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HHS Secretary Dumped -- Tower Road stinks

Apr 11, 2014|

Bob Rose - 6AM - April 11

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Rose imagine going home and your house is angry. Sure I'll dual engine and it's got included new house a new bonus symbol and sometimes now already. News radio. Rose show on 97.3. And I. Are you kidding me it's Friday it's finally here. Yeah yeah -- get a 7 minutes after 6 o'clock live locally it is above Roselle -- Anderson it time Jack brought to you by Hayes jewelry witty answers always. He asks. I realized just talk about today Kathleen civilians. Health and human services secretary. She's gone. So India out of here. Well what does that mean firm for the rest of us. Does it mean anything here's what it means. The end if from my perspective. This is perfect this ties it up in a neat little ball. Put it to rest. How this administration works pilot every problem that was associated but he Affordable Care Act the pilot all -- Kathleen Sebelius. When you hear what she said did the American people deserve more and all and I mean she was dead that she was to lay down on the sword. I think the administration didn't put her up to that. She's adapted to the kind of woman who's gonna take the fall you've heard or talked congress and other people who were asking her questions about this stuff. You know -- CNN. She wasn't taking any flak from anybody. If not all of a sudden gonna. In now. Of the laid down on the sword when she had to. And it was over the top. Kathleen Sebelius health and human services secretary resigning ending a stormy five year ten year marred by the disasters rollout of president Obama's signature legislative achievement. The Affordable Care Act look. If I was in charge if I had Kathleen Sebelius -- job I would have done things differently I would tired really good professionals. From like the -- Google. Amazon's of the world to design a web site it would have been done properly and effectively in -- far less of a budget. Dan in what she ended up with but that being set aside. I mean -- You're you're handing me you know -- open saying hey can you make peanut butter out of it. Does that whole Affordable Care Act is a mask I mean it's just garbage to begin with -- and and it's kind of like -- together with -- -- different states that are are not. You know working within the system. Insurance providers it says it -- it look -- it was a tall task and you know -- just a nasty one at that. So. There's only so much somebody to do now -- way overhead clearly. Clearly to us. Mr. Obama accepted -- as severely as resignation this week and on Friday morning he will nominate Sylvia Matthews -- well. Director of the Office of Management and Budget to replace her. The department comes. The departure comes -- so arias. The Obama administration tries to move beyond its early stumbles in carrying out the law convince a still sceptical public of it's a lasting benefits. And held democratic incumbents. The face blistering attack ads after supporting the legislation survive the mid term elections this fall this is from a Michael shear. New York Times. And New York Times pretty savvy on this one that's right. Help democratic. Incumbents. Who face blistering attack ads that's exactly. The timing of this exactly coincides. With the mid term election. Like I said. Athletes -- -- yes. Pile all the garbage of the Affordable Care Act. And anything that could be American public possibly didn't like about it roll out the trouble with the website all of that stuff you wrap it all up in one neat little bow. And it leaves the building the same time is Kathleen Sebelius. Theoretically of course theoretically. Now of course there are some Americans -- -- yet now she you know she used Dylan and now it's all going to be good. Now I don't think that's the case but I think that's the perception. At this administration will try to create and low information voters while -- spoon fed that kind of nonsense in the though. It's. Really dislike. And Andy got wiped I would just say give me only feed a baby metal spoon and any bill Manny got away the long nearly a year sweeter with the low information voters. The administration does -- -- don't. -- don't spill in the NF -- let me get debt -- more Malarkey imminent feeds. Many American public in general this time. -- and up. Officials said ms. Sebelius 65 made the decision to resign was not forced out if he. Why would you say. What are officials say that. -- I mean. If. Now she resigned and accepted it. But to have to say you know and now now she wasn't forced. Out -- -- have you ever lived anywhere in there IV and have a if you worked in a place of more than five employees. And we -- I got an email. Those who Boley is going onto it and you know except. You know other opportunities. Spend more time with the family when the other excuses. Not part of an ongoing plan moving forward or some other garbage you know you've heard at all. -- all how they weren't for now -- fire it. -- in this day and age. Really I mean you're still gonna expect people to believe that. Frustration at the White House over her performance had become increasingly clear an administration aides worry the crippling problems of healthcare dot gov the website set up to enroll Americans would. Result -- lasting damage to the president's. Legacy. All -- -- yeah man. So the legacy. According to them now would still be intact. The legacy of healthcare for all Americans. But sad. Still millions -- don't have insurance and well at least health care's become more affordable for most Americans. Point would set that's not true. Well at least Americans who previously had health care were allowed to keep their doctors and their plants. That's not it either. What a legacy exactly does he wanna keep intact. Because. It's still if you're having an honest conversation about it it's doesn't look that good. I mean from my view at 30000 feet. The Affordable Care Act. I mean is there any legitimate people that are coming forward saying. After it really it's it's solid. It hasn't delivered. On its mission. In any way shape or form in fact it's failed in every critical area that was designed to sign more people love so that they would have. Health insurance right get more uninsured insured. Said in the case no. Now when you look at the numbers in totality. Okay. It's gonna force employers to offer insurance benefits. No it doesn't force them it penalizes them if they don't so what do the employers do in many cases. If they didn't get a waiver. It is cut a lot of their staff perspective part time work. Not now let me see how does that benefit Americans how does it benefit the economy. How does how does -- -- house had a beneficial legacy you leave behind. I know and now it sounds partisan but I'm trying to separate all that just being honest about the Affordable Care Act what it represents. What it was when it was claiming it was going to do vs what it it actually is doing a fair and honest conversation. Is staying it says an abstract failure it's a failure. And almost every level. Now I guess if you call. Benefit -- more people on Medicare and Medicaid than ever before and if that's a benefit I mean that's a good thing. I'm not sure this thing. Think I'd rather have people working. That -- guess as many. That's silly old main. China. Little too much logic this early 616 out of Bob -- -- 87797595. Is -- a good thing -- Kathleen Sebelius has resigned to. Well things improve idea Affordable Care Act with somebody else at the home. What do you think you're -- got a seven point three this guy. -- Liberals are babies the first few words at about true liberals malware -- tax and spend. I'd -- six -- in their DNA on 97.3. Sky. -- -- -- -- -- tonight is jewelry -- the answer is always yes Kathleen Sebelius resigns over troubles with. Health sites. This is done in my opinion to wrap it up in a neat little package and say all the problems associated. Leave with Kathleen Sebelius the human the Affordable Care Act is awesome it's a president's legacy. He loves it more people are insured. Blah blah blah. I so. That's that's the deal done Fauria in my opinion political purposes preserve the legacy. And most importantly as a mid term elections come up on any distance they can provide you know so when Democrats are running for office they're gonna get slaughtered -- By Republicans running against him you know talking about their voting record on the Affordable Care Act and they know it's gonna do damage so this is just one way to sort of create a little bit of separation there you know help the healing so XP. And and even -- and now. First you have to. Address the wounded and if you're waiting you're looking for a doctor. Take a little longer but. Move forward. 31 year old Hawthorne man arrested Ocala Wednesday. One on human trafficking and sexual battery charged -- last to a county. -- -- -- Faces a cocaine possession charge in Marion County -- easily faces charges of sexual battery attempted sexual battery kidnapping. And human trafficking according to GP dean. Serb police. We're told Craig was forcing a woman over eighteen to have sex with other people. Other woman was being held against her will and exploited the alleged crimes occurred in March police were tipped off by relatives. Of the victims. Investigation is continuing. Wednesday FTL lead. Inform Erie county sheriff's office they were looking for Cragg on human trafficking charges and needed assistance. Aged found Craig's -- Jeep Cherokee at the -- an -- silver springs boulevard. And was waiting for him to come out. He came out again to the Jeep and was detained many agent and other law enforcement officials to other people a man and a woman were also held they were questioned -- and it released. Greg had a small amount of crack cocaine. And was well rested. On -- possession -- what's a small a small my crack okay like like a plumber just shown a small amount a crack. As a small amount crack cocaine. Along with a award for human trafficking. ST LE -- -- be represented interviewed met Marion county sheriff's office anybody with information. On this guy may cal. -- -- get the information on a guy called GPD at 393. 7670. Human trafficking. Real. Happens all the time the problem with the -- in the prostitution thing libertarian in me says. Let consenting adults who have -- watt. This is one of the downsides. Sometimes one party is not consenting. Course I'm -- percent against that. You don't said he unionizing football players and that's that the prostitution unionize your representation. You know get some levels of protection. Aiken a well he does give health -- don't think. Or they didn't get a wherever that video you get to taking -- Hinske with a waiver pay them they have. Prostitute unions were over in. Amsterdam or whatever all that legalize. They only have to stand in the window for like fifteen minutes of every hour certain amount of break time all the -- you know told just like any other. Career. And hasn't you know union representation for -- bath -- and sponges and I know stabs. Might at some different. Yes cancer people won't join the union. Right. You know once gaps in the end prostitution business you don't want to talk about -- some people read -- either. And I. Well as we got to go on out. Like this -- like this would you. The trail. Is progressing through -- People don't help help plantation are part of let to -- -- to the west of Gainesville and people live their nice neighborhood line and a lot of houses and his development. So -- years ago and now it's won awards for you know for development stuff like that. And I live not too far from. So. They're big they forced to basically a trail through that area. And you know I mean I see from both sides say look we're trying to put this archer -- trail through we want you know to go long distance of a part of it Lou we wanna go through -- It's not a secure neighborhood is navigated -- parts of litigated but literally gated area -- say. But I could see how living there I would be eight. At least mildly concerned that they forced it through anyway -- -- to a county commissioners forced it through so that we go right through that. The neighborhood area. And sat right in like warehouses -- purse say you know. Because -- was planned. With a lot of green space and trails and things where people can walk and ride their bikes and walked their dogs and stuff so it's it's not -- but now this trail runs right through it. You know it connects to another -- so you could be on that trail coming from some distance now you wouldn't take too long you. It off the trail you go rob someone's house and you back on the channel -- out and you're never gonna really come in contact with. You know major roads and stuff like -- law enforcement might see you -- -- I'm not -- not -- Nancy how that works. But but look cracks me up this. And by the -- have put this on not a FaceBook page you wanna check it out. Did the pictures you know that would. Like a front loader. And now begin digging up the dirt and got. And I thought to myself eat you know what's probably less than a mile from the spot that they were photographing. Is -- a road called tower road and I thought wow. Get the time the energy in the money to build this trail where people are gonna walk and ride bikes and -- -- and there's nothing wrong with -- -- not against. The idea of trails and in -- past -- say. But we have to prioritize its about a mile away from one of he most heavily traveled roads and all of a -- to a county. And it is eight absolute. Disgrace. It's an -- the road is and I mean I'm not exaggerating it is an absolute. Disgrace. In the meantime made. -- trail over here look at us. Mean -- -- in a nutshell folks that's that's the thinking. Politically in this in in this area and went to a county. That's that that's the mindset. She look at us we're building this trail. And meanwhile there's a middle school and an elementary school served by that roadway tower road. And it is in such I mean horrendous shape. Somebody's gonna somebody's gonna get in -- in Iraq based on the -- The degree degradation of that road. And they're gonna they're gonna -- they -- big time. 629 Alibaba Rocha c'mon the phones prioritized. News talk 97.3 disguise. First talk about it nobody seven point three this guy. 640 on the bot Rosie OJ Anderson and now since Friday there's no doubt about it we'll still not what's going on -- people only knew the show we'd do during the commercial breaks. I'll man we would be so. Fire. But yet -- find ourselves on you know some kind of guy Internet shot and -- And now Billy wouldn't be on the same like thing that's linebacker someone like that would be like that it would be now. They what do you think about do you even care. I bring it up because it's but apparently this isn't new -- -- big news in -- -- dead people in Ben Ghazi the IRS is you know targeting conservative groups abilities about it. More important know what how what's going -- David Letterman. -- first of all but if you stay up that late to watch TV you're wasting your life away. I don't mean in a derogatory way I mean -- in a hopeful way. Unless you work you know at night that's party your chill out time our media DVR watching you play but. I'm just saying the old fashioned stay at -- to watch TV really. -- I could and look at you're already a doctor -- lawyer. But I -- -- a lot of people -- and it probably could be more productive with their time and made -- -- would be a little happier with their lives and not you know blame all -- -- on other people I mean. Anyway. So col -- cold -- to Steven Cole where. Well now and now that's his name on the show that he was currently on the cold air report which she supposed to be one as satire of Bill O'Reilly basically from Fox News. And I've watched him. -- Again I don't want him enough to -- make as thing I just I don't know it it's not I don't find all that entertaining ice IC Jon Stewart. It's the mark every once soleil. But it and I'm not be now I see where people seated you know Lou the perception of talent or whatever I get it but I just. I guess is not my cup of tea is what I'm saying now the Steven Cole -- to. That's his name. It's not it's not pronounce cold -- he did that as part of this shtick. So now the thing is is he going to be that character that he portrays or is he gonna be himself and he's gonna be himself. His name is Stephen Colbert. Viewed it which is a unity unity and now I would assume he would. Still be referred to a Steven Cole -- because that's what people know him as and no offense America. People are stupid enough to -- that some random person -- off the street who looks an awful lot like the guiding you through the show on Comedy Central. So I use that name but from my understanding of things. That character he plays. Of you know the globe right wing talk show host style. That's gonna be retired he is gonna have to be more himself. -- but how do we know how entertaining himself this out. And I just butchered that nobody and I agree with Demi and yet. I think he can be funny from time to time -- definitely Jon Stewart is infinitely. Talented and and coal baron has the impression I get cold where it muted. Basically as far as I know wrote his coattails to -- I -- he was it was a reporter on The Daily -- L -- will eventually got his own show the -- -- report and relief. There -- some of the things are fun but anybody can do a few funny bits but to me he's more of a one trick pony -- Let's sort of doing fake version a mock you 93. So to speak of a Fox News Channel. Yeah he does decent interviews -- seen you know a couple of times a single -- -- again Stewart way better at that job of interviewing people. Com but you also. Do you watch so they not know your hours on you governor and a few recorded -- 19 -- now know that night. I was when I don't like Johnny Carson. Yeah I watched Carson -- a -- I was a little bit of I mean if I don't want to Danielle I liked I like Jay Leno better than Letterman Letterman. Jay Leno he had and now he's retired to but. Letterman always there was something just a bottom like. I knew it was a jerk he just he was adjusted juror no matter how he tried to play make it Joker get to see this face like I know -- real ass in real life. And up. And as it turns out everything that I have read about it and I know people attack people who wouldn't rise in popularity but really everything I've read about the guy everything. Even people who like him say he's a real Aston -- -- real jerk about it and I haven't I can't title last -- watched. I don't watch the Chevy Chase show. -- -- Think George Lopez. You name -- like every. Late night show that was ever on -- that Scottish guy. As he Scottish or English same thing. With equipment. What about my in my EMI cranky doesn't work on CNN and you know what let's serve. Now the other guy they the other English blow -- Anderson Cooper now hole. The other guy Stuart Varney. He's on Fox Business channel. I like him appears piers Morgan that's it Martin this year is piers Morgan he eats he's done -- -- -- imagining -- I don't know. I can't honestly I've. Sold void everything anymore. I want to -- horrible Phillies nuts about -- anymore. Yeah items in the late night thing is I mean -- we just waited fifteen minute segment -- I mean we're done with it. I just found -- wow that's you know taken up a major part of the news cycle I think yeah I think it's getting more. Pretty sure it's getting more media coverage. Then. The health and human services secretary stepping down which of course affects you know. Possibly affect the healthcare at least people can relate to it to the tune of millions and millions of people but. They're more concerned about you know -- stone for Letterman has taken over. 646 on above -- 8779759825. New old math team going for a tenth straight title. In math. And web based healthcare information is a good. Details on the latest on some of the greatest -- Here's a tolerance wins and compassion your rush will straighten things how is -- open that. Now we hear you can you understand on seven point three paint this guy. Yeah various days old road in -- to a county that is heavily traveled and it is an abysmal shape -- just you know couple blocks down the road there. Digging things up and put and a nice little trail. -- it's got me a little bit irritated about some priorities. Welcome back to the Bob Rochelle. I want to be able to stay in touch with Michelle likes on FaceBook let us know what you think and FaceBook dot com slash disguise. You can email to be rose Don't miss a minute news show. Under Smartphone you get the tune in radio lab for apple and Droid. And listen to Bob Rochelle on demand the podcast is at the sky 973 dot com dean you're on the air. Day by. You know I disagree I travel that road every day to come to work and it's terrible. But what surprised me yesterday low risk. Haven't traveled to a lot to about 441 and they are paving or 41 from a launch were to Gainesville. Yeah and I bet rode that to me is is in good shape. Why couldn't they be -- -- road. The only thing I can think on that is that's probably state funding FDOT monies. Vs the county actually have a nick off of the bucks for tower road which went had a conversation with Susan -- she said she'd found some. Wait to funded or whatever but at the other commissioners were not on board or something along those lines from my understanding it yet state money don't want that it's gonna be. From about or sixth street and thirteenth street merge and you know -- so that's part to be a mass heading all the way up -- I think pretty much towed to the interstate. Naming -- not quite that far. And intellectual. And a platter CF state road and and here's a crazy thought. It's been about twelve years since they last resurfaced the role that. So they are doing it strictly as. A keeping up and doing what you're supposed to do with kind of rolled unlike. What electoral accounting is done to fall. 550. Million dollars behind and -- projects. And boy you know if you it was a -- to a county taking care of 441 that they would -- Round abouts in there one -- they would have one lane. Both direction holiday have somebody standing here with a slow signed -- and they turnaround to stop. And then slow and my claim they'd be a county employees had been there you know that would be there for like forty years have likes to go for a wide on. Yeah -- can bicycles don't get all excited mowers are going to be able to deal. As a right. Bigger event this weekend -- -- That's testament to Hampton. And I -- -- -- -- now on on FaceBook and -- posted if you wanna check it out. Because you can go to that fast. In Hampton. Okay in Hampton. For music and fun and LA as a five dollar donation and it benefits that veterans so it's a good cause and I sit for five bucks. You get -- I said they had twenty today even by the whole city. -- anybody's feelings. Right odds musical festival bringing together more than ten bands Friday vendors in stuff. Festival begins today. Later on from 5 PM to 11 PM and on Saturday. Those 10 AM to eleven. Jim missiles big behind he's an organizer of -- -- -- it's a veterans music festival and should be a good time severely gruesome to do a little ride not too far down a road. That fast in Hampton and joy and I'm gonna make it out there at some point just here on the Bob Rocha. While I gotta tell you thank you so much for bringing up this issue with our wrote it drives me completely in saying. This was like Egypt wrote worried. In our -- -- my son to that school and I have to leave my house by ten after seven to make sure that he gets there by seven or eat. -- -- -- Appleton why don't you sit in traffic for thirty minutes what about Ali this quality commission. -- -- Global warming won all them cars idling because they're two -- against him but it. -- too much -- more -- to take up a little bit -- the -- and make another lane so yeah. Could easily do it but instead they have five excuses you're right -- -- Atlantic do all sorts of stuff but today they won't. And by the way I think part of that -- district is hutch Hutchinson right. Let's let's let's let's hold him ransom let's say -- every data goes by you don't paved our road. We're gonna kill -- your favorite trees. And some other kind of like protected species we're gonna murder every day in the paper towel around here Bihac. 656 on the Bob -- you know.