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Bob Rose talks with MCSO Staff Attorney Greg Jerald

Oct 23, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and welcome our first 6 minutes after 8 o'clock -- number three of our get together time Jack is brought to you by -- jewelry when he answers always just special -- in the studio. He's a staff attorney for the Marion county sheriff's office Greg Jerald is here Greg good morning how you doing good morning Bob it's a pleasure beer with the -- don't sit at -- jokes here and hot seat all right are all do my best the sheriff usually put he puts his gun right on the counter and goes. Now for at least now I'm just to close its coincidentally says he's assessment there today do you do you have period gun with the AFLAC how the next day tells him come see yourself. Now there there you -- -- had fair warning there aren't. Let's get right down to it Marion county sheriff's office and the -- county commission. Boy they've been at odds at each other's throats both have been on the show and coming up with really good information did not good statistics all the way around I can definitely see. The sheriff side of things where where his needs are I understand the the county commission getting elected on not raising taxes. And so. Kind of butting heads came to some sort of an agreement at least temporarily for now for this year. But now I understand. Long term situation. Could be good at it and that's in a ten year plan tell me about it. Well Bob -- what we've done is -- committed are the sheriff committed to the county commission. During the budget process is gonna look at everything. -- from from start bottom head so. One of the things we learned that you know are we kept hearing throughout the budget process and I heard it on the show and commissioners -- was on was well fire has a plan you know a lot of our comparisons were in terms of you know how we compare fire the increases fires that are over the years in relation to the sheriff's office. And so you know fire had tenure plan I was constantly. Something that was in the county commission hung their hat on so what we've done but the sheriff was asked us to do is. Get together on a multiyear plan may not be a ten year plan may be an eight year plan. We. Several weeks ago we brought in fire chief str my planning from now marrying kind of fire rescue. It was actually the architect of the ten year plan that fire has was shepherded it through the process for the county commission. -- and actually got picked that county commission which I don't believe any of these current commissioner drawn. You sign on to it. And so here's the kinda how it's gonna work. Now we're going to do economic models. That project out population growth house valuations inflation and and related criteria. In order to determine you know what the needs are going to be in the community over the next you know eight to ten years. And then from that will be able to prepare. Different scenario is basically a menu of different service levels. To provide to the county commission. -- we haven't. Determine what those levels -- beer right now but as an example would be this year we kept our budget flat. One scenario might be what happens if we keep our budget flat well you're population's increasing inflation's going up. And yet the same amount of resources so while your you know it's a classic supply and demand type of thing. Your demand is higher but the supply of law enforcement resources is lower so as a result. -- -- the county commissions and I want justice -- a flat line budget year after year. It's necessarily gonna require a decrease in the level resources that the community in mankind can expect. I just because -- gonna continue to rise no matter what I mean you can say here's your budget live within it. Well when all the external cost. Like say fuel -- upkeep of vehicles or. People getting -- raises promotions the retirement accounts all that stuff is gonna go up no matter what you can't control that -- have to take it away from something else. That that's correct and and what we've done we've looked at the we use the university of Florida's bureau of economic and business research I -- I didn't. But true that name it's. Bieber I think is the they acronym for it and they have estimated -- to third 2013 report they've estimated projected. About population growth and all the counties throughout the state. Amid they do a low high in mid level range of expected population growth. And Marion County over the next ten to twelve years it's project and our population grew by 90000 people. That's about 25% increase in population so you know with greater population is a greater need for services the greater demand for services. Which you know if if were. Not going to have more research sources to meet that need. It's gonna end up resulting in a lower level of service for the for the county but what we wanna do is is provide I -- at different levels of service. We have to be uniform just to use an example the state average of deputies her -- thousand residents is one point seven deputies per thousand residents. Right now Marion County is that about one deputy per thousand residents. So you know once an area maybe you know what do we do to get our you know our staffing level in line with the state average. Bomb another one one that I think is a scenario that is germane to losses. Out of all of our counties that are comparable to Marion County in terms a geographic. You know geographic location median in come you know this kind of socio economic factors. There -- only three counties. That are some that are similar to us in certain terms of size nine -- a huge counting as ever 16100 square miles. There's only three counties that are comparable to -- other categories that are over 14100 square miles as the evolution of Brevard Osceola county. Interestingly those larger counties with a larger square mileage averaged two deputies. Per thousand residents so we're half of that. Mean it and and just in rough rough math that we've done so far if you project out population growth over the next ten years. We would need 349. New deputies over the next ten years to. Just to keep up with the current level -- your current staffing level that's a threat. So that to me important criteria would be the number of calls. And the response time on most calls at those would be two from a citizen's perspective I wanna know. Yeah how how long it's gonna take you to get here how busy our day. And then and then thirdly of course balancing that with you know the taxing what what the costs are so would tell me about the number of calls and in -- response. We're we're actually will. Doing a study right now as we speak we just -- met late yesterday afternoon with one of the the system bureau chiefs and of our community capital police think. They are gathering that data right now and we're going to be able to you provide a report and -- you know went and -- part of this plan. What the response times are and what the response times could be with different levels of staffing you know we have. More resources and how will that affect our response times. -- our number of calls are you know are tremendous they're certainly not going down there going out. You know what we don't wanna get into -- a situation like in Detroit where you have fifty minutes to respond to an emergency call. You know that's completely accept what things would be acceptable for the for the citizens of Marion County. Now but we also want to you we're gonna break this down economically to -- the county commission can see exactly. On these different levels of service and what the cost will be to the individual taxpayer. And I think that's something that will help all of us you know understand you know what is -- gonna cost. Provide what ever level of service. The county commission may decide they wanna do and you know wolf certainly have the county commission will look at it seriously and or agree to a level of service that the citizens -- -- -- -- yeah you -- naked guy with a sledge hammer who's upset he's breaking out the window of your car you need the response time to be to be fairly short. And then you also want folks who were working the investigate sit investigative side of things too because -- -- get this a human trafficking and you guys worked along with some other law enforcement agencies. And yet to women charged in human trafficking I mean that some six stuff so you got you've got these ongoing battles at the sheriff's office so we can appreciate where. You know where you're coming from as far as a demand goes that capsule but the property appraiser he's busy -- in and he declined his paper is he wants to know. They alchemist sheriff it doesn't. Turn away has put a pay raise and -- if there's got to know I was gonna bust some chops on this one. They need it does -- and now a -- -- I've been with the sheriff fit charity functions as recently as couple weeks goes sheriff. Donated a thousand dollars think it was it was making tries to breast cancer. On just some thoughts were first I think -- donated about 15100 dollars and in addition to that thousand you know to march at times and I think it way maybe in some other agencies met. The sheriff believes in giving -- thanks you know it is I guess it's the way he looks at as he can take that money he can get it back to the people in our communities that are in need. If he turns -- money back it goes back to the counting it may be used by office supplies -- you know some other county need. But he can serve the people in our community that are you know having a hard time that may need Thanksgiving turkeys and -- a couple toys for the Christmas kids put under the tree at Christmas time and thanks it'll be better serve that way. Yeah yeah I thought it was interesting that it was so newsworthy. That the county property appraiser mennonite it's a good. I think he's the I think did you know his his heart is in the right place Billy Smith. When he decided to forgo the raise needed it because you know his employees are not getting a raise. And it and stand up. But I don't know if that's all that that newsworthy age sixteen on about Rochelle. Can I hang on for one more quick segment capsule. Greg Jerald is here staff attorney Marion county sheriff's office we talk about forfeiture is what do you do with other vehicles and stuff in the forfeiture of property. Talk about that next on -- Bob Rochelle news talk 97.3 this guy. And then our culture didn't -- about a rush and Newt undertones being sure divide Rush Limbaugh the whole thing I'm not be seven point three. This guy. Stage one he won on about rose show happy Wednesday time Jack brought to you by Hayes jewelry -- the answer is always yes. We're talking to staff attorney from the Marion county sheriff's office is name is Greg Gerald and and Greg what exactly is the role of an attorney for a share sell office. Well above its it it's extremely varied I guess is the best way to put it. On some of those routine things we do were we process a lawsuit claims against the agency and its employees. Common and usually those claims if they're seeking monetary damages are. Sent out to. But we don't actually prosecutor defendant and his -- Missouri is -- -- comes -- there. There are lawsuits there's a fair amount you know they and it's it's you know as -- things you learn in -- school about the deep pockets theory you know -- we have insurance and so it makes you and the target her for that type of thing. And you know it'd we have a lot of a lot of deputies and CEOs that are employed the sheriff's office in their involved -- you know with people that are. Not doing the best and make invest decisions all the time and and sometimes you know -- and they decided they've been treated wrongly and they want to the sheriff's office. Well and and sometimes in my other grounds because it's a very stressful job in in news well trained if you wanna be in a school under pressure you want your officers to be as they're human and sometimes they're gonna you know that they're gonna have a bad day -- A deputy as a bad day you know that can sometimes lead to some now. Stuff that's not good. There's no there's no doubt about it you know and then certainly the deputies in the corrections officers are under tremendous amount of stress right now with the staffing levels that we have. Com but you know what the men and women of the sheriff's office do an outstanding job you know there I think there are some of the best invest in around. One of the other things that we do as a legal -- the sheriff's office we provide of course legal opinions to the sheriff. And two sworn personnel for different issues as they come up in and I got this issue can you help me -- that are. You know deputy may call me at 12:30 in the morning and say I'm out here and I got this guy what do I need to do with the search and the united probable cause the sees any thing here you know what what can idea. And so we do that I I provide regular case law updates to all of our sworn personnel also today. Are up to speed you know as to what any new case law changes that are out there and court decisions that affect what they do. Any statutory changes that the -- may affect what they do or how we handle or you know how to handle our business of the agency. My tencor hearings on behalf the sheriff's office but one of the most interesting things I do is the forfeiture work. Now we've. Four pitchers are authorized in Florida under what's called the Florida contraband forfeiture act and that act allows law enforcement agencies to -- What's called contraband. That's used attempted to be used or intended to be used in the commission of a felony. -- contraband can essentially be anything from you know US currency. Or foreign currency. Vehicles boats palaces under the right situation. In fact -- and leave here today and my speed down to Ocala for a hearing you're gonna speed data that was one of what I what I say here in a hurry down within limits of the -- I say -- my I don't want to process they lawful right there on marijuana record -- -- Lawful rate of speed down to the American courthouse. The in the -- contraband forfeiture act has tremendous benefits both you know firm on the let's along -- tool. As benefit to the agency and as a benefit to taxpayers. As a law enforcement told -- to give you an example several months back we had a rash of burglaries that took place over a couple of months. Had. Unfortunately the defendant in that case made the mistake of going back to -- honey hole in the same house twice. And now you know and with one month in between the the burglaries. In the meantime the homeowner on the Wal-Mart got. You know certainly -- surveillance system. And we've physically had you know had Evian the video -- -- the guy removing items from the house up front door and placed him in the back of his minivan. Obviously it was an old minivan wants there's a 97. You know or Chrysler because it was used in the commission of this felony bono's use of the commission a felony and and it wouldn't have a lot of value to us but as a law enforcement -- happened to be. The only -- is the guy I think -- four kids was married. His wife raised came within about losing in the only vehicle that they had transport their kids. And the sky's the defendant in that case happen via clear criminal he'd spent time department of corrections was not willing to talk first. I think once is his wife told him you better get their car back. He gave us some information out some confession out of -- to get a confession out of -- and ended up solving of a bunch of burglaries as a result. So you know has that -- of -- you know that uses a law enforcement function in addition. Yeah we hope that you this year decided to taken aggressive stand on contraband. And the hope is that word filters out throughout the community that hey you know if I use my vehicle -- By a drug selling drug trafficking drugs that Chertoff and take it from. Lady in South Florida doesn't trust bank sells her house in South Florida moving back up north. That's cash puts it in in the trunk of her car driving north on I 95 gets stopped in volusia county. The sheriff stops her car out of the blue maybe she was beating I don't know. The dogs come and smell it and because it was South Florida money any money it's been circulated in -- especially in this case happen I believe in the ninety's if it smelled like cocaine. And Q will lead but a with a bunch of bills that there work you know you could make a case that somehow this was connected to drug money and so we should perform bottom line is. You know she finally got it back but it took her years infection died not too long after finally getting it back. And in so I'm concerned about the constitutional ramifications. And and you guys sometimes no look you guys and -- got a bad guy and sometimes you don't you separate that. Well you you have to have a sufficient nexus between. The contraband that's seized and the only that's alleged to have been committed so -- -- -- a similar example a couple of weeks scare over deputy called me set up bout that you up older these guys. Drug dog alerted on the money. There is no drugs anywhere to be found. -- that you you gotta be able to -- that money to the commission of crime they may have just. Sold something -- bought something and and then they'd have this money but they don't have any drugs there and you can't tied to a felony. We can't season. You know and that's you know I don't know that the specifics of that case but. As to us we make sure there's -- probable cause for the seizure and there's a nexus between the property seized. You know and that the crime committed and. Good I'm glad you covered that I appreciated a tornado above Rochelle and I appreciate conversation -- Gerald he's a staff attorney to Marion county sheriff's office and if the sheriff our best to understand -- under the weather I think he's got the same thing -- -- thing I think -- as the I wouldn't wish on anybody out there -- -- Then again he gives his best in the always do is beyond the yes vote definitely. Age 28 Alibaba Rochelle live local news talk 97.3 disguise.