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Bundy Bashed From The Left & The Right

Apr 25, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 25 - 7am

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bob test the waters and I'm the horse. I'm looking at the water so you know what to drink and -- And want to spit out what used the water you can let me put -- I'm not sure when you're implying. News sky radio now the bond rose show on 97.3. This way. Here. The -- So we can't have a Friday's. Minutes after 7 o'clock live in local it is about Roselle which Anderson. And I zero and 877975925. Anything on your mind let it ride baby let it rip. Time Jack brought to you by -- jewelry were the answer. Is always yes. CNN reporting. Live in Bundy the guy that I said is not the poster child. Foray for a fight against a federal government not poster child knew right away. -- heard just couple words -- -- now they go rough -- Now I've -- him now. Lost several court battles. There might be some changes are needed and lob it again not poster child I'll listen that's. -- -- Nevada ranch and turned conservative folk hero. Were blocking the federal government's attempts. To stop discount from grazing on public land. You know -- as turn conservative folks here how about to libertarian folks here. Now realistic chance to be upon conservatives so -- -- CNN's got to dig -- right. He admits -- -- money admits that he doesn't understand the bipartisan uproar over his comments suggesting that blacks that might have been better off under slavery. But he understands. What he meant by those comments and he's not backing down I don't think I'm Ronnie tells CNN's Bill -- on Thursday night I think I'm right the two decades on these cattle fed off of government owned land without paying grazing fees like thousands of other ranchers. He claims that in now that he -- business -- the federal government because in his view nor in the constitution does say that Americans can't use land owned by the federal government. -- -- There's a lot of things that are in the constitution you don't assume you can do on. There's nothing and they in the constitution about rating babies. Right okay and import -- night. So bunny told CNN they only be willing to talk to county and state authorities opening up. And that they have a more rightful claim to the land okay it would still you all grazing fees and paid to the state left mine. This stance made him a darling of conservatives in the media. Darling in my conservative media. I guess maybe I was too far ahead of the curve and realize this guy was. Not. All somebody would hope he would be to stand of the federal government. Anyway how. The now militiamen literally while -- they rallied by aside. But he won the standoff. Speaking to reporters last week -- -- called driving by a public housing project in North Las Vegas and seeing at least half a dozen black people sitting on the porch. They didn't have nothing to do. Because they were basically on government subsidy so now what do they do yet in his comments first report about New York Times later seen on video. They abort their young children they put their young men in jail because they never learned how to pick cotton. At all there's nothing controversial about that. Are you kidding me. And he says and I often wondered are they better off as slaves. Picking cotton and having a family life and doing things are they better off under government subsidy. They didn't get no more freedom they got less freedom. Well in truth we all have less freed mama. Dan. The people came before us with the exception. Of those who came from slavery will have less freedom except for first place. And how it is is we pay about 50% of our income in some form of taxation. So we're only half slaves now. I mean he's got to know number 11 of all if you're white united allowed to talk about black man issue. Being right or wrong I mean that's just you know unless you -- trying to -- the rhubarb -- there's been people who have been extremely genuine and really trying to help. People and communities. And they have been just ripped to shreds because. They don't have the right -- open their mouth apparently. Now to save that. How out of somebody more articulate. Took collide in -- position and said. These people. Some of these people may have. Roots that date back you know ancestor relate. To folks who have been who were held in slavery. Isn't it ironic that some of these same people now -- -- by the government. Through social programs designed to help them but actually have in -- them and enslave them in many ways. He wouldn't say that I don't thanks. During the 2008. Democrat primary when it was Obama and Hillary running against one another eaten. Bill Clinton took -- all full body heat. Relatively speaking I mean he's he's still -- -- of people on the left loved the guy. But when he made some remark I guess after. Obama won South Carolina. And I think go Bill Clinton it's remarkable even Jesse Jackson won South Carolina and radiators like that and then later on made a remark about. You know a few years ago this guy would be getting its call right not become -- -- say boy are now I'm not out of themselves. But in this guy is he -- beginning is call if you would be running for -- and people. I took it as this kid doesn't have any experience doing his thing -- I got Hillary Clinton and you know like in my wife's running. Judy obviously the right choice for president but people sort of took that as you know OK you creepy old white man. Yeah watched pie hole and -- and that's the darling of the Democrat yet that's clarinet so you know mate Sarah Palin made some remark about you know slavery when it comes to rule. How much we ought to pay in taxes. And Martin Bashir should someone ought to make. -- And it was his job because that but you use -- better yes I don't think you can make. Unfortunately whether it's you know or right or wrong or how eloquent he wanna try to make a point. Those are water you gotta tread carefully as well. And they'll never be a real subs -- substance. Filled conversation. About the any of the subject related to that for that exact reason -- fear of retribution fear that the media is gonna ostracize you repeater shred the media will do about it but I also think unfortunately real we have. When it comes to race discussions. I think white people and black people alone are not off the hook either can maybe go to two or three questions deep. Before it turns and dole why do you people always -- and people and today an ally so unfortunately I don't -- know I don't know what I'm an honest conversation about race without it turning into are you people conversation now mentally and that's either side sell well when the martians attack. And the people the humans of the world will unite of course then it'll be too late but yes as we need a common enemy in and all of a sudden. You know we'll see some of those differences disappear. To battle take a tragedy to do it this get Iran about rose show. Hey good morning Bob Wright I couldn't make it this year busy with work which is the good things law. -- help but I agree I'm calling him about this whole immigration all the trying to password to wish him. You know. And off the top of the hour probably are -- -- came on an alternate investment and now the investment -- because I can't move forward. When number one you could still go to school. It's just gonna cost you more. And there's going to be investment. I rather invest in a good kid like robbery -- -- little bit -- like no one heck of a student I know that equipment gonna go like hell of a lot further. I'm so tired of the debate you're here illegally. Did over the. You have thanks -- yeah we're gonna miss you this year thanks for all the support you've given to arc of the last two way and coming to the golf tournaments ordinance in no way we do appreciated. And now hopefully make it next year on. -- out we have a conversation about that -- today and I off the air will bring it up again after what's bugging you which is coming up next front throughout Florida pest control that. Yeah the people are upset here in Tallahassee and they want instate tuition. For undocumented. Illegals. And I've said it before. It's not as punitive measure it's just a rewarding measures to get the in state discount that's a reward. Do you want to reward bad behavior it's not on the part of the kids but it is on the part of the parents in the message you're sending years. The money and get across this border and this young lady talks about investment. And 8000 dollars a year in public schools and taxpayers paid for we -- ready made a pretty big investment in her. -- -- have any ideas on how she wants to pay that back. Nobody's preventing her from going to school just wants the good deal. So sorry. 716 Alibaba -- does that bug you. What is buggy 08779759825. Call in now will make your Friday them much happier. Once again you know what went wrong -- didn't you brought you by Florida residents. I'm really haven't had about 877 W sky talk I water -- survey called. Not -- seven point three this guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sunday -- out about Jesse you can have an awesome weekend and we provide this service is free of charge you don't even have to lay on the couch. Are right. What's but he brought about Florida pest control 8779759825. Young Austin you're on the air. Good morning. What's bugging me is the fact that. It is well let me preface this Clyde and -- and -- support but he did in the fact that standing -- the federal government that is why it. However. His comments that he made about African American people are over the line and completely racist that's what's bugging me. Yeah it's. Him. You know eight -- can't I mean you just you can't do it affected he isn't realized and have sensitivity and -- areas I guess all the more frightening. But I don't think it was done with. Malicious intent just pure ignorance. I thank and collided Monday and here's the problem Nicklaus and defending his land. But I do respect. Standing up to the government when they were so over the top in the way that they wanted to pursue. The law. They could've done it via a lien on his property that he does zone and got their money back for grazing fees etc. So. It out on the way that the government behaved was over the top and that part needed to be pointed out for sure banks. Bobby on above Rochelle is bug and you. Good morning. Period -- Friday morning with low visibility. Dangerous sort of driving conditions and these cars running around no -- on. We're so police well there's career apart from the operation up on thirteen inch streak have a managed very. Well look if it's crispy cream and hot doughnuts now light is on. Any really -- unity now. Not way via the aide saying. That's a safety concern and that's a law enforcement when they pull people over supposed to be out of concern for your safety when you're hiding in the trees on a Sunday morning at like. 11 AM and people -- on their way to church and there's hardly any traffic. Is not when there is serious safety concerns on the roadway and writing somebody a ticket. For a few miles over is ridiculous announcing they they do that at habitually in this area but. Really the best use of police if you -- concerned about safety would be under foggy and rainy conditions pulling people over for not burning their headlights and a the good at the metal slug it out those traffic like cameras can't say he'll. Thanks buddy. When you turn into a positive so. Tony what's. You knew. I was bugging me is okay it's a -- -- relates -- problems. And that may not been the most articulate an army terms of you and maybe just sit there and that we wish we could win back and maybe maybe a little bit better you know it's and everybody's you know. Good -- in regard if you -- research. On me Actuate some pro illegal. Alien on the edge where he says that they're -- values even -- that white people so I think it's just you know we're good. Give this man a break up a special speaker just never struck and far at least there I mean reverend. Or ignore it made a movie called runaway slave. Where he basically the same thing. Bad nobody said. And they are -- -- and other black and so reduce its so you talked -- some slack and I mean this -- all the confirmed if some come here. Misha what do candidates go Robert so it takes on the what the mayor -- they've blown out proportion. And I'm sick of like very conservative like Rand -- who -- well. He has -- about missile standoff when he was quick to jump on the -- Barbie. So we basically kept dancing so Latin. Yeah I look around -- In -- Fox News was all over CNN was busy still looking for a plane didn't have any time for that American standing up. But Danny series he says something stupid and if you talk to somebody who lacks education like he obviously does doesn't mean he's dumb per say but. Lacks education and some worldly nests. In this politically correct society we live in just a matter time is gonna say something stupid it. And so now CNN's all over like while this is the biggest story ever happening when. Two weeks ago they Clive and who they -- who he was MEJ pointed it out perfectly and now. Fox -- candlelight. Now they're sort of -- and know their cover in the Texas case now a similar thing at a lot of money but not mentioning Robin -- you know I stick to my original statement that I came out with a win the original story broken that is. This guy is not your poster child. To grab a hold of in terms of worried about property rights in overreach of the federal gonna he's not going to be York. Up poster child of hockey tickets it turns out I was absolutely right absolutely right on now on so. It's losing ul and -- and if we added to it think about all the things we've said their lives yeah I purposefully. Say ridiculous over the top things in my kids. All purposefully just to get their attention. And down only if they took me seriously. I've tried. DC -- on my kids by now if they know I was you know just -- their chains -- knuckle head what's bugging neo. I have golf however -- -- has -- operation that LK refineries. Yourself in nineteen storage terminals and eaten shut down their belt -- the closest. I'm not there any profit would -- minister. -- -- will paint with a price increase -- Broadcast journalist managers -- an article on my eat we -- -- It would require closer continue their assault on America. Are cleared out one now play yeah. I read an article about no oil and all that but one of things -- glean from it. Refineries are not profitable. And I just I don't know why that is the -- TV has some new deal with the EPA and penalties or what you have to do to keep it clean. I don't know Carl what's -- you. Al -- a little about the -- I have a question regarding our. Requirement. All of -- one out there -- that it must apply for you let it should be eligible. -- -- to me why are there it would already -- -- repeat there resident alien art and maintain our earth and it. Think there are here legally and while rule. That it -- What are back. All right we'll suing to bobbled. So it's 18 -- -- above Rochelle on half my law interns. My answers from the law school working on it but the but the thanks for participating in what's bugging you brought you by Florida pest control really but to Gingrich. 8779759825. Go low carb diet back again. Is it good volley set it was. Science will attack me out details on the way news talk about a seven point three this guy. Today officer I am really sorry do you three -- no more programs on news talk 97.3. -- yeah. This time. And and and. -- 740 on a mile road show to when Minnesota I'm like yeah. Data and it yeah it's -- it is the weekend hey I'll leave via Bob Rose golf scramble in my name up. Just my name their folks who sit on the board to do all the work last year raised over 40000 dollars for the arc of the last two accounted awesome awesome work. They do all the heavy lifting -- skated go out there and look pretty. And now on -- -- and accomplish that was my face for radio but if you wanna participate. You might be able to lock up can't promise him you but might be able to walk up and and just join in the fun and join a golf tournament. Usually stop by -- say hi and if you're and it definitely policy on. You put and I think lucky thirteen. And implantation of you'd know what it's the one that has the tree not too far from the team that an end branches to hang right over it. And I never hit a straight perfect shot it's a long par three. I never history perfect shot ever when -- golf but on that particular hole and I've you know ball and the course well I have quite a few times but. I remember two times specifically hitting that tree branch. It would be like a perfect shot. And I hit it twice so now add to the branches and there are among the trees are based on somebody else must edit and got -- put it into opted down. But. He's Harley-Davidson hole in one. Could win garlic. Gains of Harley-Davidson has to mean nice I think they're gonna go crazy this year two of maybe some. In on -- some out there. So I'm looking for -- wouldn't put out there and and very happy to be associated with the -- -- to -- Awesome work that they do. Now I'm Pia very happy to be apartment I was well there's always talk about. So you know I can fury in the in the city government what have you. A lot of duties to an island I think joint -- wanna make sure that your community isn't nice and clean and stuff people like general and it -- -- return of types. SA and got a -- run your homeowner's association okay. Look for those people do serve a purpose in life a little. To become a little pain in your rear end sometimes but -- a report. So when they see an ice or you know they they pointed out -- apparently. -- Jack's bar downtown Gainesville on main street. Ways. Partial leave through some construction process they were gonna put on now. I guess now outdoor beer garden and he never got to finish it because it well he he passed away. It's interesting because they're ready article -- he'll sign it doesn't sit at a later on this story. So you think an -- people need to get their act together while the all properties in probate because of his death so. You know it's kind of in now. You know in blocks. But there's some people that you know are all excited about it -- worried about it one of most one of the Gainesville city commission president Tom Hawkins. All worried you know he's all worried about it he's worried about an -- you know I said. I you wanna see an eyesore. Well what did you use him about my G are you bill. Makes my guys are winning over that don't look at it. Instead of that biomass plant let's burned wood for energy. LS progressive. Bank progressing from I guess the and twelfth century to the thirteenth century. Now with these guys have been fired who did maybe even predates that. But in now. So -- worried about it in separate email responses city commissioners Lauren poet -- Hawkins. They said they shared for their frustration and -- city manager Russ Blackburn for update. On what the city was going to do to address the condition of the site. First of all. -- that. Property would mean to be vacant are in the middle of construction if you'd be more pro business but no we keep narrowing main main street and you wonder gee -- Kamal he had his tattoo parlors in bars. Because no one else wants to go down a fight to traffic look for parking etc. A bigger issue. Falcons and and who'll -- yeah role. A letter about the rest of the John -- at a Manhattan. Did they use the city of Gainesville letterhead. Who rule like that criminal -- Are only now who used that. To. Defend the vote until Crist and Nelson to back off because they were screaming about how -- voter disenfranchisement. Because that 1% voter turnout that happened there Reitz union. I just think it's interesting because it means to me that all the issues facing Gainesville are all taken care of when they can spend this much time. They they they include an -- the links at that time the properties been abandoned at a construction site is gone beyond outrageous Hawkins wrote an email to blackbird. Can you schedule -- city commission discussion item for an upcoming meeting. At present how this. -- problem has been able to -- For this amount of time to what policy action to city commission. Could not enable you to remedy this situation how worried about this one little piece of property and I sounds like a they don't have anything better to do with their time be. Gee I wonder -- one of their bodies is interested in buying net property. Kind of like when they were mad about that mural hated on the side of the that are if you play volume barbecue place and a death big issues big issues folks mounts on opponent -- it's not -- university. I all -- the oh my goodness. 745. On the Bob Rochelle. -- coming up at 805 -- -- get a country dot com all things Gator we'll have to ask him about Ryan Lochte. Our swimming champ beat Michael Phelps in the -- straight up. Yeah we get that and a whole lot of up well we got bad news when it comes to a -- US dive coach passed away in -- kind of bizarre boating accident down in southwest Florida said he was only 61 years old. All right ball low carb diet I promise to balance -- get a -- and -- On the Bob Rochelle along with. 97.3 this guy. -- and great thing about America we can disagree Toledo prison buildings down we don't set buildings on fire from these people laughed when we disagree 97.3. IE. Seven revealed about road -- a lot of local. And in the house as well. They'll want to be able to stay in touch with a Bob -- show. Like guests on FaceBook let us know what you think at FaceBook dot com slash disguise. But released a picture of the family and everybody like thanks for the positive comments very very nice. And only submitted their show on the Smartphone if you get to tune in radio app. Here apple enjoyed bureau set also listen to the Bob Rochelle on demand the podcast is at the sky 973 dot com. Low carb diet vacuum in Newsnight. Look I'm a supporter of this whole thing. And I did an and I think science backs it up. I -- hydrates are really Wear and you know we have issues now and that's and a zero cards and all that but carbohydrates in general for most Americans we we just eat too much that we stored as fat. And it's created the problems that we have -- obesity now body's metabolism little bit different some people don't have an issue with those are generally people got -- today stupid. Well for you know it's not may be necessary for others it's been quite effective. Noted died in health scientist just -- get a packed house. At the IHMC. Evening lecture series Thursday new twist on an old saying yeah let's do this a likeness. Rather as saying you are what you week. The statement now should be you are what you store from what you eat. I know it's a little longer but that that's the deal. It's what you store. -- is a professor researchers University of Connecticut. Every good basketball. Tennis star of their players so apparently yeah. The Clinton. -- -- Yes that's right because what it would do what kids say we need to be unionized as I'm hungry all the time or something they -- -- they go to bed hungry it's northwestern what's gonna you know yeah apparently but he did speak out. Yes -- Abbas that was it Shabazz said it yet. Night. Volley presented the talk the many facets of Quito a -- action health performance in beyond part of a series hosted by the institute medium machine cognition. Technical research center of the offices in Ocala and Pensacola and cooperation with a college of Central Florida and local business sponsors. This series has been an ever increasing in popularity with several hundred in attendance Thursday. Tonight's talks sold out within six hours opposed to get on the website. And -- said the typical American diet. Rich in carbohydrates like -- imposter is a health concern. At least a more storage of fat and fat burning the latter of which may be accelerated by a design and balance in take off. More facts. So you folks again all hooked up on this light this in light that light this in light dad I'm telling you and I've been telling you. It's not gonna be an effective long term way for you lose weight. That is not -- any carbohydrates are. Restricting cards can increase that burning in some cases more than exercise. He cited studies with diabetic patients and and a world class athletes. On -- energetic. Diets. That are high in fats. And it bolsters all of his claims of the benefits of restricting cards in allows the body do you stored fat for fuel rather than the limited fuel obtained from carb intake. When body chemistry changes occur including deliver releasing fat burning key -- A state of key toast says has been reached and -- is -- usually at a higher rate than any person and high carb diet. We've been condemning fats in the diet for decades. Adding that the source is a fat he may suggest as part of a personalized -- include meats cheese eggs in knots urine and blood tests can be used to monitor proper intakes. According to a biography on folic distributed at the -- fifteen years of research indicate. The metabolic -- -- actions achieved from properly designed restricted carb diet. Can has therapeutic effects beyond a weight loss including reversing type two diabetes. So it's it looked as some to think about not nothing is one size fits so. But I'm glad the science continues. To Baghdad up because it like. Now -- mainstream theory and all that including many many doctors they just won't even look at the research and I just find that very irritating. Because the government change all the food pyramids different I get it checked out out. Americans got fatter hey hey there's no fat hardly in cookies it you know and now this other stuff anymore right. And people got fatter and fatter and fatter. Time to change your way of thinking on some of these things. By 756. Bob -- showed. Up next from Gator country dot com friends beard there. He's going to be joining us in just a few minutes estates in my friends. And after that skyline to be open again news duck not a seven point three disguise.