Obama & The Robot

Apr 25, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 25 - 6am

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There's your stomach just do real well yeah you'll hear it tears. Until you just screams and -- don't moan groan. It's greens -- a little dance song. News sky radio. Seven point three and this. Hole. Pulled out there has been ever come out. The week dead is fair. Yes. Take off that top and little little. Ladies I'm talking about your convertible and oh my -- how the day's gonna start. Friday April 25 when he fourteen. Dad. I'm Bob Rose. The day of the Bob Rose golf scramble -- article to a county -- plantation. I will be there. Soon as I can get out of here so sent an email to my boss and say pie holes at this modest work to do there's people weighed in on him. And maybe I'll get out to the golf course on time. The up coming a mile a minute shall we view tee time is it one bit about star registry starts eleven and -- There make sure your short if you're sure right away and -- seems like they're gone you gotta make street you'll let you know shaken hands kiss the baby stuff and again what people showing up bull will -- refers that. With the launch starting at eleven thing you know -- made that you're not the only person thinks this life. They're real lot of folks have to be like you know sort of wander around the area about 105 team. I get credit that way they can make sure they get some lunch that's that thing jail a lot of people think like -- But I'm a guy who takes action and I do it's not because. I'm rude or hungry or don't care but I am the ice breaker on the got -- gets an outline first just so other people can feel more comfortable about them sell de -- That's why if I get on the golf course and actually play. I don't play to win I've played -- make other people feel better about the quality of their game I'd do serve a purpose. By the way about tennis match after that would be a going to be walked on to say right now -- my tennis match. Yeah whoever I'm playing and they're only to get credit is time to be wanna. I get out way away -- excuse Saudi build and yet under promise over deliver in now and yet I got my excuse built then. And and it's good for me psychologically. Because I'm one of those guys at the less I care I'm awesome the more after I start to try it. -- city party over with everything look at it it -- your your opponent and a -- when's George it's looks like the woman. Get me you beat up a woman we hate beatable and I think what's wrong which it. Or you get beat up by the woman's outlook c'mon seriously -- beat by -- car. Same concept they're completely won't even a story o'clock in the morning -- be at a golf tournament all that I. They beat you'll bold and Sherlock -- supposed to -- out of -- well and it's the -- might be guided beat me you know that that beat me the last time pretty good Newton. The -- all -- -- -- part of new best tennis down the street here great guy. Every time I -- I I go yet they don't know Bob your game's getting good you're a book and that I love to hear that and I go yeah well. On -- beat -- pretty badly you know. -- And what would you play him I said 35 Manson is not a 35. I said yeah I didn't think so leader. But he says that you know I mean he's at that level another -- should have been kicked upstairs long time ago -- I'm kind of bonded. I'm I'm sort of on that bubble like -- moved up. You take -- testers now -- the league decides valued at a computer rating and it's based on how many matches you win and the level of competition that you play against. And has one season man I was lights out on fire. And even wanted to and two singles at number one position -- stuff and I'm like -- I'm gonna get moved up what are ready or not. And now. Now so I can -- CS can't trust some computer sometimes. And now what are you moved up because once again I say an eight. I'm new at this level you guys should all beat me in and in my Gillick he wanted to you know. So what we'll see -- but anyway a bit busy busy day now Jerry Remy busy you know like going on tomorrow as your Big Five K right yeah. -- today I got them well -- Going into the I'll go to the gym trying to get to organized to make. As well like you still do and you do and a new work counting event. -- -- Nina and Evernote a lot of southern -- the site on the radio. Abstract body works yeah advertisements. Don't want a public company for sure got are the -- but that's the settlement ever -- -- -- about it bit valuable delegates you're gonna try regularly here at 10 o'clock as you gotta go -- it -- -- do -- oil and other stuff. Which means I might be subjected to things right so I don't wanna handed the boss a bunch of knives at the control back at me. All morning long. John Jay and I run interference for each other and -- interference more for him because he actually has real work to do so like Geico. With the boss for -- want to keep -- happy you're there'll about awhile again that I -- talk about these killing me man he's killing me. But you you are going to be via the gym today gonna tell to be nice to America's. -- legs and half decent shape the five K tomorrow. Oh yeah you're gonna work legs today well laid sort of put you through every night all its mandate they've been a were mean to me. On Tuesday I don't think you mean I think not every -- they totally got its intense. Number I mean because Ivan said a word -- and I will be talking hoops at the yes you know got him do that -- -- -- the five K tomorrow running of the bulldogs five K in Bell's story -- high school you can register the day of the event. Sort of racial start 8 the morning tomorrow when it goes to. Relief -- our cancer society is this like in Spain I mean is there offense or law you can jump up on if the bulldogs start catch up -- of now. Hopefully we'll get eaten. Now but it notes bill I'd just I don't know why they lather people up in -- before the race centimeters sound stupid I think you're asking for. Well it's early enough in the morning it's not too humid it's not that bad. If the dogs don't get it applies well will. Well I did a nice picture I'm kidding folks know its -- -- to denial that. I was not -- flies it's bastard in the front row spot road running the -- it -- ruining it -- Ernie here yet sorry I meant what noontime mission -- over to The American Legion post -- won for their road barbecue fund -- -- man I you know. I want to step out there but I also want to maybe make an appearance down Leesburg and get a big bike fest going on. But but I'll be and so India in both cases. How many hundreds of degrees is going to be on Saturday. Yeah Al -- half chancellor of ninety all weekend. Now. Tell ya might be there at the surrogate vote to fund raiser. To The American Legion post popular but twelve to. Twelve all law. Now many innovative ways to grow there they're gonna have a barbecue and stuff right yeah do we had a Steve on the air talked about are absolutely and I. Majority out their support costs these two guys like him. Not. 6:14 am above Rocha and -- alienate -- -- con tent relive it -- Friday who gets up. -- All -- that that the adult ought to say about the break we'll see if you'll talk about it and nobody -- up. Public tearing -- the sticks on and then net and then people. The almighty god oh OK so your enemy you didn't respond useless to me right when you robot. Obama and the box. Obama and the but coming up on the Bob Rochelle I would 615. That they have this Friday mass friends. Others may try and -- and Hank Aaron. Rush Limbaugh is America's real anchorman that's the way rush and new. 97.3. -- Twenty. Anderson in the house as well it is Friday April 25 Tony fourteen time -- brought to buy it pays jewelry -- jewelry. When the answer. He's always. One has the president -- up to what do you do. When he was in Japan. Visiting recently. Checking out to. New technology. Get a chance to meet at SeaWorld a Japanese humanoid. Did you go. Something like this. Obama can't just saying run Al Green. He hit newsstands mandate but I managed from Chicago hope these signals and -- sons. Plus it's the river around colonies the spawn of Satan so there's definitely a connection there. All come on I'm getting -- It was really weird. You put your head down your showing submission so I'd be careful about -- but you know with the real dangerous. When he was vowing. The robot to let them know the robot detected something. -- but -- the chip. A Manchurian candidate -- a robot know always in consents when there's nobody in the rule. And you're right it's like a professional courtesy like one lawyer and can smell another lawyer same thing. Don't want to melanoma by choking to my lawyer friends of course. I would only talk death I'm behind their backs. NASA the -- my two cents might have sensed that the president's got some -- parts in the Manchurian candidate. Did I mention that he -- dog is a child. And then the birth certificate okay -- the way this early and a Friday jet. And I get that same must be a record this might be a record we got all out of the way. But that. During his visit Tokyo President Obama had a chance to meet Sewell. Passing. Ask him all I could ask him all passing. A bill I think that's what it all realign yeah. Game. I'm I'm maybe making that putt. Well it stands for advanced to step in innovative mobility. I think it was kicking a soccer ball miles yes -- yes it was I was listening to bomb. What's his face last night the kid the park. Mean yeah Howard Dean now editing any -- And indeed the sausage guy right the guys it is. That they dig it out they took my Howard Dean scream like -- alone. On a level. I was listening. In my Howard Dean scream back on my daddy got to OJ's gonna kill room going to be dole. Yeah I really know I have no striking east I have bill dean scream okay hero and and debris on the show asset they destroyed the job. And ratings come out. And we're in third place again and we miss our bonus. I was just got home all right provide enough back that night everybody -- policy at a golf tournament. Anyway. So the president he he said it was pretty impressive. Should be let's be honest I I hear you go here's -- -- Michelle right now jag I've just saved the show. You know the bossy too wanted to -- like on the fly stuff. What's -- dear. Obama hanging out this robot robots in general. All are -- new Ronald McDonald. Did you see Ronald McDonald's Gallagher blazer on death. He's like. I don't know it's sort of Ronald McDonald meets the pajama boy pushing obamacare -- that guy -- like it it's like you know at the green jacket again with a masters. But at the red jacket because he's like you know and had a yell -- -- -- -- glanced up at a yellow and anti cancer -- and today. We should all have a Blake an image of Ronald McDonald had and why would we now anyway. That act Sonera based on the edge it is an across on market in -- -- to. My FaceBook dot com -- this guy. Now -- -- we can't touch now he can't yet about Rochelle -- weekend we have to you an exact time on Sawyer is reckoned with. People -- As the -- you have to do it yet debate it again. They did a ghost sounds like some has been wake -- in -- The food. All speaking of awaken and bacon as a stabbing. Stabbing and read it was involved which this might be a first because apparently all the people that are all for the we'd. On it doesn't make you violent. But I have a story. That says otherwise I don't know that -- get to after the break woman stabbed boyfriend and chest allegedly energy PD. And we need. Might have been involved. I say here's the deal seriously. How well -- pretty impressive Obama marbled after the demonstration later during a meeting with students Obama mentioned his meeting with -- at all. We -- some truly amazing robots although I have to say the robots were a little scary. They were to life like they were amazing. But what he meant by scary was the -- He sensed the chip. And it's right and it's an Obama snack you be overseen I've seen like the little. The suture mark's garden never really healed up from when he went from Kenya to why the bots gonna narc on them. Seen a lot. Obama's hiring the bot. Make of the ambassador to Libya. Why. Is he could postman Ben got a -- -- just -- take care of that problem real quick old school. And it's it's a good items to in his doom. This report the stuff welcome Mr. President it is a pleasure to meet it'll. President Barack Obama about looking delighted his creator after -- to 55 installed. -- -- take humanoid robot. With a look of a diminutive Star Wars storm trooper. The year. You know maybe I am agreeing with the president for the first time a little while here. That robots are a little scary. Yeah now. Is thanks so. That's nice to meet you the president said pausing to watch the -- There some thing -- Wrong with that and I'm not. I know I pick on the president all the time -- he gives me so much material this time I'm not picking on him -- say. I just think any president is gonna look foolish having any sort of an exchange in a conversation with a robot it is not. It is not a human is not it could be lifelike but it's not a life it's it is that is kinda creepy and it makes. I think it makes the president look. Frankly kind of silly. I mean have you ever talked to your Tug at my computer good morning good morning computer hold on a second. He's got Joseph Biden as his Vice President Biden and Kerry as a secretary of state. Hangs out with Pelosi and Reid. And the robot makes -- look where do you think. You got me again. Six when he laid out above Rosie OJ Anderson and house have every Friday. Yeah. Did bill we'd make her do the dirty -- its first ever boyfriend because of marijuana. Details on the way news talk 97.3. This guy. -- a moment first and talk about it no bodies are like screen this guy. 639 out -- Roselle Alexander's a lot of love Black Friday. -- -- -- President met the robot as when he a big stories we'll talk about that will make fun of that weird he did a little bit left to a county environmental protection department. State as -- wag the do gooders do get and still pointed out twentieth annual re cycled latex paint give away. I'm gonna be there Saturday may fourth -- all the lovely ladies who have late known and now this is I'm site is paid for your house. Beginning at eight days after the Atlanta -- county hazardous waste collection senator. Which is -- Olivia brown environmental. Park transfer station there. Waldo road what would be too who just north of 39 avenue on the right -- toward -- Recycled paint given away given away. Given away given away now first come first served basis and be available in five gala gala now. Panels deals like the word. Five gallon containers. I policy where's -- gonna -- LA -- brownie environmental park if you are heading up. Waldo road. North of 39 avenue it's on your right hand side a little bit down to the hazardous. Yet. Hey if there's a big sign on the road -- what's Kabila to accounting. Hazardous hazardous waste collection center a couple of veto ground environmental park and transfer why why -- you know -- what you brought it up. If and I don't know how old they you wanna publicize this -- I would stress. The -- brown environmental. Plant won only because you don't wanna paint here how -- -- what if hazardous way it's like canals syringes. In any bowl. You know Oscar agree and crashed and they are all over the know they support the paint through like a little screen. To take out any of the -- Anomalies or whatever. Now they seriously I did -- I security program I don't know I -- Oakland. Wouldn't counties and give the environmental folks get together would do discussed Oprah they have like. The collection day yeah -- can bring all your asbestos at Davidson and whenever. And they take instead of just truck and written a -- -- creek. Like a real stars all year round they have now especially things he announced positive and then they are able to do think that put the paint. -- five because it's expensive yeah it is. All I was just didn't a couple of box stores. Yesterday to a -- in both both -- I'll say. Gotta -- oil producer Kevin ray I gonna try to get on a schedule to do want. Master. Bath I. -- multi could paint that come home that is that he doesn't paint. -- -- need -- -- you know I'm in paint detergent made a potato. Gonna redo my bathroom I can do I. You can just looks lost and he will have to. Tell you get this out. -- -- -- And you area everything's expensive as what I discovered a little bit a tile -- about tile there oh my god. Anyway you get to pay for free off white beige gray terra -- green and blue. Ten gallon limit -- residents don't be a pain hog. And Wednesday in a war in hog town Saturday may third yeah so that's. Next Saturday. A week from we tomorrow can I get somebody got it. Good thing. On CM promote and and yes they don't mind tonight. Much of media release we got from mark sexting communications coordinate worse who is famous for saying it could be worse -- Yeah tonight what -- -- it doesn't talk to me anymore we keep browse them. I should but yeah it's a good guy. What's a good guy column only got a cellphone right here you wanna call by got a cellphone while I had a cell -- -- more -- Obama for no reason to say -- -- Jim -- have been thinking about -- -- Eric columns -- has your refrigerator on the nice and but Baylor we'll pick on him for it could be worth the pick on mayor brawny and we want or we can't get these people to talk to us. I don't know either my guess some people don't have our sense of humor -- and the police arrested -- woman Thursday morning after accusing her. Or how dare they have stabbing her boyfriend in the chest with a steak -- during a fight no in the Q and are doing this women confront -- she's actually done it. Here's the story police responded home southeast second avenue to 23 AM I -- not a good sign. They saw a man lying on the front steps bleeding from up puncture wound to his chest and I -- the man's live -- girlfriend of eleven years Mary -- -- fifty menopause. Was standing by him. And had a fresh. Cut on her last -- middle finger. Police said the man made no statements about rights to him before he was taken to US health chance hospital for surgery. The man's condition not immediately available. A witness told police that this is important he was in the front yard of the house when he heard Wright and her boyfriend arguing. About marijuana. Inside the home. You -- arguing about marijuana. Why you bring in that we'd in the -- or is it hard to do you smoke while we welcome all my we'd GAAP. Shortly after the man ran out of the house bleeding and said right. Had stabbed him. Police said the home was in disarray covered in blood drops they also found a steak knife covered in fresh blood behind the couch in the living room. It sounds like now they don't -- like fess up to their little disturbance. Right after she was arrested right told police boyfriend was outside with unknown people. And ran into their home and said he had been stabbed. Police said Wright couldn't provide the name of the person who stabbed her boyfriend instead her finger was cut in the process of helping him. Detective said right alluded to being in an abusive relationship and said she was tired of it. But -- serious -- on some stranger did many Iran and house -- all over the place. And it was an argument about weed but no we disposed of value out. Unless. You're auto we. And you're not so mellow. Apparently. 646 on a Bob -- 8779759825. Happy Friday. What's on your mind it. -- Phelps and -- me. Go added in the pool. I'll tell you who wins Texas. That's -- sound weird. Advice for the next president. May savage world view Michael Savage the next president. -- must love America. We nights at nine dash OIC on nutty seven point three this guy. That's -- selves. Down I'm gonna make you tonight. Including mine and again come to look you. 650 out -- gross Joseph along with. But he loses. Is Ryan Lochte says. Yeah I've. -- Made him his full body. Yup Phelps -- for -- come back 22 time Olympic medalist lost to the Florida Lama Ryan Lochte. In a hundred meter butterfly final at the Reno Grand Prix Thursday night. Not to touch first 51 point 932 second fastest in the world this year. Helps exec -- But other good bodies. There were. They're talking about a little bit and ask him you know -- what are you -- -- Zia led to turn. This is down at the turn. I kind of peaked overnight saw. And Hamels started smiling like he said. And Phelps in rejects is this why because you were had. -- -- Yeah Al. All right go gators. Right. Don't don't look for his TV show new Noonan Noonan and just. He's a nice looking guy he's a Florida grad and he's got gold medals and just leave it at that. -- That's what I say because. -- -- -- 652 on the Bob Rochelle they wanna stay in touch with the show right like it's on FaceBook let us know what you think and FaceBook dot com slash the sky I always have. We comments on their and if if you see a story in a picture and comments not very witty that means I didn't post it. It's that simple I'm not -- label everyone that I post people configured out. Occasionally. I'm -- but. We don't defend anybody else's work. You can email be heroes entercom.com. And on the submitted a show on your Smartphone. Get the tune in radio out. Works for apple or Droid and listen to the Bob Rose show on demand the podcast is at the sky 973. Dot com. Chance -- 1000 dollars commit to. Message and data rates apply. So there's a judge in Marion County health cancel. Guys send me emails from time Tom -- never met the man personally. Seems like a decent guy. These people -- there facing our men -- -- begging for mercy for their if for the -- And you know he gives CIA have been you know sent in a tough sentence and it's not like. What do you do how many times how many times we shared a story review. About some bad crime that occurred and you go yes and he was arrested for felony in this year and then the rest of for this in this year and resident. And you go how come he's not in prison right wow. So how many chances should somebody get I mean really I do I definitely believe in second chances. I even think there's reasons to possibly give people a third chance nobody's perfect but good lord forgives us we'll learn to forgive each other. -- we can't be stupid either. We can't you know we can't allow somebody to run the streets and in possibly you know put another innocent human being in harm's way because of it. Despite pleas from family members 44 year old -- man sentenced Thursday to 25 years in prison for violating his probation. Just please give him another chance Herschel brown junior's mother pleaded she wept. Actually he wept as mother and and sister spoke so look EL families you know obviously sad they don't want to go back to prison. I I get that. Now they've been labeled a habitual offender in the late 1990s arrest in December on charges of battery by strangulation. And simple battery. Looked you got probation and has it would drug -- called staying clean -- -- violated that's bad that's stupid ED unit on your own but. That's tough to overcome but what do you say at a weak moment and I had a ghost regulate someone's. It's -- -- a strangulation. He admitted drug offender probation after serving eighteen years in prison for attempted murder and possession of a firearm by convicted felon. That he got it got out march of two point twelfth. Previously served time for other crimes including grand theft of -- motor vehicle burglary in the sale. Oh or parts of cocaine -- each other browser registered sex offender since his conviction in 1996. Birth sex crime. I mean what if so we're supposed to know. You know I mean. Because you know if that judge in and apparently the way though lies he could have gotten as light as a ten month sentence. So if the judge gave them get -- let's say ten months city gets out seven with good behavior -- goes -- he commits a crime. Every person is going to be screaming at the top of their -- what's wrong with that judge. -- that's why it's not easy necessarily be a judge I think fit -- -- it was hard for everybody I needed the right thing. 656 on -- Bob Rochelle. 779759825. To nine hours of math. Then details on the way.