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BCS Championship; Wage Theft

Jan 8, 2013|

Bob Rose 1-8-13 7am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Several minutes yeah. Lot of locals about grows -- I would Sanderson our roles. Agents. -- just joining us 42 to fourteen was a final score. Remember when he went to bed last night you said. I don't think notre Dame's gonna come back you're right you're right. And so you invest in something you believed in sleep maybe. All right 4214. It was it throbbing at thrashing a throttling. Anybody else who wanna add to it -- terms of you know wording it gotten out of beating -- -- you go over and. When OK but it. SEC again was at seven and rolled around I think for -- -- seven out of eight is it's seven in a room. Three out of four for Alabama. And in. And gators got a couple and their LSU got -- All burned out on okay hypothetical gators. Gators are playing Alabama last night instead let's just say hypothetical. Final score. -- us -- 4214 yeah. -- say the 38. 41 -- -- who the hell -- of -- right in there -- -- and I'm -- maybe a little bit better on the defense of and the things so we're on the same page. I just to clarify yesterday I exist that you would bet on Alabama to win yes but -- you were rooting. Correct to see somebody else bill yes and -- I was also recruiting for a little bit of a closer game. You know I was rooting for that I of course I got none of the above. But in some ways because of the hours in my job. Act. At least I knew I had a pretty about the idea of when I went to bed with the outcome was going to be so confident that makes it very convenient when it's obvious. By the very but what four seconds into the second quarter right now -- you watch the game idea don't watch any right. The game the Gator game the Sugar Bowl at an 830 kickoff or 830 start time hanging out around one ever. This was an 8 o'clock start time when they actually -- a stupid ball. I don't think it started till I wanna say 830 as well as the Baghdad via the I believe that's correct I. So you've got -- had a 4214. Alabama -- Notre Dame I don't think there's any question about the national. Champions are. Catch up on some other things. Couple of employees president Barack Obama he has pushing for senator Chuck Hagel former senator to be a to head up the on the view of the secretary defense. And he makes a good deal makes good positive case. Foreign hey look the guy who do Vietnam he was an enlisted man get a purple heart. Was hurled appoint his category he's a Republican or net. -- identifies himself within our that's as close as you're gonna get. So the president can get some mileage out of saying look at me mr. bipartisan look at me reaching across the aisle to vote yes. But the vast majority of American people. We won't know or won't care but -- -- -- the president he seems like a good guys who got a Republican on his cabinet so it serves a president's purpose. The dangerous part as he doesn't seem to be a big friend -- and but for protecting Israel. And he seems awfully soft on around. He said that new any sort of military options should be off the table dealing when -- in effect he's not even in favor of sanctions so that to me is dangerous. You're sending the signal to Iran. Here comes a softball. The other side of it is John Brennan data the CIA. I don't think he's a soft ball thrower I think he's tough guy so. I am I'm OK with that folks on the laughed cried because John -- for enhanced interrogation they consider some of that to be. Torture even John McCain doesn't like John Brennan. Guy was a POW John McCain his voice. Should be listened to and considered it but in the end. John -- is pretty solid spend spent pretty much as life's work written with the CIA so I really don't have a lot of issues with epic. OK. Disney utilizing technology and of course. I'm economic got to be on the cutting as they're the folks who gave us tomorrow land you remember that. You remember tomorrow land when you were at Disney. Ollie staying easier these new inventions that we're gonna. Be coming out I may be just part of outcome I don't know that. The people I remember this. Day at a computer. And it looked like a personal sized computer in their kitchen. Like wow. So that's easily come and then now would be a little what tablet or whatever Smartphone that that would have those capabilities in which you know what. You know what else was in that. People were real. Even the dog the oral robots. On the little paranoid. Disney knows a little bit more he has been nationwide. Now they have a new wireless tracking wrist band. But don't worry it's just designed to make the most magical place on -- even more hassle free. They'll at Walt Disney world in Orlando over the next few months. The magic bands. Will be linked to customers. Credit card information. -- all. -- and also function as. Room keys. And park entry passes. It also has an impulse control that'll tell you. When you're hungry. How to opt out of order off the menu the more expensive items water is now six dollars a bottle. -- -- down last part of this is all thanks to radio frequency identification. Are -- chips RFID. When they could store apartment trips in the people's heads that -- so much happier too many years here you gotta worry about this bracelet can I get whacked and not get it -- to implanted in this scanned. It's weird though because when they've done this in the past in experiments the sutures when it heals. It looks like numbers like like almost like like three sixes in a row as the way to suit them and has very odd or weird. But yes so that you're gonna have the magic wrist bands. Look folks it's all moving in that direction. Jokes aside conspiracies at your side a side. With a high school with a out with a woman who is. Pretty high up in one of these -- start up companies that. There remains thrust of their business is. You being able to use your Smartphone for financial transactions -- And one of the terms they use in -- is. What is the term they use it in and they call it it's like information gathering and okay they're gathering data there's there are turning into something like -- yes. It sounds innocuous it sounds that it sounds okay. Was sent a guy that -- harvesting data does not -- that they -- RS -- trying to help but it but okay you have in other words there's a trade off. Look how simple your life can be you don't have to have. Your your wallet in your purse would view at all times if you -- your Smartphone right through that you can take care of all sorts of financial transaction are up. On. The problem is is that as part of that service there of course gonna wanna have access. To your data and you'd be surprised at the kind of stuff that they can collect. Well as in. Every single place that you shop what time of day that you shop what I ails you go down what products you look at. I mean it can get great -- scary. But that information has been out is valuable to. Manufacturers and retailers. And maybe others as well. So anyway the world is heading in that direction there's no doubt about it Disney World is gonna make things easier you're gonna have a magic band. It's gonna be -- to your credit card information also function as your room T yeah park entry pass. And if you keep it on for more than two days you'll automatically know. That the words to it's a small world after all annual senior repeatedly. Until they give you the secret code word change on about Rochelle. Good morning Bob term -- -- -- data mining that's it. And yet it's it's pretty scary what they can find out but it actually only on your show it to an in -- first and your future attitude -- -- -- -- -- love -- thanks for the -- Oh. Went -- last. Because -- weird -- I was gonna say jet no jays got an issue with the hockey situation so he's got a call that. I want to go in and I wanna confiscate all of their bacon not stupid around stuff they call but until they get called in and out that's -- they tell you well yeah. They sell that is -- it is very DNA now the unsuspecting folks from American diplomat diplomat calling it didn't release stupid. And we accept it but it in the back in the back room in the damp. There smoke and up in curing the most awesome bacon in the world. And I wanna confiscated. Night. Pressure on about -- good morning. Elite comes at -- Beijing and then know what the new world order coming in I've got a lot of market. It it should be gravy labor does little agreed. And your garbage now. I've had birdied -- made bomb. And people -- him probably when money. I mean people -- don't have very good taste in clothes and he's good. So 717 on the Bob brochure where -- we go from here I have no idea. But. I know we have excellent customer service skills that we're gonna provide them to you next in a form called. What's bugging you. When I can act on your complaints that well maybe they're against Canada possibly. Series like 8779759825. Colin now what's bugging you it's brought about Florida pest control only about taking control. Our litter bugs stay tuned for what's -- you coming up next. 97.3. This guy. I so wish that I had been able to fulfill your hopes to leave the country in a different direction you hear about it first. Time to talk about. You know what's going to use. And W -- talk to have a very good. -- do you play Florida pest control on not be seven point three this guy. 722 -- -- -- show with -- for some time now for. What's bugging you brought about quarter past controlling only about taking control litter bugs. This is an opportunity for -- end -- giving up your chest whatever it may be. Call in now 8779759825. And knucklehead was bugging you. And -- -- I'm right man to launder money at all. -- I was proud to -- illegal aliens. It can't go probably I'd be named her the name Barbara swept them. Well I guess all of us in the black. I told -- the positives for bringing food. Play yeah generate good spirit federal firearms violations manufacture. And academic customers for ten years. What are you putting him again and what are they and. Dad and it's an if there's an interest in case he probably heard it and uses happy hour. AIG now gonna sue the government they like to terms of the bailout. You know they're putting out a great ad campaign right you thank you were profitable we gave back the American people though body and know with profited so under. In me a break so last what's bugging you. What about me -- how take on labor board at scandal. Having to do -- outside Tampa and pretty headmistress of the -- of the school. That is not a Christian school I worked at that school it would not even like eat pray in the class -- It is secular school and they keep saying it -- Christian school and I wish that they would correct that. Mean OK all right I will I'll talk to a news department. -- -- go to look Larry what's bugging you. Well the carry on talk the talk -- -- in the bag from Canada over Christmas we took the history and the senate bill that can't. We invited some friends notre differently were gonna have lobster and steak or steak and lobster barbecue. I'd they remain lobsters but then I found out all because of regulations. That made -- so -- but the main Bob stupid and India industry out there these lobsters are actually cheaper Canada. -- Not sure that the administration's. Rules and regulations that are shut down Maine. Which is famous brother lobsters but. But here's the stores they have Canada boxes not may not since. Wow now if that's the case of -- -- -- regulations what have you. I mean that apply that to all the businesses and American and and just wonder why they're struggling mrs. Not good -- Scott what's bugging you. Scott what's -- you. Sorry what. Dustin. Dustin. -- Does -- get their morning gonna break it. I want it to just say I'm tired -- but he always talking about -- you know if I got mark you know guns don't kill people people kill people. No I think it -- to meet you don't have -- policy Obama real birth certificate. And commitment and a our right yeah I mean if AF I'm just writing a law would prevent crimes I mean I'd be all for writing all sorts of laws but. There's everything from you know speeding there's still takes place to murders on a regular basis unfortunately -- because the bad guys don't follow the long. Scott what's bugging you. -- morning ask you got the commander in chief and secretary of state destroyed infrastructure Libya to set up and hear people died. We got to -- -- Solyndra and the like to tax hikes and a 100% of people have a job. And that spending in all that they want to know if one guy in jail from passengers no accountability at all I mean that sparked a crap -- They just do whatever they do. Can't nobody hold mentality we are which are a lot. -- -- The outlet it's obviously -- you know all the people are steered by the mainstream media and they steered him away from fast and furious. Enough that you see here -- and really going on don't pay attention at best but let's take this terrible school shooting and let's try to use that. As a reason to promote gun control which any thinking person knows. The -- do not the -- do not coexist I mean it just it's a it has nothing to do that. -- your own about -- what's bugging you. The warrant. -- bullet dead. -- you're on the okay. Well what I believe was about. Well I'd beta and my own work during the state of union account that the federal government ought to have more runoff. Well. Some federal judge ruled. That they didn't have the right to regulate salt water well which is right. Okay that's a good thing but the bad thing is Marion County east of so would bring on highway forty spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. But -- -- normal -- about that some that I never seen such a waste of money in my life. The gas well look you you know if you know anybody who's an engineer. Newton and Newton. Engineers like to be engineers. And some time -- over and share of that. So I don't know I I haven't seen it specifically but that. This possibility that could have occurred. Now because remember they probably brought in some consults. Who then also brought in Saddam consultants who paid for some studies. That pay for some consult the season some more studies. And then they engineered it in and you re engineered it and they over engineered. And they built it. General pay for it and pay for and it deals with. Storm. -- we live and but thank goodness we have all four are we convention and feel better. So thank you folks for participating in it. What's bugging you brought you about Florida pest control -- but he can't control our litter bugs still got some on your mind. We'll open up skyline again a couple minutes 8779759825. Lotto winner loses. To cyanide. That's theater shooters in court. The -- detached. Continues to describe him really. We've got plenty more to talk about including a local story about Wade's death I'll explain news talk 97.3 this guy. This video needed data on video in your dad your voice he's news talk about seven point three. This guy. What has -- that its latest theft what is it. I'll explain in a second hey welcome back to the Bob Rochelle with Sanderson. Time Jack is brought to you by the emergency Romanoff for regional medical center athletes Cameron only sixteen minutes it's 737. Wage -- staff what is it. I get interesting thing here. On a -- to a -- wade stepped task force public presentation video actual county board of commissioners. This is going on today. Today. Let's -- -- wage theft task force along with dozens of local business leaders workers' religious leaders. In other members of the community will hold a presentation on wage staffed. On national crime -- that cost thousands of Florida workers millions in lost wages every year. This -- happened during the community outreach and public hearing portion of the board of county commissioners meeting. At 5 o'clock today. Now at the bottom of the sheet it was left for me. This is a press release that came from the task force I'm assuming. And it has a who what where which I like who got good work basic details like. But it says The Who is a -- to a county labor party. Not not not labor board did. Labor party as in a political party. -- election what county labor party. And elect to a county wage theft task force and kind. Wyatt the what is stop wait staff to -- to a county. Presented to the county commissioner where elect to a county board commissioner's office headquarters twelve southeast first street in Gainesville. OK. It's just interesting -- that's what -- Labour Party -- What's -- left. It's if it is wage staffed it is wrong I agree to let it if it's if if if it is a problem and it should be addressed a problem. I am -- I'm not. Now don't I just thought it was interest unethical what what pray tell is waged that after it is wage theft. Not paying somebody living wage or -- wage theft. I'm gonna give view eight bucks now or them idiots check you finally able to be gotten six -- when these things -- all well it could all be part of it. Wait staff can and does affect everyone with no regard to -- color creed or gender wage theft. Is the most simply defined has. When an employer does not paid what is legally do to is employee. Though it may take several forms. Refusal to pay overtime. A lot of companies will say -- now you were on manager. You were on salary you don't get overtime. They tell you that thing legally it's not always. It's not always applicable. OK but I don't honestly know when it is when it -- That's a -- you're supposed to pay overtime and kind. Payment below the minimum wage. Which. You know if you know what the minimum wages. You know when you do the math you're accepting less than that that's when it's against the law of the employers breaking the law. Or foreseeing an employee to commit tasks off the clock. Those are common types of wait staff and I remember that way back in the day. And manager one times said in a -- this this in this before you clock again I'm like Wyatt. He says all I don't know I mean because I was like sixteen at the time -- study could just rank and it was are now lining Coke lock in and go do excitement okay. Yeah might be sixteen in a Smart Alec but -- now in fall off a turnip truck. Actually I think it was -- loading in turn up truck that day to another story so JD had a pretty good ideal -- -- Nine still a matter I I guess but I mean again to when it comes to get a pay overtime and if you're exposing a third one -- certainly in the third one is. Forcing an employee to -- the ultimate clock run via a cable what if you're salaried. Well if you're salaried gets it can get -- you constantly on the clock I'm -- make the joke about you know that we have really worked for hours today would like to look I'm on shall prep and 24/7. Yeah. Watch TV I'm -- Oprah and -- a mile on the clock then it might not only in Mosul. I don't understand again. When are you playing where and -- -- tennis I'm actually doing show Oprah. The stories and people I talk right on the side and on yeah that's all part of it to -- opera. So technically we are being underpaid for -- we're working 24 hours a day seven days a week evil world vacation evil we -- legal way. We're still work the only time I'm not working is when I'm sleeping and even then I've had juries that I've talked about on the air -- -- so technically I should get paid. For 24 hours a day to don't think and but I don't think that's what they're referring to here and if you break that down yet and yet hourly we are really not making a lot of money. No but I try to look at it that way if I try to look at it the way other people are getting out. How can you make a living working for hours -- -- can you do that. Killed more trust. -- movement. According to the US department of labor's wage and hour division statistical research over 2000 violations. Reported between 2002010. In -- to a county alone. Yes in a -- -- -- county all alone because I was gonna to put that stat don't. How many millions of -- line that Bryant -- -- don't substantial. And you know what those are the ones that are reported how many people are afraid to say anything. Or don't even know when he got -- like go to -- I was thinking about this that this to me sounds like. The -- migrant farm worker type situation. A lot of those folks may not be -- the report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The 48 cents -- six Barre bushels of tomatoes and supposed to back. Yeah and I GAAP and I don't know how the wage breaks down when it comes to that is is a per Diem thing can you. I mean obviously -- work is illegal you could say I'll pay your quarter a bushel. But I guess it has to average out to at least minimum wage I think. You know I'm I'm I'm not absolutely positive on that bit because I know you can do per Diem per piece work its done all the time. In fact employers like debt because then they make you a contractor and you know it. So that's what they do so migrant worker may -- is just eight. I contracted it. What -- -- spent about a contrary I was looking for a -- Thousand and for some terminology. That makes it addresses it up a little bit. If you're a independent. Agricultural. Contractor -- going down now and not. Just here to help. -- short for the liberals American twist you know the words around like down. So anyway. They have -- they've done research in -- look at a widespread problem and it's a problem even here in led to a county. They even did a study -- by you know. On this reported number to be two to three less. There was actually. Confirmed like I -- a lot of people are either afraid it. To speak out they don't know who would speak up too we'll. And so you've got people who are taking advantage of the workers. It's illegal. I morally and ethically of course it's wrong and it's bankrupt but you know off. We've got the biggest banks in the world operating without any moral or ethical guidelines and completely break the law. And not a single person does a single day day in jail. Yeah. So -- agreed to spread around theme of the small businesses. 745. On -- Bob Rochelle along with. Including DNA helps to solve a case from 28 years ago coming up. Welcome back I unlike you I wondered if something -- can't do it again making. Your voice -- news talker not a seven point three this guy. 750 -- -- Rochelle with. I don't -- -- o'clock. There's speculation that the sun may be -- then again. Speculation that it won't. Those you -- really news. We're gonna have to take it you know beyond sunrise and started -- those debris and have to actually. You have to look out the window. So that's a problem. You don't if you known advance it's not a nice day bet in now. -- -- it but if you just think it's going to be a nice day but don't see it anyway these or Stucco work. You'll feel better so. Let's pretend it's gonna -- this pick it but the okay. I this is a little on the geeky side it is interesting if you look at it on the grand scale. And I'll explain what I mean by scale. The -- Are you familiar with us -- -- -- Graham -- pilgrim. May need to go on -- -- the international standard. Which is a cylinder shaped hunk of metal. It's it's actually made out of 90%. Platinum 10%. Iridium. They machine it into a cylinder and that's what they use ask. You know the point of reference for a -- what is a kilogram I its best right here -- exactly. Are you sure it's exact it's exactly but they're saying now well. It may have gained and tens of tens I said tens of micrograms. In weight. From surface contamination. Cost what do you dusted people don't feel collection of people are filthy hands grab -- -- -- a way to -- -- -- the kilogram. And people are filthy disgusting hands. Why can't you won't go to willow and are easily. And at and touched the Mona Lisa. Why can't you go to Philadelphia actually functional liberty bell and we are filthy disgusting vile hands all over what aides on stuff. I don't know people are touching this. The kilogram yeah. It's the official measuring kilogram for everything. Every time let's not get punched a guy. I don't know I think they would leave a lot more things always get molested. I guess yeah maybe they would set constantly setting scales what do you think. -- -- As a result each country now because of this has. One of these standard masses. OK so every country has one day how you weighed against a kilogram to make sure that we're all in agreement here. The problem is now there's a slightly different definition of the pilgrim. Which could -- science experiments -- require very precise weight measurements or. Drug dealer could see as profits go to now. The old triple team is now what used to -- it. Now seriously. It is like you go real butcher shop back in the day. Business a little slow. The old lady you know she's cheap as all get out but she's got more money she's been stuff and the hundred dollar bills and her mattress for 35 years. Butcher and lay's -- some down on the scale distill so gently. Yeah -- Szymoniak riots 2.4 pounds she looks added we're the evil eye and says I can't. Some on the scale you heard the term. So now. Do you think about this. Micrograms or like a -- it's -- might grow grams is hardly anything Bob but this at the world we live in. And adds up now why don't you give me 11 thousands. Of thought penny. For every time a politician lies. I mean really -- that I not only copper industry by now. See how it adds up. Michael Graham -- -- there were so we're talking about real -- -- year yeah. And the east lake so you know it has scientific involvement to when talks about weight and measurements. Ozone and ultraviolet light can be used to clean kilograms without damaging them so research says but I don't know for sure ozone. The clean I want as a whole -- alert authorities to clean the mud the kilogram here's Suzanne oxy ozone a tech guy used to Seles before today's gas. Somebody told don't sorted -- -- -- The cleaning technique. This -- January issue of the journal of meteor golly -- -- wait morality. Meet natural. OG IDC and a mark metallurgy. Now. I don't back into the -- from -- adult trial allege yeah. Yeah that's close enough object we've heard worse if he can't even have a specifically from me. On May eventually be widely adopted as a way to keep the fundamental unit of mass more consistent. OK so it's a geeky story. But I thought it was interest staying. Because just a little bet on the grand scale meaning of the globe really does not add up any other thing -- -- I can't believe that I've reached the age of 50 I've been around for half a century. And we still have not made the conversion to the metric system in America. Is that out of ignorant stubborn nests adults who -- America. Well we're no longer the world's superpower gets to dictate what goes on when where why and now. Then you know like when the Chinese finally take us over -- want to do metric that you mean when they start. Trading petroleum dollars in the Chinese currency that'll also be only go metric by gasoline and leaders like an open Canada food though you don't wanna do that not and I don't want. And does any really raise it up the signs look little like pay only apply 190 yeah. It's a buck 92 portable roads now. That's not now we've said that watch how the conversion takes place. Specifically in the petroleum industry -- So a kilograms no longer a kilogram earned my vehicle program. Always use your own scale excited cinemanow we're talking about. Really don't they're talking about this just you know. As as hard as you try to make things the same date change anyway. Oh it's evolution. -- the arrow to I'm allowed to say they ordered. Six to -- -- on the Bob Rochelle it is Tuesday January 8 and we have got plenty more to talk about it including -- not limited to. Cancer deaths goodness they're down but there's some new causes out there apparently. And always. The banks yours it's been. Another story about down -- that their multi billion dollar payout and it actually benefits. That -- not a consumer. 757 on the Bob -- a lot of local news talk 97.3. This guy. The old Brian.