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Aug 29, 2011|

7am - Aug 21 2011

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I remind you that I'm -- good now though it's the new -- broadcasting and ADHD. That's important top. Get in touch by dialing 1877. WSK want to talk but everybody has feelings about back. That's 1877975. Not the 825. I'm. Proud of you I'm proud of the UBS the on news talk -- seven point three does sky this. 7 minutes after 7 o'clock hour number true. Of the to the second hour of the program. Welcome back 8779759825877. 9759825. But I have here. Rick Perry's so into a -- election. Coming up. It's gonna get here before you know -- Look at it as like -- think of it answers on Allen might -- mind deal comes up and think about this. As a neo -- don't like Obama. So here and if you don't really care one way or another if you love Obama you're gonna want your opinion. -- -- -- Recently. The election was put Obama into the White House. And I always tell what a year and change laughed. It's fine but even when your miserable its -- So did the primary race -- just had a little bit out of things delegate to on the agenda might get to -- cliff Stearns story. People are giving him grief. Last week you'll gay or counselor last week I was on vacation to -- -- often about stuff two weeks ago. -- all gave me a rafter you know what. Because that's that I want to Jersey Shore you -- that the current act. -- I gotta get myself down to a level or can deal most people don't -- I don't do drugs are gonna kill brain cell -- But there was a local angle and the Jersey Shore. An extraordinarily local angle. I got that on the agenda as well look at the policy -- to get through. -- known. Now -- the Mitchell. Aren't limited to the phones dogs people chicken -- guy good morning. Hey now I'm tired guy. Like may Indonesia batting. What happened about like gangs bill the died down that downtown Gainesville. Frontpage server. Very blocks away category out in the catalog -- to -- the senate. And that we start down. You can visit the camps -- now from not talk and then it can't o'clock where I have another little skirmish. And as does the this is what the battle was. Back in 1964. Are obvious candidate to ballot -- -- them -- -- know -- -- On February the 28 to 64. So it's all flurries that come out there. And you could say their vote that we might -- -- not -- about battles and and grabs and -- look -- in my to have another. Civil war battle coming up is don't -- yankees and rebels -- -- -- mixed. And hillbillies. And I'll. And it crackers against. Our government is and it -- red yellow brown black and Latin blood dot going against government you have a good diet adult can get out there. Come out it's also great John -- and work real hard witnessed thing together. And we got a new round them up made our -- director at the map out. -- -- -- -- Black Friday from Rhode Island. MR trying to take just summit at southern stepped out of you I have midnight and got nice jacket -- much different to me anybody. I thank you very much a command. -- get a word for a second is -- -- bit of a civil war with. The Yankees in the rebels and rednecks and hillbillies look man that's lot of people -- -- yankees. Will be on the same side. Fight against the government. Okay -- downpayment. 8779759825877. WSK why don't -- get bill's goal and Billy on this guy get more. Yeah how they're saying Ryan wherever the battle of public yesterday here over the -- 18100 here and recognized that it would -- in Augusta Crystal River yeah. You know we used laurel were all bring our marsh Katrina with -- -- We went and looked -- -- -- is no -- of those guys it is cold. -- Okay. It. In the words of the prophet Rodney King people please. Camille. Almost NASA. If -- Crystal River. I just on the -- last week. Last weekend. Eight of one of the fine eateries there. What no -- what we're gonna clear. Last week wells in the studio. Took six hours get back up. Announced it. Took a target of their excellent -- to enjoy some of the sites. Did not see home assassin and crystal were battling. 8779759825. Don't want. Give. Did talk bear this guy what's up. Dad or send. Them the -- that's what's the math there's some certain issues don't had been there about a year financially Shanahan -- And she's city great resonance that it a lot of truth. She's the -- also says some are downtown redevelopment board and help the helpless quite a bit aren't from just being a presence in law took. But I do encourage electric massive you're gonna watch more traumatic event and gave myself so look. A lot of good stuff going on and that -- -- -- right now. I can't give a got a question for release at that she's a great citizen of the city able actual other anybody other people that are not great citizens. Elicited a lot of the great town. PI haven't met many at all. A gal are made vacuum them now. I will check it -- give a thank you very much for that 8779759825877. WSK -- -- All right you know what out of -- don't show anymore. Let the serious stuff like the gloom -- -- who's gonna win the stupid election because you have -- going to be miserable. And and and were all gonna die there's the -- ridiculous in 2012 so it really matter who for. You want -- point 112. Vote for the mine's pretty on the good side before speculative. And we -- those -- the night Bender it'll be August that I about a year from now August the twelfth. -- And it was -- knows in this timeframe that throughout the year I don't have that much wanted to build and her from August of last until the December 12 working in radio. I'd -- here's a I'm gonna do a story that we'll take a break here. He's still a call about important stuff for things do you think are important I guess we do. But that's an awful lot of grief from you people couple weeks ago. What I talked there was a story in the news about. The season premiere the latest season of Jersey Shore. And it was. Nine million people are some ridiculous number like that. Watched the season premiere of Jersey Shore then I saw a thing last week that the second episode of Jersey Shore. Had like eight and change millionaires like that which was way more than five million people upon it to watch. Republican debate on fox. Now I will admit deal you know what into bushel that we can. I watched the Republican debate that Thursday. -- -- -- -- -- Did. But anyway there's a local angle -- the Jersey shot but you didn't notice. US twin sisters appear on MTV's Jersey shall say. The college utes. It started to become clear why you were super Florida professor freaked out over students parting with the Jersey Shore cast. Last night's episode of the MTV reality show apparently featured about it and apparently features. Like the writer -- thing didn't -- shell. Featured -- of students Erica and Brittany how pulse. I didn't say -- But Summers of the episodes of the twin sisters bounced around between cast members hooking up. One of them. Well when He got twins it's cold so your wedding but -- are winning because you got two twin checks kept amber Pauly. And may your professor -- dismissed as race study abroad program in Florence but to Wear the Jersey Shore people war. Doing their season so I guess when you have kids are doing their study abroad in Florence they can run into the Jersey Shore people -- party was. You -- professor threatened dismiss students from a study abroad program purport to spreading the show's filming there. After the gossip website broke the story university reversed the professor's position. But apparently. You asked -- gators. Twins hanging out with smokey and company. Of the Iraq as gullible to break broccoli on this guy good morning. It would Mr. Big picture look at the women 2012 Obama company legal decision making legal. Breaking federal law and impeachable offense putting is still in at where we're all worried about. -- sure let me tell you lot man. Particularly and let me tell you get. It won't be god. And that black white brown and pink and purple people against the government will be the government illegal aliens the minority black people that voted them. Against the people that wanna have a good government. What Obama is going to this country would -- extend it it is an impeachable offense could not wanna know where the Republicans thought that's what I wanna know. -- legislate as well are we why are we letting him do this wildly -- this assault boats what he's -- would result of votes so we lose again. I don't know how much of the illegals one moment that illegals He makes that that's I'm assuming -- -- -- dude it's not sure. I guess Obama was cracking down small city. On illegal immigration now apparently the plan is going to be -- there is a felonious criminal element. Today illegals. He's not gonna pick him out of the country a lot of decreases gullible right Chris you're misguided more. Date while rather -- -- from -- You'd pay a lot part of merger and reenact it. Never you know what. Is that the one has the fakes lucky Canada that the -- attacking people. The reenactment where updated their. Don't -- civil war created act. Yet -- they should not and ended the south thoughts -- packets are taking over for shops. You. At the corporate sponsor you -- in the what don't what don't worry you'll Edgar is that like daddy lightly whatever how old -- -- all -- -- If you haven't heard of one man. Outdoor. Shot that Obama about it and let them at all. They got hey thank you very much Chris immigrant at the weekend 790 news talk 97 point greatest guy. 877975. Dotted -- luggage calls it. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk nothing seven point three the sky. 743 news talk 97 point -- guide -- Anderson welcome back 8779759825. Pilots -- come up about twenty some odd minutes. Stay tuned for that. They elected a full install -- some people it's a -- on hold cracked actor call up your misguided more. You welcome exploring other Arab. Did ordered BP to -- -- Senator Charles Grassley is open up a probe into these Securities and Exchange Commission. It is. There's security issues that apparently destroyed 9000. Files. In 2008 to cover all the bank. That's part is that Robert let big scam on us yeah they but He -- they destroyed ninth Ani -- -- the Paper didn't want our help. 8000 vial that comes from whistleblowers. And the security can't pretend. -- notified. Charles Grassley of -- As -- -- out to -- a probe the mysterious case of what they did. This is big news. -- demonstrated -- -- last night that you people are reported Friday need to. -- blew it -- people on the pompano. To pull up on It's just amazing how does this whole thing distinct from I have read it to -- -- Winger -- from top to bottom yeah. The whole game it already go between to our base that it. 1008. I would do -- again the stock market those same players. Big get rid of anybody all all the -- -- storm placed nobody got arrested. You know alternatively organic. Nobody had to pay a price for anything hey thanks for the heads up I know I'm pulled up market -- right now and try to get that story as -- dig -- it. Here's the problem. And and you're gonna say I'm part of the problem and you know what I -- -- you. When it comes to vote. Market issue. -- average person doesn't understand it. -- It can they necessarily wrap their mind around earned it earned it and it's really care because. We're Americans. We -- the shiny things. Looks the other big one -- all of them had a last night on Fox News -- Hannity did a whole big thing about it. Fast and furious. -- on the guns. Two you know of the of the straw buyers than kitten into the Mexican good drug cartels and a couple of American border agents -- -- dead because. Should be a huge fabulous but what. And it it in the whole thing was make the gun dealers looked like the scapegoat -- I just held it comes to -- has governed you told us to. Does human attracting gun yet eclectic and -- against the bullets right into low. American border -- But unfortunately it's it will those things and I and I don't know why. It doesn't. Capture America's attention. If you're not watching Jersey Shore and -- look elemental part of the problem not I don't watch news 24/7 you can't. -- if you did the even more gun sales of more we'll be killing themselves. Or what you worry about it is. You know when I heard. I heard the president really Kenyan. Well when it comes to -- Haywood and look look face it and earlier cult talking about hey you know we used to be the ones you could trust. Kevin even set it haven't even set it. That the were probably as good that we used to be the ones that we -- were trustworthy in the world who litter -- -- you know our our morals or our finances. And even we're proving around the world we can't be trust when we got problems coming up. But it won't be complete -- our ipads. Were okay. 27 minutes at 7 o'clock news talk 97 point -- 877. 9759825877. WS KY talk. At the bottom of the hour news break TJ Hart spent about a we'll get to your phone calls don't forget policy -- 1520 minutes away. -- Anderson on the -- You're listening to the ADHD seen on news talk about seven point three -- guy. 735 biztalk that is seven point British guy. We are able -- pilots. That stuff. We had that Karl about the the SEC destroying documents a couple of things I have got a story here from Fox News. Securities and Exchange Commission may have destroyed documents and compromised enforcement cases. Involving activity -- large banks and hedge funds during the height of the financial crisis 2008. -- allegations made while lawmaker on Wednesday. Quote from what I've seen the looks of the SEC may have sanctioned some level. Of cases related document destruction. According Chuck Grassley out of the Republican of Iowa. Over 9000. Files. Now here's the cap on interest. That was the it's -- That was the Fox News story the market -- story. Dragonfly and that one in -- a pain in the focus. MarketWatch talks about. Senate Republican Wednesday asking the SEC to explain every -- allegations the agency may have destroyed documents. Blah blah blah blah blah. And of the first paragraph. NS EC spokesman did not return a request for comment the allegations that the SEC destroyed documents were first reported. By Rolling Stone magazine. And a report on Wednesday. Which. To me. As a very sad commentary. On the state of journalism. That'll -- all due respect the role install. Available on door breaking news stories involving the Securities and Exchange Commission that. Means ABC and NBC and CBS CNN. Fox News and all the -- -- Doing a pretty forge. Anyway. -- -- We get a phone call for run at a time and get the piles -- -- boat was going on today. I think you can't stop the world I wanna get -- Get -- know why can't. I can't take it I'd make it. College football star and now I added two -- the light spill I can't take it day I'd get more NFL football. What band talk look and a ballerina and I -- well. Right up at bat third and IL INW one of them yet again. It that -- got the data -- got a black football last night. Discuss -- -- I'll -- -- not cheers and I don't know what -- ports is that I don't know but what now. The blue -- up as a matter whatever name it after the Democrats shelled out -- We'll watch it that sort of thing a lot -- -- had a -- game last night and stick it big day it. It did get into and stunning night in Dallas and San Diego are more -- I had to have among. We'll be ready to go under and the second TV dvd player and I think it does mean not the -- Let the laborious stop please let says. That that solid start. Quicker at next year and I think -- eight. He hated doing a lot of stretching it yet not yet -- -- I -- I think -- -- -- -- -- right -- everybody -- -- -- -- -- It I'm not changeup -- -- asked me. Now when you see it GOP. -- that the the Department of Transportation for UPS but they'll drop a lot truck driver and stuff and they're I don't they had gotten truck drivers anymore they have got full authority. Do you mean basically you do has -- does that put the Paper you're working out you know they're expected. Never given up. A party over all vehicle on the highway not just trucks they're getting like they while -- probably sit -- -- -- it all anyway regulated banking rescue -- -- get it -- I'm an independent and -- -- in this state so I -- -- ideology and the couple met up when you go Obama by the you know I elected she doesn't shoot the guard Dominic EM wanna make an apple will. I better be careful about that -- could pull me over it and what -- that also would start on I would collect it banned them suckers. And never could never we have -- loud -- throughout college -- -- -- haven't might end up to wait for two weeks yanked the more we let it take -- daylight. Arrows but. There's high school football next week that's starts next week. Bill 26 -- governance and that one coming out. And and actually I think there are games on Thursday the ones. Of September but it's all ESP and social views -- Canada of the basic net or those CBS is the world. -- wait till Saturday. Yeah battle watched them. I've watched a couple of snaps oath. Kris is I appreciate what all over the most useless things. -- Is it uses the -- you cannot watch -- own game even media loves football. I cannot watch the whole game. Like when Tebow get in the game the first of the Broncos played down as I watch to see it. Now our duty was on the right moment can Attica Indiana game last night for can't start -- want to see what He was gonna do. One Zuma bugs are gonna do. Who -- demolished in the New England on a night with embarrassing. But. -- -- you don't watch the whole game needs is that you've got to go in and I I need to see this out of this game and law. Though the thing with your bucks as bad as they looked. They look like Super Bowl contenders. Compared to LeBron James and the rest of the Philadelphia eagle dream team they brought together. The FBI and had a great article after the -- and after the Eagles will -- -- Pittsburgh. It took but here's the good things Philadelphia can take from. Vick made a fantastic tackle on Troy Polamalu. After his third interception. Capped at a backup quarterback look really good after -- one stop caring about the game. And at the coaching staff now has a ton of really bad video footage for use as coach and moments. Anyway NFL season starts thirds of the eighth with a real games. Regular full sun is scheduled September 11. -- -- get these last few phone calls in here. And we'll get ready for the -- sort Steve field misguided morning. And -- that morning take and with all the yep. Troubles we have -- thing that's really become monopoly is picked up yet he's saying. Eight whether they -- these documents are not. For the past twenty years they've allowed Wall Street to do whether they -- -- that the oversight was nonexistent. So would people call for deregulation. But didn't get example what your landline phone bill there is no regulation. Led light poles now they can charge whatever they want to do that fight with me I'm a -- capitalist but. What do you think's gonna happen. I would daresay watcher full bill closely. My 91 year old mother just get. Anyway she had a 45 dollar monthly phone bill but she had -- but didn't -- stacked -- she -- -- anyway I digress. The FCC what happened in America we've become so whip like governments and BAT's. The FCC. Cannot function without a trained. Staff to investigate Wall Street. You cannot -- a guy out make it 8000 dollars a year. In that state investigation Goldman Sachs ago well you're great investigator would you like -- job here after you quit the government. You know it takes a man of deep conviction that state now. We've got a 100000 dollar your lawyer report against 25. Lawyers make five million dollars a piece you so these equity is there are so obvious. Ed and -- thing I will say that I am disappointed I didn't vote for -- I I didn't think He would be you know with experts about. But I really thought Obama would at least try. To change the system to the you know the level the playing field it would I didn't agree with -- policy. And the -- the same profile political parties are so corrupted by money. And money -- That we can't govern anymore. Or four point five million dollar -- -- campaign contribution to the Obama administrator the campaign. General Electric's got to work five point four billion pact that under this administration. I ain't so anyway -- good target -- to weaken pat -- it. David thank you very much of it DC's -- wrap things up for the the the caller portion of the program DC good morning on the sky. They give more and I guess I waited eighteen minutes to get ten seconds. They come first -- seven. Undercover apologist for Obama and attack and the Tea Party which has come down through the Democratic National Convention lines to. You you bet that -- you say the election result. Because even if Republican went the president. How else in the senate will be stacked against them. Well let's start talk radio doesn't get on the side of the conservatives and doesn't start stop criticizing -- then. Come down on -- -- definitely don't have Obama and -- a few more years. Well let's why aren't I care but you know what do you say I don't know -- a -- and attitude. I got the calls -- and like you put them on the air. I'm sorry I didn't give you 45 minutes to do -- shall He wanted to Sheldon you know -- radio station up and apply for a job. And I said that's of the probe the Republican Party as there are -- get everyone to the good of Romney's vested Bachmann that that carries a builder -- As you can't generals -- -- -- was Obama area and as a reelected that. That's an if you also know the problem might do see is that divided a lot of people spoke to -- of that the Democrats Republicans and and we've talked and repeatedly it's yankees Red Sox. They're more interest in scoring political points. The dams always wanna go to get the Republicans ripple liberal is up wanna get the Democrats. I don't think there are many if any of in congress. And our interest and actually doing the work for the American people. They're more interested and rolling up the ten or 15% in their base keep those campaign funds coming. And maybe coming able to good BS liner to to sucker some independents and thrown to cash away. And what's gonna happen if we get a Rick Perry or Mitt Romney or whoever the Republicans on the White House it is regardless of minority or majority. The Democrats are gonna do the same thing and they're gonna try to obstruct and stand in the -- with a Republican president wants to do which means it will be a very difficult uphill battle. -- let's take down a -- called an attitude I -- I waited -- -- for ten seconds well I gave you thirty needed to -- the whole time. I don't know what your problem -- 746. News talk 97 point for this guy -- no no phone numbers we visit the fault it's time for the -- Sloc. But we always -- in the program. If you get your head out of the oven. Or world wherever else it may be stuck. Lots of fun stories -- the showed Jenny Anderson. On this guy. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk -- seven point three the sky news. You waited all week. No -- -- it is good Jerry Anderson people. -- -- 750 good news talk 97 point greatest guys for the PL alas the pilots luckily we do every week to wrap up the program. Sit back relax and enjoy some interesting stories of the week. -- -- -- Runaway cal named Yvonne is on the loose in Germany. And the manhunt or move -- to. The Bavarian bovine has captivated the country. Comfortable and cal ran a little small farm -- man managed to -- successful in the forests of southern Germany ever since. Local report a few sightings of the brown dairy -- of the Whitehead. Every time to search teams arrived try to capture about an article it from the area and disappeared. Six year old adult role of government the national headlines been had been free near acts and only days after she broke away. Troubled across the country road and almost collided with a police car. Germans and we hear it. Her sister -- or are opposed the can pick soccer winners. Billy goat bells -- for German tourists. Keep the Germans in the animals' delicate. This section and Austria no buts about it as Billy goat is a pain in the butt. Austrian state broadcaster reporting today German tourist couple had their hands full for three hours with a goat that wouldn't quite wouldn't quit attacking. To stop the bonding. Stuff in Peru was forced to grab the -- by the horns and hold on. -- says He literally dragged it down the mountain slope they were hiking on. Near the Italian border He in and Georgia border and his wife. That and every time pro let go the -- insults continued. It's called -- and filers who of the animal. Now. -- on him and -- guess now. There are no serious injuries but couldn't broadcasting saying police of the -- owner will have to pay me. For the -- trousers of the life. This is news in Germany. Organ -- get probation. -- -- -- do this one I. Don't eat right now. Organ -- -- get probation and Holmes circumcision. Try to sort of says her three month old son -- -- for reading and the old testament watching YouTube videos. Has been sentenced to five years of probation at all. Pleaded guilty to first degree criminal mistreatment thirty year old Portland woman must also undergo mental health treatment and Peterson called 911 luckily she called blows rushed to a hospital last October after her botched effort. I'm not gonna go on beyond that. Boyd a three siblings and on the State's Carol Peterson can see them under supervision and without sharp objects. Circuit judge told Peters on Monday at a quote the reality is you love your children had absolutely no intent to harm your child. Really. I'll be watching YouTube videos on circumcision -- -- -- house. There's no one. Found a soft Reuters via Yahoo! News. Vampire arrest sparked discussion. On pop culture. Sent. The arrest of an American man who broke little woman's health and try to suck her blood over the week and a in this past week and has sparked discussion of the impact of vampire books and movies on youth culture. CU three Marilyn Manson -- issued a school. Really. That people don't know vampires -- -- the kids now knows that in the movies that told them that and parents -- -- are real but even sell. You're not a vampire. Here's some punk teenager read the book stop breaking into people's houses suck and the kids that -- twilight thing -- have -- have you heard this I mean. What do vampires union building on its online. -- they've they've blown out early definitely not a highlight and that's what the Leo how last as far as when I was like tonight it'll tell me why He can walk in the zone. Nobody has told me -- markings on the general still. I don't know -- I've watched that the -- walked in the senate in bars and finds that this bull down -- Other pop culture -- rolled into aggravates -- nineteen year old Lyle Monroe bands Leo wait psychiatric evaluation in jail burglary charges and Galveston Texas. Found growling enhancing in a parking lot wearing only boxer shorts. Beat pierced and tattooed badly claimed He was a 500 year old vampire who needed to fees. This is Texas market and shoot. They didn't have silver bullet that's. And at saint. Vampires and a focal point of literature since Bram stoker's 1897 novel new novel Q and but the fascination particularly among young people has taken in recent years the popularity the twilight books. About teenage vampires in the TV series true blood. See that's why -- like drank and imparting into a watch Jersey Shore. That's true blood. And mayor Giuliani people gap on the time. All the time that regardless of the -- oppose it and act act. Did other -- discussion on pop culture. Because apparently people Obama. It did they do is -- public you know -- would go see movie in 1930 want to people around -- people. Now the cantor spoke but now there's opener than they used today. Didn't of the blue blob Benton -- held Galveston county jail on 40000 dollars bond for home burglary with the intent to commit a felony. The woman who lived near eventually did not know and escaped attack unharmed. Don't offense and has been -- today and apparently has hired a lawyer privately no notice has been filed. You'll be able lawyer like what if He decides to you know. Like -- drink your blood -- try to work -- this case. It just open anymore. And then real quick they did that the most trusted celebrity thanks for like endorsements that He about this one. -- -- -- a product you wanna sell itself and Betty White. Forget hope she can't do. Denzel coveted number -- and a -- companies put Tom Hanks. Rep and a top five your unfavorable people. -- five Paris Hilton was number one. Charlie Sheen number two Britney Spears third. Kanye West fourth and Arnold Schwarzenegger number of that's gonna wrap things up folks up at a good time the solution a lot of good time put it together. Even though we'd make you wait for eighteen men for ten seconds of -- great job about peeps.