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Jay Anderson Podcast 041

Apr 8, 2013|

Interview with United Way of Marion County Prresident Maureen Quinlan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I remind you that I have ordered them now though it's the ADHD. That's important -- I'm proud -- you I'm proud of news. It's not Jerry Anderson show. On news talk 97.3. -- sky news. I welcome the Monday edition of the day Anderson podcast fourth or -- will be eight. 2013. Thank you so much for downloading it hope. Had a great weekend another beautiful day on tap today. Oh good Iran that podcast for today and interview I did late last week. Had a chance to sit down with the Maureen Quinn Lynn who's the president of the united way of Marion County. A number of events they have going on there is a at charity golf tournament. Coming up on the thirteenth of the month that's this Saturday to you an -- -- municipal golf course. We talk about that all -- since it is one week before tax day. It is tax preparation services that are provided by the united way of Marion County ms. Quinlan talks about that as well. Here's the interview although the united way Americana as president Maureen Quinlan the on Andre Anderson podcast news talk 97.3. This guy. Joining me now the program is Maureen -- -- it was the president of the united way of Marion County they provide all kinds of services -- wave very well known organization. And have a couple events going on in the coming week or thereabouts. Ms. Quinlan thank you so much for joining me on the program today. Thank you thank you for inviting me. -- let me get this 11 this is where there is they had charity golf tournament obviously united way -- an awful lot of great work within the community. And there's always opportunities for years to raise funds the other one coming up. It'll be on Saturday the thirteenth they get charity golf tournament let's talk a little bit about that though where is it when is it how is it why is it at setter. You're get into the busy time of year for us because this is been going on for several years. Sponsored by a century -- and the employees there they put on his belt tournament every year. It's on Saturday April 13. And it found media -- minutes of a golf course. Start time -- 8 o'clock but people can start signing in about 730. It's easy for a person basketball scramble. The entry fee is 200 to 280 dollars per team or Stephanie ballots per golfer. And the NTC includes on the golf cart lunch and grab bag. And then it boxes. Prizes raffle prizes to give away. Excellence great opportunity for folks now of how you a little bit before we started this interview you did mention that you're not much of a golfer however. As as well like telling people all the time. I'm a great golf for up until that windmill keep knocking the ball away at the putt putt course and and right. That's that's about my level of golf at that point it. But there's a lot of folks our community it is get the spring -- get that great weather out there so it's a great opportunity to folks for folks come on out. And again it's for a great cause the descent relate charity golf tournament that's going to be Saturday -- thirteenth of April 8 AM. There at the municipal golf course on. But now there's something else that you guys are doing as well and it's a very timely because. The fifteenth Monday the fifteenth that -- will be. Sweating bullets and doing their last second bits of tax preparation because you know especially via the right to track. In a mile mile and wasn't like get a refund. I get those taxes done immediately and set off right away if I ever after write a check guide I weight is close to midnight on the fifteenth as humanly -- sort they'll work. But you have some a tax preparation service correct. Yet that -- captors are -- annual golf -- in -- in your wedding on me. The golf course people and hopefully get that up with that and the fifteenth. But be offered -- epic year that we offer free tax preparation. Fourth -- in the community. You don't have to live in the green county but that's our primary. -- service is appropriate also available in the Gainesville area as well. We receive a grant from -- -- at -- TU. -- is appropriate in the community last year would be filed over thirteen hundred tax return. Claim mean one point six million dollars in tax return money. Be that most the number that's the most important is the number that the person have to get this done which is now so all the money that. Someone aren't -- year they get it -- back -- have to pay to get. The taxes done that it's great folks love it we have about one need volunteers this year. That are certified by the higher act fairly is that would want to volunteer we just need to put in to work. They go about it -- for a month certification process. And they must take him administered by the IRS and it's they passed. Then they can volunteer. That the great program because people can get a 100% money back pocket. And time like this like we've seen in the past couple years families individuals need as much money at stake and coming back to them. And that's that's great there's there's so much critics and others always questions about how much can -- trust any tax preparation service that though. Some of the bigger companies they've been running ads competing against one -- about a -- these people to hire anybody off the street. But you just make sure the people you have working with the folks on and give him -- taxes prepared. There are actually. Have a good about a ballot in the IRS is sort of a given its stamp of approval of guessed that these people understand. The tax laws what you can and cannot -- and all those things. -- and on top of that tie in the IRS oversees the training and and does all that topic that some of our. Volunteers have had that experience that work experience from many many years a few of them are tired. And say we can meet or TP gained thirty deductibility and now they do want to get back to communities and -- said experiences wonder well. That is a fantastic opportunity. Is there any. Income limit innovative five make seven point. Two million dollars a year. Can I go there that is hero the for lower income folks obviously they'll be that the goal. But is there any income limit on you know if you make over certain amount that you'd rather you know that the united -- and a -- help those folks. No we don't set -- income limit but you're right we can't see the folks that are a lower to middle income. Do you come into but we -- that any income limit for this program. But we tend to get the -- that we expect to get in hand they're very happy not to have to day full -- mr. Which is a great deal because again I mean if if you go to some of some places in our view -- have. You know an accountant you'd normally go to. You could pay you know -- couple hundred dollars or more in that eats a decent chunk out of a lot of people's tax return checks like you said in this economy gas prices what they are. If you can get every single penny back and also mean look -- me and I dual in my own tax stuff but even then nine I sort of you know and and has tended divided this -- I get that production right drive doesn't on this but to have folks that know what they're villain out there -- it is a fantastic thing. What it is cycle on how to people get involved if they don't have their taxes done with the the help the united way of Marion County. They keep you get coddle. And wave earrings how mean optic 7329696. Or they can call option 11. And make an appointment either way 211 and all there was available in the -- -- when he -- that that information and referral service. Go either way he can comic appointment we also are dealing walked in detail. It week after walking and up until 7 PM Monday through Thursday we are also open on Saturday until from 91. So called next week. This Saturday. Spoke -- an -- to do we have the great. X-Factor is that people that do their taxes every year. And they don't realize they qualify for some of the tax credit like parenting tax credit they'd have -- walk away. We get more money and they haven't got it back because our taxpayers can go back three years. So a three year stacked if we realize that you have in the claim a tax credit that he earned. Then we can back file for you need to get that money back so it's really and they have a lot of great to factory and that it really it's an important -- -- Again for the folks you when again touched 732. 9696. It's number of their for the united way of marry canny too on a called scheduled appointment. He also dial 211. At the service available in -- well they do Balkans. As they're editing -- to make sure we get up the people are having on the line limits went. No I think that. All of -- resource that we have that -- should really take advantage of it and also through our vita programs. The our volunteers. Let people know if there needed any other service are it is -- has -- me. They instantly connect and -- the right -- sources in the community. And -- -- I hope folks like mountain golf and it's always a fun event. And we have to see lots of folks there on Saturday -- thirteen. And again it's 7329696. The fault of their for the united way of Marion County. On the Google's it will be UW MC's. United way Marion County dot org and tell folks get a lot of information about that the golf tournament coming up April 13 tax preparation services as well. Maureen Quinn and the president of the united way Barry county thank you so much for giving your tablet talk to people. -- -- get a Maureen acquittal the president of the united way of Marion County forgiving us over overtimes we did talk about the golf tour. It's coming up on Saturday the thirteenth also the tax preparation service they provide. For folks are getting ready to file their taxes coming up next Monday. Again thank you so what can download the podcast -- your friends your family about it. We'll have the podcast freed tomorrow in court today Anderson -- coming up this weekend and enjoy the day it's a beautiful one today setup for us. Thanksgiving downloading it have a great Monday Obama.