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Monday with the Mayor - Ed Braddy

Oct 15, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

736 of -- guide -- Anderson here Bob -- filled bombs still not and piggyback on Tuesday and I'll be tomorrow. Your 737. Now time Jack brought you by -- jewelry -- the answer is always yes it's Monday morning and as we always do on Mondays. It's Monday with the mayor and his times Gainesville Meyer and ready joining us for the program good morning and good morning. I don't know why why is why you people making noises but a -- -- there is there's people there a Turkey creek -- bank you know. And it's they've suffered they've suffered an awful lot. You know -- that they they bought these houses. The market went under the golf course that was there is overrun and and there is wild beast from wandering around in there. That they have tennis courts militants corporal cracked up and now you're spewing noise in salute at the home with with your power plant. What what is likely let -- very yeah well the latest Libya with a bow biomass plant and the Edison to a fellow others several levels. And obviously the first when he mentioned the issue -- delays and Dan and acts as a fugitive and his column that coming from a fugitive fan I have had a are ominous sounding name -- Appropriate for October are aghast but yet the you know with -- regret but as answer gains a renewable energies and whereas the biomass facility out there. And one of the things happen is once they started to bring it on line and she's. And I test its capacity to make sure -- -- couple hundred megawatts of our we don't really need. That out once they got -- that. They discovered it's ours to make a lot of noise and in the people discovered -- -- to people who don't live in the city limits -- Gainesville but it -- and the a lot to a city limits of a Turkey creek. And and so that's been going on for weeks now and I I can't imagine the anguish this their frustration. The folks who live there we get the emails we know it's a problem. We have talked to grant and told them they've got to deal with that. We have done any measure green. A sound measuring out there and unfortunately. It doesn't trip that sixty decimal threshold it's in the fifties. Ranges in the four -- high forties today at mid fifties. Which is no comfort to anyone who lives out there. But -- the engineers that that Greg has retained to deal with the noise issue I believe we're gonna recommend structural changes. Possible sound buffers. During a break you mentioned. Planting additional trees to exit -- or not that but of course it's a biomass facility. Today that means I'll just cut him down and -- -- -- things generator to wherever it is free like they did -- -- -- that picture I -- -- -- left out if that's all over the body you know you could -- on the top of this kind of thing I would -- that they're gonna have to do something before they can become. Commercially. Viable because. It it's unfair to the people lives out there it's been a bad neighbor not a good neighbor. And Adam. You know and and it's just one of the problems -- the deal what they have to comply with all of our rules and ordinances and -- right now their right there on the the razors edge with this one. And and the. Problem and then by about this like last week we were talking about it on on Bob Rochelle about. -- it's gonna -- horrible I don't personally feel bad for the Turkey creek people when it comes to. The little value of our house falling. And the the golf course going I think so because that's that's the unfortunate luck of the draw their people all across this country the Marquette head -- as an -- 607. And I are deeply underwater now. But this is an example -- I've moved near an airport and I don't like the planes yeah this is an example of -- this area now a completely different municipality. Is blowing noise and at this point in time there's there's not a whole lot that can be done about it. And that's an important point that's a good point because journalists this -- we've had summoned the -- the lifelong apologist for the biomass facility. Appear approach to say but you guys sitting get hung up on this noise issue team night. Yeah that's the cost of living in and a big cities you hear noises if you lived down and you hear industry life if you. If you if you live off the sixteenth avenue a year fire tracks going back and forth and stuff. And and they miss the point. And and you accept tradeoffs and -- that if you move down to a rural setting you're the response time for mercy because of the -- Oslo yeah. But that's a trade off people normally make because I wanna get away from not wanna get away from the sounds of the city. That's a trade off I sets of these people made a conscious decision to invest and dealing that. And now outside -- bring in the big city noises today common that they don't deserve it it's not -- for their peace of mind and that's not good for the city either. It's -- as of yet and everybody likes the idea of renewable energy or whatever but it's all -- also big concept of not my backyard I guarantee would that was in the duck pond area. I am feeling so and noise that that some of the folks live in that area there'd be -- there -- me big time changes being made of that facility. And that the other piece of what we're doing is later this week does this city commission means we have our regular meeting on Thursday and it begins a line. And we will be taking up the issue of purchase because that's one of the options on the table list. Whether or not the city of gains and LT GR EE should try to purchased a facility in an outright. Now the options there I mean do when you try to -- awesome benefits that's. That's almost still a moving target -- which makes me somewhat hesitant to move in this direction but. One of the things I've heard as well we own it well then waiting to show it to happen and and not and not worry about. The noise issue will millionaire on the or whatever -- -- not -- and act and the other time at the other side of that does is considered that's at ego I need test drive a car and you really like the card you think it's great. But it rattles the whole time your test driving net. When you bring it back are you really gonna put some money on the table are you gonna say. Picks that soccer and opt out considerate it's what I why it might fix it first before I give you any money and that's. That's sort of where I think chasm black -- -- commissioners are right now is that. It's not had proven deal let's not proven reliable yet and so to -- to. Eight purchase at this time might be might not be the smartest thing we've done. Building I would think you know from from -- and outside observers point of view would be beneficial -- the city buying this plant. It is the city does and out of position of the people live outside the city lamenting a power GRU but the city does to some extent how to answer to. Its constituents and maybe maybe they're more likely to. Controlled Acosta as best as possible with a -- outposts of California company. Don't care what the Gainesville people that -- gonna make a -- -- kilowatts you know adults it all finally. That is the bottom line issues what and we. Under the current contractual obligation we have a thirty year contract we have locked in fixed costs at seventy million dollars annually we have to pay them. No matter -- -- added they'll produce a single you know single kilowatt. And so whatever the purchase price works out to be. Finance it have we finance it. It's seeking comment where we pay considerably less I have to be significant that if -- top end of pennies on the dollar whatever. And the fact is that still -- much risk for for some marginal gain that might change of the assumptions -- But it -- show substantial. Savings. Annually that we would be obligated to pay. Then that might be worth considering but but right now I still think it's kind of a hard sell. 744 the -- have a conversation Gainesville mayor Ed ready coming up on the other side the break the -- what's -- his transportation system issues of the city Gainesville. How -- eighth avenue thing working out for everybody. Have they arrested anyone for being malicious and try to move their vehicles off his property. On a Gator game debris hours after Hezbollah. And all the other fun things go on the city Gainesville. On this guy. And then our culture didn't check of wanna rush and Newt. I'm telling these things should divide Rush Limbaugh. The whole thing on. Not -- seven point three. This guy and back to the Bob -- OJ Anderson here -- news talk 97.3 this guy. Gainesville Meyer -- -- -- the students who have studios what does have a conversation but these businesses goings on at the city of Gainesville. Thursday 1 o'clock as the meeting in it's now can all the people were arrested. The last several weeks more. Accessing their vehicles three hours after a Gator football game. Yeah they are they gonna -- the tail gators are they want is not on the agenda sure they can -- their public comment. Well fortunately we're not enforcing that year wine where we we passed that we never should have passed -- -- president is still a bad idea and I and folks if you guys can help me out in the spring elections I will repeal that sucker right away but. The bottom line as there is a one year sort of grace pier where we're just opposed and -- are property owners of the new -- gaining rules. When I mean this thing about this college football Saturday one of the great cultural events in America. And we have to bring centralized planning to regulate it unbelievable. But yeah -- it's the and it's kind of frustrating that we're doing that. You know would help the issue of flow of traffic at the football games. That's that widening the roles. App effigies. How surprising now that's. Well it's better than our current strategy if not having any offense on the football team in that -- got a clear out the traffic also -- -- elected unfortunately. It never understand grown up the -- Philadelphia the sports complex there with a football state -- the baseball stadium and and the arena with a a basketball hockey teams play. All right there on an exit of the inner state. NATO maybe that facility to put the load of football -- by possibly five but to have it on a four lane. Rolled with a bunch of little one way streets that you know and go away from a man -- in and it's a bigger state of the most the people I am -- thousands cedar. But anyway at this united force that at this point in time it's now sort of. But think about the of that there's so many absurdities with the had big -- tailgating laws that we pass and just one of those you mentioned that three -- thank. One of the things a lot of gators like to do when they come up says specially they live at a town. Is after the Gator game they got to the volleyball game. Because you know the US athletic department has scheduled other athletic and events that don't get as much attention. -- they say things from time to time at the game like if you take your football ticket -- yeah McConnell senate you would get free reign free and -- that a soccer so we got. So we got outstanding Gator volleyball outstanding Gator soccer outstanding Gator gymnastics and stuff. And end a law that city of gains or passes actually done it discourage. Participation. What does sports now that you mention that attitude has -- -- some. Under federal law. What do they call title 99 ask you have to have the same number of sports for men and women sold so we'll -- -- the money -- allocated that way. So is in anyway the city of Gainesville violating title nine and I don't like under a -- to Atlantic -- and now all of a sudden obviously this. I hate when that's -- -- -- the evidence that he gains at the line attention getter. Well we're not prohibiting the activity. These that a Gator sports were -- and if he'd come in that town. Picked -- men's sport. Hi all how insane is it a new -- if you need -- and desist -- that you know Press Secretary kind of person the city has a history hiring you can write the headlines I kinda -- I get a guy out there right now and stuff. But ought to the issue transportation that you're right we live in the university town and because of this. Anti automobile and ideology were wedded to we are narrowing capacity all round. The university in the center of gravity and it's really only gonna make conditions worse I don't think that things have improved on eighth avenue. And even some -- -- we get this stock hate emails to city -- -- it's not that big -- deal but even that is. Yet to consider at this is gonna grow over the next thirty years. Why the world would you reduce capacity anywhere. About twenty seconds left before it broke things up here. Eighth avenue they're gonna finish -- study at the end of next month -- room starts in some hard data as to how that project worked at the narrowing of eighth avenue yeah and then that means this city will will consider again whether the make these reductions permanent or. They get back to media for cooling capacity -- I hurt your listeners contact City Hall city of Gainesville not or dad called a public works. A department and let him know how you feel. Gainesville mayor and Greta thank you very much for your time my pleasure being next time.