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Jul 22, 2011|

7am - July 22 2011

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We know about the redistribution of well yes now how about some re distribution of information and you're listening to mom wrote a news talk 97.3. Plus job. 6:57 o'clock local. We're of the toolbar. I'm only allowed one prefers jealous with a consultancy and 11. Dollar per show. But if you missed it it's not fair and there you go. Until now. Analyze -- wide open 18779759825. Deal. Well what all us fourteen trillion dollars. Again this example before I -- it again. There's it's a nice simple way to put it when when you get into a discussion about where we're headed in terms of debt and deficit now that here's the simple round numbers. And if somebody. Was making 20000 dollars a year. But they were spending at a rate of nearly 40000 dollars a year. And yet they've already recruited debt of 120000. Dollars. Would you -- that person money. Would you say that person's fiscally. Irresponsible. Would you say they -- probably not a good Steward of of money. Now I think that you would agree with me that that's the case. That's exactly where -- Just add a whole bunch of zeros but this way gives you kind of a personal perspective in numbers it. We can all understand and and I'm talking down anybody. I'm talking to meet billions and trillions becomes meaningless. So I put terms that we can understand make -- twenty grand a year spending at a rate of forty grand a year RD eight crude 120000 dollars in debt. And just now this Standard and Poor's and Moody's just now there's an idea. -- might downgrade use credit risk. Your. Tickets so log bozos. Scott lines are open 18779759825. Don't forget get in on the new barbecue pulled -- are about. At subway. We want you to experience it so text the word pork. To 7281 pork. You might win a fifteen dollar -- gift card and this particular promotion. Ends the nearly midnight July 20. Okay. I am tired of talking about the debt and deficit much against them and add to it something I haven't heard before. By Al means if you have something new different you know on otherwise. We'll blow through -- the don't ask don't sell. It's it looks like it's that you now. That's done and you could serve in the military openly gay either gonna announce this thing I guess later on today. It's a done deal we can crying and lying near the it's done. All here's what I want to get him. Brutal Bob Knight and think he and USA today once he wrote in an editorial in USA today. Here's some of the things I've pulled. People on both parties have suggested that the best way to take out on our deficit is winning more balanced approach yes we should make serious spending cuts. But we should also ask. The wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations to pay their fair share through fundamental tax reform. Okay here's again and where the president says something that most Americans would say. Yeah -- and and and what's this based on. If it's based on and corporations paying 35%. Tax right now. I think most Americans well most. Would agree that's high that's too high especially if you educate them on the issue. Second only to Japan much higher than Germany's and other western industrialized nations. So I think if you're able to educate people they'd understand that's too high. Part of the problem though lies in the fact that the largest of corporations and the wealthiest of corporations and the wealthiest of individuals. They don't pay 35%. Tax. Because they are right DOS some of them makes sense they're investing in the business there are expanding their business their hiring people so there's some write -- that may make sense in terms of stimulating the economy. So you traded off by taking a little bit less revenue from the corporation. But if they hire more people overall the economy goes up individuals have money to spend in the economy etc. So when the president says fundamental. Tax reform what does he mean does he mean raising. Taxes on on wealthier individuals because remember. There's only -- percentage of the wealthiest pay -- truly 35%. The rest of them have shelters and loopholes in everything else they employee. Literally. Dozens of people did do nothing all day. But try to find loopholes -- work this system. In fact one study shows that one point seven trillion dollars a year. Is taken out of our economy simply by pursuing these loopholes. These people don't have anything to the economy. Mean other than their own you know incomes it's not like they're actually manufacturing and -- or building anything or selling anything. They're just working day and night trying to get big corporations and wealthy individuals out of lowering their tax liabilities. Now there's nothing illegal about that in effect corporations. You know CEOs have a fiduciary responsibility to make sure that their company is healthy. That's their job. So if they can lower their tax burden. They can and maybe stay in a more financially. In no viable position that's their job is what they're supposed to do. So again the president speaks in broad enough terms to where we all agree there needs to be fundamental tax reform. But that means two different things to two different ideologies. To the president it means raising taxes that's what it means when he means reform he means to raise taxes. When conservatives talk about rough form we mean lowering taxes and simplifying the tax code. If you simplify it and eliminate a lot of these loopholes and write offs. You're gonna actually end up pulling more money. You know into the federal coffers. And you when you make it simplified and lower. Then corporations are gonna spend less money trying to run away from. Their tax liability because it's much smaller and it's not financially worth it for them to do that percent. A balance deficit deal that includes some new revenues isn't just a democratic position. It's a position is taken by everyone from Warren Buffett to Bill O'Reilly. So. President Obama. Throws out the Bill O'Reilly card. And what I tell you about Bill O'Reilly just last night he was on the area Laura -- on. And he was doing his talking points and he was basically calling the Tea Party years radical for not wanting to cave on raising the debt ceiling and raising taxes. That's not radical. Frank you're on the Bob Rochelle. Why are part of what you sinister and permits not you know and when. Yeah I think it's the 1986 sacks and so they're not loopholes they're actually tax well. Well and I was in business before I retire. And they re enact could use that 96 in the rule would say he could route 500000 dollar this year. I'd go out and buy a new group -- wanna edit it it. It's that was what I needed to replace our bad and they needed replacement shake machine -- up like that I'd go actually spend that money somebody had to build. It's so easy I don't downhill no actual tax code at least that's what they're trying to get rid and that got this like this these. Taxes -- we all companies the energy can at least. They are trying to do that took sides companies. Every energy company in this country that does any bank at Duke Energy has that same tax -- that they're built their views. And and that we're trying to do something to those spot why are two of those I'd companies that they're trying to put the screws to. I did dividends from them. So what it'll out of my retirement as part of that. The second thing I would say don't you make it corporal Klinger is in this state they right now. What doesn't get -- that Belgian bank could well he's the ridiculously yes argued come out in pink tie Eagles and the Iranians and indeed just let it. I know old not. IC not saying. Now I know it's not known. It's still from the show Hogan's Heroes here. -- -- -- -- Now. The other trying to get a section nine trying to get drummed out OK sorry. I know you're going on vacation ended that. In finally start there one character who is the character on no Hogan's Heroes not the sergeant and I just tried to do. An impression of who was his boss was an and a -- something or other. Colonel plank like yeah okay -- -- yet and was and he didn't he have kind of a down. Maybe a little bit of an imminent. Lenders earned before my time -- -- to move on your value on about -- -- him. I was hearing on the benefit and to meet our young people all interdependent. I -- I. It may be written ready and I allow our young children -- -- -- in the military. And how do you get more and Eric. Can -- -- and be content. Upon. And I'll -- what is happening in the military now option at -- get right -- the people are out. There. -- -- And -- and I sure haven't seen that the only right. -- Well first of all the last time I checked we don't have children serving in the military. I'm as a parent I guess you can sign off on your child I believe if they're seventeen. And you wanna give permission other than that they're not children they're adults and you can't. Stop them you can ask him not to serve it's a decision they have to me. And they'll go hand in knowing what the what the situation as you know. You kids go to school with kids that are of all different sexual persuasions. So if there are some sort of pressure or something like dad taking place. I mean. It's the same thing as you know if you're pretty young -- he's gonna have to deal guys hitting on you. That's you know I mean. That's part of the deal and if he gets to the point to where it's in Al harassment or whatever will be dealt with appropriately dislike it would be -- a heterosexual situations so. -- -- -- -- You know as well as ideas raise your children with with a good thing you know good moral guidelines and and a fundamental foundation. And in good moral compass. You know and trust them but can you insert in and tracks. And he's gonna turn now and can even go down -- -- Nobody's really tired. It's right there. -- That's crazy talk -- 718 out of the controversial. Let's bogon he was undermined what buggy brought -- -- by fourth basketball's next 1877. 9759825. What's bugging you are you challenging night constitutional. Right. 97.3 this guy and Florida pest control and no color snow at 1877. WS KY talk. And get ready to sound off. On news talk -- seven point three thus highest. Your official weather station in the heart of Florida. News talk 97.3. This -- Good morning welcome my friends seventh when he went on about -- happy Friday time now floor. What's bugging you a chance -- now feel a little bit better so that you can never really. Relaxing good weekend that's might as my wish for you what's bugging you brought you about Florida pest control. We've got a couple of sky -- open call now please 18779759825. Good morning Keith what's bugging him. You go by Robin -- -- question already -- -- codec might indicate the ship ballot. And try to get registered would -- not let the early Greg our lot. All right well certain batter and might eliminate the pork barrel. Jury what you guys think about and. Our legislature. You know the house and the senate will have a little bit less power. Because all have to live as a percentage of the GDP and and in appropriate to budget accordingly. And they're not -- like to do that because like you said there's going to be a lot of elimination of pork barrel and it's what makes them popular back in the old hometown. So yes it's one of the reasons why they they probably won't go for. Jeff you're on -- Bob Rochelle what's bugging you. -- well you -- sport bank -- like Colin on happy weekend you don't. It irritate eating lately you'd like just last week or so as. He's allergic to it. On the massive us. They just believe anything to come out of state this battle and model and. -- -- home nets has been the case has an -- This you know one of the downsides to say. You know a pretty big nation with a pretty good economy and you know everybody's. Pays attention to the bells and whistles and you know we don't react to things until we're in crisis mode unfortunately. So you know hopefully people awaken out and -- are anyway I camera above Rochelle what's bugging him. Okay actually -- but those. Concerned about people soon. Arctic into account but it'll actually be it -- -- you -- all the competition now so unexpected dividend teacher. Stocks that are. -- you know that's a that's a valid point but I. We've got to start somewhere. So you know that that to me is a good starting. Good starting spot but you're right I mean what makes you think that they're gonna stick to that don't they followed a fresher ones. The newer stuff we -- newer stuff counts more. Maybe. Good point. This at what's bugging him. Well why is it when you leave for a big vacation for the first time in the few years' time stand still but what I get there -- -- and I know content and apply it was bugging me. It's not right in as you get older time goes faster and faster. Every time you find gray hairs like they're goes a year. As crazy I don't know but I'm on vacation to biscuit. I'll be in the blistering hot -- of beautiful you know Kissimmee Florida the cultural crossroads of Central Florida. And -- some pain -- -- simply baseball's not a bad thing but. When my Indian you know in the mountains of some. There's -- what's going on here. On folks 187797598. To five -- -- opened easily and Friday its common right along but to -- Stewart what's -- you. Right well. I was just wondered if you felt intimidated by Marxist mark yesterday. -- Okay it says they're they're there was almost a lesson to be learned there. At least the way I listen to. -- them too intimidated by anybody. Well yeah I mean it's. The de mob EA says he's gonna bring them mobs in radio station and then that I'll lose my job or something. Yeah there -- elected -- Not could not ever be intimidated by any. -- -- As long as I make in this company money -- employ me. When they don't feel like they're getting a good rate of return that are gonna throw me out people staying at the front door Channing you're yelling you're doing anything is not gonna have. An impact one way or another. Frank you're on a Bob -- what's bugging you. Well. What the simple fact that launching it overload -- You start picking -- the. That's true. And it does seem to be true doesn't it. 726 on the Bob Rochelle what's bugging you brought to you by Florida pest control thanks to everybody who participated -- unity chance and now. -- -- C'mon it's Friday BS board Jerry what's bugging you lose this. LD -- and what we do for user. What's bugging me is. It's historic preservation minded in its ban on net. Stupid bridge outgrow that ferry bridge -- that. It's -- -- electoral Ryan had. We're agreeing way that very bridge. And then an eight million dollars to try to say part of that old bridge do. Further. Welcome crust or an agreement. Now okay you asked. Will I'll have to look into that and and its not that hasn't been on my radar screen be honestly and I apologize for that 727. On the Bob Rochelle. Thanks for participating what's bugging you brought about Florida pest control if you did not get and that's okay we're gonna open up -- -- -- phone frenzy Friday 1877975. 9825. TJ -- Did anybody in good news room. A great piece by Jonah Goldberg and taxation will get to add more President Obama and his editorial in USA today coming out. News talk 97.3. -- sky. Somebody's gotta say it's -- billboards mornings at 10 AM on news talk 97.3. Bob Rotella a lot of local time -- you by the emergency room at north quarter regional medical center every weekend right now only twenty minutes. They got -- got part of Florida -- on cell right now forty dollars worth of honey baked -- -- Ocala for only twenty bucks. As right sites and a half price honey baked ham and cafe in this -- the Ocala location only. More information how you can cash in on this great part of Florida park just go to our website thus guy 973 dot com. The -- part of Florida perks on the right hand side there about halfway down the page it's a red tag. -- can't -- President Obama. If -- got a piece USA today editorial. On I've got some excerpts I won't spend a ton more time on it just stared down. He speaks in such broad terms they can mean two completely different things did. Into different individuals are two different groups of people. He says we should also ask wealthiest wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations to pay their fair share through fundamental tax reform. Well does he say so I guess he's saying they're not paying their fair shares of Texas need to go up. Nobody sang. What is he saying we need to reform. The tax code and actually lowered taxes. For wealthy individuals and corporations. But may be removed some of those loopholes or write offs. Well he's not saying you see how broad it is. And you know based on his track record he would just as soon just raised the tax rate. That hurts the small business owner it's almost they don't have the money to employee -- full floor. Full of people in -- downtown. -- To do nothing but try to lower the tax liabilities for the corporation. They don't have that. So they end up paying the full or very close to -- the full tax on corporations 35%. What happens -- to pass -- tax along to their goods and services or products. It certainly is certainly allows them to have less operating capital. And it also. You know gives them less opportunities to maybe give some of their employees a raise or expand their business. He goes on to say I'm willing to cut historic amounts of spending in order to reduce our long term deficits I'm going to cut spending on domestic programs to the lowest level on half a century. I'm going to cut defense spending back hundreds of billions of dollars I'm willing to take on rising cost of healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid. So can meet our obligations city aging population. But then the president warns if we tackle our deficit with spending cuts alone. The will likely end up costing seniors in middle class families are great deal. Well that's a threat he's using as a threat. -- -- He says a lesson two weeks to avert default Obama says debate shouldn't just revolver on avoiding the catastrophe of not paying her bills. That's the least we should do this debate offers a chance to put our economy on stronger footing. Restore a sense of fairness in our country and secure a better future for our children. Okay how can you possibly arguing that of course -- for a stronger footing. Of course you want to restore a sense of fairness in our country and secure a better future for children. But restore a sense of fairness in our country what exactly does he mean by this. Now what do you and I mean when you say fairness we say well maybe that means unfair tax. Well of course not. Maybe that means simplifying the tax code -- so that it is at least two more fair for people of course that's not what he means. He is talking about social justice. -- -- social justice he's talking about redistribution. Of wealth. He's talking about promoting one group of people over other groups. That's not good. All right let me get through the calls here 18779759825. Ron thanks for holding. Marty -- and that doesn't allow the hypocrisy netcom -- -- -- And a class warfare. That is generated by the albums a page -- instructions and regulations. Or. And of course sent text colored -- checks a wanna remind folks that. Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. House Ways and Means Committee -- the first time ever. You're going to have a hearing on the -- tax. I don't look very important. Where I met. Is that everybody context he can't just do a search online for. On to he's in contact information either call or email them and ask them to broadcast -- hearings. Tuesday morning. Interest rates begin hey we didn't many people just cheered as possible. In a big step in a hard educated well so -- I didn't meet committee for the first time in history having a hearing on the air attack. I like it that's very important all right folks so contacts seaspan tell me want them to broadcast this Tuesday morning 10 AM. They'll be explaining in doing a presentation house Ways and Means Committee. And this'll be critically important and and it'll be interesting to see you know a lot how this is unveiled to some of the folks what kind of questions arise from it here. House Ways and Means Committee they're the folks have put together all the tax laws very good stuff thank you -- as usual Larry on about Rochelle morning. That will be interest in the watched. I was hoping to talk about you know what a subject that all the oh right that's and that's. Yes the in do my research I came across this guy. Who's talk about oriented. Next major bull market and try to convince you of the state. I that he waded in stalks. And I just find it. So reminiscent almost of 1999. Listening trying to talk. It we have oil cauldron lead -- 500 dollars a barrel. Level and to -- -- it was something BC was talked about earlier I mean Middle East is basically had. Turmoil everywhere is but. In my opinion I believe the Middle East right now we're looking. The calm before the -- more than anything. News well there is. Trying to convince people to -- their money. Into the market right now probably one of the most high risk times of my whole life. In 1999 when these other so called expert to do in the same thing. That was many economists who were -- That NAVTEQ is ready for collapse is gonna happen any minute. And yet he then -- the white papers written that was submitted to congress. They ignored them. President Clinton ignored them that they told. It's pretty much the number one economists who predicted the complete collapse of the NASDAQ perfectly. Court told -- go away you know I didn't wanna hear work of that and so. Here we are again -- euphoria you know a few people talk about Vietnam and -- as far as I'm concerned one of the worst aren't. Yeah now I appreciate DI input any advice and now folks everybody needs decide for themselves obviously. Larry offers inside eight you know in in that's his opinion in his track record I just wanna make sure that. You know everybody eat -- the it would behoove you do your own homework on and taken a whole bunch of information and the you know be careful. Be careful. It's. Yeah I mean I've personally tend to lean to you know definitely -- Larry sing and I don't have a lot of skis into game. Fortunately or unfortunately however you want a slice and dice that that. You know I don't see I don't see good things especially in the near term over the next year so. I think that maybe the time might be to jump in that market win -- You know as the you know these unemployment numbers are not good and may be what they mean by jumping in the market now is. Things might go down a little bit but if what looks like we're gonna get. A different president in there there and stocks may end up zooming. But you gotta be in before that happens right the system matter of if you get in now when there's a real. You know all. The financial upset crisis impending doom right now that would be reason enough to be very very cautious. -- -- -- about Rocha. That is why add my thoughts about the attack -- deal going on a group Washington you've been talking about increasing. The debt level. By what one over -- million dollars or point four trillion dollars like now all of a sudden bam here it is but. Decrease saying. The budget. Why it was three trillion over ten years you need. It's never gonna happen. Next year the next year the next you're probably -- change that change debt next thing you know we're still right Baghdad by a trillion more. And yet responded I think about we -- we need to. Take a trillion dollar ballpark -- lack of our our budget now this year. The -- that what a year two years ago that we increase it by that much surely we can decrease -- by that much in such short period pot. Well and here's the other thing it probably doesn't get as much talk as it should. If we can get this economy. Turned around and really churning and getting some real economic growth. That will go a long way to covering deficits and if we can reduce spending at the same time we really can't. Reduce this this debt load we can't it's very very possible. But you've got to get the economy rolling there's nothing that this president has done or said. That allows any business owner to have confidence in the near future over the next eighteen months so. That is simply not going to occur but long term some good things could be common there's still time. Shut down about -- Well by what I have I'm talking with what I wanna talk about you want to gulf funny he wanted to go serious on serious first and funny. All rights seriously hurt as it looked at text goes I've known and. I don't believe this will ever pass because to the average liberal left beat. The idea out. Every one -- exactly the same count is unconscionable. Of them. In there reminds. Anyone who has sat out more than they do. It unfairly enriched. Them or anyone who has more my speed -- to say more it is the classic. Mark says that mentality. Yeah I yes I agree with the mentality that -- Hume they used to -- absolutely because. There are some people that would actually do detriment to themselves if they thought it would hurt a wealthier person just a little bit more there actually -- So yeah now now we're gonna -- funny how everybody lamenting over the gays in the military thing why don't we look at the -- -- -- just. I mean -- thought we could form an elite fighting sports we can call that the queen already. You know we might have to rethink the big -- like -- that -- and that about it now they would be very fact it is not present on interrogation. About it they'll say hey Abdul. You tell us what we wanna and yeah we've locked you don't know what that's an okay. Okay. Hanging. It's. 746. On the Hanukkah -- well. More -- comment on. Can -- can we need. -- don't know maybe 51 anonymous group still have to okay Friday July 2 and eleven. Nice guy and senator -- -- guys' -- were real ones. Skies -- Huard is -- Lock the door LO CK. More information on -- center Huard sin. Just a treasure trove of info in general go to our website -- guy 973 dot com -- guy. I 73 dot com are right. Get Dennis on let's get right to the phones frenzy Friday Dennis what's going on. And I don't block. The other thing -- I feel like. As far done a good tactic they've reconciled to locate. It's quite the event is sick didn't quite certain plot support giving the next -- aren't you contribute said. I think it is already faced 15%. -- because Citi defense -- let's send -- in the senate 15100. Hey well you know I feel fortunate enough to make picking -- and that makes up I'm not partly but -- paid 15%. Yeah but okay so you're in flavor in in flavor in favor of a flat tax. And that's tossed around that's not -- it's not necessarily a terrible idea either. I again I think it would be better than attacks though that we have now. But there's people that saved it dance regressive. You see if you have a progressive tax which we have now the more successful you are the greater percentage. If you you can. We have that. Now anything less than that -- that's gonna be regressed. It I would. Would you why would you pay a higher percentage if you more successful you are paying more in taxes in general. In defeated now -- write offs and other things in way to avoid but in general you would be successful you are more -- she would be paying. Anyway but no they don't like it's almost like double -- again a double dip on top of that. Like -- you know you're very successful not only here you can end up paying more taxes were -- attention to substantially. Higher rate. Imagine if that was done in any other way you went to buy a car. And in action -- and I really want this Ford or pickup truck loaded up bells and whistles. In animal I've promised you know if I'm good boy made about fiftieth birthday -- get this. And I go to buy it and they go -- while we're gonna have to check your income in a problem right design course and have to wait you know. Put it on alone for 297 months. So they have to and the -- meg gonna go on the price is 49000 dollars. Wait a second. The sticker says there 5000. Arnold that's best for the average person your your elitist bond -- to make a lot of money there radius stationed. Your your prices higher. And -- they -- things that's that's what they do any taxes. We we put up with. That it will let him do that but if you didn't -- an economic and animate it outraged. And again you know you brought up a point last week that and it fits into this of let's say they did that. You know the cars 40000 it to you with 49 -- you make too much money evening how does that in any way shape reform affect me who doesn't make any money still being total for the 20000 dollar car it still doesn't do -- thing. -- help out. Bloated as to punish the so called evil rich right -- -- does I think it may end up hurting the poor people who work for evil ranch that's a -- -- are neck and have as much money can expand their business maybe up to let people go and during economic tough times etc. I mean. But these are philosophies that people are entrenched one -- -- or another on let me try to squeeze that in -- -- you're -- about Rochelle. No Bob you've brought some up and talk about it may very generous thing. But they did a study out our show where people had a psychiatric study and they did it gain. And they made trade and that they traded David let up or down an amount of money they had. And the researchers found people had a choice later on where they've made a trade debt and threw them a little bit it would help wannabe -- players -- -- a lot. Or they can make a trade where they lost a little but it punish the well the end they found out that people that. Farther down they weren't again the more likely they were to choose the one where they were glued to a little more. It could hurt the well -- player instead of shooting Detroit that would give them a little more that benefited the wealthy. Wow there he goes I mean now I thought I thought that would be the outcome and unfortunately. That was correct while ABC news -- And his dog buddy seven point three that's sky.