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Rich Nugent on the Bob Rose Show

Feb 21, 2013|

Bob Rose 02-21-13 8A

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's good news you want and what matters to you regarding the weather nice still reading newspapers now -- -- here on air and online. Scott 973 dot com. -- Now the news. Up the other news congressmen met Richard Nugent joins us representative. Of the eleven district. Right here in the sunshine state congressman sir how are you doing. -- Don't fantastic it's good to hear me -- thanks for a thanks for calling me and I I'm happy -- get a chance to talk -- represent parts of Marion Levy Citrus County all well within our listening area. Let's jump in right away is sure of your partnering with senator Al Franken is crazy. And as a pilot -- -- crazy you can imagine her area. That's an odd couple but it's on your quick start there's ROR multi. 67 months ago it relates to reauthorization of all. And you know temperature. We sort -- huge mental. Typically are so. Or -- county jails today so. It was a I didn't realize that Chinese do and companion legislation over in the senate. And I might east in the house. So yeah that's -- at throw at -- word word word group that's sure. Well seems timely with the you know the shooting took place have been sandy hook and obviously if you're gonna have a discussion about. You know scene with the causes of these things are. Instead of you know wasting time on the gun control issue you're actually dealing with some mental health issues and I think that's important is a good job. Well in army that's. Well all year -- are almost there -- and edit it helped out that issue almost every time. And you know some of these are. Urged to. Treat each other. It in you'll look at. Now we see columns all day and number. Corrected. I'm and it's it's Syria it's -- -- apps or are concerned. In the states really helped. To -- -- It. Congressman subject has been talked about a lot lately and I just touch on his gun control. I'm proud of what what if anything yet -- is reasonable what if anything is actually going to pass. You know I haven't seen any legislation. Yet so you know hard to say what what's going to be presented by -- Senate looks like their first. -- legislation but we haven't seen what what -- are about to. Bring. It. Start talking about -- Weapons that that look like Molitor opens but are about -- You know it start chipping and all kinds. Areas. -- It's now it's. People look for a quick six noted that ended on course to occur or fixed position by. Hero replace our our. Or sides. -- Bad issues. Like senator Richard -- probably a trick -- Epps doesn't -- Well I think it's a vision. Yeah yeah well I mean look what we just had statistics come out about the last year or national highway safety. 36000 people are more. Died on the nation's highways in you know. Say you know see people of abuse crying for legislation to. You know let's limit horsepower let's lower the speed limit let's do -- -- -- 36000. Lives. So to me. You know I just don't get it when they wanna go down a gun control path that just doesn't make sense statistically. Well I mean and it just doesn't make sense in L so. You know like I came from the state you know at gun. Owner registration. -- -- -- you saw on our. In ought to it was collect on Tuesday. Didn't when he thanked him make anybody any -- The bad -- -- care and optional somebody or rapist or produce some in India. They start against a -- they don't care. We're gonna do whatever extra 20. Whatever order there. Clubs are so and that. Nose -- people registered -- oust show the government that they own arm. -- -- -- let me move on to. Sequestration. The president there -- -- he gave a speech and -- had -- all securities and FBI agents are going on furlough we could have terrorist attacks of police fire. Teachers. A you know everybody's going to be going out of business here soon. If they don't put an end to the sequestration. And and I found out it represents about 2% of the budget -- tell the truth there. Yeah well you know -- or. Else to say that his idea of any lots -- laid off aren't Republicans or sequestration. That's what -- idea of the sources you know. -- -- -- -- -- You -- it. And that you know he talks in fact local law enforcement are teachers. And -- and -- is -- -- You know. Furloughs. And we we Pletcher furloughs and county government. In regards to you know now essentially courage wary of people government -- -- -- adjustment and you know they. They didn't work a full. So it Stecker so you don't have coverage so you know there's a lot straight you know terror but he assistant idea though. He wanted -- -- and as -- Please frustrating for Americans to listen to that kind of a message when we ourselves. Have had to make such personal budgetary changes because the high price of gas of food of of wages being stagnant a few fortunate enough to have a job and all the real concerns of life. Really bothers a lot of people enough. The government can't take -- a a very small cut -- deal with -- effectively instead they have to. They cry wolf and input and try to put that fear card that I -- it's a disingenuous. The only thing like I would say about a cluster and that's you know the weight should cluster works with the cross org -- It's views must mention out or should you should you still -- to make those same shots. Like you know what that's what steers it. -- fair wage. The Jews and start -- on -- there's a -- -- In in a spot away not just across our work cut because most crops were cut. Are going to hurt our military. So. That's my only concern is when things just across order critics say well that's that's it's great. Yeah is that the way you wanna do but it's of the way that it looks like it did make him down if things continue. It's like you get cropped or Condit well. You can't looking more sales and public you know. Ports. They -- also so that others were -- a structured spotting you cut. -- and that's the difference between you know -- our work cut. Which you -- and at home and of action in an editor. But she hears it really don't. Did a terrible out here. But he does it. Score now but at some years. Lights take him. -- -- That part sciences at 17% of discretionary budget. Picture. So. Exactly. What ought to elicit ideas. Or -- or. No I'm glad to continue to to tell that story because if we rely on a lot of the mainstream media they they they leave that part out to -- the president steel and begin perhaps. It can be and can be church -- Let's move onto illegal immigration. You know a -- we gonna do this a huge issue eleven million or so we we don't even know for sure work. And really I think the main thing comes down to enforcement. Back in 86 under Reagan you know the promises were made don't worry this be the last time we have to deal with this because we're really -- enforce the borders. It is is there a good measuring stick him we believe folks when they say they're gonna really enforce border secure enough. Here's what I would do so disputed border security first and net and then. That you like out compiled there that it needed to talk about what we only accomplishment -- after. He announced he kept secure wars we are at 8680s. And where it was sold down you know -- and we -- million illegal immigrants in the country. We're gonna you know -- close our borders or make sure that. -- Serb borders. The parliament and be right. They -- they granted amnesty. But now -- out you know over allotment. That's the problem we -- -- well we're gonna do one thing but they never quite. Finish. I would suggest that we need -- issues first and then. It just seems like our congressmen and do all we keep rewarding bad behavior and then we expect there to be a different outcome. Well why it said. In what they shoot on it now and note outlets or all users. So it's called amendment -- but I don't think -- -- state they didn't need it. So they were going to be expecting bigger numbers. Got a lot of -- anniversary. But you know order actually six borders secured -- cart. Out of Berkshire. In I don't trust. I'll trust of folks are urged to venture out. Congressman I'll leave you with that I don't like you know predict you know it's our average. Short source. Seen -- believer in the old Detroit. Right right big congressman look we will get mid term election coming up soon of course big presidential election -- sixteen. Would it what do you see for the future of the Republican Party. You know that that the party -- you know kind of -- I would say turmoil they certainly are some issues -- Making sure that we know you know. It's -- ourselves not what America people know exactly what stamp for our. I think that you know or trying to make this party. By talk about this term. It is making her mixture. There one of us. And say. China should help but due to create jobs -- China and here are our. We incurred the masses. In a church or. I'm actually put people back to work. That we put people -- -- a lot of our financially -- from the from the you know that the government side stricter you know shrank. Well when folks -- still can't get shut out. And you know and all of our counties and allowed mr. Barrow and you know this ball below. The double digit mark but the -- Just oh. Take congressman are are you in favor of the fair tax. I am extra coats are. Awesome and good work congressman it. Rich Nugent eleven district thank you so much for your time on the air and we welcome you any time love to have you on thank you sir. Pressure on Friday 849 out of my brochure that was congressman rich Nugent. He's representing the eleven district. Right here in the sunshine state parts of Mary Levy and Citrus County. And.