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Mar 14, 2013|

Jay fills in for Bob Rose 03 14 13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Guy. Breaking news my friends welcome to the Bob -- showed Jack Anderson here. There is a new rule. Breakfast sandwich. Did you hear that on ABC and his top of the hour yeah. Are apparently. And look I love mcdonalds. My biggest problem McDonald's is there -- losses and they caved when that guy made that supersize me movie and they stop making their gigantic Magid drinks and stuff like that they Bloomberg their product. Now -- -- better when they serve our food giant styrofoam containers down it has put a little rappers. But that's just make. But ABC news about I guess what a quick -- now they're gonna come out with a a -- free version in the -- at the egg white. Delight kind of cool I think it's cool it's great it's wonderful -- -- -- you rainbows and puppy dogs on that stuff. Here's the B -- have put it. There's no -- Well they could put bacon and lose to be pork and but. He got two minutes we run a two minute newscast and ABC does you have tool minutes. A 120 seconds which OK if there was silence there. That's a long time we need to -- somebody can't just do nothing. But you'll only have two minutes to come up with. All the most important stories. Now all I'll say that what's his face. Francis -- Francis. Is still a top story. For a two minute newscast until at least. 3 o'clock this afternoon 24 hours a major story by. -- look it's not a national news of surprised but I would think that. Lieutenant governor Jennifer Carroll. -- that's a big story that's a gigantic story here at Florida Florida is a battleground state when it comes to congressional and and federal elections. That would be a big story. Is it are we not getting eight more inches of snow in Denver they did that is a store with a blizzard its ruling for the midwest just dropped eight inches in Denver that they actually have to take time out but tell me. That McDonald's has breakfast we don't care Denver now we don't but a rebel -- -- and did they spent time talking about it there's been no snowstorm anywhere in the guitar but that it is that no global warming -- naked. Dig up and start talking about how were all gonna die Nazi package starting today they can't rail on now. We have at the bottom had that I thought I heard bit and I had a 7 o'clock -- -- but now it's going to. Donald -- allowed to be there and and and then boom. Of the dear heart of the right as far as the media is concerned Chris Christie is not invited now. Tossed -- -- can't be -- for us. Clear that he gets he gets up to the president and any trash Boehner for not given a money I'm sorry to put -- open. Same difference. And by the way Chris Christie and nothing you'll ever get through a Republican primary to become present United States. But if he does. Governor Christie. -- -- the new John McCain. As far as the left is concerned. The left. And Democrats. Loved McCain. Why if Republicans were kind of lukewarm on like hey look he's a war hero is a veteran will respect them for that. But you know what he Mal salt -- was -- party a little too much. But the left their loved. The alphabet news channels he's a maverick. He's wonderful he's he's keeping his own party accountable. He was destroyed by that ne'er do well Texan inbred George W. Bush. During the campaign in 2000 he runs in 2008 all of a sudden John McCain picks an adult woman for his vice president. It really that quick parts of the dumbest thing ever created. If you notice they stop talking about evolution. Because they thought that maybe evolution was not the case because Sarah -- existed that's what -- -- paid about one. OK he was at honoring old fool he was way too old to become president he wanted to be in Iraq for a hundred years. Now that he's not running for president anymore they like them again. Chris Christie you're than do John McCain. Mark my words. If you could actually get through he Republican primary. Because you know it you're a tough talker. You mean business and you'll challenger own party you you put politics aside -- came to helping out your people in your state your constituents. And said the president did a good job when you know what by golly he did do a good job. You've become a Republican nominee for president -- fat disgusting pilot bill. Nearly -- became governor get a pizza party. -- of a big inaugural ball but he 875. -- all by himself. -- -- tell you how it's gonna go well for that that. The best thing it could happen to him as the seat packs a door for awhile. But I digress all right 713 of the -- 877 W sky talk 8779759825. So this headline on ABC news and and was surprised. A -- piece from Jonathan Karl live -- Kind of analysis but -- early news. Headline our first. President Obama gets standing ovation from house Republicans. Generally I'm not I knew he was gonna go meet with them when they're they're trying to discuss what they can do and how they can take care of his budget impasse and another was a budget impasse. Is that implies there's a budget. All of that the senate Democrats to finally have a budget we'll get to that in due time. Jonathan Karl's piece here talk about white smoke. I am told by Republican sources. That President Obama got standing ovations. At the beginning and the end of his meeting today -- house Republicans on Capitol Hill his first such meeting in four years. Well while okay. But he's gay who's actually try to do some work together. Then I see these other headlines. CNN. Hope for a compromise received his budget debate begins. Obama house GOP discuss stalemate a budget deal still elusive. Pres Obama there is no debt crisis. House Republicans challenge Obama on a budget. Sequestration and energy. So apparently there was -- point is what's called by -- As -- is Jonathan Karl's who reporting after nine. But I guess the Democrats molecule was some sort of a budget. Budget chairman I think we chairperson. The Democrats real sexist there but it is Patty Murray. They Qaeda what their plan for the budget apparently it's gonna raise -- revenues. -- And they ought to get a much tax go to increases. When we were aborted the fiscal -- Just wondering. So anyway pres -- but with the the house Republicans. He got a standing ovation. And that night's. Tough questions no breakthroughs but a source inside a closed door meeting called it very cordial. Told -- virtually every house Republicans don't ask question began by saying thank you for coming and you're welcome here anytime some added we needed to work together. Sounds like. Being respectful. You know one of the things that we. The we we talk about we talked about when Doug George W. Bush was president is. What do you like or dislike the person in the office the office deserves respect for the president chills up. You should show him respect. You go to call on talk radio station and I hate him president that's one thing. -- worker in the halls of congress. You need showdown ruler respect -- by the way Obama's first visit to Capitol Hill to me what house Republicans and four years. Met them four times most recent one being at the White House in 2011. There's been a one. As a bit -- -- capital. Into Portugal nine. Sounds like. State of the union first want. When we announce -- -- 768 on this guy gonna take a break here coming up. What's bugging you. But Republicans applaud the president thought you. Is Jennifer Carroll. Plus Wimbledon so big scandal plugging him. Put a black helicopters body by the way we got about four hours and 45 minutes flew in Naples. It's problems. As much childish attitude plugging it. Get a dog just adds up next -- bugging you brought by Florida -- -- 877 w.'s guide hole. That's 8779759825. 97.3. This guy. I so wish that I have been able to fulfill your hopes to leave the country in a different direction you hear about it first. Time to talk to the go once again use. 877 and W sky talk it over a period in front you -- -- -- pest control on not be seven point three this guy. -- What agreement at every 7 o'clock news talk 97.3 this guide is Bob road show. -- it like October fest he'll be back on Monday. By minute mark whenever. A ton of potential people on ninth. And by the -- the countdown is on. Seven more days before I go on my next vacation. And back down to Clearwater. Watched more Phillies this spring training games and may actually -- -- game and negotiate the Phillies. On Saturday. They get their play in the Yankees. What squad but Derek Jeter sucks. -- what's bugging you brought you by a Florida pest control Colin L 877 W sky talk that's 8779759825. Todd was -- any -- this morning. -- I don't -- Jerry was -- many years. Mean I'm -- but -- out about this but I feel under more important things. You actually view Butler speak often about. Then what Tom and now. They're new item probably -- anyway slacker chicken nugget. -- -- -- -- Evil. Entities and our world right now that are trying to take over the country and destroy -- whale lives. You're not known -- the law. Well that's scum bag charge Obama for Warren here's cronies George Soros -- World Bank. -- know -- that's okay. You know what I'm not aware of it. I have been with this company. I started February 1 2003. The day the Space Shuttle Columbia. Blow upon reentry into our atmosphere. Ivan Bob roses producer. I wanna say all this to pull for -- look over that job. And with the exception of a couple of months stint that I spent in saint Louis Missouri. I've been here. For those ten years. I've heard the discussions have been on the air. And you know what. I have never heard anybody. As a show host or as a caller say anything bad. About Obama. The other people trying to destroy this country. I've never heard the name George Soros mentioned. I've never heard Obama and the Democrats destroy this country you know what I'm gonna make a note of that other start talking about how Obama. And liberal policies. Are destroying our country. I've never heard that kind of thing discussed on the radio station. -- -- Please remove it on out. Nine she doubted in it it's. I did not realize that that that that is something we need to be talking about on the radio station. Well understood what John and I'm glad that Todd called that want to because you but I -- should know nick gallons of producing he's also my boss. And that'll be caught not doing my job and from a boss. So I'm gonna start and of reminding folks latest Clinton and Obama the next segment peak early this guy good moral as bug -- you know. The during McDonald's. Egg white. -- -- a lot stronger in this country. I understand it's forty calories less than the regular at the -- that I can I can't spend forty calories just yelling it's a Democrat allocation -- -- telling lies. So what what that -- this as an example of the blue bird identification of this country where every business. Just like they have to shell out there fighting obesity. Could help -- a little virtual they're gonna cut -- calorie count the sandwiched by forty. Lousy calories thank you. Yeah. He put some effort into that -- of -- forty calories lasts. You know -- burned forty calories. Our current estimate -- -- walk your fat rear -- into the place or moving along. Just saying. It was bought -- you. I made -- there's sometimes change every politician that believes it is good. Need to get their golf club and that's what they wanna do an afternoon will more daylight at hand there are a quarter to catch Abacha and down in the dark and the cold. On our average -- -- need to go get an egg whites now they've got egg on their. I love it -- to any of you got kids you you have to -- to state and I've looked -- report we start a segment it's still dark dark dark enough money line. Patrick was -- -- -- -- what's bugging me is that some members of congress are afraid to. Expand the universal. Background checks on gun sales are individuals. It was it was mentioned. And the article that I read about that that criminals can still bottom weapons yes that is true however. It would make it harder for the mentally ill JR -- Weapons and so because of that I'm in favor of it also briefly there was commentary about well we allow this to happen in the government's got a -- -- do. This and that. And the bank has okay if this passes this far is that the government trot is up now on the road you don't like it you know. And you draw a line in the stand and you say no it at that point you are -- that. And the attitude well this that it means automatically that other stuff as well. Patrick I think he make a good point and that it would dress that those will be universal background checks -- -- of my concerns I have about it. On the other side of the new curricula to grab a couple more phone calls -- Patrick thank you for that phone call. David year old sky won't bug you. Oh you know what would argue -- I would like to see its territories people on the labels of all parts why don't go all manufacturers in this country put on their part exactly public -- the that. They have to spend in packs it -- -- and attempted attack on the consumer so. We can look at every single product and know exactly how much of that money it's taxes and they never give its citizens irate. Not bad not a bad idea Mike was -- you. I'll go out with a new series. Want to know on. So now I believe people play along. Seven birdie on those guys judge at a community to wrap up what but he was -- you know if -- called -- on the break and I wanted to talk about up Patrick's goal of universal background checks. There is some good to it there are some concerns with a Google Talk about it next oldest guy. Bowden first talked about is now not seven point three does sky. -- Sorted out but after 7 o'clock news talk 97.3 this guy a year and 739 time Jack. Brought few. The emergency room -- for a regional medical center averaged will shorten wait times and down. So -- -- bugging you Patrick called -- sudden bothers him is there a lot of politicians. That are not interested in the idea. Of expanding. And having universal background checks for guns. Thought goes like this why would you want crazy people to get hands on guns that's the problem the problem isn't guns that probably is too many guns the problem is guns getting into the hands of nut cases. And -- that we can all agree on that. Couple little problems first of all a lot of the nut cases. Generally speaking you don't go into the gun shop go on and can look people I. Even crazy people can appear to be normal from time to time. Sometimes also the day we had a -- a month or so ago that you know most of these that are of -- first time that somebody's mentally imbalanced people -- Also -- may have a history of being crazy. I would not have that much of a problem with a background check hell over they would need to craft the law carefully one of the problems with. The universal background check is basically I can goal. To a gun shell. What an individual person not to alienated if if let's just say pick it weaponry had you know guys there for a Oprah to gun -- It would go through the background check process. If I went right next to the display next door to the drills a bowl -- -- this budget guns he's trying to get enough. There's no background check. If and that's where you might have a bit of an issue will -- the problem I have is. Let's just say. You wanted to give. Your aging father. Who's lived in the same hole. For fifty years but you know what the neighborhoods kinda taken a bit of a turn for the worse shall we put it mildly. They're a couple break cans and a couple home invasion robberies in and around as a neighborhood baby in the same apartment complex -- Linz. And for his protection and a the two will be discussed -- and he's been using guns in the past he's from -- with a it's not a scary object to wall. But it doesn't happen old one at this time he sold malls guns and he had over the years to help pay for your college education. You would not be a wild to let your father have a gun in his home and it's a -- here here's what what -- my guns. You keep that the -- you have that forgot your personal protection. You would both be breaking the law at that point in time. If you had a friend. Who was getting divorced from her. -- the guy's been beaten on her she got a restraining order on them. She you know sort of went to one of those battered women shelters. Get down they're trying to find a place to live. He's ahead a look just a case does not comes by -- a restraining order -- -- -- -- -- if you can't. Here's that to have one of my guts. That would be illegal. -- can -- into a background check on. So that they would have two very carefully craft the law and one thing that politicians are not good at knowing. Is carefully craft and loss. Light truly crafting laws yes he saw a picture of the obamacare thing to 20000 sheets of paper whatever it is. They can make long balls all kinds of stuff that. Carefully carving out the niche of people you wanna make sure get the additional background check the may not be able to get one that may not have to go through one now. Can they actually do that I have my doubts about that. And we gonna -- spokespeople we got a little I'd lineal sky good morning. That morning. I was talking about the gun control -- the former pawnshop owner. And for any other salesperson there -- elements -- the chairman somewhat match I'll tell. Salesperson. We don't -- -- -- -- -- that training like she said she can comment and a perfectly normal. We kept make it to Asians we -- legal battle. Scary sight are we not in itself the people and Italy are we not. Sell a and somebody -- -- we don't like people comfortable well. With the -- -- and bring with. Each -- at a problem background -- and they're checked. Out. -- kids aren't happening. Salesperson. Jack someone and stability. It's impossible. It's not here -- art beat the ire toward the. And that -- up on that issue. Why it's got and again I don't know viewed -- really be the judge of what are the person is crazy or not at a that's going to be a three day waiting period. -- get their name and Social Security number you'd sentinel the state I'm guessing that help background checks go to begin with. And and the state kicks a report back and says well no lie he got arrested for. -- a liquor store two years ago we let him out for good behavior because there's no liquor stores in prison for rob. -- -- -- the gun and then when the person comes back to purchase the gun after the three day waiting period. Begun guys gotta say I -- I'm sorry can't get that. Column. Like say if they could carefully craft a law all. And again I don't know how many people would be. Included in this new version of a small. What percentage of that population. You'd be adding to that list and again how do you determine crazy. Major paying -- this guy could Morton. You're getting to generate the problem is background checks right now that this is a long long deal but it. -- background checks right now is that. There is no way to tellers it was -- you're not as a privacy issue it is not in the background checks most sane person in the world doesn't have a criminal record coming to. A gunshot and -- a firearm it will not pop on a background check right now. Norwood -- a background check between individuals. In -- for a business to pass something like this source mean I would get a of every single. Transaction between individuals yeah there's it's it's a very bad idea that the background checks we have right now. Why fifteen years ago mr. minister -- -- it -- be background -- in between individuals. And the next thing after we get back in Chechnya between individuals going to be universal registration. The next thing after that is going to be limitations on what you can. -- and on and on and on and -- Slippery slope it's happening right now this makes no sense. -- done it simply a bribe -- It's just simply pulled it inanimate object. Required background checks to individuals from what sort inanimate object to another -- -- object. It's obvious background checks did not work right now. As far as -- help me and so we're just your double barrel. Major -- thank you very much for that always good to hear from him. You know they ought to -- background check on. And I think he would find crazy people. They have 535 knots in DC. You have to be all 535 of them look past test. Yeah I don't think it's now. 747 oldest guy all hang in order to -- your phone calls coming up next. On this guy. It's good news you want and what I. Matters to you regarding the weather nice still reading newspapers. No I didn't -- -- on air and online. -- 973 dot com yeah. Seventh trip Gabriel let's go 877 w.'s guide dog 8779759825. Not a whole lot of time left for this hour and Goldman sit on the lives begin a -- -- know -- -- guy good morning. Good morning let me several or are they are sure all -- -- federal or it could be held out the present time. And -- purchase a weapon in the current shop are gunshot. There is straightforward says you cannot be mentally keep track. -- -- So it's a federal law sometime. The second at a former lark or shall not -- starter Mike -- New York City -- two years ago and also in date chaotic. And New York City you can pretty much. Count on their past maturity -- weapons found and -- engineers. Crimes are stored weapons from legal. And Solomon on your street station you can't have a gun message register make it operate he registered permits Chicago and -- who aren't. Killing capital -- the United States. Has same basic law you cannot own a firearm. And that -- party weapons in these -- are being committed any crimes are committed crimes are stolen weapon or not. -- -- -- -- So yes you're not gonna necessarily take those things all the street bad guys are gonna listen anyway. Yet before you have to filling in for the the background check and it's interesting because. Some of the questions are kind of ridiculous. Have you been deemed mentally defective. -- Some real nice little money sometimes -- -- it was funny because when I was that pick it weaponry. Year or so ago and I had a Philip paperwork when I got -- only had a gun. I was -- talk to one of the guys there and notice what parents and the questions they ask Ari are you mentally defective. You have have you ever beat your wife it's an actual quote but it's one of those kinds of questions to -- -- violent offense. An -- of the guys are are these blue Geneva quite -- attributed there was a guy that went into that's the war and it was in -- He made some dude Joseph key to that remark about god sure I'd knock over liquor store to the weekend -- -- -- I don't know any thing. The guys that we had to pick a formal way from that we're talking about a -- that you know you it it's kind of like. They the guys the gun shop take that things so seriously 'cause they don't wanna have that double back on them. Kind of like -- he go to the airport and you're about security line. Make jokes about bombs see how well that goes for. Same kind of concept but you know the -- the gun shops. They get -- -- paperwork to do that -- to what you fed tiger and ask them questions about stuff but -- -- could say you know you're not mentally defective. Unless you've been -- you know criminally insane man. And have committed a crime of. -- regulations to prevent their we have to go insult psychiatrist. Because he's restaurant worker for over his job I -- -- -- -- -- to find crazy. 756 of those -- ABC news and our number three of the program just ahead. -- bigoted crazy Gainsville. All talk about a coming up next on this guy.