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Obama's Hat-trick of Scandal

May 14, 2013|

Bob Rose 05 14 13 6am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh my goodness -- time ago. You're two hours early still it's not enough -- -- They welcome it it is about -- along -- Only. Six minutes. All right. They -- getting proactive here in this community. We're gonna we're gonna grow small business in the city Gainesville you're not familiar with the area haven't been here too long. -- mile an outlying areas. And a business in Gainsville how. Letting you know duress the mobs are Biotech -- Opening of -- connections. A B two bat but -- some rules for it make things happen kind of smoothed it out grease the skids so at least today. But everybody else. That's a much common sense. What is that. Well half the powers that be very connected to -- US and chance and the big employers and understand -- The folks who need jobs of the than you know. Those two places which is really one place I mean. You need to have diversity. Employment opportunities diversity in business. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. In a community. -- here communities based on construction in the economy goes bad times and real estate same thing. -- terrorism terrorism terrorism is affected by the economy at a pricey gas. So you wanna diversify. Being a bunch of different things just like you would diversify your own investment portfolio. Common sense. -- But you know other businesses in this community. Have found a little more difficult. So -- put together a four under addressing this. On and and one of the people helping to address that is mayor elect Ed Bradley. Now this is a guy who lives in academia. You know works for -- Penn state college. But yet he understands. Perfectly. How important business is to the community. That tax base. Would be so one balanced without business it is someone unbalanced now. Due to the fact that we don't have as much. Business and industry as we should. So. Mayor elect dead grading is very proactive on this this is a good thing. Well -- helped it's shades to change some hearts and minds of some folks. In city government which by the way when questioned her -- -- always say oh what are you talking about. We are very. Pro business. In India but we know better. As a story of a guys go scooter shop wants to expand didn't make it very difficult form because a zoning and such but. Maybe help on the way. So that's good. Apparently. Common theme during the nearly two hour meeting was the city government too often tell small businesses. What they can't do instead of how they can help them start and grow a business. We into that people and government are in the business of government. They don't understand. Real business what some do but most of them. Instead of higher and better use now -- insisting that we do something that. May be more appropriate Tony thirty years down the road in the market allows I'd rather have a viable business that building now. Then a blighted building talking about you know what's required as far as redevelopment. Stuff like dad and you've got some vacant buildings and wind up in some of the rules get some businesses. In those buildings get things running. -- things moving ahead. So kudos goes out to the folks who put this forum together. -- guess they had a pretty good turnout I suppose these things go. About a 130 people attended that's not bad. Five of the seven current city commissioners. About a dozen actually more than a dozen city staffers in numerous business people. So maybe the culture the city of Gainesville. I don't know if it's gonna change overnight but Maryland dad Brad he seems to be. Helping things to move in that direction the little bit. So. Lauren. And -- was there. You also had -- commits commissioners Susan botch here. Todd Stacy -- Hinson Rawls Randy Wells. Mayor Craig Lowe and commissioner Thomas Hawkins worked massive there. Institute further. The left of center folks I guess you describe now one. So anyway. Pick on the city games a government. When they do things in my opinion makes sense or not in the best interest of everybody. This time -- did something good I believe I hope they hear some of the recommendations. Take some of the ideas. Too hard and actually start to implement a move forward. Business -- with taxes and also. And you help with the employment opportunities for people. Can always use that so little kudos gold star start things off with some good positive news as well. Welcome to it is about -- OJ Anderson in the house of me it is Tuesday may fourteenth 2013. Welcome to skyline is 8779759825. Don't forget you get a chance to in Kansas in night ranger tickets tournament Saturday the 25. To silver spring should be a good concert. And it would get an opportunity for you win free tickets text to win Texas or Kansas. To 72881. Kansas. Seven to 81 good luck on that Chris -- remember him. National championship gators hero. He's back. Come back. Here one year left of eligibility. I'm just season he's come back coach. That's good which are going to be quality control coach. Not so I was like sort of have his hands and everything a little bit helping out here helping out there as was sounds like quality control. That's aren't. As quality control coach Chris leak. Will not be assisting on the practice field he will have duties. In the coaches office including breaking down film. But he took over the -- starting quarterback during his true freshman season in 2003. In US victory over Ohio State to BCS championship game his senior season. -- was named the game's most valuable offensive player. And let a good time -- Aren't so hopefully Chris will little. Bring some to the table there. The -- -- back there and then back here he's in the hole like in the Hubble. Sister -- his computer. He's breaking down film he's the Chris leak -- the radio station he's a quality control guy they show. It took some mistakes and which is better than sign language he usually uses so I'll be happy -- -- take. -- and see for. Knowing about debt. But again the role now is what's up when what are you wanna talk about. About it you know it's interesting this boo -- IRS. Cracking down on. The Tea Party groups or whatever for the last couple years yeah. And -- The only vague point and I almost flip around -- couldn't sleep last -- -- flip around the channels and by the way. CNN Jake Tapper. Yeah is now on CNN yeah it was an ABC out. Used to think to go have decent. But he had Al Franken on talking about the final won their final four of the tool. Besides I gotta -- the currency for me whenever. And is one another -- tax exempt status will what do you think Al Franken takes going to be on it. Find every little bit about the fact that it's people are gonna say early you know. The traditional idea of a -- in a tax exempt business married. I'll put it really -- out of the left has at all is. I think frequently and organizations both left and right. Will -- will come up with ways of creating a tax exempt organization. That can just raise money all. And maybe they do need look at the tax -- -- and yeah a year ago about giving this group tax exempt status would not backtracked a group tax exempt status because one group spends fifty dollar 30% plus one dollar. On social outreach one organizational expense 50% minus -- dollar. I so what we've we've got Patrick Cohen and now today. Knows more than most when it comes to that did that means -- single player scoring three goals and a single hockey game is called a hat trick. President Obama his administration. They've scored I had trip. I hat trick of the phone ordering. Three major problems in the administration. Right now that cannot be denied. They cannot hide from it we cannot gloss over it because even the mainstream media start to give a hoot. Details on the way and let me tell you some. The stuff -- hit the fan it's about time. 617 on the Bob Rhodes show on which day Anderson 8779759825. Sharing thoughts so let me explain my my idea -- -- And and we can debate it further cloudy seven point threes this guy. These ships he still learners to. -- -- -- President Obama past the Blue Line sucked in a corner -- feeds it out to himself. Mac -- and get a goal President Obama hat trick. And that Kerr Rhode Gil is why he skates off the ice. Grabs the Stanley Cup on the way out says Hillary Clinton might share this view at some point -- Welcome back to the Bob Rochelle at 622. Time Jack brought to you by the emergency -- north Florida regional medical center. Average wait time right now is only five minutes right now I wasn't just China highlight my skills is a play by play. Guy who could do hockey not really. This is actually to make a point about President Obama his administration. A hat trick three goals of one player and a hockey game it's cool it's a cool tour. So what what's that hat trick with what's president Obama's -- quell the band guy. -- -- All right -- you got that -- Now you you heard about the IRS. Targeting Tea Party type groups patriot groups. Groups there were teach you about the constitution stuff like that and by the way this is enough for. Injection -- did they relay. Well the IRS has already admitted to -- an already apologized for so they've admitted to -- it's not a debates. And put president. -- jobs that's outrageous. Outrageous. He's trying to make it sound like the IRS zero rogue operations. Look the IRS has in the past you know taking taken some political steps in fact it was under the Nixon administration. That there there were some of groups have probably had an enemy's list those people were targeted prior arrests review. Audience. -- conjecture whether or not Bill Clinton employs some those same things people came out against him and all the sudden they were audited. I don't know if they were ever handled completely connect the pieces but the point to where they could. Point fingers. But. So you've got that he had ten guys eight. What a mess that isn't how the president lied about it ambassador Susan Rice lied about it and she might have been told -- -- and -- following orders. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton lied about it. What exactly their motivations work. That's a little bit more voted difficult to determine but it seems to be political reasons behind it. We've got that those -- two. Those are two where's the third goal. I've got a right here. The Justice Department. Basically wants to. Get a look at phone records. Of people who were involved in the media. Why would you care about that -- wanna look at some phone numbers and some phone records and stuff. That's intrusive. The media. As far left in goof ball inches they can be from time to time are still. All that really remains in terms of watchdog for our government. And you know they did have the bidding for the president I believe. Helped get him elected the first time. In fact he helped get him elected the second time. But now you see a little bit of a change. Lil bit of a change you've actually had reporters like from ABC news for instance. Question the president about Ben Ghazi. Couldn't get him divided on this story for months. But now as more and more evidence comes out -- actually have to admit who. This isn't just a vast right wing conspiracy there actually something to this now here's your story. The Justice Department used. Any secret subpoena. To obtain two months of phone records. For Associated Press reporters and editors without notifying the news organization. Saying the step was necessary to avoid a substantial threat to the integrity of ongoing. Leak. Investigation. Who is talking about are both -- -- who's letting that out to the public. The seizure of the phone records disclosed earlier Monday by AP president CEO Gary Pruitt is the latest move in a series of high profile and controversial investigations of leaks of classified information by the Justice Department. In a letter of protest to attorney general Eric Holder. -- called it. Said obtaining more than two months of AP phone records on twenty separate telephone lines without prior notice was a massive. An unprecedented. Intrusion in a news gathering operations. And folksy Associated Press -- exactly yeah. You know bastion of white you know right wing idealism. And so they have taken notice. So there's your hat trick folks the Ben Ghazi masks the IRS mess and now you've got the Justice Department. Secret subpoena. To get phone records of Associated Press reporters. I mean really the First Amendment. Is about a free press they know. Through history. If you don't have a free press. Then all people get this propaganda. If you already think it's kind of a left wing news and world we live in. I guess is now left doing enough for some of the Justice Department. 628 on the Bob Rochelle I would. 8779759825. -- stars it's a hat trick for Obama. Bottom first talk about is now not seven point three does sky. CEO of the administration is it wild we'll lose any of this stuff have legs will that make -- different -- make a difference in the mid term election. And welcome back to the Bob Rochelle -- 639. On this Tuesday may fourteenth. You know about Ben Ghazi we've talked about it at length in fact I talked about it since September the twelfth extensively. And down sell folks who listen to this show I think are pretty much up to speed with what's going on there. A few days ago the IRS story broken that is the iris admitting and apologizing for targeting Tea Party groups conservative groups. That enjoys 501 C four status. From now we can debate how we want whether they should even be tax exempt groups like that that obviously have. Serious political motivations even though they don't represent a particular party. Dad's. In our whole -- we can. You know we can argue all that we can talk about that and -- no you did mention now maybe maybe know these folks should have. Tax exempt status but even a federal knows it's a stupid rule everyone knows it is a ruled of these organizations exist so the stupid government's going to allow these things happen. The -- need to be handled it and equal matter which. Apparently worked this case. Another thing that I believe would be addressed by the fair tax would have to worry about tax exemption. Does it everything that you pay is based on consumption. I just now would love to see that push forward. That would simplify things so much. It wouldn't be perfect no system of collecting taxes is going to be perfect. But it sure would be what we have now a convoluted tax code is so complicated. The big businesses employ hundreds maybe thousands of people to make sure that -- -- all the rules and regulations there. A small business that's debilitating and -- you have to dedicate one or two people to making sure that you know. The year to doing all the tax stuff. You know and doing it properly and doing it legitimately when the tax code is complicated and ever changing. -- -- a fair tax once again I I think he definitely helped to address all of that but here's here's a new one. However -- quick get that I think you sort of explain why the fair tax will never happen. Because that way if there was if it was that way nobody in Washington could sort of nudge. Different. Organizations in the direction they wanted to dude who indulge them to go after their enemies. Well that's true and create new kind of loopholes for -- us by our less influence all of a sudden -- -- what's the point maybe a president. -- If I can't use some of the government agencies. To attack those that you know are really cool Americans you don't say it. -- -- -- -- Well he had a debts you know that's the same thought process the Nazis had in the Soviet Union man I -- not a word coming out it would better or smarter than those people we we get the right idea here -- this time well that's exactly what all the Chicago thugs today. Yeah they've got a better idea and that's how they do and that's how to get things done and well they do get things done. It's for the betterment of mankind decider that city in general. They certainly can city get things done. So now you've got the new thing on the list and that is the let's tap people's phones or look at their phone records at least. Why. Well me and we're trying to contain leaks real and the national security issues there -- a threat of terrorism is as part of the Patriot Act. No this is wanting to phone numbers of people that work for say the Associated Press which are about reporters. Now. Of folks. For some people it's just. I'm telling you as I'm talking about this is going in. One ear and out the other for a lot of people that I -- -- -- I mean it is there really big deal yeah that's a big deal. The First Amendment. The First Amendment free speech. When an administration. Starts to single out folks and it doesn't always have to be blatant like president Obama's not gonna go on and point to people except for Fox News and say. I'm watching you know watching here oh. Jonathan Karl I like -- piece you wrote. We think you're doing. He's not gonna do that. They do and other ways. Justice. Chilling and justice frightening been a little more subtle. The Justice Department used a secret subpoenaed to obtain it two months of phone records for Associated Press reporters and editors. Without notifying the news organization. They said it was necessary to avoid a substantial threat to the integrity of an ongoing leak. Investigations. The seizure of the phone records disclosed earlier Monday by AP president Gary Pruitt. Is that latest move in a series of high profile and controversial investigations of leaks of classified information by the Justice Department. -- match -- US attorney Washington DC revealed in a letter to the -- on Friday that federal prosecutors obtain records the letter did not give a reason. For obtaining -- records but mansion is conducting an investigation into the leak of classified information about up. Foiled terror plot -- -- last year and AP story last spring reported details of a CIA operation and you Ayman. The stopped an al-Qaeda plot to detonate a bomb on an airplane bound for the US. We regard this action by the department of -- serious interference and -- -- constitutional rights to gather and report news. Of this is another serious issue look. This is like so many other things taken a singularly. They're damaging enough the taken on the whole. The whole Ben Ghazi -- the IRS. Targeting folks who were conservative. They're 501 C four status like -- Tea Party groups. And then now subpoenaing the phone records secretly secretly without notice. Of -- Associated Press reporters and editors. Like I said taken on a singular basis still should be some outrage. But now. These are mounting. And is now looking good for the administration. Because of the mainstream media they're starting to wake up. They were president Obama's best. Friends. And now they feel well I feel like they've been used a little bit. 646 and above Rochelle Scott lines are open 8779759825. Pressure cooker arrest Detroit airport details on the way news talk 97.3 disguise. News talk station 37 point three that's gone. Much more like 97.3. This -- 652 on the Bob Rotella. 2013. More. Everything's going well. I can't desiring to take its over spring Saturday June 25 he went away and I -- here's what you do tax -- Kansas to 72881. At. Good luck on that that's Kansas. Seven to 81. Mad traveling with -- an altered. Saudi Arabian passport was in federal court Monday after -- pressure cooker was discovered in his luggage. At the Detroit airport over the weekend. You are now watching news now pay attention. Pressure cooker now no bells and whistles gonna go off that won't he had that on a plane if try to bring and it was in his luggage actually yes. Is he still -- -- We just had a pressure cooker bomb full -- Does he not know you're allowed to bring knives and ice packs and box cutters and baseball bats and hockey sticks on airplanes now may -- a crock pot. But not a pressure a couple of its -- could bring -- George Foreman girl. But now pressure cooker -- You bringing gas grill. -- yes tanks and the man identified in a criminal complaint filed in the US district court this is -- now. Why here. Made his initial court appearance money charge altering a passport line customs officials -- pressure cooker bonds are used in the attacks guilty of Boston you know that. This guys 33 years old was charged in any terrorism related offenses however US officials told NBC news or handling the incident. As simply bid documents case. I attempted terrorism those documents case really pressure cooker. You know they decision guide dry run. This happens all the times called the -- rotten. Let's see if any bells and whistles go off passivity red flags are raised let's see if they can even find it. Put no luggage in the belly and aircraft I'll never find it. Sometimes they scanned some of that stuff sometimes it acts rent sometimes they have sniffer dogs and sniff rapper or at island -- on from bomb material. But let's just see if they -- C a pressure cooker. And if they can't get a few through anything happens in the next step pressure -- loaded for. -- So to speak. To dry run. You know you get this guy on as the documents case and altered passports. On. Them. -- I would do I would -- date him implant some kind of a chip inside of him follow him around for awhile. But -- they can also be -- is a listening device but chip that can also remotely self destruct. The maybe can't do that. -- error occurred Saturday to try metro airport in Romulus Michigan what a beautiful. Air. Now maybe it's changed. I don't know used to win awards is like the nasty is airport -- history of airports. Used to get it you know ward Jerry that he used to get such a -- airport. Used to get the wrong Brothers award. Really. That is made up by those pretty of Roscoe and the incirlik. Here's flight into Detroit from Amsterdam. The pressure -- full -- now. Told agency didn't know how or why the page in his passport had been removed. First explain to pressure cooker by saying -- but it is a gift for his nephew. We said it was a student at the University of Toledo in Ohio. Bleeding if they weren't sold in the US. Then changed his story saying his nephew had managed to buy a pressure -- in the US but that it had broken. The complaint and explain what an -- needed someone to fly into the country with a pressure cooker. But the US officials told NBC news federal agents tracked him down and says he doesn't eat cooked with one. The Associated Press quoted the young man -- Palmer's duke. As saying he'd asked his uncle to bring him the pressure cooker because he won cooked lamb and a cooker he brought back in the US. -- that he bought in the US didn't didn't work and the path. Just like major assignment was workplace violence. We're on top that he had not to worry about -- top notch security and Assyrian nation yet none or -- 656. Have enough Bob Rose shelf. 8779759825.