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Cutting Military - but not bureaucrats

Apr 22, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 22 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob Rose imagine going home and your house is angry and I'm sure I'll -- -- And it's got included new house soon Newbold symbol and sometimes now already. News radio. -- so I'm not seven point three. Now I wanted to -- and I want it now and I want laying all over him. Welcome our friends it is Tuesday April 22. 2014 the Bob Rhodes you know Jane Anderson in the house gas lines open 8779759825. It's time Jack brought to -- -- jewelry with the answers always yes Boston Marathon without a hitch. Great time -- law enforcement there in force and down more participants than last year. Boston strong America strong now Obama. Get out of the way let's get this economy Rory come on man. So what you gotta do one of the things may be after cuts and spending all right -- I'm scared to. Cut cut cut jobs jobs jobs here we go hey everybody should probably sacrifice a little bit up off my retirement age save Social Security. Got a problem that. I'm -- maybe not everybody agrees that that but it's part of the solution. We all live longer Social Security was set up -- the you know the average participant. I got about fourteen Jackson and Niekro. Don out. That doesn't happen anymore -- a longer. So you should be able to work longer most people can't everybody. What most people can line up. Why would you want to works California earliest. Review digging ditches all day long. You know what that's different but those kinds of physical jobs aren't nearly. As a large percentage of the working force is they used to be one of the reason why are probably -- a longer maybe. But also means you can work longer. But what what else can media. Everybody says yeah I want you to cut me just don't -- any affects me Moran soup or -- law or what effort. About the military -- get a cut military spending. Okay that's not unreasonable. But here's what irritates me. Here's what it here's the story okay. After the 9/11 attacks attacks this from the Associated Press tens of thousands of young many women joined the military. Heading for the rugged mountains of Afghanistan. The dusty deserts of Iraq. Many of them are now officers in the army with multiple combat deployments under their belts. But as the wars wind down. And pentagon budgets shrink a lot of them are being told. They have to -- Wars are winding down -- Is a threat. More winding down. North Korea and asked am I checked. Out. No I didn't see them. Settling down. About Iran now known out there well what that Syria and it now. In fact we've got Vladimir Putin and Russia kind of pushing their way around -- eastern you're a little bit don't way ha. OK that aside. That aside do we need to cut now we'd cut everywhere. Here's my proposal. For every person that you wanna cut from a military decision. I think you should cut two maybe three bureaucrats from somewhere in the federal government. Is that I is that a reasonable. How is it that -- -- get some game in Washington. -- for some department shuffling papers and I'm sure some of them do some work occasionally. I'm sure. What if you had to choose between them and the folks who. Stand up for your freedom to put their lives literally on the line. Who -- really more valuable than a country in my estimation. The military person this far more important. Are more and you know what else is interesting in most cases they make far less. Yeah make less they do more to put their life on the line defending this nation. And in the case of these folks because paid their dues. You know it's one thing to do your gig during peace time and you know you kickback in. But still dangerous here you whenever missions training people get hurt and killed all the time -- in that. No verses being in combat on a regular basis senior friends blown up and all that. That's a tough gig. So hot we thank them. Shown the door we kick him in the Fannie and say a block get out. But we never do that to bureaucrats it'll lazy ones even liars and in cheats like -- -- Really think -- pensions going to be affected by any of this so I don't know. The irritate ill. Moxie this audacity of this president. To cut military. -- some of these folks. Eight at that exist rotten to the court now. If if they came out the president came out administration everything it said look we need across the board cuts in military -- we want. You show me where your Catan bureaucracy. In those kinds of jobs. And I would be a lot more OK with that deal. But was the last time you word hey. Paid the Department of Energy the department of education and you named department. The IRS laying people off. Letting people go. -- -- You got sequestration. But we -- of the entire. EPA. So you are right on one of them wouldn't deliver some. Story about the whole -- -- So that we couldn't do something no not the parks -- -- USDA could inspect all the media some the only government about people's soul arena because of the sequester. The data really get rid of all people of Haiti well okay so -- So they were getting paid nobody really lost their jobs. Column you know by a -- up to go to war. Which helped lower gas prices 'cause they were. Use up that gasoline all say more about gas later but yet now they're all back at war now or pancreatic now. That don't you think this is a joke. Your daughters Britain joining the military. So they're still accepting some folks they just don't want the people that they've already trained and spend a lot of time and energy on in these folks already paid their dues and during warfare and now I don't really need them. Like I said if you cut you gotta cut I'm Libya. Let's cut some bureaucracy first and you can look at numbers. The military hasn't grown exponentially -- military spending has because high tech is high attack and you wanna stay ahead of your enemies with weaponry high -- -- government contracts the end of the day issue. The -- That should they make cuts but -- -- -- -- make cuts across the board make cuts everywhere. Com. The other problem is if you take somebody's very experienced military officer types Eden. And say hey we got -- ago. We thank you for your service but it's if private sector time here and earn an honest paycheck in Arkansas or Washington we would know about that. What happens when there is a situation to win the al-Qaeda is -- that was sort of -- go with a dirty bomb thing. Biggest thing you know. Thirty states. Shopping malls small small glance it's only kill for five people pop. Got to Boston Marathon style. But it happens one in Boston won in New York City one in Philadelphia wanted Chicago one in Kansas City. And you wind up having about a hundred some odd people dead you realized another bill and is this style we need to call those people we need to get involved go to war somewhere. These people you just sent out of the military eaten. You gonna call back. Our audience some sort of reserve reserve reserve category which case apparently when you sign up the bears the ability recall you for certain period of time regardless and how is that fair to -- the individual you just hold to a -- -- the door hit -- with a good lord split Chia. And how is that fair. To the employer that then hires that at trial the right thing hiring of that are higher -- -- as bad as what they know what they're doing their military veteran they know how to take charges stuff. And then all of a sudden six weeks later after I've spent my time money and energy. Getting this person trained. Up hey I gotta go -- I got to help out with NATO they called me up and Vladimir Putin has taken over. You know. Kick stand in Afghanistan and whatever other stands around there -- America stands on behalf. So now I look at an end. And the government employees that that up to the bureaucracy if you look at growth exponentially all those positions have grown. The military personnel has not grown exponentially in the same way. I I am willing to take a chance and survive with far less government employees. Than I am willing to take your chance -- H Lankan military. Now that maybe that's just me medium wacky that way. But when it comes down to. Fighting terrorism Vladimir Putin's. You know all the armaments that are around the world and all the people who want to kill us I just feel a little bit more secure with some military folks who have some experience. Vs a bureaucrat who's getting. You know boils on their but from now moving around enough. 617 Allopod Rochelle. 877. 97598205. And it. We'll get a government do about gas prices coming out. And do three -- I don't know what about plug in Russia he casually discussed this I know there's nothing casual about it blog -- -- seven point three this guy. And then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You do ice time Jack brought to you by Hayes Julian. -- the answer is always yes but we've been talking about military to shrink day. The army is shrinking and young officers who wants -- done combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Real combat under their belts these are qualified folks who have experience they they're trying to show them the door. And I find it irritating when I never. Here government positions being cut. When it comes to Washington DC bureaucracy in all the departments of -- fill in the blank. Government has grown exponentially. The budget has grown exponentially. Yes I don't like it that defense expenses and costs keep going up by amnesty and a lot of -- Asked to do with newer technology and trying to stay ahead of your enemy. So it is an investment your people you've got to train them. These experienced officers are already trained. They're combat ready. You know we're we're supposedly winding down in wars. But really how long does that period last. I would just like to see if we're gonna do some cutbacks. That it should always be equal across everything. I would like to see. Bureaucracy. Being cut jobs being eliminated at the very very least. This is what I've always said just. Hiring freeze on for awhile you don't even after show people -- why people in Washington DC have more of a job guarantee. And a soldier would. Literally put their lives some climate comeback missing arms and legs and -- we pay -- squat. Mean awesome he's got their feet up on the desk. And your friend comes back from Iraq like put his feet up on a desk. This theater blown into a million pieces somewhere in the desert of Afghanistan. -- world that we live there and. We put a government bureaucrat. All of a soldier. -- it's kind of sick enough is enough this is gonna work anymore we're tired of it. Big big debate whether or not the army should be bigger smaller how much we should spend what they won't debate cutting some government jobs. -- freezing the size of government. Time where and the public is not demanding -- -- know how stupid and lazy we are paying four bucks a gallon for gas. When we don't blink an eye anymore. We don't even care there's no big push to get the XL pipeline -- and Friday afternoon the president like a once he has the weasel hideous. You know sent a little press release still pressing always gonna put it up a little bit longer you weasel. We spied it weasel. Hates capitalism hates fossil fuels hates the economy. -- socialistic world you wanna live -- is this for capitalism. -- The XL pipeline thing yeah were you watching the five yesterday I watched part of it. Did you hear the discussions they had about BXL pipeline candidate they do it made his announcement gonna wait a little bit longer before -- make a decision right Good Friday afternoon -- a fun to go Friday on Good Friday so even be -- as of Friday the people pay less attention to rule that was it that would be one of them -- And there's some thought that. They are going to maybe approve this thing. After the mid term election and the reason being the reason being make Obama take the hit so to speak for not doing it. And make the economy look better for what Hillary Clinton decides to run but you left something out there's democratic donor who -- and a hundred billion dollars. Because he doesn't want the excel pipe line so they're gonna take his money. For the next election cycle Obama will then take the hit the green lighted after the election allegedly. And then they go back to this guy asked for more money because Hillary can say look I didn't OK it Obama did don't take it out on me. Be a good Democrat give me a hundred million dollars. But I still don't think they're gonna approve. I don't necessarily get to it because there are so many times Obama could -- not take aunt. Said hey look you know what the I've checked the environmental and at things the Sierra club's favorite all the environmental groups the State Department said it's OK you know what. It would give are good though hardworking Americans and all the unions. Good paying jobs. Bowl on Obama is the lord and savior who brings down our gas prices the -- two and a quarter gallon -- hasn't done it why would he take AA. To make Hillary look good when there been a million opportunities from -- and he ever like fossil fuels and if it was about jobs he could do a lot of things to help with job but he won't do but he doesn't like capitalism he hates fossil fuels. And this thing the XL pipeline represents well. -- -- -- -- Hey good morning but I -- you're just sitting and my way up quite a little bit there. Relative to the army virtually bureaucrat tree and cut. -- got to follow the money the bureaucrat charter union the FDI you some money laundering operation through the politicians they don't get any money from the army. But they sure -- get that from the unions in that's why you're not gonna keep it bureaucrats cut because the -- -- -- animal. -- thanks for the inside path. It's sad that we the American people we allowed to have that we don't have politicians. That with backbone and spine and guts to stand up and say. Look we're gonna freeze government we have it's still even if they so we don't want people lose their jobs would like kick people out on the street. You know but. We're gonna have a hiring freeze are gonna hire anybody for awhile. And then ask people retire -- will replace them we want like government grow anymore that you could have a moratorium for ten years and I guarantee. I guarantee. That you would not feel any ill effects of that I guarantee it. They don't have the guts the moxie to encourage Syria its follow the money its unions since. Tom forward. Six point -- the Bob Rosie OJ Anderson and house 87797598257. AM chance at a thousand bucks and messaging data rates apply them. First talked about it well -- seven point three this guy. 640 Bob gross OJ Anderson and house 20 minutes till 7 o'clock president -- And -- officials like to point to projections. By the CDL you know the Congressional Budget Office. I showed obamacare isn't the worst case yeah. As the president put it that's working. Take more money out of our pockets deliver fewer services as a joke. He -- eight million have enrolled the federal exchanges but CBOs in a recent report only six million are newly insured. When six million are newly insured and some say even fewer than that. Did not have prior insurance. Juanita 33% are actually newly insured out of the eight million -- would be no more than two to three million people. -- you remember the mission was to try to get people insurance. Who didn't currently have it. I can -- the American people say that's not a bad idea. If it was limited to that but as you saw the government had to go further. They had to say VS. Is the plan you will all half. This is a minimum plan you will all have red card lists of -- York -- is or what your needs are regardless. You will have the following coverage. Is the government. Experts in health care hole. Are they experts in each individual families'. Needs. -- But yet they can mandate at the federal level all across this land from sea to shining -- exactly. That kind of coverage date EU will need to have house. And when it's all said and done I mean that's the whole reason why people were OK -- it because the president said if you like your insurance company in your doctor you can keep them. I heard that message. And I said well I'm still left for obamacare. But. Not my problem. I mean to be honest within right I said and maybe it will help some people can't get insurance maybe it will also be -- pre existing conditions. And I know my teachers who up as a result. Hopefully not too much. But I can -- and I can. You know I can help I can do my part. The bad. You know you begin to see these things unfold and how the government operates in what they started to put in there and how they manipulated caps and all that. And then. The president starts to grant waivers. We could you imagine. Think about your kid I. Old man comes army hasn't had a good day of work. You kids need to do more chores. All you. Need a mobile -- you. Washing dishes fuel up your mom cooked -- it. Everybody's gonna pitch hit the horizon while beaten. Billion suck it up and do it. But then. The old man's favorite the little boys got -- wrapped around street comes up when no one's around dad. I don't want a mobile long. Enough and hear how can I get me out there. All right -- you can okay you knew you you don't have to -- that. A lot of the other siblings feel well guess what we are the other siblings. We are the other siblings. President grants waivers to his friends. You know why because they want to instead this sucks. You know they said Barry -- bare body out. This sucks. Don't worry a great to waver. And job. Bullet the arrests address to the American people pay for it and just keep it on your -- -- -- -- Look you know I feel about this. When you mandated the federal level. What every individual American has to have as far as health -- -- to say hey everybody SF health insurance. Right MAS -- health insurance. But to say what kind of coverage you'll have to head out. Is over the top. The other issue with demanding people have health insurance. -- were it would of -- I think to some extent it you keep you're about doctor feel like it. Everyone has to have health insurance no more this nonsense showing up the emergency room for all the real don't have it and that does not and the Baylor whatever. We don't doctors take the hippocratic oath do no harm to be. Is it. Or of the doctors all third today lol this land where if you show up at a hospital they have to treat I guess is -- Because of W now all of a sudden you're telling doctors to go against what they're supposed to be doling. I -- they don't have that car I don't care they got a bulletin. And the head. You know ability for well that lead out right there that was appointed some tried to make is that. Nobody's turned away in an emergency situation anyway in America and how do you change that behavior if you're somebody that always goes the emergency or have always gone emerged your wild about a getting this stupid insurance. Then and now all of a sudden. The people Florida insured. I don't care about and shortly -- Laura that are uninsured that want to get health insurance they want to do the right thing yeah and I'm pretty sure most of them are -- Still aren't covered. Are somehow getting screwed by a policy. And those who don't care about health insurance. We -- hello. The level we had choices we all paid a sales tax to help the people who were falling through the cracks. Two two well making too much money does get Medicaid but not making enough money in their employer didn't. Give them health insurance so listen -- Dick. Cover the cost it was like pulling teeth to get people to sign up because they are you like using emergency room and they wanna change -- kind of behavior. 646 on the Bob -- show. 8779759825. What government can actually do about gas prices this article is important because it's dated two years ago. Okay and it'll be a lightning. I'll share that would be next on news talk 97.3 the sky coming up the chance to win a thousand dollars. Despite completing one tax listen 7 AM messaging data rates apply. Much tees and I'm Kelly -- you know something this is not proper English is not how you speak to each other. Seven point three best way. Six at Daytona five Rochelle live look good thanks so much opportunity at cantor sitting in the house as well 877975925. Twenty and 33%. Mom are actually New -- -- -- -- -- -- -- eight million. That they talk about -- are signed up now for obamacare and estimates really only six million. And still probably. You know only 2030%. Are actually -- another which they previously did not have insurance. Did you really have to turn the economy upside down -- really have to add a trillion dollars to the budget. To -- just to ensure a couple of million people. That's sad. I mean when you look at the cost they can have given all these people like a 100000 dollars apiece. I'm a 100000 bucks and we still be ahead financially. Back. That's how it goes I guess the big government big bureaucracy. The federal level. The federal at the mandate comes from on high from sea to shining sea where do you live in you know. I'm po dunk tax is still are in no San Francisco. Anger Maine and or you know Butte Montana or Miami Florida. EU we know your needs and this is that the minimum requirements. To have health insurance this is that insurance that you have to have the so I would say. Eight. Million people got covered let's just use that eight million on getting the best possible scenario died and 30% of them didn't have insurance before right let's cut 2.4 million right. Wasn't there are some rhetoric about. 50000040. Million -- country don't have insurance kept going up I was fifteen million and and a number went to forty million somehow some way I don't know what to measurement change you want a yes okay so that means is it's forty million people that 6% of the people that we were supposed to get this bill take care of death. Are hooked -- when you look at the cost if you break it down. It's guys like a huge amount of money -- on a per person basis just like the stimulus the shovel shovel ready jobs and all the other things. Quit doing things on a big national level like that they don't work and -- good on the national level like that was NASA. She got here on above -- Hear what you do well -- I have a couple of real world ample. Back in or out working a regular factory -- at work back and abdic are regularly -- the right college. I co worker -- currently. Full time worker wage. And at Sharon. -- -- Away at what happened -- here that hired an extra 200 dollar about computers build web site. He had a big screen T eat all the luxury accessible. By the way. It. All went on the -- I -- And an idea. When I get her out -- -- tree in the emergency room let's go back here barely hear. I was designing and building conversion -- They offered -- Animal Planet that I'm in the top 35 dollar -- Saint bank only -- that may edit I don't wanna pay at Ellis cut in about your body. How I am -- people and your -- junior. They are angry. At me I am one of the so called winner of -- lottery to use. And outbreaks from that. Old when -- -- us. I talk to get what I have battered -- I I like what they say it I was lucky I. Right all that well I didn't get great Italy. -- -- The -- and the people. On Sharia. -- and I know I hear you Jason real quick go ahead. Good morning well I got an idea -- that your agent helped hear a lot of we've got to have coverage we gotta have they actually got to have -- wrap up we got to make a law that there's an all American has the ability. For new life liberty is yeah. Let's -- -- you have that all. Thank you -- -- 656 on the Bob Rochelle 877975. Not eight to five. That you've seen gas prices right. It's it's incredible and we -- debating about it I have a great -- some -- -- share with you about the government. And gas coming up Friday Bob Rotella. 97.3 those guys.