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Gov. Scott on The Bob Rose Show 10/19/11

Oct 19, 2011|

Gov. Scott on The Bob Rose Show 10/19/11

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right I know one of the things that I think you wanna talk about has to do with the university system. How or educating our young people and really how it directly correlates. In two jobs what kind of feedback are you getting from the university system on on some of the demands that you were making. But I won't get into that masking. -- I think I got freeway is why I gotta keep the cost of living -- little pot by Wendy and I want the government duty to raise the cost of living. Two I want everybody will get an education in -- people get jobs where they're asking for -- That's what sort of data we have this C if you get a degree in whatever area could get the job. Because -- you that is didn't spend a lot of time in the degree to use any minute damaged any money in the state spending money. I'll make sure that money is spent as well as possible so let the next the last to -- -- It could look at what do you do we have OK so is proud. Have agreed to remove in the opening period. What sort of jobs to people getting what you know I'd -- to understand what they're getting paid. I'd like to understand why -- university costs what they cost. Two that the types of things and I'm looking forward to weaken -- -- look they know how to pick education. My goal is tight but this is where we -- ago I noted that the jobs to -- -- -- state. Over the next ten years -- going to be science technology engineering and math degree job. So what we're doing well particularly graduate during the period how are we promoting that I -- -- success is it going after the going down. So that the precedent that important that I -- -- this should be an air ball and -- don't think anything could -- would exit. Well I think it's interesting you made a a comment at one point about that I asked Paula we don't need any more anthropology degrees and right after them my daughter who's in her -- second year. In Nyack College that was taken anthropology and she was having some difficulty I said. Call the governor and maybe you'll give you some dispensation. That it would take that road I don't know a big jobs that people are giving within topology degrees. And so what I wanted to let you think about is that look. If you wanted that -- the area if you wanna have a degree in anthropology or whatever we have a good job make sure you understand where you can spend all that time. All that money. Let the job afterwards. Because He if you can be used its allotted time what I want people to get jobs. And I know -- companies who are looking for science technology engineering and math graduate. So let's make sure that our university. Our president has employers and certain jobs are out there so we can make sure we tell our students of the job market is like. What do think you talk about governor was removing ten year possibly any university systems. If that is to occur in and I tend to agree -- it -- you know you're gonna relate your job to performance which everybody in the private sector has to do. But the other side of it is if other states don't enact this kind of thing we're gonna have folks that I believe would leave the university systems and go over the gonna get tenure. I mean if they're gonna leave the state of Florida's universities system. -- -- Israel did. Governor Perry -- Texas at this seven point plan. And so as I interview people to go on university gorgeous state college boards and cinema copy of that plan and it would you think. Here's what I want I want people to go on these boards. There are going to say that we don't know that -- -- interest should we have to junior to not have to hear what you're gonna do that change. Because if everything we do. And we -- in free. In fact government involvement something and there's a cost it. So it makes sense wishing to donate it and it simply not there have been diverse student group that I read. -- twelve -- is. It's for the benefit to students so it is good pursuant -- that Christians would be a prediction that the teaching it to help people get jobs that let people get jobs that's where I think about it. Well when you go to a university I thought to their mission lies. He had to work on some skill sets but more likely to. Put out a person who was well rounded who is teachable to the next level because in what university are you gonna get the exact skill set that is gonna translate perfectly into a job isn't. Is even get -- highly educated college degrees people to graduate -- it isn't there a still substantial on the job training to it anyway. Without debate the billion a year ago they may have yet to technology company right and -- you any college grad you want. And you some early decisively are not. Yet I think in that -- of the important deal were not. -- really have to think about it think -- earlier. If you have a choice between hiring somebody with a degree that is related to your area even though legally -- on the job training. -- somebody who has no background in that area in which she didn't do. It had a personality has had something in -- education system this time to close this could be the closest to. That your job with the job it. In just don't have a job on the job training. He accounting -- are you an estimate that as. And let accounting degree is not united Arab people that it kind degree that it happened. -- we simplify and attacked and literally -- -- -- read as many accountants. More I said if if we can simplify the taxes in this would be more on the federal level but if we can simplify tax rates then we might not need so many accountants. Absolutely so so but if -- hurt US this students. You're going to school to get yourself a better position to get the job picture that's what you're going to school for. And so look at the job market and say -- led the group would be most helpful to me that's what I should get my degree in. Neon I guess but I mean if a student is in very you know just doesn't have a gift to the shall we say for the -- higher levels of math then shouldn't they go. A -- feel that they may be that's better suited for them. That absolutely. I can't understand what the job market this if you wanted to get a degree. In an area where there's no jobs could that. Mean that the opportunity you have. The most people are doing that most people believe. That really does there's a job in this in that area I want to make sure they know. No guarantees that they know where the jobs are in Turkey go get a degree in a certain area you think we're CI the year we'll get the job. You do so so brought up about it and argued I don't know the job. The TV you get a degree in anthropology. If you walk into what you finished if there's -- that -- that's what you should do it. So you wanna get -- degree in anthropology. She did not find a job in topology. So you wanna see a stronger connection between the university system. And actually employers give the employers to name the skill sets that and they're looking for. And then promote that was in the university system is at one way of saying it. -- what I want to do that want to make sure that when you go off to college. You know you're probably change what you're doing but you have an idea. What the job -- at the end of your four years of living with a master's you know the timeframe to take to get better whatever. So you that you know exactly because you put a lot of time into it and somebody put a lot of money into -- you like your family might have gotten this big government might. And as part of this governor -- to cost of education continues to spiral in the way that it is have you gone to there without. Well not yet but here's what I don't understand if you take those companies the private sector they -- not able to raise prices. 8% 3% 15% year we can't. So I don't understand law -- Education -- continues to cost more money every year every company I know a lot has to -- how to get more efficient every year. It's like -- it looked like He would have to go back it was my core mission. Part of my own copy of lighting it might be hard to outsource to somebody that -- expensively than we can do it. It -- focused on what we're really good that. -- can't be all things to all people. So I want to make sure that when we think about. The cost of education first thing we think Bradley University it is we're can we reduce the cost of education not -- how can we raise tuition. I wouldn't I was rocket I was waiting my daughter has been down. And we're at the mall in Tallahassee and younger. Good enough to need a -- 21 years old. She was put her to school -- -- bright futures are are shipped in women raising tuition. I hear it especially in her out of pocket she could wrap up 50%. And -- Benoit is cool it was a lot of money here so. Absolutely you know these these percentages don't -- a lot of money but we -- a year and year out. -- so these individuals are paying their right a lot of money to them. I hear you know you're pretty soon require I've got two kids in in college ones at the University of Florida right now and it sees contends. Or talks about her master's degree of course there's. Really not any help there. Act -- what I want I want to make sure looked like it here today it has to go. I on the first in the -- -- one -- -- where can we reduce cost that would. -- every businessperson have to do that to figure out how to get more efficient every year. Our universities should if you didn't think things. Governor on your web -- you posted the the pay rates for some of the higher paid professors. Around the state what was the purpose of that. What would have been doing on our website is trying to put out as much information we can. So everybody understand this -- dollars. These very these are actually your value you the taxpayer. It so how -- your dollars being spent so you should know me light -- -- state government. You that you can get on the web site. And find out what every important respect. -- Usually have a -- shattered for state workers He should ever for a university that you should have it for anything where your state tax dollars have been spent. -- your money. Because I believe it is just like I'm trying to make sure the sort of pension plan state pension plan is underfunded. I want to make sure that you if you're if you have relied on that you understand that because think about what could happen -- the pension plans underfunded. What's the chance that you can get your pension. Mean that's what we're doing and He didn't even get -- -- security were statement I think about a quarter interview He -- 76% didn't. The need to be changes so part of that you know. Would ever believe every area -- government that I'm involved in web trying to do -- to get information out of people. So they can make sure they're happy with the decisions are being made. Because this is your money. And how do you want people to giving input via the website is at the best. Look at that guy dot com. We've got to. By being honored in an email. Here valid I think that might might grab it delusions of Floridians. Let Hal can't. I believe I -- obviously thanks. Don't do anything deadlocked the government to -- -- -- -- the cost a little mistake. The -- education system works if you -- talking with education and to really make sure you get the job. I need ideas. If it and thought I ran -- very specific campaign. I think I thought I'd get to sit back to work. Let me know music live idea until people -- dot. If you have an idea of a company that that might vision moving here let me know -- the -- column. I that unsettled card at any given troubled that it didn't -- of north movement. And he's gotten beat and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- even -- He youngster got beaten to remove one of the cold as forty jobs. I talked a person yesterday and Chicago. And effort in mind that I back in business with he's got it it he's been losing jobs down here. We the people want to do built into -- So I think what are trying to do I don't listen to people and get their -- my job is to get this date back to work. This Friday will have our unemployment numbers for September that the -- I look good that's our report card how good are just going to just -- right. Well governor Rick Scott I really appreciate your time I appreciate you coming on the Bob Rochelle will continue to. Monitor and see how things are going in terms of unemployment jobs in. And -- organ out with the university system and how. They tend to play along and I will give everybody the website several times SL gov dot com to give the governor some great ideas governor thank you. Our -- governor Rick Scott. Great state of Florida right near the sunshine state a major input what did you think. The looks like the governor wants some accountability from the schools of higher learning about Claussen missions and accountability. -- it sounds pretty reasonable to me. But maybe you're tied into the university system in this is rubbing you the wrong way in -- way what do you think. And share -- good ideas would meet. And don't forget about the web site to SL gov dot com. All right thanks again for the governor for coming on about Rochelle.