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Sheriff Sadie Darnell talks budgets & texting

Oct 7, 2013|

Bob Rose Show 10/02/13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The Mr. President we have the audio and the big question concerning certain radio show world -- agent let's hear what's going on diesel. The right side. Only 37 point three. Contact front to back days jewelry based jewelry where the answer is always just -- have a three begins. Special guest in the studio share a file to a county Sadie Darnell joins us good morning -- fight you on good morning doing great -- the way. Adding get a chance to have to prepped you on this that there was a video -- -- motorcycles and a van. And it well you're really in all fairness book on -- to answer in the break maybe we can take a look at it but dump its interest in a lot of folks have been talking about a common and on. Some of these guys have these helmet cams -- so it's all been. Well a lot of it's on videotape which you don't know what happened in the very beginning with a long and short of it is. It was a bunch of motorcycles and the guys who run like the rice rocket type guys and and in fact there even a group that admits they're like stunt writer types of their New York City they like to -- You know like hold the traffic back and then they go do their goofy things and of course that's highly illegal. And in this case this driver may have miss understood what they were trying to do trying to get him to pull over or stop. He became frightened or whatever. Next thing you know well one guy who motorcycle tried to use himself to like slowing down slowing down play and a run like riding over one of them yeah so little outrageous what we're talking about exits exactly and went to the streets -- new York and and money finally caught up to the guy they -- an -- can be him up and I think he was like on his anniversary and -- two year old child in there they were young couple in their thirties or so just an ugly scene all the way around but. When somebody does attempt to let's say slow you down or stop in front of view. What is your duties now -- now hole as somebody's operating motor vehicle I mean. You don't really have an excuse in other words you don't know for deer jumped down from them a squirrel or they're just being jerks steal. You don't -- -- -- in a violent as you do care you know from the standpoint of if something you know did -- now are -- any kind of which sent sent to keep enough distance you know between -- if someone's. Backing basically indeed try to slow you down. Most citizens are aware that this is it technique that some people used to do you know rightly robbery that type of thing. And you know see the course yourself fear that can build up so that's understandable. Without knowing all the details needed to go and run over someone I don't know if that was an accident Arafat was intentional on -- by the you know the the loss of got to sort out but. At call 911. Munis do care slowdown lock your doors. And be safe and try to get away without doing any physical harm anybody he needed to property and I just to go forward. But -- main column I'm -- guess somebody there discuss some sense about him. Apparently AME allegedly and of course we're still trying to get the thaksin because of video tape only shows so much. Allegedly he did try to call 911 I don't now armed police responded day you know it's New York City. You know what I don't hang up before we get there which is you know really unfortunate and then and it puts the citizen and a real tough situation. Do I protect myself and my family he's got a family and a two year old -- and as a vehicle -- see what he's gonna get wrapped up and you know ramp up and and do something he may not normally do. But if they were baiting him and enticing him -- kind of taunting him. I can see where there's there may be some justification that will be sorted out as we learn all the facts but. From that the nature what you described it and have a helmet cams. Very intent is certainly more than just riding down the road. CNN. Yeah and -- depending on who started I mean if that happened in Florida would be interesting if say the guy and the man was armed with Melanie finally pull the moment they're smashing his window he at that point certainly isn't fear for his life. So it ends it could -- very differently so it's that that's why a lot of people are kind of interested in a weighing in on and I thought I'd -- but I throwing your way. Anyway there are a lot of insurance scams that we're aware of that people do try to get others to have to run into why -- look at -- when you said. -- hurting had a recent incident on archer REA citizens of his life was in peril or some -- and I understand he was. Is -- normal courteous self then. Maintained his cool. Never did find out who the super woman topless became news rescued the -- that I get -- here in the office we'll go back and try to knock him. It was sort of a little running topic for awhile -- is that we start talking about. All the things that make a woman more attractive -- we get -- a four wheel drive trucks and it went on from there but it was just fun on the radio but let me get back to business sheriff did you. Get together with the the county in the budget is done and everybody's happy. Note that everybody's -- one photo. A lot of lot of residual going on there but the budget is is finalized at started yesterday. Got to hit to about 600000. Dollars. That was unexpected unplanned for but it could've been worse. Long story they were looking at that cutting -- 2.4 million dollars and Kenny manager baker. That she and I talked and met with individual commissioners and we came to -- are reasonable. Alternative which was a 600000. But I'm actually meeting today with command staff at at 930 to talk about the effects of these cumulative cuts that. That total almost seven million dollars over the last six or seven years -- -- some restructuring some cutbacks some and -- the input from all good. The command staff today and in January I'll try to do -- -- to weaken the agency. And I join you diet I don't put you on the spot tonight I do wanted to kind of go down this past and that is. Well let's just take Marion County for instance. The sheriff there Chris Blair has showed me where they are significantly under staffed and where they have operated -- -- less than regular budget and he tried to get. Some things done this year and it's been and it really on an ongoing fight there. On buddy showed me where fire rescue had gotten some pretty substantial increases in their budget at the same time. And I guess my question is. Is fire rescue treated differently when it comes to public safety the law enforcement is and why do you why do you think that is. If that's the case I can't speak to the marrying -- situation I know that fire rescue and in analog to accounting they were impacted also they were. On the list to be cut half a million dollars. I don't know if that was the final but I think it was so they were on the list to be cut to -- this came about because of and I that is appalling mismanagement of some mechanics funds that led to a deficit. Of 2.4 million dollars which affected all county departments. Except for I think environmental protection. Com. Everybody else was impacted in some way to have reductions. So I'm hoping that county manager -- seems to be very straightforward. Also very fiscally prudent but she's gonna get the funds in line -- and managed the accounting of that budget better than it has been done in the past. I mean -- you know I'm saying this because you're here I just it when I consider county government it would seem to me. That's the services that are most -- serious -- prioritize would be public's safety and now would be fire rescue and law enforcement. And the budget should be done is situated those things should be done first and then whatever is left over can be divvied up YO on wonder why doesn't. I didn't hear all that which you repeated his I love that logic and that premise is I I completely agree with the public safety and infrastructure our core services. And county government in any government should fund core services first. Then if there's any money -- revenue coming in then look at branching out in some of the the nice to have but core. Services and watch accounting unit sales like in Marion County also have been affected in such a way that now war. So how would turn into the enemy from a funding standpoint and we should be we should be that core. Service fund were vital services we've got to be fund adverse effect to that and displayed of ash and sheriff Blair he and I played phone tag right now sent. The flu will be able have a conversation day in and and get together and talk about our budgets. Well it's interesting too because as a taxpayer here in the last -- -- county I've -- my property taxes are among some of the highest in the state on a per capita based not just mine but I mean the county in general. And then you look at may have. About a 500. Dollar. Up 500. Million dollar deficit in roadway repair. At least -- makes me wonder if they're not spending this money the way they sit on public. Safety which should be in the number one priority and are not spending it on the number two priority which should be road infrastructure. I want the world the money is going I mean you want the constitutional officers have you gotten a chance kind of look at that budget. I have and I than -- very concerned back in August of 2008 I brought it to the board's attention and again this was a different board. The only current commissioners on the board back into that a 1008. Are currently insured -- -- commissioner -- and and not raise the issue back then in 2008 that that. Municipal services taxing unit which we have here electric counting they don't have that in Marion County but isn't it is added additional taxing. Method so that Bob if you live in an incorporated area of the cabinet -- aware yes they do that you have not only. But you also have a -- EU prolonged Portsmouth fire and an incorporated that you pay which has an additional -- at ten mills. Additional captain. And say 2008 they were pointed out that it was a deficit. 800000 dollars in the law enforcement MSU. Did nothing about it says that group now to this year in that the 2.4 million dollar. Deficit in that -- where did the revenue ago. Big question good question and I don't know back. Hope to find out as I have Republicans this year and -- -- that deficit is not the fault of this year sounds absolutely not apps and that's what would the discussion was about. They wanted me to take the hit the 2.4. In my budget us and no no no this is your fault this -- year responsibility. They finally came to understand the logic. And have a cut in other areas and tonight. -- up the 600000. To try to just make the budget and work this -- and we can move forward. -- will stand by we're gonna continue this dialogue in this conversation where heaven where the last to a county sheriff Sadie Darnell. In just a minute you're -- to the Bob Rochelle it's 816. News talk 97.3. This guy. It's Sean Hannity just lobby your hair -- jerk if you disagree with the Kennedy -- three houses -- You inspired me on -- seven point three generic what is this guy. -- -- -- -- Rochelle live -- local thanks for -- -- -- brought you by -- jewelry -- the answer is always yes we have the elect to a county sheriff Sadie Darnell announced morning share up every morning thanks for sticking around I love the -- thank you why are you texting us on the way and why you. I was not I have to say that honest tentative. And it's a minute I can't do anymore because it's October 1 and I'm in uniform and some is gonna see it and coming in sent. Reminder to everyone. Anti texting law went into effect yesterday October 1. It is a secondary offense which means a law enforcement can't charge you. Unless they see the your driving is impacted by the -- seen in some way. It and it's OK to text while you're in a stop position like at a red lion aren't in a parked alongside heroic but the bottom line is folks. Just use common sense don't text. Everything can wait until you get to you know -- case senior officer your home and any continue to expect. Don't text and drive absolutely the wrong thing to do use your common sense and otherwise would put out a great awareness campaign. Lots of other advance notices about the law lots of TSA is on the media. I'm trying to get people aware of the law and it's an effective we'll get chance of that told the deputies to get out there and start writing after we get about a two week notice of people getting used to belong. Yeah I am I am very slow and every good -- texting so right trying not to use it anyway and just as a matter if conversing I mean. And so I definitely don't do it driving because I would absolutely her myself for someone else has come. Little black -- an absolute it's just seat to do that. Now talking on the phone stuff and a big -- down my throw five speed transmission and a giant big gulp now I can manage all that but I can't text. Right and at least on the result is that a big you know and all the factors and set. Bottom line is why risk it you know -- injuries are without the roof and the chances of fatalities especially for teenagers -- in the car and texting. Is tremendous and driving and traffic crashes -- the number one killer of teenagers. Would be added to keep in mind and the other thing is though honestly between you on nine. As far as enforcing it it's a thirty dollar first offense sixty dollar second offense like you said he got to be pulled over for something else from an enforcement standpoint. It's going to be pretty tough to enforces and. It is going to be tough to enforce a law enforcement as a went through the legislative process was very firm about wanting it to be a primary offense. But it is -- lawmakers for whatever reason chose not to do that we'll see if this secondary offense works. But you haven't -- lower fine actually take some of the onus of it issuing tickets thirty dollar sixty dollar fine. You know most -- most law enforcement personnel won't be reluctant to write a ticket you get up and at 30400. Dollar fines. That has had an effective launch -- -- right in as many tickets as they could because of the effect of hitting people in these hard times with a -- -- -- ticket. May be with my pet peeve we can still find a way to do this my pet peeve is people who refuse to put their headlights on. They don't want it put him on at dusk they wanna wait till it's pitch black out they won't put him on when it's raining and when your windshield wipers are going Florida statute Florida law stipulates that you will burn your highlights. What what is it with people who won't turn their headlights on and they just stupid it. I think -- -- some of that is they're they're they're likely to stupidity or just you know La La land not paying attention to their. The darkening conditions as they drive down the road that part of it too is the technology the cars have got to be so automatic. -- -- Conditioned to think that your car's lights are automatically gonna come one. You're less likely to remembered doing yourself so. I think we're in an age where we're getting too dependent on technology and automation -- and we just need to go back to the manual stuff of recognizing the situation over there that were and and turned the lights on when that search gaining -- around us. Now. What it left thumb I pull out in front of somebody in there and then in its raining and they don't have their headlights on and I didn't see him. And they smash enemy. From a legal perspective do you why do you now know you're not an attorney but I mean. Well look what do you do in that case when I say hey I really didn't see that guy it's raining cats and dogs out here I saw no headlights again it wasn't running -- headlights. Well from a legal stereotype and I give there's a crash and then there's astute -- -- -- -- sample right out from somebody not intentionally I really can't see them because they don't have their headlights aren't. I think you're you've got at least a point that you can make in -- in on your side from the standpoint -- there's an obligation. According to pull off for people to turn on the lights -- conditions warrant it such as the -- lion area in darkness and then heavy rain or any rain. -- they need to return and I said that person has an obligation to do this I think you do have a valid point that she can bring up. You know I especially like I'm on my motorcycle it's raining disabilities RD compromised by president Rene Foss attorneys -- -- your favor thank you. Half half half. All right so the taxing the law is in effect now people need to pay attention that not not just because of the deterrent the tickets are anything. You need to pay attention to it because. They've done so many studies and really can't do two things that wants. You can't and it's the right thing to do just don't. Just don't waste your time gonna pay attention to what you doing your primary objective is to be directing your primary responsibilities drive that car drivers safely. What's -- number one challenge for the LA to a county sheriff's office not -- -- your final question what's the number one -- right now. Wage equity and raises for my employees so that you can retain him and keep good people. I'm losing people left and right I've lost more people the last two years to other agencies primarily because of benefits and pay. Than any other time and an end in my career at the sheriff's office so and haven't meaning today at 930 to talk to our restructuring and eventually that will lead into what what can we do. I've got to retain good good employees and I've got to about a succession plan -- about twenty people leaving in the next two years that I've got to prepare for. All right sheriff -- are now well -- to a county sheriff thanks so much for being on the Bob Rocha -- okay your time today I always enjoy it thank you very much Jane. 827 on above -- 8779759825. On the pick on Marion County just a little bit. And ask him why they need a 166000. Dollar shed for storage. Coming up on news talk 97.3. This guy.