. The guy was kidnapped he got is partly the trouble we are now. Apple badly but he was here but that's what they ought to cheer you what eat eat eat eat -- yet people think that -- his speech banks. He got us into it -- legendary spiral that that he tried to control might lose money are kind of bad policies -- front site. But he didn't type and etiquette I called obvious that I don't belabor the point. Quite well with great and it made a point at record rates taxes he'd do it okay it he took his whole administration. Eat eat eat that taxes 237. Billion dollars he raised taxes. A 137 billion so just packed I guess you could say it was like a 150 billion dollars might point -- about it like great. It what was practical -- -- what was needed he -- the bill are ideologically. Inequities public deficit was to be in trouble. Brian ads a Steve I diligence I don't try to get to another phone call and here before we get there on the yeah outage could reaganesque look at voters Republican die at some people doubt that. Does he he would likely were -- on the set and and and we do look baca -- him romantically. Nowadays but you know -- things were tough but for the first -- a lot of criticism. He made a remark also limit does that respect for the courts the jury probably just had. -- -- annoy the heck out of everybody. I agree. With the joy and I'm assuming you meant the Casey Anthony case majority come and the not guilty. I agree 100%. With the jury -- Did she probably kill market. She. All those so forth that she probably did. Can't base your opinion on the jury as to what you think probably happen if based on the evidence presented. The defense started and a great job thrown all kinds of things and then a money I don't know the prosecution did that -- -- -- -- I agree with George colony gains in the -- group that one. Sort on this guy good morning. A morning look and I did. Urged doctor Calero but. -- -- -- -- Yes. You sharpen your eight. Sometimes not -- blades on the American -- old ones out. That idea I I I have a beautiful lawn with intermittent action since they -- oh. I DO try to keep -- present the late on it and that make quick changes but tonight by the girl Paula I think. -- That thank you very much for that -- always good checking in with you 730 news talk 97 point bring this guy bottom of the hour news break to get to Blackhawk hang in there. Hang up and call back about five minutes what did you -- in the air Jenny Anderson showed news talk 97.3 this guy. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk about seven point three the sky news. 736 news talk 97 point British guy. 87797598. To five regular phones and -- -- he -- the -- black -- talk to him. And good morning starts. Act two things first what you mentioned that Clinton -- and his Apollo light and he'd bail eligible to get his bat that was only for product by the -- period. And as far as -- I don't too many people I don't want within thirty miles of ballot box. We get him out liberals and idiots voting now completely people aren't familiar with. You're able to needy people they're bad as liberal and entitlement minded as you can get think everything's note that. Obsolete but there are people out there I mean that -- there's no way. That I and I'll keep citing the Don Marcia mayoral race he lost by 42 votes there's no way than anyone will ever convince knew at 16% voter turn out. That every conservative person in the city of Gainesville. All twelve. That that every one of them actually went out voted because that they created dude what -- you want. They are scattered out -- there ago saying. Yeah I agree I agree that he gains don't make. It is really hard to get people -- especially the conservatives because this liberal kind of been run like this for so long it gets frustrating. I've gone down a Republican -- -- -- at court on more than one occasion. And I talked before I'd probably put on our Republican all the time they -- why. We keep trying and we keep trying to we keep it in the liberals and air. I said well get more your conservative friends that maybe we can change that we got one conservative on it let's if we can get -- more. And at and the probably run until Michael thank you for the call the problem you run into is. At an electoral countered a city Gainsville. You don't get enough -- And up people don't vote and a and a look okay maybe when it comes to the county there is there a certain parts of the county what are you just don't have. The numbers of conservatives. Two vote in a conservative member in but it right now in the city commission you got what you got. -- Todd chase. Who's. A right of -- dude. You got Sherwin Henry. Rule. There's actually is an intelligent got -- normally I think brought I would generally would side. With the left. But is also very common sense kind of now this is the -- on the again and -- vote the way I think he's by the best one out is not an ideologue in my opinion. But he had a and I can't get a rest the folks tonight group ideology knuckle heads on. And and they county commission. Got Susan Baer who's a conservative. Yet Pincus and -- in a moderate -- you know free thinking candidate. And ending at the three nut cases. And no matter what you do -- -- gonna run up against that law is so out of the county will throw out of Republicans accountable throw out to a free people of different races. -- one only one of the winds are only two of the wins they're still in the minority -- Susan Baird with all due respect she's gonna get beat up over the next couple years. She gained a -- to get much past at all because she's the only once at Michigan voted down every single time. And analysts and look how well she didn't work out to watch without -- a vote for conservative. But when you only have 10121416%. Voter turnout. You can't really argue that we're doing everything we can't. To save the republic. Rose -- was not. Hey I'm still thinking about -- ever with -- a little blond Playboy do you have. -- that IBM. I need yet. Yeah I need to move anywhere -- that accurate it Obama what I bet at about 1040 foot containers that they. It might look like that I had those well where but that's lap down. I can't write it and an output that light like that there are you wrote a well developed what it -- content. Vacant land throughout the -- grant approved a delegate get -- elected -- and bit me right here are. Incinerator and well what age you know what property. -- -- -- yet. Exactly flyers today that that they make about four -- you know the the flea market until it let the Tulane at the end and the court found that about core popular -- required to pay them a lot of rain off and -- put it back out where it. Up front and -- lineman -- -- -- -- tired is the -- it's amazing what that does. I I -- -- the other clip on closet Bolivia go back out -- leopard in my tire fixed upside dignity a clip that worked well enough and like the tired and fall off lets think as successful mission. What -- -- suppliers that they had taken off when I can. Accept a little easier than it I have I have but. I don't know what you'll never I don't wanna know we -- -- it out Democrats. Now it has the benefit of that they can't let people around at that you question. I didn't look like president Bob Russia and Alex. But the question is how come I come -- can't. Reception at the -- -- -- but did they not know the the -- enough people get. Red spot and order radio station -- -- -- somebody at all I don't know the second question is where it got BJ that we wanna look beyond a that I don't know I had like -- -- like I don't know you don't want it now. Doesn't think so many people around you want to know what newly adopted -- You hear it won't be starting -- quick get out here that it. Hey I love being out there and I'm I'm very happy to be a land -- and -- Gilchrist Downey got -- And the fact that pocket this trial that but yet we can't you know I knew we kicked out. At this -- Probably. Get free. They may have to be like a little. -- there. But the crocodile here all the time. That they let it go -- up -- -- maybe maybe my last. Maybe that two maybe she got the right there and -- our. And then you look at that female prosecutor. Q -- EBA. Every -- immediately. -- And it got some women on an -- that let I'll -- aren't they can't they needed and I. I got that. I'm waiting on the -- and -- and the coloring books that nobody actually doing a wild. All of drought going up I thought that that hit it Don I didn't watch it no more -- we're military we're. Whereas if that vertical threat but yet it is so much yet but. About it at that about the -- I thought about that that. That we met last year -- me in the eight day. I got the panic that -- -- got it and you have a night and it may not like that we still football season yeah. I don't cry rose -- good check and it would it take care is a beloved dog and is known. Let's go like the fault -- on the sky at morning. In that there have been neat thing about Casey decided he would he would -- the tiny little -- government. He OJ yeah yeah -- is -- that bikinis. Don't need each equity test but the bottom probably arguably probably did but I could -- -- you know people talk about the attack it. People just didn't accept. Case in point you -- the -- -- -- -- in the area. What that our. -- -- to -- him out of debt forgiven you and -- this this come back leniency. -- -- -- at and -- that the thing is and and I wanna get the -- it is called here real quick here. Couple things when it comes to voting people in and out of office because I I know we talk and I don't know Rick Howard hold. Now. I guess there's a hole in the ground and there was a dude standing merits and he said one of the -- Howard can probably figure it out but. Aside from that. I think people do need to keep a bit of a checklist. On their local elected officials I would not say you should vote anyone Al what are be a judge or a county commissioner or a US congressman whenever. Based on one issue. Amnesty issue is huge like in -- if the congressman comes out says if you vote for mayhem and murder everyone and a county. OK maybe that the media shouldn't vote them out. But keep that checklist and -- that if more the stuff they do aggravates -- and what does that pleases you. Or what is good then you vote them out but absolutely keep this on the checklist and that's the really annoys the heck out here. And take a look at the guys will record if there's more minuses and pluses. And nobody entitled to a -- -- forever unfortunately we have that mindset. About our elected officials and people have a right to vote these people out of office. Keep that checked let's go first battle actually the -- good morning. -- -- I -- socket about getting Republicans around -- also. And I just wanted to let your listeners know that my wife Jean -- what is going to be filing her papers this coming week. -- -- out to run again it's up. Up -- -- so there's going to be a clear cut choice. On a commission. Well hey we were absolute boarded two talking -- we get close to the election. Yet their on the -- You heard it here first breaking news. I one more call here that we got to take the other break compile a smart Johnny rabbits out. I'm gonna -- tell you you do it yourself relying got a one about it all wrong gonna give me call you don't miss realigned. We'll get it done Gloria. Doug kickback which you've -- -- you -- Brad. Gets well and for that. Magnetic. -- and yeah people the war. It's a guy -- 754 news talk 97.3 is gun in the busy the phone's right now. I gotta find pile of smart stuff. Thankfully and I got to give credit where credit is due or lay the blame right now before it against that. John Boyer our we date news do rule. Find some interesting stories of the associate press -- we can always us that's a few things in there and the final four -- reviewing the stack of stuff we've provided. So that's good. It's all may have its bad blame -- lawyer pilots are coming up next on this guy. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk 97.3. The sky. Seventh trip the other guys. Also known as the pilots mark. Iphones are busy so it does sit back relax and enjoy the end of the program like this this is all stuff that John -- picked -- course the week. I hold rule it. Headline intoxicated man take dead alligator off roading. Like we get a -- with a dead alligator. On second ultimately. I got scared for -- it was -- real story authorities say three intoxicated man stole a fourteen foot flattened and preserve alligator. Strapped to a pick up truck and took off rolling. The Livingston county daily press and Argus. Reported 55 year old Douglas ward of -- -- Joseph Roy grip for the blended into Israel John Sanborn of Harrison. Jordan breaking -- they that at a barn and heartland township about forty miles northwest of Detroit. Sharpens the alligators older found tire tracks near a bar I -- -- had a stuffed alligator -- no preserves. Not that good regular -- Alec it's like a long time dad has been stuff to preserve. Owner -- tire tracks near a bar and follow the below party in Deerfield township weathermen were driving their vehicles run -- -- mud at but it -- district a court. Associate press sort complements the -- story on Thursday haven't heard back. What kills me is these two grown -- and these are three around me very chief worry is the young guys 55 and sixty. And -- grab that alligator. Does that mean to you Graham plans that. Goldman a threat stuff. And I haven't stole an alligator banal drug users. And I am at all. Southern California lizards smuggler gets fifteen month -- gonna have blizzard smuggling stories California man who struck fifteen lap blizzards to his chest. Try to walk through customs in -- handles international airports and to fifteen months in prison Michael franc. But usually it's -- what can be racist here. We'll tell about a bank. Usually -- Asian dudes. You know. These delays in all our you don't often hear Michael plank. These days. A gas engine and and I think -- and then in exchange rate ten Ralph. Yeah Atlantic does get there's -- Michael plank lets also fight to grant will be on supervised relief for three years of the supervised release for three years of completing -- sentence. Gonna -- near lizards. You official marvelous service of plaque was returning from Australian -- I -- custom agents found two deck goes to monitor lizards and eleven smaller lizards -- to his body. -- animals are apparently the San Diego's XUL. Monitors. On their missile -- poisonous. That and -- monsters. And and -- and I think little lizards are cold stinks. -- tanks. Kicks. Skaggs who simply that if this story is not at all what I thought it was read ahead. New York City pet store brands drunken puppy buying. The poppies aren't draw that's when I thought when -- -- -- at all. New York City pet store that surrounded by bars has banned drunken puppy buying. Workers and Greenwich Village store -- customers tend to stumble and after happy hour purchase a dog without thinking. Drunken customers now forbidden to even hold the poppies because. They can drop down. You -- not a puppet has been dropped went wrong. Store owner rod tells radio station that she instructs people who have clearly been drinking and come back the next day. Employees say they stress how much it is the work is to own a dog would -- a lose assail -- and a poppy poppy Italy unsafe -- Just with the guys drunk has been home is on the snake touched -- Rush to judgment. This woman should go to jail for ever and ever and ever and ever as a -- and Anthony. Now on. An hour and Imus. Now it's a weird last. Out of Clifton heights Pennsylvania to four electoral just outside the Philadelphia area. A south Eastern Pennsylvania woman is accused of beating her nine year old grandson and blasting him in the face with a garden holes. Because he ate too much eight. That. It needs a break and you go nine year old kid. Eight that make it. That you believe that promises about me and he -- -- Them Erica it's eight. Delaware county daily times reports that Mary Lee and -- Was arrested Tuesday. That the sixty -- was angry at a grants that go if you believe he -- what bacon breakfast -- leave enough for everyone else well when you don't put it all out that. About why it's one of which you may expect to get you know that doles it out little bit of time. Allegedly assaulted the boy knock on the ground -- reportable pinned him down beat a model legs and sprayed him -- the holes. Did not require medical attention -- -- one point 5000 dollars bail. But that's a strong Sunni Arabic that's probably when she met him. But you leave -- mark on the scale maybe she beat Olympic. Can beat me now he's. Store at a Springfield Illinois report Illinois inmates wear dirty and old underwear. And it's. Watchdog groups is inmates and at least one of Illinois prisons are being forced to wear the same underwear for contains the time because of a holding shortage. While if you heard that off the air comment my friends. Paper reports that John Howard association -- inmates at Taylor real correctional center where dirty and badly worn clothes or washed twice a week. Prison issues image to Paris underwear each have to wear the multiple days without washing. Most prominent health and hygiene concerns. Really. You're on a retreat is Euro. It's gonna. Stop that man I can't I can't do the resolution of gonna keep saying oh yeah. Raleigh, North Carolina woman charged for preacher -- and gay pride event. North Carolina woman has been charged with simple assault after she kissed a Bible waving preacher. At a gay pride parade. Joan parker Obama Colfax. Admit she kissed a man on the cheek at the event Saturday. Called lesbian gay bisexual and trans gender pride day. She said he was yelling and waving his Bible she thought he just needed a -- That Mac and 49 year old James Edward Belcher of -- bill says parker should have approached him. He says charges certainly it would have been filed against him if he try to 174 year old woman he does now. Chief of police there Mattel or it happens is on -- touch is considered an assault. There's AS September 12 court date on misdemeanor charges. -- but it would -- respect. A few -- Bible waving preacher showing up at the gay pride parade to yell at the people. You gotta expect some and it and opposes this and of -- and I'm assuming the late lady was left. Then I may -- jump to conclusions on but it should part of brightness today all right Levine argued it casts. On 18 yes but really we're gonna waste our court come at a how much you wanna bet that you get bored -- on the Casey Anthony. CU and ended their two and I took the and a -- and roll right back saying. Mad skills there. I don't care about distortion and a couple got married and hostile to the Broomfield on the steps of the winning the Ottawa I think that's bad all. If you fall down -- -- get hurt after a hospital in new wedding day at it subsided god telling you. I voted to run early -- didn't help make you fall. It's gonna wrap things up folks up -- -- of the show I had a good time put together Chris bright great job as always don't forget dollars and cents coming up in thirty minutes time have a great weekend Bob -- keeps.