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Putin News/LA Clippers Owner

Apr 28, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 28 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Like politics wouldn't let sports in this simpler time. Just simple show. You check the box is -- the stand she keeps score it's no longer like that. News radio now it's neck deep views this as -- 97.3. This guy. Good morning. After 6 o'clock. It is the Bob Rhodes show -- to the tenth. Monday April 28 to only fourteen all yeah. We made it to the weekend did you did you get that now. But to Leesburg into the bike -- and my wife down there and it was hot. And that's what it says picture a posted on FaceBook. Hot hot hot and it was and you know lot of vendors a lot of people. All right for awhile -- we know what I realized I like crowds. With the sort of beat at an out of there by the yet they get Susan. Yesterday do chores around the house. And so it goes hey look it could've been worse. Could have been a lot worse tornadoes. Hear about that half mile wide in some areas through the plains midwest the south at least eighteen people killed Sunday three separate tornado spawned by. Is powerful storm system a move through central and southern United States. The Arkansas department of emergency management confirmed early Monday morning at least sixteen people died after tornado. Tore through central Arkansas Oklahoma county sheriff's dispatcher reported one person died. On. And in the states border there with Kansas and Missouri Fox News confirm one person died when a tornado hit another area of Iowa. Just a real nasty system. I'm moving through that area so -- -- count your -- certainly you know. We didn't have to deal with something like that hopefully don't have any family or anything in that area but -- yeah half mile wide. In some areas. I -- posted the story -- on FaceBook Korea as well you can check that out and also. You see those UPS driver scooting all around and they also don't think. Award given out. 15170. Square miles in Marion County. It's a lot. But double release Williams and now Randy Brazil. They know their streets they know their area and -- they get themselves. On award for being accident free. If you combine the two driver 63 years. Logged one point seven million delivery miles. Never been in an accident. And so they got a nice. A nice award prestigious circle of honor 25 years of accident free driving. I just think if he is go in your own vehicle and you never in Iraq. 25 years. Is pretty good right. In the new drive for a living and so you do drive all day. And is now the truck is like bright orange. Optic yellow. -- You don't mean granted it's a march. But it -- proud. An evening specially in you know in the fall and wintertime it Christmas they're delivered late. Really of people busy shoppers all that you'd think somebody even if they -- fault somebody would run into them at some point. You know they specifically look for right turns they specifically are taught down to. Not to make left turns I guess and was a really really has to as part of their delivery. And that eliminates a lot of chances apparently for -- for an accident to think about that. Next time your planning. Or maybe the way you go to workers suddenly. Now they look for more you know right turn China void left -- -- cross in traffic. Interest and -- minutes after 6 o'clock live -- local. -- tune of about -- OJ Anderson in the house. What is on now what's on your mind. When it what did you miss. You miss anything in had to deal with oh I don't know Vladimir Putin what CO2 these days. I don't know well I'm five got a bunch of stories and little pedal issue with the some equipment. Who knows what goes up and did here. Over the weekend really I have I have no idea I've no idea what happens. Now over the weekend. And I can in my computer maker of food house could have been low power glitch could have been anything. On put you know reading stories and click in in print it click it imprint meant. -- of the greater now -- there. And -- dinner code and all that some -- everybody what let's what's the code. Now no luck no luck whatsoever so it's going to be one of those days. Every money maybe get the -- -- if you can find I hate Mondays or something. Begin throw that in there was a Boomtown rats ass that's what I need some -- in my -- Monday stuff. But I am don't worry the show this shows got to go on the show will go on. Giving up day what's going on in the Ukraine. President Obama says. The US will impose new sanctions. On Russian individuals and companies. Wow you know out of sync and -- the story earlier. I know this is -- -- you know real partisan map I just got to get out there. It seems like. President Obama punishing our enemies is kind of the same way he'd punish is American's. Right. Born after the rich and went after big businesses and that. Wow so at least it is easier to admit now that those are always punitive measures. He's committee that's how he's gonna get to the Russians so to speak. -- -- here's the interesting thing now. It does working damaging business here job opportunities. It did does hurt it does happen -- fact but our companies I waging war trying to take over another country. That's the difference. I mean you put those sanctions against Vladimir Putin yeah -- are he and his rich cronies and stuff gonna feel it he surely well. But will -- stop -- mean. It's not about them expanding their businesses they're expanding -- at a higher. And for every time president. Obama puts some sort of sanction on them you don't think they're gonna. Find more people to trade with you know the easiest thing to do as you'd you'd trade with the other people that the US won't. There are you been working with Syria and Iran there already friends. So the more we turn away their business or CPUs -- banking system or try to free some of their assets of which they pulled most out of anyway so that's kind of a joke to even bring it up does that money. Long been. Left US banks. You know it. They're just -- trade with our other enemies. Now Iran and Syria that's they're gonna end -- -- trading with those people. I've partied at that helps Iran get. Around their. Hero oil issues so they work together. Now so the President. Obama come out yeah act like he's being tough on Vladimir Putin. It's really it's turning into a joke -- he's turning into a caricature. In the rest of the world's watching. And I Monday's. 614 -- above -- He is here as well 8779759825. He's proven. Over the. -- -- It's Sean Hannity at 3 o'clock you're Smart you're stimulating afternoon talk some people are so don't on -- seven point three the sky. And even now. Maybe one of the OK France and we'll let China stood together on this Monday. April 20 eighths 2014. It is a six when he right now time check -- to -- Hayes jewelry we answer is always yes. Terry Anderson is with Maine and we'll find out about his weekend you know put some stuff on FaceBook. As well first Matthew joins -- say Matthew what's going on. Not all of that big McCall. According ought to be Oak Hill lobotomy tensions are treating it any wonder -- economy I would bet it broke all the. Well yeah I isn't it interesting the same thing he wants to penalize our enemies with the same thing does to our own business that. Well initiative spectacle it not been collapsed. Now that now they're -- he got a point he knows it works PC in the destruct full nature. That it's brought to our economy and I just. Yet. Meth. Manly and turn things around highway Emanuel above roadshow. Or pop thanks -- follow it be careful -- much accurate and on the -- -- on. That Alec Holland about it. I report that would -- But -- on that point that people at. But he kept on -- Russian. Com. Shoot -- order a company -- that. Or rock -- satellite. -- on high. And there were questioning. 88 -- at one may change. Print out well how it it is a multi million dollar contract. And yet thank each and then Mac -- -- at all in the Northern Iraq at around I think well sanction and admit that urged an individual bank in -- -- -- -- being hit -- a lot riding rests in numbers this gentleman. -- -- -- -- But thanks. Thank you of us a great point I'd so now it's -- we're going after them as an individual is C a government official as he. Telling Vladimir Putin went to dude -- evidence amassed. So that that would be one question and the other question would be. On if we do actually. Really not suit up and really make him feel some pressure. Mom what -- it next time that we need a ride tour from the space station International Space Station. I mean you know if you get in a -- your best friend you know anything. Double trouble in the hope okay -- worked things out you sure hope so especially car breaks down in he's a ride to work Monday. -- We unity event and what are you got -- -- suck it up be a little crow -- a Mansoor you know we had some words bro you know hole. In hopefully mess things up you might say well. You know. I had enough. They simply in it to them. Letterman put might say in how. It's obvious you guys you know don't like may not politics what about and I do what I think is right for my country for my nation and I -- disagreement it's so. Mean he really need to find another ride up to that a space station on sand. And it all plays into it it does and what -- trial Amanda Sosa yes here's and here's. Russian businessman and we do businesswomen we probably made him rich. We might need the product city makes but we're not gonna go after his company will go after him as an individual. That's now that's really bizarre -- it really sounds like an Obama tactic does that was collected. But of Coke Brothers. As their like favorite target of the -- The Coke Brothers. There are somehow some tiny evil guys that why have given some money to Republican. Candidates. And Republican causes. A -- on the left. Then that's perfectly fine in fact it actually gives you to get out of your evil rich person jail. If you give to liberal causes. Or far left progressive causes -- -- liberals true liberals there's very few of many more -- liberals are fine they're open minded. They'll tell you exactly what's on their mind what they wanted to you know raise your taxes but to give you some in return at least you know what's going on those are liberals. The folks ordeal with now are far left progressives. And it's adds a lot of people don't know the difference. This is as sad that there's a lot of Democrats who don't know the difference. They don't know what their parties about anymore they just know have been brainwashed and while Republicans are evil so I guess I'll just stick with the evo line now. Don't do that because -- factions that are that are taken over the Democratic Party the far left progressives. Liberals tell you what they're doing. We're gonna built some parks gonna cost some money. Everything's out there any open I don't really like debt okay well we'll see if we win we win if we don't we don't but you know we went. If I tax deletion of the parks far left progressives they don't wanna make life better for you. They wanna make life the way they think it should be do you see the difference there. They wish they will put a bunch money into schools and law you know we're we're gonna build some -- we're gonna build some parks communities this community that Ali's taxes spend liberals yeah. With the far left progressives are different we don't here's the Contra we don't want you limited rule areas. We don't care -- your version of the American dream as it's not sustainable. What should have a big suvs we don't want to have a big pickup truck. We really don't even want to burn fossil fuel well. We -- of solar panels but. But we're only gonna get a break in the solar panels to our friends. Sounds familiar city Gainesville sound familiar. Well only have a France we'll get the solar tariff Fijians. -- -- -- oppose a run Cunningham right Indian and Gainesville sun. But how solar is so great solar system so is that there's some people that it's on hold right now with the city. Well yes the you know the so I think cost money -- you pays out more to solar people. Then they do. Making. Their own power do you understand that it's a net loss -- understand that pays for that. The other customers who don't have solar panels. When they unveiled the program it should have been given out. An equal way hey Bob you're bills 500 dollars a month so we're gonna give you five solar panels so you'll have a -- feed again. All great -- sounds reasonable to me. They mrs. Smith you get three panels your bills about 300 a month they Johnny business you've got you know hey here here at ten panels. Did you at lot and you -- to commercial rate okay. That's how you -- Ron Cunningham. That's how you do it. You don't pick and choose. And the way that they did it. I -- and I don't even see how past legal Muster I really don't. Not a big pick the applications edit any -- mighty -- It seems like a lot of folks leftist senator wound up of those solar panels a lot of the folks didn't there are few exceptions there's some but not very many. So yeah out yes yes that's one of the things rub my -- this morning and thanks to the list goes on. And just the very fact and it's a Monday. The weekend went by way too fast didn't it. Thank you go to bed Friday night you wake up it's Monday it's -- -- What happened. -- will try to make the best of it that's how we roll it's what we do you do know about -- -- OJ Anderson live and local news talk 97.3 this guy. 97.3. This guy. You're above it first talk about it. 6390 Bob -- a lot of local. I'm much better now got some things work again. Again -- sound level when the plan comes together have been Monday April 28 time Jack crusty by Hayes jewelry with the answers always just 639. I'm Bob Rose to -- city in the house class things to talk about one of them is. Television. Turning it seven the fire. So I in -- nobody had that you know early on experimental TVs no I mean when I say nobody I mean it was very very rare. Really caught on what if the 40s50s. More in the fifties. But what -- What an impact. Special when you only had a few networks and you know a lot of popular programs almost every watched. We have this common experience. So we'll lose and now. You know the pop culture jokes and all that a lot of that based on these shared experiences but now peoples experiences aren't going to be. I shared they'll they'll still be some popular shows that some people can relate to. But they'll be fractured further and further as there is so much competition for your attention. In you know an entertainment. It's not like he used to be and I gather around gather around the old tube. They really had tubes. And tell my son about you know this machine at the drugstore and even when I was going up but -- I wasn't sure what it was. You know -- them out when I was little it was already moving into the solid state and have to should take out you know the drugs during a plug Eminem machine. Now is already becoming an -- even for me. -- here on the -- Rose show. And he bought a couple comments -- -- news out of fear that so like about this. Sterling. With Leo. Basketball in there I'm not the -- and demand and -- -- set what is there at the but he's not -- -- -- different what Jesse Jackson -- sharper sharper compensation. And that's not an app delivers all of -- span that he should not their percentage. And honestly about education about these legal Eagles that's why they wanna go to the static -- -- here in the over the universe that's all right but they got to show where they put an application for citizenship or the friendly -- yet citizenship the United States that they go to college to finish four years. The -- got a shoulder they better show whether it told. All the applications. A situation before they get there at all. So they'll let slip up that I. Well -- well look this is. As far as the you know illegals are undocumented or whatever you wanna call him. To pay out of state tuition everybody keeps looking at like it is a penalty now it is a reward when and you can pay instate tuition as a reward of being -- or being a product of taxpaying citizens citizens or legal status. It's a benefit. You live in the state. Now if you don't have documentation mean you're not living here legally. How can you say -- resident of the state when you're not even a resident of the country legally. NASA also yeah you have to make an attempt but. -- to try to say that this will keep somebody from getting an education is bizarre and ridiculous. You'd still get an education. May have to pay guess what you may have take out some loans. -- Now you might have to take out some loans. To get through it and trust me is a lot easier for people. From -- backgrounds to get all that stuff grants to loans it is for the middle class. A lot easier. So it don't tell me that it's all this and it's gonna keep people from going to school now it's not. Dislike when they do the race based admissions and all that oh my gosh soda my air today she was the only one well she was the one who wrote Billingsley. Piece about the University of Michigan case and all that always is gonna be awful -- gonna set people back this and that. Prevent anybody from go to school now you might have to go to a different school and when you want to go to now welcome to the real world. Where -- standards and criteria at different schools and in your kids apply to a thousand different schools in India now. They get accepted to a couple of -- and make a choice where they go and act like their educational and all of a sudden it's ridiculous. So idiotic these arguments. That's my take on that now as far as its owner have you heard the owner of the LA clipper clippers the basketball team Donald Sterling. Allegedly told his girlfriend he does not want her bringing black people to his games including Magic Johnson. And apparently it's all on tape TMZ sports obtained audio sterling making the racist declaration during heated argument on April 9. With it -- still be on now after she posted a photo and answer Graham posing with magic. Sterling rails on step beyond me a study on how well ironically has blackened Mexicans. We're putting yourself on public with a black person. She has since taken the pick down but it doesn't end there and that say here's some of the audio. He says it bothers me a lot that you want -- broadcasting -- associating of black people do you have to. You can sleep with black people in parentheses. You can bring them and you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promoted on that and not to bring examined two games. I'm not just saying. I'm just saying in your lousy. -- blank instead grams you don't have to. Have yourself way of walking with a black people. -- it isn't it bizarre that bizarre. Enough. Sterling has a documented history of allegedly racist behavior. He's been sued twice by the federal government for allegedly refusing to rent apartments a black and Latinos. He's also been sued by former clippers executive Elgin Baylor for racial discrimination alliger early it was ultimately not convinced. And shot down Taylor's case. Sterling has been separated from his wife -- for years she remains a key player running teams sources said that she's mortified by sterling comments. So what you gonna do the team. Not a black basketball players and a pretty upset about it. -- you eat you probably solace a little bit -- You familiar with I don't know -- -- all the story -- were going on about yesterday about. What what what what would make gay person in other words your somehow. Smart enough in some ways to be successful enough to own a multi multi million dollar basketball team you know it's the clippers an eye sockets still. Reynolds on Ali used to write. They're good you know there -- -- in the playoffs -- got a good shot and all OPEC and so this guy's a multimillionaire. Somehow Smart enough to. To get to that point. How could you not know what he's saying is. I mean way out of bounds in and saying it to his girlfriend it's half black kidnapped again. But he is is he got a drug your out all issue where it wouldn't surprise me if all of a sudden that came out. I I just it just amazes me. I don't it's not the first it was a Marge Schott who on the reds. The Cincinnati Reds now she says some crazy stuff back in the day. Their racist stuff. I just I don't know is it out I Timmy honestly I think it's a disorder I think it's like a terrorist thing I do. And I know it's like they can't I yelled out I just comes out and write out their mouth they can't. IK IQ and understand for the life. Like if you had an issue a black people. Let's just say and I defending I really don't know the guy I don't know his background apparently this is not his first run and as far as -- -- race goes but. Things you can all. We'll have a basketball team way and the majority of the people. Gonna be working for you in the prime positions of you know put fans in the seats etc. people of color. But you have a problem of people of color. And I know some -- wells on Jamaican money out when government way to make money off a lot of different things -- Well pocket all the things. Why. It's just it's buzz -- car. And in a Los Angeles. You know. Los Angeles. It's crazy -- -- get this can -- best Alibaba -- This whole immigration thing with the state of Florida earlier there was a guy out there on the news saying you know. We're Americans we're just doing the typical American thing here. Yeah I agree -- that Obama than there I get lie cheat steal and emulate the top via. That's the only way to succeed. Thanks it's 48 Alibaba rose show. Liberals are babies the first few words at about true liberals malware attacks in Spain we exist six seats in their DNA on 97.3. Sky. 653 on -- Bob Rose a lot of local thanks until the end. Monday April 20 24 teams try to get just started on the work and we care little crazy. Got some things -- -- now well. Tornadoes -- least eighteen -- -- the plains midwest south nasty nastiness. And goodness we're. We're not a part of that in the sunshine state. Israel Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the country's annual Memorial Day for the six million Jews killed -- holocaust by issuing a stern warning Sunday to the world to learn it. The lessons of the past. And prevent another holocaust. You know our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash the sky. There's apiece in the air from a Kodak common. And there's a book caption under the photo on talks about. A man he's a man you know an elderly man now leaves fourteen at the time being ripped from the hands of his mother knowing I was last -- gonna -- his right. This gut wrenching. Awful. -- Game. All right so anyway -- look he's been -- now -- John award folks. You've got Iran I mean. As the world learned a lesson from the mistakes of the past today we -- again face of clear facts and before real danger Iran calls for our destruction it develops nuclear weapons. The state it links to -- -- -- Durant showed. I'm more than six decades later the mass murder of Jews during World War II is still essential part in this sort Israel's psyche he. Thank. The nation was created just three years. After the end of the war and hundreds of thousands of dazed survivors made their way to Israel six million Jews were killed by German Nazis and their collaborators in the Holocaust. But -- got a third. Of world jewelry. Today fewer than 200000 elderly survivors remain in Israel. And now the annual Memorial Day is on the most solemn on Israel's -- Wow. Can't forget history otherwise you're destined to repeat it that things happen when good people stand by and do nothing. 656 Alibaba rose show only. We've got that coming up and a chance to a thousand bucks. Now that's coming up in minutes. To stay tuned I'd -- secret code word that I can text the -- message and data rates. -- It is 656. News talk 97.3 this guy.