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Sep 14, 2011|

6am - Sat Sept 10 2011

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I remind you that time to order them now though it's the and broadcasting and ADHD. That's important top. Get in touch by dialing 1877. WSK wanted talk as everybody has feelings about that. That's 18779759825. I'm. Proud -- you I'm proud of you. It's the a musical -- point three thus John. All right all right all right good morning everybody. You'll -- you'll hear. You'll pay attention predator class. Welcome to the Jerry Anderson show for another live local Saturday edition -- the courts is the best stuff. But there's little disclaimer before each side it says the best of you didn't hear it. And maybe it's not one. -- it's. September at the tenth. 2011. It is September 11 weekend on the tenth anniversary. Of the 9/11 attacks. And apparently there is there are threats. To New York. And Washington. The united cynical. This idea of what He had not Anderson. So this thing came out. Right after Obama's jobs speech. Obama gave his job speech on Thursday night. And and there's some low. Political shenanigans plant. We made a couple of notes. An actual fact. Then it came out there as -- specific and credible threat. Involving New York. And Washington. And I guess the lack of a better term car bombs or truck bombs. -- fly an airplane today anything allege is that what the the credible information is there were three people that somehow got into this country about a month ago. And again maybe they -- the no fly list but to me I find it remarkable. That somebody can come and apparently from the tribal areas of Pakistan. Can fly into this country and they somehow managed to get in but we figured out how to keep Cat Stevens out of the country. I'm Bob Bob Bryan to have faith. And our national security effort trying to. But anyway. The first thing that popped into my head ones. Remember. -- for. Five. Six years ago. Ten years ago even. The -- and Afghanistan. Coming up in October will be ten years we started Afghanistan. But remember whenever there would be George Bush and the administration. Had their little color coded things. There's a -- chance of terrorism today there's a Green chance to the moral. It's going to be an a hot pink chance. Next Friday -- And whenever it'd be any kind of chatter as they would call. The folks left would immediately Begin to scream. That war mongering. Scumbag president who stole the election and his war criminal buddies who would be -- before that Hagan held at the end of -- Is simply throwing this now to try to scare everybody again and using his scare tactics to justify his illegal war he's gotten into. Any time that there be any kind of well hey you know we're hearing -- there might be something happen. Now He didn't do anything apparently when He knew the planes are going to hit the buildings. Accord collapsed He -- way in advance are gonna come and get us. But anytime you bring it up after the fact. It has credible information that there could be a problem coming out. It was always -- He's lying about -- was try to justify his illegal war and scare more Americans. So when I heard credible threat. And I -- one hundreds of bin Laden apparently was obsessed that says I heard the news He was obsessed. But having attacks and around the 9/11 anniversary. I'm not saying that Osama bin Laden was not obsessed -- having attacks. In and around the tenth anniversary September 11. You know what else than Osama bin Laden was obsessed with having attacks. July 7. April ninth. Fedora forty ninth on leap year. How often do you get a leap here would be great to kill some Americans on leap year -- But all of those necessarily. -- we are gonna revolve all of our plans around a particular anniversary that bin Laden had to Knoll. There's going to be a degree of security has to -- -- commemoration events going. And especially when you're talking about the areas that were targeted. On 9/11 -- there's probably going to be a bit -- security. Think how not so New York goes around Times Square every new years he'd make a -- all the trash cans -- strolling Nolan to put Obama laudable. -- -- rugby commemoration of an event in which 3000 people this country were killed. And tons and tons and tons of damage. Don just -- New York City a little. You don't think as we secure so lot of I don't know there was this. A decision. I've been -- We have to get out. On a tenth anniversary weekend. But then again eggs that that could be me being cynical. I'm not here and a whole lot from the anti war movement. And the Michael Moore there is no terrorism threat I'm not -- and a whole lot of them about this lying and ne'er do well president. Just tried to scare Americans. By saying there could be an attack. But is -- good to their reporting this. It. Because we are nation full of dummies. We were role freaked out after September 11 2001 and it and if you say. That we would go from September 11 2001. To September 10 2011. Without a another major attack on the United States involving the death of 3000 civilians. In this country. -- and there's no way it happens for more than a deck. Your life you knew most of us thought. Would have something. Maybe in three months maybe in six months. Maybe it would be another big attack would kill 3000 all the ones but that start blowing a tar balls and our schools. You you got it a lot of people felt that you were gonna start seeing this it was a one time thing and other terrorist -- -- what is. Especially the immediate aftermath of September 11 Chris you're shaking your head dial. I am by necessity in the immediate aftermath and I want to see is accurate. -- mainly dots on them by. I mean as time passes -- again thank OK it's the first growth rates in tackles 9190 or 93. And it took Clinton's fault. Yeah I don't know whose violent but it took them under the new it will be at 1010 years and figure out how to do -- -- now. And -- -- -- away but I think it was a shock to the system obviously all we sold we sold stability and -- most people thought you know Ole -- these folks are serious because remember adequate but the first attack on the World Trade Center. We Begin I think at that point to really not take terrorist seriously. We have a hard a time taken seriously and -- even -- the people say what about Beirut -- for. -- killed 200 plus Marines yes that was ahead towards -- but generally speaking to the average American if it doesn't happen literally on our front porch. Then it's hard to relate. It's basically those that attack in the and the and the banks in Beirut was like the -- that's what happens when right now it does and and I have said this before us today after an idol or does the of the 93 attack on the World Trade -- or terrorist jobs to kill Americans and they killed six people. With terrorists -- -- is that He believes that there is a ticket good ol' fashioned white bull. To show the terrorists housed on a few years that are in Oklahoma City and I think we took the whole brunt of the Islamic radical Middle Eastern terrorism. Seriously. He -- American terrorism more seriously and we did. And when 9/11 happened then that we Begin if they go okay now it's gonna happen every four and a half hour or something else that's gonna happen soul. The problem is we elect an -- -- okay but every year to. We started. Alec it's not gonna happen that much -- -- gonna happen again. Not cases would get all worked up when bush woods' latest chatter -- though he's -- sold and so forth. Which may mean almond nut case by even half thinking that when Obama says. It may be it is good that ever -- because what we shouldn't just be vigilant. This week. We shouldn't just be vigilant. When there's a Gator football game and some nut case pastor in. Two with three parishioners. Decides He wants to burn some -- rants that may mess up our enjoyment of the -- and we should be vigilant all the time. Now does that mean if you look like your name is Habib that we should be absolutely try to you know you. But -- that most people know what I mean let's be vigil if you see some that it looks a little bit ought. Pay attention let somebody now. 617 news talk 97 point British guy 8779759825877. WS they wanna talk. We'll take your calls your opinions on the other side of the break. Also the GOP debate at this week did you watch it. The debate next week -- the debate Monday infect TJ Hart will be in Tampa. Hassling the candidates. Until most of them. Jeff Anderson on this guy. You're listening to the broadcasting and HD HD seen on news talk about seven point three of those sky. What did you evident after 6 o'clock news talk 97 point British guy Jenny Anderson show welcome back. 877. 9759825. Native. Coming up later on tonight. 7 o'clock. On our -- and it says here. Florida Gators will be in action against you may be -- Alabama Birmingham. The university that of eighteenth ranked first -- couple things hey hopefully -- will not be wearing their orange jerseys. Go but go back to the eighties for -- -- I guess is before to. Stop stop. There is no I mean honestly stock. Second of all Chris Bryant is no longer allowed to ever talk about. The gators. Again why is that because. You made some little crack. Last week. About hope we're -- get the snap from center to the quarterback right and then it was the first or second play but got -- -- -- first quarter I do believe where. A ball sailed over Bradley's head so I'm I'm put that -- on you personally. Let us not -- -- remained calm obligated maybe have to start making more -- Hopefully the Connors drops the ball in the end this thing in the month blocked this month this week I don't know this is if you don't put stuff on -- wants and the really bad that. Spoken like -- and a through Florida State. And try to get -- computer here. K eight times the -- figured out. So anyway I'm blaming you for the the fact gators had problems with that -- -- yet they end up looking pretty good. And they want they moved up. 45 spots in the polls. Now I got a big Linden to lose Florida State and this would then have -- like to implement. And we have -- Charleston -- southerners and another woman game and get some things take -- out before. Oak barrels in the week off this week they got two weeks preppy guys they that it scare you a little bit. If it was two excellent later on the season that and played a couple of games and they figure out what to do and in their apartment and they had two weeks of bear. Mainland and able to play one game we'll have two games of real. -- look at it from a this morning I got big annaly and make those that missed them that they had a week off peacefully at the end appliance that scared. The skirt yet to -- too little piece of real live game action. Before we actually had to bring them into the stadium and -- -- because -- dub game now as we took game and if on the watch of that He would go. Your blow me off to actually nodded and at 8 o'clock I'll be here if I can go comment or leave from here -- -- pass. This page again as a long time. It's along every Saturday me. It's football site year old now Ross. I year old. Are right -- it is the -- eleventh weekend tomorrow is the tenth anniversary. Of September 11. That the that the that the good fun -- of 079759825877. WS KY talked so am I and not for thinking that they're there might be illusion and a battery. From the president. Miracle when bush would do this kind of thing. Bush made stop -- So Obama. It comes out and says. I love this well -- -- -- the administration comes out with there is credible evidence. Vehicle attack perhaps. New York Washington. Tenth anniversary around in and around that time. There's the other British shenanigans from Obama. What He gave his speech memory has been given on Wednesday. And Republicans and our debate. As a gamble to Thursday L moved before the football. Word came. And and then there was the one pulls your somebody got mad because there was -- Republican response. And how dare you not respond the president was your own response. Would you donors to the Democrats are mad about. But then -- comes out that Obama's speech. Is going to be about 43 minutes long. With Al applause breaks. And this is going to be -- to state of the union kind of thing where every fifteen seconds of -- of the stand up and turned out with applause. 32 minutes. So do you think the administration was like okay they're not gonna respond while we're not gonna give an opportunity to we're gonna leak right now. That if you add an applause breaks your floor with an hour speech is to be over an 8 o'clock. Games on an 830. You noticed but that ten minute fifty minute global floating guy comes up speak give response and it but it means Republicans would only have maybe the fifteen minutes. The formulate a response. Before football and everyone completely off. And by the way. There's nobody really watched the opposition's response to -- -- now. Usually these idiots talk too long anyway. That I gotta be award the next morning. And I I don't have time to wait you know until 1115 from the other party to come out make their little whiny speech about what pollute the party in charge said. Just science are never gonna follicle to break out by cellular sky -- morning. It. -- -- -- -- it stopped doing math. 648 news talk 97 -- this guy 8779759825877. WSK like talk. Bottom of the hour news to get duke plus other side of the break we'll talk but the GOP debate on Wednesday. Obama first talked about it now. News talk 97.3. -- sky. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk 97.3. Those sky news. 636 news talk study seven point greatest guy that is. The. 8779759825. So the way this day this past the seventh. Republicans debated. -- -- Oh that's right I've been. Popular forgot about MSNBC had a debate and I still don't understand. Now NBC. The rule of Obama and -- all Republicans. Could possibly be doing a Republican debate in the Reagan library but apparently. -- -- -- Boortz. And as Jamie Dupree was on board it's it's about I guess those it was MSNBC and the political. And some big marketing market the Politico is also on the low Bordeaux buck itty mucks at the Reagan library and I think that's how that an upcoming debate. But they debated it was -- Huntsman Newt Paul Romney -- Bachmann. Forgotten one of now that they've got nearly got cosmonaut candidate Ron Paul and Rhonda Perry got it only Bachmann sound in need and that. Any line. I'm beginning to wonder. And I know it's still early in the process you're still 23 months away. From the Iowa Caucuses. Hawk -- if there's more than one. Every it's time for some of these people post and for -- well. Is it time for some of these people. The goal. -- -- -- I noticed plenty of time for people to make a move and it was -- the previous debate. I guess that in the July 10 one. That I -- That I thought. -- -- would be -- old -- the that that Santorum won't. And my. I don't think it would have made him a contender by any stretch of the imagination but in that individual debate and dude had a good -- Impressed -- I'm not a fan a central. But is -- time that some of these people start dropping. Because when you have that many people on the stage even if it is a two hour long debate. And they try their best. To evenly divide the time but let's be honest. If you are Republicans. Are you planning on voting in the primary. You kind of know who and doesn't who does not. Have a snowballs chance of being the -- I happen to be -- Herman Cain -- At this point in the game. And still somewhat worn as to what are not alma and before I was gonna vote for McCain the prime and so what -- Because. You could vote for him all you want. There's a good chance that he's not going to be in the top story let alone win the denomination. It looks like it and at this point it really looks good to to price it's down to. Mitt Romney. And what's -- Britain Rick Perry. -- -- Steve Perry from journey. Well. Is it time recently spoke to drop and I think a few -- Killed themselves. In the last debate. Adding new killed himself. In fact you know what. The plaudits -- -- get here here's some -- from the from the debate. I for one I hope all of my friends up here. I'm gonna repudiating. Every effort of the news media to get Republicans to fight each other to protect Barack Obama. Who deserves to be defeated and all of us are committed as a team whoever the nominee is we are all for defeating Barack. Okay yes I understand were all for defeating Barack Obama four running for president. Against Barack Obama. But the problem that would do is it that smart guy I'd love to have in the administration. What is that we're gonna get the top spot to Begin with and true. The last debate He spent a little too much time. Complaining to Fox News. Chris Wallace and Bret -- for a Wallace then Bret -- the second time around about the gotcha questions. And the gotcha question you could make an argument. That would Charles Gibson interviewed Sarah Palin. -- -- gave the vice presidential nominee and asked about the Bush Doctrine which by the way nobody knew exactly would Bush Doctrine was talking about. When she didn't really have that answer Ford or she is it. That's kind of gotcha question. Because apparently -- ABC said was the Bush Doctrine was. The Bush Doctrine moniker was actually come out a phrase that Charles Krauthammer came with those -- of a completely different. But I digress. That's not a gotcha question. Or that is got to be a -- question of the new complain about his old news or use said such and so -- An incident that he's got tonight He said whatever that's the question was -- these gotcha questions. So because they're complain about the media or say that I don't think we should take the media's you know lose -- thing and try to get a -- -- infighting -- real committed to beating Barack. Yes you all are committed to beating Barack Obama. Com but if you think it's something new ruled that the media likes attacking you guys U Republican types. Then you don't belong in the game. If you just can't fell off the fruit truck and didn't know the selling games played. Then you don't need to be in the running. -- And a veterinarian -- a hospital undecided because it's too it's not the one I really wanted from -- many wind. But -- but what those ones and a lot of folks that really. The left seems to like him too much and what kind of -- But they that I guess his campaign. Spokesperson. Her room. Advisor or in the head honcho. Made some remark about how well there's nothing about a bunch of cranks. And a Republican Party are running for office right now and they run around saying inane things. Stupid and crazy and inane things. And -- was asked this question. -- -- look here your campaign dude goes out and says bunch cranks they say inning things -- who here on this panel. Says inane things. He was right up there on stage with He could have said hey Bachmann is crazy as a you know what else. She said whatever. Rick parry -- good Lordi kidney He did that had met probably Ron Paul. The better than normal come out of that -- about He could send any thing. But instead He Tim Pawlenty. -- what it's like Ali you know which host of legal is that you you got -- number one call and ask him. Although cal pace. Is working for your campaign and I -- guys that -- need to explain that. He needs to go. But is it time that somebody's. Tools. Say you know what. That's not because here's for a new -- -- about they need to be committed to beat Barack Obama. If all you hear about Mitt Romney. Is Romney care and He did the same stupid thing that Obama did nation what what is in charge of the state and it's a horrible failure and overstepping of the balance of a politician because He did Romney care and how evil and stupid Romney care is. Let's say Romney becomes the candidate. I think he's got a pretty good shot at being the nominee. Now all of a sudden. He's just spent the last several months. Being beaten up over being a horrible idiot that's no different than Barack Obama. How do you feel inspired to vote for Mac how could you take any of the candidates seriously within that -- and -- a good guy I like grown. You were -- -- magic underwear a month ago. If all you hear about Rick Perry is He wanted to secede from the union when He was in Texas and Alice -- must be in charge and a union. I don't I think Rick Perry is got a very good shot in the nominee. If He is. How can I take him seriously as a candidate when He does got beat up for the last six months because -- just a secessionist. Put out to be in charge of the union. And bottom line and into a break here and it's 12 the by the way mark my words. January 2013. Rick Perry gets -- president State's 646 news talk 97 point greatest guy 877. 9759825. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk -- seven point three of those sky news. 651 news talk -- seven point greatest guy it is the 877975. 9825. We have a pair of gyms on alliance -- we get to the -- talked to home gym for the keys jealous guy good morning. Well good morning Gerri just to say don't wanna mention 1 so if -- -- personally boycotting the weather channel web site. Because of their -- example that goes to the Obama campaign -- It's -- -- without putting an eerie email address and the. Yeah. And the second thing it yesterday when it strictly on the other is. On the web there are a lot of stories that we're at anti Rick Perry is you could possibly yet. Including one that had and argued about the -- interpret -- -- last Blackberry. At a media and Republican anti Rick Perry. Obama say it didn't start to the Internet. I would. -- -- could be all over there and I do have a story here we get a real quick they'll take the the other Jim it's on hold right now Jim hang in there. About that Rick Perry -- people. Goodell -- questions of the debate I guess in Perry's tenure 234. People have an -- -- -- capital punishment state. Which drew -- cheer. From the audience. And Brian Williams the the moderator of the debate. And basically effort Perry how can you sleep at night. Knowing you killed more people than than anybody else I don't I could think of is. We're not grabbing. Random grandmas and children off the streets ran off. These are convicted. Murderers who've had a bunch of appeals as well. He's a Texas governor. But they don't wood decorative -- Nixon's -- what if you return a library book late in Texas I think you are subject to the death penalty which means if you and everyone knows that. You wanna kill people go to like Washington State or something like that at four -- kill my people. I'm only hitting. I do and Oregon and even further left. But there's a story here exonerated Texas inmate how could you applaud path. And I synagogue and goes toward -- more detailed couple minutes but here's the thing. Do I think every person on death row is guilty of a capital offense and every state and nation know I'd. I believe that there are some people that got railroaded by the system. The more. Deplorable. The less educated ones that can't afford the nice lawyers. The ones or it. Good looking white checks. When Cathy I'll save for -- That probably got railroaded by the system. But I think that is very few and far between. And I mentioned this the other -- on the Bob wrote shots that you would look there are people of Florida's death row. A couple I don't know the total number of death roll inmates -- Florida by a good number there's usually a couple hundred -- and any given state and as death penalty. But there are couple one -- maybe. That might not be guilty of the crime have been convicted possibly. But is there any question about Ted Bundy we often in the state. Is there any question about Danny Rolling. -- off him in the state. Notice though I -- as an awful lot of folks have been spending an awful lot of time wasting and awful lot of taxpayer dollars sit on death row. They got no business doing so well yeah I agree with Rick Perry. What are we gave him 12. -- three of -- but on the authority of -- if you lose it. You need take you straight. The dead that that chair by the lethal injection room. And start it I guarantee. -- League start saving some money on our prisoners and people's. -- actually -- and definitely Korea is at least use the death count. And I when I don't keep you in jail for twenty years waiting to kill you it's time for you to go. Hugo in text. So like baseball. Three strikes era. In fact that's how Saddam had his Iraqi baseball Timor -- You made darn sure Italy's Farrell all that Richard due to strikes. Jim year old this guy good morning. I think there's state EU -- acute people let -- Aren't in that we get a lot of practice. You'll probably has people. Up because there's not a lot of people in Montana. Anyways I'd I'd really like to thank. James thought well. Her up promoting the Florida's sunny beaches. But -- then click okay and as chief. Michael Moore. Michael -- He amazes me that guy you know I mean he'd he'd get proved to be a long time ago that He was capitalist. He'd get a show called TV nation. That it was not for Bob Bennett on NBC I think in early 90s1991. Anyway when that show went off the year He had -- own. Production company producing yet. Everybody who worked for his production company who were all outside contractors. Are -- stepped. Well so that's capitalism at work. I can't believe Michael Moore would do that lie well a -- -- order it because -- -- ultrasound that it needed -- -- show. I'd say differently right I think He wound up items like 30000 dollar -- each element of Michael Moore is a big evil corporations. Well. Just. Happy -- only -- and I. -- -- a lecture on that thing out. Like that ever did I would especially at W at about a minute. Okay cool. Yesterday. I got nothing else I was still remember the -- yet but it -- competence the company here. Yeah well you know I I think everybody government should be passive and I'll. To try to get everybody they have some confidence. I also think that. The Republicans really ought to adjust. Pass the bill attached a bunch of stuff. In another bill and say look -- pass list if you pass this. Halladay -- come -- a competing -- the thing I don't know wanna know is where is the bell. Well bill hasn't been written yet it is actually I guess it's just got to feel like. Health care thing it's like. -- certain it will write it into -- editor at the look at airlifts and you know I days you know that but they would remember yeah absolute. Just lecture and -- cameraman Eddie I'll. I didn't say that password. Had Bora lounge and I'm gonna let you go anyway. -- nine. Bigot and have a great that's -- for -- every weekend. Yet but they'll bobbled the pass the bill sixteen times during jobs speech. As the bell and tomorrow small businesses will start getting have their taxes cut blob blob which calls sounded good except. Com. -- -- -- has built Obama was talking about. Pass the bill. Last year. Bring it to -- pres -- That have. President do -- us. What I say a few weeks going mental -- the last one that's right let these you know one right -- I had left for the welcome it is still. At it and that's right no comment but thought. 8779759825. It's the phone number eighty call up on the other side the break we got ABC news coming up in about thirty seconds to land and our number two with a program. What I wanna get into old little more but the 9/11 anniversary. I do the policy -- and litigated this how can you applaud death thing. Today at -- I can do it all day long kids to Anderson show news talk 97 -- previous guy more to come and our number two.