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Sep 26, 2011|

7am - September 24 2011

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- gun shows is now -- eight year old goal this weekend of the single. -- -- hundreds of good. -- -- -- -- Maria -- nine. Views expressed in the following programmer those of the hosts guests and callers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff management or ownership of news talk 97.3. Disguise. May I remind you that I am -- them -- though it's the yeah new hair and broadcasting and ADHD. That's important top. Get in touch by dialing 1877. WSK wanted talk as everybody has feelings about that. That's 1877975. Not the 825. I'm. Proud to view I'm proud of news. Beards that Jerry Anderson show on news talk 97.3. -- sky. 7 minutes after 7 o'clock news talk 97.3 this guy -- Anderson show our number two of the program welcome back my friends. Since it is football season. If you prep school board from last night. Mount Dora and only just wanted to mentor no offense -- -- people. Can hear us. They -- keystone 35 to six. Florida NM beaten PK young 53 to seven that's not -- At a play college kids and PK on the play college league unions. Affiliated university -- -- Al columns on the Florida Gators. Maybe they shouldn't. But I thought ambled about -- one about count that's been in the world. Colombia. Over OP. Oakley for -- on -- Or ocean Pacific. Perhaps. 667 Columbia wins that one objectively university Christian over Saint Francis 4113. For -- edging Crawford bill look cola 2321. Baldwin 27 when you were Dixie county. Lewis and a self Sumpter a bush they'll -- -- over and a -- -- 46 zip. Rough -- over suwannee forty to six bishops' letter over Bronson 3414. Tallahassee McLaren were Bradford. 3416. Senate they've -- Crystal River authority to 29. Paul for number -- 3316 Willis and 47 -- 31 union -- blackened chief flip 42 nothing Gainesville relate we -- 380. Jacksonville eagle view 146 -- all called on Ellen beating east side when He 816 the Bradford over moment too low fifty to seven. There's -- I have. And -- gathering of don't start laughing you know Trenton takes up well read this you don't Ellen Gilchrist county that I Lebanon and -- Friends like -- until. Threatened and that trend good this year. 62 to eighteen over bell. Com. Which bell actually did better than duels. -- have hang our overview notes 56. In not saying don't feel better admitting it's at the problem. That is you -- global OK I had to would you people heading into the break. Over the debate over the Thursday on Fox News Fox News Channel and Google teaming up the debate. Rick Perry was apparently dreadful. Conservatives are -- mad at him. Because of that as a as stance on some of the issues and and one of the month with -- instate tuition. Which out of all the things they've attacked him on I think is probably the most legitimate. But I don't all agree -- Rick Perry on this. Now people really mad because the city don't have a heart if you don't think we should do -- and it's act. That's a liberal wanna hear it. -- just look at it if you got. A couple -- one parent. Bringing their kid across this is a border illegally. McKay goes the schools in the state in the time he's free until the time he's eighteen or whatever. Graduates let's go by early can't term He can't Sid the kid hey give your Green card. Actor graduates and qualifiers -- go to college kids except that the house. I mean really then He either does -- no matter what they get a go referred cheap. They got straight -- Now that kept while fighting a million or how likely it like that -- that -- tried and learn like idiotic it would have to outlook. I think give blood that's old thing -- if -- gonna punish the kid who doesn't trial on private. Doesn't care to go to college in the first place and you have the kid who's He said three years old -- -- all of his whole life. In American schools isn't graduates. And is able to go to college gives AM. I mean as you type on Texas -- in the Baylor. Except the day. What they're really good education resonate. Among them honest it's cool. This is the nominee even that says I have an idea. -- look at this and making good schools and very good school you know advertisements that there was enough. What are they people address and -- Brought up the thing about in L a but but kids from 49 other states have to pay the out of state rates via -- saying don't -- go to college. Which as far as I'm concerned. If you're I don't know what -- go to the college well that makes you soft on illegal immigration into whatever happened to roll them all out put them on the bus -- get them out here but I digress. I -- Centro is a little the other kids get a 49 states wanna go to university Texas that's -- state tuition -- I would be willing to bet you. That there's not that many of those kids how would be willing to bet you even further that any kid from Maine that wants to go to the University of Texas. And goes to University of Texas. Is probably on some sort of athletic scholarship. And if they're not than their parents really have the money to pay for them ago so aggrandizement. But what -- give -- as -- -- From people does not come on the amount time and numerous numerous Florida if you live in that state. For a year. You get the start paying. The -- to -- yeah if you have an aunt or cousin or any family around him that you can change your answers to in that state. You now have lived there for six months of pain and they don't show. So I'm in and I have a bit of you may have changed your address why you were still in high school in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania. Anderson your -- and parents are divorced and your dad lives in Florida your mother Elizabeth domain you live with your mother but you change riders to limit the senate to limited ads though. And a year when you come down to go to college you play in state tuition. That 49 other states in this move. Here's the other thing and his -- as -- give Rick Perry passed when it comes to issues of illegal immigration. Or illegal immigration or whatever. Texas has a pretty big border. With Mexico. I think -- relation between Texas and Mexico -- different than a lot of other states. Now in the previous debate Mitt Romney acted like all the jobs that Rick -- create it was no big deal because and Richards created a higher percentage of jobs. And -- George W. Bush -- higher percentage jobs Rick Perry's telling this million jobs little 1% increase in jobs. Still in this bad economy that's pretty good accomplishment. But that was talked about how you know what Rick Perry can't get him giving too much credit because look there's no state income tax in Texas. It -- four races. They're less regulation against businesses in Texas. There's oil and texas' guardian a good to cut at any let's all these things. You don't else there is that in Texas. A whole long border with Mexico it means it's. We're whole bunch of -- in it illegals would come up for or any nationality -- we will -- Mexico. That's the border. A lot of people come from Mexican border and not a selling Macs. -- a pass on this. May Yemen apologists. Be a part of the problem. Course my parents stuck in this country illegally from Canada when I was born -- anchor -- I'm. Rose you're honest guy good morning. It might think I agree with you on that that's -- -- you know Peary. It definitely for border control is important state they've -- problems they edit it -- get this report from the federal government. He was definitely supportive of governor brewer with -- It did bill that they -- doesn't -- -- He He definitely important. That. If not the only tape that has that. Where they get would be illegal immigrant children the right to go to college it is a situation. Except it included in the top and that He brought that up about Jon Huntsman stated in effect you know He kept quiet about it if you might -- And okay. Yet but anyway He definitely have -- is there really great guy and if you're an apologist for himself my and that respect and also about that. Can't have been into an agreement and I met -- I don't agree with -- -- along the entire second quarter the United States stepped up the instantly detective force. The US immigration laws that you could support from the federal government and that sort out that they -- just gonna have -- -- taken. Out of that which is what got and everything it can't donate an Alabama did it well. Absolutely -- rose thank you very much but here's the other thing -- and again maybe I'm being apologetic for Rick Perry I don't think He said absolutely positively cannot ever ever ever ever ever -- affects. Across southern border I think He -- it's kind of you know. I'm paraphrasing. Dreamland. You're gonna swing offense Rome. Was -- Brownsville Texas roughly -- -- down there on the coast all the way across. Just north of Tijuana and California that's a pretty long fence to be billed to Begin with is that you do need to have the intelligent you to have the of the protein -- boots on the ground. You can have some threats and here's the other. Phone. There is not currently. A gigantic. Mall. Between us and Mexico. I believe. That there are structures of the border. Where you balloon -- to tell. What part of Mexico what artists. Texas or Arizona New Mexico. California. Looks on the saint. For example when you drive from Florida to Georgia on the interstate. In -- there was that giant sign that said Graham to Georgia. Would you necessarily crossed at a Georgia and that it's give or take ten miles -- so -- around here. So. The idea that we can just put this fence up and by the blatant whereas defense to be sitting on land. Wants the land if the government owns the land that He had -- -- -- to do whatever I wanted it wants. What do wilds of I'm a big cattle ranch in Texas. In fact part of my ranch and extends in and help Barca and -- the government's gonna come and Anton -- were put offense up on your property. Good we certainly can't put across -- on the Mexican side of the to put white on that line but you know what a -- build that fence and -- culminate that entire fence to be on your side of most of the country. You but I have one inch offense crossing into Mexican. So now all of a -- -- build the -- On my property the government is coming and using -- Gestapo tactics. And the donating my land. Don't do that -- of its spending roads. They do but -- a lot of our a lot of listeners that we have have a problem with when the government overstepped its bounds and decide what you can and cannot do. With your land malice that they're gonna to guide to have a -- on my land because of where it sets. Obama and on the text that are about the new Mexican -- from and Arizona and -- Californians. So you know what -- in those terrorist try to come across the Canadian border and is Seattle redolent terror attack in 1999. Yet they did. Once you go tell those soldiers up enough Montana. That they need to have their land fans still. It's easy for us to say. Dude yes in theory everything's easy. Flying is easy go to a tall building jump off the -- arms. I've -- birds it would all the time. In practice not quite so easy -- -- this guy good morning. Point sir Tom on the next can issue a -- of their company -- obviously to run from being shot at by drug cartel. And their economics. It's gonna put a fence wire -- looking Netflix -- government to help them get rid of the drug cartel that issue in the next. It would keep them from -- comes to this country. I mean it here in your backyard get shot at what you wrote somewhere. Else will protection. It's a good point -- make -- -- there's obviously the violence there in Mexico to the drug cartels you wanna get like that and the job opportunities. And act like instate tuition of the University of Texas is the sole reason why we have an illegal immigration problem in this country and not the fact that. We're not even willing to pass. I'm not willing to perp walk somebody's corporations that are hiring illegals do the jobs quote unquote Americans will do little. I think that's a bigger impact as to why there's an illegal immigration problem in this country. But if it's convenient to score political points by blaming a particular governor. Today. A pair of but the truth really who can actually addressing the issue. Packing in a pointer to the polls. Would result below of course why you need to vote for me for president lead -- -- that. Screwed terrible we're drilling and mark were getting -- at one dollar a gallon gas. I may be twice as good as Michelle -- Jack Anderson on this guy. I mean. You're listening to the HDH team on news talk about seven point three the sky. Yeah. Yeah. -- Yeah. 745 news talk 97 point greatest guy. Got an article here dated yesterday. -- considering his decision not to 12012 presidential race. Reconsidering his decision not to and -- -- Let the Republican donors within days about his plans escort to an article from news Max. And here's like Chris Christie can't run like its artists that He was used the Rick Scott of the north. Which means -- -- we think it's a lot more popular down here. Then He is necessarily blooded dead detractors could be a great governor that He if you get -- with what looks -- could do an awful lot of great things yes. What happens when you try to do great things do get mad at halftime. Also what are you go applauding the states in that area that are Blue States I don't know I don't think so. But here's why I really can't. Aside from killing myself I don't know what I can do to convince you I'm not running for president. Now a year or so ago. When Charlie Crist told Chris Wallace. And I don't know when the Republican primary for the senate seat I will not run as an independent. But I'm gonna win anyway isn't as a matter. A lot of people were very annoyed that Charlie Crist lie and on national television. Saying He wouldn't run as an independent and end brand is an independent trying to hurt Marco Rubio his chances of getting the senate seat. If you don't like Charlie Crist for saying He wasn't gonna do -- -- the delighted about it and and changes bonds and he's going to do something. You can't say Chris Christie shouldn't. The site. If your word means and this vantage. Especially for politicians. -- in -- this guy get more. My day two topics -- -- growth factor on the yet debate thing about instate tuition the problem in the way it was phrased. Was. The implication from Romney was the the taxpayer protections are subsidizing the difference between me and stain out they're great too -- -- networks that don't have done. -- -- check for the different news and 100000 dollars -- student on the taxpayers just it's the out states He and so that's not really quite right but then Perry said. If we don't educate them they're gonna burden the system in the future which doesn't make any sense of you don't get many benefits as they're illegal out of it burdened system but that aside. The big thing about that yet the debate as a whole is that. Areas to the right of Romney but most all the other candidates with a couple of exceptions are to the right -- and come primary time. The conservative vote gonna get split amongst all of those people that are to the right of those two guys and most likely carry around he'll come out on top and -- get to the convention portrait and delegates now back in the old days it would just be whoever wins okay fine number two you might VP. But their personalities don't allow that. But then they're gonna have to come back and find the most conservative BP person you can find and probably carried Florida by that fractious conservative vote and let all around. He's not gonna neat group dedicated state indicated outright. Things like that in common -- consideration but it should it's going to be gently on that one of those there -- -- that it's distributed BP George and a. The point of that debate at this point. That's good -- anyway thank you very much alike that. It's good analysis right there say. We get some intelligence. In the audience. I don't have to carry all all the weight. An interesting point -- that the there -- the straw poll by the way here in Florida today. And Rick Scott came to newer ones for Opel becomes Republican nominee and I think -- the White House. The straw poll in Florida said Reagan would win gained 79 -- every -- and said now old man bush would win the game in 87. Journal -- became a candidate said that Bob Dole would get -- in 96. He did. -- another one. Is the king maker -- Rick Perry may be. -- walk through to the domination of Dubai in the last debate. Bulls say 749. You're listening to the HDH dean on news talk 97.3. -- guys. 737 news talk 97 -- this guy Andre Anderson show final segment for your phone calls the phone number 8779759825. Straw poll later on today here in a state of Florida for the GOP. The winners of the GOP straw poll in Florida won the last. I don't know I'm going -- and those who was gonna -- all what about Ron Paul He always getting out. Otherwise still enjoy picking -- Ron -- people. This type of affect their crazy. Options. Now on. Notice. Had gotten hate mail the longest time and on the last three weeks it's started Rolen again. Now I'm feeling good about it again. It has been could not real radio talk the the -- and as I do it on everyone accused of going soft. And become in -- nice if I got married and mail because the marriage thing it's you know. It's been over ten months. You know I don't still tightly and I'm glad I'm not gonna today and it is in trouble. -- -- But it loses its not in -- The global honey. Maybe I'll get back to being -- mean evil person. Would always hope you know. I'm a doctor Rocco good morning Rocco. Good morning personally you -- -- political position number of alien and I want you to know that. And I think it's probably because I can't stand Romney and that's that's too bad. And selective enforcement of the law is what's destroying this country okay if we have been immigration policy. And that there are already have a policy. And we selectively. Enforce that policy ought convenience. To our country's Olympic Helena and -- it and if you would say -- that -- And and and alarming Italian at this same thing when a police officer pulls somebody -- to do and 67 miles per hour and a 55 mile per -- speed zone. He should not use discretion to determine whether or not he's gonna give -- the ticket -- 67 He should enforce the law that he's trying to enforce. The judge makes the decision. And -- discretion just like the people will put and so intra. Who went before our court yesterday and all look at that the limit -- -- constitutional. Right that's the way the what was written if you don't like to change it. And that's how I feel about it. Fair enough. Here's the other thing it does. I'm I'm assuming and maybe I'm jumping the gun on this one. About you know selective enforcement of the law -- -- may -- Rocco we go to on the illegal immigration path. However. I will propose this. That illegal immigration. It's only illegal. Entitle. We call illegal immigration. I don't know so I think that we take the broad issue too seriously. We can't. Have a -- swelled forty million illegals in this country which you know that's the dorm announcement means they're seventy million. Let's grant the government's issue twelve million. Sold more than the population of New York or Los Angeles. The city. And there's debate about what we should do what you know what you -- deprived of taking care of it. Like the national debt. It's fourteen trillion we really you do some -- his debt ceiling thing if you're helping -- -- relate. No one thought when it hit six trillion we might -- address the issue. I mean I'll be honest which I don't live but better than paycheck to paycheck. And I -- sheet. My wife is amazed not cheap I -- -- Dollar bounty on the on the cheap son of a gun. But if if I lose in my checking account if I have less than a hundred dollars. Lot of time my next paycheck comes around I'm highly annoyed and managed. Stupid stupid stupid. Really. So I can't imagine going. Trillions of dollars in -- I'm not happy about a mortgage. I'm I'm freaking out about pat. But it it at some point Leo no we didn't do I but the debt until now fourteen twin island in a word about it there's twelve to forty million illegals in this country. Let's just say thirty million make my math easier 10% of this country is not supposed to be here. -- how old illegal is illegal immigration and the title we get it. Steve girl's got good morning. Give it won't give it Roland. I'm trying to. What turned. To project you know want -- -- strategic. Problem. I want. Rick Perry. Ordered immigration status. On all the jobs created or -- it's my understanding from a lot of talk show -- -- -- their. Dogs and a good job not entered the -- -- what do illegally or Margaret. Most sudden comes straight across from the border. On now if you remember that the options president. Of Mexico years ago the United States government should have been hit -- dollar out there to help support you. But it was never make it past the first -- CN. Didn't think about the government. So -- come -- Illegal immigrants and recommend -- -- and another -- taking care of in the United States instead of Mexico even though. Probably they need to do something about immigration process. And they need to quit semester so much money and and humanitarian aid. And under military aid because we get billions of dollars usually every year. The military and support. And it hasn't been worked. Well I I think -- didn't does the issue of foreign aid need to be addressed this country yes I think it does. Doesn't really mean a whole heck of a -- the overall grand scheme of things a budget no not necessarily but. Just because it doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot as -- -- well let's forget it. Get in and of itself no one program means a whole heck of a lot. And the overall budget but cumulatively it has a major effect on things. 93% jump gold illegals I don't know about that. I don't know how you even determine that. Because again I don't think we take the illegal immigration problem seriously in this country is how you know there illegals in us -- crackdown on. Just because they're brown people. Who look like they could be named Jose or -- or does not necessarily mean. At their illegal. And -- they would come to Rick Perry and and the illegal immigration that is in state tuition thing in and and -- wrote wrote earlier. And one of the things -- even said is look we're trying to do we can in Texas. Santorum got all over his case all why has marked down as art. Well he's also not getting help from the federal government the federal government is suing Arizona and Arizona says anyone that you look at. You know the crackdown against -- -- people on the country doing the federal government job the federal government is not deal. Rick Perry stood alongside -- with that -- -- -- the lawsuit that that they have with the government over one. But it is a top issue and again like -- said when it comes to taxes. That what Tex -- Losing that He heard that phrase right. And then have it in music than I was in the military. The man Tex mex tonight they'd be in the equal the B text on because there is a bit of an association between those two. That does not mean to just -- -- at odd oddly enough this problem. With the illegal immigration. In just start under Rick Perry. It's been happening a long long time for a number of previous Republican administrations. In the state of Texas. Sell it to act like he's the you know he's a softy when it comes to illegal immigration. I don't know what I'd go that far but and game the if you want to address the problem illegal immigration we can address that but to all of a sudden say. We've screwed up so now all of a sudden we're gonna take it out on a certain portion of the population who by the way how we determine early Libyan. -- -- demanding people's papers. Because that I guarantee fuel is a losing effort on Republicans. If you start asking every Hispanic looking person whereas -- papers. Where Marco Rubio I would see in this papers lately. There's an awful lot of Hispanics in this country in fact it is the largest minority group develop thirteen 14% of the country is Hispanic. You wanna start hassling. All. Of the and supporter of their American citizens Cubans. And Mexicans. And Guatemala -- and venezuelans. And dominicans. And everybody else in the country. Legally. Mega mega mega had to make three run or what your ideal that at and -- again okay how to -- Obama's citizen. And to my driver's license. But that's not for. Really. -- Anyway. -- -- a busy the -- a month until. I'm not mad about -- this and done. We get the -- dark you're coming up next the -- last Jerry Anderson showed news talk 97 point Burry this guy. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk about seven point three the sky news. You waited all week. No theory it is good Jerry Anderson people. Pardo lone star. 750 pill. It out a little bit. Pilots -- time. Guy flips on violence down a solid set to look at the files like an aunt -- what's funny. It's not even a good -- -- this week I'm not indicate I'm done no effort Pickens stories. Not throw John -- -- under the bus. It says that there's not as good stuff is and don't -- there's no lizard in the -- until python of the parents stories. So I gotta find other things. Let's say hand that long and Brazil and all in. A secondarily chicken might not -- Natural. Not a Rolex -- Vandalism leads to conviction in Colorado a Denver man convicted placing brought chicken in his ex -- heating ducts. And other acts of vandalism could face up to eighteen years in prison. Wow again. More I would hope there's other accidental more severe and important chicken in the -- That's not nice that's got a nasty. But that's not like you know it's not like I can go out yeah I did not molest a kid I get an ankle bracelet a picture in the Paper. -- So it's obvious tool or learning here is child molestation is apparently less severe. Then. Improperly handling check. So says our justice system and you think we're gonna cracked an illegal immigration. I -- right there ahead. Fifty year old Ronald Smith also reported unknown substance into a baby grand piano roll. And it had erased the hard drive those -- computer house and really. Medals and -- thousands of dollars in damage. Jury didn't ever jury deliberated about six hours Wednesday before flags as guilty of second degree burglary and criminal mr. The bar regularly broke into a house for eighteen years like -- eighteen years you mean you're. Explaining what He did in my whereas they geniuses the burglar. -- California. No jet -- for a 140 donkeys after a whole Y eight LA flight. Most people have been on a plane it's not me is that on this reading this -- Most people have -- on a plane with a few jackass is before. Ten dozen donkeys and one of flight. 120 donkeys arrived in the sanctuary California in a plane from Hawaii chartered by the Humane Society of the United States. Tracy Miller Amanda be peaceful valley -- risky. Since under the -- views of are none the worse for Wear for long flight two hour drive that followed. The -- -- donkeys or brought to Hawaii's big island to work coffee plantations and cast aside when it became obsolete. Recent drought conditions abroad hundreds of -- down from the mountains developed Hawaii. When David disrupted traffic and made other trouble for humans inspiring its search. For new homes that put a 120 of these things on an airplane. -- California. But jackass airplane. I do like that for a that's a great first -- -- Most people on a plane with a few jackass for. And ultimately to an actual car here's one. I haven't mentioned is an -- Jersey Shore. Don't committee. New Jersey governor Chris Christie a -- throughout the president considering Jersey Shore tax Vito Ole. Go to -- is considering what I understand the -- port 40000 dollar tax credit for MTV's Jersey Shore. These state economic development authority approved the film credit last week it -- production cost will be hit reality series. The inaugural 2009 season. -- suspend the -- -- and a program and twenty tend to close a budget deficit. But the 2009 season still qualify they get a tax credit and pay for the tax for the production for so inept Dolan to -- the thing. And I guess the Jersey economic bureau said hey it's bringing it's a free commercial. He made at the say hey it's most admirable stuff but you know -- to bring the college kids and bring the kids the New Jersey to get broken party and shall open all the I would go by T shirt that teacher plays were smokey marked. Owned a business -- businesses open -- taxes anyway it'll make up that Chris Christie says no Chris Christie hates my situation. Good Christmas. Negative vote familiar Republican. I'm all of that. -- suspended attacks governor spoke to -- just left with the -- couldn't stop the tax credit but Christie says well a Vito is possible it is reviewing it. The show centers on the cats living -- along the beach and boardwalk in seaside heights. They get attacked. -- and that was not the Jersey Shore kids in the tax credit MTV would give him credit really for TV's. That that's. That was wrong when America right we're gonna give them credit for TV -- about the county's huge they need to save money. You know what you gonna pay those idiots for every episode I know one might do with me five million hours imagine that -- other -- -- we did not let -- get taxed more that might be endorsements. As well I wanna say it's like 500000 and up -- for 2000 episode or something ridiculous like that that they. And would complain and -- of the billionaires once there's any of them on the shelves that's an awful lot of -- that adds up -- 50000 of person times eight people it's dumb like a new Jersey -- math. That that's a lot. Anyway. Until -- -- -- carotid that you want to give it to all story George for Colorado blue -- while black car. Dog -- shortcut -- criminal charges woman -- -- wallow along SATA -- ten to fifteen miles an hour. Point nine deliveries animal cruelty charges. And fairly menace. Here this is do that in here that Texas I think it's in taxes or maybe those that Texas do away with the the meal. Last -- yes and unity that ordered before then his last in the eighties and that it might. For peace. Hold chick in the area it was Larry's. -- and more time. I like the day to -- thing Reid is keep eating his last -- and ever stop eating -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- That's gonna wrap things up folks who got a good -- of the show -- a good time put together. Open you'll enjoy the football games tonight Chris -- great job as always we'll be back although one of October with a knowledge Sanderson shell. And -- can be on a month. Must be nice and I Pena. -- peeps.