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Paula Desutter on the Bob Rose Show

Oct 15, 2013|

Bob Rose 10-15-13

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rush Limbaugh. -- seven. Point three this guy. 837 on the -- itself. Lot of local thanks for tuning and we've got a very special guest in the studio and she'll be speaking tonight. Starting at 530 at bay -- university Florida conference and that's the when I'm 34 street. I -- she is here on behalf of the institute. And you're in for when I believe is going to be a real treat she's a former US assistant secretary of state. Under the Bush Administration accountable Paula decider welcome Paula how you Dylan thank -- things are having. Yeah I wanna cut right to it and here's some things that I want and now it's not personal stuff did you -- -- out. Weapons of mass destruction or not. I don't know I mean that was your area of expertise -- or via a verification and compliance and implementation of of that kind of stuff chemical warfare etc. so if anybody would no hole. You would know. I strongly believe that they had. And I am chagrined to telling you. That the way the United States handled. Search for WG in the lead up to the war. And in the prosecution of the war and an aftermath. Was a virtual guarantee that we would not discover. What I always there I would love to know what was in the plains and the trucks that headed into Syria for the war. But we didn't follow it closely we don't have an idea. As the military was going and we were trying to tell them secure facilities. Now. And will get a search later nation. We don't. No -- that's not how we're gonna do. There idea -- go -- in new blast through and then. You stabilize things and then you send search teams. Well. They had gone into one big facility they've -- and then they Iraqi Intel headquarters for example. And looked around and said. Well there's nothing here but a bunch of computers in and -- cap. This is an interest in let's well. And elected in two -- Now. Personally like me. They left the treasure trove and sure enough the next time people went back to it -- -- everything was destroyed the papers were burned and we. And it happened over and over and over so. My belief. Is that they had that they certainly had chemical and that AE. You know lately it's a little -- right now about what they had in terms of violent weapons. Date clearly had an interest in nuclear -- but they weren't very far along because the Israelis had just right -- silly for. They clearly had missiles that they were not. But. We never got the smoking gun but I've put -- more on -- Under the current administration. Now we have some sort of agreement in place where supposedly Syria is gonna give up there WMD's. And with the help of Russia. Who will see if there's some sort of compliance taking place. I guess first of all through the compliance do you think we could discover or is there any way to IED. And say that yes some of this stuff in Syria did come from Iraq and then also how -- we define whether Syria is really complying. At all anyway. Well I think you hit the nail on the head when you said there's disagreement where where we are suppose. To find. One of the things that that people have missed it that's false impression. Is that on site inspection -- she. Especially in -- on any -- anywhere inspections. Are panacea for there Haitian. That if you can do that you can make sure that you confined to. That's not true. John's I respect you can only tell you what's happening at the time and place in the inspection. If prohibited activities. Or equipment. Can be located at other places. Or at that first location has been inspected and other times. All you're getting is a false sense of confidence. I have no doubt that the Syrians will offer up something to be eliminate it. But. You know I don't think that they will give up all and remarkably. And -- Debt agreement that secretary Kerry reached with. On Russia's Lavrov. Is has. -- inspections taking place rapidly. Elimination. Precursors and agents. You know there hadn't been put into it hadn't been weaponized. Fairly rapidly production facilities. And then one of the last things to be dealt with the weapons. Well guess what we've got a problem with Syrian chemical weapons. Maybe the problem is that the Russians still don't acknowledge. That Syria has used chemical weapons over and over and over again culminating with the August 21. Slaughter. In hideous ways of you know over a thousand people and if if your audience hasn't gone and looked on YouTube. Or the video of some knows they should. Gear up for that four and doing it's they will cry men women if they want is it it's so. On I think that the waves of Russians structured finance. There's. Virtually no chance. That we -- Any reasonable degree of confidence that we've eliminated -- weapons. Okay let me AM let me ask you this now you weren't in office at this time you left in 2009. A January 20 2009 a new administration comes -- that's very commonly changed two and put their folks and empower. But from the outside in position very close to from the outside looking in you've got to tell me I know we don't have that much time you gotta tell me. What was going on -- Ben Ghazi if you know and if you can tell us. And and and how in the world could say with a straight face. Say that that whole thing was about a demonstration based on some YouTube video on a moviemaking about Islam. How in the world could they do that with a straight face you were in that business you were assistant secretary of state. Well you know. Part of the reason -- does it happened was because of way mindless bureaucrat. They decided that these guys didn't deserve to have. Existing. Level of security that they had had in the past because they wanted to make it looks -- Things were much better -- start with the bureaucracy and people who where are worrying about you know partial government shut down. Ought to be thinking about what bureaucrats -- now not mucking things up. Then you go to when it happened. And the fact that we did not in there and and rescue people. Bears you know. People were waiting for Obama to tell and that they think well they shouldn't just gone that he was off busy getting ready to go to Vegas. And as far as Susan Rice talking on the Venetian. And did this been she put on it and Hillary Clinton put on it. Wind that they were bringing the bodies packed. On my view. It's my personal view is that it was nothing other than pure span. In order to minimize. What had just happened. To America. When they do and guns was the CIA deal with Sam's and other things out of Ben -- that I don't I don't. Do you have a feeling based on your professional XP on its experience a -- could've been the case. I I don't know I mean they were probably there for a lot of election and mom. Had they. I would have anticipated that if they were hit doing in military assistance to. Rebel forces at that probably would have been before it. But you know that the people who perpetrated this forgetting some serious. Equipment from some. But I don't think it -- from the I don't know enough to say -- I don't run as -- rumors is that maybe there -- some arms dealing going on and that we were actually arming. Some of the Syrian rebels early on before it was really admitted or talked about much. Indian in the media. So what I mean what we are supposed to part it wouldn't CIA does something they are supposed to do it quietly and not -- And if there's any any type of program that the aliens don't like that would have had been approved by. On. I think we're far more cautious than we ever were before. Because for example one of the equipment that we gave to the Afghans during. Their war with Russia. Have had to be bought back so. But then again there there are other US programs where they're trading in in arms. To then Mexican drug lords in letting her past and Florida border agents get killed with them but. But one where the other that I see having. A CIA station. Or element. Is perfectly. They're under they're usually under US official cover. And these are people who do brave things every day. And the ambassador there was doing great things every. And he was sold out as were the others. By his own. And that was bad enough. But then to lie about. And I'm sorry day there were no reports. From anything coming out of being. To indicate that it was a film. Right right now and we establish set on the air and and I did my homework on now and we're talking to. The honorable Paula decider -- former US assistant secretary of state under the Bush Administration. And down I -- further this conversation now wanna ask you know -- press this break. But how much truth do we get -- guy in the media and I have all different sources. And I try to do my homework so much. How much truth do we get person what really goes on they'll be my next question. And Paula this senator is speaking tonight starting at five to rebuild the university for a conference that are more weather coming up 848 on the biography. Carol I parent union leaders are recognizing that Sean Hannity at three a disincentive. To hire full time work. -- seven point 3M SI's. -- victory on the Bob -- show ran a great conversation with the honorable. Paula just -- she's gonna be speaking tonight US assistant secretary state. From 2002 to 2009 she's gonna be tonight 530 to seven or 730 at the -- university Florida conference center in Gainesville. That's on 34 street you don't want to miss out on that so Apollo let me ask you this I ask you this before the break. In the media I try to search for information and obviously I have the same outlets and everybody else does. And get the Internet and I might have some friends here and every -- I try to do my best to try to get the truth out there. How much truth do we really get since you're an insider for years. You see stories as they're breaking worldwide. And you you can't get information and you see. How the media either spins it a war -- given to the media with already respond a little bit regardless how much truth -- we get. We get as much truth is willing to invest her time to find. It is a mistake. -- people to simply. Take what is given by president Obama's -- chair at a press conference. If you stop there you deserve which. You've then got to go and look at the alternative sources of information don't just -- to AP wire. And see what -- in do you need to look at both sides because truth is going to be and there are some. And it it takes doing some homework but you know with the Internet. It is the breast hate -- easier now for people to do their homework. And it's important for people to do there. And to look at this because we rely. On our citizenship there's no country in the world where where individuals can make such a difference. As areas here. People can write to their congressman to senator to somebody else's congressman or senator if you're sitting on a committee that's covering things of interest you. Right to the president. Write letters in your newspapers. Right and another. You know do a comment makes sense reinforce. Because I think now more than never went to many of our freedoms are being. And it. Castigated. It's more important than -- for individuals. To get out there and may make their views known. And let the politicians know that they're being watched. More on the inside what went on during the Bush Administration this is somebody who knows and she'll be appearing tonight. 53730. Hilton university Florida conference center on 34 street. Former US assistant secretary. Of state. Paula decider. And she one of the things is gonna talk about tonight is that. We have a lot of friends around the world a lot of people want to be our friends and it's how we deal with that and in how we. You know that's going to be important moving forward she's gonna speak to that many other things tonight. And now Paula thank you very much for being on the Bob Rochelle appreciate it thank.