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Gerritson's Testimony To Congress

Jun 5, 2013|

Bob Rose 06 05 13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Stands about road -- Alexander 6:7 minutes after 6 o'clock. Time Jack is brought to you by Hayes jewelry Hayes jewelry and answers always yes. More road tax is coming our way aka money pit lane. Hey and by the way list -- up at 9 AM just before the news starts to get the secret code word under the code word at this guy 973 god comfort chance to win. A thousand bucks. A nice indeed Wednesday it you know Don. That means like the middle of the week headed to the weekend. I -- forward to a nine on them. All right so what's going on -- which -- am not a road tax again it'll that piece is allowed to accounting by the way. Folks in Marion County who. Stay tuned to find out how not to do it. And. As appeal Americana tucked in the -- Yeah they talk about games -- acts and real live there and non -- get tired of it sometimes the -- realize. Wow this we don't have those problems there. Here meaning -- county. Why even you've got different problems. But now we shouldn't say problems different challenges. That's what it is. It's a challenge. According to the angels -- ongoing community discussion regarding a potential transportation sales tax initiative continued it. Last night -- -- that's what kind of commission debated how to save on new measure from the same fate as Tony twelve fix our roads sales. Surtax referendum. Now there are the powers that believe him believe it to while -- The different minister polity should be able to spend their portion anyway that they want. Things need to be done and organized community fashion I mean. We operate as a community people live and work all around the area in fact maybe you should even be done on a regional level. Some kind of a sales tax on a regional level include a multi county area. And I'll tell you what they should really focus on. Re -- saying existing roads. And pick out a couple of intersections -- our problem areas say for instance it's easy in Atlanta what Downey. You've got to where I 75 intersects with new Berry -- that's a real choking point. OK so if you could address that. Repay the existing roads that we have Marion County could do the same thing each respective county. In areas where roadways. Are congested the worst ones and see if they can't come up with -- an alternative plan. The problem is is that there are folks like the guy who used to be a city planner here in Gainesville down Ozzie he wrote a book and said congestion is good it forces people out of their cars to ride -- schools use public transportation and -- Well that's fine I mean it's a great idea. But it's one of those theoretical things I don't think at the time when he wrote it down -- had any kids I don't know if he does now. But try taking the kids to different of dance school events social events in different banks. And try to get some grocery shopping and another things while riding your bike and using -- public transportation. From time to time some of those things can be done. But it's certainly not easy. So you want to penalize all those people have to drive a car I know that gets into another issue a few nasty breeders' why having kids. And that is part of the attitude unfortunately if some of the far left progressives. So back to the original thing what do you do with the roads. This repaid them when people -- debates about eighth avenue for example that you're going to take four lanes and turn it into too. People don't understand it you know why because it doesn't make sense. You know why because it's a stupid idea. It creates more stress on already stressed to roadways. It puts too many. Is sitting in traffic how does that help productivity it doesn't. When you're sitting in your car can you do you have time to volunteer anywhere now when you're sitting in your car -- burning gas can you afford to do that now. You know when you're just sitting -- in -- traffic -- polluting. Mussina how all that works together. Read pave the existing roads that we have that the other debate is whether sixteenth. Avenue and another one seems Trenton cars move fairly well through that area they wanna -- that all up. No this. Re pave the roads. And then edit -- look then you've got the bicycle people Ali wants 5% of the attacks to go to at least 5% have for more bite stuff. OK first of all if you're riding a bicycle you're not paying any. Of the gasoline taxes at all now for existing roadways not paying anything. You you have no grounds which to dictate a single thing. Now if you wanna come forward ask say what makes a better community. Is having good effective. Like -- safe -- -- OK I agree with that. And you can even make an argument that roads that are built slightly wider. Actually to include a bike -- sometimes has cost effective because if you make the road to narrow the edge of the roadway breaks down first. If you're traveling close of that roadway with a heavy car closer to that edge there's a greater chance -- break their roadway down sooner. So you can make some sense out of it you make it what I call a win win. Come up -- these demands. When the bicycle transportation issue is such a small percentage. I mean it's not the EU -- 5% of the monies. Look forward to fixing transportation. You don't represent 5% of people. Using -- you know ended 5% don't use of bicycles. The year from point a to point me. And recreational riding sari that deceiving go on the agenda does not want a recreational the ride my dirt bike around and people nobody's gonna provide me. -- -- county land free of charge for that. -- look at -- very ago. Maybe all you -- it's a good form exercise -- you know what patriot gym membership. -- and I hate it what it is is getting back to basics. Get back to common sense and using logic. So of course they had to have a meeting 139 people signed in to speak 36 people spoke to the crowd. Those public meetings I mean. Other than making you feel good that you got up there and I really told down. How much difference is it really makes in the end. Most of these. And it doesn't matter if it's allowed to -- Erie county. Most of them go in with their preconceived ideas and notions. -- made their mind up. In most of these cases I really if if a law make her. County official anybody is being honest to India I'd like to know what the numbers are where somebody -- -- now. I definitely was gonna do this until I heard. Mr. school bully get up there and speak and boy he just made me think and I just. And I had degree in nineteen -- I'm sure it happens. Sure it happens. There are currently. -- -- Why so the F fifteen year. Three course an initiative of which was on the ballot for last year's presidential election filled with 67 point 4% of votes against it just 32% in favor. Where it. As a long way to go people that's a long way to go do you know line. Because if people in the community are aware that you've not been good stewards of their money maybe not you know but somebody else who sat in that that C. It's gonna take a long time to gain their trust. And I can tell you talking about some kind of crazy bus rapid transit thing that some of the city folks are pushing for really staffers I think. That's first city that size in -- it absolutely unequivocally makes no sense. 615 Alibaba road show your thoughts and opinions 8779759825. Chris Christie up in the polls to USF sixteens go to Jordan more on the way. Because we don't all agree I got a call you out of the conversation happens here but even now. Hopefully -- Nowak pleaded it's pure 97.3. This guy land matters there and I -- And I told us to -- and makes her clothes at all. We'll go to next room. 61 yuan about Rochelle OJ Anderson time Jack brought to -- -- jewelry -- Stewart and the answers -- always yes. Did you catch any upbeat. The testimony that was given by Tea Party folks who were actually the ones going through. The difficulty. In dealing with the IRS trying to get. Some tax exempt status. And a 501 C three or C four. Type scenario. Some of them are they're still waiting for it. And some other testimony from individuals was. Very very compelling now. I don't know if you heard from this -- one woman and I don't ever named for enemy to. What is it. Becky Garretson he had Garretson. She is well you've got to sound who lit this is her testimony as she's giving it in from a house oversight folks who are looking into the iris targeting conservative group. Symbol -- petition our government. We exercise the rights of free speech. And we don't understand why the government tried to stop us. I'm not here at the surf or a vessel. I'm not vague I Lawrence farmer -- I mean aren't free American woman. Why other citizen. I'm telling my government. -- forgotten -- place. It's not your responsibility to look out for my well being and monitor my speech. Is not your right to a certain agenda. -- posts the posts that you occupying. Exists to preserve American liberty. You swore to perform that duty and you have altered. Give -- this is I will discuss today occurred on your watch. And is your responsibility to make sure it doesn't happen again. Here -- the facts of my case. We apply for a 501 C four in October 2010. Our 850 dollar application fee was cast seven days later. We received a letter from Robert show dated November 2 2010. Stating that our application and our user fee payment had been receipt. It also stated that we should be expecting to hear from someone within ninety days. However the IRS did not initiate any contact with us for another 459. Days. That was when I received a letter from the Cincinnati office dated February 3 2012. That later that letter stated that they cannot process our application until we completed the enclosed questionnaire. Which requested approximately ninety pieces of additional information about our organization. The questionnaire stated that if the additional information was not returned by February 24. Our case would be close. You get the idea she's given kind of a timeline of what happened and how this whole thing have been stretched out here is a couple other a compelling things that she says. Along the way. They'll we'll get to as well because she gets seven and a half minutes of testimony. So what will break some of that down. But did you hear her voice and and I saw her. And down this is a quote unquote normal. American woman who cares deeply about her country and has some idea of what the founding fathers had envisioned what they tried to lay out. Let me current not -- issue we hear -- this year racist. If she some crazy old woman the answers all those things is absolutely not. But boy based on. The -- immediate treats these things or most of them the mainstream media. They'll position her as such they did not directly because you know why this is one where the American people themselves can look. And listen you can Google that and you confinement testimony and it's really just happened yesterday. And you'll blow you away she's eloquent but she's not a public speaker she's not a politician. She is speaking from a heart. And saying things a lot of Americans feel. And some Americans may not necessarily feel that where claim that they don't once they listen to work they know that what she's saying makes sense. And the frightening thing is this is just the tip of the iceberg just barely cracking into the shell. Daddy had it that is. I believe. All war. All real war a real game plan a real strategy. That has been employed by those in the Obama administration. I say Obama administration because to connect the dots to the president he Smart enough to have insulated himself. But this is a way that they are connect this is the way that the dots are going to be connected. You know show you how the IRS. Targeting conservative groups I don't think there's any doubt in anyone's mind. There's a few folks that are really in a bag in the tank real bad for the Democrats who will say anything Jim mix Korman is one of them I'm sorry Jim McDermott. On I've nicknamed America's he's been a weasel for a long time and I called him a long time ago Jim -- squirm at these Democrat out Washington. He actually blames the Tea Party folks funeral would apply to this tax free status I mean you never be questioned. This makes -- realize. Then all of these groups apply for the status yes it's up to the IRS to grant it or not grant it. But did you know that there are no left leaning organizations. Or groups. That has been held up like this have been held up for years. No problems no questions not a single liberal group has come forward sent -- some problems of the IRS as well. This was targeted on purpose against the tea parties remember the tea parties are just coming off a hugely successful. A 2010 election. Where there was a big change over in the house. Folks are things are really beginning to move. In that direction and what -- some of the folks that surround that the president within the administration who are carrying water for him. They went out there the little field generals if you wanna call man and they engage I believe on oh. In a war on conservatism in general and Republicans in particular. That's what they did. And it had to have an impact on the election process always gets much deeper it's not just. A fuel club folks at the IRS. Agency in Cincinnati. It goes across the spectrum and it goes to a higher level. Then there's the case and I don't wanna confuse you but I'm just telling you it's not just the IRS the EPA would grant. Com. Some lower costs and fees and streamline the process for some liberal groups trying to get something done it needed an okay by the EPA. But did no such thing no such favor quote unquote. For any conservative styled groups at all. All of this stuff is becoming more and more evident. This guy really. Is this president under his administration. His administration. Has really engaged in political warfare -- like any of us have seen during our lifetime including and not limited to. The Nixon administration. This is real and it is frightening and it doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you resign. This is dangerous stuff and this is not hyperbole. This is however the Bob Rochelle with 628 on news talk 97.3. The sky. Seven point three this guy here about a first talked about it now. Six foot -- -- rose just 20 minutes till 7 o'clock rising -- Wednesday did you know the -- headed toward the weekend I'm Bob Rose. We don't open up the skyline to 87797598254. I do look. This is an issue days local regional or statewide and national. Dealing with the IRS. In this obvious targeting of conservative groups so well. You are filing for tax exempt status what do you care. Because this is an attempt to squelch free speech. From an authority like the IRS. This is extremely. Frightening. When an agency like the Internal Revenue Service engages. In politics. Politics of the highest and -- -- I guess politics of the lowest in courteous to order is how I should presented to you. Yesterday. They gave testimony. To the house oversight committee. About the IRS and what had occurred to them these are people who were filing for tax exempt status. There was a woman who gave some of the most compelling testimony your name is Becky Garretson. Of what Tom get Tea Party and Alabama. If you listen to this woman and I -- 45 seconds or so. And listen to similar things she says is she a crackpot. Or -- patriot listen to this. It is a matter of firing are arresting individuals. -- individuals who sot to intimidate us were acting as they thought they show it in a government culture that has little respect for citizens. Many of the agents and agencies of the federal government do not understand that they are servants of the people. They think they are our masters and they're mistaken. I'm not interested in scoring political points. I want to protect and preserve the American -- I'd let him. Eric says that people cross oceans and risked their lives to become a part of and I'm terrified -- it is slipping away. Thank you. If that doesn't take effect is not a -- emotions that you know just hang it up you don't care about being an American you don't care about being a patriot you don't care about the future of this nation you don't care Roger gives you -- as if that. Doesn't stir you up. And if you write her off as a crackpot. Then you Mardy caved into the government you lot as well put on your little ankle bracelet right now and bow down and take a mark of the beast from Obama himself. That's where we're at folks. You know me I'm a logical guy and a common sense kind of guy Hamas fair view. Give me the information and I'll give you my take kind of guy you know that I've been here eleven years -- only overtime. You know I don't go off the deep end. This is frightening what I'm sharing with you it's frightening this is a real human being who cares about her nation. Who wants to organize a group of folks wanna speak out and get us back on track. Like the founding fathers envisioned. The founding fathers were complex man. -- meant they can agree on everything. They did agree however don't that your government debt to BA. The government is there to serve the people it is for the people in his all that people. Becky is absolutely right when she says weird now. Made to be felt like -- servants and the masters. The fear. And intimidation. And trepidation in which people have to face anything involving IRS. He's real. It is real. You've heard that nightmarish stories of things that have happened to people. And that's even -- operating and it -- political fashion. But also take that same ruthless kind of people. The same power drunk folks. And now give them an agenda. Give them a a political. Vision and then tell them to march. I cannot. I cannot. High state. Emphatically enough. How dangerous this news. I I hope that you're in agreement with me and I hope that you're gonna you're gonna do something about it. Any and all but there's a couple of interesting things here remember what I'll -- to sit anywhere achieve parties go where's all. Don't hear much from the tea parties these days well now we know one of the major reasons what me. And folks it goes much deeper than -- just targeting the groups and making them answer ninety page questionnaires. It's much deeper than that. You asked for donor lists. So which those lists got published in far left leaning up web sites. Where business case where. Boycotted. I mean come alive. Panel folks this issue isn't is not something it's drummed up or made up. Or pushed forward by some sort of Republican agenda. This is a real and if you're left of center and you say oh -- I am kind of glad because I think those Tea Party people are little wacky. Shame on you because it could be your group it could be someone you contribute to and it gets back to the government may decide. That particular day and that particular administration doesn't really like you and what you stand for. 646 on the Bob -- skyline is open 8779759825. Fair share of eighty grandeur economic recovery plan 1000 dollars spent nine. War in seven. Seven point three sky. Unity. -- All the camels are happy now basic 51 Alibaba -- -- Yep we're on a public toward the weekend and let's get there. Did you get -- god. -- Awesome -- stuff. Cat and -- -- and we might get some crazy stuff Thursday or Friday as well who knows says some tropical stuff look at sit. Beginning hurricane season things are stirred up this like a soup out there apparently. Warmer than normal ocean temperatures etc. so we're gonna keep in -- stuff like we always do for area. And will be all over it and Elliot Jeff Hoffman our meteorologist he's paying constant attention to it. Any breaking news anything changes develops original way in advance. But really -- the way in advance information you need prepare. For most of the stuff now in other words if it's nonperishable. Get a get a little extra water get some fresh batteries get some of the basics. And start from there and that way when we do put the caught say look it's get more serious. Then you can go to the next step night but the more preparation you can do an advance. The less stressed you're going to be when push comes to -- if something does really develop and really come away and threaten our listening area. But will be all over for like we always are parent. We're the go to where the -- to folks. I -- one of the few broadcasters who were able to stay on the air. I'm I'm not should not thinking now I'm sure we were one of the very few broadcasts who were able to stand here today. The storms in his what was it five years ago now what six. When all the Bradley's in the -- elect forum counter proposal for. These counts on goes down its 2013. And they get a -- ones and nine. That nine. Years ago. I had an easy -- and what is -- time ago. All right so one of the issues we're dealing with is the IRS. This is frightening. I'm -- played as some sound from this woman Becky. -- -- and garrison and she's from Alabama and she try to form a Tea Party and -- -- you know waited so long for tax exempt status. Very compelling stuff we played a couple of clips from it almost her whole testimony really. If you want to hear the whole thing go to our FaceBook FaceBook slashed and -- guy and you can hear it right there and I compel you to pass this along. This really is it this is a represent of the Tea Party should not wacky. She's not you know you know bid to dig in dig holes in her backyard trying to live underground and do all that is not a bunker to Holler. So real American real patriot she gets it I think she speaks for a lot of people need to send -- along. Because these same kinds of things have happened in the history of the world. And and everybody stood by and didn't listen bad things happen wood good man stand by and do nothing. Okay. So listen to her message. William me on about road show. It's your. Yesterday. Rand Paul made a really stunning announcement. He said that he has. Real evidence that shows. That the tax returns. From the IRS went directly to the White House then went to Obama campaign manager. Be distributed among armed. Let me and left wing leaning groups to harass and find out and India need to at picnic in the slowdown the conservative side of the. Well I hope he comes forward and puts that on the official record. Yeah well. I'll just relate relate and it happened -- there on the Indy being show he erupted it interviewed two announced that this is something that -- all instead. And to pass -- law. OK I know I I appreciated very much and down. Politician that that's pretty that's very very strong. Coming from anybody. Who holds a position of power in Washington because wouldn't talk about being targeted. You know senator Rand Paul is a problem for the for the left to begin with -- he's coming out of this I wanna hear more about it I want to hear some of the evidence that -- that -- to this and if it is true -- That that that takes into another whole new level. 756 on the Bob Rochelle 8779759825. I also wanna get you. Up to speed on US planes F sixteen's going to Jordan it's heat not there as wells.