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Who's Back Does Prez Obama Have?

Apr 24, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 24 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time we stand together you can sit and listen white people black people brown people -- you wanna stand -- -- All people alone he just stands up there -- the all -- sky radio. 97.3. Us. And. -- really end up being. -- nobody. I mean every once -- -- -- you've got to show some sort of allegiance. Welcome back to the Bob roadshow along with Jane Anderson intercept minutes after 7 o'clock time check his Rossi by -- jewelry with the answers always yes. -- -- Tokyo Japan. Associated Press reporting standing next to Japan's leader president Barack Obama affirmed Thursday that the US would be obligated. To defend Tokyo in a confrontation would -- Over a set of disputed islands but. Urged all sides to resolve the long running dispute peacefully. Waiting cautiously into a diplomatic minefield. Obama insisted the US take no position. No position on whether the islands in the East China Sea are ultimately in the dominion of China. Or Japan. But he noted that historically. Japan has administered the islands. Triggering America's NATO obligations to defend its allied Japan should I didn't. Tensions escalate militarily. We do now believe that they should be subject to change unilaterally. Obama said at a news conference with Japan's -- prime minister -- What is consistent. What is -- consistent part of the alliance. Is that the treaty covers all territories administered by Japan. Whole President Obama -- I don't know you know anywhere where there issues taking place like this. Year. All clean -- again I we should send. Well on second thought let's see who else would you send John Kerry's. Okay. That's not a great pick hey bomb. Jobe. All not Joseph Biden. No. Mean what you do. Sky's foreign policy is all over the place. You and help our ally stinking right now. Some of the other NATO nations. Like in the eastern European area. I around Ukraine Latvia etc. what are you thinking right now. Though like America's got their back. I mean did we go on this I wanna beef. All friends I wanna be all things to all people to war. When he became president and he run around the world. What was he what was he saying. We wanna be friends with every line. Not meaning that. You don't have anybody's back whose sounds like. EA continually weigh in on things -- wade in there and you weigh in on things. Then you'll have to do some backtracking later on now. Beige did what if they test you what if they test you out. What a sale on some sort of military action. To take over those islands and take him from Japan. -- of video via just basically side descended the deal. It just disgusting it's completely inept he's in no way over his head. Way over his -- And then some of the simple decisions. Because -- -- complex whenever you're dealing with these kinds of entities in this complex. That's why you really kind of avoided weighing in to begin with and when you do you know. Pick a side but you have no credibility and nothing to back it up if you've. Never back up what is sag which seems to be the case. I mean there are some simple. Things going on that the president could take action on like I'm now green lighting the XL pipeline years after everybody else has said it's OK let's do it. It -- what's his reasoning behind that. Don't outstanding on an environmental garbage it's baloney. It would create jobs correct -- Mundo. Decent paying jobs I know people -- -- long term well you know want. They're better than those so called shovel ready projects that we're gonna be doing with taxpayer money which. Really it was in money in the bank it was borrowed money to spend. To stimulate weights and how much and if fact it's a private business that wants to put in a pipeline that will. Maybe lower some energy costs for some Americans. And create jobs. But the president wants to take a trip to Japan and I don't know constantly open his mouth and stick his foot in there. Mike earlier on about road show. Bob I know what exactly about Obama would do it sent -- 150 paratroopers in Japan. Saying hey look that's China. You have to like -- -- yet just like if you trust Vladimir Putin chicken in his boots. Now and they're gonna rotate. Yeah 150 soldiers in and out. That's chemists -- -- Putin from pushing any further into Ukraine yeah. Now how will look we can do this all David -- I've I find it tiring after you know. Six years in the sky being president I mean it's really not that much new under the sun. And you know just at the islands of doing misleading to. Depression. But back to the XL pipeline thing broke quick. This is from the Washington Post editorial board published yesterday. If foot dragging work competitive sport President Obama and his administration would -- world champions for their performance in delaying the approval the keystone XL pipeline. Bucks is still Washington Post nine. Last Friday afternoon. The time when officials make announcements they hope no one will notice. It was also Good Friday and it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The State Department declared that it is putting off a decision on keystone XL. And definitely. Or at least it seems well past November's mid term elections this time the excuses litigation in Nebraska over the proposed route. Because that might lead to a change in a project that various federal agencies will want to consider. The State Department might even decide to substantially. Restart the environmental review process. This is yet another laughable reason to delay a project at the federal government has been scrutinizing for more than. Five years. At this point there's little doubt about the big picture after two thorough environmental analyses. State Department experts determined that the pipelines impact probably would be amenable. Even on climate change inducing carbon dioxide emissions. The economic rewards of extracting Canadian oil are too attractive and the options for getting it out of the country are too numerous. We would rather see Canadian crude traveling a well built well regulated pipeline in the US then on rail cars. Barges and ocean tankers they'll move it. Until cheaper options inevitably come on line. -- does not mean we like burning dirty oil sands crude but symbolic gestures will have no impact on climate change. Government should steadily reduce global carbon dioxide emissions with Smart economy wide policies such as carbon taxes. Which meaningfully and permanently cut demand for carbon heavy fuels well. I disagree with that carbon taxes who's gonna pay him just us is India and China gonna take carbon taxes and who they pay -- -- Is is there. Does god live in the stratosphere and he's now a tax collector and -- pay for every for every tax on carbon that you send me. All eliminate so many particles of carbon because I'm god. It's way this administration doesn't really like him when you talk about god sorry. I mean really our carbon tax all make it painful. Painful for people to consume anything to create six carbon in the atmosphere. All punitive. Again I asked the question are you can be punitive toward India and China. Russia out what do they do want to make a living punitive to their citizens in terms of putting a carbon tax on them. The answer is of course now. Of course and so the Washington Post got it half -- keystone XL pipeline. Should not be delayed the president's excuses are laughable. But as far as their take on carbon taxes. Gimme a break. Just another excuse for wealth re distribution. I don't I know it's wrong and I want to keep more of my own money how dare -- 716 on the Bob Rhodes show yes that's bugging me. What's bugging you call in now what's bugging you brought to -- -- Florida pest control the only -- -- picture or litter box 877. 9759825. What's bugging you root for Florida pest control. What about the TSA. I just don't get ridiculous 877 W -- talk and not be seven point three the sky. 722 on the Bob Rhodes show on -- what's bugging you a chance for you to air it out get it out here just what average revenue rhubarb. It could be. People not driving carefully burning their headlights when they're still some forget. To paying too much taxes. To President Obama on this world I wanna be your friend to war. Meantime he doesn't want to be a friend to United States business. Or. People looking for jobs because he -- located XL pipeline. -- bugging you so whatever is bugging you now is your opportunity again -- talk about it. Our numbers 8779759825. What's bugging you brought you -- Florida pest control in -- bugs he can't control our litter bugs. There's one things bug in me hit and run hit and run. Look you -- a scratch on somebody's -- take off. As bad. Yeah and I know it's happened I know what's happened in my a couple of my vehicles actually. And that's pretty is pretty low brow now do you do some damage and all but this pretty sick. But when you -- human being and you leave. Now you really now now I just I have no mercy for you listen to this one. A San Mateo toddler. Was killed Tuesday night in here and run near pull acted after troopers say wandered into the road was struck by an unidentified driver. Morgan Wallace Callaway was only three years old news in the roadway. When a white 2008 Honda Accord driving north made him around 8:30 PM on US seventeen south of read Beal street. According to a Florida Highway Patrol. Morgan was being watched by family members at a private home near church when he gets separated from them and went into the street. But no excuses you got a three year old you gotta pay attention. But if -- the driver of a vehicle. As say you know we talked about Jeffrey -- you have to make every attempt. To stop first why can't hit the pedestrian because there in the middle of the road to make every attempt not to hit the pedestrian. But the of the unfortunate thing happens. It's 830 at night it's dark. You see something in the road. You hit it. You have to step up. You have to stop. And why wouldn't you. Well this person didn't stop that's -- the toddler was pronounced dead at the scene if the person stopped today of save that toddler's life. Who knows I don't know that to be true. Maybe maybe not. And like I said it it it it's probably not the driver's fault I mean if the three year old wanders out into the road -- At 830 at night as can be difficult for a driver to see. Where the driver went wrong was driving off and have bugs me. Honda continued north and later was founded by Putnam county sheriff's office deputies close to the scene the accident the vehicle that which has chrome tipped dual -- and disabled veteran license plate. Was found -- damage to its front and several people of interest who were near the vehicle and it was located being interviewed. We've yet confirm the identity of the driver make an arrest now that was as of I yesterday. Today so they may have somebody now but. You know hit run. That's that's bugging me. What about you what's bugging -- 28779759825. We'll find out what's bug in touch Jason NATO five. Got a special health kids' day. That'll be celebrated on Saturday John announced he from the YMCA will join us at 9 o'clock hour chase guy anybody knew. Trucks. Loaded trucks a big trucks why big truck's driver and bloom you know the above the pine trees haven't taken down all over the place I've seen a lot of them lately the last -- now that seems like every day for the last forever. Driving into work. There is you know now you can see -- because they have bull blinking lights on Monica's but toward the daily Psycho bubble orange. Flag not the back of one of -- blogs -- tying 47 street over the back of the truck. They have blinking lights you can see them but in the interest. Okay they've already deforested all of Gilchrist count now maybe they're not. Heading to the biomass plant I don't know whether or not they're not an -- that direction and they -- you know I had god I get it you probably wanna do it at that time of the day because. You're not knowing that -- in the morning that people are trying to get in for the morning rush hour pilot. Every single day. I'll run into these tell -- not running into pumpkins. I got a little car market damage Clara and went to two run a lot of woman and you want him to spending gas see this bride and a lot of production car game. But -- that's. Yeah now that's I've seen a lot of them around lately. And yes they are traveling in directions not heading toward the biomass finals and winning wall where are they going. -- all those trees over the calls made a link they're heading into electoral go driving in a lot I just -- heading out of town and heading well which called into east. To the east which. The plan is up and north up near around the last two or -- Tim your Alibaba Rochelle what's -- you. I don't know what's bugging me and what makes me smile. What Buccaneers. I know. Intruder domestic terrorists. And that makes me smile because now I'm lumped in with the founding other net movement. Nine so Yahoo! met Harry Reid. Says those people that we're standing with that. -- didn't Bundy fellow. Out west he called them domestic terrorists. Now the climate money might not be on the right side of the law. But. People have the right to assemble and to demonstrate. Now he's he has had his day in court in fact he's had several days in court. But if you wanna stand against the government tactics. Of going in -- -- trying to strong -- their way through it. And yeah that's fine but to Harry Reid. You know you're a domestic terrorist and he wants the laws of the land obeyed. When asked about folks crossing the border in coming here illegally. He didn't seem to wanna call them domestic terrorists. About foreign invaders Harry Reid. Now we don't want talk about that that's what I figured. Thanks for contributing to what's bugging you brought to you by Florida pest control it is 7298. In stock 97.3. This guy. Here's a tolerance wins and compassion your marsh will straighten things out or is he open that. We dare you do you understand are not seven point three paint this guy. This segment has. Brought -- you -- -- insurance. That's good news for a 730 now about Rosie OJ Anderson and -- number of major crimes reported Marion County. Decreased by five point 1% electric -- also. Decrease in -- hate crimes. That's awesome. He's seven categories measured by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement murder forcible rape robbery aggravated assault burglary larceny motor vehicle fast. Number of robbery cases did go up from 16270. The previous year motor vehicle thefts increased. From 240 to move in 2012 to 275 last year. Went down and all of the categories. All right. That's a good thing. So. Tip of the hat to local law enforcement Marion the last two accounting I don't have the numbers from the other counties. That trend may be true in other areas as well that's a good thing. -- crimes committed. When your notes. -- a teacher. As school this a Polk County teacher might have heard this one. So one where. Allegedly has some sort of relationship -- students in. Resulted in an aborted pregnancy and the story was going awry in Spain time on him but the Jennifer pitcher when he nine. -- get an additional two point counts of unlawful sexual activity -- a minor -- grow it seems that she also had a sexual relationship with -- another student. Another student. In 2011. According to police reports pitcher who has an English teacher Central -- aerospace academy. Met the student -- in between 1112 school year the boy who turned seventeen that year was a junior in one of her classes. Stern told police they had sex about twenty times. Over to date here guy -- tension between October 2011 and made 22 outs are announcement joking manner Molly. These seventeen. Can she not graduate. The first birthday. I'm I'm being serious I -- I don't get it. Seventeen. In just a few months. You will not lose your job. For having a relationship this. It because any would be a young man. Allegedly had sex. Both that are Lakeland apartment and his house when his mother wasn't home. Ortiz discovered their relationship while they were investigating a four month relationship pitcher allegedly had with -- another teenage student. Which resulted in the aborted pregnancies talked about. Richard told the boy's mother in a recorded telephone conversation that they had sex as many as thirty times since November. Police said she sometimes met the student or sex in Plant City. No strawberries involved. Strawberry is inevitable. -- -- -- meant to Auckland will whip cream all know. -- You you eat you take these kinds of issues are right and she's just okay looking I mean I don't know what to Tyson guy. She's OK -- not as pretty as now what LaFave. Molest her. What she's close call. Not nobody's perfect we all fall short. Some have more of day what year lust for the flesh or whatever than others do OK you know -- to contain yourself feel of his society in a follow rules announced part of the -- part of the deal -- -- -- you may have to -- Now. What is it what is it about this this this student. Teacher relationship. After it's been these events have been soul widely publicized. Is it maybe because it is so tab vote. Because it is so wrong or some paying even more tantalizing and tempting about it. As an adult she cannot see how her future life is going to be completely. Changed. Not for the better. You went to school to be a teacher I know they're all underpaid nerve -- really hard to buy it. You Summers off few weekends off the attention. Okay since the greatest gig in the world Bly. Really -- -- throw it all away. When you could find a -- six was sold. We don't cruiser to Mary college parking lots. If I did some kids got a baby faced him pretending sixteen or seventeen. These these are things I guess in town that are not easily understood -- said people make mistakes people are not perfect people put their jobs and lives in jeopardy for various reasons. All the time but the teacher's saying and it keeps coming back. Look at it if the kids younger than -- like. 151413. To up there I mean and benefits of this easily conclusive you know Yuri -- Metafile. Okay that's. As Europe had a file I mean you like little boys. Listen you know I mean but seven team. No real wage is any team. Jeopardized so much. You know. Used to be kind of these street hey hey here's a -- Only when you turn eighteen. Kind of thing. Those stories keep popping up and I was -- avoid it like I have so many of those -- now I avoid it but. This one see she's been in the news and then now -- news because. When they were investigating a one report then apparently. And proceeded before so because serial. Serial molester whatever. He's not. Crazy world -- and has announced some 45 on the bottom road show. Thanks for two and again 8779759825. I've mentioned the XL pipeline a couple of times this morning. No poll numbers. Coming again. I'll share them what you next on news talk 97.3. Of us guys. People I don't believe much. 61%. Of the people polled favor. Building -- keystone XL pipeline c'mon Mr. President. 751 on the Bob Rhodes show why would. -- just for the Bob Rochelle like it's on FaceBook let us know what -- thinking FaceBook dot com slash this guy. You can email me and I'll get to some of those emails later heroes and Film is submitted to the show on your Smartphone get to tune in radio app. For apple or Droid and listen to the Bob -- shall on demand the podcast. Is at the sky 973. Dot com. 61%. Say. -- Byron. XL pipeline was getting -- let's get a -- -- even the Washington Post. Wrote an op Ed piece it said that the president's excuses are now laughable. Did have the courage to even really. Facing scrutiny or challenges or questions on hand holding it up. Let the information come out on Good Friday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon when let's be honest most people who already gone now. The Friday news dump is nothing new -- But Friday afternoon on a Good Friday is really. In LI special place for a special headline that -- Don't especially want to be able to say. Support for building the keystone XL pipeline is now at its highest level ever. That's right Mr. President more and more people are following in my line of thinking which is do it all and do it now. Not opposed to solar power. -- opposed to wind power not opposed to other ways in alternative fuels purse day except I'm not for us and but we know what we have. We have huge gender energy reserves now we know that these energy reserves also or being. You don't mind in Canada. Let's let's let's get this economic engine that we have role. And still develop the other alternative fuels along side. But if you're developing all of those other things because we're gonna run out of oil and gas. EU could say well -- even to this way. I say the science is more supportive of of long term. Beneficial energy underground form natural gas and and and other fossil fuels. Then there is scientific evidence to support that the planet is definitely warming due to human and CO2 emissions. Now that mice that's controversial to sub. But I standby. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds 61% of likely US voters now at least somewhat favor building -- the major oil pipeline from Canada to Texas which is huge because hey we've all been brainwashed pipelines are bad they leak older -- and environment. It's scary. So just against fossil fuels in general so anything relating to that they're gonna say no. And it's the pipeline -- -- -- old. Then there's candidates are seen as they do want called journeys to add to soil saying. -- all dirty and now. Anyway. So to have 61% say come on man do it. What's wrong with this president. -- because he knows better. He know always batter. I think isn't a constitution. You know for the people by the people of the people but. In the case where the government actually knows better they should run roughshod over the people it's -- there -- some articles some are -- I'll find it. I know the Democratic Party inserted it when we weren't looking -- you're all about Rochelle. All about the -- couldn't be so there -- -- from 1980. And there are double what about -- for other people and they have never hurt you though are -- Are people all walks like in the murder. I'd -- And -- their debt -- tomorrow we don't want to help those -- unreadable forty years the world Obama spotted it law. I don't know but I just I just read a piece where refineries are not profitable they closed a big one down in Philadelphia so. I'm getting up mixed information on on via refinery thing and yes I know we have bill when it over thirty years. More to come on news talk 97.3 this guy.