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A Post Mortem on the GOP

Mar 20, 2013|

Bob Rose 03 20 13 6a

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Coming to me you know from my bathroom left. -- -- -- -- -- -- Now really I mean physically my body's right here in the studio my brain is back -- sleep. Snoozing away. -- does -- mean needed to snooze button now now now now all of it together. Six sorry. 7 minutes after 6 o'clock time Jack brought to you by the emergency Romanoff Florida regional medical center average wait time are now only 35 minutes. Dimension jays announced. This is don't bug Maryland's got lots of stuff. To do. And I am -- try to get pumped up. And woken up at present to you. I gave you -- homework yesterday Klesse. Pay attention. I told you will get some homework got to fix the GOP fix the Republican Party fix -- and I said. Just. Exit. Did their own little postmortem thing and revenue they called an autopsy. Data that's upbeat and positive. They want things you do got to fix the GOP is public being a little more upbeat and positive okay. Let's -- look back -- how we've miserably failed when he twelve is an autopsy gap that's upbeat. Nothing like the word autopsy to get all pumped up and excited about future. All right so that is the GOP. Wasn't a miserable. -- loss in 22 Rabin was a loss is a loss and it was bad in. It seem hard to believe you could lose them with the economic state. Now the conditions things where are nice I said no way the way. Have you got unemployment above 7% you've got gas prices above three bucks a gallon. This Obama fellow. And I he can't get back you know. 00. No I was room. Yeah I shifting demographics. New voters. We Mitt Romney saying all the Hispanics he now with a portion of which unit truck and send you back home. Maybe that had a negative impact on Hispanic vote. Maybe it's when he said -- about 47% these bozos are gonna vote for me anyway some may do anything for them. Well seeing things with the we could start there -- what was the other one -- others you know they're semi rape in marriage real rape and then there's the woman saw a body -- ability for body to kind of flush or -- out. A real -- There was blood one of those senators -- those -- don't make me am I gonna go back over all. Lots of bozos how to get through. Is there any gas that -- primary processes and stuff nobody stood up and said this guy eighties and just to -- time he's gonna say some stupid and probably at a critical time in probably when we really need to win that seat. OK so you get help to fix a Republican Party or white. 877 W sky talk or -- to do -- my own again. -- -- go to my well of brilliance that deacon of knowledge you people are gonna run me dry 8779759825. Or you got that spring of new exciting life form what's his name Andy dean on that night you can check you want him. Young infraction. And the future -- -- future talk radio right there. Republican National Committee released an audacious sacks. Of recommendations on Monday aimed at revitalizing the party and re finalize the party a hundred page report. Growth and opportunity project. You know they could mean we come up with really some concise talking points that made sense but -- -- -- a hundred. Page report any bets it -- it's over thought. Maybe it's too much just keep it simple stupid. How's that for advice I mean there's this guy who had. Very limited experience. Anywhere. Comes out of nowhere. Uses two words and wins the presidency. -- GOP. I stayed a little lesson out of that playbook. Hope and change remember that. Yeah how specific was that this don't have specific talking about President Obama of course but. He's not specific in his vision -- future. Other Republicans. But part of the problem as you've been to specific. You talk about issues and you get your pain and no corner and then you're just begging to. Have one of your candidates slip up you know the whole abortion thing is one of them -- -- stick to. The economy. We want a robust economy. We want smaller government and less taxes. -- this keep it very very simple. Don't get caught up in -- who did debate stuff you know the media. Is not good at it they're not gonna help you. Now there's some media that'll give you a fair shot. And in TV that's called Fox News. Mitt Romney didn't even go on the O'Reilly Factor and O Reilly doesn't just speak to conservatives. He is a very broad base of viewer ship. And an out of all the cable shows he's number one and suggests. It's not even close. So there are people attorney -- and they do care about the issues they're not all conservatives. There's a lot of independents there's a lot of Democrats. Mitt Romney did not reach out to those people for sure effectively. Am not blaming this on him the person and he's trying to take guidance from people. You know this is a guy who knows how to succeed in business because he listens to the people around him he can't be all things to all people. So you rely on certain -- Hurts but somebody he or somebody in his team should've thought. Showing up on the highest watched cable news program and America. It's all about getting your name and your face out to the people. Now it's also on air if you can do it at the villages -- las Sarah Pailin Poland 70000 people showed up in person and that will have a bigger impact conceived to be on TV. But if you can get five million people watching you -- one given time. On the O'Reilly Factor. Why now. -- that's what I say when I wasn't me naming -- what in particular but his people him or somebody in his group that puts the blame on -- -- little salute to I man you know I got here because I'm also pretty good at what I'm dual. I think it's a good idea here's a capital risk alternate. I'll show up on O -- factor all run the risk of alienating. Some far left wackos will decide on the Tea Party first over showing up to Fox News Channel. And I can locking him. The conservatives. That aren't quite sure on the gas. Yeah. Now would have been attracted Elena and made a huge difference I believe right there. And like I said for years previous to that Mitt Romney had plenty of time to spend with me. You know -- midsize market Gainesville Ocala. But he didn't we reached out to them they didn't have time. Why why not wanna make the time. My -- their personal touch I think it's important. And every little bit counts. But the people who he surrounded himself with you know when the RNC folks that are supposed to. You know that's these -- the things are supposed to be the experts in that you know getting the message out they failed miserably. I mean I did and really. How much are real contacted we have with folks NJU you know produce and cohost the show I mean. Now in the best we could do was let -- Andrea solid she passed a soft to a few other people I mean we never really. Got to the principles and here and in -- if you know I was a fan of that of Mitt Romney's four years previous. I was a fan this time around. I mean it's a no brainer. OK. And yet they're not there and I can use this conduit is a way to reach folks. And I'm sure that I'm represented -- a whole bunch of you know small medium market talk shows. In various places that has a lot of power in Poland ratings. That's you know that's part of it that's all part of it. You know their messaging kind of -- their ground game obviously insufficient. They were behind on the digital stuff and all that. Now both see what happens in the future. 615 -- Rochelle with. 877 W sky talk that's 8779759825. Got some local stuff going on Gainesville city election argue via some quick results on math. Brandon rubio more. Fill in the blank coming up news talk 97.3 this guy. He really -- -- making converts every day. -- converted the federal government can't. -- seven point three. -- -- -- So what do you do to fix this GO PM grand old party. Cannot be repaired doesn't need gas to be built from the ground up. Should we change -- names. To be be republics -- party. And be much more libertarian. I say yeah off. And apparently everybody who took the straw poll are a lot of people at the SE pac convention do the same way Rand Paul. I like Marco Rubio I think that he has mass appeal life. Think that you need Hispanic appeal. But I like like what Rand Paul brings to the table as well. I hope they work together oil that's it's not going to be a divisive saying that there are already positioning themselves for 2016 -- you know it is politics so well. We'll see what happens there. By the way it is 20 minutes after 6 o'clock time Jack brought to you by the emergency hermit north Florida regional medical center offering the shortest ER wait times in town. -- sure -- but what would you do to affix. The GOP just give me one or two don't give me a convoluted laundry list one or two things that you think -- most important. But the GOP could do. That would change their image to folks and an especially the younger demographics. As they come up to say what can you say or do that would appeal to them. That would change there. Image in their mind is the GOP being the party of the rich and party of the fat white guys it's that are not because that according their focus groups and some of the studies have done that's kind of with the younger demos are saying pretty much. I'll take that info and then. Ask you -- well not only market on account ever go ahead and get registered for the Bob Rose golf scramble to benefit the -- avalanche to a county. -- 2013 Bob Rose golf scramble it is back. On there's already some for some that are you know already gone they're still up pretty good availability but. That's not gonna last long Ambien. So if you want to participate have fun enjoy great Danny goes to benefit the arc the last to a county it is awesome. It is an awesome cause. This is pretty much there. There at their budget to gives folks that you know the the consumers of -- it gives them their me a recreation and stuff like -- some important things that they do with them money that and you know it's not gonna have. -- at 1 o'clock tee time. Haile plantation golf and country club Friday. Friday April 26. So the media has about a month little over a month April 26. It's a Friday a lot and -- -- you get out of work. Ninety intention. We've got a lot of returning sponsors this year these companies never repeatedly supported their awesome Florida farm bureau insurance info attack. And we're happy to be a part of it I'm very happy to be a part of it and feel like to register your foursome you can go to -- The last -- dot org. -- a let to a dot org there should also be a media. Link on our sky web page as well. And I get registered. Now if you don't have a team it's our right registers a single. And I'll put together it will puts in my thumb like three totally hot chicks they can spun them swing the club unbelievable. And may have oversold exaggerated that little bit rate their but all the rest of it's completely -- who think that that's arc. I'll let to a dot org appreciate your support very very much in. The -- folks -- appreciated to end Jay has a out podcast and interview he did with the executive director Dick Bradley. And. Now that's not run podcast -- of these Saturday Scholl. I think we're gonna open a program with that Saturday's 6 I am and it can also hear it over on our sister station. Sunday at six. Reagan. You go basis kind of wanted to go. Randy you're on the -- -- show welcome. AJ and well aware of the Democratic Party is gonna do any thing is that change their complete. Scenario of the Republican Party and they -- But go there for the working -- and -- -- league list yet but no list but I will tell you want to give an example. If there was a tractor trailer. All of -- for example what works out rob Simon wrote restore order given food away how many people you think will be wanted to broached -- about the and that's similar to what happening to our government they're given away all these giveaways but I do walls are given a whale would give away place to do people don't won't work. There's no way in the world Republican Party can ever regain. -- -- the senate because they had people Iraq now are out -- to give laced up and they go to continue to vote democratic. In the Republican Party I don't know what they're -- do what they're gonna have the complete change or but I in what looked like in -- leg after labor. The democratic way to billions. In order to even get any vote goes in the and for being -- about four things -- looked at the Republican Party lose both outspent senator yen. And and and -- Beers you -- -- almost 70%. Of Americans -- mobile home though. Thank you. Yahoo! and -- and of course leads to economic chaos which leads to collapse. I mean you know a country that spells disaster for most countries economic collapse now more than wars do. So we're headed in that direction hopefully the people wake up song as they can vote themselves a raise to the public largess. Many folks will continue to do that that you've got to change the mentality of the people and maybe you can't just do get through political messaging I don't know. But there's going to be young people I mean. Young people that are coming out of school and he graduated from college and and graduating from you know tech schools and such. In -- don't they want out of you know a future that's bright they need to support a party that is not the party of the giveaways and handouts. And I mean I don't know it's just a common sense thing. Unless they all plan to work for the government. Which again has to be paid for somehow. Maybe that's it maybe than it GOP suggest. Try to be an educational party and educate people and I don't worry about getting elected just tell the truth and educate people. Man and ended may be a won't pay off for awhile things and it's Obama finally going you know all those things that they said or Wright. Jimmie on the Bob Rose show. Good morning about the -- each day -- -- great job here you are part of the essential keep it as old bank one of the biggest days a week -- the problem. How the media in this country to go ahead and do everything that sound bite people are too late you'd actually be educated. About what -- history -- we -- support almost all of but he. Conservative Republican refusal logically. But we're not gonna be blocked by the media the it is not a percent liberal college has been. So they need to give up on trying to make the media alike that which is something I've seen the Republican Party doing a lap twenty to thirty years and it never gonna work. That job. That's I want to say mentally and -- -- a -- uses is our leadership in the Republican Party has just become a bunch weapons they don't -- -- -- don't stand a real principles. And are likely everything to do it right. Ronald regulatory when it looked like he win. And right now that Republican parties for the Democrat party what thirty years ago Wanda Democrat party for the Socialist Party -- thirty years. Pretty pretty much united slowing -- much all right let me grab Steve broker Ron -- about Rochelle. Hey you are collapsed -- -- automatic and then we'll ask our talk about tackling them are pretty. They're not sure that political outlet there at parties directly. And overcome is the way that the Democrats are -- Pat labeling people -- -- -- and he -- talk about. Them all the time that the people to label people group of people together well. -- Internet very well and immediately they're revered. Two labeling somebody and market I think everything they say they can go by and wanna bring our. That label on immediate dumped on it -- You're right you're absolutely right. We'll talk about how to try to counter that in the next segment car right well would you do to fix the grand old party the Republican Party. New leadership new platform. What do you what do you need to do to be successful in the future continue to take your calls here on the Bob -- along with 877. 9759825. It's 629 and you're listening to news talk 97.3 the sky. -- seven point three discuss. -- person talk about it now. What are unity of the -- GOP to grand old party isn't dead it then why -- votes from the RNC's. -- an autopsy really over what happened in the failed election attempts and -- twelfth. That's their language on mine welcome. Still above rose show along with. 6:42 minutes until 7 o'clock skies open I need your help. I gonna fix a GOP 877 W sky -- it's 8779759825. Pat helping out what do we need to do. I'm come off the subject you're talking about education. We immediately education of our there is no sex sting of the Democratic Party -- -- Democrats. Party okay and gimme gimme gimme some guys give me some good. On the other I think we need you. There's got to be somewhere that through his -- people that this can continue with giving up four -- aching for perks and giving it to another. -- we've talked about down a little bit good -- what's what's the effects. -- -- -- William helped me out here. Yeah. It's well being illegal and so actually it is we -- totally ability to compete with democratic that is message in the media. Now it -- that he and his. Reports about Republicans also enter in a situation that you Republican here. Well it is now either equipment. It's at least at the station and complete. That look like that -- and -- in and so in his equaling. Six years. -- -- So called it -- back. Six years doubles. When it's just. A double standard. Receipt and it was. So that it that it wanted to. Area out -- so yeah the media as a part of it but you know a good point was made by somebody -- last night Annan. It was maybe Brett -- show. Who was Charles Krauthammer says something along lines of now wait a second you've had the alphabet networks really had a lock on our news. You had a major newspapers like to New York Times Boston Globe in in Los Angeles Times. They've they've always been a bastion of liberalism. Now at least to a Fox News and talk radio. Com. So actually things may have improved from perspective of you know of them news not just having one media perspective. I guess the only thing is now the media seems even driven harder the mainstream media that is. They're -- harder toward this not just a an agenda that benefits Democrats of the Democratic Party. But it tends to benefit the far left progressive ideology and I guess that's. Where some of the damage is done and hard to undo. -- I think the problem was also old partially candidates and partially. Republicans and conservatives. -- the the Romney was running for president for six years you know with problems well before you cannot go lawn. And talk about how you don't follow NASCAR at a NASCAR event but he -- friends that own teams you're not being relayed a -- To the average person that wants to vote for you they don't want to vote for Obama. When you say things like that when he talked about how much of a goal getter you -- by strapping your all of a roof book car. And driving 800 miles an unleashing the holes is on one of what's itself. Yeah you cannot get that -- the couldn't beat McCain four years ago now graded. We know we Republicans and conservatives are all to blame because. Newt would never be able to do what he's got too many ex wives. Herman cain's too dumb secret natural the Libya question. You do they cannibalize the role when it came to that level. And then when you have Celanese candidates you know load the legitimate right guy. Currently. Yeah really cannot. That didn't know all your -- above rose show. Hey -- know exactly what to do. Just like elected democratic republic or chicken and every. Every student -- stamps rent subsidies. And where you can there. It's measured 20000 dollar and they played golf that laughable world record you -- -- everybody and they all know. About it. And I am. In my hit it -- ideas as successful formulas anything that we hear about but we are you have so much of that. In Washington week we can do better we can do better mature right -- probably lying to the people works better. -- here on the Bob Rose show. Good morning Bob I won my head and I sort of all look at the port here number one. Of course occurred at bat but it was a great candidate like -- and people that political change that -- Italy what even happened at the -- and and that much I hate to disagree with rush I think we should -- god war. Well I enjoy it but -- include important you know secretary and right -- we needed effort and hey I'd like for your career and we got -- is Eric. I'll stick I have not talked -- many people. People that better for Obama last it's not or -- a lot people like you know and I hopefully it was. Well what brought to -- -- All right hey appreciate very much your -- good stuff looking begun a 645 and above Rochelle 8779759825. Give me one or two things that you think the Republican Party can -- you to change your image. Change their message change -- candidates. To be successful in upcoming elections you're listening to the Bob Rochelle I would. 97.3. The sky. This video created -- and on video in your dad your voice he's news talk about seven point three. This guy. 650 on the my brother -- 10 minutes until 7 o'clock. And needed 877 W sky -- that's 8779759825. You know they. The RNC a Republican National Committee today. Spent a lot of time and energy in my putting together 100 page report to trying to figure out what they can get a well -- elections it's called the growth and opportunity project in some of the stuff they came from it said. They need to increase outreach to women. Young voters and minorities especially Hispanics. What else -- they need to do to the need to change some policies. Obviously they need to pick the right candidates. And old white guys. For lack of a better term. Don't resonate with a lot of young people it just continues to position the Republican Party is the old white guy party. For the party of the rich. What do we do to help to change that image the media most people agree that have called in now ready in the media is a tough one. But as I I mentioned earlier and you Charles Krauthammer and they you know credit for this looked. There was a time when most people only got AB CNBC and CBS there was a time when newspapers like you know the New York Times the Boston Globe. Now. Los Angeles Times things like -- of those newspapers really. In now they -- a liberal. Amid the media had a liberal take on things although lol if you look at it honestly wasn't nearly as lefty liberal. As a most of the media is today the so called progressive ism has infiltrated and taken over but how do we defeat death. I'll be honest with you the aging demographics listening to talk radio this is -- same kind of thing that we are going through. In talk radio how do we. How do we grab a younger audience -- so many of these different. Mediums and outlets that they play within the Facebook's in the twitters and I know goes well beyond that now. How can we grab a hold them up. How -- we what what do we do that's compelling entertaining yet yet also has an education. Element to it. They can't be boring you gotta be interesting and exciting but you do have to educate if you wanna win. This battle on principles. This battle of you know capitalism -- progressive -- And that's just a part of it if you wanna win that you've got you've got to be compelling and you've got to keep people's interest at least for a little while. And that's become tougher and tougher. Gay people have the attention span of a -- Think about it. I mean people DV RTV shows -- -- thermostat says they can't look at on things on Twitter everything's a little quip a little joke. A little cracked -- the highlights of the best stuff. -- we watch things like sports nation on TV. Because you wanna see a few good dunks a few good scores a few interesting plays and then you're done -- and then you're moving on. That's tough. -- on about road show. Good morning street -- Gay lesbian marriage. Drop that. Like a light drop and the far right rhetoric rocket and a longtime Democrat 62 years. Well. And AT and not quite sixty Q. But I longtime Democrat. And it hit it in -- I -- a lot of people I don't believe it's the media. There are a lot of Democrat I actually upgrade contrary to what many people thank. Yeah actually yeah yeah actually saint we actually analyzed -- actually all professional job. Or actually -- however I don't need somebody telling -- -- like -- prince Eric -- Eric I don't need somebody telling you about right ally. I believe. In right ally but I also believe that a woman's -- -- And I don't need to listen to any. Religious rhetoric. I wouldn't bode well in this as. I thought it was. Like Ginobili -- -- -- -- -- ENN. Fiscal responsibility. I I just cannot vote Republican in as long as we had people come up and say hey. They are right way to get -- to get an abortion. Aren't yet yet there. -- out manned and part of it is again it goes back to the media if all the last candidates. Is things like about those social agenda and a rare wrote their religious affiliation and all that. And a continuing play -- -- -- conservative candidate that's all that people hear about they don't hear about the fiscal policies as much. They just hear about the quote and quote kind of zing hers. Or what might be considered somewhat of an irritant to them even though the big picture of their most concerns -- the economy which it is for a lot of people. The media does even wanna go down that path because that's where the Republicans clearly in my opinion well we just -- Clean up Jackie on the -- Rose show. I think that that we need to. Really bring him these young. Republicans -- their college. A public didn't grow -- active but I don't even have a place in the cable. I don't think stand there in the local. Republican organization and I think that goes on all of the nation we clean house. Where. Kicked out from the old white man just too so they dropped. And and makes no sense anywhere at this guy got king yet remain. We are especially in the same ballpark and keep doing the same thing playing and the same thing we know we have got to shake things. You guys do stuff hillbilly redneck last -- glad. You're more involved it's examples like and drop the ball saint big -- Pop in the fourth quarter. Person -- do wrong answer argued amongst themselves almost avalanche circulate. Deep deep bench has been a big game for three quarters ever worn out they need to learn the -- our colleges. Put target launch themselves and get out there. So it's offense I like it all right good stuff they've cut -- off again take a break 657. On the Bob Rochelle. The thoughts and opinions say it will continue this into the next hour also give you some local headlines. Second body was found that -- -- river tragedy I'll get you up to date on that and anything else that is going on. Gillis into the Bob Rochelle -- Jane Anderson -- clubs.