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Crime Down, Snark Up

Apr 28, 2014|

Jay Anderson Show - April 26 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

May I remind you that I -- ordered them now though it's the ADHD. That's important top. I'm proud of you I'm proud of news is that. 97.3. The sky. And good morning my friends welcome to what our number two what did you say Anderson showed news -- 9743. This guy for your April. The 46 of the last Jack Anderson show in the month of April. When he fourteen and like. What all to tell you about a few things only get two a couple things going on offense for you may be able to see me this weekend. Yeah I'll be out about little bit. Gill Chris Kelly back home had nabbed gonna get out here and the show lands. The of running of the bulldogs five K have been talking about this movement that's several days anyway. Third annual. Running of the bulldogs five K gets underway at bell high school at 9 -- -- am not. Proceeds raised will go to benefit relay for life the American Cancer Society in the third annual years they've done the running the bulldogs five K. And second year in my life take imparted first year for -- a look at Ford that the report of hopefully. Not having a massive heart attack and dying during -- race. That would be bad for the image of the race would be their fault must all. But devils the other echoes again at 9 o'clock this morning and and from noon tool for at some point in time probably closer to the -- end of things. I'm going to be down there at The American Legion post 91. Just down the -- my house in between bell and Trenton. There having a barbecue very fundraising barbecue for The American Legion riders post 91 they do all sorts of great things for veterans in our community. I don't wanna say it's a ten bucks. Four of barbecue dinner -- -- against noontime. Five bucks for kids twelve and under. -- be a great event all kinds of stuff will be music live band all kinds of great things going on out its new tool for there at the American legion post 91. Right there between -- Trenton and bell on 129. On the agenda for today of course we wrap the program of the pilots dark as we always do though. Plus a few other stories to get true love I might do that a man affirmative action ban -- the Supreme Court. And Michigan and I might get to that you know -- to beat children in Marion County anymore. Or -- they can do it in the schools. Old spending money like idiots intellectual Cali is that's not always but there's a new version of so give -- the latest information on that one and some good news -- what do -- some good news to report on. Here in the heart of Florida State wide -- plus. Right here on our own backyards. Crime down across the board we report the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. From -- page nine adult. That's right again that. State why did the crime rate dropped four point 7%. In a state of Florida and all lot of counties have a lot of bragging to do. Allow actual county dropped their crime rate by. Nine and a half almost nine and a half percent Marion County. I think they went down -- eight. -- -- unstick these pages together. -- sounds highly vulgar but. Now I mean American audience are down five point 7%. Lower their crime rates a great job being done by the sheriffs there we know we have Chris player on the program for Marion County regularly. Talk about the issues of their facing when it comes to lack of staff. -- -- Where our level sure Bobby Schultz varies able to tell. A reduction of the crime rate dropping 27. Point 9%. Now it in again in these smaller counties. I guess you can't brag too much about a major drop nor can you freak out too much about a major increase. And in crime rates because. Let's be honest if if you have one person that gets murdered in your county in the next year to people get murdered. -- -- a 100% increase in your murder rate. Another county could have. 300 people getting murdered and it but they had 400. Murdered a year before so all of a sudden you see a drop into you know again the that the of the fraction you know the the percentages. They will vary quite a bit. But I uptake of that -- in that 27 point 9% drop. Crime rate change. Drop in the crime -- for Gilchrist can only few other big ones. -- -- -- dropped 42%. Levy get a drop in 63%. And I don't think people are necessarily getting banner. I'm maybe you maybe were too fat lazy as Americans to go Lawton steal cars or rob banks or whatever. But that's good work being done by. The sheriff's office is all throughout the heart of Florida we had a couple of increases. Columbia news and Dixie has picked up slightly. I think everybody else in the sky listening area -- some kind of a reduction in the crime rate so that's good news. Yet again for some of these counties you know it only takes you know one or two additional crimes in a category. Two -- that rate up so. You know hopefully we'll continue to see that drop all the crime rates. Alexi and that kind of thing Gainesville Sunday to good piece. To -- lord of the allowed to look at it sheriff's office and and go to they need that. You know we always we always claim complain about how much money we're spending on this matter in on how puck on the cop pulled me over. For being held -- fourteen over the speed or who goes public and will want to get the real crime. Well according to the stats from the FDLA they -- again the real crime. Let's also. Beat tells -- from the electoral county. Numbers via the Gainsville sun. Population they had an increase. And crime still decreased so the index. Change population vs total crimes. Dropped eight point 9% the crime rate dropped nine point 4%. And in an -- bigger all the stuff now. Murder dropped forcible rape dropped robbery. That was lower. Aggravated assault the button looks across the board the only one that went up is there were more motor vehicle thefts. Intellectual accounting and 2013 the Warren 2012. There were what five more. Over the course of the year. Well when you drop. You know who won fewer murder. While fifty fewer rapes. Did not -- almost forty fewer robberies sold and so forth. Not that -- if you would have one of the car stolen last year but. They are cracking down on a whole lot of crime. All throughout the -- of Florida that some good news I got more good news. Yet to the rainbow puppy dog portion of the program -- all of start talk about how were all gonna die later on. But won't start on a good no you know. I housing market appears to be rebounding. In portions. All of the heart of Florida course Florida was one of the ones that really got hit the hardest one of the hardest hit places when the whole bubble burst. Lot of Landon and in Florida. Great place to live lot of people want to move here these groups -- to ask what you wanted property rates skyrocketing. They went up way high weight too fast. And unfortunately -- the bubble burst. -- -- that much more but looks like a couple of Oracle's -- games bills the way dot com and Ocala dot com. That the housing market is rebounding. The decades opiates retailers slopes or -- realtors. Retailers realtors handled a 186 sales of existing -- ago probably Helms in March and allowed to -- that's up. Five point 7% from a year ago. Medium for us sale price. Goes -- four point 6% increase from a year ago now the median sale price -- 1692. Who law. Over a 161000. In march of 4013. Marion County. 529. Closed sales and Marion. Eighteen point 3% hike from a year before. So there's there is some good news -- and it day day did drop American hero median sale price did drop. From 107 down -- 97 -- decrease of almost 9% but. Look inventories being sold. I am trying to go to the good stuff here we're finally getting things hopefully. Or read them again if it's not getting better at least were adapting to the new normal. -- people are realizing you can't buy -- Also if you don't really have a whole lot of money you can't -- -- you know a 500000 dollar house. With a pool and a waterfall and and -- Monkey. Butler's you know. -- about the global -- ties and stuff and and and and -- that you can't do that if you only make. 850 and Howard you work three hours a week. But if you work hard to feud you know you know to be rich you buy a house that fits within your schedule and Lola problem -- -- make any money. We bought -- house what. Almost three years ago now. We might actually have a paid off. Mean not this year. Or early look at no get a thirty year mortgage route to pay it off about six team and all things being equal right now. Which of course now that I said that out loud all the radio. All things were absolutely not going to be. Probably not for the better I'll stop talking now. I take a break right here coming up on the other side -- the break I got some other stories to get to a lot to look now less than all the good things but allowed to account at a crime rates dropping the housing markets improving. Now it's time to -- store talk about how the county's budget idiots. Their their -- plans in effect for new county offices. Yeah why not spend that money that we don't have school board to -- caddie says he can't beat the kids anymore. It didn't last that long. Quote drug program over the well snort at the end of this hour. You are listening to the judge Anderson showed news talk 97.3. This guy. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk 97.3. Sky. Welcome back to judge Sanders and Joseph you talked about into the boards through this guy half hours Giffords may go forward -- the files stored at the end of. The program. Few headlines they need to get to between now and then we talked last week about the road issue and allowed to look down it's come up an awful lot. The city's struggle their -- of -- they might do would one other projects that would do if they. Get this theoretical one cent sales tax put on the ballot for folks electoral county the county came out with their list of roads the first one on the list. It's 43 street which runs right past this radio station which. -- of its half city half county. There's a stretch coming broke right now or our studios said. We are on the county side of the line you crossed the double yellow line. You -- on the city side -- but I don't know how to divide that all up anyway at 500 some odd million dollars behind schedule when it comes to road repairs in the county. Highest gas tax you can have that are allowed to Levy on the faults. Does some of the highest power rates that the city of Gainesville has for residential or business customers. And now here's a headline the came out this week planned for three new offices. Gets counties okay. They know offices. -- to a county supervisor of elections property appraiser and medical examiner. Need new space for their operations in the county commission voted Tuesday to move forward -- plans. To give all three offices new holes. Supervisor of elections Pam -- but requesting additional space for years now. The county now has solid plans to get her opus move -- a new location by April 25 team that. Get a commission had authorized excuse -- lease purchase agreement. For property at 515 north main street although howls both the supervisor of elections. And property appraisers office. The current owner will do a build out of the property which used -- bank to extend about expand it. To about 40000 square feet. Likely gonna cost 3.5 million dollars supervisor elect would get 43000 -- property -- or get around 151000 square feet. And and another -- went five for a year ago five point five million bucks. -- expects to lease the property. Beginning in April 2015 for a monthly rent of around 33 fouls in the and and buy it in October of fifteen. For about five point five million. Now again we're talking about a county that has. -- Relieve them. Dereliction of duty -- and call when it comes to. Providing the services to people mean when it comes to making sure their role to repair to make sure they're doing things -- at a cost effective rate. Now does the supervisor of elections need a new office idol well. That's -- like you know what I I need a new car. Do I really need a new car I have a car until like a -- one had like a different one it's fun something new something different. But it doesn't work that way when you work for the counting on -- I don't think it showed but apparently. The county is -- out of we're gonna locate this plan. Low. And -- told Gainesville sun to put to work with caddie stepped determined whether it be roughly. 43000 square feet her office would occupy the new facility would be adequate. And what you say and that might not be enough. Might need more space. Question I have. And I don't know whether it's. Even doable. But can't -- I don't know what they got to keep old election records are old ballots are or what they need all the space for. The wide it would need that much space. You know him. I'm pro league dating myself and it shows how long it's been sub and a library. But I remember being a kid. -- teenager murdered college years or whatever. And you need to do research projects. And and do you have to look up old articles about -- and newspaper stuff whatever. Will the library's not gonna keep. A stack -- newspapers. You know from blue -- 1920s. Sit there and a quarter of a library. And a -- that what would ladies put a would've micro failed. Micro fish and you'd you'd put the -- real. Well on the machine -- little projector thing you'd scroll through you'd find the article in the get the information. Out about total facility and use that her kids just can go on the Google's delegate and archive article. But they they had that stop they had the news -- -- on the microfilm. That way you could still have that information saved to some extent. And you weren't -- up all that space. A real tape doesn't take up anywhere near as much space. As say. Oldest from the newspaper. Day after day after week after week after year after year. Is save space -- Again there's this was back leg of his college years. Not like up to go to the store before when Calvin College my senior year in college. Graduated in May in 95 they started this thing sometime in 94 I think it was. Where you would have this. Address. That you could use. To write messages to people. And they could write messages to Google. And it would all of the -- bits of paper you would do would through love and Electronica means. Email. But they were just coming at you we used used a computer lab that type -- papers in program on dot matrix printers. All you young kids ask your parents or grandparents but dot matrix critters. They were just -- -- that obviously the technology of the -- and how much room to Unita the supervisor of elections office saving old. Outlets election results whatever. At 43000 square streak may not be enough. Medical Examiner's office would judge is included in the under the umbrella of -- of health forensic medicine. Would take up around 9500 square feet. But as it's a different building. Well as well to build office okay that would lead they ran a hell of -- physically built for them to with the NB at least. -- take about 9500 square feet to you of labs would also use the space in the future building -- the presentation the meeting earlier this week. -- the new facility would royals are riddled a cost increase roughly of 10% meaning a first year increase of around 91000. Dollars for a lot to a county. To make ends meet on this kind of thing. But again you're talking about accounting. That doesn't have any money that's thousands of dollars behind schedule when it comes to a paving the world's hundreds of thousands behind schedule. And now we're gonna spread attic look. It's kind of like government spending on the federal level. When you say lol well the other is really no point in cutting off aid to Pakistan. Because -- giving them five million a year and when you have. A situation where I don't know -- the budget deficit is one trillion. A five million overly it actually cut that out so the ability. Same kind of concept here you could argue look we are hundreds of thousands of dollar in hundreds of millions dollars behind schedule and in broad work. That five million dollars were gonna spend a giving a new building go for people. Really that might be part of one -- that we need effects. But at a certain point in time you got to make those hard decisions. And accounting seems utterly unable to do that -- -- Now the other thing is if you wanna make a decision about something make that decision. Stick with Bruntlett. Don't cave after you -- it like OK will we're not gonna do -- -- Marion County does that kind of thing. Hear about this are not allowed to beat your children Marion County schools anymore. So all you bad parent to a bad kids go move there because they're not going to be a kid's school board votes to ban paddling. School board voted to low remove corporal punishment. -- 401415. And student code of conduct. Just one year after they added murder -- the big deal they're gonna put this thing in there. A reversal led by a school board member Ron Crawford who last year cast the swing vote to re establish a corporal punishment -- for your absence. Tuesday Crawford said he had to listen to his constituents. Now here's the thing now one of figure out. This school board -- Was the swing vote that poured it into a fact. Last year. Now he's saying he has to listen to his constituents and he's taking it out. Seoul was he'd not listen to those constituents a year ago. But I don't understand how you can make this decision. It was out of the code of conduct you put it in and out -- like it was in the code of conduct. Fifty years ago. What a teacher would make you go get a switch and then you'd get beat when it. The next three years ago. They took it out. They don't know we did a putback and -- and -- take it out again. Free to vote board ruled a year ago that paddling could only be used the parent gives -- standing written permission. Once a year so parents -- -- also yes you could be my child. In addition approachable must obtain verbal permission at the time the punishment is handed out. Out of the 2013 when he fourteen policy corporal punishment can only be used at the elementary school level. They can only be used on a child once -- massacre. Principles are not battled to use the punishment with Tuesday -- to vote. Corporal punishment ended on June 30. And in the details three to two vote but apparently they've decided not we can't beat the kids anymore. We decided we we took beating the kids out of the equation. Then after a couple years we decide we need to put it back. And the school year is even over -- -- an artifact of the thirtieth of June into the school of the school year -- before that but. No more beating the kids. Make your minds of what took place. I'm not a big fan of beating the kids in the schools. I think -- -- -- the -- are probably beating the kids did you know their affordable need to be beaten in the schools what do parents and our beat their kids and should be beating their kids. Well enough and on about it anyway. -- take a break right here at the sky -- and one more segment of the program to get physically but the models don't wrap this baby up the right play. Your -- -- today and there -- no. News talk 97.3. This guy. Coach Anderson show. I think Pennington can't read this period to -- it. 97.3. This guy. Welcome back began as a -- you I didn't support greatest guy final segment of the program. Before we get on to the. PO -- The pile of stark. I don't know what is the -- story or not it had an odd headline and I saw little snippet of it. On Fox News the other guys of course have -- historian and didn't read it sell. We'll see if it's any good headline. Florida schools stop serving sold. Before tests. -- of the Obama administration Michelle Obama is all about this you know get your butt out in gear and move around and stop eating twinkies old bank. Apparently this is one school in Florida wasn't having any of it. Several Florida elementary school has stopped a long standing practice of serving students Malcolm drool. Before standardized tests. Florida today reports -- woman. Contact your local media outlet to the warning that students were being served three tablespoons. Of soda and some trail next before taking the -- catch. Brevard County school spokeswoman Cheryl Irwin says they've advised officials at -- elementary school. To provide only water to students. Irwin says up report Catherine -- word Europe as a -- you -- and a podium there EW minority Catherine you -- started serving sold and trail -- about ten years ago after reading but it's positive effect. On students taking test newspaper reports that they Europe says it's part of an effort to get kids excited about the F cat. The -- was served in small paper cups now the students get water and trailed Max. I know this is what the healthiest thing to give the kids mountain do. And I got to get I was at -- this question I never got the answer till it no matter how much I drive and a -- and I've looked hard putt. They still make Jolt Cola remember that. Remember that stuff like three times the caffeine twelve times the sugar or something crazy like that. Now that we'll get the kids amp up at the kind of stuff that he before they take the test but you -- that they do what's interesting about this story. Well couple things first ball did today actually measure out I'm glad they put it in paper cups to that first but it that sitting at three tablespoons of of -- do. And at first Barbara distrust of him actually filled the -- and a mouthful for -- for Boca they've they don't it'll blow a paper cup. But today after measured and -- make sure each kid got exactly. Three tables get -- measuring spoons out the two liter bottle news. Pour it how to portals things that's the person. That's the person it would need a little solid hold on that one. But what I'd be fascinated to see is if if they have. These test results in the archives. You can may look back and see. All right before we started giving in the sold here's what -- test scores bar. Mail in the in the ten years they were giving Minnesota. -- here's what they got. And ought to test results gonna go down. Into the kids are going to be amp up on quite as much stuff. -- of end of the of the of the of the granola. Trail next solid adrenaline and chocolate candy or whatever access. It's not gonna give you little bit of energy limited sugar it's it's -- for the most part. -- now they don't have the additional junk. Of the sold. Does that is what it'd somebody you know somebody found out about it -- -- they alerted the media today at -- at the stop -- it. Three tablespoons of sold is not gonna kill your child. But unless of course your child to full blown diabetic in which case well there may be an issue -- -- but generally speak. The -- ought to be okay. I get around this segment up but I got -- to see if they ever do mostly on how the kids -- -- core athletes stop them again. Facility for the F cat car -- start coming up at a rapid program on your list of the talk -- support -- -- -- You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk about seven point three sky. You can -- him all week. Romero. Theory news. OJ Anderson people. -- -- -- I only made about friends we have made it indeed there. It's the into the program time. For the PO lasts. Pilots dark wrap of the program about some of the more interesting headlines for the past week sit back relax enjoy it. -- lie and cocaine. Shows up in court. Judge delayed it. Gonna throw the book it cocaine. And have a Mac kind of thing. Video circulating of an amusing exchange between a Broward County judge John. And a man who recently appeared -- courtroom. Judge early scene of the video announcing his next case. How about Edward cocaine he said that. Currently questions -- just read what they stunned by. Are part of at a sun -- 34 year old Edward cocaine. Was arrested on Tuesday in Pembroke Pines brought before a judge. On a drug possession charge. For. Not cocaine. Xanax. Judge heard mr. cocaine state his name and at all cameras are confirming that Edward cocaine is indeed a the man's legal name man on his driver's license. Judged prize of the name problem to ask how many times of police told you to step out of the card your life. Cocaine replied just but every time I get pulled over. When those explained the judge the Fort Lauderdale man was employed at Home Depot living near his entire life. Judge and I'm still trying to absorb all this. Had to get his striking a surname of we'll turn to the -- original Greek name was shorten and a my great grandparents came over from Greece they changed it back in the 1920s. As I got a Coke cannot go closer so like that lives on long -- a Greek name. Of those best way to change your name now. Anyway Edward cocaine by the way it was released on his own recognizance so hopefully. Mr. cocaine will lay off the xanax. And avoid being in another courtroom. Headline to your taxi driver. Allegedly avoided paying more than 28. Owls and dollars in polls. By tailgating other drivers. And a -- -- vet told both. New York queens -- -- attorney Richard Brown announcing that -- taxi driver 69 year old Rodolfo Sanchez. Has been charged with stealing more than 48000. Dollars from the metropolitan transit authority by crossing the RFK bridge entering Midtown Tunnel. But up magnate whole payment on more than four. Fouls and a separate occasions. By piggybacking on cars directly in front of his cab. Doing 2012 and when he fourteen. If attorney brown -- of a percent today is those dissenters would tailgate the vehicle in front of his cab. Thus allowing both vehicles to pass through the whole -- before the barrier came back -- Obama. Mr. Sanchez Long Island City queens resident. A -- -- -- -- first person but what will commit the crime over no single driver appears when there were caught making so many free trips. 4000. Plus times. 48 fouls and dollars' worth that tolls. -- -- -- and -- try to tailgate sneaking across. -- -- -- -- Orlando I guess that already has those like the world and -- son pass or whatever they have been here I got that. So yet the right on through little move thingy. If they even make you -- president elect me to pull off the other side of the road again later on special lane. And in the Booth people have to merge back in with yeah but that I've ever in your legacy you think about it. Strike through that -- Apparently Agassi can get a second vehicle on Obama give people ideas. In get a second vehicle through most of the told me a boost is movies up in me. New York City area. Just a pretty pointed out -- should be noted criminal complaint is merely an accusation defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But of course is stores coming out Ehrlich a way to go but -- and does anyone man out of a criticized the metropolitan transit people. Tiger -- like way to go bunny. When one for the little guy. Online dating if you were down. As dangerous those -- got to watch out first often. I think you know at a would have liked the Craigslist killer in they would meet people -- -- Killian media but he put that is that hey I want to meet -- -- -- But she'd ever know what did kind of a person you're gonna meet on the nets. And that the picture looks nice he loves puppies whatever it could be it's like well. Or does that common thief oodles. There was an earlier storm albums during the follow up to elect. It happened and -- additional role of short order headline -- -- but it reunited. Would -- all good and TV snatched while on first date. Or laundry and I over the Yorkshire Terrier and flat screen TV that are snatched ordered date with a man she met online deals the first date woman called police. Saturday to say that are dog violet. Had been tied by its leash to the TV they're both looked in the front yard average Dover whole law. Violent appeared to be in good health. Authorities the pair met on a dating site. What -- for the first time Thursday after returning Hubble was achieved became occupied another room live in the manner of lol I'm. When your return he was gone so was heard to all -- And her TV. Our first -- is a few things here. This first date George bring him back to her place. Women -- -- stability there but I mean seriously. How -- you related off were -- -- brought back by house. Here's the intersecting but the story out of it since she she brings him back. She has to go Lola you know. Make move keys are so I don't know she would what do dealer -- for a certain period of time. Leave -- to -- which is gone coach your return her dog in TV was -- that TV is valued at about three fouls and dollars. The dog according to this article. 4000. Dollars. Seriously. I don't think I wore a fourth Al -- adult. -- newspapers unity. In get out here. A woman says she knew the man only as an age old. -- -- And that is your real name I believe he lived in Elizabeth now via Elizabeth, New Jersey. Police said Saturday -- no the man's identity -- charges could be filed the investigation is ongoing. Police the man used a woman cell phone. Us they dusted for fingerprints also check other locations the short lived couple visited on our first date but apparently I guess he returned to stuff. Maybe is only borrow an adult and a T today. Maybe you realize there's oath and on the TV and the dog gifts too much brought it back. Maybe is hoping to get a second date. Had to bring the TV Nadal back that way Hackett knee. Scope of the movies. Room. But it way yes she and her daughter to -- dogs 4000 dollar add that to me is the craziest thing. I'll get that at all. Let's see added to detect. Devoted a little window. Intensive care patient accused of selling owls tens of dollars -- apparel when it. From hospital bed. I think we need to redefine what intensive care means. If you're able -- you know -- smack. From a hospital bed you you gain nicely -- you shouldn't be occupying a bad there. 38 year old woman staying in the intensive care unit of Exelon health Westmoreland hospital in greens burg Pennsylvania. -- here -- -- city -- part of selling heroin from our hospital bed. Proud about a million different reasons one -- arouse suspicion in the first place. Greensboro police captain gave multiple reasons why the unnamed suspect was fishy they include -- she had more visitors than a usual patient board under the same circumstances. -- that did come would only stay for a couple of minutes. The wizards didn't know the woman's last name of and the woman had multiple cell -- one of the wood running it. All different hours. Yeah. Security first and form of the woman's actions and they in turn contact the police department. The police of a surveillance operation almost immediately -- was going on -- selling heroin from our hospital bed. Carolina a confidential informant was able to buy thirty bags of parallel to how much is in a bag of heroin. I don't know what podium load the net weight. Or volume would be. A subsequent search for person and her room they were able to confiscate 380. Bags apparel and about 3800 dollar street value. They also found drug paraphernalia more than a thousand bucks in cash -- did say how she got the drugs in. Again if you're an icu. I'm assuming you're not -- not wander around too much to somebody's bringing her the drugs. She's who's doled out yet again achieved. I don't mention anything else but the sport in the sort of on -- of apparel and Taylor. And in no -- she was you know lion -- drool on herself for she was actually able to conduct business. -- a but again. That would be redefined the concept. Of intensive care. Edged out to begin its last put out -- way to wrap things up man tries to hide murder tattoo little. Before trial. Kansas man charged with first degree murder oddly enough -- afraid beat tattooed mirror like image spelling out the word murder across his neck. Might Britain's -- juries who is asking a professional tattoo artist to remove or cover it up. Prosecutors say there aren't opposed to Jeffrey Chapman covering his tattoo. Over to -- is against transported chat between licensed tattoo facility. The only places tattoo artists are allowed to practice under Kansas law -- got murder written across his neck. You're pretty bad day you'll sand if you get a tattoo anything -- Kabila had to the -- -- I've cannon. But as a written murder ideas mirror -- say I guess he can look at C murder across his neck. Wants to get it removed otherwise in the jury's gonna think this -- with a guy. -- You don't that's gonna wrap things up by the way I do what -- stay in touch with the judge Anderson show. Like us on FaceBook you can tell us what you think about things FaceBook dot com slash vote sky day. Email me Jack Anderson Let's JIA and DE RS -- and pat and Turk columnists that Don't listen to the show he can also get the Smartphone tune in radio app. The illegals from the program as well and you listen shall on demand podcast will be available for this program on Monday via the sky's website. Thus -- 973 dot com. I gotta get out here are gonna Guerin to a five K in bell the running of the bulldogs five K third annual. Benefiting the folks relive relay for life American Cancer Society hopefully I'll also add a new personal record. It's not that impressive -- slow walk a lot. But anyway I'll be doing that at 9 o'clock this morning. Noon time will be there at The American Legion post 91 between Trenton and bell. The American Legion riders having a barbecue fund -- so hopefully it'll still do you folks there as well. Back on the air Monday morning with a ball girls don't have yourself a great rescue weekend. About -- The who.