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Major Don Maines (MCSO) on Bob Rose Show

Oct 10, 2013|

Bob Rose 10-09-13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Xbox Live local power to -- get together it is about Rochelle I would. Where the answers always yes Marion county sheriff's office major Don Maines is was major radio sir do an excellent exceptional sir. All right -- we've got some issues we wanna ask you -- -- -- of the -- laws they could be changing it has do with. Pretty good work it seems like busted -- the drug dealers and directly at -- going on but first let's let's. Let's reopen Mansour that wounded. That seems like the county in the sheriff's office can't let go of and that has to do with the very contentious. Now a budget issues that you have I had it but now everything's all good right. All -- everything's all good except that we're still in the same spot we still didn't get any deputies. So we are still in the hole on deputies and we didn't get any vehicles split second I've read -- -- you got a bunch of vehicles what do we share of Blair. With the end of the year money. He took that and as he promised he was gonna buy vehicles he did that. You also bought back some of the unfunded liabilities that we had and so exactly what he promised he would do. With the end of the year money's left over that's what he did so we. As the sheriff's office we have to address it because the commission didn't provide us any money for so you get to hire any deputies now know. How how is that can work out when I guess statistically according when you look at other counties you guys are well over a hundred deputy short arena we are. -- depending on which study you look at we are still a 150. To 286. Deputy shy on the road where we need to be over in the -- side were sixty corrections officers to eighty corrections officer shy away -- we need to be. And this budget didn't didn't approach that -- touch that. And then we always just a question of -- and how are you able to get the job done because it appears that it. You guys are doing a good job -- you don't you don't have the manpower. And I guess government or people are taxpayers would say well you know looks like -- -- -- and just keep doing you don't. Well that's true we are getting the job done and that's a credit to the men and women at the -- county sheriff's office however. We have concerns we have concerns about safety. -- both in the jail the level of frustration is rising over there and that's what this year is trying to. Let the county commission know is that we've got issues over the -- and if they're not addressed. Potentially bad things may happen we've also got to. Delays on response time for backups of our deputies on the road and it's a dangerous situation. So the share of it would be remiss in his duties if he didn't just do an assessment of the department. And present this to the commission it's up to the commission to address these problems. It's his job to just be truthful and give me. A proper response to them as to where we are and exactly you know the state of the agency. Now a share for ran on a platform part of which was it didn't you know wouldn't be raising taxes from Marion County residents. It appears EMS TU. Who was raised terror had to be raised in and to give. The sheriff's office anymore. You would have to raise taxes additionally and I guess the county commission folks of promised the folks in elected them they wouldn't raise taxes or -- promised he would raise taxes some got to give. Well let's try and to the commission's credit they did. Raised the chemist EU. For a small portion to address any -- a hole on the in this TU's side. That existed. And and also to their credit they did fill the hole on the general's side. But they did it with reserve funds which is one time funds so this time next year going to be. Right back here on the general's. But the but the sheriff did specifically asked for them to use some of those back up rainy day funds and that's what they did right that's right. But there's a whole lot more there others are still sitting on reserve funds that they could've tapped. But they keep in mind that we proposed to the county commission three or four different ways that they could have funded this. Without raising taxes and our suggestion going forward is perhaps that we start addressing it -- half cent sales tax. So that this it's spread out to everyone passing through marrying counting. Rather than just hitting property owners and and we've always been against that eating just the property hours. Give a lot of volunteers with the Americana sheriff's office we do we have a great a group of volunteers. A lot of -- retired citizens really that donate their time in are cops program. They do a lot of patrolling Mara gated communities and has some of the other areas them. The Homeland Security issues are addressed by them. So we have a great group. Our vehicles and fuel provided for those Saddam volunteers they are. And is divot the vehicles I mean is this taking -- Putting miles on a fleet that where you could just keep him for sheriff's deputies only and it would help address that shortage. Well the vehicles that are cops people drive those are actually the worst of the worst vehicles in Japan the ones that are 200000 plus. Those the ones that are in the district offices that are parked there and our our volunteers come and pick those cars up and use those for patrol purpose. In an end so you believe that the benefit of having the volunteers in an -- pay for the cars and the fuel but it. They're non paid so their benefit to the community outweighs the costs are absolutely. -- all right so what would you propose at the Marion County commissioners do. I mean do you expect him to take action any -- or is this going to be a fight that ended for now for this budgetary year and you'll pick it up again in whatever ten months. Willis of the fight itself has ended for now because we haven't fact passed a budget and agreed upon it. But going forward the issues still remain. We still have a lack of funding for deputies and this is a critical area. That liability is now gonna be borne by the cook county commission because we've pointed out of them. The deficit that we have and it would also like to point out that with -- all of this. Bad economy and the troubles that we've got the county commission keeps harping on. They just received a three point 8% pay raise. Yet that's been denied to all of RO workers -- sheriff's office. And of course understand that that's funded based on non. The constitution. Based on population and they have no control over that that's not something they vote themselves but it is something that they receive. So I just find it it is something -- -- they could reject if they chose to. I think they could and I think commissioner remorse suggested that. There are issues with that that the star banner pointed out. In their article it's a little difficult. They could. I think they could probably donate those things to various different charitable organizations which which commissioner Moore suggested. That fell on deaf ears with the other commissioners. Major you've been in law enforcement for a long time. He is -- way using today's technology with everybody having Smartphones and being able to communicate and Twitter and all the things that we have available now. Is there a way is easier place where we need to think outside the box now it comes to law enforcement. Rather than any old fashioned we have to have somebody deputies per square mile of per capita. Doing all these duties is there any way to streamline. It. -- in in in law enforcement because otherwise I see the future as you know you're gonna have these you're gonna have pensions and all the things that you need to fund for many many years after somebody is a long retired from law enforcement. And I'm not saying they don't deserve -- they do but how we continue to. Hire new officers fund existing programs would cost continue to rise and take care of pension needs is do we need to change the way we do things. Well. Yet we probably do and certainly we tried to. At address some of those when we went to cell phones and the cars. But then of course that brings new inherent problems with the new technology brings new problems. We're addressing that -- this year put together this seventy person agency review. A when he first came in the office and took a look at those needs. But that's one of our task going for -- to figure out exactly. Where we need to go from. All right 815 Alibaba road show where have a conversation -- Marion county sheriff's office major Don -- and we will continue that the next segment. You're listening to revive -- when -- 97.3. The -- Rush Limbaugh it is not us that are making a mockery of a Rush Limbaugh. Eighties and on increased seven point three sky. Antonio -- -- showtime -- front you buy Hayes jewelry with the answers always yes we have a conversation are Marion county sheriff's office major. John -- major. Some of the things we wanna cover look we've talked about the budgetary issues and it looks like. You know you've you guys are now the woods yet -- still be. The things that are gonna come back up between you and a Marion county commission in the future there's no doubt about it. Let's talk about some positives American cancer society and law enforcement. Work with them tell me what we've been involved now for a couple of months or try to raise money for road to fight breast cancer the American Cancer Society. The -- county sheriff's office in conjunction with you Kalla police department the Bellevue police department and the denial of police department. We've all joined forces. I'm trying to raise money for a great cause. We've had several events going on we've been growing beards to try and raise money. Our deputies that kicked in that think about fifty dollars each -- -- so they can grow away neatly trimmed beard for a few months. We had a that last Friday night. Will we raised I think around ten or 121000 dollars with silent auctions. And are finally event that we've got a golf permit common we've got another event on October the nineteenth. Which is the making strides. Events that coming up in Ocala. We a lot of people signed up he can go online and sign up and sponsoring yourself for put together eighteen. And come out and walked to try to prevent. Allergies mostly wears a pink or something and then yeah now we've we've. At a big effort going on -- -- we've also got some of our patrol vehicles are decked out in some pink and striking and I'm sure the citizens America and you've seen those driving around. Area but I guess pink sidearms maybe might send their that's that's a little bit much but that takes a strong -- -- -- -- indeed it does are so many other things you guys are really working now hard together with the unified drug enforcement strike team. So that's Americana sheriff's office. And and at Ocala city OPD and you guys are working hard and in making these up -- I thought one was really interesting in art work. Five and a half kilos of cocaine now you've probably had did you DEA help and Alan I think we didn't yeah I think we did on that. And now so that was a big bust then you get this -- to. It's not real marijuana but it's maybe just as bad if not worse you've got -- -- tell us about -- two. Okay two is a synthetic. Marijuana becomes a lots of different forms and comes -- Christopher Powell -- We've had a big issue going around a state wide with regard to our convenience stores have been selling these. Illegal. Packets and every time we put together some legislation against that. The chemical composition of these substances change so all of a sudden this particular item is no longer illegal. So -- sell this for awhile and we trying to catch up with that in -- change it. And it's a constant moving target that we haven't trying to go against. Now that's the libertarian -- I silicon -- going to be foolish enough and introduce. These things into your body. That's sad and you're gonna suffer some negative consequences possibly death addiction and all kinds of other things but. At some point you have to say all right how many resources are we gonna. Are we gonna utilized in this in this war against drugs -- even with all the victories we've had the overall war certainly isn't one. That's right it's it's a continuing problem it. It's a continuing headache for law enforcement and that's just one of the things we have to engage I just have to wonder if the money went out of it in other words if you. If you took the money away from the the drug dealing. They go out of business I mean if if -- I I think so. I think so it's. Is it is an issue that's been around for a long time just like prohibition. It's probably a losing cause but it is against the law. And so that's our charges to a ports well and just like prohibition you know people are still able to get their hands on of what happened -- We sure lined the pockets of organized crime in that area if that and so that's the constant struggle the battle is hey we know this is bad for people. But we also know that you know -- we're kind of funding criminal activity because as long as the stakes are high and there's might be made and the ne'er do Hauser. Always gonna get involved even when there's penalties but -- thought but we appreciate the the effort to law enforcement is making. On a regular basis and then finally. Major the they're talking about some sort of a -- a lot tethering law. I joked about it earlier on the show and I said you know if you tether your animal -- you live in a nice gated community event. You'll want the good people and but if you got a junkyard dog -- changeup out back in next year rusted 67 Chevy truck. Then you know you're one of the bad guys the -- law enforcement you guys are gonna kinda get caught in the middle of this thing how's it gonna go down. That's -- it's a difficult situation and initially the county commission didn't even want to entertain the thought about talking up. I'm now on they have acquiesced and they've put together a committee. I think there's each commissioner has assigned one person to be on that committee. I'm not sure how this committee is going to address this -- -- -- -- people on both sides of this issue I'm not sure how they're gonna meet in the middle it's kind of like the Republicans and Democrats. I've tried to resolve these budget issues on the national level. This is going to be a tough but tough issue. I'm I'm afraid it is gonna fall into the lapels law enforcement to try and force. And unenforceable. Situation and so that's why we're very concerned about. Could be a boom for -- companies though it could be the that just fence in your yard and that'll take away the need to restrain the animal and tied up. And that's a win win I know that's not always workable for everybody and and in fact could be quite expensive for some folks but. In any addict does some of these yet consider when you own and and -- responsible for that. And that's the key right there you just hit on it is before someone goes out and it obtains an animal I think they need to assume personal responsibility. Or exactly what's going to be involved in in housing and and a curtailing the activities of that animal when there -- -- cartilage yeah and didn't depending on how they write to law -- skids into somebody's gonna have an enforced against them that will be actually absurd ridiculous. And then we know that there are bad people that won't Obey the law that are mistreating their animals that this. You know that the folks really concerned about -- animal cruelty. I mean have a good and righteous cause absolutely it's just the bad people you wonder how much of an impact it'll have a mammoth. And then how much -- restricted people who are really when I called a decent people are doing the right thing by their animals and now that's right yeah it but again I think it comes down to personal responsibility. You need to evaluate the needs and whatever kind of housing situation you've done and some people. Are meant to have children and some people aren't meant to have animals. Well sad and I agree it is a big responsibility. All right major domains from Marion county sheriff's -- shades on certain up pleasure. All right it's a 28 on the Bob -- OJ Andersen's in house gallons are going to be wide open at 877. 9759825. What happened. We talked about. You know it's not -- the way the government shut it down on that term apparently. I could Mount Snow I was playing that. Why don't mess bio mass. The noise the problems we'll get to that as well on news talk 97.3 this guy.