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Ed Braddy - Monday with the Mayor

Sep 23, 2013|

Bob Rose Show 09 23 13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- seven point three this guy come out of business. 37 -- Hello. The mayor of Gainsville it is Monday September 23 welcome mayor I need to answer I'm doing well and I hope you guys know -- well you know what's going on will now. You get the budget going on it gave the city of Gainesville and everybody's taxes are going up but just a little there and. Yet that's -- -- scouted it's only a little bit of fact died in Arab I've started coin a phrase it's -- death buying -- them. Is everything is just a little bit. And in the problem with that is then went in May as a debating point as you're trying to you know persuade your colleagues on the dais. You know wind any one of these items is brought -- it's always brought up as an independent item OK let's look at the fee structure. And then that they say well we're only increase in -- 5% it's only 5% guys it's not that much it's only 5% that's it. And and and we argue it. Without that context. -- but the Milledge rate is due in asked. The utility bill is doing that and all these other pieces that when you combine -- together that is substantial. Increase. In the cost of government force Aniston says. That's one of the things that hopefully we can ever combat unfortunately that's sort of the way it works right now which you know with a biomass plant you know -- Unibody -- you -- put some lipstick -- -- taken by it I imagine that our. Well what we're trying to do is explore all the options right now. Man hours a lot of our citizens Bob news Europe quite familiar with the biomass plant that has been keep them up at night. We've received a Ceres of noise complaint. Evidently -- Nez can loan from the biomass plant is aimed directly at Turkey creek and lots and all those -- citizens out there are. Letting -- know that at 3 o'clock 4 o'clock in the morning. As sounds like jet turbines going off in their backyard. So we are actually in the process of communicating and right now tell them they've got to get that resolved a sap. Hopefully this up some type of community meaning to explain to the citizens. What's happening now there there's also an issue with ash and dust. That affecting some people who are in and around that area work around that -- -- some problems there. It's supposed to be commercially. Operational in December. Meaning it's ready to Prodi's. Fuel consistently. Or an electricity and that's that the question we have that this is back to the arbitration goes back to that. Claim and counterclaim and all of that stuff says. What are we gonna -- there. The the company grant if they want some concessions on the contract. And basically they wanna sell off the the they wanna sell off the equity at an investor. And said this by about a contract gives us the first right to make an offer the question is -- a city commission purchased a facility. Now I'm inclined not to support that because I don't know how we deal that. But at this point we have time and one of the mistakes I've criticized past commissions on -- they don't look at all the options they just sort of make their mind up in a Fortson. Cities and government staff that the utility managers supposed to be bringing to -- A list of options and one of them would be if we saw -- purchase here's how what here's what it would look like. I'm doubtful we come up with a numbers because here's why. A number -- price that we can afford might be -- they reject right at a price they would accept might be one we can't afford that's ultimately what it comes down to -- out but I'm interest Encino. You -- check and see contractually. If the plant is is down for maintenance. Because I think this was somebody wrote into the Gainesville sun -- -- on blogs some -- If the plan is down for maintenance we don't have to by the power produced by the plant while it's down correct. That's right that's correct we do have some. There are few good provisions in the contract basically they're just the standard. Boiler plate stuff that protects both parties and so for on on those matters where OK in fact. Tom we don't have to commit one penny to it while it's in this free commercially operational stage so while they're doing all this run up they're supposed to have ready by November. And now they push it back to December 2. Now these noisy she's and other issues I don't know if there are going to get it ready by January 1 in the promise that is. -- the profit down not for us. Is that they have tax credits and things that -- did that were put in place to incentivize this type of program and they have to be. They had to be operational before when he fourteen nor for the as the -- can't. There was. Year old buddy Jake Fuller got a pretty funny you know political cartoon in the paper or something along lines of -- a woman telling her husband. Yeah idea united city of Gainesville they'd be one of the you know burned wood to produce power in and they want to buy a streetcar and -- was one other thing and he says. -- they call these people progressives. Yes hated the irony here in this highly intelligent community we live in that the self prescribed progressives are really re grass. In many of the policies they pursue. This transportation. We want to restrict capacity and make your commute more. A miserable. If it's energy we wanna go back season you know again we're talking in at seventeenth sixteenth century wood burning is in remains -- appeal. And and you had street cars just screams. The 1920s. Now that that's that was the -- heyday of the street car. And here we're doing that more also pursuing bus rapid transit impact. We out -- haven't gotten a segment but we had jumped NT. We jumped ahead of the game last week I had the city commission meeting we were they receive simply -- update as staffed up date. Nine. On what types of transportation projects we might pursue if next year. County commission. Let's say transportation surtax on the ballot I guess that not date and it's the -- seen. A majority vote commissioner Thomas Hopkins rest to put a motion on the floor. To accept X number of projects one of which includes a 22 million dollar phase one only a bus rapid transit. You know again it's kind of sneaky attempt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The point is we -- as a supposed to -- information on any rest to commit nests the. Streetcar or a bus rapid transit Spain. If this goes forward and only time of two million ads only to him intimate well here's what's existing. That price we could enhance. Every single other transit route in the city of gains will make substantial enhancements. -- with that -- -- put on hold -- to keep you here. The mayor of the city Gainesville Ed Bradley on the Bob Rochelle live local news talk 97.3 this -- standby. Seven point three disguise. His. 749 out of Bob Rhodes show mayor Gainesville -- -- in the house we continue our discuss Soledad and resist telling me get this transportation. Thing. If if the city and county and everything goes as planned -- put on the ballot now that. The way the plant stands now in the city of Gainesville unless some different people are elected or whatever you're basically taking. 50% of the transportation dollars and putting it into. Buses what they call bus rapid transit -- now only that. -- what percentage is served by the buses. Less than 5% Bob. At the center for urban transportation arteries -- search out the University of South Florida which house site simply because it's can be seen as sort of an independent organization. -- our ridership at around three point 8%. For transit. So -- actually for cities around the state that's actually pretty good believe it or not but relative to -- automobile use and everything else. It's tiny and yet -- and it -- -- is how we are Tom afford a break about this transportation lists the city of Gainesville rushed into approve. Well before you know where it has been fully vetted. Allocates about 50% of the dollars to transit 50% to reds which on the surface seems it has kind of balance. But when you consider that less than 5%. Use transit. And and everyone else pretty much uses automobiles -- have a -- four bicycles and you know walk people who walked to work. But everyone else does that this is wildly out of proportion this wild out of proportion and I try to make this point because. What we're discussing is next year potential transportation surtax that the county would put on the ballot. And then they would allocate money not just to Gainesville but to all the town ships and a lot to account. And I made the point that. If we truly believed in balance. Everything's even. And basically you that you would allocate the same exact number of dollars to let cross that you would take Gainsville. -- -- -- -- new bearing that would be ballot you now on a per capita basis right now that's a that would be balance -- all be about agreement -- Nazis but that's how well we saw we sought proportionality. In other words. Because we have so many more people we have so many more reds. The allocation should be based on proportion. Yet when it comes to transit and roads. They'd throw proportion out the way -- right and and so 5% gonna get 50% years. As -- horse and had sent a money because on the road side of the ledger this list of so called red projects included things like bus -- On the road yet on the road today they're attributing that to erode so another words. Yeah what that what I've what I heard in my campaign and I still think is the overriding. Argument is let's fix the roads you know let's take our dollars let's fix these restless -- them. Let's make safety improvements weary and and in the yes let's put some money to transit the bicycle and pedestrian facilities let's put some. But it happens I -- 50% this is ridiculous. Well that's an agenda vs logic and there's people women agenda I mean it's got to be evicted tiny minority. They feel that way that we yen need to move in Portland -- -- -- that is what we call the machine politicians and it ended DEC machine that -- they're so comfortable they're so used to running this city for so many years. That they still don't get it I mean they still don't they think the last election was a pure anomaly and it's not gonna happen again today they're quite confident. That will be back -- usual for the next spring elections and that everything will proceed -- as they want and that's that that's the problem we have. And then tell the voters let them though I differently that's Blair will proceed. And they've taken eighth avenue which for folks who don't not a major thoroughfare through parts of electoral count Ian and through Gainesville. And it's a very important wrote him a ticket in in a big section of it from four lanes down to two when they're gonna come I'm sure look now at number saying. All look we had you know to put people are only four seconds slower down that path whatever they do to try to make the numbers look at. And that I asked you -- while we're during the break do you think this is really a sneaky way of reducing the lanes so that when they have to do that dedicated to. Bustle lanes they command create -- lane. On that same roadway and say that's a dedicated bustling and the reason why folks she would need to be frightened by this dedicated bustling it is because. They're gonna want federal dollars. To help do this mass transit thing and to get federal dollar 60% of your roses -- to Ed pointed out to now. 60% of here. Notes have to be dedicated a bus. A -- yet that's the problem there because. When we put this whole time they talked about bus rapid transit they've always talked about the alleged benefits and never mention any of the cost not just monetary costs and other costs that are -- associated with it. And that's one of the things did to help pay for because it's so it's wildly mark -- -- improving. Existing transit service is that the only way to help offset these huge costs. Is to seek some federal dollars in the federal dollars have strings a team at tax does that's -- the way it works. And says they're gonna say 60% of your facility has to be dedicated. It's that's like yeah I think they're looking at different corridors and -- where candidate convert a general purpose laying used by cars where can they may get. Some -- -- can be used by buses only which will of course further restrict capacity for cars make congestion worse make your drive worse. If people just need to speak out does not wait to the elections need to let people in that. I've driven up and down eight avenue I've seen a grand total of one bicycle and a bicycle line. All the other bicycle -- I see are on the sidewalk. And even the best case scenario Bob. Bicycling a pedestrian represents one point 7%. Of travel on that court or everything -- as automobile. So you're -- -- logic you're saying look you've got less than 5% of the folks who ride buses but yet they wanna spend 50% of the funds on it. It changing eighth avenue they talk about you got to create -- lanes firm from bicycle travel that represents one less than 2% of any of the and he's -- to receive you make some really valid points and I wish. People would wake up to it and really pay attention to the issues not just the people involved because this is -- -- a case where. You know elections have consequences Ed -- mayor of this city Gainesville thanks -- and crazy guys will see general sounds from -- my understanding right. -- 756. On the Bob Rochelle low. 877. 9759825. President Obama he has this like -- control fetish problem I'll talk about coming out.