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GOP Rep. Ted Yoho frustrated as US govt shuts down

Oct 1, 2013|

Ted Yoho on 97.3 The SKY the morning of the first govt shutdown since 1995.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm 36 of those guys. You're 736 to object brought to you by -- jewelry were the answer is always yes the government is -- holes. And Obama care is open. Joining me on the program to talk about it we have congressman Ted yell. Congressman -- well good morning how you feel on the sort of don't -- Number good questioned why did you guys break to government. The government is perfectly fine that you guys broke the government yesterday. Now I know that. It is sad state of certain enough it is. Just really you know law and it's you know we ran a campaign not slinging any mud. Animal abuse -- computers. You know we present it to decide what. -- -- -- options. Maybe this wouldn't on the table and all the way to -- our lawyer our way. And you know you just can't have an open government one that we'll negotiate from one side to the other. That really represents the people plan not to third with a government controlled by a certain party and they don't wanna come to the table. You know what things I talked to -- people before we get the air this morning I said. Why don't the Republicans do the same thing the Democrats did a few years back when there were -- talk about the party of -- all the time. But he met with three different versions of the bill that would love either completely defund obamacare or just pushed back for a year for the individual mandate yet again businesses have that one year off that they're getting a reprieve for here how can be individuals aren't. And yet it looked like it did I don't know Harry Reid and the Democrats in the senate bothered to look at the bills. Latest news it was passed by the house and their -- said no we're not -- Not meanness goes back to implement sort of that and speaker about spectacle that you would expect to achieve -- senate where passing out and works. -- but it about a piece of real estate there's a thing called. A disclosure statement. -- actually got all your cost it's by law and you can't decide -- -- bench exercise but it cure to go in there and say where's my closing statement. This would be like them so that don't don't worry just kind of each of the details later if you would go to jail that isn't our government. Almost passed this legislation. In this isn't legislative malpractice in addition bomb targets. The people signing other people on that to navigators. They're not trained in insurance business. That's not a requirement they are not insured for errors and omissions they're not bonded and we were given them. Our personal information and Social Security number and -- signing you up and then there's no income verification on that so people can -- -- -- -- poverty level great you're weren't good enough they'd give -- to 181000 dollars in subsidies. Starting today. And it gets paid out throughout the year. It was a disaster. And the you know. Basically under god save America I mean -- it was a -- -- -- well I militant. We have one -- please. The -- The person episode has taken the -- multiple Obama care. He didn't have hammered -- on there. But you're gonna have to be on that it is a disaster we've -- members of congress whose insurance policy -- that -- privately. The company to cancel member of the congress. -- It and idols along de -- for you in the house yesterday get in the different bills though they passed that they kept getting rejected by the senate. Let's look forward okay the government is now technically Coles or whatever billion nonessential employees. Where do we go from here at this point in time and that and where do you see. This issue of Leo the funding from the government and obamacare. Ending up we aware what do we look like come the end of the calendar year. Margolis this week is to get some ground continuing resolutions of people can go back to work so that this. This the shotgun investor. What we've put it more of the world he scored some members of congress that we. Rules what -- He touched the democratically controlled senate would not pick that out. And to -- assessment for the same. It's treated like direction America and they should know we're special. Where we go from here it is. It's always -- continuing resolutions of that money in the bank. Short term but the government so that they can stay in operation. And then we have to -- perpetual. And these are things we shipment dealing with since the first of the year we came -- hero. Leadership is not -- it was -- and so we're going to be going into the same process again. Am. You know there's just a little bit faster -- a lot on frustrating for me. Its interest again this the first time that we've ever had you on the program. Where you sound. Like accessories that you know of that completely alien normally you're an upbeat positive thinking kind of guy but I would I would imagine yet. We get hit in the hammer it and it with a hammer too many times like he did yesterday it does take a little of all on all on your attitude. Well I appreciate you pointing that out not all just a regulation that. New York their present -- -- and I kept getting rejected so is this. At least until the mid term election in 2014. With a possibility of Republicans. Hold in the house maybe taking the senate is this the the reality for America at this point in time and there is obamacare is going to affect. Come January 1 -- -- but we signed up to some kind of a program. Yeah unemployed now. I'll look when you're open to coordinated optima. And I you know no -- local builder there. Consultant from Google model as such it -- certainly -- -- based -- -- -- itself and on the other side of general who were worried that -- vote. American -- -- particular what we -- the American people stand up what -- we're. That Syria on -- you know the interesting thing -- we're out of money. Ordered 55 million dollars here. Foreign countries for them to send their kids over here to go to school countries that don't like us. The president has signed the bill Judas. But count on the executive side -- five million dollars going to Kenya for voter identification. So that they have their elections. That's -- 110 million dollars just right there. There's so much money that they missed him and foreign players and community. -- we've written proposal to cancel all corny or bro you know cancel all of us all. That money out of the news accounts. One of the Brandenburg initiative which we haven't thought about this during the initiatives with that you knew EPA regulations as an attack on cold. While coal powered power plants. Called ultra violence produce 40% of the energy. The country in this administration that -- net two hole virtually within the next umpteen years. So go back to that speech he made. That is gonna energy policies say. You're reluctant filled with my old she's going to -- it will necessarily go up substantially. -- -- -- -- I -- I've already gotten -- thing in my electric bill about a month ago love in and out there and a limiting Gilchrist county in Central Florida electric and even had a thing in there as saying hey call your congress folks call your senators because. The way things are now you're bill's gonna go up but I wanna go back to something else you mention -- the last. Bit of information you gave us. The president signed an executive order. Getting 55 million dollars to Kenya for a -- -- ID ball. It's not an executive order but the job. Well incorporated. You're expanding the way -- understand that there merits he capture their -- balanced election and you're absolutely no voter fraud. -- is -- you're gonna need a voter ID card to vote can can yeah. You're going voter I can go further used -- We can you live here. I'll -- not to make sure got that one established while. All take congressman I know you're -- you're very -- did a very long day I wanna thank you for your time thank you for the work you do and and keep the faith and and will be in touch. I'm mad and go gators -- put it. Diego. Congressman video all the program. -- he can you tell he was up late last night. Holy smokes I'd never heard him like that -- -- for -- the first time that in -- unbelievable. But unfortunately. Yeah that you had a situation where. There's that crop of newly elected folks. Want to make the change. Want to do things right by the people what the -- a Democrat or Republican it's a lot of good people. They get into Washington DC with the intent of doing well and doing good by the -- constituency by -- the people of America in general. And then unfortunately the way the power structure setup. It is get beaten over and over and over again you know I know one of the things the congressman said is -- when he was running. The only intends to an absolute maximum. Served eight years. To be elected four times total. It sounds he wants out nominated as to the frustration level but a congressman thank you again for your time keep the faith. Hang in there. -- all trying to hang on as well 746. On this guy. More to come.