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Carl Zalak visits the Bob Rose Show

Apr 28, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 28 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There's good stuff just don't worry about it or you'll hear it tears. Until you just screams and bands don't -- -- It -- the little dance song. News sky radio. Not seven point 38. Those days where it. Just -- my hair. And I mean. You're just off by a hair now let me give me an example. When he used -- the old rabbit ears TV you know you move those rabbit ears and just off by air to get the picture in -- you move it around a little bit to fades in and out. But now it's like reliving the digital world and it's either digitally locked -- And that's all I feel like I mean -- locked in like everything's flowing and fallen in this place or it's not. A lid on my microwave able bowl. Now it's not like that. You know the simple task just -- Over their -- right. I got to work this morning and the -- wasn't working real problem is the critters in. The other is that the building. So I don't know that until about pick up my you know papers and on the air can't you can't. -- -- -- -- -- And I get lower down now then. The little challenges in life we gale wind too hard because and the good lord my -- really think that's challenge. Who should. He throws like a fire ball and I know god does not operate -- king. Seems like this sometimes -- and not. 8 minutes after 7 o'clock to -- brought to -- Hayes jewelry were the answers always gesture to under the Bob Rochelle lets me. Jerry Anderson is here that's jet over there he's waving -- He waved to you on FaceBook over the weekend to to check it out -- mug on there. Our numbers 8779759825. Gel like get -- the five K run for charity your job did that did. -- all over the place on on Saturday to the five K Eric Bell for our cancer society relay for life. Left there are went to. That -- to -- their legion American legion ball went to the four H was -- reggae I think at the Gilchrist county. I complex that. Which is right next to. The American -- and I tell all for the ages so we went there -- the the four H you know festival they were haven't and we went over next door The American Legion. And in total Steve -- part I got something for. I -- you getting receiving some sort of document it looked pretty official. Now while that's nice yet another certificate of appreciation. For the folks from The American Legion riders a chapter 91. Not. Earned a second annual barbecue fund raising your support and can contributed greatly to the success in this event. -- events The American -- programs and activities. Dedicated to god and country so -- -- -- -- of appreciation presented to Bob roll lose. President of The American Legion. Why go why network as well. Thank you a day thank you Steve and I got one and but I got a an honorary rolled name. Oh. And that it made no Carol with a name matrix. No I went over the matrix you'll -- Slorc you know give mr. Anderson all elements of -- -- that name. And Steve said he tried thinking of a name for -- -- couldn't come up with one. Nice that I could suggest to feel. But he didn't really he already had the certificate printed out but -- is like and that's you know. Wow. Tell you what we can turn into you know a bit as you know boss -- -- like -- I just feeling now just an inkling because EU have spawned the idea that. Perhaps the names coming my way. Might not be. As complimentary as yours and matrix that's now see that's a cool name out ideally mine might not. I update any suggestions on the set I I could make some of you want it's. And you could imagine a five made some siege is good for your Brian. And now. But anyway so we did that then go of that and we'll we were tricked up the old Swanee river. AirTran and -- -- pretty strong looked like death and yeah there's a lot of play on -- god I don't think -- can get Hart springs right on that road kill him and -- know they put that the paper this past week that -- -- and get down that -- let me get. Part of the White House will not -- Hart springs. But a lot of heavy you know in new flooding in the aryan. Pylori levels. As we do all that's left little run around so he went down to early -- and alert super hot. I mean whether hot hot hot. -- fund vendors air band a big gains in place and songs. -- -- like to do some classic rock stuff and have their own songs she's a freak and now. It's it was fun it was fun out that via a good time. And we've got some good times coming up to. It's a Harley-Davidson is going to be busy with a couple events so market counter for the tenth and seventeenth tents and open house -- the seventeenth the big hog -- so. A market goes on your calendar now Saturday and attend Saturday's seventeen to match. And I'm gonna go out there -- gonna have some fun and a chance treaty actually get to VIP tour from the family knows that the Lyle -- And not. I it's and it's a text to win kinda thing. Whenever he -- there was some folks who continue to do as we close in the -- right. I good stuff. LA clippers owner. Bizarre story. Donald Sterling it's alleged that he has set all these racist stuff too. His girlfriend who by the way is half black half Mexican and says don't show up -- black people at the games. Basically even says I don't care if you sleep of just you know don't don't don't bring in my games don't promote it. You know and your lousy Aston instead grams. You don't have to have yourself -- -- walk with black people don't know what Magic Johnson on your instead Graham for the world -- to see so they called me. And don't bring him to buy games -- owner of the LA clippers say analyst -- allegedly. Hi. I'm not gonna try to defend a ball and -- -- I am gonna try to -- for a -- May be his problem is that this is the plume. Our candy he's gotten out correct but to no one's saying anything about like a 78 year old man and and a fourteen year old girl more over oldest child it is. You see the pictures over the -- big. He looks old old beat her great great great grandfather that's completely creepy until I'm that age. But to maybe he's mad because I'm assuming she gets into the games for for. Right -- yeah. Now -- -- you she's got regular for now if you principal at the white people with our. Is going to be equally ticked because apparently they're getting in the game for free to -- great amid the she ain't sitting up on the nose bleeds. Torre you know what it's eighty bucks for a ticket you sit in front -- courtside that's that's money right there what jobs are eligible to McDonald's restaurant he's got money to be paying for his own ticket. Didn't pay a lot to like Karen so major some food and -- cost some money. Maybe -- as it this guy here's what I think it is. He he's a racist you know what he's racist light -- tyrannies like now. Series races light but he has a bunch of friends that are still like Fultz. Full fat. Racist -- and so he hears from them all the time when they see is growth and ago. You know it's one -- near Dayton -- half black cast Mexican chick you know but she's parade around he's black -- now got a kick out the -- if you keep it up. You see so least feel some pressure. That's the only they got a quick what else what other reason. I think you're that age you're a millionaire. Well why would you care a bit because he says he gets calls you know I don't wanna I don't want to get these calls may -- went to the Alec Baldwin school voicemail messages. Who did he caller worthless little pig yet on -- know now that no he reserved for your daughter right actually young enough. That's good point. Yeah I. It's just to be as bizarre honey become a millionaire and and not be able to control the word to come out of your mouth you -- what you might be surrounded by racist haters all the time locked in by on the street you wouldn't know if -- save and right. This guy owns a team know dame which by the ways predominately you know African American players. In the league. Mean. Out why if you like black people have. NBA basketball team it to me it just seems. So odd I and I guess some people can turn -- -- well. Now Bob that's like a plantation. He's making money off -- -- on the plantation I did. When we come -- the -- are all hostile Republican front row seats. With a belly former girlfriend. Don't know how it is bizarre. Pakistan happen in your town would you not go to the games. What is your season ticket old -- paid for the tickets and you like the players. You don't -- -- owner so what do you do. -- here on about -- good morning. I'm all the above for our work is going to be or Serb Army Europe open east record. -- what sort of artwork up to the black community in the last fifty years. We ought to not mean of our own. -- aren't used in work out so great with the help but nobody vehicle make the issue up. You've -- there's one thing about black people and figure folded up at all. You -- a lot of -- in our -- radio. There -- CD player and got in world number he's the Arctic and the government about -- I didn't see the end or if it's coming out -- your radio the and word should be new music as a new -- -- radio not at some point for its yup. Radio who likes. I can't talk about the other stuff you talk about it goes on them in the black community -- a lack of you know father's 7473%. Unwed mother says the birth rate 73% of all black kids are born to just a mommy no daddy in the picture. I'm not I -- I can't talk about that but a white guy who say racist things that I can pick on him all day long. And nobody else say anything about it. And that's yes finance and other world goes round 717 on the Bob Rochelle. Lots bug and you coming up next brought to you by Florida pest control -- now 8779759825. Bearing down just so -- disgusting. You're sort of got my wife wants -- you we've got to stand up but we're gonna take their country back. He's 77 W sky talk brought you by Florida pest controls 97.3. -- this guy. Since when you really my -- -- -- Monday right yup it's past. Welcome back to the Bob Rotella -- Anderson 723 what's bug and you brought about Florida pest control. 8779759825. Call now a rich what's bugging you. I. One when people are. Say that. It's not any good because that oil industry finding goes out back out to other countries and it's quite. He can't explain tomorrow I'll explain to me -- on the world market at some point that. And it -- -- to bring prices down but they they are so good that people wouldn't be any good because all the oil would go to other country. -- -- Yeah anytime you add to a commodity you add more commodity you add more volume. You're gonna drop prices down. But yes traded on a worldwide basis sure Joseph what's -- -- -- quarter outlook could do not unconstitutional it took a look at -- it's very thick and at sentenced. And it's so volatile unborn on the about the tech in the board. But you impose accent in the statement and a buildup and provide percent and -- prosecutors. Want closet don't equate that. Abortion doctors. Premeditated -- -- How to equate that which are gonna pass constitutional that they need to call governor Scott today to hostile. Thanks for your number at first Syria -- was go to. Jason was bugging you. Hey good morning good morning eight periodic. Mark on the brink of beer -- -- beat American and better serve my country and work every day and all I'm college student. And our foreign policy has been reduced. The social media I mean what are what are we think if we are using hash tag to threaten battered Vladimir Putin. Hatched -- Bob Albright got I don't know what Everett -- what -- Twitter become a punch in the face are now saying Bob. Oh man I've done. Now the president's biggest regret was in spend more time this with a monitor which. That could be a big regret but I think when people asked him that question recently I think referring to you know as president. You know as the president not as a person. As the president. Daniel smug new. Bob -- me is that topic you're addressing prior to that segment. And bugging me. This situation was sterling the team owner of it brings tomorrow brings to the -- rocked the realization. There's no standard. I don't care some legal weapon. Rush Limbaugh brand out commonplace comic. There's nobody is saying hey what about the First Amendment if this man wants to say. And -- unity particularly racist terms that -- On politically correct terms. -- the man as a conduit between the Beirut in the -- he don't he put together an organizational might need to say whatever he want. Yeah he can he can say what ever he wants to and then people have the constitutional -- right to not go see his basketball team anymore not to buy. LA clippers jerseys anymore not to support him anyway -- from they have the freedom to do that they don't have to penalize them. But again if they want Pete what's bugging you. But it made it President Obama. Almost had to cancel his Asia trip and response. World events. Because he said that -- Had nominated someone or -- he was gonna have Air Force One diverted. To the Vatican until much she'll straighten them out thanks Bob. That's. Really steak and a demotion from aside as saying now. 727. On above Rochelle thanks for participating what's bugging you brought to you by Florida pest control. I coming up next season a studio already is Americana to mister -- Alec is on the hot seat next setting up. Here's a tolerance wins and compassion and rush will straighten things out -- is -- open that don't believe there is being earned anything antibodies seven point three paint this guy. 736 on the Bob -- live and local Sanderson in our house is special -- and -- -- -- Marion County commissioner -- -- on the morning good lawyer Bob how are you my friend I'm doing -- -- -- it started -- a little -- but -- us get better in the sun is coming -- it's going to be another gorgeous day in paradise club received in -- -- might -- think it's working -- Kenya a -- yes. And I guess it fixed up hey ya tell me about this at veterans homeless assisted living facility for veterans that. Mary county's been working on with the support of others have thanks Bob. -- you know it's been a great honor to work we've got a really great veterans department that continues to help those families. Bomb of veterans of of widows and failing members you know our office continues to serve those folks. So by the way if you need us if you and -- counting your veteran you're not in the services you need or feel please don't hesitate to call us our office. That numbers 4382323. In our folks to be more than willing to get to in the right direction help point you out and I'm just continue to hope service to sometimes that's up with a BA -- tricky and being emblazoned. Widows and some of those folks really don't understand how that works in our guys are are pro is that they can walk them through that system of tossing continued help we we'd love to -- the what this project is is a veterans assisted living facility now we're putting in and RP to them through the veterans affairs office with the state of Florida. And there's eight counties I think still bidding on this project. A YRFP requesting more were request for proposal cast so. Want to you know some of the things that you had to have and it was -- we have the generosity. Mr. king colon out there on top of the world and our community Tony the twenty acres. Hollywood access and you know when you look at our county. And you draw a circle -- 75 miles because this is a regional facility that people will come to you. You know we have a lot of veterans and our community we have a lot of veterans in that circle. -- will be able to service a lot of veterans that quite frankly right now are in some we do more rural communities outside just outside of hearing county. So this looks like a great opportunity. To work with the state. To bring an incredible facility and take care more veterans. And continued to come be able to really serve them and you know one of the things that we we've been however great tradition out. And it is being able to serve our veterans and so we want it -- to make that happen. How many veterans would be facility served the the initial op plan and building is a 120 bed facility. All right and you say assisted living is that. Similar to a nursing homered as an out more components and you know like -- some need less assistance and others yet know this is you know this is a full system living. As -- as far as I understand the -- assisted living. Facility where were people we would've taken be taken care of and a -- thing about it is I think also was that by positioning it. All on you know state -- 200 out there. Home will also be you know we already have a lot of them are veterans that live in that in that court Oregon community here now you know there's lots of you know condos and all these other kind of little. Things that the different developments do so people will be a book you know still stay close by to their loved ones. You know and all that's important in the plane pressure put together a plan like this do you have the facilities you have. Folks that can be taken care in their loved ones come -- also all of those things were looking at trying to make sure we put together good proposal. With the right piece of property you know has to have all the little things the don't think about our office. Part of the beginning you know like god as having infrastructure doesn't have the road doesn't have. You know utilities -- and how all these other things and so you know putting it all this together is middle of really kind of neat project but we're excited about it when he got to get shocked. That's you know hopefully hopefully the funding will come through you're asking for. Both federal land and state funds it well actually I think part of the money obviously comes down from a federal appropriation. To the state in the state. Lose them money out the initial project is a seventeen million dollars and I think that it runs from the state. About seven million dollars a year in operating. OK I think that was the the numbers that I heard last out sounds -- -- a lot of veterans and we can't do enough for our veterans so that's good news -- really exciting thanks to only about diablo town day's tab -- nano was awesome you know to be out in the -- in this weekend. They are so many events going on this weekend whether it was a little farmland preservation and you know -- days there was a several events. -- the -- takes take stock in children I mean there's just. All kinds of events going on and so we were really excited to be part of one of the things that we spent a lot of time out with Boomtown days. And so it was a beautiful day it was hot yeah I was I was only -- -- Need over the -- great musical stuff going on out there on the stages. -- lots of vendors you know one of the course the kind of the charming and really cool things about the -- model shops and all the antiques in in all those kind of things going on. So it was really a a lot of fun got to meet a lot of great people. -- and so you really you know. Kudos to do in town days the chamber down there as -- the city than Alan I think they're related the great job putting the event on. On and so you know when you get -- really -- You know meet the folks in and shake their he has talked to them figure out what their problems are you know maybe are are there ways that we can solve some of those issues. As well as -- watching I was so jealous as we went down to this place called a swamp -- on the river mean there were just. So many people and in inner tubes just just going on the river people enjoy in the river what a beautiful part of town and I was so jealous that I wanna be an inner tube to slow down the river myself you have been there before it is nice and -- of the water levels are pretty pretty high right now yeah no actually the rainbow rivers flowing really well you know the so that's exciting to see him -- you know. We bending quite a drought for such a long period of time. That it has really you know made the water levels and lakes go down someone's. And so now the week. That we start to see some of that rain come back some of those wet. Wet winners. You know we've we've been fortunate enough to have a lot of rain. As you heard in the -- has some flooding issues and he now -- OJ was out there -- yeah I mean it was great to -- not not that that's great to see flooding but it's -- to see -- some water levels are coming back is that people are able to use their boat -- you know what's -- -- -- it is so one cent sales tax I'm hearing talk about exclude half the of the sales taxes something that originated probably about a year and a half ago. And really that was in. Part of the process that we've been looking through obviously you remember the Yankees thing -- that they didn't pan out but also you know -- -- to talk about some vehicles and call hours. You know what is the most proactive way to solve some of these issues is that we're continuing to have that sales that is sales tax discussion. Actually may sixth. The board of county commissioner of the believe it's at 2 o'clock. After released it'll meeting will have a workshop just the start sorting through I held a visiting committee. Meeting where we just talked about hey what are the good things about -- counting what's you know what what are things that are working now -- things that are not working -- things that we can certainly improve on. And so from that discussion we can't -- with with several things now obviously there's no way in the world you can fund all of these things right so. How to we tickle a look at in -- one of the things that our community ruling means -- of the things that. You know that can wait and so as we've been having that discussion -- obviously there's a lot of folks talking about public safety. What are the needs how we address those needs we continue to move. In a direction that that continues to keep our law enforcement folks safe but the same time respecting you know obviously the taxpayer's bank -- -- this thing is -- you know everybody wants and demands a certain level of services but -- when it comes time to pay for a lot of people don't wanna. To pay for and it's hardy can't have things both ways so -- To me a sales tax tends to be. In my opinion an appropriate way everybody shares in the other costs and and that way. You can get some things he can get some things done and you can do a sunset on it where it can be so for certain period of time. And and then you can build trust with the the taxpayers and if you have to do it again down the road they're gonna feel like you know they -- abused. I'm and that's the and that's the point I mean obviously the thing about sales taxes that. If if that half past the -- the way you have to fund items. At least that at some point sunsets you know while I'm of the opinion that more property taxes. Continues there really devastate businesses you know and and and also property owners. South course at certain levels are so many people don't pay property taxes so many exemptions are out there but it all these things happen you know our public safety. You know the I guess part of the sales tax you I've heard some discussion about that is like. When you know you're coming through your visitor you know something happens and you need some emergency services. Well there they're there to Serbia to write a thing and keep you safe and everything else should absolutely see you unfortunately you get into an accident something happens public safety is there. You know in the good part about a sales tax is that you know. You know thirty point 530% of that will be funded by visitors yeah. And I also wanna ask you about Minnesota counties he had to get by and I'm sure from Ocala and how that's all divided up in what other municipalities will have a say. In this kind of thing if they do add an additional one cent sales tax Mary county -- a conversation with Mary -- thank you mr. Carl as Alec. And we'll continue that conversation next. On news talk 97.3. This -- He's seven point three. 751 out of -- Rochelle with. There were -- with other veterans folks in in getting some funding for that that's exciting 120 beds. Boomtown days is a huge success and done Alan everybody had a good time there and now we're talking about the one cent proposal for additional sales tax -- Marion County. And commissioners Alec Carl what what would that. Along with a one -- go to. Yellow -- obviously the first thing is public safety and and one of the great things that happen through our visiting committees -- Everybody for the first time at least what they told me. The first time all of our public safety agencies actually sat down all the different cities. The bill officers the firefighters. You know our communications folks everybody sat down in the same room. One of the great proposals that came out of there that I think you know we need to look at in the future. -- and how how we you know and how we take little battle steps you know we can't do everything one year. But but this this kind of paints a roadmap for us for the next 510 years. One of the things that was great they came up with communications as. Hey guys let's everybody by the same radio lets all be on the same radio the same radio frequency. Let's make sure that. You know there's something going on just outside the city Marion County Ocala PD in all those guys are on the same you know frequency -- same mode same thing computer systems and software we can dispatch that everybody at the same time. Let's make investments in making sure that. You know we we put his little delay in the 911 system an emergency -- communication system as possible continue our efforts in. In making sure that that system is as patient as possible if you collect this sales tax it's countywide how does -- -- as far as dividing it up -- minister counties like Ocala jury there's a there's a state revenue share on sales tax that goes directly to them. Each and every city has the certain percentage. And they will receive that money and then there's the state statute. That bad. Throws out the guidelines of how you can use how you can spend those dollars. Obviously we've talked with them you know -- they also are in need of some. Vehicle updates and communication updates. In regards to public safety that they have some fire stuff. Whether the fire and dinner. You know even now. I think one of the things was rebuilding a re doing a station was one of the needs by wanna miss the -- he's. And of course rose one of the things -- a look at him in a big way. In the roads our roads have been underfunded about ten million dollars per year and so one of the things that. Besides public safety that we need to look at is what are their infrastructure orders are roads look like re paving obviously there's a lot of folks out there that know the the main arteries. Our game to the point where they were -- they need to be looked act so. But most people I talked to said. Commissioner listen I understand what you're doing -- understand some of the needs we see some of the needs. But don't raise my property taxes mean it's you know it's it's you know I don't mind paying for it one shot for a couple years but I don't wanna be indebted. Forever and and that's usually what happens with the property taxes and that's why it's so has such. The -- equity factors just not there and a specially businesses businesses feel like they get on proportionally. The lion's share and when you have so many businesses. You know that are still struggle and they don't wanna see you know a huge increase in property taxes and that's been the debate and Canada dial up and you don't wanna Louis down because there employers and they do take a lion's share of taxes and they don't demand much in terms of services I mean. New businesses -- and it's -- like your school is going to be full all of a son -- that's a residential. Absolutely and so that's and that's why we continue to look at these different things happen the discussion. From a hole and you know we've we've been looking at. All the different options and making sure that we make you know really good decisions -- -- we want to make sure that our public safety folks have the other resources they need. And will continue that dialogue -- our share and our firefighters. If the sales tax is approved to put on the ballot winless -- on about the fall jumping in November object. All right thanks again for spending time with -- Karl's -- like -- county commissioner always appreciated thanks Bob always has always upkeep on Monday we'll have you yeah the masters -- get a better may have been a unit at 755 on -- -- -- We've got a lot of stuff we gotta talk about some tornado damage to win on and TV celebrate 75 years.