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Carl Zalak talks Budget Aftermath in Marion County

Oct 7, 2013|

Bob Rose 10-04-13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I try to employ only empathy I can. Nobody seven point three. This I. 739 on the Barbara showtime -- do you buy Hayes jewelry -- -- -- answers always yes. Morning welcome back -- -- -- -- Jane Anderson a special -- in the studio Marianne Danica mr. Carl's Daley joins us. Carl how you do money this morning and our -- you don't have -- USF bulls Jersey on anywhere in Florida -- but did you -- football for the bulls thought I did but we -- to do this wonderful event for pro on there being cancer treatment for good yards of Florida. And it was a great besides the campaign colors I'm in -- campaign uniform what what position did you play because a tackle for you are so you're always looking -- -- fumble that's how you covered that fumble well hey you know what -- the best moment of my entire career was a buddy of mine hit the quarterback. Ball goes up in the air. I catch the ball return for a touchdown against liberty university at the pilot accurate but that. Liberty University just formed a football team three we kind of need to tell that. Oh god just jealous. Expect players not to balance leveled by any means there so. -- you are the owner of the world's largest storage shed. Also meant little now I admit I got a house and I wish my eyes are pretty big shed -- like to invite wanna even though she was even bigger anybody we got the biggest -- now yeah. So let me get this straight you get -- -- money for the sheriff to a higher deputies which you've got all but you've got hundreds of thousands at a 166000. Dollars to -- story she took it. Boy you know about this actually started as an argument of course. You mean you mean look at one thing in in and see it as being a little bit ridiculous what were actually doing is trying to. A move some of our facilities we have utilities support department storage -- records the clerks -- -- the records of things that he has to keep my state statute. And a lot of that is on. One of the major port or score a quarter of a full 41 what we're doing is we're moving both our utilities department out of that or remodeling some old things. In old jail that hasn't -- stuff. And basically what we're doing is moving that over. To Wear the counting you know the county facilities are. And this thing came up for sale it's it's been a piece of property that's next to a bunch of government buildings library and frankly is really not as much about the shed but it is about it. 200 parking spots the better they're so that the people electing com. Come to that you know the public library the facilities the -- building permits to come get all those things. That really we have those while they taught me an apartheid Tommy here the last two accounting that parking sponsor are there evil. Yeah you should ride the bus you don't -- parking lots of -- you mean we -- you know as we have -- some road projects. You know and you impact if you you know you may impact the parking spot in a lot of those parking spots -- -- human and 20300000. Dollars apiece. If you happen to have a thing about parking spot that you're putting rooted. I'm so when we look at that we understand that we really need the parking spot we -- in storage. We're going to be selling some build you know building -- -- forty wanna wait a second recovering all the call that's important to -- -- so. You're buying a building and you're taken off the tax rules however. Once you make the move. You're then taking where stuff -- house now you are gonna put down on market and salad the and we are and we're in the process of doing that right now candidate than we've we've we've sold. Some other spaces that we've had storage units and we're making new spaces for the clerk. And and we're trying to prioritize -- nation that we use. Now our buildings most efficiently and that we're not using prime commercial property and so we're selling that prop real or 41. And so -- wanna make sure this rumors -- true -- not saving just a couple of the lanes off to the side and you're gonna keep those open so the commissioners can go bowling when they want. But it wasn't bowling Alley or not gonna how -- improper probable okay and the other thing -- -- -- you -- 33000 square feet building for what you paid for those heck of a deal. Until the roof leaks right. OK so now know that right Coca. Mr. 966000. Dollars which paid Ford it was tax -- 606000. So were you getting tax revenue on that. What's that I'm now on the bowling -- before he purchased it yes -- okay based on a 606000. Dollar value. Any idea what property is worth that you're gonna put up for sale. -- the the property right there by the hospital. Part become a future medical facility. I don't know exactly but I'd -- -- be well. Well in excess of what we're on what we're doing okay so another words in the end he'll actually generate more tax revenue. And you'll make things more efficient because to be able to store all things in one location right and that's exactly what we're trying to do we had we had. Three or four different storage locations we sold some or we have was -- old storage condos and a storage unit we've. So we sold three of those recently. We're we're moving from the old county jail remodeling -- for -- records for the clerk. In -- we're we're we're really trying to be more effective and efficient with the buildings that we have and get more buildings back on the tax rolls is the goal. And as you said 33000 square feet. And 200 parking spots. A 160000. Dollars is pretty incredible. All right well that that that makes more sense now that you've now that you've explain that whole thing that's important all right. So you've got their big building and that'll give you some stories based you know the other thing I wanna mention was. It only on MS who was how much stuff does -- -- -- house I said toys ago if you need to show that big 33000 square -- guys have too many toys yes. You don't -- But you know how many how many files and pieces of paper the clerk of the court has to keep for public record. It's incredible by state statue we're mandated to keep -- -- as a lot of those things. As well as our facility guys we -- we have millions of square feet of a building and so he'll keep semester -- -- -- the things that are go to those buildings. And you know it just it's just really the most effective way we can store things some of it has to -- small portion of it has to be a seed. And so. You really this was a very reasonable. Opportunity for Austin and -- I said we wanted to bring everything together and unite things and then put you know put the real commercial property. All the -- sheriff Chris Blair vs the county commission how does that all work out. We're gonna ask that question of Marion County commissioner -- Alec when we return. To -- Bob Rochelle I would. 745. News talk 97.3 this guy. Over 97.3. 750 -- road show a special guest in the studio Marion County commissioner Charles Haley gives -- ISO -- hot and go between you and a sheriff I mean it appears that you guys. Kind of work things out and detonated a sheriff didn't get everything that that he wanted to you folks seemed -- give up a little bit here and there and try to find some monies and I'd say any and everything worked out OK am I wrong. Well no Bob I think I think finally we really got to resolution where. Where both the the sheriff. You know came out hole and in regards to the you know the same budget has he gotten and you know in 1213. Com. The county commission we gave some out of our reserves and some more things to try to meet those expectations and and we try to come up with a with a compromise. I wasn't on the you know the one -- it was 32 vote to. Raise them the -- drain and MST you so that went up slightly. And again we we came I think we came away with -- -- trying to figure out how we're gonna work with each other. I hope that you know that we works you know over the next five to ten years that we really come out with a plan that we worked for solutions in the future. And that we have a real dialogue on not a not a four month -- old you know battle over this thing. It did it it it did seem. Like the -- of the fire rescue and I'm not trying to pit them against each other but it did seem like fire rescue. Their budget increased. This is substantially. Or at least it was far different in a sheriff's budget. And other words if it felt like it looked like you know that there are some there's a little favoritism going I would love fire rescue win all of the sheriff. How he responded that. -- -- -- I would absolutely denied that that. That allegation because the only reason that fire rescue has actually. Move or or or gone up over previous years was because -- ambulance we -- an ambulance service we service ambulance. Being able to service all of Marion County that's the only increase that that fire rescue has really had to speak of and and the rest of those things -- have been firm you know previous administration we've we've built some fire stations back when things were good. We continue to for specialized. Means you think about. You know just. Ten years ago I mean the fire rescue was was barely. Almost a professional service and so where it's come from. A lot of volunteers a lot of ball to your stations to a professional organization. Over the last you know 1520 years has been remarkable and so yeah has it taken the money to get there absolutely. But -- as the -- been short changed in that absolutely not as we mentioned before this year is the least cut. Some constitutional officer during this recession. Everybody else has has really taken cuts in the county departments have taken the majority of the cuts. And him because we do prioritize and we think the public safety is is obviously a top priority in our community. Now is is this going to be battling you're gonna fight every year budgetary earlier do you think you've worked something out where. You know -- -- sees what's gonna go on financially and you guys -- was going on financially you guys are -- in other words is this gonna smooth doubters is going to be a yearly thing. Well you know I hope that. I hope that quite frankly we we can come together over the long term plan understanding where we're at today as far as the economy is concerned. That we will have a slow growth coming out of this and that. Hopefully this year I mean you know. Coming with a twenty million dollar budget increase in one year that's a little bit drastic I think in anybody's opinion. Where we're at today is hate him you know what can we do how we prioritize and I think one of the best things that came out of this thing was. You know the sheriff constantly talked about this career service act that's why can't reorganized that's why can't do anything from our attorneys. Obviously went through that and and there's no real substance that argument especially legally. And other words if their budget cutbacks you can let people go. That's not that's not infringing on their career service act to say exactly I mean there there has never been anyone at a loss the court case. Because a budget reasons you can't -- organized organization to make it the most effective that you that you can possibly be so. -- that you know the sheriff said that he would reorganize that I think -- to be part of next year's plan. A real reorganization and making sure that. That the most boots are on the ground and that the detectives -- and the the debut on the street how the back up in enforcement they need. Fantastic -- -- key is the Americana one Americana commissioners we appreciate you being up front and no talking to us on a regular basis and hopefully next time we commend. They'll be something new and exciting going on my -- though compressed natural gas and now is great we'll find out how that's progressing. And what else good things are happening Americana appreciate it thank you. All right it is 755 on the Bob road show. We are stocks -- my friends they don't file we've got brands -- here from Gator country dot com to to talk Gator football and it's just -- gonna give us an update. On our meteorologist on that tropical storm Karen don't go anywhere. It did.