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Todd Chase on the Bob Rose Show

Apr 24, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 24 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob Rose imagine going home and your house is angry and I'm sure I'll dual engine. It's got included new house and Newbold symbol and some time now learning. News radio. Rose show on seven point three. -- -- local time. Trustee by Hayes jewelry were the answer is always yes our number three target together on above Rochelle OJ Anderson special guest in the studio Gainesville city commissioner. Todd chased joined this morning John how you doing I'm doing Greg -- involved they tell me about -- the transportation tax in the county of a flat to up. They talk about adding a sales tax and and a lot of that would be focused on a road in road building they need municipalities. To buy and on especially obviously. Gainesville where you're a city commissioner tell me what the plan is looking like what went down last night. Last week we we approved the F from the city standpoint our list -- -- to propose. To voters that we're gonna use the money for and you know it's a pretty comprehensive list of road projects that include. Fixing and maintaining it and also adding some capacity in areas. As well so you know increases in our. Transit system and and other news -- headed for structural those kind of things and you're talked about. The I think the important thing for me is that road courses three years I've been an office. We just have this the big debate if you will over and over this transit and transportation stuff and it looks like we finally have at least -- -- moved. Well I'll just call more in the middle more this honor as far as some of the projects that we're gonna do him and then propose if if this is passed. And you know the big. Elephant in the room for last three years has been this bus rapid transit system. No coaches for me has been registering because. People would justifiably justify by saying hey we've been we've been planning this for years. Well I mean at some point you know I was asked myself of often have been elected so my just it just keep doing what people have been planning on for years. And us we just -- questions and we've got a lot of new date on this and the commission is ready to move on the garden supporters of that stuff for gonna do it -- Hillary can't. And actually give up bonnet but for right now it looks like more common sense will prevail I think so I mean an end -- bottom line also is that a people journalists and has served another -- to understand that we've been fighting for -- -- -- we're -- spend your money. And then we that's I guess that's ultimately one of those things -- government does but. I mean this is not a tax that is existing we're we have to ask the citizens to devote to approve one cent sales tax and and it's a big deal -- Well you know what I called for is a show good faith and when you drive a road like tower road in front wiles elementary and an -- on middle school. It's absolutely so atrocious. I mean you really think you're in Third World nation. And in the meantime accounting is talking about well let's build a new building supervisor of election let's do this was it's only five million here five millionaire. And it really irritated me yesterday and I said fix no roads. How to show good faith okay so we're way behind on these projects you don't have the money to complete -- gonna ask for sales tax but in the meantime how ought to show of good faith. To repair some of these roads. From the city's. Perspective do you think this city. Has been doing their part out of the existing budget to take care roads. Who got a pretty good job we've we've put to I think that. Governor of Astoria analysis of our gas tax money in what was spending it on because quite frankly I mean that at some point you've been elected officials is gets a little. You're confusing what the outcome of different pots of money if you will what not but. You know that there's been there's -- part of the debate Bob for me has been -- the city does that these -- city roads -- county roads I think the average person drive around Gainesville. Doesn't know if it's a city road -- county -- Well unless you're in Spinner outside. No I don't because 43 street right outside of our studios. I know on the other side of the street that's Gainesville city limits on this side of the street were in the county. But yet my understanding is 43 street is on the list for. Count underneath primarily. All the major streets -- risen in the city are are. Sony reps and I mean that's that's what one way to generally think about it when the city takes care of which I think that we haven't done this earlier the -- the best job in the world that. Is what we're caller pavement management system which is the neighborhood streets. Every week you drive around the the city and you see the major street sixteenth and Newbury and and a towers you mentioned but just. As I walked in veterans of district two recently -- just even it just up the road here just up their -- crossing the of the older and they -- is back there are northward. Mr. Richard made it to people's neighborhoods or are terrible there's there's there's huge potholes and cracks and and in Maine it's knees are done. And we're going to be able to address those and that's what things I'm happy we're gonna put -- more money into into this neighborhood streets and and then there's the rose in general and then. I think anybody who lives in this area town or a live northwest of -- if you just look at sixteenth right now. It did two things -- can't marry me is how fast they're doing that work and so are you German army they're they have got almost a stretch -- all the way to 34. It's only been our -- member camp have been more a couple months amended technology and the and the company has worked on the stuff right now is good. And we consider for years waiting for this road but the other had a debate. Time and time again about their bike lanes and narrowing the roads are nearing the lanes and taken up comedians all stuff. When in fact we could have done this years ago -- aggravate people so the end of the day we may not all get everything we want. But Reid's new government moves at the speed of -- frozen mud and I think drives me nuts there's been so. I'm involved that if they can't have their way. They can have their way. Commissioners on the best phone for Todd. If they can have their way they were just stall and just get in the way now what's going on with eighth avenue major thoroughfare that they took from four lanes in -- some -- put a couple cones and Colin two lane road now lowered the speed limit. What's the future for eighth avenue. -- the plan right now is probably about a year or two within two years I'd say that that they would take what you see now. And where the whether. Barricades are in the middle can become a raise to media and with treason stuff and it. What but what's gonna be interesting to see is is that if the commission that it -- have a new commission we have two new commissioners. Two I believe. -- offer probably I think certainly of -- wide variety of views on issues volatility on that issue I think that it's gonna come back up and we're gonna see. If if the commission of that the new commission wants to do as well then again this goes back to. New people are elected for reasons and and I think that clearly eighth avenue was. Significant factor in the district three race I know it was a big factor in my race. So I mean I think there's a chance that you may have a majority commission that that does not wanna move for an eighth avenue. Again I think that's a good thing I think that's listening to people been taken action. Well I you know when when a person is looking at their own family budget they break a lot of things down to wants it vs needs in their. You know you may want to a pretty raised -- barrier with pretty trees growing NN and there's nothing wrong with wanting that but when you -- -- a lot of money behind projects to begin with you can't take care of your. You know your local neighborhoods in your -- you can't take care of those who wrote issues that you just mentioned. You have to really go down to what the needs are and eighth avenue the cheapest easiest way to have dealt with that whole issue is simply too. Re pave the road. Input you know new lines and -- and allow that -- to continue on as it hasn't being out of Vienna on fairly major thoroughfare of its move traffic fairly one of the few. Wrote -- I thought move traffic fairly effectively and had to go and ruin it I just think there's an agenda here actually. Be punitive toward people who decide to drive a car. I mean -- -- there's certainly having a case can be made for the policies haven't been pushed forward for the last ten years. That was a result of -- well what I'll tell you in general and on eighth avenues is that. What the one thing I think that I was certainly agreed that I agree with that has been consistent. Is that there there's there's certainly pace speed problem in that area we have done study after study in there that shows that the average speed is up. You close to fifty. Which there are a lot of people on the court or I wanted the beginning to trotted him somehow look at this diesel lowered. -- the road and me and move forward below the speed limit was forty -- was 45 that Madonna forty minutes forty now it's forty that stretch. It's -- early 35 -- to configure. There is now what I mean when this deal was 45 people cried about being fifty. I can say to myself because I lived on a busy street in saint Pete nobody put a gun in my head said hey buy this house on this busy corner. We I -- frozen -- Well I I don't soul who is complaining about speed over again or not. The bureau or your kids at school my kids go to west of middle school across that street Americans constantly going to the parks for guys right in over a big part there's a major part their mean. You know from four to anyway the point is that I think that it I think that's a valid concern. But I'm not sure that that nearing -- is a way to slow speed data traffic others do that's known as -- traffic calming. Device and an Alitalia and I think that the best traffic calming device that I've seen in my lifetime. Was the 01 speeding ticket I got when I was sixteen because I was speeding through the place in Savannah Georgia where you are supposed to. I can tell you the way the traffic lights -- time to wait traffic can Jesse in this town it's anything but calming thought anything but hold you over for the next segment. Age sixteen on about -- we're talking to Gainesville city commissioner. -- chase. More to come. On news talk 97.3 the sky. -- and war welcome aboard the truth shoots you you still can catch up Sean Hannity and green. -- seven point three this guy. -- to anyone Alibaba Rochelle live and local thanks for joining engage the city commissioner Todd chase is -- this. I tablets go on higher water wars are common. Morning hours warlords are here as you know I've thought super couple years that the situation room floor -- our water's going to be something that mean it's gonna. Two more familiar she's -- including Gerri you in the biomass how we're running out of water. You know I'm not gonna make Henne gets through that -- I'm not an expert dismount tell you that I think that every individual. Should just -- -- feel the electricity you know every failing individual can make their decisions on. Conservation. And but the more we conserve when he came to electricity to hire you kept pushing my rates and I happen in order to. You know so we can certainly we're gonna get penalized. But you should feel good hope and I just -- sure -- -- -- those researchers say there's there is certainly an issue in the and probably. The world but certainly in Florida on pond water and -- feet there is little articles that are appear in the paper sometimes called MFL minimum flow levels at some big issue that the water district. Management districts. In the state and and local municipalities have been dealing with. Locally Estes who really to Santa Fe river and has taught me. Springs and in the and I mean they're deserved to look for ways to reduce consumption water. And those ways can vary from. People making choices to the government's permitting oil and less withdrawals. Or you know for an instance our case local utilities continue to raise your rates to encourage conservation and at the end of the day. You -- the theory of the higher the rates are less used to mean it it kind of works if you're into that stuff and think about your life whether it's. You know gas or water electricity but these are essential life services. I don't wanna get too technical here but just a thought. Water. Created the Grand Canyon and you see how large that is so it started as a stream and threw millions of years -- millennium. It eroded the dirt around it to the point to where now -- the waters weighed down there and the size of the canyon are way up here in other words water as a kind of effect even on rock. Over a period of time. Over a period of time in Florida and -- or for underneath the ground is not a theory that. Some of that ground. That that limestone or what have you has broken down has deteriorated. So what used to be awful -- in other words coming out of like of a -- -- you know you -- -- you wash -- car with it. Now all of a sudden it's kind of spread out because of this so called breakdown. Which results sometimes in sink holes so all of these things and -- the ground underneath this is changing regardless of what else we do all its nature taking its course it's always changing. So when these things happened. Is it is it really that we've taken so much water out there or affecting flow or the flow is just different by nature over a period of decades. But you know what so you use cell use you know probably as much or more and I do your know. I don't know should I look look I know how ultimately my point is that this is a no other issue. Like we see often where there's debate there's discussion and there are experts there's experts on all sides of the point. And I and I and that makes it very difficult and what happens I think what's happening waters you're having one side shutting down debate once again saying no we're right. And if you deny this then then you deny reality and and your you know whatever you want you know. There are offended that's not the case but I can tell you right now we need to be reasonable we need to -- We need to be gradual we need to do some things -- regardless of your take on this issue is an important issue and you need to pay attention otherwise. Other people may end up making decisions for you know tell you that is an illegal order your lawn yard -- tell you it's illegal to have grass we're gonna tell you. That you have to pay this or that we're gonna tell you you're only allowed one showering only in Florida this kind of lasts. Will be legal. But grass and airline will be illegal. As alliger Santa absolutely and that's why big costs at saying they -- profits. Radio they don't ask you about is -- it -- when it comes to the water issue op. Did they think they are in Jacksonville. What they steal and water from our area where -- again this is of course the question on JEA is. Is are there withdrawals affecting all the way heading west towards are area area and I think. Listen I think we're all in this together the problem is is that he got to pick sides in the got to start fighting and that's when we do I'm just not in that stuff. Some listening and I'm trying to learn likely go to a should I think people be shocked if they really learned. The free pass that agriculture gets in the state of Florida. I think people would be shocked if they -- you know -- they really understood you know. What some of the policies that are being the talked about -- so JEA is judge actually just an example of them there they're the largest city around us from us right to the closest place we can find. A million people from Gainesville. So I mean it's it's I think that they're certainly have withdrawals they've got there are other issues specifically to cities there along coastlines. And what they can and can't do their water. I think we should give them water based on the jaguars winning record date when a football game William a million gallons I don't investing enough and if they want the -- -- -- a soccer ball or they want -- be good policy as pretty safe batted down a lot less mean does it mean now that's economic development of -- so. But I Lazard report issues and I think again people need to pay attention to and I think. I think for the average person gain over last year's news drew rousing the docks that are built away far from the lakes. And in other words elixir down I think we can all relate with that. But again the science in the debate the experts are still asking themselves is -- nature or resist because we are actually consuming water on the walk for -- for. For for people's views and and again I I just. I'm not fair to say I know it is put up for you know I have to make decisions and that's where I think you we have elected officials that at least are looking. And thinking I think that's important to me and I don't want some debate right now. Do you have a final question of any good news on the biomass plant. I'm do you think that maybe it's gonna fall apart -- hurricane hit there. It will there be mechanical failures and not be able to produce electricity I mean are you saying your prayers every night like I am that the biomass thing fails. Well -- I've heard recently Donald Trump's looking to buying it and maybe put it casino -- that's kind of a double -- -- I was sending Clive and Bundy a million dollars to come here and and bring some people with our guns you know and maybe burn that thing down. That album these. -- broader Monday as the guy who's out in -- has the land dispute over with the federal government. Who got many people on his side even though he might not be on the right side of the law. Now you know what I'm us I've I've seen that other news I have been basically in my in my life is. Work hard for him being in the city right now so -- work I had -- -- I'd chase a dull boy who did you know better typed and over and over again at a fairly dry and we're doing great you know I actually give a shout out to my mother in law. -- have -- what you say perverts yet -- stroke last night so we are in the hospital. Emergency room north Florida did an amazing job. And again. While at the same as us I get -- Oprah I appreciate life more you see the changes we all go through and as farce is politics for me. -- don't enjoy the game but and certainly trying to do the best I can. And people that prejudged at all and have their stereotypes but I just don't have really a lot of patience for that and soon home to you do best I can. We continue to. To do at a camp for for for Gainsville and if people or get -- me than they can do it for the city. And I and I just appreciate the opportunity coming here and talk about issues and lenders try to inform people in -- You know what's good. We appreciate be in candidly -- on as usual thank you very much you know personality your mother in law. Age 29 on the Bob Rochelle live and local Gainesville city commissioner Todd -- into this studio homeland back and then. Couple weeks now. You know we talk to you again. Yeah 829 on the proper road show to protect. You to -- metal health needs some money poured got a fund it we'll talk about it coming up. -- -- Michaels said. Three years still. This segment is brought to you by the king insurance. And then. -- 39 -- -- rose showtime -- by Hayes -- really answers always he had a standard sandy isn't -- studio with me. And sky lines -- wide open at 8779759825. -- -- big issue why. Well because people who suffer noted treatment -- lot of those people end up homeless some of them become violent some of them hurt themselves some of them hurt others. And it is a an imperfect science. Some of medications have been affected some counseling you've been effective there is not a one size fits all for sure. But I think most people would agree that there is a real lack of health care from the mental health perspective. We're allowed Americans. If somebody appears. To have real problems. You can't just lock him up and throw away the key I mean the mental health industry or whatever you wanna call her label it. For years I would say maybe during the fifties and men and and in some of the sixties. They may have had some bad reputations for doing that kind of thing. Locked up in a sanitarium. That was -- of the the threat. And that was. Awful. For a lot of people. For Sama. It may have been necessary the problem was it was too broad in its scope. Its net in snared far far too many without necessarily finding any effective treatments. Five years after its inception the Marion County mental health court. -- shopping for funds after learning it would not receive another dose of state grant money. Our -- effort trying to keep things going now know outside funding. We've done a remarkably so far according to county judge Jim Kuhn. He started diversion program in fact we've got two people basically doing three or four people's worth of work. Mental health court began in 2009 is a program designed to divert mentally ill nonviolent defendants from jail. And prosecution and instead I'm -- treatment. And support services. And that's good right because mental illnesses. But does not usually. Get treated. It in a jail -- prison setting. So a person does time for a certain crime gets out and still has all the same mental. Issues. And obstructions they've had before. After the grant money ran out it was determined to mental health court programs saved taxpayers saved taxpayers almost five million dollars. In a couple of years. Because they diverted to people rather than him and serve jail time. Would have been a total of 25000. Days behind bars he's got to pay for that no -- -- you guess security to provide to working with the jails yeah. It's expensive. The mental health -- model of monitoring. Treating offenders is more efficient effective and less expensive than funneling them through traditional justice systems. The program has a nine point 8%. Cynicism recidivism. A rate so here you've got one -- and basically that are gonna end up getting in trouble again but that that means really 90% rate you're not gonna see them again Clinton. Old I'd say that that's probably better than the general population when it comes to just you know. Regular crimes and here you're doing now homicides outstanding. Virtually every misdemeanor defendant who has elbow on the program you know is somebody you can. Find themselves in and etc. setter but. They don't have the funding. And they have to try to find the funding again this is another issue where. You know what you gonna do. You know raise -- raise taxes on something like down. And now so the average person says look it's a worthwhile cause -- Again you know there's another worthwhile cause and then behind them there might be another one. Where does it and on average cost about fifty bucks to data housed in maid Marion county jail. People would mental health concerns would usually cost more are -- house per day because they require more medication or supervision or both. -- county's program began operating with a 59000 dollar state planning grant -- and was awarded 455000. Implementation grant in February 2011. Funds were used to hire two court case managers and also paid for service is provided by the senators of nationalize mental illness. Implementation grant ran out February 27. The program applies for an expansion. Much to my heart break we were not awarded that according to the Q and adding that he is grateful for the funds he did receive. The grant was only there for three years so it's not that we lost it's that it ran out. It's sad because it did you know what appears that this program has been effective and actually saving taxpayers' money. So hopefully they can. Try to figure out put their heads together and figure out a way to to somehow be able to fund it because like -- said in the and -- it appears statistically. To be a taxpayer money saver. -- mental health issue obviously not the local issue we sit on the national level we see people who are in now obviously have issues and problems and some -- committing very very serious and heinous crimes. I'm an old Larry over. Larry if you can hang on I promise doesn't want to give him fair time. You always have some good to share with -- so hang on folks 845 on the Bob Rochelle. Jane Anderson in the house in tuned to news talk 97.3 this guy. Can do three list. I don't know what about -- -- he casually discuss this I know there's nothing casual about bought blog -- seven point three this car. Hi this segment of the sky has brought you five Robin -- dental full service dentistry for the entire family. Exit -- the bomber road show with standards -- -- -- 9 o'clock live and local thanks for tuning in and -- Thanks for stands just go to Bob Rochelle you know you can like this on FaceBook. Let us know what you think and FaceBook dot com slash is sky. It always email me be heroes and Danner combat Tom. And illness admittedly shell on your Smartphone you get to tune in radio lap rambler joint and you can listen to the Bob Rochelle on demand. The podcast is at this guy 973 dot com. Time magazine. Drinking age. To all Tony wants to old. Kids turn to other things that's according to. Their article. We'll talk about that coming up just a minute the first Larry's been on hold hey Larry your -- above Rochelle good points there. Well good morning and almost sounds like you're you're next article you could get into would more integrated with the last one which is. How much insanity or mental illness there is in the country. It's and it's a really good thing that they don't put all the people with mental illnesses in. Essentially you know on planetarium anymore. Just think about how many. Commie liberals we have the tape or they have. And they're the perfect example they'll continue to support the administration's. And they don't even bother to complain or think that this is bad you got -- -- there in Ukraine. They're gonna give tens of millions of dollars to Ukraine. To help them. Bring forth there fracking. Technologies so they can go after their shale and get -- -- ground. Well and so far. Rolled Dutch shell oil company hold 200 shares of they've pretty understated so all of Americans taxpayers are going to be subsidizing. You know Royal Dutch Shell through the Ukraine and helping me and -- and my retirement and how much of insanity is that. Not one of them liberals -- complain about they all ought to be in. A cemetery in the -- out AM. They're even trying to entice Halliburton all know. Halliburton the one they winding complained about Obama and Halliburton. And Schlumberger. With their expertise they don't wanna go over there. Until the policy changes in Ukraine that would make it. Less risky for them because they're Smart business. Yeah how naive of you here and here out apart. A Larry I think a lot of liberals are like me they want you to make money off of that that stock even if it's in Royal Dutch Shell because. Now -- their opening you'd invite him to go camp and in -- now. Now a good point look we've got energy stores we need to be utilizing it to an XL pipeline 61% of Americans polled. Tom said -- -- gave the green light. And -- all the brainwashing -- and about how evil. On fossil fuels are -- pipelines are and how Ebola tar sand oil isn't how dirty it is the dollar brainwashing going on still 61% of Americans say come -- man. And I think a lot of it has to do with the economy and jobs -- people or put gas in your car and realize what they're paying me enough is enough. There was another story the other day they came out about him. Basically. American wages are falling out way behind where. Other countries like Europe what countries in Europe. Have that I had a rise over the last few years upwards of in some cases 20% in terms of their pay. America is actually going backward. I mean SO one thing we we work harder than anybody else but we used to be rewarded for that hard work now that doesn't appear to necessarily. Be the case at least according to wants to study that I saw. So nominated is getting tougher and tougher. To just beyond you know on the middle middle class America just trying to keep your head. Above waters becoming more and more of a challenge and this administration my opinion not helping in anyway shape perform some things are gonna change somebody is moving your -- Technology and other things do affect job markets. There's no doubt about it and competition around the world is gonna have an effect -- but there's something going on even beyond and I believe. I here's my story. The age 21 rule for drinking which by the way. You know how that came about there are some states and had 21 for a long time there are some states it had eighteen for a long time. Most of the federal government decided that eighteen was too young may decide that 21 would be a law of the land. You couldn't make states change their legal drinking age but I know and at least two states where they did Florida being one of them. Basic you don't have to raise your drinking age however if you don't we're gonna withhold all. Highway funding. All the building of all -- to come from the federal government will be cut off a couple. You know there's no states' rights the federal government made the mandate period and the story. Now what what kind of garbage is that. Now an article comes out from time magazine. The national minimum drinking age act passed in congress thirty years ago this July is a gross violation of civil liberties it must be repealed. It's absurd on just a young Americans can vote Mary and -- contracts and serve in the military eighteen cannot buy an alcoholic drink at a bar restaurant. The age 21 rule sets the US apart from all advanced western nations. And there's other detrimental effects as a result of higher. Drinking age that we may have not considered let's explore -- talk about it. And I'll get your input next on the five road -- 8779759825. You're tuned to news talk 97.3. This guy's.