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Obama Hates Football

Jan 30, 2013|

Bob Rose 01-30-13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- see any news Wednesday January 30 -- -- thirteen. Contact us tonight he's jewelry made jewelry with the answers always yes. Hey we're just days away. Super Bowl big time. There's all sorts of aspects of the game and how to cover some of that this morning. And I think from serious stuff to pop culture and everything in between. Let has anything changed. Are you let your kids. Play football is dead. Our minds changing. Right now I mean almost as we speak president Obama's command said in. At a boy I don't know if I let him play football. Endangers other folks are kind of jumping on that a little bit. You know I wonder how much the game will change. You know over the next how many years did you see the the ESPN peace from. When -- -- Marcus Pollard. Some defensive player for the ravens. There was an agreed was -- now Nokia saying that it's a football be around in thirty years I -- I saw the crawl on that -- Nash guy the guy you're glad that I goes on yesterday on the you know on the dubious argument though is because the rules are gonna change so much to prevent people from getting hurt fans -- got -- -- gonna support it out. It's -- yanked a very expensive sport if you wanna go and actually watch a game. I mean all our many more to -- -- a pro sports game yet -- at they all are. The aspect of it as you know the family get together with family outing you know you know baseball hot dogs and you know apple pie and things like -- Baseball still you know. That's not too bad. And if you wanna decency. And if you like good though the blue nose bleeds. And Tampa if you wanna see like you know. Kansas City on -- Thursday. Yeah you got -- you pay 1012 bucks -- seat for the nosed leaders but. You and little Yankee game and sit anywhere even vaguely close to the feel totally -- playing your drop would probably close to 7080 bucks a ticket. Do you remember when. Used to be. Either you or your kids or whatever. Would get involved in sports because one of the positive aspects was in -- keep kids busy it'll keep them off a draw X. Was kind of a general thing shore keep out of trouble in general but then got down on my other bad crowd convicted as a practice and games here and it isn't ironic and interesting net. If you wanna be successful in sports. You gotta be doing the drugs. I want my kids to play sports but I don't want to get involved in drugs thought I have to rethink it you know parent to say and now but all the kids to hang on street -- that when you stay away from the drugs out what they can learn a little bit more about true capitalism. Buying and selling on the street corner. Serious though they -- and a baseball player the anti. There was -- drugs. -- -- not the mayor July of that type the stuff but performance enhancing drugs. HGH. Human growth -- com. It appears that might be true. Over the weekend news broke that Major League Baseball and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Same table leg in a flier out of Columbia and chase bad guys in the cartels in Mexico and and you know run operations here in United States try to put illicit drugs you know put him not put the folks out of business. It worked very hard but it's an overwhelming issue it's one that we support a lot of money into without you know. A whole lot of return we have to kind of rethink that whole thing but anyway in the meantime. They are investigating a clinic in Miami run by Anthony box on noted friend advisor and consultant to. Many baseball players and his clinic has long been associated with so called anti aging therapies. But also long associated with performance enhancing drugs. I MOB has reached out to the DEA because it does not have subpoena power and is interesting getting to the bottom of bosh his association with ballplayers. After all. You know these ball players don't need any kind of anti aging. Drugs do today. Most some of the things that. You know help to keep you feeling young looking young improve muscle tone like HDH. And I'm not -- and all the possible side effects and all that I'm to -- They do work. They do work there effect -- of side effects and long term consequences is a whole other story. But you cannot do these things if you wanna play in. Not Major League sports it's it's a band of substance. So blockbuster report comes out of the Miami new times. Which has been given patient records by an anonymous source. Which. While Nagin and -- regulations and stuff like dad invasion of privacy and but they have the records. From an anonymous source and it suggested A-Rod another ball players were in fact given HGH by Bausch. In Iran's case as late as last year long after he claimed he had ceased to using performance enhancing drugs. Yet there's -- name over and over again log is either Alex Rodriguez Alex rod or his nickname in the clinic. Test -- there right. A pre Colombian Caribbean chief. Rodriguez's name appear sixteen times throughout their records the new times reviewed. Also mention the records Melky Cabrera. All of them if there's a few players here all of whom tested positive PDs in the past year. Nelson Cruz GO Gonzalez. Mentioned as well. Them. So anyway. You got your kids involved in sports and athletics. Gay -- he came off drugs keep my trouble. Only city kids can grow up and be superstars and I don't. Get back get onto the drugs. It is sad I don't know what the answers are. I don't know the answers are. I wonder what is. Going to come of the world of professional sports in general. In an interview with major Democrat donor magazine owner Chris Hughes President Obama said I'm a big football fan. But if I had a son I'd have to think long and hard before I let him play football. Similar Roman said. You know they were sitting and then in a stadium there. And you know as Christians vs the lions. And the airlines didn't need to downton soon. -- they had -- and co host. -- real lines. It do you think they said hey man it's it's an interesting sport I just I can't see you know my kid out there. I'm not comfortable it. Yeah. President Obama was referring to the emerging consensus of the injuries and in particular had injuries sustained while playing football -- serious health fact. Actual NFL players over don't agree with the president's characterization. Though it's cloaked in rhetoric about Baltimore Ravens at -- agreement with the president the Associated Press reports that other Super Bowl participants. Are against the president's feelings. 49ers pro linebacker Eldon Smith. Among several San Cisco players who doesn't see anything wrong -- kids going football. -- likely sign it and thought we were going to play Tennessee says it's eight physical game everybody plays hard and guys get hit sometimes. That's. What we all now coming into the game we signed up for we came out to play football. Guard Alex Boone was adamant the football has to be physical -- adding he -- the league and players' association we're attempting to make the game safer. Half late with that with a head injury thing and and the head injury thing is a little more frightening than the rest of the injuries. I mean that. Look you hear the stories see -- don't guy wakes up 405060. Years old played some football. His body is battered and his reminded every day yup now all -- ache pain I. -- -- -- -- But the head thing does scare people. You know although we're making great strides even in this area particularly UF and chance and some of the researcher doing as far as like parkinson's and stuff. Would get to McKnight brain institute and we are really -- leading a charge while cutting edge of a lot of the stuff. But. Mean to make it to to simplify -- -- very scary and complex thing. Just like it's a scary and complex. A dangerous world out there. So says Hillary Clinton and President Obama sixty minutes interview an accident like twelve times. Thinking about head injuries and brain damage and -- associated problems is kind of frightening it is something that. You know you feel like it's beyond your control and you know you see things like dementia and alzheimer's and you see that seems to be increasing at such a rate. It is kind of frightening in. I we've -- talk about this morning above Rochelle OJ Anderson it is 615. The president was in Vegas yesterday. And job to tell you race. What's and I can't tell you what he said because it's got to stay in Vegas. Just didn't here's how about the immigration reform and he's embracing the Senate's version of it. Again I hate to sound like a broken record but it will all come down to. Securing the border. Can it be effectively done and will it be effectively done those -- the things will it be effectively. Secured defended etc. Can it be -- -- being so those are my questions the rest of the stuff. You know I don't have a problem -- the path to citizenship I don't like the idea that they. Get in line before. Those that are doing it completely legally and jump through hoops and yes they are jumping in line ahead. Because they're able to attain legal status they can live here while they're working on citizenship for many people abroad cannot do that. -- -- -- -- 616 -- Bob -- show we've got a whole. Lot more to talk about including Senator John Kerry get confirmed that. Secretary of state. Stay tuned to news -- 97 point three this guy. Sharing thoughts so let me explain my my idea on that. And then we can debate it further cloudy seventy point 30 yeah this guy. I am. Anyway it's my third team. Just trying to get through the work that way. And a feeling. -- President. Obama was en us. The Las Vegas and which is odd in itself because he was the one holding people it. You know we can't afford take trip to Vegas and all this stuff -- a few years back. And he's been there now a lot. -- and now it's one of the many oddities. President Barack Obama hailed the Senate's bipartisan immigration framework. In a major speech on a topic this afternoon in Nevada. Threaten to send his own alternative legislation Capitol -- of congress. Fails to act. The president embraced a statement of principles offered -- about four democratic and four Republican senators which would strengthen border security. And employment verification. In exchange for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the United States. Is your view changing on any of this are you hard liner that says lucky illegals illegal laws are laws. If they're gonna be disrespected and then later rewarded. What other laws are going to be violated. Where's the respect for the sovereignty of the United States. It is so awesome to be a citizen here are mentioned following the law be a pretty important part of it. The other side of the coin is you've got eleven million people maybe more. That are not documented it and don't have citizenship. What are you going to deal that so called living in the shadows Malarkey I mean I don't buy into that. But people you say why you gotta get people in this system you know yeah there in the system one where another theory they're taking advantage of the system other contributing to it. No one of the good things you can say about you know immigration is the I would say that immigrants'. Offer. You know a more conservative model. Of the United States than Americans themselves do. Think about it. I mean a great one of the things that made America great in regards immigration. Was affected people came they wanted to be American they wanted to learn the language and they were willing to sacrifice and work hard. And and really the main. Agenda was not so much about them having a better life. It was about their kids having a better life. And immigrants to this day still you see. A lot of them when we come here legally and illegally day. They make sacrifices. They work hard. They go from there in fact this is one of that. You know this -- at the things that skews the statistics a little bit. Or at least shows the statistics in a positive light in terms of climbing out of poverty immigrants do that. That is the American story. Come to America pour work hard. And maybe not always make yourself rich so to speak but certainly. You know making a decent living. Far better exceeding far better. May be what their potential wasn't her home country. And then the next generation. With further education especially when it. You know education is. Highlighted. Promoted and pushed. From the government. Which we hear. All too much about. -- the highest per capita spending on education in the world. It starts at home. Countries that have the best record in terms of on their educational level amongst their citizenry. Are those that culturally. Promote the importance of education. That does not mean that everybody's cut out to go to college it doesn't mean that at all. -- -- in Germany you know they kind of track you you're gonna you gonna be tracked for the for a straight for the workplace or you know retract toward. You know college. The differences in Germany to track to the work place it's not to work a minimum -- type jobs. They actually still have a healthy respect for non college graduates and their potential in the workplace and what they can add to the workplace -- can get. You know a good white collar job where he respected. Without having have a college degree in Germany. -- in America still tough for now there's a little. You know there's so little thing about you know have an -- college degree. Even yeah well -- at least somebody who can you know. Be a janitor yet manage people. And clean windows and do this and we're paying twelve dollars an hour and college degree preferred while watched. I exaggerate slightly but I'm not by much. So immigration in the ideas behind it of course they're good country was built on immigration illegal immigration however. Is not so good for America. So I guess it does boil down to once again. When you get it it we don't. We can continue on the way we've done thanks. Kind of now. Potpourri of different ways in which we deal -- it. Maybe they'll be some verification. In the workplace some penalties there maybe they'll be some border security maybe not. You know we can do so hodgepodge thing. Are we can make a concerted effort to get it right. My fear is -- the government gets involved in things even if their intentions are good. They rarely. Do a good job of it. It usually ends up being far more expensive than we thought. More side effects surfaced that weren't thought of beforehand. Now and government continues to grow as a bureaucracy has to check upon the group bureaucracy. To make sure that the -- bureaucracy is behaving in getting the job done but the bureaucracies really farming the actual work out to other companies and consultants and and I could go on on. 626 on the Bob Rocha Scott I drove an 87797595. How -- coming on the idea sounds were up President Obama in Vegas and OKJ. Is making surf. President doesn't -- -- so hominem you know when we come back I'll have some sound on that. President Obama. And his take on immigration he's embracing it. This and it's plan. And the senators are embracing each other yes Republicans and Democrats. They can't make -- work together sometimes. Which kind of frenzy two does and it's like. Long. Wait a second. Bold Chuckie Schumer and John McCain -- rabble Rouse and like couple of frat Brothers up there on stage yet today did you see that. Via Rome is burning. To anybody. -- old now. The act. The usage is up they're shuck and jive but apparently that's a big racial known or something I'm hearing -- who Colin Powell told me. -- good news for two -- lovers on the way and question for him. It all it talked yesterday me and -- -- -- -- about you know president -- and a skeet shooting. I am sure by now some sort of proof has been presented Bryant. Folks on the left -- wanna protect president's image and say if he would never tell lie about guns or anything else. They must produce some evidence that he spends. Let's somebody step forward said gas I've -- present now now we do have. We you have. Tennessee representative Marsha Blackburn coming out and saying that she can beat Obama skeet shooting. But she hasn't actually. Shot with him or against him. But I guess it's a challenge. If she ready for the selective service. About your daughter yup. That that's. Something will be talking about as well stay -- my friends 628. On the Bob road show I would. 97.3 this guy. -- -- The gunman and probably in regard to -- -- -- anti depressant medication -- seven point three. 630 -- out of our -- showtime techcrunch you -- these jewelry. We it's always yes -- Jones whipping. President Obama was in -- Vegas. Giving a speech and it him raising. This senate's plan for immigration buddy also. Had to use a threatening tone again you know this guy yeah. I don't listen for yourself and see which isn't the. Foundation for bipartisan action is already in place. And if congress is unable to move forward in a timely fashion. I will send up a bill based on my proposal. And insists the big vote on it right away. May -- if he's going to send up a bit. Bills started in the house sometimes a sentiment really exposed to certain house. In the senate does their version center. Of the president the executive branch is going to put together bill send it up and then and -- -- a man and a they don't vote eight depth sorry mister president back. I don't mind -- necessarily suggesting -- suggesting here is the bill I want you know you people are taken too long he needed deal now. But for most thirteen Terry standpoint. Let's say that budget permanent budget he sent. She's many years ago now four years ago that was voted -- 99 to zero of this if it was voted down like -- 5140. Non main. Or even like 5540. Fives might via. You know what you -- all the guys came pretty close to get your way packs. When you had the majority in the senate and I believe you -- an overwhelming majority at that time. In house in practically the filibuster proof majority. And you still got zero votes. I don't know blood in hell. Yeah me so forceful in any -- at downright threatening if -- the Jacksonville Jaguars and for whatever reason the Baltimore Ravens can't play in the Super Bowls they throw to Jackson that game to -- fourteen. -- have a whole lot of confidence. Don't be -- do too well on that game they had to based on -- track record they had all at zero and back. Where now now I was the same president though that won the Super Bowl ball -- -- Super Bowls with obamacare. Taking sixty yard field goals of the -- a night when Nancy Pelosi holding. Speaking of football. And Super Bowl what's coming up Sunday of course everybody knows the brother bowl interview McAuliffe. Some peace from the Associated Press about. Ray Lewis. Are avoiding talk of HG HE news. This eight CH thing has come up the brand new story about young -- Alex Rodriguez. So this is starting to surface this is a banned substance in sports and allowed to do as a body produces some amount of it naturally. It is something that I think down. Folks who are. You know aging baby boomers are looking to for this fountain of youth type thing and it does have some good positive effects healing muscle tone recovery from exercise -- it works it's real it's based on human anatomy it's human growth hormone. But you're not supposed to use it. You know in a performance setting because it's a banned substance. And city Associated Press is putting a story out which. I can understand Ray Lewis being a little irritated by this and I know it's as we lead up to super ball. Any story relating to Super Bowl is a good story because. A lot of the sports -- -- that are kind of stretch seeing. It's you know everything you do is related to Super Bowl so you're going to get a lot of stories coming out of -- pretty big one you know this is the Associated Press. All the topics Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis wanted to talk about it Super Bowl media day deer antlers Brey. Probably was not on the list one. He declined to directly address in any detail Tuesday questions about a Sports Illustrated report. That he sought help from a company that makes the unorthodox product to speed up his recovery from a torn right triceps. And remember he. He did they -- pretty strong recovery when people said probably wasn't possible. Room. Lewis was the NFL's leading tackler. In the playoffs after missing ten regular season games of the injury the company is called -- lots. Sports with alternatives. To steroids. Room. It says it's deer antlers substance contains. A banned performance enhancer connected to human growth hormone. Does that mean it is banned it contains a banned performance enhancer. The 37 year old Lewis announced he'll retire after the season you know that he dismissed the report as stupidity. Second. But why is it stupidity. They are allegedly doing business -- these people your in the Super Bowl you're one of the oldest players in the league you've made some aren't miraculous recovery. Is it is it unfair even asked the question of -- it did he have a little help. Yeah I think what the issues he has with it is they'd have tested him and he has never tested positive for anything now granted. It's our -- and start. -- -- -- -- -- well marketing more to say that they passed a task but then if that doesn't work anymore than there are all guilty. Who a lot of -- VP -- every single one is guilty as -- march. Because hey -- I've never touched upon they've -- down -- tested positive and this is where I think. The NFL needs to get and a Middle East is sports which -- performance enhancing thing. Need to get very very specific. Because OK you cannot shoot up steroids you can't take steroid needles in your rear and that dale agreed that. Now you can't take this said I can't take that substance they can't do that now I can't take deer and alert because there's something in there that's on the banned substance list. I remember -- 810 years ago select that there was a Philadelphia Eagles game in Dallas I think it was the season opener one year. And the cowboys were good the Eagles weren't all that great -- like early and Andy Reid's career. And they were making a big deal because the Eagles were gonna do something on the sideline. Where they were gonna drank. -- Jews yeah as a way of sort of replenishing kind of like if I can use the phrase. Gatorade on steroids well I'm more or form of whatever it is to help. Keep them the news it has and electoral light affected and -- is coming in the sports world and says well. That's that important title was not not -- I don't think I don't know what they were making a big war about it and that you know -- -- packages and it accountable weird sounding think you've heard a lot more since then an album the first times it was brought up at least. At the National Football League level. So now what we're gonna draw the line of yet you know what that's kind of giving somebody an unfair advantage because now there they got pickle juice on their sideline on the other team doesn't so now. You -- know where exactly is the line of cross. And and that's and that's a good point Nancy your question but let's look a little further and see. All right and they just don't know which are what Sports Illustrated reported that -- owner Mitch Ross recording the call now why he would even record a call. You're calling this guy. And nearest recording a phone call which depending on the state I'm not sure if that's even legal. But anyway the owner -- Ross records -- call. With a player hours after Lewis hurt his arm in an October game against Dallas according to the report. Lewis as Ross to send him deer antlers spray and pills along with other products made by the company. Sports Illustrated also said that when -- spoke to Louis sports story here acknowledge asking Ross for quote. So more of the regular stuff unquote. On the night of the injury. And that he had been associated with a company for a couple of years through hue Jackson. Jackson is a former ravens quarterback coach later head coach of the raiders two years ago he stopped endorsing slots because his ties to the NFL. His ties to the company violated NFL rules. All right so that was a two year old story you want me to refresh so why won't even speak to a Lewis said Tuesday. But they weren't asking you about what happened two years ago. This was supposedly allegedly. At the night. Com. Ms. Lewis hurt his arm this was in October. This is not a two year old story. Pot and then he goes on its. It has never been a question if I ever thought by using anything. So to even entertain stupidity like that. And then you know people come to the rescue and say you know he's passed every test but you know. That doesn't carry as much -- easiest to. When they're obviously people who are ahead of the curve when it comes to testing. I mean testing for the you know United States Olympics. And we need the US Olympic commission and all that and the international body. Their day test for everything. And those tests can be beaten but apparently. So. Now we'll see if there will see if this story isn't more legs than that. John biscuit on hold luggage here right after this quick time out of promised 6480 Bob Rochelle I would. President Obama embrace acidity immigration plan says hey here's a bipartisan effort and looks like we're gonna have passed things rather quickly oh and by the way. If you don't. Also not my own bill and demanded a vote be taken immediately. Wow so we started out with a little bit of praise and then. He -- gets very very aggressive. Mean I don't know. Yeah keep an eye on this -- 649 on the Bob Rochelle news talk 97.3 this guy. Fine follow friends -- -- this guy on FaceBook click -- They did to everything. Portraying this guy. Sykora clobber Mozilla which Anderson a lot of local good morning in a way of his day in January 30 wow. Month informed by Haas nick coming up super -- chicken wings good times you know forty niners are gonna win right. Today might not agree with that we'll talk about that -- we closer. Chicken wings aggregated -- story price -- going up. NASA -- of the drought you know what else ask you of the drought. Corn production. And the government mandates. That 40% of our corn crop be turned into fuel in the form of ethanol. Less corn equals higher feed costs which means fewer birds produced. Is it interest staying. The -- part of the equation after the cost of chicken going up. Ethanol is not mention. -- And then also Ole I you know I prefer the peanut oil to the killings and I don't know fall restaurants do you that. Ortiz a mixture of corn oil and so corn oil would also be affected -- right according to the national chicken council's 2013 win report I'm not making this up it's real. More than one point 23 billion weighing -- portions. Will be consumed during Super Bowl weekend this year. However. Chicken wing consumption is expected to be down twelve point three million compared to last year. According to the -- CC not due to declining demand in large part due to record high corn and feed prices in 2012. Corn prices hit an all time -- due to last summer's drought and pressure from the federal government requirements and mandates 40% of our corn crop be turned into fuel in the form of ethanol. You believe it. Up less corn equals higher feed costs which means fewer birds produced. Additionally recent Gallup poll 79% of Americans surveyed said that the price of energy and gas are hurting economic bottom line. While 76%. Said the price food asserting their economic situation. Sell something to think about. -- and your feasting on those wings if indeed it. You can't afford to this day here on about road show good morning. They wanna Bob -- dole Ray Lewis I don't know it cracks me up is these reporters are hard economic PD about and you know he denied it and I didn't I had. Well look -- memory did get away with pretty much -- murder and probably what they'll do with this substance abuse problem. Go to pay off Roger Goodell like keeping it off those murder victim's family thanks Bob. Are writing again. I think there is no love for Ray Lewis from biscuit that's that's just Chernoff. When I get out of that Johnny wrote about Rochelle good morning. They brought it up. I just want to say that what I read in the I believe it was Sports Illustrated com that your -- that the gentleman that event that that your spree. He said that Ray -- -- never taken a blood test. OK and that the stuff can only be really tracked in the blood. And that's why Ray Lewis is denying it and and he also said that not only was taken it but he was spraying it under his tongue every couple hours. For cities in the -- and that dosage is three times today. And that he kept calling you know it was caught him looking for more and he was -- and music good stuff announcement because it was court is saying. Who wound. So it is even -- -- hard -- appreciate that. Sub lingual. Sprain and stuff on your tong you know holistic medicine practitioners of for a long time totally familiar that. You know for the exit for those folks some people say Alley you know it's herbs or its natural stuff for ground of -- or whatever. You know there's all kinds of things we've done in processed and there are real active ingredients in even all the herbs and other things. Right so that's you know my doctors say look if you take medication make sure that your being herbal medications while you let you know -- let the doctors know. Because it does have on a fact. And -- your body naturally produces like testosterone and human growth hormone. I think is even harder to detect and test for obviously if they see samples where you're off the charts and producing that kind of thing. You're gonna have issues there have been a lot of cases may know when they can. I take it when their greatest chances are that they're gonna get tested and if if John is correct you don't do any sort of blood work I don't know whether they -- now the president doing any blood work -- right. Mean that's. Well you know how -- -- I don't even know Phil would show up. You know in the urine and less like I said it's a tremendous amounts. We'll get to. Which it Jameson next hour he can hold on a call back appreciated 659 on the Bob -- -- And Scott eyes are wide open 8779759825. I post on FaceBook a question. And it was FaceBook via the sky. The question was you know will you or do you let your kids play football are you rethinking NSC. Controversy grows a little bit with President Obama coming out saying if he had a -- wouldn't be playing football and not a some celebs and others coming out and saying no they wouldn't mean there's some football players coming out and saying yes they would if outlook it's irrelevant now launcher and put as well is it affected how you feel about you know your kids playing more coming --