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E-Cigarettes.....Good or Bad????

Oct 7, 2013|

Bob Rose 10-07-13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- did a great invention. Or not I'm talking about. They welcome back to the Bob Rhodes show on which an understanding and use our number three of like it together 6 minutes after 8 o'clock. Time -- brought to you by -- jewelry where the answer is always. Yes so. So here come easy eight CEE cigarettes is it -- and up and up burning embers. This this is going to be great from my perspective. To look I don't like to smoke I don't like to smell it taste it whatever don't get it near me. Now but I understood people you know want them to have the freedom to do what they want but it negatively impacted me so just from a you know from a personal perspective. Item -- cigarettes more now really care for I don't like it I never did even grown up as a -- -- my number one prayer Obama neck with smoke and so here comes the solution right now. Not articles. But there are the benefits -- -- you can end. And it's vapor water vapor whatever they say is what you're exhaling not necessarily smokes so. Theoretically the idea of secondhand smoke goes out the window at that point in time. Com the probable that that I have though a few problems of the proforma over one. I asked him her orbit as a kid and are pushing. Debt -- tobaccos are safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. You know it -- it's. I don't open the safe alternative you're still getting the nicotine's CIA OK you have the hand of Mal thing that you go with a cigarette OKC get that fixation thing going on. You're sucking hot very -- some persuasion. Through all plastic tool. There's all these stories you hear about about like you know if you have a plastic water bottle -- -- are horrible for you are horrible for the planet 'cause they destroy an eleven landfills -- -- billion years. But our Karl formal -- PCB. Whatever is in the plastic thing that causes cancer biggest PCBs but -- and if you don't if you leave it inside a hot car or whatever it helps -- -- used in the digital water and then you're all gonna get aids and die but for some reason sucking hot stuff through a piece of plastic and apparently perfectly okay. Com. And I have doubts about it's designed to get you -- to well -- I found some else's good -- -- -- -- like your mattress on fire when he falsely drunk with a cigarette your mouth -- candidate we've had reports for what they exploded when you're charging them up a couple of reports that -- small don't get me to mere flesh wound. But it at the end of the took a look to tobacco companies are making -- thanks. Tobacco companies are Smart the tobacco company in fact I would put the tobacco companies in charge of the government. 'cause they can market stop and they can make money. -- I -- they were. Tobacco companies 870 trillion dollars in the hole I come decent. They're not going to make a product to make you not want their product anymore. In other words he got to keep debt nicotine bingo -- -- on this compound in people want it they get addicted to it -- just gonna keep on cell. And I'm not a fan of Google as as a former smoker. I still sympathize with the smokers. And I think they've been you know ostracized and and then punished I think you know you've just be a man -- real cigarette like a normal person up this little. Plastics Raleigh thingy with watermelon. Proof for why don't people just roll their own rat points and roll your own and be cheaper and it would have less chemicals and it would -- It might have a few less chemicals and -- -- growing the tobacco yourself. Oh abused by a can of you know. Coffee can sized in view is -- a limit tobacco. Prince Albert -- can -- well. So these electronic cigarettes what would you try some -- very blessed now marketed for some young persons of Mary Hawaiian punch. -- tobacco I guess it did their flavoring these things now the battery operated vapor cigarettes that contain nicotine. And what of the other toxic materials in traditional cigarettes. Well because traditional cigarettes. And told the list of chemicals that are in all regular cigarettes cigarettes is is a very very long significant lest their their may -- -- not -- that irregulars currents. Like -- Unhappy spouses like. Have killed the other one by a -- feeding him antifreeze visits you know doesn't have like a taste of it. And but no credit freeze case -- I'd. Probably glycol so I looked it up and if you can -- it depends on what website go to you because I found one that's. From V to say eggs -- your life version two point hell and it's all about electronic cigarette blogs. And down it says what is properly glycol. We're asked this question repeatedly and there are a lot of in a lot of misinformation. About properly glycol an. Circulating in the media to help answer the questions we've gathered together a list of information. From reputable sources in one place. Well first of all that's not a blog anymore is it is an -- just a form of propaganda or advertising for the okay. So they do that about a cracked foundation of America to be a reputable of the people look there's a lot of negative stuff about crack. At the liberally biased media tries to -- problem obviously straight on crack. It's -- yes that's got a vitamin that is usually and it's only gonna crack small amounts to -- actually out help cure aids. Probably glycol is it clear colorless slightly syrupy. Liquid at room temperature that sounds pretty. Sara kudos for the -- -- it. It may exist in error in the vapor form although probably glycol must be heated or briskly shaken to produce a vapor. Probably glycol is practically odorless and tasteless. It's a chemical made by -- reaction of probably oxide and water now by this point by this point. You eat all but that the best chemistry students now with two out. What when you put an air open I -- it's just made by Pope only oxide reacting with water. Odorless and tasteless yes like Sarin gas. Yes in fact the -- boldly -- like golf. Has had an unsurpassed reputation first fuse in the wide range of consumer products including food products. Animal feed. -- makes me feel better. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As well as industrial applications. They -- to as a stabilizer. To help keep things together. Now that you said the food products I'm wondering if that's the -- there was a thing about Gatorade. Yeah has it that it's been helped because otherwise if you have the Gatorade sit on the shelf. You'll have like a bunch orange flop but the bottom and a budget clearly put the top got to shake it up all the times that putt. This pro -- glycol I guess is -- as a stabilizer. To keep it you know -- I might be role in the ingredient put -- -- -- Boca Manny -- industrial grade probably glycol is an ingredient used to make. Nontoxic. Antifreeze -- Hi Andrea. Solutions for. Cars airplanes and boats to make polyester compounds. And as leisure -- the same stuff that makes -- personality -- Us all solvent. In the paint and plastics industries a solvent. You're inhaling a solvent must OK and now that's the industrial strength version of this is the consumer is of the -- recordable safe version of it. That they put on our food any -- while they say -- reports that are out you know to make and probably glycol a bad -- they seldom mention that there referring to. Nontoxic antifreeze giving consumers a false impression this is a scare tactic used by the media. Nose or misinformed and organizations against. So the contents of the V two signal liquid solution -- cartridges included three primary ingredients. Nicotine. Except in zero nicotine carts. Flavorings water and pharmaceutical grade pro -- glycol. You know if you have. Pharmaceutical grade -- -- That's good you can smoke it. If the F pharmaceutical grade -- now. Hide your -- down yeah you're going to send -- best Indian it pharmaceutical grade would you need a doctor's prescription. -- I don't know that we street level gradient on science. Well at. Least they know they're getting atop the top stuff cut it was some wind -- CBI it does have a blue tint to it. And only Walter White knows the the real ingredients made sixteen -- -- Rochelle. 8779759825. -- You know I don't respond to -- -- Not -- seven point three. 821 out of my -- show hotel uncheck proxy IA's jewelry a.'s jewelry with the answer is always yes welcome. So Venus cigarettes where you can pop in Boston Pops and -- in -- smoke flying around but you Danny's team does go line. Which means. It's you're gonna have addiction issues right. I mean people get addicted to cigarettes because of the nicotine content and but it's also an easy cigarettes. I understand that you know if you are smoking regular cigarettes and and you get on the to get off of cigarettes entirely -- I don't know did they do a stepped down thing as far as nicotine goes. And I'll be up to you if you want it to okay. -- it's available now -- your wife works for tobacco free Florida. They have been extremely successful the program launched in 2007 and Florida has one of the lowest. Smoking rates among teams and national averages fifteen point 8% Fortis eight point 6%. As has -- well a bed just for clarification. But what -- for a grant funded position. After the big tobacco lawsuit here in a state of Florida each county has a particular. A point person so to speak. It in the state of Florida most of them are handled by area health departments are. Several that are handed the privately. Grant of its all grant money okay the Health Department at select grant money so mother a private entities have that as well my wife works for one of those. Handling Dixie Kelly. And in it's kind of you know than the interesting thing is like in my problem with the idea of it's gonna help you dot smoke anymore it's gonna help you get all the habit. If if Anheuser-Busch decided they were concerned about the number of people drinking and drive -- Mean they're not gonna make a product to make you not want alcohol anymore because then. Why would you bother buying anything from and how they match they may go duels. Have you ever had one. End but generally speaking before flying and seriously I drink about apple -- -- -- they're they're they're not you know you're not gonna make a product it's going to keep people from buying your product. Yeah our games to get people to no longer have any interest and your products like I have some suspicions about Matt. That you know -- yet here here's the new thing were up in it's just you know. Because people pulled cigarette smokers to the fringes of society out there with the lepers. Now all the millions they've come back and look at it. -- my biggest problem is -- -- who's that certain public. At a restaurant with -- It and go outside getting heat stroke or priest at Bristol Bristol having your book a real Cyril normal -- well he. Here's my deal if you're an adult honestly if you're not hurting me I don't care what you do I don't care what you injustice if there's songs are not -- hurting me infringing on me. Cigarette smoke I feel like does infringe on me if you're doing it outside somewhere in -- not so much but in enclosed environment. I'm not I'm not happy -- it because that's where your supposed rights and freedoms are overlapping mine. And that's just -- you know as Americans leave them with find some common ground and and so I'm I've always been against the cigarette thing I just never cared for that's a personal thing now. The because. The date they think it's cool. They don't get in trouble -- say four and I gas. And here's the deal the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data showing nearly one point eight million. Middle and high school students had tried. Well that's twice as many as the previous year so they're trying these things are they actually going out of -- buying them are they getting addicted to it I don't know. But it certainly is opening up. That you know it's in your hand your being cool the next thing you know it will be a regular cigarette. Let's go to -- Bobby on the Bob -- show. I. What do what presents. Anyone from putting any kind of substance. In place of nicotine's in -- little island. That's a that's a good question I'm no expert in this thing as they have what is it like a cartridge type thing is I understand. Could you adultery to cartridge and put something else in there. The duke -- -- is the but remember the conveyance mechanism is going to be -- the vaporization -- something that. That that through being vaporized can act as any medication. Sure I'd just like you're inhalers they used properly glycol and they vaporize the medicine that goes into your lives so. -- people could be putting something -- a drug and I guess is what he's alluding to or maybe something that I mean. Really bad. How to get out anthrax India so. I guess it's possible that he's here on about Rochelle. Good morning gentlemen. From a there's a few things future touching on that really -- just improperly kept putting. Something strange and even like an illegal black -- about the thing he has deep slash. Of the part of -- which is the element. Used to it to vaporize. The liquid is set the flash point of the liquid that it's designed to use IEP. Problem strike call. Second ball there is no alcohol content in it airport it is not important and it. Ethylene. Glycol. The old green and -- is was what was used for many many years in most cars. The reason it stopped using it because it was poison insecure would leak on your try to weigh in an animal came along and elected. You had a dead. Animal in your drive way. You know and we're sitting here talking about restricting more freedoms but in the meantime my reasonable calling this morning is. Over the weekend the state of California has decided to do something extremely intelligent and become the first entire. Are you ready for this. They are actually illegal aliens state now they have become a sanctuary. State for any and all illegal aliens. There are being -- that this Second Amendment in this state of California and they're welcoming illegal aliens we're talking about it. Infringing on war. Personal liberty. Yeah I have a great morning I happen. Hi -- in in Q so it's a little. More mellow than normal. As it because he's not exempt up on his nicotine. Or is nicotine act as sort of medication for prince eighty HT -- -- Steve Bellamy brother c'mon man just dinner at eight Toyota Bob -- show. Live and local 8779759825. Ton of stuff to get to area. Laura says particles are -- ten PPT Barnum is trying to keep everybody distress. There was little shiny -- pretty -- 97.3. This guy. -- 37 out of our gross still our local thanks for tuning into Anderson and house allies are of an 8779759825. Gators. Look in real good against Arkansas thirty to ten Tyler Murphy just looking fantastic but it did his passer rating at. He's invested an SEC football game in. Years going solid actor Rex Grossman. I and then against non SEC team I think Tim Tebow in the the Sugar Bowl one year. So really looking good thirty to ten win over Arkansas. And the gators get ready for another huge game. The biggest of the year really I guess in terms of competition. And that is going to be Saturday at LSU 330 game time. 49ers beat up on the Texans last night 3043. In Major League Baseball action you've got to -- all your playoff games going on. Including the rays at home. Against Boston and Boston's up to enough and so this is it it's a winner of their done. So let's go race and then the first game of the day actually is at 1 o'clock the tigers. Against Oakland in Detroit and the tigers. My old hometown many many years ago. Arts electronic cigarettes. What what do you think of these things are you concerned that two teams are getting a hold of him twice as many teams according to a study. Are -- are trying to alma. As in the previous year hasn't when he twelve so. I think there should be concern there and and what's this thing about nicotine. In -- it was interesting that what was it ephedra. That became a a popular stimulant. And and marketed to all of through all different things to keep your way can and it was in sports drinks and everything. -- couple of my kids I mean out of millions of consumers a couple of kids took it way too much way beyond any recommended dosage and you know and hurt their hearts and kill them. But I mean out of millions and millions of users a couple of kids. I'm not saying it you should overlook that but I'm saying man it's interesting that a stimulant like that they were pretty quickly yanked him off the market. But something like you nicotine continues to be available in the market place and just repackaged. And available in another form analysis wondering. Is it it is it is this a dangerous thing that's addicting and if so wise in the FDA stepped in and a drastic. Or is it just a matter of the and other so much money behind tobacco lawyer and you've got so many people in Washington on K street working on your behalf. And now dog bone you're on about -- good morning. -- -- out of things one quick up and as a child in the late sixties and early seventies. I used to inhale. And has a month anti -- preparation that -- -- police glycol. So are out just about every day through childhood -- I literally -- -- glycol and my lungs and Bob. Hunter not to talk so that's that the other is in the last segment I heard. Given its historical fact that you hate group despite its stated mission. In the group has its -- -- first priority is its own preservation. Can we assume that one steak yet cigarettes. Eliminated. They're going to comment or cigars and pipes. I don't know I think would have to do with a funding mechanism needed to -- to do with. A funny now it is derived from the tobacco companies cattlemen and again and I decided not saying about tobacco free Florida -- and I in the clarify that the L. Thank you for -- me twice global com. From my understanding with the organization that my wife has working for -- with a tobacco free Florida people. There was an issue and when it comes through the idea of cigars. And and there's some different and marketing when it comes to what kind of filter what kind of paper if you sold and so forth. They have no problem necessarily. With cigars. That event cigars as in you know the ones you -- that look like cigars not these little. He's skinny things look like cigarettes are wrapped in brown paper bristled at twenty cents a pop or whatever that are easier. For younger people for. The main focus of clue what wildlife organization does. Is it tries to keep kids off of trying to back. If you're grown adult and you wanna sort math fault I go right ahead that's not -- issue. It's keeping the kids off the stuff in the first place. And I would assume most people would be in favor of. An idea. Yeah I mean now just like you said to the chewing tobacco can and that can cause cancer to news -- and so it just can't. -- -- Let's look after the kids -- I'm libertarian. Once you're an adult you do when everyone's -- -- domino -- -- me I'm fine with that. For kids let's always try to protect the kids -- give them a fighting chance to grow up and get mature enough to make sound decisions. On their own until then -- got to protect them that's really the bottom line. Let's go to frank you're on about Rocha. Good order and listen here you are saying that. This nicotine's addictive than these these cigarettes. It's it's not necessarily the nicotine addicts and people looked -- him all the chemicals that these manufacturers put in the back. That enhances the effects of the nicotine. That is much. Give everybody -- Mean OK guys I again though I would say you know if if these things are dangerous and addictive. In now and with. It seems like -- you know that now the the folks are going after what fat in food and things like that and you get dead Bozo up in New York Bloomberg saying you know you can't episode of this too big you know that. Malarkey that's going on. But cigarettes have been around for a long time and everybody even the tobacco manufacturers in the surgeon general warnings on the package is not the increases are not good for area. I just it's just I just kind of wonder why. Why are they allowed to continue to do you know what they did I mean look you can be against guns. But it's written into our constitution. There's other about you know smoking in our constitution. Than that I'm aware doesn't factor was it to says if -- man was it. If man was meant to smoking and add a Jimmy coming out of the south as head. Tony around about -- Say good morning I. I think I'm only gonna make you have filed a billion Bobbitt is going to be at a government and despite Kessler is being dead they're gonna notes you know right direction not do -- your pocketbook. But let's pray that you have -- lay -- policy now and you have questions soccer clubs like yourself as a smoker -- this is not big government. For raising your premiums. Or increase in the -- taxes. Or denying you access until you change your behavior. So I think so they can apply that to cigarette and alcohol vastly that we if you're going on I mean. And I got some like we had in 1984 Big Brother a lot -- Every person die out. A couple of cigarettes and a couple of the victory the end but I. There were certain amount the only guide at certain times but they still gave the people -- had to get this ball -- -- also. I think about six artists to hear you also answer your question -- we always in the right direction. It died. Well you know the free market also -- people and direction to you know even if you're getting your health insurance from private company which I do. You sign I think that says the year tobacco free. And if you don't or you don't wanna be tobacco free that's fine but you don't get whatever it is fifty dollar a month discount which adds up to what 600 bucks a year. On the and that's the free market does not the government saying you have to do this these are actuaries who work for insurance companies that look at risk. And knowing -- risk and they say OK well if you want to have that risky lifestyle then you know. -- other people are not going to have to pay for your gonna pay for. So you're looking out your actions the results of your actions -- paying for it which. I think that you would be in favor from a libertarian perspective you don't want to meet you have to pay for your actions do you. And that's the free market making those decisions not the government and if we're gonna take a libertarian philosophy and try to defend people's freedoms and liberties. Are you really gonna die down that hill. Cancer causing tobacco really. Come on man. There's more righteous fights and -- going on fight the good fight my friends 846 on the Bob Rochelle lot of local news talk 97.3 this guy. Quiet MI highly trained broadcast specialist do you want me. Outspoken man in the world Rush Limbaugh. -- -- Three this guy. And saves you whine about road show. 8779759825. Interesting piece New York Times reporter says the Obama administration is the most close control freak administration I've ever covered. That's from the New York Times. Why now and this is also the president it said it was going to be announced transparency in government. Remember when the media rushed to talk about transparency in the Barack Obama hoping change era good times. Leonard Downey who once worked as the executive editor of the Washington Post wrote a novel about Washington corruption in the Iraq War. Finds a bigger and non fictional problem in the six concerted George W. Bush. Downey -- supposed to preview of his report from the Committee to Protect Journalists. Which outlines the Obama war on reporters and their sources. There's a pretty serious stuff. And well here's some of the things that he said. On memo went out. But the chief of staff a year ago at a White House employees and the intelligence agencies. They told people to freeze and retain any email and presumably phone logs of communications with -- anger said. As a result longtime source is no longer talk to him. They tell me David meaning David Sanger. I love you but don't email me. Let's don't chat until this blows over -- work for the times in Washington for two decades said. This is the most closed control freak administration I've ever covered. Many leak investigation include lie detector test for government officials -- access to the information at issue. Reporters -- interviewing sources through intermediaries. Now so the sources can truthfully answer on polygraphs. What. They don't that they didn't talk to reporters did you talk to reported no I didn't -- lying. That's creepy isn't. The investigations have been a kind of slap in the face for reporters and their sources according to the Smith. Of the center for according to the center of for public integrity. It means you have to use extraordinary measures for contacts with the official speaking without authorization. And it Downey asks this question at the end of his essay. Will Obama recognize that all of this threatens his often stated that unfulfilled goal of making government more transparent and accountable none of the Washington news media veterans I talk to. Were optimistic. Whenever I'm asked what is the most manipulative and secretive administrations I've covered. I've always said it still want in office now you know who said that. This isn't just the writer this New York Times article this is this is a quote from someone else in news you might have heard his name before it's. Bob Schieffer of CBS news and don't -- to the right wing. Any says when -- I asked what is the most manipulative and secretive administration I've covered I always say. It's the one in office now. Wow. That's it's pretty big deal Tom usher -- -- -- show. Davis' talent somewhat -- speck of prevention network of foreign based cheering Gainesville Florida and I just caught. That jail and a well you can comment absolutely. Sure it at -- make a comet belt what you just mentioned that Obama you know I I totally agree. We did. Every thing. You guys are four. I would I would say there's probably only one thing Obama has done the last. Six years that I would agree wit. In that would be -- the tobacco regulation because I really believe that it's government's. Top priority. To protect its citizenry especially you. And whatever you haven't industry. Like big tobacco there has a storied. Record. -- use. I think that's where. The line change should be drawn. And regarding peace cigarettes it that says a lot that the three big tobacco companies. Altria RJR and Lorillard. And jump in the market and we know their track record with views over the last cooking decades. And I think sort of mentioned that there were no harmful chemicals. Well you ego right should the FDA web site. And they at this safety alert warning put it out to help people perform and that they are indeed. Toxic chemicals. And carcinogens these products so I think while we're waiting. To see whether he's got to do on this there should be legitimate local state measures put in place to at least protect people. From black -- so I -- day. And also restrict themselves. At least where they're placed in the gas stations and convenience stores so what now. All right I have to guy of heartbreak I appreciate the input to. And we'll talk more about coming up on the Bob Rochelle -- us.