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Jay Anderson Interviews -- Copeland, Blair, Darnell

Apr 28, 2014|

Jay Anderson Show - April 26 - 6AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I remind you that I am -- them now though it's the ADHD. That's important top. I'm proud of you I'm proud of you when -- Not seven point three and us now. And good morning welcome to look at. 97 point through this guy happy Saturday and every. On hope you've got a good weekend so far I know it's only a few hours old. These things don't tell you about coming up this morning nine a and money to be in battle. Back home. Not out of my house on me at the bill high schooler having the third annual. Running of the bulldogs five KE. That's going on at 9 o'clock in the morning today. Eric -- high school the proceeds raised will go to benefit relay for life American Cancer Society I think you can register right there at the event. And should be a good time always look forward to a duel and would that help out the folks the American Cancer Society great event a life did via the five K last year. And it's my first time doing this particular one. So we look forward to that. And then coming up after that around noon time noodle for today The American Legion post 91 right there between Trenton and bell. Other having a barbecue fund raiser for The American Legion riders at a post not he won their raising funds to a to help veterans. In our community attribute great event I'm gonna get out there was gonna do everything in my power to try to get out there. So hopefully the mobile civility folks there speaking of that that fund raise and a barbecue are we doing this afternoon from noon before. I had Steve -- on the program that we read the interview last week as well when you go one more last push I'd love to give a lot of folks out there. The folks The American Legion riders post not one to a lot of great work for veterans and their families and has won a big go fundraisers -- Dylan. It's a great barbecue it's that again noodle for today. So here's that interview with Steve Copeland -- The American Legion riders post 91 talked about the barbecue. -- later on this afternoon. 97.3. This guy. Joining me now the program I have Steve Copeland with The American Legion riders chapter 91 out of bill Florida we've had Steve on the program. In the past. They coming up on the 26 of April it's the second annual barbecue fund raiser. The American Legion riders Steve -- both thank you so much for joining us the program. -- TJ for having me on again. All right Ed tell folks a little bit about what The American Legion riders are the post there and right there between Trenton and battle. Well -- The American Legion riders especially a new duplication of The American Legion. We've only been on a short walk up. And if it's -- ever needed to get a new faces new people want to that are American legion. This wedding you know we've got the writers sort of dubbed little -- -- soccer or cricket league and it's just another part of our family. And is that bill dust up to really does a wave for. For folks who vote you know you help veterans a lot their families don't. Yes we do we have one territory that we have kind of taken on girl watching that we really would like to help is the garden -- service talks. They give -- to. Veterans with PT SD and or medical conditions and they give these animals it is. To the veterans. And it cost them between 20/20 5000 dollar per ball. Sort of it's a great cause that want to -- all this picture we're hoping to help rob McDonald house. And we get to be you know or veterans' needs help we -- helped them out also. And again though yet the guardian angels medical service dogs folks have had them on the program in the past again great work that they do. -- coming up between the second annual barbecue fund raiser. Obviously did one last year thus the second annual. Going on only 26 of April it's Saturday from noon until 4 PM tell folks what they can expect -- they show a lot. Well we're also gonna have great food that can be a -- by occasional barbecue pork and chicken. And all the factions. I'll watch some vendors barefoot and they're not items will be either they can weaponry country backwards. With a -- cities. I'd like to actually live very. Heartfelt thank you detect it he would tell the total law. And that it will also blackjack and motorcycle with a very -- industries that are bought at the garden into service problems. While hostage in time and the gritty while a lot of -- from vendors and hopefully we can get some more also my opinion of it is the. Now okay of for the folks to go there again it's going to be the 26 of April at at noon comes what do gets underway. Adults you what charging ten bucks but the kids. Five -- kids twelve and under. And also will have to battle for the children and this year. Excellent shortcut to good fun self folks if you wanna know where it is again -- the post is right there between Trenton. And bill if you're heading north out of -- towards -- it would be on your. Right hand side obvious they're heading for -- towards try to be on your left. It would be just north. Of about or that field of dreams or does baseball parks are. Director it also. The other. Reference point would be the agricultural center left leader of the producer -- -- right next door are there any -- absolutely. Again so -- we have the -- the farmers are coming up on the 26. Ten bucks for adults he get some food there's dregs there has to be musica correct. Yes -- yes. I have been great. Young and actually is my son and his group will be there. -- -- There they played by gesture. -- That's actually is a treaty. Society that is compatible. Sing the National Anthem force again this year. I think she'll bring tears to your situation is so beautiful. That's fantastic -- and it's it's a great fund raiser for a great cause. The American Legion riders chapter 981 their out of -- Florida. They're gonna have that second annual barbecue fund raiser coming up on the 26 of April noon until 4 PM at. I think if you show -- 1159 -- or delay it and and you know little still you know that you -- allow that -- for the. You really only setting up earlier and the problem is 1159 no problem. Well -- of people to get more information about this that this wasn't an -- -- one -- what's the best way to blow to find out more. FaceBook page is American legion. Writers post nine keyboard or if they think he's you know new directions I think myself owners 352. Nine important 9153. Days. And while I have you on the program still there anything you wanna make sure let folks know about. But we still have you on the air here. I'm -- -- apple also it is just. The equipment under the -- the -- for the community and the veterans we just we wanna help everybody. Not a great part of the the state great part of the country that does a lot of stuff for veterans I'm sure there should be a very good turnout again. Folks it's the second annual barbecue farmers are being held by The American Legion riders chapter 91 out of -- Florida. It's we go in there at The American Legion that the of the post there right there between. Threatened and battle. By the -- the field of -- by the the livestock really in there. Make sure you come on out I am good to do everything in my power to be there arrive at five K to do that morning and -- -- longer is idol died. I should be there as well also Steve best of. You'll you'll need a little bit arrested some for -- after all you know. We can't wait to have you there. Diego center a great idea Steve thank you so much for all your bill and and -- a lot of folks out there and LC on the 26. Special thanks to Steve -- The American Legion of. Riders pulled 91 again LaBelle Florida barbecue today moved into fourth at that American legion post 91 of what they're of one point nine. -- -- stuff smack dab between Trenton and well if you're gonna threaten our move it would be on your right hand side of your title belts out. There on your left hand side hope we'll see you out there I'll be there for a little while life. Don't come around this thinking anyway. Special thanks to -- -- program for that all the work they do the American League writers. Coming up on the other side of the break I got an interview with the sheriff of Marion County Chris Blair he was Bob Rhodes who recently. Told you about all kinds different -- -- -- Kevin law enforcement. That's coming up next -- listen -- the 97 boards bring this guy. -- okay. You're listening to the broadcasting and ADHD. Seen on news talk 97.3. Of -- guys. Okay. Welcome back the giant hasn't shown. It's -- important -- this guy have an interview with Marian Kelley show. Prince Blair. Disturbed little Bob Rhodes show on -- dead. This past week talked about all kinds of different things that they do low when it comes the law enforcement issues how they can make the budget worked one of the biggest issues the sheriff's office constantly dealing with. Those interactive kiosks some news on Knowles they when I have about a hundred of the mall around Marion County. Given information to the folks at a moment's notice the greats of their from the sheriff of Marion County Chris Blair. Here's that interview what is on the Bob wrote show earlier this week you're listening to the Jane Anderson show news talk 97.3. This guy. Special guest in the studio Marion County sheriff Chris Blair in a house -- ideas are going great good morning and welcome back from Colorado. And down that cold weather and snowstorm yes and -- and not -- skiing and that's hard work. Artwork so you it was a class designed for first first time sheriff's. Yeah it was announced fortune often -- blog -- and I got accepted 25 church throughout the country was elected necessary saws. To be -- to -- -- -- How OK I didn't realize it is that small -- lot of hands on type stuff absolutely. Pact of leadership training and non straight. 810 hour days what we're spend in each day -- Lot of great stuff that was directed toward deleting change. Your HD -- as a concept where what is your major. Optical add your shirts all new monster budget and we pretty well known non. And as for -- -- increases in some new secret weapons in which you can. Do you -- that issue well I think what they do -- -- -- try to we come over planned in they check back with us in three months deceive our -- work look at my. I don't know for pitchers. Work how it works and how it benefits the community. Why they had absolutely has a benefit to the community when you when we do for pitchers that are that's funds are actually just seized don't want some -- possible commission over -- for example on just recently. Where Haas beat generation may read about it worth 30000 dollar recovered. Outside of vehicles some money was councilman in all four people on the oldest -- claimed -- said they had on more money came from now. Interest and that they would make that statement but his stroke related what does this well we sees that so it'll be up to the judge to decide. What we're gonna do it there and there's currencies but last year we met we America -- policies about -- -- 30000. We have an assist just in money accessing cash Estonia went out -- up property and I -- -- cash and now we have an opportunity to love return there was some of that money oh to fifteen plus percent more back to the community so. I last year probably 1215 organizations in our community did get funded. We have that policy review panel it's and progress or don't wanna study to. Look at the jail in those are all the way to save money will -- mental health issues. Both myself and -- -- -- account please -- sponsored debt. Committee says that they can look into the study of possibly save money that was for your monies that were spent services Walters monies we're -- Two -- -- the panel did put the panel together to try deceived we can save additional funds and other concepts at the jail and into metal -- a big issue that -- so that's something we looked at can division another one is not a concept an organization that. You know for first time we just said. And awards ceremony yesterday morning with the kids from middle school when asked who awarded it PSAs public service announcements on issues that they we need to address with. Students at that level there aids so they did a great job loss of Obey our FaceBook to be on our web site. Her award went in video so they will go well. Throughout the state how do you feel. How you're your folks who work freer sheriff's deputies. Now when they interact with people of middle school in high school age how do you think they're perceived in the community and is it different in Marion County down -- And maybe in other areas in the nation. In other words obviously there's a huge crime problem -- Chicago. There's not that they don't get locals helping the police -- there are helping to thwart crime. The young people run as soon as they see a police officer. How about Marion. And I think. Our -- -- that I think the big thing is that we got school resource officer our schools and what we did -- this this program was brought me last year are bought into it. And would Skinner visionary link back into the major baseball league retirees who. Sponsor and support that they do golf tournaments so I thought it was good programs so with that. We drove it down first time I'm Marion counties and as sorrows actually drove that program down. Got in contact with the video production teams that schools. The students there is a relationship between as sorrows and this still educational and you're forming a -- and apple yeah -- -- video on to massive bombs -- do videos on. Date in you know teen dating respond. They do it alone he's from marijuana. There's different issues. Being a bully that type find the things they're gonna say a deal with -- a swift or it is all around them absolutely so -- it was great presentations yesterday. Tell me about to to conceal classes and you helped to train folks well -- all post from one -- -- is -- marks at 2 o'clock you know I think it's another. Great event -- you know as to share phenom a concealed weapon foreign farm master -- master at the other house on Florida serve. With that I had the opportunity dual class and now we do for good calls Aaliyah which are certainly file hours per person we do a Barbeque. They would do deterring and it's saint marks and and we moved to R&D aren't the gives us the range actually do that aren't part of it. But those monies go back to the community not take and donate. There's portion certain parts of the due to. The sheriff's foundation and then this sort these two organizations. Our house and Special Olympics this time will receive funding from. -- funds are raised. And and these people to pass this course if they wanna get the state permit they pass the course so that's one step one of the other steps is. Background check in fingerprinting. What does a sheriff's office charge for for that service voted for the finger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah Georgia is right now expanding -- there's a bill to expand where you can nine area concealed weapon etc. Well -- controversial but. We'll talk about debt to further would you be. Any expansion of concealed. I carry permit holders in the case of Georgia I think 01 of the places include would be a bar. Where you could care. -- well again I'm myself spends all we -- and open we talked closed you know her candidacy a weapon you know we tried that back years ago Americana where we had open permitted and it did all -- care helping carry and it -- and I knew I was an issue because you know we walk into a convenience store and you gotta go on asylum in clerks are already nerves I mean they're nervous at that affected. You know they have robbers that -- or -- is a good guy bad guy Walken in. Distorts and I'd be concerned about weapon retention. Let's just say you are maybe a little older little feeble a couple of guys who -- of me you know felons can't get their own -- They see you are scary. We're gonna help ourselves -- -- can -- you know jumpy when you're not ready and might be able to take it away record very and so you know something you know didn't go well that Americana -- that things back to worry you know conceal -- temperaments. And Jack. I -- the kiosk going we know you have one in the mall the panic mall. I tell people about what that's about and what would of the future. -- well the kiosk you know we have a new designs common now to you may very impressed weren't so I'm excited about it actually is one screen but it does three different functions and we're looking at the AMBER -- the top of it in the middle war have PSAs in the bottom wherever sexual or predator and offender notification and wanted people at the bottom of the screen so it's a three level strain. You know lack created the one. At the sheriff's solves we had the inmates building and in. And you know. Technologies is so great here today in today's world and so when we met met with a company said look we can do great things with this they actually recreated this enough. When you see gobbling -- have a model I'm going to -- next two we sovereignty let's look at it but to. I introduced to two pieces again last week -- last night. And there is very impressed what is going to be don't get information out to. Our community in about a minute and a half two minutes we have any emergency tell me about your involvement -- the March of -- well Oregon involved myself and chief grammys to chair so well you know -- help him with that until counselors departments -- used tear this year in you know we're gonna get locked up. This afternoon so will be a public summer camp and now we're gonna raise some money for -- March -- -- and also got the wall coming up this Saturday. At the trail head there are located Mary cam from baseline at 7 I am so we're encouraging people to. Actually come out and walk. All right well it's a pleasure to talk to you again sheriff welcome back from Colorado like you said it was a big deal you know out of all the but in new sheriffs in the whole country Tony five invited to that program. So that is awesome thanks for explaining about the -- is in such is there any LC. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I hope so because -- as you see you know locking somebody -- doesn't necessarily. Help that person -- those issues and then they get out. They -- not any better off than they were before and you're still it was going to be a possible problem harm to themselves or or other people so I yeah I think Canada I think there should be more -- focus on mental health in general and -- the you're attacking and on the local level in law enforcement makes a lot of sense. Have similarly and we have all the people are arrested for minor offenses because murders is out there are so you know can we can we were we. Direct them you know through different programs says to -- interest Tennessee with the with the results -- Sheriff we appreciate your time absolutely thanks again I have any -- get your you know baby Gator graduating from you ask today how much side about she's graduate -- -- Premed and have you heard so you're not out of the woods yet no no no -- a little work to do and that's walk -- of state import Daisuke he's happy yeah. I know the feeling I got 3M Bob one is graduating. Sawgrass blessed -- to thank you sheriff appreciated. And special thanks to -- -- -- -- Blair for joining us in the program -- about law enforcement issues being Marion County we have more of the same long 400 to talk about this time all actual accounting and coming up on the other side of the bottom of the hour break. It's Elijah Wood county sheriff Sadie Darnell she was on the program recently talking about jobs all kinds of things going on great information you're gonna wanna hear that interview it's coming up next you're closer to the 97.3. This guy. Are you making those towns throughout the that question was like yeah. -- On not seven point three this guy. Welcome back to the 97.3 -- Skype for your Saturday morning. For the continuously reviewed here and just. Second don't forget but later on this morning -- fury Gilchrist county type per serving -- out there quickly enough 9 AM it's the third and evil. Ruling of the bull olds five K -- That's a bell high school or the bell bold Waltz the team in northern dogs chasing you for best thing. Royal bulldogs' five K getting underway at 9 o'clock this morning their bell high school. And the proceeds raised will go to the relay for right relay for life the American Cancer Society. I'll be taken -- does first of all be don't miss what my wife will be and it swelled so the second time. She's on again third annual. Running of the bulldogs five K in bell later on today. Already done had that in a -- talked to Steve Copeland about The American Legion riders post buddy -- and right there between -- Trenton. They're doing a barbecue fund raiser back gets underway at noon today. Right they're on 129. Right in between bell and Trenton. To continue the interviews right now we had an interview with a -- -- county sheriff Sadie Darnell she came into the Bob road shall studios about a week or so ago. Talking about a done -- from law enforcement issues and of course one of the big things -- to promote. Jobs their hiring and groups of the jobs they have available and help folks might be able to get interest -- in a career in law enforcement. Here's that interview with a lot to a county sheriff Sadie Darnell Jerry Anderson show -- news talk 97 -- breed this guy. -- to a county sheriff Sadie -- joins the morning stating how you -- I am doing great Bob. So we're having a news conference to all recognize and announce a new accreditation level that's been achieved by -- -- communication center. They are doing an awesome job and they have knocked it out of the park this time. Idea I've always been a fan of combining the -- communications senators not everybody is apparently but as a cost saving measure and to better able to you know utilize law enforcement to make sense. It makes absolute sense on -- to ask any citizen on the street where do you where did the borders between the city of gains on a lot of accounting. A car most people can't say that there ever changing. So having everybody at from the city of Gainesville that fire departments. Emergency medical services and law enforcement. Under one roof just makes -- lots of good coordination. Lot of dead resource. Availability. In -- Simpson like the I 75 crash when that happened a couple years ago. Everybody and that senator was -- on on deck then you need hung over for the next shift. And then the oncoming ships stay there's a lot too good coordination and sharing of information. My congratulations on the extra accreditation that is an awesome thing. And you come bearing good news for folks because. You have some jobs available. Definitely have some jobs available on -- one PC support position which pays 33000 dollars. And then in our group -- communication center of the communications specialist position we have several positions there. That are open vacant and we're looking for good people that. I have and good paying job which starts at a 25000. Of their several levels that you can move through. You get a department of health a certification that will carry throughout the state. And so we have several positions there and twenty some odd positions at the end detention officer opposition at the jail. A 34000 dollars is what it starts out and you've got experience will add on to that base level salary based upon years of experience. And if you wanna become eventually a deputy -- out on the road. It doesn't hurt to. Get your foot in the door so to speak by working. I'm at the jail correct. Right if you wanna make a career -- law enforcement working at the jail is great experience we ask that you spend two years there. And then you can do to cross over certification are if you're currently have the law enforcement certification. Become ready and be considered for the deputy position. I -- patrol. If you want in choose to have a career in corrections got a lot of good people -- that spend their entire -- up to retirement. At the jail it's great operation it's clean it's run very well under the leadership of former director Charlie and now acting director Jeff including year. It's not like sometimes TV portrays. Jails and a certain light that. Let's just say they they dramatized the very few events in my accurate in saying now. That there can be dark ugly dirty allowed and that sort of thing and and not that I'm saying the jail -- -- nice hotel until then we don't -- -- -- -- -- that incident this -- database that's not something you -- get to that from a working environment with that the staffing levels almost up to where they need to be if we can fill these vacancies -- when he someone vacancies. And so we make it as safe as possible for having the proper staffing. Good training levels can equipment we've got a great scanning device second. Pick up found some of the people booking people found a handcuff key that somebody had their mouth those kinds of things we try to make it as safe as as McCain and. And I know Chris Wagner is listening he's one of the trainers at Santa Fe and and and knowledge they do for law enforcement emergency medical sectors and all that stuff. If you want to get involved in law enforcement and don't have any training at Santa is a great place to start if you're in the last. And provide us with some wonderful candidates have been doing that for many many years and so again a lot of people coming into the profession. And we're also looking for experienced people that we get from other areas of the state -- try to make it make a good working environment. And that's a great team I really -- by people if you're interested to call my human resources area at 367. 40403674040. Inquire about any of our vacant positions. That's fantastic Emily -- very high school also has law enforcement curriculum may do they have component with them -- very high school and they have grown from I think they started out with -- about six students. Then there haven't people lining up to get into the program. Great experience -- to check out if you're really interest at a law enforcement are you -- the law enforcement to find out what it's really about they provide a forensic. Focusing have a canine program they learn all about the laws and just general things that we do out in the field. Knew my fantastic stuff there. There were some scams that you wanted to alert the public about you wanna share some of that with a sheriff. Yes definitely one of the most disturbing scans that we have had happened here and a lot of accounting. As a wind. An -- a personal get a call. And they're -- to being told their grandchild. Is being held are -- is that ill in hospital and that they are -- immediate danger they need urgent help. And they tried to convince the person. And just say the name -- beat -- in a kind of slower than -- -- bed and someone you know in their panic when they're hearing this information they pressure them to wire money. This has happened repeatedly. Across the nation but we have had it happen here -- make sure that you have some sort of code that you use with your failing so when you that if they truly are in need of they're traveling in Europe are -- going on vacation. If you happen to get a call make sure they use that that. Pet name or some sort of code that you know that is legitimate don't fall for these scams if someone cause you what you do -- hang up. Collier family member of the the mom and dad of that child and make sure that there are OK and don't fall for the scam. Which is hard because part of the aging process is you don't wanna be treated like a baby you don't want to check with your kids who you raised -- you've taught them everything they know. And now you don't wanna admit -- you're not sure please put your pride aside. Protect your assets don't be -- talk to people they you know and trust before you ever send or wire any money or give out personal information. Of any kind trust -- the people it really need your personal information and stuff you know you'll know it. -- you'll know it so. Don't give that stuff out -- pleased you talk to your kids. That you trust and place some trust in them. As you get older I know that's -- are harder and harder to do but really. They're people would do nothing but lay awake at night and figure out how they can take advantage of York kind heart that's basically what they're doing. It is and we have had many people unfortunately at that have taken out loans. I don't like it taken out second mortgages it's been horrific here to see that what people. The people that call are incredibly convincing their very manipulative. And they can be incredibly convincing. Don't trust anything foolish she know that person that's calling you if you're in doubt hang up and then you know to get the number column back if you want to. But call law enforcement -- summit summit that may have -- more direct connection with your grandchild are with Islam. You know and it just to check it out to make sure that they're not being. Taking your money the hard -- money some of the saddest cases we have. Our work people have worked their you know all their whole lives and they're thinking about retirement are there and retirement. They fall victim to the scam these series of scams and their life long earnings are taken away from them and they are destitute. And there's -- -- very little ways that we can solve these crimes and get their money back. If you really wanna get ready your money you know the bottom. -- don't don't do business over the phone that's what I told my mom to do the easiest thing is I don't do any business over the phone has a great way to planning and and that's the end -- and and that we and our house I mean we're involved in a couple charities and that's what we can afford to do on a regular basis and that's and we just tell everybody else week. There's certain charities and we're from where we outbreak of the university a full story gives intelligent and we hang up that's your -- right there that's right six. A break right here come back on the other side with the rest of that interview like this study showed city go to oil going into the program. You're listening to the ADHD. On news talk 97.3. Sky. 97.3 this guy gonna wrap up the interview alas to a county sheriff Sadie Darnell. Cute little Bob wrote Phil. A week ago talking about law enforcement issues jobs. Whole lot of great stuff going on. What the law enforcement folks intellectual county here's the rest that it -- to a county sheriff Sadie Darnell. 97.3 this guy sheriff Sadie Darnell in the house talking about the job opportunities we will go through all the jobs right now. But the if you wanna find out more you can call 367. 4040. Right right capsule in and and there's plenty of opportunities there and is funny about -- in law enforcement. Santa Fe college is a good resource to go to for training. College of Central Florida history going on. And if you're high school aged a -- very high schools a special program there as well that's awesome. Special ceremony 11 AM the combined -- I communication center getting. Another accreditation another higher level credit -- -- very proud of them. Doing great work there. And then mortgage news because Saturday we had a big go orange and blue game now that doesn't draw a kind of crowd than normal Gator game does but the weather was perfect. And you did have a pretty you know reasonable showing out there and you know law enforcement issues at all. No incidents at all no injections no arrests it was under the leadership of captain David Clark on our side. Because it it brings all of law enforcement together we had 47 deputies working that game. The university police department had some of their officers and -- is a -- for ransom there's FH trees involved. -- it was a great game great weather a great kickoff for the upcoming season so we're proud of how that went and now look forward to the game season coming up. Well absolutely and it looks like there's going to be some exciting offense which I'm looking forward to. So when you work the games that's a coordinated effort with all the local law enforcement I guess now that you -- -- I think about it -- -- all the law enforcement there. But normally I would think William and that would be mostly university police but -- that's quite a bit for them handle it. We've got a great cooperative relationship among all the law enforcement end and this and area and the bordering counties with the other -- and -- that type of large event takes that kind of coordination none of us can do that alone so we worked together very well over the years and an end and we also need the help very much so have traffic engineering where they help but coordinate and strategically. Keep. Lights at the intersection is green and one layer. -- blocked off there's great coordination leasing have -- one up -- -- along with GPD so that we cannot. Monetary -- traffic that's so much on the orange and blue game day but certainly during the season. Not just traffic but the you know there's also any time is in large crowds and large area there's could be all sorts of different threats that you may or may now have to deal with and you're very proactive and and eyes in the sky certainly helped it shouldn't view event of the unthinkable occur. Right we really would plant tour there are many -- tabletop exercises or get through so that. Well you know we simulate different crisis is that may come -- for incidents critical incidents so that we can be prepared we always have to be prepared for the inevitable are the unexpected. Com it is speaking -- the traffic engineering they set that up as to I guess how. I know I know and understand traffic flow and stuff but I was -- game one time and I apart strategically where to get right out on the university. But they wouldn't let us now. They want to go that way that's how they were the traffic lights there was no other way for me -- -- because you park where he did. Listen to park there are -- put it in Tibet or should a state got drunk and everybody else don't say sheriff's. I was on -- motorcycle you know. So they can I can just look right on out here and on -- -- you do know that that may have not worry apartment that might have been because they recognized. That's gonna see him like -- you know I am Leo you know why you think we're giving him time to sit right there. Now law enforcement in to a -- has been great work in the games and stuff like -- I know they -- their Hansel and got to deal with. -- bozos here and there have worked it out to where wind out of towners come to the games and an independent in jail like a bit of controversy with the Tennessee game and all that. -- look I don't want a bunch of drunk people running around acting the fool but. It was kind of weird the way the rules are set of the injury Dennis says street not the other end. They wouldn't let people leave they'd lock him up because the animation were gonna skip out -- paying the ticket and I mean. -- that change Jack it's actually years and years ago because it's it is unfair for citizens I come from out of the area to come and and know all the rules. Because it is different seems like on game days and so they used to have to go to jail now it's called a notice to appear. And and then in one of the criteria for noticed appear previous to the change was that you had to live locally. That's what caused that the requirement for people to stay here and served time in jail -- change years again out of town visitors on game days. Can be given notice to appear and then they can pay if they. Is not has to appear OK and not have to OK yeah an estimated there though like Ali OK and messed up I didn't know the rules whenever the fine is in on get over because if you've got to. A 150 grand in your motor home tickets and I gonna tell them but then I miss the game general general experience we -- send them. A lot of discretion on game nation's most times people just told deport out as long as they're cooperative for law enforcement. The likelihood of them getting. Arrested and put in jail is remote we do have our hands -- that day but a lot of people do. We then created disturbance or act out and are uncooperative sign a situation where. We knew we take we close out of the ordinary for Tennessee fans and and -- can't help themselves this is the way there are. Them and I -- -- it works that way does it matter at all. Hey. All how dare you -- metal gave her babies who are perfect citizens and your Gator colors on the day. Do was -- we appreciate the times or anything -- we need to touch on the cover. That's can't always appreciate the opportunity yet to come -- and then talk about local. Events especially like Purdue overcome my communication center. Arm and raise awareness of people out and the community always ask for them and support law enforcement it's a tough job highly scrutinized and we need help and we want to keep everybody safe where surgeon Becky Susan let us anymore and he's actually studying for the lieutenants exams that she's. Well hold she won't talk to -- -- climbing the ranks now I should get a study hard and compete with everybody else yeah awesome -- thanks so much -- time we appreciate it thank you very very much. Special thanks let's look at insurance city don't -- -- on the program take a break here ABC -- top of the hour. Get to Alan over to the program we could review files are home. Jones news talk 97.3. You're just give a lot of men day. Yeah.