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Only Kardashians Are Less Popular Than Congress

Jan 12, 2013|

The Jay Anderson Show for Saturday 1-12-13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I remind you that I -- the way it's been. No it's the ADHD. That's important top. Get in touch by dialing 1877. WSK -- talk as everybody has feelings about that. That's 18779759825. I'm. Proud -- you I'm proud of news. It's -- 97.3. Thus gone. Still love brands Jerry Anderson here. How Raleigh held -- Happy twelfth day of January 2013. Your phone number is 877 W sky talk that's 8779759825. Email address Jack Anderson Still when shall props to function at dawn before we get the air. -- It and. Catalog and computer are on the agenda today said it sucks guns baseball drugs colonoscopy is compiles the -- That's pretty much -- that. Very lean day in the new whatever stuff to talk but there's there's good stuff that happened all week. There quite yet had -- you know the the boost the public policy polling. People. Talk about congress' popularity levels vs various unpopular things yet had the situation with. Major League Baseball. You know the sins of the sons affecting the dollars. Nobody getting into the hall of fame what to self righteous baseball writers that never had a word to say about the junkies. When the junkies -- hit home runs now all of a sudden. Are all high and mighty saying no nobody gets to be in the the hall of fame this year. You have the big thing with a guns of course. Biden meeting the people. Is the dog and pony show yes a dog and pony show I'd -- analyst -- NRA. -- Wal-Mart had -- Wal-Mart wasn't gonna go to these meetings. But they realize you know what we got ago. And having the NRA or two ago. What their opinions gonna be listened to what role model define listened to. Biden probably wasn't going to be singing Britney Spears tunes in his head all the guys were talking but. Was he actually gonna take -- -- ideas they hey you know what that's actually not bad despite the fight becomes an organizational not a fan of not was half. They kind of already have their idea. But they had to go because the Vienna all right and shall Wal-Mart and shall -- -- obviously these guys don't care we take your guns away. And and the NRA can continue to get people to sign out and become members of the NRA. If they don't even bother showing up to Washington here's your chance to join a fight. Here's what we're playing our membership dues for. He better show up so the NRA and like good little soldiers went there or ignored. Limited they talk to the video game makers. Have they brought in. Drug manufacturers. Do I think video games have a reason why these kids go nuts and shoot up schools. Not the reason do they are they beneficial to grand scheme of things no probably not. When you have these high definition graphics. And now a -- got giant televisions and surround sound of their homes so it sounds accurately in the fight. Boy you push your buttons probably not the desensitized some kids to a lot of violent -- probably. What I hold him responsible and only a portion. Only a portion of irresponsibility. Some irresponsibly I hate to say it does go to the gun people. Some responsibility. Goes to. Crappy parenting in some cases. So the responsibility goes to. Narcissistic children. His generation -- we have been moved slowly but surely breeding since back in the 1940s. Yet when I -- on the greatest generation. They went to the Great Depression they went to World War II they saw horrifying things some of the -- the blue men and women. So horrible horrible things our soldiers that went to after we finally took out the Germans. And went into some of those Nazi death camps all things that none of us one I have to ever even think about saying. And they made sure that their kids it's and they got -- And they and they kiss the girls at Times Square on life magazine. And they went out and they moved into the suburbs anyone to make sure our kids did suffer. And their kids grew up to be the hit piece. Taken all the drugs all the free love the baby boomers that filthy disgusting generation of baby boomers the that are now they're very narcissistic. -- -- don't want anyone to touch her so secure because they're quote report entitled to elect and are starting to finally collect on it. What do they have. They had the next generation of kids. My generation the alleged slackers. And my generation was the last generation of kids. That didn't get a trophy. For socket. Now you get a trophy for socket. Your little six year old. Has soccer team. Six year old -- how to play soccer. Anyone of them can kick the ball half decent but otherwise it's it's kind of like a rugby scrum all the kids chase after the ball. And they fall down in a pile and and the one team is really really bad. Because they have to be very uncoordinated kid to a planet -- careers of radio. And they finished the season oh and seven they never even score -- -- they lose every game by about 47 which is amazing because the other teams aren't good either. They'll get a trophy and everyone special everyone's -- -- I've -- as such everyone is sold special. And you start reading the headlines. It's impossible not to. -- special. And then you start giving too much narcissistic. -- says to some did too but look beyond a solemn Lawrence special. They think they're special they think they're great. They've been told how wonderfully our since day one and that they -- don't do any wrong and maybe the worst they ever got was a time out for thirteen seconds in the corner. They act up a little bit. And because little Billy might have. Eighty -- eighty HD gets put on riddle and we put little Tommy on the stuff -- Tommy gets a little tweak it when he hits about twelve years of age or thereabouts. -- put them on some sort of cycle active. Keep you from being crazy kind of Madison. Which by the way what are the symptoms -- -- side effects could be suicidal thoughts and tendencies. Which I've never understood. Drugs for depression. Have side effects that could include suicidal tendencies. One other drug and do they give you -- does that. Hey you got Athlete's Foot here if we need. You need this spray. To fix it but what it might cause an Athlete's -- You got cancer we need to give -- this drug but a one of the side effects this drug is more cancer. -- We get -- -- drug it didn't -- -- -- Obama late -- might give you even more it's. Such things are possible. But have they brought in the the cycle active drug people. The prescription people who you know take this is -- and you'll be happy again that's got to have an impact on somebody's kids. Again I don't know what to what Colorado movie theater eighty it. Was doing. Our. Tucson parking lot -- it was billing. Or sandy hook elementary immediate bodily with the media stop talking a 27 people dying in that. Did another teacher -- Ehrlich did -- Now evidence supporting sex. And 27. A gives a damn about the stupid shooter. I'm pretty sure today and you know I haven't seen the numbers recently. They talk about September 11. And a number of people died on September 11. At least in the early aftermath. They never counted. The hijackers on the airplane. Why. Destroy them we don't care about their lives being lost. They went out to kill people they went -- to intentionally take people's lives. Give them any credit. Although the best thing I can say about the September 11 thing. Thank god there -- Middle Eastern people. What's weird Bob mob -- -- names of most Americans can't pronounce. It goes all the -- like white boys jumping on that plane hijack an end when that would know all their names we wouldn't really know the names of those people who died on 9/11. But that's the Tyree for another -- So Biden brings about people I'm gonna talk about guns audit of village when I think it may be executive order thing. Obama cannot executive order away the Second Amendment. The scary thing hands. Eric Holder sit in on these meetings. And you know I'll be older thanks. How far can we go and still technically be kind of an up with in the level limits of the law. Or not within the limits of the law. Put -- -- affect the devils have to go to the Supreme Court will be in effect for a couple of years before they finally on bill. 16 minutes every 6 o'clock news talk -- it's of import greatest guys. Pay the senate is shirk its responsibility. Again. Talk about that coming up next -- it's -- in the -- You're listening to the broadcasting and ADHD. On news talk 97.3. From the sky news. -- minutes after 6 o'clock news talk studies that support for this guy it is the judge Anderson show. Paid programming note I'm gonna make it of butyl lateral decision on programming. Some interesting things coming up in the not too distant future. Involving this -- program. I told bill last week in the room. Has come don't you worry -- Turco -- you might like human debuted -- I don't really care. No that's not right I do care. Well known public care senate shirking their responsibility as yet again you know one of the things that. Congress both the house and senate have to deal. Don't work out budgetary numbers how much really gonna spend this year and and things of that nature that -- who when you have the budget. You know how much -- can -- where the -- goal in the how -- go before you need to shut the government down. You know like we did what the ninety's we shut the government down rely kind of stuff. And it also kinda helps -- okay. We're gonna spend as we know we're gonna bring in two and a half billion dollars in taxes. Our plan right now is to spend. 3.2 billion. Support -- run of 700. You know million dollar billion dollar deficit whatever of the number I don't even can. Billions trillions quadrillion whenever. And you can sort of pace yourself. What the national debt and eventually get to the point where Heyman we do we need to cut spending or raise taxes or do we need to might just raise the debt ceiling. And there's a big argument going on because they haven't put together a budget I don't think there's been a budget to to bomb has been in the White House. Or there has rules one and then they haven't done nine cents. Story here a top senate dams urge Obama to take unilateral action on debt ceiling I thought the Democrats were against president's taking unilateral action. When George W. Bush did he was horrible. -- -- you're gonna make these decisions. The President Obama or to break the impasse the Republicans have raised the debt load by taking unilateral actions such a move would have the potential to settle -- firestorm of controversy. Top senate Democrats say go for it. Senate majority leader Harry really need is among those urging Obama to consider options like invoking the fourteenth amendment of the constitution to find ways around the sixteen point four trillion dollar legal -- On government borrowing. A letter to Obama on Friday and from senators reads Durbin and Schumer and Patty Murray had a -- democratic Washington. And it's mention the fourteenth amendment specifically would say hey whatever means necessary. To make sure our debt is not considered that. What -- still having a hard time understanding. When you're sixteen point four trillion in the hole. Look folks I don't know how much debt you're carrying right now so we might -- Couple credit cards it's -- balance is on that you're on an -- talk about trust behind now. Maybe some student loan debt. Maybe got a car lol maybe get two car loans may be to alone up for the -- you have. To be at a mortgage. May be assume they're trying to figure out its but I had like people. I keep a roof over my head -- keep food on my table. I get more money. I don't mean get a second job may go to your local -- -- day alone. We have for collateral got a car I still low for 141000 dollars on now I don't. I got 37000 dollars in credit card debt on -- what do we want that 4 o'clock collateral. I gonna have some underwater rain right now no one. But somehow our sixteen point two and four trillion dollars and holes not considered bad. Right now we're not a bad credit risk. Which is kind of frightening when you think about it but if that is the case of we're still not a bad credit risk around the world. Sixty point four trillion in the hole. One wonders why instead of raising the debt. Ceiling. What we just say will now our debt is. Four trillion. Just pretend twelve and changes disappear. Who's gonna complain. France. Take a look what do we really got to payback. Jersey got to pay back anybody that's gotten nukes. And a big army. And I mean at trying to right. Boca. I don't Japan has about a -- trillion dollars were dead as well was Japan analysts and even have a military I don't think Goodell. I'll get a gonna stop get it is television's. No more really cool video game systems coming out of Christmas. Want to go back to palm. The managed somehow. But the senate Democrats basically saying -- President Obama feel -- to phrase dead since doing yourself don't worry about congress doing any time. Which to me again is remarkable bit. The -- what -- senate Democrats are billed as by the way is because Obama is a Democrat. And George W. Bush we're still in the White House they will be again more proof that this guy's a horrible leader and has no idea what he's doing and how dare he have the audacity. To try to raise our debt ceiling. That's Congress's job to do. Senate Democrats are gonna allow an absolute passe is one of our guys located bill. But for the senate. And I would assume Democrats in the house because again of the party politics. You completely feel like it's okay to give up. Their responsibilities. Pass it off to somebody else -- the president handled this kind of thing it's -- And I understand. The senate lefty Democrats cannot negotiate in any way shape or form with the right wing Tea Party nut cases in the house -- I again. I get it. That's your job. That's your paid that we are making a 194000. Dollars a year to deal. And if you're unwilling to deal it will -- when you talk about sixteen point four trillion in the hole. I'd have found a way to save some money. What do they'll make about a hundred -- 4000 of them so look at that has got new raise Obama gave -- races Biden company. But I got a 190000. -- 55 senate Democrats. I just saved ten point four million in the budget. Again when we're talking about trillions ten point four million -- a whole lot. Always spend ten point four million dollars. Just on the 55 senate Democrats. They're called not new -- Joba and Obama handle stuff. That's cool. I'm pretty sure your job. If you just. Tell your boss I unanimous. Down a -- part of my job. You can operated -- what do you do -- your friends do you boss at a certain point target -- -- like okay I can't keep paying you what I'm paying you will. What I'm doing half of your job now. The senate damn cynical at a more about a pres vote just do whatever you feel like. Whatever you. Excessively back an ideology. Political one anyway. And being blind to possible. Unintended consequences. You're asking for trouble. 648 doubles guy 8779759825877. W.'s guide dog. -- -- -- Voided and Lance Armstrong. I'd ever cared we took drugs -- Blair and other. Highly disappointed them. Apparently he's gonna go to Oprah. Let's. Let Jimmy -- did that. In the back. It's amazing the -- I remember. Why -- a real. Six -- NIJ Anderson. All in the sky. -- are you making those sounds terminal that question was slightly. -- Well about a program 635 oldest guy you know I hate -- guys that I hate the game goes on China accelerating. The you know I had to Gainesville sun had gotten nothing useful. But. -- -- useful. Your airport Ocala. I'll -- nevermind I take it all back very useful. No I'm bill and I'll go fishing today Miguel -- right. And well -- look and a I was actually looking in the sports section. For like tied information and stuff like that. And anyway and it about hockey. We'll look. I love hockey. I grew up up more for a group of Philadelphia -- Philadelphia Flyers big time fan favorite to -- the kid grown up. Florida. They're not even playing right now and I think they're -- they're gonna start next Saturday. Did you only the know there was a hockey strike or lock out -- work stoppage or whatever -- Absolutely. Named five teams. Exactly -- -- so but us I finally found the -- to and. And and it sucks. There's nothing gonna hear. Now. Anyway I'm going officially off the exiled. Good things to -- today 877 W -- talk 8779759825. So three years. And years. Lance Armstrong. Speaking of hockey in other sports people care about. Lance Armstrong won a ball bicycle race that nobody cares about. But he won it again and again and again and again and again. And afraid she's -- match and the French Hussein's dudes on drugs and could never prove anything. They never had anything on. And then they found us a range of -- something that may or may not have been related tool from seventeen years ago some crazy nonsense. Never had any thing on Lance Armstrong. And we as Americans. We backed Lance Armstrong. Why does France was complaining about it. In Kerrigan was taken drugs program in the first place. France wants to say something okay -- France next and Germany goes all muddy and starts invading you yet. -- talks back about Lance Armstrong. Care and thanks. And they want the world those so doping agency finally came out and set up now we decide that he's guilty of it were stripping him of all of -- titles. And then there was very much -- as he got to give his money back but he won and all these bike races. But what I've found fascinating about when they stripped him of all these titles. They didn't know old -- give. The titles total. Utilities. First place guys no longer eligible to be a winner it's the second place guy he can't get into second place guy second place guy they -- of evidence. That this guy was a junkie. Oak -- -- good a third place at all. They -- the third place guy did he you have to give it to what we got it finished seventeenth. In fact I think and I got an email I'm not sure that's true or not. But I think I actually won the the 1999. Tour de France malady that in the damn -- But Lance Armstrong apparently is now going to gold where you always go when you need forgiveness. He's gonna go to Oprah Winfrey's house. Well Lance Armstrong now here's the latest update as of 3:44. Of this morning. Lance Armstrong plans to -- in an interview with -- Oprah Winfrey scheduled to tape on Monday that he -- threw out is legendary cycling career. Lance Armstrong's career pilot may be tainted but they're still worth remembering USA today quoting your personal Belgium the situation. -- Armstrong who was stripped of his seven Tour de France title bullet balanced open bowl candidate details about specific cases. Here's the problem. A lot of people remain upset because you know what. Lance Armstrong. You know Barry Bonds. You have people like Barry Bonds. Set the record. But LA and has nothing to do a race. And asked to do with. Look at old baseball stuff. When Barry Bonds. Was on the Pittsburg pirates. And very arguably. The greatest player of the 1990s. In baseball. And he looked like. Well comparatively now. Some scrawny little thing. His last few years in San Francisco he was about eight or nine times larger. And he was back at those Pittsburgh days. And -- out he cheated he used steroids he got all jacked up a huge and it took Hank aaron's record away problem. I shouldn't even count. We gave Roger Maris and Astra to the -- what six -- extra days of baseball play. -- a range next to Barry Bonds numbers that he was a junkie is the last half his career. Lance Armstrong he you know Barry Bonds. He didn't turn into some 247. Pound monster on a bicycle. They stayed look at like Lance Armstrong analyst at I -- know particularly -- through that nonsense. NL at least 41 years old. He's been banned from competing at any bicycle of that. I don't know what that means. So there is like the board to Gainsville. He's not allowed to ride his bike and it. Even if it's OK okay he's ineligible to win the stupid he can derided but that are banning him from Blake bike riding. Seriously. Michelle Obama would not be happy. Utility eat right and exercise and all that nonsense and other teleport Lance Armstrong he can't exercise. What dispose -- used indoor rowing machine. But now is gonna go to blood 00. And talk about how he's -- he's done things. Here's the other bombers -- about it. He's got a poll. Jason Giambi. Number one -- the ball player went to the Yankees -- what do and he started to release bank. And not be quite as big as he was a year or so or earlier and is batting average what -- -- he talked about how you know yeah he did some things. Is he apologizes for some of the decisions he's made. Well what decision -- as some decisions I've made the what are you Apollo. What having that -- veal and not to -- and had to know what decision you apologizing for Jason. -- wouldn't say hey man I was Jack and Royce for a couple of years. And now Lance Armstrong's gonna do the same exact thing apparently he's going to. I admit to doing stuff but not say what stuff he was going. The other problem with us as you know why he's doing -- -- -- ultimately. Why is going that's. We got a book coming out. In that interest thing. In that interest -- Lance Armstrong from American hero. To American Jack wagon. Sat. -- EO stated airport Armstrong is expected to mission carries the risk of him being -- held liable by parties who may feel defrauded him -- years when he said he was clean. Testifying under oath nullify that he never doped. Criminal perjury charge would not likely not be followed the statute to limitations reasons so he managed to stay out of the courtrooms long enough. So you can't get busted for perjury. He's got a book coming -- Now. Wow. -- -- Lance Armstrong. Live strong global line. 644 the -- 877 w.'s guide dog 8779759825. Okay what used car salesman. Lice and nickel back have in common. It's not good. Coming up on this guy. You're listening to the broadcasting and ADHD. -- even on news talk 97.3. Sky. 648 on this guy walking back to the program Jenny Anderson air Howell all yelled Dolan. 877. W.'s guide dog that's 8779759824. They have. And -- check marks next stuff. Senate socks and drugs and not covered so far. This try to keep track running under -- one. 877 W sky talk 8779759825. It -- got a couple linked to put up on the the Janus and show FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash BJ Anderson Scholl. And go to the phone and talk to some people. Exceed. -- year old in the sky good morning. Right it. Got you -- let's go and. -- out. There are now or -- I -- -- In the water. Up I I think. And I'm not true it's actually spreads among whites they have the bold and abuses its the best thing when you don't have your own bolted to the boat people think it take -- out. I think we're going to Cedar Key but I'm not sure. Well I just watch it as Eric Jackson a rich fish that early and it just -- feel good until I get like to retreat for a water. And at least they'll go -- can't. Patricia come -- I believe the -- pocket screen whatever. Another storm like pat. Why aren't so late we're trucks and -- actually I think -- so -- that somebody -- -- -- -- actually. Excellent while law I'll look around that thank your body. -- Have yet absolutely absolutely. Now I need to thank you very much for that. Let me see who talked to -- Stewart talk about Lance Armstrong the other Jack wagon on a -- to sell the book. Last as stored on silent Cody Lance -- what's going on. I was look at them late in biblically talk about armed drug and doping. Is there a procedure. That's called doping and not necessarily. Taking something like I'd always heard some kind of speculation. That. You could take a volume of blood out of your body. Put it perjury or something. That would increase its oxygen contents and then put it back into the body before competition. And that was called doping. And I did not know that. I don't. A we might find out he did something but it'll be a I mean I know I do that before ever radio showed what it does Phillips a loss but at the not I that probably I know there things you can do and and you'd take your blood out men -- back him right before. Out of -- make you almost too lethargic. Yet like too much for depends on how long the bloods and out before -- shuttled back and yeah. Doctor Mike Gillis got a good morning. Are huge or too little well I would just curious if you could. Explain to me hi all I know why don't media stations don't cover certain things are. -- -- forced ABC. Stations to cover story is likeable and in no way out. Who did to correcting protecting her children. And shot the intruder -- Haven't forbids a -- in spot usually do all that covered that. All I think she needs to get the truth -- got in 1998. Sort of friends she need to get to 2000. Sort of pre stroke. Apple iPad app -- -- here's why the media is not gonna cover that it doesn't but at this does get into the and I don't know what are necessarily the referred to what does a liberal bias in the media when it comes to the gun issue. I have noticed that even on the television. That Fox News. Is not even though they are the the move. Are gonna make people map. They're more right wing then say ABC is another fair and balanced -- be honest. Fox News -- tends to lean to the right of most of the media outlets. I'll go that far. The Fox News TV people don't seem to be excessively. Pro gun and what I think it is. Isn't so much a left or right wing ideology. I think it's a New York thing. I think the New York City people. Don't understand guns they don't like guns guns are equal guns are bad guns are scary and you know what their right. Guns are bad guns are scary. In New York because there's so many laws that keep you from having won the the only people that have guns in New York City other murderers and rapists. Well I had the security people around Mayor Bloomberg but aside from that. So would you grow up but an area when you live in an area. Where. And nobody has a gun. Except the quote unquote bad people are criminals. And whatnot that will sort of color your opinion -- the issue. And I think that's what we're dealing with when it comes to the gun issue they're all the channels. ABC NBC CBS. Fox all MSNBC. They're all based out of New York. Now CNN can pretend. They're based out of Atlanta. -- -- OK -- -- that's where where were they -- sit. But it is the New York mass media ideology that -- hats. And I think that's what you're running in two when it comes to coverage of guns stuff. Guns are bad in New York City. If you go into Gilchrist county. -- Levy county. -- Marion County. Most of the ceramic -- I wouldn't say too much of a lot to account LA obviously nothing in Gainesville. There is -- in the outskirts of a lot to a county but do you go to some of the more rural counties. I would say probably 80% or better. On the households. Have guns. And I say guns and moral. Pistol shotgun. And rifle. Number of different weapons. You go to New York City. They may have more people. Armed in New York City and say Gilchrist county does. But are all criminals. -- guns will scare you in New York to guns -- some not gonna report on I can't thank. On your bank had. And that's still -- -- -- run into with that story and and and that's why ABC -- they're never gonna cover properly ready or this -- good morning. -- today you know a couple of years ago got a ball county. They hadn't Leo got used to the police officer -- young police stopped Serb and current limits are called up with a guy. They started 34 times the police all -- -- guys. And they and they ask that yeah and the congress or why they shot a border war probably -- -- all the rules were brought. Out those. Now but honestly I'm against that story. You know line. I'm a fiscal conservative. If you're gonna take -- the guy out and nine bulletin why do you waste all those extra bullets. Dad. That's right. Are an idiot Tony only most of the gun thing Tony -- got a good morning. Thank you -- today couple quick. No way to do this cheaper and put a halt police in the it's also would be too. I'm sure every school there if you -- it would create the lead teacher that are Roberts. Concealed weapons permit to let them here weapon to school. That would stop these jackets going out there on our play in that stop those people going in these schools will be done because they know that there are places that don't -- on. -- -- -- convert them to do. And eight mile cheaper we give these people it's a work permit -- Yeah here's the big here's the issue I have what that first of all I agree in part -- -- -- -- you get rid of the gun free schools well. Concept. All you have to do is say hey you know what from now on board allowed teachers get -- have to let them carry. But if people. It nobody puts a sign on the front of our house saying we don't lock our doors we have no alarm system we have no guns and -- house. Why because you don't want people show up and steal all your stuff. Yet we have this idea that no guns are allowed at all it any way shape or form around this particular building. Well appear not with a gun that you know okay will cool I'll be dealing with a gun. -- a lot of cops don't want people to have guns. Of what a cop shows up on a dangerous situation he'd like to know or she would like to know that she would be the only one that has a weapon it. Make your job a heck of a lot easier. Criminals say Amanda by an old building got around here I can have some fun the problem is that. When it comes -- concealed weapons permit. I would actually like it to be a little bit more. Tough to get and here I mean by that. You can't get a driver's license. Without taking a driving test is making good -- after you take your driving test. But I think there should be some sort of shooting proficiency test before you're given a concealed weapons permit. Right now only god knows give the state go a hundred some odd box into your fingerprints taken and as long known of a criminal record you do. If they have some additional sort of testing to make sure I had this -- you know bill -- Dolan didn't shoot as like golf pulled a gun out of a whole store. Once that's said. If you got a concealed carry permit if you're going to the hassle of putting your name and a database and haven't yourself fingerprinted. Let a person carry concealed. Don't say okay Europe this right to carry concealed except at a school oracle road building or in a park. -- to the -- or a car or -- brain or on a -- Let the concealed weapons carriers carry concealed. And that's why they got out. May I remind you that time to order them now though it's the ADHD. That's important top. Get in touch by dialing 1877. WSK -- talk as everybody has feelings about that that's 1877975. -- 825. I'm. Proud -- you I'm proud of news. -- the a musical -- seven point three thus John. 6 minutes after 7 o'clock news talk 97 point bravest guys. 877 w.'s guide dog that's 877. 9759825. Apparently people to take issue with me. -- near the end of the hour Tony called up. It's about who will we need to do as well it is black ponders -- teach. And pretty much every school there and allow to get that let them get a concealed weapons permit and allow them. To be armed and carry in the schools. I say look first of all we do you remove the gun free school zone concept it's the dumbest thing I've ever heard enough. Again you would not put signs all over your property and say we have no guns we don't lock our doors. We have valuable things that people don't want harmed. What then. We have no alarms just home. Come please victimize us he wouldn't do so what do we do what our schools he wouldn't even necessarily need to have. Anybody -- in a school in time in the 102030 years down the line once people forgot about that you remember back what they had gun free school zones. -- managed elderly and again. Back in 2000 and -- People talk like hippies in forty years now about a way. President Bush would you do I would like to see the concealed weapons apartment test a little bit more. Was and a little more challenging. And you -- -- and more -- shooting kind of test California department and then once you get the concealed weapons permit what you go through the whole rigmarole. A lot of opinion and then let the person carry concealed. People are telling you do left it -- element -- people yell right now car earlier this guy get more. More you do it too well. All right. Just that about five or else so I had my hot and active apotheker. Unless something has changed. You do have to take a test and turn -- -- certificate. To the state -- war with your passport sized photo ID. -- -- paperwork filled out you do you do start to test. -- -- Go ahead go ahead. I'm sorry. -- The -- CI -- didn't doubt I would though what I had have to do you know going down below to -- back with the net and Jack picket went over the classless and -- -- I always then maybe it's as -- mama moron. I'm more perceived -- almost more big safety kind of class about -- make ensure that you know. With you had somebody had gone dead it's on loan idea and you know how to handle a thing without a you know you don't run a reality of finger on the trigger. And -- you're ready to actually fired a thing there was a shooting aspect to a but I if I would've liked to have been even more shooting involved and it. Then then there was yes you do have to because you have to get a certificate from whatever the training you get it is that is submitted with the package correct. Yes sir and and accept and instructors for hours how proficient you war. What are. In art Arctic detestable and prep for. There are -- lady skirt that Erica. In shooters job and every time to pull the trigger yeah he's an actor to -- the late inning or corrupt or not or would you like about well. And and that's that's were. -- -- That's that's not our problem guns. This is people -- that concealed weapons permits that are efficient well. You know look a little later shot onetime skewered the garlic in every it. You know certain. The the biggest thing is is the people that don't like guns that are not colonel -- and never will like. Annika do anything -- can't because I don't like. You know that's that's just the call or fax army. They you can tell your arms just like there was. A story recently. Subtly. Shut until the guy. And visual orgasm took allegiances. What -- what she says what -- it's great -- that they just luckily had a hand. In a good car coal not ever body and she shoots and -- That she says. Well I don't think she should. Any operation is and you know that he -- -- -- that too yeah. Absolutely got -- and more on just there were aware situation -- pretty sure that you were there. There's misunderstanding. On -- And and you are -- that there that you do take a class you can't just you knows. And I'd sort of flatly said you sent a check off to a load of state authority your fingerprints taken -- good. Know that there is they they do what you do have that certificate from wherever you took the training course with. And I think only certain people can give the concealed weapons training quarks. Like I don't think anybody is allowed to come over -- -- Hal's. And I say here you hold the -- like this you fire like this and and I signed a piece of paper and cry on. He's OJ Anderson sort of get a life and now I don't think you were a that you actually do have to have. Some kind of credit nation. But I -- I would liked it to be really more. Shooting involved. And -- a safety aspect of it extremely important. In the concealed weapons -- battery and you don't have a concealed weapons permit if you shoot yourself in the leg try to get the draw the weapon to begin with. It's not gonna do you or anybody else a whole lot of good when you're trying to do to do any of protection of self defense. Wow but it adds I would like -- to be more shooting. And any other of the -- -- once you get to concealed weapons permit. The person carry concealed a concealed weapons permits me I do not understand. If I have a concealed weapons program I'm not gonna say what are I'd do right don't because that's what do you like about it you don't know. He got to be nice because I'm -- -- but look at let's just say I have a concealed weapons permit and I am carrying concealed. And I go into my friendly neighborhood post office. And while I'm in the post office. Somebody. Either walks in or authority in there are also weapon and starts firing of people Randall. Because he's a bad guys is I'm on bath salt on the national Joseph all the EU faces. I draw my weapon I shoot and I take to guy now. Technically I've broken federal law I do bully the federal court in US government property. You're not allowed to carry concealed weapon into a post office. All of what has kept the guy from shooting 27 people eating faces. -- I think you'll get if you get the concealed weapons permit. You got to carry concealed. Retail online talent Ellis got a good morning. You know -- -- under. A golden for the same reason the other guy did you do you have to go do a -- trying to court the -- my tablet state training courses. There's a lot of guys out there that are training that you don't cut the cut to weapon to get -- -- the church or to start for. And not a problem with that. You know -- -- that there -- -- people that use a weapon a huge huge guy how to use a web I would want done cutting down a bit of fire. And ultimate goal and an important law enforcement. One thing about the concealed weapons permit if you take the court to -- GDP report any sort of pressure that you're kind of the military blog go to the -- they beat. Course. -- yeah. But I didn't -- problem with a lot of people out there especially the -- -- -- people are training beat people don't chose -- 20020 dollar and according to the actual web. -- -- -- -- now I have a big problem. I would agree with you on how about that one I don't understand again that when I took the the the courts. There was a lot of safety stuff. And then we did actually go to the range and we fired though you know weapons repeatedly. And now. I guess every guy will say this. When I'm actually pretty impressed with held well I did. It's a long time Allen shooting with my brother in -- whose account and then I realized how hideously bad I am. These -- But I and they get -- and let the I'd like more was shooting aspect because ultimately that's what it is. Now granted they can't make it completely realistic. Because the water if you got a concealed weapons permit. Or not they're not gonna let you -- A bad guy they don't have real bad guys they bring in to to the shooting range for you to shoot that. Canada is much different shooting at a human beings and it is a paper targets even as an outline of a human being. But -- only go so far. Full well. How many people got on death -- -- theoretically. Look you're sentenced to death anyway. You're gonna get old Sparky. Even sit there for seventeen years on death row why don't we do that. I mean it's not my best idea. A brainstorming here brainstorm. 716 of those guys. Coming up you're listening to the broadcasting and ADHD. Seen on news talk 97.3. Sky. 18 minutes after 7 o'clock news talk 974 greatest guy. 2030. Some odd minutes I don't know I can't. For your phone calls that we get to the -- -- -- to -- -- the -- And that adds to our list this week. Nearly always one under promise and over deliver -- BC of it's the most also must -- -- ever. People here at like me and kind of -- Anderson really. If you say. Qualifies. Amendment actually get a chuckle out of one of the things all right this could have gone on -- store but it was a big news story as we got solid. Tuesday it may be. -- dated January 08. And by the ninth everybody had. But really -- that's why I hate bush on Saturday which by the way. Programming note. Reduce some different coming up not too distant future. And I think I hope you all like. And that way I can not a personal stories for five days -- not interesting anymore. Everybody knows congress is horrible nobody likes -- hate congress not congress acts. Politico poll came out to show how much people hate congress. This is from the public policy polling the PPP people. Which apparently is a freely admitting Democrat leaning polling company. Which I don't understand. But whatever. Sand and maybe because of that maybe the only Mena House of Representatives and up the senate but I think most people or burn out. -- senate they're all the same. Congress' approval rating and it's always been lol. High single digits. Very very very low double digits with a little etc. through 11% approval rating and 9% approval rating. That's kind of the theory that the public policy polling folks were going throw. Can you really tell can you tell the difference. Between. 83 and 85 degrees on a given day but not necessarily. What's -- of -- at 10%. And an 8% approval rating. And -- our looked looked put it in perspective. As to things -- are more popular in congress and and they call people they polled people. And 830 Americans were surveyed. January 3 in the sixth Mallory is a margin of error of about three and a half points in the polls so. Take that into consideration. What is more popular. Congress. -- lights. Yet police. Unit champ polo or stop a big one kid gets in the school that what -- the class Romans and haven't duties. -- or more popular -- 67 to nineteen margin. Yes lefties think Obama got a mandate in this last election. Oh cool razor thin majority comparatively speaking. Thankfully nobody had a run against likes this last time out girls that would really lost Brussels sprouts more popular in congress by sixty united -- -- three margin. Replacement -- and that's nobody cares about anymore. They're more popular in congress though Colin Oscar peace. 58 to 31. Yes well would you rather have congress. Or colonoscopy. More than half the people says I'd rather go through a colonoscopy even deal with congress. Root -- same thing 56%. -- root canals over congress. Traffic jams more popular France's more popular that should really be the one that hits congress the most. We like France wanna get it close 4637. Not nickel back seven points more popular in congress. Nickel back think -- agree for everything on nine. Cockroaches barely beating out congress. 45 to forty for. Then you have the things that congress can because look congress is not the worst thing in the world. For example. Congress is more popular than Lindsay -- 45% of the people like congress 41%. Said we like Lindsay Lowell and more in the congress to got to appreciate her effort to track. She had a shot. -- -- -- below what is almost as popular as cockroaches. And it -- and -- it for millions of -- congress more popular playground bullies telemarketers. Wider margins over the card ashy and so 4936. Win over the -- Nash eons. More popular than John Edwards. More popular than lobbyists more popular Philip Fidel Castro gonorrhea. Is less popular in congress. Congress got a 53%. To a 28% win over gonorrhea which still means. More than one out of four people would rather have gonorrhea. Then deal with US congress. Ebola congress wins 5325. Again one in four people would brother had -- bowl law. Then deal with congress. Communism congress is more popular communism. I don't know why. 57 to 23. And it it beats North Korea 6146. And it beats meth -- sixty to 41. There are all the things that at least got that edited at the bright side. Make congress people already have a colonoscopy. And put up a deal. But just -- -- more popular in gonorrhea. That should be the slogan. For the United States congress. More popular than gonorrhea. The other thing is in Chicago I have all the numbers here. Congress colonoscopy. News. -- can't communism. Are yet because they -- all the all the polling data. 53%. Said congress would do more public congress or gonorrhea. 48% said gonorrhea. Would again more than one out of four people would rather have a sexually transmitted disease. Then congress. The scariest part is 18%. Said they weren't -- war. They are they really -- it's. There really couldn't decide between. Whether or not you know what I read out gonorrhea or narrowed to -- congress. Gets too close to call. That's where we do a deep dive on the numbers. That's kind of fizzled in its. That's that's. That's what they stand. Against the American people may one in four would rather have gonorrhea. And congress. 877 w.'s guide dog that's 8779759825. I got that thing line. What else on the agenda. Lance Armstrong's gonna dual -- -- on Oprah Winfrey's TV show I did the channel -- anymore. I just her on TV channel I guess he gave her own TV channel again shall you want to -- she despite real heart real right now. If you -- the new Barbara Walters. Let you do it daily Schobel whenever she feeling delusional -- channels Michigan ballot. I think kind of -- a programming on the channel she's got her own channel but it's so deep in the cable world that nobody sees. Is it like. When I was a kid and and -- related 11 o'clock at night or whatever made Diana the latest the display the national -- -- the air for seven or eight hours and on the program and affiliate tired -- These -- the things that think of well and and boom Biden and company in and Eric Holder and Obama all guns. That's a cheap easy on talk radio. 877 W sky talk 8779759825. Road warrior -- the about gonorrhea road warrior what's going on back. Well the reason people chose gonorrhea is because you don't get. Get rid of battery it quicker than four years. Look -- I look guys. Is that with -- without obamacare. But only real -- obamacare story. A -- my buddy Greg becoming. Calm hello blue zillion of those parents still forty years old to be forty in Donald a month. And big Redskins. So last week I sentiment attacks spread before the gave -- that they'll scans actually write him back when all riled up from the game. And there. He would say it means recently a picture and -- movement the last month curtail a picture. Obviously photo shopped. On Obama standing behind Mitt Romney kind of doing a unmanageable practical. As an and we does beat you in the election. So I try to look at something similar for were organ of the Washington Redskins getting by as seahawk but. And it didn't work that way so it is adamant tax picture of his quarterback RG surgery and a needle in one of the one of them things. As it may be obamacare can -- them. Idea is that taught me. Just a on a note yes that thanks to a called by the way the the the body of army private -- -- is going to be laid to rest today. In Ocala the united Baptist Church in rhetoric. Probably. Sectional yeah. The -- performance up to 49. -- -- I think -- to him yeah I -- this -- and I just love. 97.3. This guy. 734 homeless guy oh look about the program. What's that show. Anderson pilots mark. -- an -- I'm already on the boat right now floats. -- -- -- -- Beautiful weather of January in Florida and it's eighty degrees. I was gonna -- the -- and fired and honestly afflictions that. Purity of that aren't out of some people are needed to be on -- I can't deal. I cut the grass too short back in October. Does that colonels -- In this of course of the burn ban in effect in which case I would absolutely not do that that would be a league ball. Criminal. The polls ago Tony wants about concealed carry Tony -- the sky good morning. Yet. The other fire so to speak. Brokers. And we can compromise with a -- on going to export and Obama here. We use those old people would've failed at that terrible but they're not going to develop dirt field. And we take them out of luck target and they're slow so beginners can be easily get some. Wow it. Wow. Come on man studies and prisoners. Who can't be shooting grandma. Besides what if you got a fake happening hitter or titanium hip. Bullets -- away. I think a prisoner ideas pretty good. Look we have a prison overcrowding problem. We're a bunch of people on death probe in there too long. Trying to pull some ideas here trying to cope with -- anything. 877 W sky talk 8779759825. Little -- -- senate did that. Brittany spears life is going upside down okay all right well. She bags cheat sheet she's not gonna objected to the TV show what he dug in America -- right I I try to find news. Something gimme some of the new gimme some refreshment but all I got is Baseball Hall of Fame. And and and cockroaches are more popular in congress give me some fresh give me some -- as like go to ABC news and then they get this is where. I do not completely by 100% -- help those lock stock and barrel into the liberally biased media concept. -- -- liberally biased short -- find whatever don't care. One -- eager to New York centric. -- -- -- -- -- -- They're still talking about the lottery guys who their dig -- now. That's still in the news. There's a two stories on line up Britney Spears. She's not doing that -- you the judge on X-Factor. Which is like an American Idol type -- She's not doing that anymore. Now our -- will not sign on for the new season of our. And and and Britney Spears and fiance Jason trawler. And engagement. David engaged -- a year or something you decide they're not gonna get married. -- -- Here other germs that they have cast of dynasty where are they now. Really. Was their Chicago. Really. -- should does anyone give out. Holly is coffee in the -- heard a -- his coffee. Well on there now this isn't a New York centric thing Kelly Scott is that it is that a California sign. It's. Notes actually Seattle. Old bits of yet a look at the chief competitor Starbucks up there. But never got you know outside of Seattle -- some Dempsey -- Grey's Anatomy the grays and it was that -- steamy in McMurray knee injury minuteman victory Meehan in -- these. The he's sued or whatever to get the rights to the coffee chain or whatever and so now he's got -- was in a bidding war. And and that's apparently news. Joseph Biden no comment on an hour and a comment about them. OK that's not a story. Hey Joseph what do you think the fact the NRA's at that meeting was budget garbage. I was it. Well Joe's comment. Now -- came out and city know what I think that we should set the NRA on fire back out. -- -- -- Okay they got a story there. Or obesity they'll let their right that we are relentless until winning care what those gun nuts had to say that's his or no comment is not a story. There's nothing going on in the news. More not to -- miss American they would care. Announced up with a ornament baseball and and cockroaches more popular in congress. Well here's another good one. The political story for -- Report. Mark Sanford. -- Remember the governor of South Carolina the decided to go walking through the Appalachian trail was really in like South America was so little makes you street on -- play for us. Only. Yet Mac guy. He's got to run for the House of Representatives seat that is now open. And South Carolina they picked that Tim Scott do you do. Two replaced Jim -- in the senate so now they have to have a special election to replace Tim Scott seat in the House of Representatives. And apparently Mark Sanford is thinking about running for that sense -- and the house seat. The interesting thing is apparently -- might be a bunch of people are gonna run for it. And it is -- -- march 19 primary I don't know what the cut off day for declaring your candidacy it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- And apparently. Jenny Sanford. His ex wife. Might also be running for Tennessee. On -- apparently that's going to be the big thing in South Carolina. Which Sanford. There's gonna get it. And our. But that's that's that's the immune. I guess is the dead time. It Obama had a bunch of inaugural balls. -- they cost money get -- some. Righteous outrage from some money. He spat at 7420. Trillion it would knock them. I'm just wondering. -- cans on the sky good morning can. That market. Well. I didn't I didn't back up police were a member of the amputee care you went to that meeting and they got nothing. But I I -- one thing that I don't do it this is I have to admit about Obama I was -- he has the duty Perkins the real job. The gun control and ammunition -- -- companies are working like crazy. Oh yeah another good that they. I forget the numbers. But there is some. Mob scene amount. Of NRA memberships. And guns purchased. In the aftermath of the sandy -- shooting effort get an I heard on the news Fox News last when I was talking about it. Jeddah attitude is people are are freaked out that once that happened a rule on new rule. They're gonna come and get guns and gonna gonna -- there. And that is already based on this past year calendar year 2012. I'm nineteen million firearms were sold. Which makes me wonder. Do the gun manufacturers. Wanna see that amendment go bye -- that only let's Obama Ron for two terms. Has -- no matter who you get after Obama and when he bought. Sixteen will be the election. January 2017. You're not gonna get anyone is good for gun sales. -- You get a Republican in a pro gun Republican -- -- industry might collapse. Normal little by got an immoral and get the Republicans and all one more -- gun thing Apple's interest and the NRA and associated type groups or whatever. -- of like forty million dollars last year. Giving to the campaigns of various Proehl gun politicians. Did you hear what the anti gunners gave. It was the lowest number in recorded history about what they keep these stats. The anti gun groups combined all of the anti gun groups out there. Gave a grand total of four fouls and dollars. All they. Anti gun politicians. And the -- spelled gains scenes. And he can't buy your way and all but sometimes. 877 w.'s guide thought no I'm not telling the phone number -- you don't need development. God is -- all the polls coming up on the other side of the break pilots are probably the -- -- around the film try to get us on the break. Jerry Anderson. On this guy. You've waited all week right now here it is -- Jerry Anderson TV role. -- -- I -- reported on this guy's dad is here phones to baby sit back relax enjoy it's time for the PLS pilots -- we do every single week at this point in time. Or writing it all to get into. Have you heard about my my. Game. You know -- get rid of pieces. Or a piece the try to freshen the game up now they've done it the past they used to be a an elegant -- Or Canon. The -- and in one level. And. You know very your article I got theater of the Canada there was a dude on a horse. And they've gotten rid of both of them. And Alabama apparently appear a FaceBook person you can vote. Because what they're gonna do it either to you can vote two things -- vote on. One of I guess you wanna hold on one night is the vote to keep. Any vote on one that you wanna have been a new one and two over at least memorable to who gets capped. Gets kicked out of the equation. And at a new token the tokens they have right now -- at the card assembled a shrew. The gold the battleship the top hat and iron and a wheel barrel. When he to tell you what show ones are the ones are in jeopardy of being Bob by. The race card. Now on the race cars the second safest one. Behind the dog of course all the best one. The iron and -- -- ones -- -- -- way -- out at this point in time. They're the ones who were troubled mortgage -- at least revolted by February 6. Of 4013. The new tokens. It's a robot which is still put. Ring the mega diamond ring and it's kind of stupid cat I guess to get the -- -- -- the cat helicopter and a guitar. -- the stupid robot doesn't like a robot to -- finish last or better finish last and but yeah houses they got they a thing you can vote on the FaceBook. To save your favor monopoly piece. And maybe add a new one Romania they have to vote for. I really wish I could play a clip of Samuel L. Jackson right now. But you can't. Snake claims the plane went Australian flight. I -- that. I am getting sick of all these. On a snakes on this season plane. Although I hid it under the edited version exit on this Monday to Friday -- There's a YouTube to get to and it has like really bad. Safer TV Edyta stuff. Stunned Qantas Airways -- what general windows they large python clung to a plane's wing Dorgan to our flight. Australia's northeast consists of the city of -- to pop and a Guinea. Ten foot python. Fought to stay on the -- pulling itself for only be pushed back by the frigid wind at. Pastor Robert Weber videotaped the struggle and told Australia's Fairfax media the wind whipping the -- inside the plane left a bloody smear. -- Python managed to hang onto the plane landed. How the creature was dead on arrival. Wrongful. It was reminiscent of the 2006 Hollywood thriller snakes on a plane. That really weren't like thousands of snakes inside the plane. And a movie. We -- on the wing. Couple weeks till we had an update me the Canadian maple syrup. Thievery the big -- they were road deal battling in Canada. Here's one in. In the European Union out of Stockholm Sweden. Swedish prosecutors say they've issued an international arrest warrant for two Britons. -- suspected of masterminding a smuggling ring involving over it to -- not. Of Chinese garlic. Wonder what the news is likened some of these countries. I mean look. I know we we don't like the doom and gloom all the time and on seventeen people were killed here at a fire burned down this orphanage in. And and net and rape and may have oil could do little but this important time. The big story in the news British prosecutors have issued an international arrest or referred to Britain suspect alabaster money -- smuggling ring involving a very tall enough. Of Chinese garlic. Prosecutors -- demand per ship the garlic to Norway Bible or and a big county duty free. Those considered to be in transit then drove approximately one point two times ago across the Swedish border aborting customs checks and Swedish import duties. And again that's what it's all about. As about the -- but the Urals. The -- aborted some. Ten million your wrote about thirteen -- million dollars. In Swedish taxes for the skiing. Operation to back plays back in 09 and ten. It's got like we go to Canada. I picked up some Cuban cigars and stick him in your you know back your trunk of the way about cross the border until -- -- hockey sticks. Not that I would ever do such a thing. Hussein and. Organ woman boyfriend joked it would dreadlocks. There should be a three day waiting period on for being allowed to grow dreadlocks. Police sort of say well we're told officers her boyfriend choked -- was dreadlocks. Sudden Pete Simpson. Says the unidentified homeless -- you know hospital Monday for treatment of numerous non life threatening injuries. Spokesman says 32 year old Caleb garrote -- Was arrested for investigation of several domestic violence in Philly crimes including regulation four degree assault. Etc. etc. etc. he is in court on Tuesday. Dreadlocks are mad -- ropes of Harold thank you for. That. AP is a moronic news surface. Fast food robber suspect returns to eat gets -- At a Pontiac Michigan. -- -- superdome. Whether Detroit Lions used to play I do believe. Officials say a suspected robber of a suburban Detroit restaurant who apparently returned months later to get some food under restaurant being recognized by employees. Oakland County sheriff departments as workers at a McDonald's in Pontiac spot of the forty year old man Saturday in a drive through. Sheriff's deputies responded to the Pontiac man in the custody of being held -- the Oakland county jail pending charges the robbery happened back on October 5. There. That's pretty -- employees. Precious it is really can't remember when I set I don't one onions on the burger. And it can't seem to get right. They remember got a problem place. Couple months ago. Most I got here -- now. Man hit by a -- Seattle -- to Starbucks. Seattle fired towards the man was hit by a bus downtown got up walked the block to Starbucks. Even though is bleeding from the head William those formal -- auto lot days apparently are pretty good. Our spokesperson says he will -- 32 year old man apparently suffered a concussion in the Tuesday morning and that was not making a lot of sense for the firefighters arrived. -- -- harbor view medical center was serious injuries police drug recognition -- to determine a bus driver showed signs of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol also was arrested at. No low or on test results of the driver of said bus. Not betting on get up thing I had concussion or not. It by bustling get up and keep Balkan on Starbucks. And I thought we had finished historically following her final update to this thing. Story out about rouge -- the lady with the middle finger Christmas light display but you got trouble apparently it's still going on I thought we already had this thing resolved. -- gonna continue into next week apparently now holidays may be over but they Denham springs apple wants to keep. All that's what it is it's no longer holiday light middle finger it's now just a regular up lip and went up middle finger. Chose to keep her unusual light display on a roof showing an extended middle finger toward neighbors. Federal judge heard testimony Monday about what -- -- child should be granted an injunction. Barring a city of Denham springs police requiring her remove the display. The hearings gonna continue this coming week we'll keep up with that she put this whole like this -- headed -- She believes her neighbor solar -- So when she put up her Christmas lights amongst the senate -- -- gears and and the LED little icicle lights or whatever she had up there. There was also a giant middle finger on -- lights. And I guess people got mad about that -- obscenity laws or whatever it is a whole big rigmarole. But now. There we ought to twelfth of January and his story is -- the case she still has the lights of an apparently until like she has a farmhouse now. As a giant middle finger light. Yeah thought this was story that. Maybe she had just you know was too lazy -- -- -- lights down which took everything down but the non -- she got in trouble and. Keep the ACLU factor. But to be a good to see if that's the only like she has not if you love the people -- they say act. Take it down. It's gonna wrap things up spoke to did a good doubles the shell at a good time voted together how to celebrate we get out don't fashion a gallant thank you as always. I bought up peeps.