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Law and (lack of) Order?

Apr 24, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 24 - 6am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- test the waters and I'm the horse. I'm looking at the water and so you know what to drink and want to spit out what. The water you can let me put -- I'm not sure what you're implying. News sky radio now all know Bob Rhodes show on 97.3. -- Yeah. Yeah I don't want. Time Jack brought you five days you'll really answer is always. Nervous. Thursday April 24 prize and John David -- on the weekend almost -- and get through it. Let's do it. -- go through some stories get you up to date locally crime. Down -- cross the board. As both -- -- or county in the in that Mary candidates also. Primary glad to -- job nine point 4% 2013 and all major law enforcement agencies showing drops in the rate of violent nonviolent offenses. According to a report from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Ask -- eat. Does the president have a deal worries -- criminals out of prison early if we get those stats back up again and that the bad guys out. Only I know who told nonviolent. Viewed drug dealers. But it really is like nonviolent guy got caught smoking a -- game five years in prison -- you should let him out it's ridiculous. I kind of doubt that's. The case. And that most of the cases. You know if it's a personal consumption issue well -- you know one. Now the libertarian side of me says now. On issue you know legal -- that kill a human life inside your body but you're gonna bust me for putting some kind of marijuana inside my about it. -- out a year. About a year. Narnia there and nine so I didn't mean road you're about this early. Moving on -- doctor indicted on 210 federal counts. -- Doctor Who was subject to a yearlong federal investigations been charged with. Over 200 counts healthcare fraud and money laundering. -- -- let me get this straight. You sacrificed and wolf first of all you're Smart enough to get into medical school not easy he did all work not lazy. Did you residency. Not easy. -- doctor he got the license yet to sheepskin on a while it's a license to print money does it mean all doctors are rich. But there's not really poor ones. It's it's up -- T good to a gay get financially. Now you worked at. You deserve. To be paid well. I think. I don't have a problem with doctors make -- a decent income. In times our lives lie in the ballots in in their hands. On -- call us on T 57 accused of submitting fraudulent claims for unnecessary. Tests. Purchasing drugs from outside the US that are not approved for use here. And giving those drugs to patients without their knowledge or consent. -- Al that's true that's not good. It's just hard for me to understand. Why. Why when you have this licence to print money would you not protect. Such a thing it is it greed -- Is it stupidity. Honestly. I don't know. Submitting fraudulent claims for on that necessary tests. When does it test unnecessary. Does if you don't. -- the test him later on Leo well. Sorry I know you came in you have a sore throat and next thing you know hole. He got a lump the size of the softball there. -- -- So sorry about that I ran a test. Then if you run the -- -- coming go larger on that test obviously there's nothing wrong with a person. I ran the tests to make sure that that wasn't something that was wrong with a person up this front. I don't know that that's the case I'm giving you an example of some times how some of these things go. When they throw out 210 counts on you. You Jack it up as high as they can't sometimes because they may or may not have a great case. But if they give you 210 counts. Your attorney looks -- -- might have a lot of this is BS. But. Probably better off playing it down. Will admit guilt to one or two counts you might feel to preserve your medical license if you longtime probation. All well and find the end. Sometimes it is a paperwork issue honestly I don't know I'm not defending or attacking this person. I don't know. The incidents in which -- -- on -- is charged her alleged to have happened at a clinic she had in Hawthorne from 1998 to 2009. Yeah I think if you wanna get rich in medical business Hawthorne may I'm just guessing may not be the place. Also a clinic on northwest sixteenth avenue in Gainesville from 2010 to 2013. She surrendered on Tuesday entered a plea of not guilty said her attorney. Gilbert. Should not -- Trial is scheduled for June 14 although -- said Wednesday that the case. Will not be ready for trial soon. That soon now that is. Now nobody could be ready in that time now 210 counts. -- said he faces up to ten years in prison for each. Of the health care fraud counts up to three years for each other federal drug administration counts and up to ten years on each. On the money laundering counts. We theoretically based on this -- -- To prison for the rest of their life. I didn't runs where you know if you -- the person aired -- now dying half dead -- dead. People don't do them it's time prison. Prosecutors contend -- -- on -- submitted fraudulent claims to insurance companies for medically unnecessary procedures and services. There were not given or provided. And received reimbursement. Medicare Medicaid blue cross blue shield of Florida. Senator setter. Also alleged it costs onto used some of the money from the fraudulent claims to bite -- FDA approved drugs and devices from outside the US. And submitted fraudulent claims for the administration of the drugs should also administered the drugs to patients without their knowledge. The guy -- if you given drugs to people without their knowledge. That's definitely. I mean I don't see where you could defend that. You know I mean it if you get drugs from out of the country while all that is is that some of our laws in the pharmaceutical companies. It's it's it's a bunch of Malarkey is what it is. The same as they try to tell -- -- there's quality issues it's not the same drug is not this that's a -- Their stick and it they're sticking it to folks what to do on hardcore. Hardcore. That's all they're doing. And -- and I'm not gonna have to look I've looked into contacts and accept any other I parity know that one. Okay so that's pharmaceutical companies there irritated because you can buy a lot of drugs so much cheaper around the world with the same exact ingredients. Now. Yet you know OK so that's one thing buying non FDA approved drugs outside the US that's one thing. But administering drugs to patients about -- now it's rough grow. Have -- -- -- jury I'm not not real excited about that and. 6150 above Rochelle live and local. You know we were talking about here yesterday craft breweries -- what Andrea. Swamp Penn brewery doing a pretty good local brewery. Some information on that coming up and if only he was mayor of Toronto -- hero and not -- zero. All that more coming up on news talk 97.3 disguise. It's Sean Hannity at 3 o'clock -- Smart or stimulating afternoon talk some people are so don't on 97.3. The sky. Her husband and. Here -- nice dream why it's. Details on it coming up six point 10 Bob -- Alexander -- local time Jack about tonight is -- really answer is always yes. It's Thursday already can you believe it -- tomorrow market the last what tallying without the numerous local businesses were. But -- got -- us Daniel Bob Rose golf. Scrambled this is tomorrow at Haile plantation golf and country club registration opens at eleven tee times have won -- very proud to have my name associated with all the work that they do at the -- It's their most important fund raiser of the entire year proceeds from the event are the only avail. A source of funding to provide recreational activities to citizens with developmental and intellectual disabilities in -- to a county. And it's been a huge success. Last year's event raised more than 40000 dollars for the communities disabled. And while on their way of reaching the goal again this year. Is my understanding. This year 7500 dollar presenting sponsors info tech market leader in software for infrastructure construction management board of farm bureau insurance stepping up once again as a double Eagles sponsored donating 5000 dollars to the event giving away complimentary. Pro V one golf ball sleeves to all players and whatever I can snag. Co sponsors donating 2500 dollars. To the golf scramble our Willis of Florida condominium benefits. Corporate marketing solutions. James Moore and company and that John Spence LLC. Phnom great great sponsors hill insurance. Is helping out from our -- from the radio stations and up to me to all of this possible. And also canard ace hardware now I was gonna be help with their grand opening of their Jones the location. And I -- can't get about bros golf scramble holiday it's what I eat well wolf just gonna we're gonna have to sponsor that. And you know you can tell people about our grand opening and Jones -- that canard to ace hardware when you got it that's what I call a win win baby. I love it. Ice cream and -- Is that women. -- crazy. There are people who pair beer with ice cream. And they do allow us that now I guess the swamp had brewery that they do it think dark chocolate ice cream with a black bitter beer named dark water. Not scholar swamp water apparently. And I guess it's something that you have to try. You can't get a sandwich or stake -- the wetlands most of the time you can't get any food at all although there are some who will argue that peiris a complete nutritional substance and you can live off of it. Sounds pretty cool we were talking about the craft Beers yesterday and how in Tallahassee they have all our problems solved in now can. Create problems for craft brewers trying to make him work through distributors ships. And got a nice email from somebody who. You know does this local brewing and I'm not connect to -- person get more information on -- said that. Out to point fingers but. -- is using information we get in that case. Most of it came from -- believe some local. Newspaper sources. An accident. But the but the aren't. Did you. Did you guys have talked to anybody about it after the fact after we brought this whole thing -- did you happen have a conversation because I know you've travelled some of those circles and I -- although I got that same email -- got to but. -- I've talked to anybody. And you don't know that guy Craig I think his name and Ayman -- drugs and a see the name -- is again with we'll -- that folks my -- to -- -- out I've never actually met the guy. I'm now will maybe you try to get Montauk about a little bit because Agassi actually testified from 4%. Now if you're from Toronto you'd be a hero if you're the mayor. But the little town I Hampton. That some thoughts former mayor of Hampton was found guilty. By a jury Tuesday. I have actually Tuesday night charges of possession -- drugs. Very Elaine Moore 52 convicted by Bradford county jury deliberated for less than two hours twelve hour trial. -- found guilty of possession of controlled substance with intent to deliver an illegal distribution of controlled substance. -- November Polk County residents after Bradford sheriff's investigators received information. Alleging that he was selling prescription medication. Undercover investigation by a -- drug unit revealed more obtained and then sold narcotic toxic known. The Gainesville sun previously recorded that a confidential source outfitted with a monitoring and recording equipment was given money to buy a -- That's at one pill can -- help one pill. Was it just to buy a pill that's the information I went to more home when he asked for 8100. More said he would give the source wine and a Kennedy wasn't selling -- killed anyone. After the source walked away came back more handed the person a cigarette pack. And indicated those inside. The source put twenty dollars in the pack and gave it back to more. Alone. Our -- didn't sneaky. The old -- dollar packet smokes. The old I'll say these concert tickets for for a hundred dollars no wait Al salty for face value below include this collectors hat. As I collected it two years ago. From look from the dumpster. And yeah offer 500 dollars give the whole package you know it didn't work then. It doesn't work. Authorities later identified the pill -- 830 milligram OxyContin on talent who thirty milligrams. Well Gary sheriff's office deputies served in arrest warrant upon 45000 -- more to jail standards that are governor Rick Scott suspended more from office after. -- days after his arrest now. Second. Violence took place here right. Under the president of the United States is planned. Should need just grant clemency to this guy and now waste. Anymore taxpayer money keeping him locked up president and governor. Right. I mean if you do. Both the president wanted to get involved. He's -- involved in a bunch of other drug cases -- people out of prison. Now by not. -- America Toronto -- be celebrated. Now sell drugs you -- go to sticks to lay out about -- Able Tony -- when he 14100. Days going all right we're almost there. Weekend right around the corner. We'll talk about that -- -- an understanding that the US is weighing clemency for nonviolent inmates jailed for ten years the Obama administration. Is encouraging me. These folks to apply for early release. Got a good idea. What do you think 8779759825. At 628 and news talk 97.3 this guy. Terry about it first talk about it. Not -- seven point three does -- it. This segment of the sky is brought to you -- Robin -- dental full service dentistry for the entire family. Anderson every Thursday. -- again get your way up they might have a thousand dollars then this weekend that be nice. No you have to do is listen up 7 AM giving secret code word and then you left. Texted his 72881. -- message and data rates apply good luck on that would've would John's day. The United States weighs clemency. For nonviolent inmates jailed for ten years what's this all about. Obama administration is encouraging many nonviolent. Federal prisoners to apply for early release. Expecting thousands to take up the offer it's an effort to deal with high costs and overcrowding in prisons and also a matter of fairness. The government says. Fairness. And you know that's the business to government is in now of this business try to make can everything's fair for everybody. No that's not exactly like equal justice under the law now. Completely. And entirely different kind of saying. Now being fair. He has very subjective term isn't it. But it really means as we won a fairly good chance of getting everyone's vote who is probably a low information voter. What it really means and onward richer judge. On Wednesday the Justice Department out there would do nothing Justice Department when it comes to. Added a silly things like. Ben Ghazi. The IRS targeting Tea Party groups. Here now. Folks running across the border are folks -- our border agents with guns that the Justice Department said it was okay to give to. Known criminal enterprises. That justice you got that. Justice Department and -- proof. Would you guys do all day dude dude here's Eric -- duke. Do you know we've been doing all day. Working on a plan to spring some people who are like thrown in a -- -- for Al stupid drug crimes you know we don't really. Fun and we don't penalize those people. Now too much it's a fairness thing we don't really wanna you know. -- port -- catch anybody who's you know crossing the border illegally you know because it's so rare it's a fairness thing. Even our bunny Jeb Bush across the -- man he's like -- if you love your family you'll break the law form clearly. So yeah so what you guys do all day a man we're trying to get people -- -- president. But you're the Justice Department. Sort of as like supposed to be you know that chief enforcers. Blind man. See Obama administration. Now we don't grow up like in the sixties -- has spoken to weed now worked our way inside the system but we had to be -- ourselves dude. No they don't user account language that's there mindset that brilliance. On Wednesday the Justice Department unveiled a revamped clemency process directed at low level felons. In my family was murdered but we don't feel bad about it because it was just a low level -- involved. Parent. A low level -- Yeah it's directed at low level felons imprisoned for at least ten years. Who have had clean records while in custody. It's hard to get a ticket for Jay walking when urinate the federally secured. You know at least. Not minimum secured facility hard to get a ticket for Jay walk it. Major failure parking tickets. Have not -- -- parking ticket or speeding ticket since that day I've been incarcerated man does offer anything on my record. Did you tip your bartender waitress last night yeah up. -- effort is part of a broader administration push to scale back the use of harsh. Penalties. Is some drug prosecutions. And to address sentencing disparity. Is arising from the 1980s. Crack cocaine epidemic that yielded disproportionately tough punishment for. Black. Drug offenders. Goal and it's what they mean by fairness. If a black guy go longer sense in a white do you that's not fair so we're gonna make it fair. Just a quick thought sometimes judges consider. The kind of infrastructure that person may have when they allow them back into society. And it just so happens that there are a lot of cases where the white guys might have done something similar. But when they go back into society. Guess what they might actually possessed I don't know some jobs skills they might have a family that's supportive of them and said yes I'm gonna. Watch over my eight. So on what ever. And in many cases the black. Person who was charged may not have that same kind of infrastructure what are you gonna do when you get out one man eminent. Go back where was on the streets man and try to you know. Make a live Manning get by and sometimes that's part of the sentencing I'm not saying all the time and it's always been perfect. I'm just saying sometimes there's more to the story than meets the guy but that's not convenient but -- liberally biased media. OK but I just think it's interesting our Justice Department who has failed so many different areas it's hard at work trying to get people out of prison. Interesting to say the least Dave -- on about Rochelle. -- hey Bob -- -- tell you that we keep -- -- they want to make it here according key moment you could make it out. They're gonna vote Democrat and also I think we should go look great harkat ul and Archie and -- oh. Any the only straight talk about a great too much they want a great. OK I'm all right. Mean. I might go out there and -- a little bit myself today. And long. Long a -- cut right there. Does grass fed beef is not just. 646 on -- brochure OJ Anderson in the house guys are up 8779759825. Mental. Health. We need to talk about it next. Yeah because it's pretty serious and it's not getting much funding. You're listening to news talk 97.3 this guy. Liberals are babies the first two were -- about true liberals -- Tax and spend we -- sixty -- DNA on 97.3. Sky. 651 -- Bob -- -- a local morning it's Thursday but does that mean it's out of his smile about it yes. 8779759825. Got some undermine this job we'll talk about it fact. Jeffs on all the -- him and I just what's. Obama. And -- more symbolic. Rate. They've -- my cult. I don't -- start with this is the media. Just can't believe the media you know yesterday real word that area. A twelve or what it was on the way to school. And try to combat aren't -- -- while -- kilometres all. Three adults jump. In month a twelve year old boy. Cut its face so -- Iran from. And try to find that that information any worse in the results on. WC JW. You try to find that information. I I didn't hear any about it and I lived just five live less than a mile from there. Yeah article I don't deliberate in the area and not the only way that we -- about but it has received an email. From the schools and that they or on lock down for a for a little over an hour. And I didn't catch the -- until like 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. So that's like six or seven hours that these guys -- on the loose. And absolutely nobody in the community portal where the entire situation. And it's cute particulates the media is not doing their job. What about to. Led to a county. Law enforcement website AA CSO. -- -- -- Nightmare because anytime there's a report obviously they're gonna have violet and it becomes part of the public record. But area usually. You know some of the media world will pick up on that so while a try to find out -- what the disconnect is. Bob -- thank you Jeff thanks for the thanks for the heads up on that. Now that's not good and I don't know that anybody's -- I he can't speak to that. Whether anybody would kind of downplayed matter now wanna publicize that I. I don't know. Then it's eight you know part of it is in the media business. You got to take care of your you know your shareholders in quarterly reports and you know having -- full time in. You know -- reporters out there on the street to. You know that costs money and I don't and sometimes I you know I don't know -- to a figure out what. Level investment you know in Mankins stuff and then. I. And the school assault possibly linked to car burglaries. Young teenager mud on the way to school Wednesday assault may be electoral crime fourteen year old walking down a walking on tower road to -- nap on a middle school. This is two or three -- sold them boy went to the school resource deputy every assault. Deputy called ambulance and the boy's parents at the emergency room treated for his injuries. The assault may be related to a series of car break into occurring Tuesday night in the green leaf neighborhood near the school. A gun was stolen from one of the cars. Both locked up on an hourly area was secure -- ticketed a lot to look at it Sharapova -- -- car burglaries is a sort of they were involved and Wednesday's beating. Excess. -- old guys I don't wanna get ahead of myself but. Is there a possibility that became a big guy jumped was involved in the car burglaries. Is that or now I mean I don't know like. You know we burglarized a car and we don't like you either some -- he must had some involvement possibly -- now I have no little on that there's no. Connection there. Not we'll try to find out -- thanks for what you which did get there. 65 on above road show. Our own investigative reporter 8779759825. Coming up in mere moments a chance for you to win a thousand dollars first simply completing just one taxed to seven to 88 wanna. As secret code word is coming your way. About four minutes so stay tuned listen up and remember that message and data rates apply good --