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Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley Jr.) talks about his arrest at Occupy Gainesville

Oct 20, 2011|

Ellas McDaniel (Bo Diddley Jr.) talks about his arrest at Occupy Gainesville

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anyway Ellis was was arrested at the occupied. Gainesville event and apparently it it actually made. News. Adam. Through like the daily Costas of these other web sides and now we're -- -- you know again -- I'm fascinated as to why it's a problem. That He was arrested He He was explaining that that his three is right of free speech was being inhibited and who knows He may well be able to prevent and a quarter of law I don't know amendment that the facts as I have him right now and I will confirm this we get them on the -- is that. The Gainesville police department. That's -- the opportunity to say you have to clear out of the park. By a certain time and it and removed this pay Ellis there you go welcome to the -- time happy are good to have you on the boundless. It. Tell us a little bit about so why you think it does somehow you've been done wrong by the city Gainesville. All of -- longer Meyer commission calls all of the road for remote. -- -- -- -- Okay. Who were the circumstances that I described accurate I don't know if you heard them or not but. The police came to -- at 1130 and said He got a half hour of need to get out of this public space because it it closes officially at this time. And if we're going to we're going to sites you and then they came back and they did in fact site in. -- Guys say you are gluten that you believe that you don't have -- -- -- the only the only discrepancy that would that. World. Before our cold. There was interest there and in the midst of the park. Occurred and our hospital that's speakers' stand. To protect what so. -- freedom of assembly. Yeah I don't. Yeah I don't understand what you mean by that I mean if if the park's closed the park closed this -- -- you. The allowed to be wherever it is you want regardless of what the rules are. Most sort of that's not -- took. Took it well it. One symbolic stroll in the midst of our ability -- about -- Barbara. -- true as the bill right sort. Excess 1791. To 1991. Bicentennial commission. OK if I have no freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Freedom of press and freedom to assemble. Yeah does not put time on that about specifics don't so what -- trying to limit is to assemble. Are sort of -- the around the stone itself is is -- is a Ollie -- -- and Ollie Ollie oxen free a place where you can assemble anytime anytime you want regardless. Public -- support for world somewhat. That would have -- it would have a time that it is -- as. Particular symbol and 6 o'clock in the war torn Lebanon might marketers are could have trouble it's I have the right to symbol. I believe what -- not well did not -- suitable that would troubled commit a crime. Toward the poor house. Or banned all those commands to leave the park. More freedoms. Are important to me. Don't go of this country was important to my father used to -- is -- you understand -- -- so. I do I -- I do I understand I guess I guess whatever I'm having a problem with is the part if the markets closed at 12 o'clock is -- -- not closed at 12 o'clock. I'm from -- -- on senate. They're not only owns this symbolic owned that hold the rights to the country. Be moved to the sophomore what do brought stop Beers. OK if they want to put a trial when little one or -- person can. Rightfully so -- in this country according to the bicentennial commission. In the country -- 1791. To 1991. It's -- that I have books we don't to assemble it does not tell me what problem. Have freedom to assemble. And that's what it discrepancy between law enforcement. And myself -- and a. -- citizen you have you have a problem with whatever. Ordinance of the Gainesville police department -- -- It OK and hardware what will you what we do what we you do about it from this point board and I mean I appreciate you bringing that up on the show and we're certainly you know willing to take -- phone calls and find out what other people think about it because you know it's it's a good it's an interesting discussion. The idea that. And part of their interest from automotive. Do better respect their own so what right. -- they respect their own trouble right. -- Well whoever the issue the permit for us to have remain -- that would plug all the night. -- It shortly that it was possible. You know that it -- possible. For us to remain in the -- believe Barbara community tribal one night. Two of simple Welker but they're -- -- Occupied -- bill that visual wardrobe like campaign bill won't go all -- to do it one time. I would describe Anqunette. My pleasure warrior what you're saying eagerly listening this. If you block Opel that I knew which we will commit. Been told that you can never have not commit again not a contradiction of the. I don't know that they told today tell you can't have the permit every I don't know what retro. And so -- eluded and appeared. As I understood they -- the media organization was appealing the permit and that they were given permission to stay as long as. The permit was an appeal have they turned down the appeal in the parliament. -- I walked on the sidewalk. When the sidewalk of all the schlep in the community park last night. We were allowed to stay in the community park in order stayed in the community park when asthma is on the sidewalk. I understand I guess leave the problem you have is with the tyranny of the Gainesville City Council. -- no problem. We have we have the right -- symbol. We have the right to freedom of speech. We have the right through for a we have the right True Religion. The mostly to going to be violate any manner or any reason whatsoever. And what -- you become comfortable with that. Chris I guess some I guess uncomfortable with the idea that debt that there would that there are some zoning ordinances that there are. You know permits that have to be drawn that -- that that. Welfare pocketbooks that you you. Are sick why not cool -- own. That that -- America. Freedom. In our designated area you were at their freedoms can be cracked. Now listen I had I understand -- salmon and if this is if it ultimately what you were. What you're demand here is or what year what you eat very OK what you think would be justice is to remove the stone right. It. I don't know why not I mean I don't know I don't know whether I can move the stone I mean I I I'm I mean it's like it's one of those deals like. Is this is is this are you gonna petitioned the City Council to have the stone move. All are different different that they put a time when an -- that it puts -- -- auto industry that we lost we have the right. That symbol door and 6 o'clock and 11 o'clock. Utility man came from another country and they and may well. Went to -- broke the whole ordeal of becoming an American citizen. And they decide to visit floor. And they decide to go to the Bo Diddley -- look for entertainment for Israel believed that they were you don't like of the bill -- on national. And they don't -- -- world. -- -- -- -- I think if -- -- freedom to assemble they would like to know what time baker and if so what the site. I don't that we forward you know what you're gonna have the -- Doug trumbull any child. It is not well it was no profanity and -- level of -- a common goal that which on the region trauma. And hash out. I think it perfectly would often get -- -- okay. A junior what you're saying is that there shouldn't be a need for any kind of a permit. For any kind of assembly. On the it -- community possible. OK. I got a -- it doesn't have anything to do with the rock it has to do with the fact that it's a community plaza. -- of a group of citizens want to go to a community plaza at anytime day or night they shouldn't have to have a permit period the acrid. But but but we will build a child -- what -- get a permit had been exposed that we could only ever want or you wouldn't be couch and out whether it would look. It was -- -- to do it again now. -- I do I I do lenders I absolutely understand we've -- is there anything else that we knew we should understand what you say. Now know that that may come down to them to the community -- -- occupied gave real -- to boost. Have a -- personnel build a -- one spot on a big moral while occupied gave little. Are we just you know come on none of them that exceed it would not Boller and -- we Obey all traffic signals then. We haven't personally academy classroom with a -- system might have a -- And we're trying to do their as if -- as we possibly can. And that's -- that I dealt with with the law enforcement. Are taught until. The City Council the other day. There should be more stipulations. The don't call that that's well -- we don't or protracted. Was on top of the old. Aaron me they took office cold -- -- the end didn't leave Myanmar weren't the right. -- Ellis I know you volume of civil rights to. Okay they they -- you do appear in court Ellis I appreciate your time this afternoon thanks for joining us here on the drive time happy hour. We'll be back don't go anywhere get a hero's death. --