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Gun Control - Tim Tebow

Jan 16, 2013|

Bob Rose Jan 16 7am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yeah. Running -- -- it is about road show my friends and our number two of our get together Jake Anderson announced John Boyer in the newsroom at. We haven't covered in a -- of Florida it is Wednesday. January 16 2013. To me somewhat overshadowing. What the president is going to -- I -- to do later on if today at 1145. The president is going to be. Surrounded by children from around the country who -- wrote the White House. With concern about gun violence in the wake of the Newtown school shootings that left twenty children dad. So he'll probably read from some of the letters like you heard on ABC news your few minutes ago. You know President Obama life. Do you let bad people get guns and hurt people. That's the media will be out -- on the old heart strings and stuff like dad absolutely. Great showmanship from the part of the president. But those with a modicum of common sense know that destroying our. You know Second Amendment of the constitution -- really not a there really what. We wanna put a show on -- hour. If you know what I mean. Time Jack is brought to you by the emergency room at -- -- regional medical center average wait time right now only twelve minutes. What's overshadowing this at least for right now what President Obama is going to do later on in it -- that will be big buildings. Well right now in the State of New York they've already passed. The strongest gun control laws in the country. The biggest thing probably well there's several big things actually want is. There and high capacity magazines are illegal it doesn't matter when you've gone -- -- house which is different than the previous assault weapon ban. You were grandfathered in if you already had those weapons or those. On pieces were already manufactured -- in there you know the United States you know like to magazines. So this is a little bit different this won't make it illegal for you to possess it. And when they consider high capacity magazine anything any magazine holds more than ten bullets the way he gets worse. You can only put seven bullets in a magazine if you put more in there you will have broken this. Brand new law. In the State of New York there's a mental health component to it that in some ways I've got to say look. I think it's common sense that nobody wants a violent. Person suffering from mental illness to. Legally possess a gun. Would that prevent them from getting a gun hurting people or hurting people in other ways no. But. It's a common sense thing I don't necessarily have an issue when it. It's just all in the definition that's where it gets. Password can get a little convoluted. Because. It uses the word credible threat if you're a therapist. And you are listening to somebody and they're telling you how tough their life is right now and how they feel. And they feel little angry and they feel this and they feel that. Now some therapists might already -- a little bit of an anti gun bias. So they might be very very quick to report deaths. And -- next thing you know you know just under the guise of safety wouldn't take that gun away. What -- the two woman who's going through a very tough time and in fact one of the reasons why she's going through such yeah and emotionally tough time is because. She's being stocked. Or you -- -- ignorance muttered some. -- she might hurt somebody might somebody breaking -- her house who wants to rape or murder. Far fetched now. Now I've got enough I've got evidence of that. On and for those who said you know hey you know whenever you mention the word confiscation yeah that's really your sound paranoid -- The average American didn't feel that way. Well if you have what's considered an assault rifle now in the State of New York you're gonna have to register it. And remember you gonna have to get rid of those high capacity magazines. So in that case may be they won't be confiscated. But she won't be able to legally possess that mean there. And I'm assuming there is no. Government buyback program. Now now of these things are illegal bring them on down to you know. -- things and at the local fire department whatever drop them off we'll give you fifty dollar gas card or anything like that now just I get a piece trash now. House. By limiting the capacity of the magazine what are they hope to have happened the theory is I guess. That when you go to murder a bunch of people in a deranged state of mind. That you'll be able to murderous many. I guess that's the theory right. Mean. But still people could get murdered. -- you can go until liquor store and buy as much -- you want to. You can get -- whole bunch of people -- a whole bunch a liquor into animal out easy driving their cars killing people even. -- at it but just jacket. Because that would never happen because 30000 people don't die at America's highways every year 40% of which -- alcohol related that doesn't happen. ABC even have that story with a go up again for the first time and in awhile highway fatalities bring. -- -- -- -- -- I -- morning. -- -- it boggles my mind he would be surrounded by children. There wrote him letters. I'd take your children and that. They're mommy and daddy who lost their jobs because Obama has been created in the job sure write letters. To Obama and I say to children who are recent -- lost or ulcers. 800 no work quarter write letters to Obama. Let's get -- has. To these huge amount that it by -- -- and the answers the question why age. She -- created no jobs and why the illusion houses and logic army's latest. No is because the evil conservatives who all a lot of those businesses. Are trying to make him look bad. Now would be news excuse or something like that -- when he has -- -- he saved the auto industry so we saved all those jobs. Interesting you bring up the jobs thing to think Casey didn't know. Remington arms company has a has a big factory in upstate New York there. And they employ 2000 people. So are they going to be impacted by this kind of a law that's passed in the state of new York and by the way we don't know exactly what the president's gonna propose today but we know. In New York State these things were -- into law yesterday. So you know what about this is always jobs I guess not. Among wild when they moved to a state. -- with better weather at the very least come on down love to have Leo love to have you in this sunshine state bring your business. Bring some of the folks. Oh win via hire some of the local people pay some taxes. Love to have yet. Willard you're on the Bob -- good morning. The more about Bob. Arctic national. -- there. Well what caught out to the table that goalies so Social Security disability chicks you know two additional mental disorder. Local and. That is a great question I don't have an answer to that did you catch -- Jake you're receiving disability now due to some mental or emotional issue. I don't know would be post dramatic saying or some other form of mental illness. Would that then be an automatic flag of first say -- government in New York to -- one now wait a second this guy is so mentally ill the erratically that he cannot eat you know work. Eight probably shouldn't have gone either. And gas so you were. I know you know a person living at home already now you have -- means to defend yourself if indeed that's true I I don't know the answer but it brings up another interesting question -- you very. Ella question couple things violated vis a vis the new York -- the expanded band on the assault weapon. Takes effect immediately upon the signature of the governor that is already in effect. If you own a gun that is already banned under the new mall you can keep -- would have to register them. Within one year's time I'm assuming they mean effective right now his signature -- -- the clock is -- -- he got through Sunday. Peace and order it's right or whatever. And ended it does say here other provisions of the bill take effect later days does not give any specifics on that be in the New York Times article -- -- Randy on Barbara you know. Bob that so called a New Yorkers to look through here it appears -- -- interpretation and it does not sit. Actual. -- -- -- Itemized site what is happening -- -- like all the Democrats capacity say everything is subject to interpretation. And there's two. Take all of these people and it was someone goes too late doctor or mental problems and he -- The top in the doctorate to let you know -- about my next door neighbor policy. He had a these are the other day I don't know what he -- the we had let those doctors that are so too it would report. Directly to the state and it almost so -- is the one that where. Everybody's -- and there guns confiscated in New York. State two a coordinate those small. Yeah well it's -- If they said if they said the new loan was called the gun confiscation act it would have passed. But if we put you in a pot of water in your happy little frog and we turn up the water ever so slowly. We might not really like it but it you know as time passes. You'll learn to enjoy the feeling of being boiled. 716 on the Bob Rose show. Chance be aired out coming up next grudge about Florida pest control really bugs they can't control our litter bugs here's our number 877. 9759825. It is -- in area play more to talk about as well on the Bob -- show. 97.3. This guy I so wish that I have been able to fulfill your hopes to leave the country in a different direction you hear about it first. Time to talk about. Go once a million years. And W sky talk over -- We brought you by Florida pest control on not be seven point three this guy. 721 on the Bob Rochelle OJ Anderson live and local. Thank you so much for tuning in now a chance -- aired out get it off your chest and feel a little bit better. We call it what's bugging you brought you by Florida pest control it would bugs -- -- litter bugs here's our number to call -- and get it off you chest 877. 9759825. Lloyd James was bugging you. Hey good morning. -- only -- like I'm one of the questions they ask is pure and I don't know but he -- creep into your urban commuter jets big culprit. Myself I got back Barack got mistreated and now he's pacers proposed lyrics are good order for -- -- editor like out there. What what happened -- -- decided. And new law that also located but he pitched into speech gets people's order. Should not fire are -- -- -- and all boats that are right. -- that we little things jurors need to death because perhaps encouraged the move could talk about Qaeda mining real records and medical records are there. Well and that is that's part of the problem is the broad weakness the brightness. The way the law is written and it is open to interpretation and as we know. That's when even greater abuse by the government can take place. Especially if someone may have an agenda. So that is a great point James. Knuckle head what's bugging you. And how do you measure it freedom must not being on the same schedule. You'd probably -- -- they've really got too much. Like and I answered flurry that was slip or eight. Given us what we aren't there yet not about guns in the Second Amendment. It's part of the package -- tossed. To Asia maybe the president -- might consider what anger towards it got arrested for playing cops and robbers to at least eight. A few days ago they had -- -- -- right now. You're absolutely right this is about more than just when people want to simplify and boil it down ago here we go again with Doug gun talk. And they wanna tune out. You know I hope people realize that this is at very slippery slope not to overuse that term but. You know this is how rights and freedoms are eroded and I'd give you some historical. Backup to it but it might -- sounded it would make me sound like. On either I care about history or that I'm old so I don't wanna do that -- I'll tweet it to you later. The ambient Smart Alec Pete. -- -- and you know. What's bugging me other racists. At the oxygen TV network. There was shell development. About a rap music star in Atlanta. Who had eleven children. By ten different -- it was a reality TV show and now these racists. Have canceled the baby bombshell. Thank you -- Yeah the end. But there's still what they still love the -- show on -- is called buck buck wild. Yeah they have that mom. We can go on and on about it at the degradation of society -- what's available on TV but we'd have to. Starting yes -- Jerry Springer and go from there I don't know. Gun man what's bugging you. I'll play with but he -- I am sick and tired of hearing assault weapon assault weapon assault weapon. It's in every weapon intended to assault but -- No well no I mean. Yeah I mean if fear your hometown and if you would call it -- saw I assaulted a deer today. And I assaulted him with. With salt. And pepper and. Mean new dude. Global head -- -- and you know. I sure would like you know worst sort of filter these kids just light TC and it's probably not strike by themselves so we gotta have won a -- parents -- guess the president is done -- care how much money -- spent. It's another invalid point all for a nice photo wanna make the picture looked good. Flying a bunch of kids. World provide us some sort of transportation to them and AM in new you'd figure at least one parent would. Have to go want to go isn't a day of school back. Idea. -- -- and important we have more math and science people. And one would think. -- -- -- but you know politics trumps all. Story here on above Rochelle what's bug and you know. I just. A letter to the president from a child made Julia. That -- October oh yeah it looks like an adult Brodie make it look like a child integrated. Midnight and thank him for being so transparent -- can -- people looking. Yeah Julie Julie as the a caricature that the you know the Obama administration used to show you how. In the government is here to help you from cradle to grave and use this. Made up caricature this woman called Julia. And how she is helped every step of the way I guess. From cradle to grave and everything in between. Cross creek Joey on the Bob -- what's bugging you. What's bugging me is that the politicians are using our kids for political gain. Know when those kids would write whatever the teacher Adam right you know they are saying about it and have them write a broad -- -- Well it is interesting to add to our child like mind is known. Is easy to manipulate and follow lockstep with some of the far left progressive theories. So one might think that. Some of their theories here. The child like I think fit the folks in the framers of our constitution were. But very mature. Richard what's bugging you. Has to do what are ignorant politicians and the government bit yet it's ridiculous. What you collect call lol are you want. They're not gonna build. There's nothing. Unless you get the criminals. Abide by them you know big fool him what you -- -- -- -- -- -- doing this kind of that the armed American public that's what the government run and the guns to Mexico was all about so they could get into -- kind of legislation. Well even if you don't go that far. Even if you don't go that far. The leftist instituted John of of convincing people how evil guns are. To begin with to always the goal of this legislation to eventually take everybody's guns. It in May be a part of it but I can tell you the short term goal is purely. Political and for political gain. Because they know. People want something done. Think about it it's exactly like Health Care Reform. Did not the vast majority of us of -- if you remember this. That there needs to be reformation -- health care the costs are spiraling out of control what actions can we take to help bring those costs down the whole debate started there. And then when it was the you know that help was re you know the remedy came along -- wasn't anything like we thought it was but. The political gain. Our President Obama obviously was enough to carry into that that second election. Down. Interesting stuff interesting times we live and stay tuned my friend 729 on about Rochelle thanks to participate and what's bugging -- -- about what a pest control. Skyline to be open up again yeah. Timmy Tebow I promise I'll give that story to you. Next hang on. Obama rose show powered by -- animal talent. I don't mind reaching across the island. As long as we're listening to this nation this is maybe talk station. Nobody seven point three sky. 7360. -- -- -- -- -- Happy Wednesday January 68. And over the hump headed to the weekend. Gun control it's still in the news what we're gonna talk about it because the State of New York passed some of the most sweeping changes ever -- now have the Easter disk. Gun control measures. In the nation and it's home to many manufactures of. Of firearms as well also it's like they are I'm going to negatively impact -- our own economy and they paired her own citizens. Paul because you know if you save a single child it will all have been worth it yet there's absolutely no documentation. Or any kind of a study that would back that up that enacting these kinds of laws and rules of law abiding citizens would result. In either lower -- rating and or less murders and homicides taking place with guns long or short guns. So I will continued to. Analyze it and handle also it is later on today the president surrounding himself with kids who've written letters concerned about guns. He's gonna be surrounded by them when he makes his announcement around 1145 when he holds a -- press conference. And unveils. Some sweeping changes that. Will be done on the federal level some via executive order and some of them supposedly will -- Make their way through congress we shall see. About something Hulu more upbeat. What about a friend Timmy Tebow what's still up to the Associated Press did a story on them. From nearly unstoppable in nearly invisible Tim Tebow out two weeks away from the Super Bowl a year ago now. Pretty much a player without a team likely to be released the released by the New York Jets. After one frustrating season Andy's hometown team in Jacksonville. Already. Doing away with a welcome man. No TiVo's need apply. It's not that bad that big cities would not be part of any future plans. It could be doing a little bit of enact. You know if you pretend like there I mean if you were if you're saying there's a demand for his services. Then the jets might somehow trying to capitalize. From that and want something. In return. On if you say -- know what we're moving forward we have got a different direction we're not interested. Tim Tebow gets released they scoop -- we'll see so you know I'm still open to that possibility. Because why would you come out in specifically say that why wouldn't she say when you announced even -- general manager. You know that I'm -- to Jacksonville Jaguars. A bit when asked about Tivo. You know you would simply say look all options are on the table we're not sure what direction that we're gonna taken it Tim Tebow is hometown favorite in. It'll be one of the considerations but there he said no. He's not going to be part of the plan. Which makes me think that he might be part of -- plan. Because see when money's involved in people say anything to benefit them -- right. This little old vehicle was only -- by an old lady church -- don't turn based. Really because occurs only five years old has got a 140000 miles on her church was little far away. Okay. Even Tebow doesn't know. How this'll unfold -- a parole and another NFL TE. Position change moon may be the Canadian Football League. I don't know my future holds he says but I know who holds my future. Stock and t.'s -- You said this in a recent interview with the Fox Business Network. I missed that Cavuto give me a little heads up on that it was a while ago or did you say it. I was like a week or so ago whenever. I think amid a -- around the time the Jacksonville. GL I cannot tell animated announced I still would have liked to known about it who DVR it. His only public comments. Those were them I mean senses. Strange jets' season ended and at the end that he added if there's a lot of peace a lot of comfort. Error but it can see -- at how many millions to remake already. Had a couple -- in the bank and I'm not saying that money brings him peace and comfort. No he he did I believe he's the real deal is a man of faith and his faith brings him peace and comfort. Well it's easier to find peace and comfort when it -- million dollars in the bank and I'm just saying I'm just being real okay. So he's gimme missing any -- into -- Tebow barely played for the jets last season an absolute mess. Is away recently retired special teams coordinator Mike west self described it Tebow has two years left on his contract but New York's expected to. Trade or release him in the next few weeks thus Jacksonville being quiet. King. They say they don't want -- but nobody wants of that all of a sudden why keep them on the team but they say -- would love to have a guy like Tim Tebow on that well you know what. Would love to have your third and fourth round draft -- four. You wonder if somebody else maybe who's in the Jacksonville division. Wouldn't offer that jets at least peanuts. Verse is nothing. Just to take him and hold onto them. I don't I don't consider him that much of a threat. Necessarily. While he's a threat he's he is at threat from the standpoint of we don't wanna go into Jacksonville and play. In Jacksonville. If this guy eight is on their team regardless of how well he's playing it. There is still all home field scenario sure I'll look -- -- wants them I would assume debate biggest reason is to save the franchise to sell tickets. To sell jerseys and things of that nature. You know at least when he was in Denver when there were a couple of wide receivers or okay they had a running game and had a young defense to start to play pretty good. Jacksonville has if they get Tim Tebow. Jacksonville have column. Well hi Tim Tebow. Well and Tim Tebow took over the Denver Broncos they had half as many wins is that jaguar and I understand that -- -- -- -- fairly early on through they they did have a few tools out there that you know that Tebow gonna to column names. There's no -- is about. Jacksonville has notables. Well. I tell you gonna say Jacksonville. Management's a bunch tools pleaded okay. I can't imagine a scenario in which he'll be at Jacksonville jaguar new general manager David Caldwell declared last week even if he's released. This guy David Caldwell I don't know a lot about my do you know this these are rising star easy -- younger on that sort of to -- You know general manager Cheney Friday one of the youngest. And it he sassy. Peace sassy. OK so all is not shown any cards I think he's a wise enough -- to know that. Yeah I'll be consideration but we're gonna give -- down low for you David. Side -- couple season tickets. Zip Al's zip -- right now. Super power in -- While there's an outside chance Tivo could remain in new Yorker depending on the -- of these still be higher GM appears highly unlikely. So that's two NFL teams down with the only ones at that who showed any interest in the last offseason when Denver shot him and remember that was after he had showed a pretty good level of success. And there was in many people interested then. Tim Tebow is extremely popular individual or he was to former. Cowboys executive Gil Brandt. Now when analyst for I think its popularity has waned significantly. The last three or four months -- -- I mean. If there's no buzz about you there's no news about you -- But he's no less popular in my mind but once again I am a fan. Of his not just because of football but because he is so much bigger than football. Of people in this area people in the south east as a region even remember Tim Tebow. From the days of the Florida Gators they sold needed there. Whether he's a traditional quarterback or not. You saw what he did with the Denver Broncos in the only sees nearly had an opportunity to play. -- won a game and lost two I think but look decent his rookie season and then I got him into the playoffs of one of a playoff game. And yet the jags were interest of the jets apparently registered -- but you got a -- different situation right now. And Philadelphia is nick -- going to be the guy again a new head coach coming in that situation. Matt Stafford has he done enough to warrant staying in Detroit long enough. Arizona stakes. That. Kansas -- in need of a quarterback Andy Reid -- run on the football woody did consider some like that you know there's all kinds of not that these teams are clamoring for Tebow again and he still looks that he has not been released by the jets and I'm sure from the jets I'm going to hold him. Until it doesn't make any sense of keys to a million and a half bucks and -- contracts say mark first. If I don't see any buyers form between now and then maybe I cut him right before that but on their hold on to him until I have to get rid of them. Just a case somebody speaks up and says he shot like a guy like dynamite team in the bottom line. -- for Tim Tebow to be successful if he is ever to be. He's got to go to eighteen Wheeler. To a situation. Of management and coaching -- wants him. -- field song. I want you to want me I need you to need me. I know Cheap Trick did but I don't know if that was the original. 746. And above Rochelle with. We will get to and I promise and wow. Another media hypocrisy. And protection of public Democrat. Right before an election I'll explain when I'm talking about coming up next on the Bob Rochelle news talk 97.3. This guy. Sharing thoughts so let me explain my my idea aren't -- And then we can debate it further cloudy seven point threes this guy. 752 on -- Barbara show a lot of locals Anderson in the house good morning happy Wednesday January 16. Yeah I'm still dealing with the remnants of all this stuff that's going around to -- -- throw and I apologize. My golden voice should be returning to normal soon that the data which I don't. Big time gun control measures have been taken in the State of New York Andrew Cuomo the governor signed off on it. Limiting high capacity magazines to seven rounds. You could have a ten round magazine. Much you can only put seven bullets and I'm not making that out also on if -- -- high capacity magazine beyond ten. Well well that's illegal he can have it it doesn't matter how long you've and it -- matter where you got it or anything else. It's signed into law. It and it if it goes from there has some mental illness components to it which I think is. Part of the problem and easily addressed does have to do with mental illness so I'm supportive in addressing that. I think the FB -- very careful. And how you do that -- seems like they put this together in a reasonably short time. The law of unintended consequences. More often than not when you leave things broaden open to interpretation. In their past two fairly quickly. Then you find out it's not exactly which you'd hoped for. So -- my concerns in some of some some parts that make absolutely no sense at all some parts that need to be talked about negotiated but it's too late. Still half the land. In the state in New York now. -- Paula thanks for holding on the Bob -- show. Well thank you thank my com Bob I'm out curious at all about each other that protect children. Why is not a major issue how many children are brutally murdered true abortion everyday it. It's mind boggling to me -- -- -- about our country got about I can unite people are bad -- What about Johnny obeyed all that in many many people are that I had that. The inability of the American people and try them out -- me shrug my shoulders shaking my head. There's many inconsistencies. That are government. Provides to us. You know woman now all under the law of the land can no you know terminate. The living a life inside her body if she chooses to do so it's. Apparently it's her choice but if that same woman -- not pregnant wants to and participating using something -- deemed to be illegal. Like -- consuming something. Then. What she's doing is against the law yet it's still her own body. There's a lot of inconsistencies and you just pointed to a couple of more in your absolutely right -- you're on about road show good morning. In morning well acting out and Obama elected president again. I think there's a difference between being mad and being extremely concerned. It you know and with this that the government in general. Athena usually once a right or freedom. Is taken away via legislation. It many times very difficult to get that liberty or freedom back. I personally don't have gotten in my house I don't want him around me I is not is and that thing for me I don't feel. You seem to -- and power again there's something that you feel like you've got some kind of our financial security or something I don't I don't do -- your mentality actually. You know I dollar I don't understand it. Well let me -- I think yeah well look what would you think about somebody who strained. For -- time in the martial arts there. And they somebody suffers from low self esteem and wants to feel much delicate way to get to fight because they've trained long and hard and how to hurt people. But it's all about personal responsibility. Who carry and you train in the martial arts and you learn so it is certain techniques that can be. Quite damaging to another human beings body. But you don't learn that so that you can harm somebody some day. You do it so that you may hopefully. In the event that the unthinkable should occur you may have some chance. Of defending yourself. It's not any different with guns. Some day you might need to use it I hope you never have to take another human life with that. But if it comes between me and my family. I wanna take the bad guys like so he doesn't take mine in my children's life from my life 756. On the Bob -- show.