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HSPD Chief James Trioano on stepping down

Aug 31, 2011|

HSPD Chief James Trioano on stepping down

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I have an employment contract that the stuntman and my contract says that any time that the city manager wishes to you and my employment they can. And they are exceeding the provision of that contract and it's all about finances. The city has been and it took a terrible financial way for several years as a matter of fact this budget here alone we lost one police officer from our. Operating budget. What they're saying now is that they cannot afford my salary with the hiring Lebanese city manager. They don't wanna pay as much as they did for the last city managers have for -- today offered between 7020000. Dollar pay cut from me. And I certainly can't take that. You know I did my job for free and that I tell people that all the time but I have a family still support I think it's very commensurate to the job of doing. They're telling me that in the next budget that money will not be there. And -- now they have a little bit of money left to make any severance trail. Which I'll get six months' salary. And I'll have all the benefits paid out to me as well as all Miami -- and I'll be paid out on Friday as I leave here as police chief. However still will. Be working with the police department as a consultant. I have volunteered my services with them because of the position that they've left the police department and they still need some kind of got into the system stood -- looking at. Hiring a police -- as well I've been told for up to six months. OK and Vernon Riegle who heads at the fire department also stepping down 5 o'clock Friday correct. He -- the disposition. They have talked about it openly and budget meetings and it. They have they need -- preliminary recommendation that they eliminate the position of fire chief altogether from the next budget. They certainly haven't taken a formal stamp Tom -- but He knows that's what's gonna need to happen He has tendered his resignation effective the same time. You know knowing in the next couple weeks he'll be out of employment anyway -- coast it will not be in the budget it's just a terrible way to Campbell public safety but -- elected official I am here is there police chief and to provide the best services possible and certainly have to abide by the direction of our management and our commission. Jim best of luck in the future hope everything works out for you farewell. -- -- appreciate it I don't know what I'm gonna do I certainly am going to be involved in local law enforcement and I want to see good law enforcement. I have a lot of concerns about what's happening at a lot to county sheriff's office got a lot of great suggestions and now not bound by contract to say anything. I certainly going to be saying a lot because -- let of that agency and I want to see it succeed like this agency is succeeding and so what you know certain we'll be involved in the community and I don't know what it would do so we'll certainly -- what happens.