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Internet Sales Tax Coming??

Apr 25, 2013|

Bob Rose Show 04 25 13 7a

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is about Rochelle with. -- public can senators' demand hearings on Boston Marathon. Closet so familiar. Republican senators demanding hearings on Ben Ghazi. He now. We got a lot of information out of Hillary Clinton didn't win basically. Not to make a long story longer -- basically she lied under -- You think they'll be any pursuing that whatsoever now and asked to do with cables what she saw what she didn't saw see what she signed off on and didn't. She signed off. She signed off on a cable. Denying gamma. More security. At the Ben Ghazi site months before the attack happened. Now they're trying to say well it was like an auto signing thing you know she doesn't actually take care of all that stuff really. Come on man -- you know protect her. Now she's gonna go out and get 200000 dollars for speaking fees for the second -- -- as she goes around the country making money and preparing for 2016 presidential run which. Based on the both Hillary the American people should probably wind. Cool. Yeah. It's an all know. Simon that's one of their excuses. That is CE and I it's like an auto sign on her signature auto sign on a second. Didn't congress. And our government. Drag a bunch of banks. In and questioned them about the foreclosure because of foreclosures that would have on those sightings that wouldn't actually read any thing earlier correct. Correct that's correct. Yeah but here's cattle yes. Except dead you know the mortgage crisis was bad enough but you know -- also -- dead -- -- -- this result terrorism well those of movie death -- a -- America you know now that's another thing -- -- -- another thing she lied about. She had information that you -- it wasn't a movie -- -- the evening of the attack the evening of the attack. She got a notice saying that because -- -- -- -- music it is and actually talking about the branch of the al-Qaeda that was actually. Taking credit for the attack. That same night. Now it goes out on alert not a court she can't use excuse of -- how many tables get sat tennis State Department I got 22000 employees. Listen which here's how it goes that was a special award that was put out to only high level people you know you got it. I blame the media. How often does Fox News. Channel. Pavlik a special hour and a little graphics and noises and everything in it because it's. This is a Fox News alert and Tiger Woods is getting a penalty stroke for drop on the ball in the water in the gulf that still may be -- -- a larger L one of these pelican and a Fox News alert does go autos and it and what's the worst that could possibly happen at the -- what he thought. So now OK I gave you their quick lay of the land on that one now here's the new one that's gonna come up right. Hey we don't Amanda hearings about what was going on with the Boston Marathon. Do we want to get it the truth though what went on what to the FBI know when did they know what did the CIA know when Zdeno. How -- they follow Timberland or did they not. How much information to the Russians actually give us. Who dropped the ball why did they drop the ball what happened -- you want those answers yes do I want those answers yes. If those answers include throwing anyone under the bus. Do you really think that somebody's gonna step forward in a little dog and pony show when they demand hearings is gonna sit there and tell the truth Hillary Clinton didn't do it. What makes you think anybody's gonna do it whether and when they drop the ball -- summary from the FBI's gonna commando -- clearly my officers dropped the ball giving somebody from the CIA's gonna go. -- clearly would drop the ball I don't think it's gonna happen. It's not they're -- size yet. And then what it does is it creates the opportunities. For the Republicans -- they thing. -- -- look tough look how Smart we are and they get on there and like wind bags they talk and talk and talk they don't use any of their time for actual questioning. So they make themselves. Look even more out of touch so the young voters who you can get to actually pay attention to tune into any any hearings which is difficult enough. Again they're gonna walkway -- countless Republicans man. -- they do is go up there wind bag. Now that -- that. I know in this case your heart's in the right place but you know what actually rubber hits the road which are gonna do you can't help yourself. You're a politician. It was like a scorpion cannot help himself when he asked a fraud for a ride across the river and he swears he won't sting him. He can't help but he stinks and anyway the struggles we don't gonna dramas Buffy -- I can't help it on the -- again. The estate to the politician go they had this chance not to put these people -- on on the hot seat here any hearing. Had a chance to rip them apart with good lines of questioning you could worked in unison to get to the truth. Instead he used as a dog and pony show why. I can't help it. I'm a politician. Got it. Robert -- about -- But I don't you're on the ahead. Yes sort of like Andre you know Dutch start rather they wanted to. All these hearings -- it's just try to sorry that government is due date nobody ever knows what it. You know am responsible for all that stuff. Yeah when the government gets so large it makes it -- much easier to point to the other guys to CIA a point to the FBI and vice Versa. And then there are so many layers of bureaucracy there you don't BAC at the end you're not really sure what the truth this and that if push really comes to -- out. Didn't -- director ends up losing his job are stepping down or some other high level. Up person any operation now they find some scapegoat some maybe younger and your agent or some -- that they're getting ready to retire. If it's a geezer stadium and -- Will pay outgoing and a lot you'll fall guy they don't say it but -- Euro to fall guy you know you drop the ball get out and and they -- on him. He is okay because he's got his pension and all that other stuff to get to retire early and of its younger agent every wants -- is gonna throw into the wolves. Because he could grow up as an agent actually be one of the good guys who's a whistle blower and does tell the truth and they want to eliminate him early on until -- does that sound too deep and dark for -- It's exactly -- works. Yes a two Republican senators are demanding congressional hearings and why don't Senator John McCain. Really. McCain was one of the people had a question at they had a chance to question Hillary. Well and you don't want him stammer on and on and on and didn't they never worked cohesive -- They never -- cohesive way to gather to say here's what it up for most important questions we want answered. Let's let's pepper. And then secretary of state Hillary Clinton -- pepper her with these lines of questioning and if we get a dead end here when it's your chance to speak senator XYZ. Then your gonna grab the ball and you're gonna continue on that same line of questioning and then we'll move on to the next question and we'll use our time. Very well hey if she wants to stall. Eight mobile maker looking will make her look bad eventually if she asked to fill all that time. We'll just keep asking the questions -- waiting for responses we'll do it over and over and over again until we get to the media that. Instead of us grandstanding tuning our own horns all full of hot air. Dog and pony show this is what this is a game plans is how we win. This is the concept this is the axis and all -- you're gonna take the -- -- around the end. And then if they converge on you and added you're gonna throw the ball across the field. -- that's what you've got to do. But you know they won't they can't help themselves just like the scorpion stings the fraud. I can't help it I'm a scorpion. I can't help at the -- lights were on the microphone was on. And a politician. I knew as a statesman I had a job to do I -- line of questioning I should've followed I couldn't help myself. Because. I'd love me. I'm more of me it's a good thing and I need to get reelected. God knows I have no other scandals. And that's pretty much noticed that. Johnny on the Bob Rose show. Table of like Hitler fired their former -- because regardless Republican a month ago because the couple met up with a political prisoner -- little. -- do clarified things ordered I have to rush prayer to recoup by health care for all illegal and -- Republican vote and actually hear that. How come how come I -- some clarity that I don't understand that but I do understand that courtroom brawl and you. Make good that they had. You got a John yeah. Not at a and it's a game they play and and that's why we're in a -- -- basically. The Democrats expand the size of government and Republicans expand the size of government the Republicans just do it. A little bit slower. That's the only difference I can really detect for the most part but keeping pace. Well inflation just expand a little slower for example -- -- here's how bad it's gotten Clinton. Arab Democrats been would consider today's Republicans. To be far left wing wackos when it comes to spend. Oh yeah we're not go back to work to elect Clinton. Where were not go back to back what SP are now known all about you know you you know the bomber to Amylin. Was on welfare. In welfare from from pretty awesome time he set foot in this country. Because when your political refugee you can get public assistance immediately these guys sucked off the system. And remember. Yet this is how much things have changed because even under a Democrat Bill Clinton he worked together with a Republican congress and they did welfare reform and about half the people off welfare. As a result. That's how -- the Democratic Party. Has taken us to the left just since Bill Clinton. 7:17 am Bob Rochelle what's bugging you brought you by Florida pest control is up next certainly something yes we rubbing your rhubarb. Call now please 8779759825. They're listening to Bob Rochelle with. And I know I don't like you can just -- A lot of American culture and our future. Not alone 377 W -- talk -- like Puerto pest control. I'm not -- seven point three sky. Yeah. 722 on the Bob Rotella -- Here's our number to call and for what's bugging you -- 8779759825. Good morning -- what's bugging you. Well on people call a woman politician but we want to check. It check the hand. WR. And preparing we. Can't win -- pocket when Busch went and that our brand. Our rack rhetoric you know why don't care -- that right -- and Iran Contra coming. What was he doing it and body South America and non -- little war. And people act yelled back. Wow that's the it's fairy interesting stuff. You mean when George W. Bush free the Iraqi People from Saddam Hussein and they actually have. A form of democracy now in 80% of the public showed up to vote and appreciated it. Via a -- nine oh and by the way the the thing about it Hillary Clinton and and calling her which. Let me apologize. Absolutely unequivocally. To any and all which is that I may have offended. Chris you're -- about Rochelle it's bug neo. -- -- Aurora model and he's or prisons or. -- you come up these terrorists these bombers -- from Boston being around Welker. Only America can be auditors what -- air and on public -- this thing done. Maybe we'll find out that the Obama forum was actually the one that should all the bomb that the. -- around here -- mainland to look let's not go that far but. Well let's say look there's a lot of cleaning up that needs to be done. And if you clean all this stuff up and and -- and knocked off the giveaways to the extent that you are you might actually be able to have some people working in the air traffic control towers. So we don't have flight delays but alas I think us all somewhere that. The bombs were detonated it. With late -- remote control controller for like a caulking to excel he -- by your kid a toy car for now there's going to be a three day waiting period and there needs VA national registry. Remote control again. Actually have to put it in your kid's name because they don't MIT and illegal transfer of property. -- on about Rochelle it's buccaneer. I have -- if it attacked. I guess over the net overseas people won't have to Paetec. Also Mitch McConnell is against attack at least as one senator. On the Republican side did. That is definitely in fact he says there's the little guy. Who drives the economy. And -- let's. None are good point the the international thing yeah I don't know how they can possibly. Force international companies to collect taxes like that I am I don't know now -- -- gonna be another layer of bureaucracy if they have to set up monitoring and make sure that they're complying. Or you let that go and therefore people on the Internet are gonna wanna do business more business with foreign based Internet companies instead of US because they can save a percentage. And I aborted stuff from Europe because I couldn't find it anywhere else before. And I actually got it faster got a cent faster and then some. Related products and of our -- here in the US so yeah you think they would love to have that of a greater chunk of business. You better believe it there's always side effects when they try to collect more taxes. Good point knuckle head what's bugging you. And it I've got -- a look at us. And empty -- patriots. Some worry about a mile might Asia and it in my -- Arkansas I was like oh my god no -- Director carriers or why they attacked our government our -- occasional. Eight. The comedian is valued at record hope I'm never content like that our daily Reagan's. Actually letting all the patriots will come -- the service -- are still love it over and they don't let a little bit check mate. Not -- so. Premier lips to God's ears Steve what's bug and you know. Double edged sword. My job is not really love it. Undertaken had a habit. Of it like -- -- Okay. I'm. Let's go to Bobble it's bug and you know. Well it. Well pressure's definitely have the last -- is certain -- larger. Spend a dollar can learn and -- -- bombs in Panama democratic last. As Obama so eloquently -- -- it -- played just as long -- Do away with our entire well there's -- -- would be well war. They can't even if they can't even. Stop in even Democrats or Republicans are complaining about it but they don't know how to stop it. Just the welfare program that's giving out free cell phones to every wine without even verifying. Employment or income. Twenty year old college students are going into the waiting in line to get their free phones and we're paying too. Billion dollars of of tax collected tax money to support that program. Bob last call what's bugging -- already got Bob sorry 728 on the Bob Rochelle thanks for participating in it what's bugging you. Brought to you by Florida pest control much wanna come on above Rochelle along with Jane Anderson live and local news talk 97.3. This guy. -- we had first talked about it now. Nobody seven point three -- guy. 735 on the Bob -- showtime technology behind me jewelry jewelry with the answers always yes. -- got some interesting numbers when it comes as Internet tax. An old trial -- -- get to that just a second and I wanna remind everybody. Big party going on -- Acura. This evening from six to 8 PM I ask you join me. Any some free food and drink some free drinks CI announced tough gig -- at three or -- from celebrations catering we're gonna have generous cocktails is going to be a nice time. Golf ball swing analysis give away from US and chance orthopedic sports institute. And a whole lot more going on we'll have doc enterprise going to be a good time. To get on your way home from -- -- 68 PM Gator land Acura on main street. The south -- and have some fun this is the kickoff party for the Bob Rose golf scramble and wanna thank the folks from Gator and Acura. First step it up and supporting about rose golf scramble public to advertise it and also supporting it through a donations via. Car purchases that are made and that the world and that's effective following through tomorrow. As well which is that the day of the tournament at Haile plantation 1 o'clock so. Good stuff going on. Nine looking forward to it for sure hope to see at 736 on the Bob Rochelle said Janet we've been talking about this Internet sales tax this certain that this bear. Promoting gas creating a sense of fairness for businesses it's not fair some businesses have to collect the tax the Internet folks they get away without having to pay a sales tax. And I I understand how some people look at that from a competitive perspective and say. It's not fair but that is the evolution of the marketplace. It happens all the time in every business. So I think. Politicians and in this case really the Republicans are being very disingenuous. When they're trying to say. We're doing this out of a sense of fairness when we all know they're doing it because a lot more revenue. It's wrong it's misguided. It is not good for free markets it's not good for competition. It'll add bureaucracy to the system because you're asked to police every one of these Internet companies you'd have to. Conformed to all of it. And remember what I said earlier the term you want cost of compliance. So the companies pay more the consumer will suffer I guarantee you. Okay anytime you try to create a fair a fair market place. That it's unfair to the consumer basically. So. Four to 43 this is in the United States in the senate and I asked that I found 74 to twenty with six non volts. That was actually he had earlier I don't know the test the older one of the motions or whatever. That actually happened on a Monday late afternoon. So more Republicans are jumping on board in favor of the Internet sales tax cut no it looks like. Looks like. Well yes technically the one from Monday afternoon there were 26 Republicans. Took 46 Democrats and two independents said yes. Seventy Republicans said no and three Democrats -- -- in the unit sales tax and there were six not -- including two Republicans. Within the the vote from yesterday afternoon at a 1249. That was the 7423. With three -- votes -- non voters were all Democrats. How wind and warrant bolt out of Massachusetts I don't know whether their back in their home state because -- estate tax achieves its. Yes they did not vote in favor of the -- made his did not vote at all only in voted -- again I said -- old masters what's not being there makes me think maybe there was something going on. They were back in their home state because of the Boston. You know bombing so what do they keep doing test votes. Com until they are sure they have passage -- and it gives their constituents. Time to. What called our office is either in support of it or to raise Cain if they're not in support of it -- sure there's enough coverage for both parties to us that way they they are today some Democrats voted against the summer but -- is truly -- my body as artists in your ass so you should be in agreement when it. But it looks like the necessity for 43 vote by -- the numbers right. Twenty separate Republicans. Say yes to it twenty eight team said no eighteen of the 23 votes though or against the tea attacks were Republicans. Including. Our own senator Marco Rubio via this the vote and for the state of Florida was split. Bill Nelson in favor of the tax on Internet sales -- Marco Rubio against it. But you have some of the ones that are in favor of the tax Republican Party Lamar Alexander at a Tennessee. Barrasso Wyoming. Our North Carolina. Saxby Chambliss -- a Georgia was in favor of a -- out of Indiana. Susan Collins of Maine that's not that big of of a shocker now. But sex BC Chambliss sense a little bit about a surprise like both Wyoming Republicans. -- and Barrasso both voted in favor of the bill Jeff flake out of Arizona. His counterpart in the state of Arizona John McCain voting in favor of it who's the other troll. Lindsey Graham. Voted favorable does well in favor of a favor and Internet sales tax gas. Sessions out of Alabama Shelby out of Alabama they both voted in favor of it. Yeah. The conservative that makes them sign that tax no new -- over Norquist who Grover Norquist who I guess is he in The Heritage Foundation are freaking out about these Republicans going yes yes. What what. Why do you think it is do you think there's major businesses that support the campaigns of like -- John McCain or Lindsey Graham. That have gone to them and said look. These Internet companies are really hurting our brick and mortar businesses you can do something to. Make -- more eve dinner playing field just you know make them pay taxes and it doesn't your state want that revenue I mean. I CEO they can make. The argument. But it is very appealing argument. But again. You talk about companies now having -- -- to tax jurisdictions in maybe as much as 9600. Different areas. If you have an outlet to account you order something from the Internet they're gonna go where do you live what's the latest sales tax and all that out you might why don't you might say it's. On us to its five point 6% of whatever let's just say you lie a little bit. Now if the company doesn't collect the right amount of taxes. Then they hold them accountable so you've got cost of compliance with -- always different tax codes -- the people who collect. The taxes they've got to collected they've got to count it they've got to police say they've got to penalize it they all that you had to bureaucracy. You've added all the stuff that might ally and -- going to that the justice system. I mean you have created a huge mess and what it's all said and done you know what you've done. One of the side effects you've just sent all Internet. Purchasers to try to find the goods and services they want and overseas. Overseas last about it anyway we'll go to racked up we'll go direct will avoid the tax but it'll be no middle man no American company no American employee making a single -- Is that would -- is -- they want as a side effect because this is always what happens when these idiots in Washington get involved it. Its interest to -- they wanna do this out of fairness and I think they can actually come up with the old way of charging Internet sales tax. And make it fair I think they can have their cake and needed to. What they ought to introduce and maybe it's got to come from the eighteen Republicans in the senate that are against it is. Let's let's just make it an across the board. 23%. Sales -- -- he carried that we're gonna implement what are you buy stuff. Out of a brick and mortar still war. Or to the Internet store out and do away with the income because we notice that there are a lot like off fair. If that's what it -- -- fair when it comes to taxation which I understand a look that taxation should be fair across the board. It is not fair right now that Internet companies are getting away with what they're getting away with not an addition bear yeah not to mention it's a progressive tax which penalizes. Success there's already -- there's already some sort of fair tax type legislation floating around the house and I think. Some guy used to talk on the radio Neil old slow or poor sports. And then some guy John love Lindell Linder. And there's people actually push in and I think there's a website fear tactics that dot org that explains the whole system at the senate can't find there -- a version of the bill they can go call up the folks the house like it's 25 as the house bill number I just read it over -- say you know let's roll that that way. Hey if -- on the Internet don't carefully and in the past 23% tax. Ego but we're gonna charge in Gupta and as a brick and mortar companies will be happy because -- with a fair tax. They there won't be any corporate taxes anymore. -- why now. That's interesting isn't it. -- the actual answer to the issue is a simplistic one that's already been investigated thoroughly. And it's found to be. -- acceptable and to meet the financial. Movement needs to the same extent that they are now. This is. Tom crazy. It's nothing short creeks and hear it OK here's another crazy factor our doctor to. The Democrats -- five Democrats. Max Baucus of Montana is analyses retiring anyway he already ticked off the left by voting against that compromise gun bill Norton he voted against the Internet tax. That did -- didn't and a policy yet Democrats that are actually do and right Shaheen said the Democrat at a New Hampshire. Jon Tester of Montana okay that makes sense. But freaky whack job we love Portland in public transportation organ. Smartly and wide -- their senators Susan voted against the Internet sales tax. That he's like get -- -- on line well there's a lot Internet kind of companies on the West Coast and yeah up. Sentenced up California people Silicon Valley rooms and not accept -- tax those. Their lucky it -- it's the government. That's you hear that that's their stomach growling they want mall money Mo money Mo money. 746 on -- -- -- OJ Anderson and -- house as well sky lines are open 8779759825. What is your Sunnis. Say about your personality. More job. -- -- Friends -- this guy. I'm FaceBook. Did you everything. 97.3. This guy. I really think this is just to -- cells whose funding by next reelection campaign. And what is their desire welcome back to the -- Rochelle -- 750 wanted to use Tognoni seven point three this guy talk about the Internet sales tax that they're tossing around in the senate. They've done a test vote. And they've got plenty of Republicans. High profile want to be like John McCain and Lindsey Graham on board. So they would charge a tax on Internet products now the argument what. -- states you're missing out on all the sales tax revenue that you beginning otherwise. And that's true master. The here's the other argument any mr. businessman to get this brick and mortar story you hire people you live locally in the community hire people. And you're losing sales to Internet companies because people are saving has six or 7%. I understand that argument I don't know how valid it is really if that's really the difference in the sale is six or 7%. I don't know if there's empirical data out one way or another they're really says that people definitely will. Will be in out in other words will peoples to drive forty miles to save twenty cents other some idiots would do that but. Is -- vast percentage of people do that. Don't think so. I don't think so and then you have to sell them on other aspects. You have to sell among other things. And that's what the competitive world is all about. I mean you would feel like we would have somebody has like I don't know on high end vehicle. And somebody has that a low and vehicle entry level cheaper. Automobile. Is it fair. Is it fair that. They're only charging say 151000 dollars for brand new car is -- aired at a guys that are building cars cost 35000 is that fair. -- you say look we're not competing on price here. We've got a quality product. In the case of brick and mortar store he'd say yeah if all you're looking for is price. I just remember problem that article and trying to take you come and bring it back to us. And -- bags via the Internet pay for the shipping wait wait wait hope they get it right wait wait wait. And all that goes along with it. -- by the way did try not. Did you look at it did feel equality see it now now I got. -- look at that and sometimes it all works out and everything's a line and the Internet purchase the one that makes sense I guess what the consumer wins again. And that's what should be. That's how it should be consumers have a choice. The marketplace is competitive summer doing business on the Internet some are doing brick and mortar simmered in bold thing. Effect almost all your brick and mortars are doing Internet. Based sales as well. Here's part of the problem this Internet sales tax. It's not gonna benefit to consumers at all. It is gonna add to layers of bureaucracy because you're gonna have to collect these taxes and you've got so many different jurisdictions that pay different tax rate. How are you gonna enforce that how you -- implement that I got to police it that's all more layers of bureaucracy you're gonna pay for. So if you think it's going to be huge revenue stream it might not the other thing you're doing -- side effect is he might be sending people to do business internationally. Hey I can get this overseas and get this from China I get a from Taiwan I get a from Mexico. And they're not charge me sales tax because they're not gonna conform to American tax law. So -- everything it's it's sorry in the end it is what I call a net negative. You can tell me about some advantages of why it is it good idea. But I think there is more evidence and more that weighs it down to the negative that says don't do it. So the only reason I think a Republican especially one who swears they're never gonna raise your taxes would support this. Is because some large company with a lot of brick and mortar investment is telling them. They better support this Internet sales tax to create a fairer level of competition. And since they fund their campaigns. In at once again becomes a question of a follow the money. -- you're on the air. Some of these big Internet businesses might benefit from this. Tax because. A giant corporation like Amazon laid out -- platoons of lawyers and people already on staff but a small start -- company can't afford these compliance cost. So these big companies in years congress the crushed her competition and and stop people from entering the marketplace driving out smaller businesses that are already there thank you Bob. Another nail in the coffin of entrepreneurship. Pete another home run for you my friend he's but this guy that's about 900. Good stuff more coming up Bob -- --