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Franz Beard Looks Ahead at the Final 4 on The Bob Rose Show

Apr 1, 2014|

Bob Rose Show - April 1 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rose imagine going home and your house is paying room. Sure I'll dual engine and it's got included new house a new -- some blame some time now learning. News radio. Rose show on 97.3. -- It's about rose just six minutes. Minutes after 8 o'clock brands feared dead because dot com and on house. Celebrate and then they're gainers. -- ideal and as. -- -- -- Before the season even started for his beard says we're looking at a final four basketball team you're joking around you were serious. And you're right. Yes there are there in the final four. Third time in the last nine years. Let's face -- this is the teams going in there with a on a mission and I would not be the least bit surprised. If they -- the big crystal trophy. Our next Monday. And as reported in Gator country dot com on your article this is not Billy Donovan first rodeo. Know he -- and this is. Florida's advantage going into this final four. Billy Donovan has been there done that he's been there as a player admitted that you know when he entered the player it was overwhelming. But when he went there as a player didn't have a coach that had been there as well he's going there with a coach who's been there. You know I mean this team goes in there with a coach that's been there Billy has been there as a player he's taken three teams there he knows what it's like to get a team ready. The get through the distractions. And believe me this you know these first few days in our hectic players are getting bombarded -- Remember me I'm your long lost cousin you know can you get the tickets until after I not everybody all the instead a message to me -- -- -- up again for tickets I'm sorry players only get six tickets each okay. And that's for the entire for their entire -- That's for their -- tough -- family and you know you you make you talk about a kid that may have a big family and stuff like that. He's going to be scram scrambling around you hey how many people going from your family and somebody may not angry. And I get three years it's -- like that. And that's how it's all done in those first couple days -- hectic so bills' game Sunday and Monday. Take carrier business today as the day they start their preparation. -- UConn. Now they have an advantage there because they've played UConn before now UConn improved course but. Florida's played and they know the personnel they a lot of things let's catch some people up. The gators have won thirty games in a row the last time they lost. Was against -- December 2 ought to UConn on a buzzer beater shot and that was in a game that Scotty will get sprained his ankle missed the last five minutes. Casey yelled at -- and play. Chris walker was not available also -- Smith and Dorian Finney Smith when he was there OK if that now they get Wisconsin in the championship game guess what. That's our team didn't play that game door if they Smith didn't play that game Chris walker didn't play that game they play that game only six scholarship guys. At the risk of getting ahead of ourselves which I always like to do of course. Should the gators beat UConn and I think they will and I hope they well. Who would you do if you -- Billy Donovan or the players who would you rather face would've beat Kentucky who you've beat three times which is hard to beat any team four times in one season I think. Or would you rather face Wisconsin who -- -- -- formal like you said you weren't a 100%. Of the team wasn't available which one would you rather face and I think. They would rather probably face Wisconsin simply because Wisconsin beat them. And I think they would like I think they would like to be the people that beat them today that would be the perfect ending to the season if they played Wisconsin. Wisconsin played them the second game gave them their first loss now they only lost too soon to be. UConn which gave their second and only only other loss. In the semifinals and they get Wisconsin in the finals they have the team that game ended in their first loss. Without will look at him without you know Dorian Finney Smith etc. I think that would be the ideal and I think that's exactly why -- I don't think they really care except I think if there's one motivating factor that says. You know in the back your mind who would you really rather play I think that would be it and that's a reason. Now in my final four I had Florida Wisconsin Michigan Michigan State and obviously there were some to a close losses their -- in Michigan State tough games. But still yet to out of the -- -- final four I don't feel too bad about it and it got the gators going all the way and not just because I'm a homer I really think that. They're gonna do it. I guess my question is. On the Big Ten basketball. Gets a lot of you know. They've -- they get like congratulations for for being an issue BJ at Michigan Michigan State you got Wisconsin and they're all really top programs. The fact that it's now down to. In the final four Kentucky and Florida from the SEC will the SEC has yet. More basketball respect as a result of this wealth according to -- already have the respect the problem is that Florida and attacking Georgia Tennessee. You've got about six programs in the SEC may be seven that you can say these people. Really are invested in to basketball. You got about seven programs they hit in there that. Drag down the rest of the conference it and I mean it is look at a school like Mississippi State. Look who they played in their regular season I think that this I don't think Mississippi State beat a team until they got in conference play. That was a blow. A 200 RPI. Look at Georgia I mean Georgia's best win coming -- -- conference play it was western Carolina. And you -- you don't you can't have Europe conference. Be considered a great conference when you're playing ought every light weight. On the planet you know you can't play western -- law. Three times in you know in in the pre season you've got to play somebody that is good that that is actually going to develop your team and make your team better. Do you see that changing do you see more investment may be on the parts of some of these schools to take it seriously do invest in. As a coaching and recruiting it to a level that will bring up these programs. Well mics live keeps insisting that that's got to be the case but you don't see some of these teams do it and until they do it. Note the NIT is going to be their pipe dream okay. Video -- he buys a face it yet that's as good as it's gonna get I mean like Georgia this year Georgia thing goes twelve and six in the SEC. That should be a good enough conference record to get -- in two. The NCA. Except when you look at who they played. In their priest got in their -- obviously had to look at who they lost to look at who they played. That's not an investment in basketball and you got to have teams that are going to. Going to invest their their money their resources in the basketball and make it work. This look we've turned this town into a basketball town but you know the football is not always been a football town to. What's going on with spring football France would do what he had to share with us well one of the things -- -- Thing is will Greer has now really elevated into the number two quarterback position that's not a surprise Kurt roper. Yeah offensive coordinator likes dual threat quarterback -- morning wake. Is at pure pocket guy. -- he's not going to be he's not mobile he's not gonna be running around out there. Will Greer has the good wheels easily -- that moved in that it number two and but that's going to be instinctive because. Com all come August tree on Harris comes up from Miami played it Booker T. Washington that their son of a coach. -- tremendous athlete with great running ability and -- maybe even a stronger arm and this is a kid that. Being that he's the son of a coach. I don't know if it's got taken that long to pick up the offense and so you may end up with a real battle for the number 21 of those guys are gonna have stretcher. Yeah and where it look it's another one where -- stacks bullet talent but then in the end of the deal in the mid season if somebody gets hurt in. I'm naive that -- kids that if they don't get a shot they look to transfer and stuff so I I hope it a horse out for the best while one of the things you got to remember. Jeff Driscoll has never made it. All the way through a season without having to -- games because of injuries so. This is something that to consider and so these young guys have got to be ready. Because this is a critical year. It's Jeff Driscoll the kind of player that can take his time constructively wiley asked to sit on the bench her healer whatever music constructively. To learn and elevate his game is -- that kind of guy well we're gonna find out if he did because he was out last year and he had to sit the last nine games of the season. We're gonna find out. Just how much and best that he really is that I think he has you know let's hope so anyway because. If he is not 100% invested in this and as 100%. Committed to improve -- the games are going to be in trouble. Are there are the gators get a win on senator yeah absolutely. And everybody loves a winner. Dominant in new. -- seven point 30 this guy. A 21 -- -- rose -- -- and -- -- local doctor brought by his jewelry but if there's always yes. I still the question is a city like him. As a little town is gone national. You know -- focus I guess CNN. Pose a question whether Hampton one square mile city in Bradford county best known for. It's a little but lucrative speed trap. Was the most corrupt town in America the New York Times wrote about the city's troubles -- along with a slew of other local national and international news outlets. Those little town just up the street from us Bradford county what why do they need to have ace what do they have to be incorporated as a city what do. What are the advantages JD you know whining about that I mean you live in now I live in a big I live in Center City well. Now it is a city you don't attack do you -- attacks for the there is an additional time. Because I live in the city. I think my taxes or about may be four dollars higher. Then the people on incorporated parts of just outside of the of the city proper and what's the advantage of it. And one dear bureau police force now Trenton had. Forgot -- rob -- and -- -- I don't think they. Has if -- had a police force and I think a lot of other thing about maybe having to Gilchrist county sheriff's office. Sort of take care of that as well to sort of cover the entire county. And today having the blue redundancy especially because a sheriff's office headquarters. Is there in Trenton right near the southern portion of the county line. I did I don't. -- for simplicity stake in and -- communications taken everything else. It is -- makes sense when a town as the smallest Hampton. What what what exactly are looking for verses in actuality the counties offer so many county made the offer so many services now anyway you look. A city is sizing Hampton it's not like you're gonna have their own bus line that's never gonna happen that's not doable they're they're fire department is volunteer. Then fire department so that does -- you don't have to have a city to have a volunteer fire to army you have those all over the United States in different area effect are more prevalent not incorporated areas. So there's no its value of a fire department. Other than a volunteer on that I'm aware of so why why why do you wanna pay some city commissioners to do why. To decide what to what -- you got to think the business fronts to decide did the zoning issues again you can still conform to. To county rules and regulations. I just I don't understand I don't understand -- that with the purposes why do you wanna add bureaucracy. So. You know they try to wanna make it a comeback story which countless of people who live there you know through no fault of their own in other -- lost money and it's been. Now it just at the gas station alone directive about a 132000. Dollars in charges on a charge account I mean. Would I would tell -- small town 132000 out a lot of money. So you know I'm not sure. What you -- for Minnesota of 500 people that live there. So the story is all look at this town's coming back and you know so they throughout you know the City Council and now they'll have a new town -- whatever why why what what what -- you decide on. -- 500 people. You that you wanted to have sort of a you wanna create a position have you if you have some sort of advisory non non paying advisory board that you can and in now serve on for a couple years and there's a few decisions that you could make regarding Sony or the county could take recommendations from that board that's fine but other now when he wanna add to that. Why add to bureau government bureaucracy what are you what are you getting for your money repaying foreign what are you hoping to receive in return I think it's a great. Starting point to question why government is the size it is in general. You look at a small Chinese say what what do you hope to accomplish by having your own. Sit look I -- -- on incorporated glad to county somehow we managed to get by I mean I mean -- I guess if there was a city may be they would paved our road at some point I don't know well they won't do it now look at Gainesville as a city. They still have a backlog of both worlds as well so I don't think there Rogers and in better shape as -- and -- counted depends upon the mindset of the city and or county. True mission and what their priorities are out. At a depends on how many elected officials live on that particular world. You think Dan -- him to do it. So I -- -- and look if somebody has a look at dog in this fight and you know something I don't about the importance of city government. In a city of less than 500 people please let me now. 8779759825. Have you heard of the electric car -- it is a cool car I mean I cannot deny that. On its league gets fast now it's expensive and are working very hard. To bring that cost down but would probably be a good thing in the end. But assists for sixty minutes did a piece on it and I noticed it right away something. Was in Hawaii all explain what that something was next. On above Rochelle with. 97.3. This guy. As a particles are the ten PPT Barnum and he's trying to keep everybody distressed. There was little shiny object sitting there not be seven point three this guy. It's only six Obama -- still have a local. Got it. We were totally hit it in the conversation troops. From break -- we out we were out we were talking about burger joints in all this fanatic now. How weird look what some new lover by some new place -- Maryann you said and only eight staring down -- line. -- and now Virgil and get excited about. Bomb there. -- any better be careful. Look -- everything's great rainbows and puppy dogs the opinions. They opinions given out on Michelle our -- what our opinions. Everybody's personal taste is different. But no you were talking about to little burger place and maybe struggling against the major change competitor and stuff like dad and I said a good example of of that not being a factors like a little burger place in he gaze on Macs and -- -- I don't know I've never been there when it in a line so whatever they're doing now IE if you got a little burger -- China competing as a big boys that's what you do. When I see big boys I don't mean like Bob's big voice which. Everybody familiar -- Are you familiar of that today yet the big. Stuck to. Yeah diet thing outside which went under different names like when I grew up up north it was alliance Brothers owned all the big voice in that area. There's so there's different kind of conglomeration. That's like. Was it as a checkers and it's like. -- -- And noted Jeff Carl's junior and Hart office that the is Jack in the Box still around out California lettuce and -- -- I discovered what their secret sauce was on camera. Actually Jack. I'm -- they grind this guy and I can't blame piano and an average accepted it -- now I'm. I -- series a big secret sauce was mustard ketchup and mayonnaise on XTO and the ones I could be Iran. As a -- knows one of our spots. All right so anyway my -- we're just talking about just talk about burgers and a James. Isn't my diverted to Greece today. My right James. That -- -- in yeah. All right I thought. Back and -- and I try to explain to general look you're still young you can't remember back to the day like I could Wear when you when you. Ordered a burger you made a birdie especially tasty meat vs when they started to go to -- like to giant bond. Like they said they were full of people for allows like -- -- look at how big burger isn't known I did see all IC is Brad. If I want -- now go get bread. -- Berger a Wendy's did those old commercials in the mid eighties the where's the beef is that it well that George H. W. Bush from one of the news that is like a political. Slogan -- so at some point in time yeah out milk and and. I'd have to say they still rank pretty high as far as the change. The -- -- if you do the big -- a double. And I have she's on of course and -- all the all the fixes that but it is a messy one if you're going to be driving down the road. Not that I encourage Aimee. Now like that then I can't stand actually sit in Russia has risen by about myself as a bit of a drive through. -- now that's the media Gainesville. Is what color classless stuff that are -- -- -- so you're not really driving and he didn't really not going fast enough to have the potholes affect -- too -- a drop grease all over 'cause you really don't about a half a mile an hour everywhere. As just like texting if you only do -- at the randomized the only take a bite at the red light gilt city Sammy away before you get a mile and by the time you get to the next fast food joint. It's like seven hours later you're hungry again ready for your next meal so you're all good. You have a defense whittled down please -- -- and helping to moderation. So as much in the sixty minutes piece the other night and they'd be featured -- and guys started it one of the things he did was he was one of founders of PayPal we've heard of that than they took all their money. They got from that and turned it into an electric car company which I'm sure a lot of people thought he was insane idea. But he's got the battery powered Tesla model ask one of the world's fastest and quietness luxury cars completely watch sixty minutes like I did. I saw it go and Alaron. It was like moonlight. You sound like a bad. Mohamed JAMA synonymous sand go down -- right. And it did I swear I'm not making this up I thought about Angela Sackett. Makes -- had no ice there's no there's no -- -- and would -- and going -- exhaust. So you can't exhaust note because that's what they call it's very important of people like Harley. Porsche. A Corvette uniting that sadly caller no it's a sound it has to emit a certain rumble. And -- it is that like a roll call. I know what. I asked him partner somebody -- you don't you can tell when it's like a really refined -- has a lot of horse cart and I mean this as a certain so I cannot explain I just know that. Like to hairs on the back of my next in coming out. I guess is sort of a reminder of you'll never own a car like Daniel never too many but a -- up. At least when they this thing on on a Tesla. And it is wife owns one. There's a series of shots provided by Tesla Ramallah striding down the road when it's caught out company by out of sync sounds. On an internal combustion engine shipped to human transmission. The model less doesn't have a transmission doesn't need -- you know electric motor and it doesn't need one. -- it obviously there's no ignition taking place it's an electric motor. Instead it's propelled by a single electric motive and emits a little more than a quiet whirring noise will. Now it can be hurt -- A little bit I guess in some of the images the revving engine -- is also used with several shots of a stationary cars interior. So they really. Messed up. Later in the report footage of a mile less traveling through Norway's. To debt tunnel -- the Leonard Leonard or tunnel. Features the sounds of an engine in the background but I guess it could be another engine. It now because it's a tunnel to be -- I don't know but. It's present on the company's YouTube page with completely different audio that's more -- with the actual sound of the car. And a CBS representative issued a statement. To saying our. Video editor made an audio. Editing error in our report about Elon Musk and the -- last night every week we regret the error as being corrected online. As far as -- is concerned the auto makers decided to remain. As quiet on the issue as its cars actually are and offered no comment when contacted by Fox News. It is interesting now it is and is almost like. It wouldn't seem real if we didn't he year. Something if we didn't hear it Phyllis you know laws so quiet he could barely hear -- here this mild whirring noise. And and is that something they they would have to. Compensate for in other words if you -- buying this sports cards a 100000 box as a sports car performs like one. And it's all electric. But it's here you don't get the sound of -- -- you know you hit the accelerating wanted to go long and it doesn't. Takes some getting used to you know they're they're doing the same thing on motorcycles. And so you know the old adage you know when you -- -- loud pipes saves lives and all that which you do kind of wonder. You don't -- the road a car. I was a pedestrian for a little while yesterday I was -- and I want him by choice because I had to drop off -- I'm -- Drop off -- -- to be sixty Gainsville tire and auto service and and Johnny owner. They said he's not giving -- about where you need to go so -- around. As a no no I don't mind I don't mind lock in in my wife works down the road shall shall pick me up on her way out is I wonder why it was beautiful day yesterday -- -- a pedestrian. Is that when you're pedestrian. Antitrust and crossing like 39 avenue. In me as scary Dennis and it just when you're walking down the road you here. Up bicycle coming up behind me a car different things you know. And if wasn't electric car I wouldn't hear it coming. I mean saw the look and use your eyes and stuff but but you do pick up on audio and try to give you some idea what's going on around you. And it would be it would not be odd to see a bunch of cars and not really here not sound. Most you'll notice that focus they have their earbuds and I can't -- -- -- -- You know that's a good point to like in allies past several people both walking and riding their bicycles and you'd want to say hello to him. And if they look make eye contact you can kind of say hi into the smile thing but they're now listening a right to get the ear buds all plugged in. Always find a way a good for Tesla. And trying to do something. They're trying to get their car from a 100000 down around 35000. And what they need is a big battery breakthrough batteries are too expensive. So you know what disguised you do the seal on mosque. He's gonna open. I -- lithium battery. Factory and got to -- produce more batteries in the rest of all battery manufacturers combined so he says I'll I'll make a difference because the whole bottom of the car basically the -- chassis bottom of the car. The whole thing is a giant battery. It's not able to do what it does and then he envisions having charging stations all over the place that'll be free. I know what you think it now the government will pay and we'll pay as taxpayers probably but the ideas and using solar panels. To recharge the car craze it's not what to work. Until you get to a certain ratio poignant it might not done just like he can't find a parking spot now and he's really gonna find a parking spots and also features a solar panel. Good luck. On time. 847 on the Bob Rochelle blood from Ocala on hold again today called next news talk 97.3 the -- hang on. It's liberalism is not only a mental disorder but missing suicidal mental disorder. Each week nights at -- time on 97.3. This guy did. Did you run about -- a lot of local. And that's no joke no April fool's joke it is April Fool's Day however the we'll keep you informed so nobody can fool you happy Tuesday April 1 two when he fourteenth. Don check brought to you by Hayes jewelry were the answer is always yes some odd. Tesla they did a piece on the Tesla card Elon Musk the founder on sixty minutes which I think was a good piece I think it's a positive thing. Non electric car they had their they had their problems early on big problems but looks like there are things out. Investors -- the whole thing afloat another goal is to make the -- about a third of the price it is now it's over a hundred grand wanna get it down around 35 -- believe. And that means they need to only ion battery factories so that -- mosques. Next task. And if when he if he can overcome that he can work on a price point and now who knows you might have won. In your garage. But one of the things I noticed and the sixty minutes piece is there was a sound of a motorist the car was drive and -- -- exacted. And there's no combustion engine there wouldn't make any sound like that. And apparently Fox News caught -- and asked about it -- indeed the audio people from CBS made little mistake. As crazy and that but from vocally on the air good morning. Yes I had to just went up -- about one so. Much cheap but the sports -- -- almost actually -- patients to shut them. And the -- about sixty -- and it. At dealerships like a place to go out there restriction order. Additional stretched and what Kirk deliberately. -- -- get checked out. To acknowledge they are broke so that's pretty. Almost -- -- sports car. -- -- How does how does it in terms of you've been hit the accelerator. And you don't you don't really hear much like you would be used to is that an interior weird. Now so I'd like democracy development -- outlook toward -- well. Think stretched out a lot a lot of knowledge -- there's not a lot of torched here as a cute picture yet. I'll see you enjoyed it. Oh yeah -- -- -- -- with a crowbar. Neutral -- happen. Boy how good story run your -- about Rochelle. Good morning Bob my neighbor and who -- a couple of streets over as a Tesla. And I have been begging him to drive up and down my street. Because he tells me that about the car is so quiet the squirrels can't hear it coming. I like yet. Not important. One quick thing if likely shift gears here a little that. -- I encourage everybody to look at -- Florida. The Florida -- Texas FaceBook page because we started this series today. Of graphics that you gonna see -- there is that of the countdown towards -- day. Now everybody take a look at the Florida FaceBook page. Even even though it's even though it's depressing. Yeah I'm sure it's good information as we approach tax day a reminder of how important it is that we I'll get on -- the fair tax FL fair text -- or -- website. But look it up on FaceBook to. Error Ontario about -- show good morning. Good morning Bob good morning day everybody. God bless -- -- Albert gotten. -- Bob early what makes you smile -- -- come on. And now at eleven. Half full -- in the waters not my kitchen counter but they're upside down. And -- go to the -- -- -- a town and it's a ship cleared today. So that makes Bob because -- know what son was thank them. That is -- And a half very busy -- And April's polls eight -- this -- 866 on the Bob Rochelle. Now -- -- stretch coming up what's on your mind what haven't we covered 877975982. Final giving all the major headlines. Keep you informed on TV all the local stories and we'll -- all in the next hour including -- now limited to. Things that make you smile it's all coming up on news talk 97.3 the sky.