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Can We Really Do Anything TO Lower Gas Prices?

Apr 22, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 22 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There are people who like politics like sports in the simpler times simple -- What's acceptable you check the box -- she keep the stand she keeps score it's no longer like that. News radio now it's neck deep you this is -- 97.3. This guy. Live alone silicon -- We did all right and as -- -- -- -- sixty make. 8779759825. -- technology by -- jewelry with the answers always yes. A couple of things I have a two year old article about what the government can actually do about high gas prices don't get to that. And I also -- -- -- this thing about obamacare. Because the Congressional Budget Office is looking at it in in the numbers are not jive and now 68 million people signed up they think it's closer to six. Then they said you know only is percentage of them may -- 30% didn't previously have insurance has now a lot of people for how expensive this whole program's going to be. The raid in which everybody's rates increased across the board for every one. It's just you cannot you cannot say that this has been a success. On any level and in fact Georgia's insurance commissioner recently announced that up 220000. Applications. Only a 107000. Of actually paid. That's less than 50%. And a weight. Almost all of those were offered -- subsidies. Thank you. Mr. President. Jeff you're on about Rochelle. Good morning -- editor Michael. Earlier this morning -- the question about these soldiers. Get rid of you know like -- One it was nicer and -- when emanating. They did an early L. Party buddies that wanted to get out early before -- -- yet. Bellows cores on the corner. When you sign up your commitment that he is. Years now that you can split that up compared to four in 44 active or inactive. Or you can dissect -- active. It into an active. When you get hell you are were ordered to fulfill your commitment. Obligation. So keep it up for years and some breaks out in four years you are scheduled to you know you are subject to come back in the stole the remainder of year commitment -- our. Nokia and I'm Dan appreciate the the inside -- now one. -- -- -- -- -- you know I never thought that obamacare would bother me personally. And I find out yesterday. That because of obamacare the state of Florida is changing its Medicaid. Care for different people my son. Who you may not know has disabled he has not as many he's covered under Medicaid and the state of Florida. And yesterday -- found out that he was automatically assigned by the state of Florida to a health care program. And that they're changing all of Medicare people in the street afforded to different health care plan so I went through. Hoops and calls in about two hours worth of work on the Internet and the phone. To find out what kind of program they gave him and then I find out that I was exposed to enrolled him by the seventeenth and I got notice on the 21. So that I go back -- get assigned to another program but it won't take effect for another sixty days what a screw up pisses. Now. Now it's just keep looked -- hits keep on comment. They just keep on coming up and that's -- -- sold a look it's not gonna affect main. And but he has insurance and everything's covered you keep your doctor -- somebody like you like mountain my sons get disabilities this is the deal he's on the OK nobody's gonna -- and I said the same thing. And so the uninsured people saying hey finally I'm gonna get a shot at some insurance people with preexisting conditions saying help -- and finally a million shots at some insurance. So look at ceremonies are you -- When you come to realize none and now that's not the plan at all now now in a rope that everybody end. And it's gonna have long lasting a fax it robs actually money from Medicaid Medicare but yet it puts more people into that system. It doesn't it I'm telling you it doesn't it doesn't jive on any level it's not I could deal. Just gave you the numbers out of Georgia. 220000. People applied a 107 actually paid. That's less than 50% and almost all were offered subsidies. So that people have signed up. On their people that are either getting subsidies. Have preexisting conditions or both. Now how do you think that kind of stuff -- get paid for. Preexisting condition. We think about death. The insurance basically has to be. Asked to be able to cover. The cost of that preexisting condition onward from that date forward it's not a and I and actuarial looks at statistically what the risks are. It's like a solid thing it's like a car payment if you keep this guy's got diabetes you're gonna pay for XYZ. For sure then that. There is the unknown added to that but there's this cost for sure. Large share on above Rocha. Good morning Bob Italy could be long term agenda a liberal out doesn't have always done. To bankrupt the United States not only among girls born out of the world nations so that will be equal everybody else just because we happen to be rich most prosperous country. On the -- I would say that the culture. Program. Has been a complete -- -- for mr. Obama and as a chance current you know you look at. -- a map perspective it is exactly as he and I wanted it to be because when he was a senator there is audio tape available. Where he stated specifically he is in favor of a single Payer universal system. But the American people are not ready for that yet and we'll have to you do it in steps. This is the first step. You and I talking about it complaining about it knowing that is full of flaws that it doesn't make sense on a lot of different levels. The next plan will be if the Democrats maintain any level of power the next plan will be to say look we looked at it. This isn't work in this is in Macon sense we're gonna folded into a single Payer system the government is involved in -- percentage of health care anyway. Is what they'll say right they'll still use and most people are happy -- their Medicare and Medicaid even though that's been all screwed up they'll still sell bats. Because people unless they're specifically involved don't know that and I'll say so the government really can. Get the job done in the best -- most efficient way and cheapest way to do it and really bring cost down for Americans is to do the single Payer system blah blah blah blah blah. So they will have gotten their way on that one because. When people are desperate. That's a no fault -- don't fall for doing does or does it. Oh yeah that sounds better than what we're doing now honey my god look at what our deductible is a Uggla doesn't. That you know now -- have a card. You know pay a little bit more attacks but now much polemic hardly walk candidates like hey man get in my free health care. What they don't realizes gash on the card -- again in my free health -- now say absolutely that card entitles you to a seat right over there. I'm only gonna get to me well. According to the list. View about three weeks. But I'm believing. I'm so sorry. We'll be -- and less than a week. And if you think I'm exaggerating. But you do your homework on that. -- -- Do you know Bob -- show. What what can you what's revenue were about what's irritating -- -- -- get it -- you're just as with the next segment is all about. Let's -- -- it was brought to -- Florida pest control really bugs they can't control our litter -- call now please 8779759825. It's 715. News talk 97.3 this guy what's bugging you. Should. Carolyn your country I don't know but all I'm passion for what's going on I -- or water water -- water. Call now. What are you and yeah it's it's. These guys -- what's bugging you brought to you by Florida has control on not seven point three this guy come. 721 out of Bob -- show. -- -- lupus. That didn't look like that I live in London. Time now for what it's like in the U looks. Monty by Florida pest control Lily -- they can't control our litter box so what's your take knew what revenue rhubarb give us call right now skies are wide open. 8779759825. That morning -- what's bugging you. Good morning. Gentlemen it is called about yet Medicare plan. I totally understand it is that. It's reality because that's been days. One of the things he might want to check in to do is to see that. -- Provider of is -- the contact with the year we knew that Medicaid. And that same problem with sister. And our health care providers. Did not accept the one that was as something to look at. Little. Not need to get into that and yes mr. Obama care is really screwing up their health case system and -- it. You too appreciated Lucy now it's. It's its system really is a nightmare and headaches for people. And and the expectations to spend all this time. In now on the phone on the Internet. And now when it's all said and done in Erie insurance is going to be worse than what you had. You may not be utilizing the same doctors are out of pocket expenses are going to be higher more deductibles co pays. It's just it's. -- a lot of people this really is here -- -- waking up and in nightmares Samaria scenario. Turkey -- -- would so undermine what's bugging you. It was bugging me about the fact that you know. But dancers made about this pipeline don't watch a program yesterday that said our refineries that are 100% production level right now. And we've got all the oil that's back in and we're gonna get more. But there's no hue and cry for more refineries. And I I don't hear anybody talk about let's build refineries because. Gases are gonna come down no matter what they do in the Pacific detectable -- the never find more. And we just don't have the capability we got on -- oil but we just can't refine it. And you know we're going to be the sanctions are randomly and it responder on gas. Export oil import -- so you know that's what I mean Bob. IA -- and we -- we have built a refinery in thirty something years however this piece that I wanted to share with folks have been talking about haven't had a chance to do it yet. And they say right in here this came from my US news. Two years ago it says as hard as it is for the public to believe the oil refining business is unprofitable. And has been for years and they used for example the giant sonoco refinery in Philadelphia that they closed. So which isn't it. There at a 100% capacity we need more refineries yet refineries are not profitable to run there's something amiss here. And it's not just landed argument you know in this article per say and I'll share more waiting you'll see that it's not. But. That something's not something's not. -- now and mobile get into a little bit further -- let me get through what's bugging you days beyond above Rochelle -- bug neo. Good morning Bob what's -- in me I think Harry Reid ought to be strong from the nearest tree. They had on Fox News last night candidate and Greta. Both had lied interviewed with the man and they have uncovered. Graves. Of their cattle that this hired the -- Carter brought was brought in from -- all killed the animals -- killed primarily been -- mothers so they could not. Bear. Knew cal does and it's just unbelievable. What they're doing it and that higher grade surely isn't higher -- 966000. Dollars. Roughly a million bucks he ought to be strong up. So the government wants to get a million dollars out of that rancher. So they pay somebody nearly a million dollars to kill some of this cattle. How does the government end up coming out ahead on that deal and question number 20. If you don't like Harry Reid. Some people haven't heard this yet now you're really not gonna like him you know what he referred to that guy -- in. What is it. -- on Monday and he referred to him and the people who were with him protesting now they they might be on the wrong side of the law -- the court says -- several occasions they have -- But you still there right to protest right. -- cut Harry Reid called him domestic. Terrorists. Was last time we had a domestic terrorists Moses and was -- a book the Oklahoma City federal dilemma right. Not the correct yet Timothy McVeigh so there in the same camp with him a domestic terrorists. Harry Reid. Hey good morning -- I got it. But at -- or. Great. Actors and how he or. Not. -- -- -- -- At one point 3 AML. Had common. Yet. You know. -- -- I am RD. Or any shell. Out to click on it at gap out there. Tonight can -- it is short democratic cancer. Or racist remembering and add up. We'll contact. You know let's let kids today. 727 on the Bob Rochelle spotted near abroad to about Florida pastor Joel about taking -- litter bugs thank you very much for participating folks. Excellent work excellent work I hope we see the same kind of passion later on this morning but things that make you smile at around 945 that's my hope. I don't disappoint me. 8779759825. Let me sure the royal story with you what government can actually do about gas prices it's two years old. Which makes it even more revealing details on the way news talk 97.3 this guy. -- -- -- This segment of the sky has brought you five Robin Larsson general. Full service dentistry for the entire family. 738 on the Bob Rose a lot of local thanks for tuning into just about -- taste jewelry -- the answer is always yes. Finally -- get a chance to -- we view what government can actually do about gas prices the article. Two years old but it's a lightning. Also -- Make sure that she can stay in touch with a Bob -- a delight guests on FaceBook let us know what you think it FaceBook dot com slash this guy. Or email may be rose Don't miss submitted a shell. If Smartphone to skip the tune in radio app for apple or Droid and listen to the Bob Rochelle on demand the podcast at the sky 973 dot com. So listen to this is from two years ago it's from US David showman a retired Wall Street executive wrote this side now a senior economist UCLA. The national average price of regular gasoline hitting 383 gallon last week -- well Aden to the road over four dollars a gallon -- this march 19 when he twelve. The public and politicians of all stripes are screaming to do something however the grim reality is -- government policy can't. Do all that much in the short run. Of course. Oil can be released from the strategic petroleum reserve. A step that would offer minimal short term relief however with tensions rising over Iran's nuclear ambitions remember two years ago. It's hardly seems sensible to unilaterally disarm ourselves in the face of a threat and a supply shock. Simply put the reason why government policy can do very little to bring down gasoline prices is that the price of crude oil is set on the global market. As a result oil where -- it is produced domestically or internationally. Will find its way to the highest bidder. Moreover our domestic situation is exacerbated. By the closing down of unprofitable. Domestic refineries. For example the -- sonoco refinery in Philadelphia. At least. Gang -- to written much in just few months after this article came out as hard as it is for the public to believe. The oil refining business is unprofitable it has been for years. It doesn't make sense to me will go on. Nevertheless over the longer term. Well past this November's elections. There are some policy options that would bring gasoline prices down while policy of your old baby journal won't bring down oil prices -- day. Over time increase production would certainly dampen future price increases. Therefore opening more public glance offshore and onshore for drilling makes cents. For example in 1996. President Clinton vetoed a bill that would have opened up a small portion of the Arctic national life refuge for oil explore exploration. He argued at that time it would take ten years before any oil would be produced and it would have no short term effect on gasoline prices. Well now. It's been seventeen years member of the articles two years old so it's been. 918. Years. Nineteen years. We -- had pipelines. Oil drilling in and our. And nobody to care bill would be bothered nobody would be harmed by it. And we would be benefiting from a that oil today. Another way to bring down oil prices would be to encourage a greater integration with the vast oil sands reserves in Canada. Remember that Canada's oil reserves are roughly equal to -- of Iran's. It is for this reason that president Obama's decision to hold up the keystone XL pipeline was a bad one. I again this is two years ago they're saying it's a bad decision and he's still stalling. A more creative way to relieve pressure on gasoline prices would be to encourage heavy duty trucks to switch. From diesel fuel to cleaner burning natural gas who told you about that. I did. This article though even predates really I think what I was talking about it. Over two years ago. Indeed a fuel conversion program would free up both crude oil and refining capacity and make. More gasoline it would make natural gas to bridge to fuel more alternative source of energy in the future senator. Two years ago. And now if two years ago things -- have been done man. We be that much closer to more oil being produced now and remember folks. It's a commodity. Traded on the world stage when they catch wind that America's getting serious about oil production. They're gonna dial back what they -- the future price is going to be when they do that a price comes to our own now. And a nice side effect -- that is. The cheaper oil as Vladimir Putin has less money in his pocket to raise -- in Ukraine and other. Eastern. The European nations that he might go into. And probably more important most Americans import real money in our pockets real money. Real money right now that's better than a pay raise if gasoline dropped by a buck a gallon. Think about how many gallons you put it you think you're gonna get down a pay raise the average American is not gonna get -- theories anytime soon. That would be huge. Huge. Is this president doing all that he can't bring it down I know he's not. Any knows there are some things to get it -- you can say what you want about the guy he's not -- he's not a -- he could do a lot of things if he chose to. He has a hatred. -- capitalism is a hatred for fossil fuels so as long as these two things go on he's not gonna have the XL pipeline. Which if he's not allow the jobs. I had to take place as a good high paying jobs. And -- because it's it's just not in his agenda of important things. You know a social justice and -- kind of agenda is important for him. And then there's the fake arguments about in a war on women and equal pay and all that Malarkey. Peter you're on the Bob Rose show. Well I'd like you know little perspective about the price of gas. In 1920. Ounce of gold will buy you 100 gallons of gasoline. At today and I also global by -- 300 insists. It's good thing I had an idea don't need to put gold in my -- -- -- That's some perspective I mean we trying to -- -- gold. At the end deviant. We got a gold dealer. William giving talks say every day about it really did and mean Donovan now of land and into Fannie and knowing now that. It is found don't vein of goals. In now. And in an actress category lifestyle who really knows. 745. And above -- -- Florida Supreme Court. Won't hear employee drug testing new rules. What's that all about details on the way. 745 -- news talk 97.3 this guy. -- drones -- for al-Qaeda battle hardened terrorists. I'll just the terrorist you got to listen we night's six on -- seven point three this guy. 751 -- about road show -- -- Anderson live a local thanks for Julianne. So what does the US Supreme Court has refused. To hear an appeal by Florida governor Rick Scott on his 2011 executive order. That would have required random drug test for his many years. 85000. State workers. The ruling let stand an appeals court decision it's got sort of was too broad the decision also directed a Miami federal judge oversee ongoing negotiations between the state. And employee union over which positions could be subjected to random drug test. So what do you think about that. Illegal search and seizure searching your body without probable cause you a problem that. And if the governor is okay -- doing this for state workers does that include Allstate politicians. All -- you know the representatives and the state senators in Tallahassee. Would -- also be required to take random drug testing they do get their paycheck from the state of Florida. Is that part of the program part of the deal. -- -- Now wasn't their constitutional issues with randomly do drug testing welfare recipients. There was struck down now. So. You know what which -- -- I mean these are people that are asking coming to the government asking for handouts. Many can't drug test them randomly apparently. And you know politicians aren't writing any bills or lost to drug test themselves. Yet they want random state workers to take drug test now that's one side of the coin. Now the other side of the coin as well what do professional athletes have to be subjected to tests is there any probable cause there. As part of their work agreement I would imagine. Right. Thousand yeah. Part of their what collective bargaining whatever they've gone through the a Major League players association. They've agreed to be staying clean up the game. So I -- workers. Random drug tests on favorite I you know. I want Obey the purpose of that doing randomly. You know you go to one bachelor party -- good guy all year long you -- contact guy next thing you know you failed we'd test understates earnings. I don't understand why would look I've got to the good the bad idea to do a drug test before you hire somebody now -- But don't they have like employee evaluations. A year and get it's kinda like they need an excuse to fire somebody. -- we don't we hired a crack head over there. By you know we can't fire because there -- -- and a government job that's a great point in other words they don't care whether you're a good worker a poor worker. They care whether you're on drugs or not if they were doing evaluations and actually paying attention. -- airport worker who is on drugs should get fired anyway because they're not a very good worker. But now we -- right that's what delay there if they're looking for excuse now what what happens when a really good worker who really does bust their -- and is valuable. And fails a drug test debate did it. I don't even know I am the way I'm looking good how they are has said in the subcommittee it says that they know they have a budget junkies. They'll work at the state level but us early as the elected officials of course they'll be exempt from this -- it is passed laws. But isn't Florida a right to work state. Guess they say you're fired because it's Tuesday or is it because they're -- government employees. -- they've now getting some additional -- of protections that the average private sector employers again collapse so well you can't fire them unless you have call us. Staking your job -- not call laws. Cut not -- so you know on on the desk. All alone now get ready we have to worry about that because state workers in Florida the lowest. Pretty much pretty much the lowest some of the lowest paid in the nations is -- a -- money for cocaine -- -- -- and Ajax can afford a what if everybody had any random time has to give both drug testing and a polygraph test. I mean what -- -- and a totalitarian government right. Politicians failed a lie detector test all the time. Video. Don't make anybody submit to any seeing that the politicians who write the laws themselves are not willing to do and that includes that stupid obamacare. And ram it down their throats. Some 55 on the Bob Rochelle -- news talk 97.3 this guy hang on.