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Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Apr 28, 2014|

Bob Rose - April 28 - 8AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- test the waters -- the horse. I'm looking at the water so you know what to drink and and want to spit out what used the water you can let me put -- I'm not sure what you're implying. News sky radio. -- show. -- -- -- point three. Minutes after Michael I'm a local spot road show -- -- Anderson time Jack brought to ninety jewelry. -- answer is always. Yes. Fight tornadoes killed at least eighteen this. Big storm center moved through the plains midwest all the way down south and Mississippi etc. nastiness. Half mile wide in some places where this. Some of these tornados since there was a couple of different ones who were supplying from the same system now a big storm system. -- look like he's gonna impact us at all looks like sunny skies for the most part here that's good news. Let's go now in Russia do we really care well. Look out. The globe a smaller and used to be and everything does have an impact now. Might just impact -- a little bit oil prices might stay high because this so called volatility the Russians have a certain amount of impact on the oil market. You know could that happen sure. Is there any military action may take place involving us. In now honestly it's pretty doubtful really yes in my opinion. But I think that Putin also understands that so he might push the envelope. The white house on Sunday defended his foreign policy strategy on Russia saying the international sanctions are hurting. The country's economy and as Russian citizens losing faith in president Vladimir Putin. Again it's gonna come off -- sounding very partisan but it seems like. President Obama uses the same tactics to -- penalize and punish. You know the Russians as he basically does here at home. I mean it's not called sanctions but you know. When you put a bunch of fly EPA mandates in place on businesses it's gonna cost him a lot of money you're hurting him just like you would if you -- In now. Sanctioning them in some way that's what you're doing right. So. And and and here's another thing. It makes and it's hurting Vladimir Putin will guess what our economy sucks and it has sucked and somehow the people are stupid enough to give. President Obama a second term. So what do you say in the people of Russia wouldn't put up put it. After you know did the American we have so called free Americans have put up let not. White House deputy national security advisor Tony going consider Russia's financial markets are down 22% since the first of the year. And at the Ruble their currency hovers near all time lows. So you think you're gonna break the bank. I kinda doubt it and if you do some like that guess what happens then the Russian people get desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures. So who's got more to lose. If we get into some sort of a real. Into a real stick with them was a mortal lose. Now in the country that maybe you know somewhat desperate break from an economic standpoint. They're -- they're desperate. Though they feel like -- less to lose they have some sort of national unity going on over the -- thing in Ukraine. I think if we you know here many garner. The people are going to be even more negative toward the United States. But and then again if you let him go unfettered and let's just up -- -- -- it's really kind of a lose lose. Now I know it's not a exciting topic. But let me tell you. Is it difficult. Difficult situation for the present -- regardless who the president is -- when it's somebody who appears to be so weak on foreign policy that's dangerous ground. And the media is gonna cover it. But they're not gonna cover it in a in it will visit a critical I pennies they would if there were a Republican in there. They're not gonna look at some of these issues in such a critical way in critical fashion it is not. That's you know that's my opinion that's. As -- be a good thing. But it is a tough spot to be and because what exactly are you supposed to do now. There's really not a lot we can do about Ukraine yes we could send in some light weapons and -- That might slow Vladimir Putin down but you know that also could. Pay our troops are fired on hey this happen that happened it causes an escalation that opens the -- them going hog wild basically. Not hog wild and a good way. Hog -- in a bad way. -- we'll talk about that a little bit further later on if you've got some had 8779759825. TV celebrate -- fifth anniversary. I have to admit TV series has had a big impact. On most people's lives in America. Will continue till. Audiences now fragmented you've got so many different avenues and so many different things that you can do you don't even need really a TV. -- it gets -- on your computer on your Smartphone. Which. I'll never really understand. From the perspective of and I know an ominous sound all this going to be either. Segment Bob Rose -- geezer. Right now you cracked me right we're gonna of course. I remember a TV. In the living room -- they have like the four legs coming out of it we have a black and white Myanmar is longer than anybody. Everybody else got a color TV were last ones on the block. The finally get a color TV. Now I don't even think it was as big as a black and white was I think the picture might have been slightly smaller thing and how that's not really an upgrade but the picture was a little better. And it wasn't collar so okay all of a sudden you see -- -- resin wow. NASA movies in tolerated know that before marketing. So here we go. And then the TVs get a little bigger a little better the bigger and then over the last seven years. Man big screen TV hanging on the -- it's only a few inches thick. It's beautiful crystal clear it's all -- All the younger people are running around looking at stuff on their little phones. -- -- worked my butt off to get a jug eared TV and you're telling me the latest greatest thing is that tiny thing -- on the -- my hand. I can't see it. I can't I can't see an instant. Now I mean I -- kind of figure out what's going on there but that's another enjoy that experience. What went when I when I wanna enjoy and experience. That is of a video nature. And I can experience it on my sixty is at home -- wanna be at the movie theater even bigger. So what happened what happened when bigger was better now it's little we know it don't come here hand that's great. You know for like a phone call. Here and Garrett now I know people get in -- texting it's like. Might need these glasses on for driving barely go over under might read the text and and I got to move at a certain distance now. Well you're crazy technology you know make the screens goalies jittery. I know is that there's there's my dinosaur segment for the day -- act and I thank you thank you for letting me vent near here on about -- Well I would like to make. One very short comment and we'll explain everything you need to know about Vladimir Putin's in three words. Super Bowl ring. Oh yeah did he steal a ring yeah. Yeah. I've got to short words Vladimir Putin's. The putt putt putt putt putt. Now you know Biden announced yet it. Get a Jackman. -- won't comic. Is angry letters KGB. And nobody's sure. Edit show he has short letter opponent at -- too short words I'm pumped aka so you didn't get it man who might not match. Come -- man. So these guys were arrested after a high speed chase. And I love this -- said so why are you speed. -- responsible world. Coming up next on news -- 97.3 this guy and god. -- your welcome aboard the truth she should do you still can catch up Sean Hannity screen. Seven point three disguise. -- when he wanted to Barbara showed Jim Anderson and house is well good morning a -- government Todd Jack brought to you by Hayes jewelry religions always yes. So you guys usually. And a couple of days -- man -- chased by Marion county sheriff's deputies this is Saturday afternoon right apparently they were leaving me crap festival in in Willis didn't. Annual celebration manner. This is it this a great one so every chase -- -- Jason finally getting guys right. And he said so what why worry drive itself fast. They say they were trying to get away from the police. He meant that. -- so fast to today's rematch. They said. Is a classic or what I mean I'm -- didn't. Well it was a police I guess in Willis. Originally chase and when not to -- a man taken into custody -- county sheriff's deputies late Saturday afternoon any high speed chase began the annual craft festival and wells didn't. Antoine. Antoine bell 26. Booked into the Marion county jail that was a driver eight charge a range from possession of cocaine possession of firearm and ammo by convicted felon. The fleeing and eluding him resisting. Arrest without violence the passenger. The Vontae garden in nineteen charge of possession marijuana. -- clocked -- I clocked the car 2006 Pontiac going a 101 miles an hour. While. A reported the Pontiac finally stopped county road 318. Of the Mike -- canine. Deputy Tyson -- wait and what -- guy's got out ran canine sick. Brought him down. Two guns one loaded with five live rounds and other wood to live rounds found in the car. Bag of marijuana on Gardner. Terrell said his report DSL while he was being treated for bite wounds when I was -- -- offenses when he said we're trying to get away from policy step on the road Willis and in a supplemental report -- Ndukwe. The Mary Carey shares fugitive apprehension unit received bulletins -- Lee county sheriff's office they were just involved in a vehicle pursuit but blue Pontiac classy he's -- counter at three team. -- your report Sunday in the Gainesville sun an incident happened Saturday evening on the outskirts of the festival area. Northern incidents were reported crab fest. The -- the festival was marred there -- some shootings -- lefties -- man dead known to man wounded. But yeah I speed no way. -- so fast. -- from the police. Now you know a hundred miles an hour. I was county roads the cars in -- car like that I know it's not that old but. Hundred miles an hour. You know he's go a little bit off the road party's over right. You know flip -- -- you're an attorney. Motorcycles. Didn't fare any better -- about tests are motorcycles. -- -- rule Marion County. These guys barely were going pretty fast. Because he went through wire fence and they when they were. Dragged to the scrub and hated cheery and all kinds of stuff and. Didn't even flying them. Four hours. Yeah hours. They think -- happened there were no eyewitnesses they think -- have about 1030 Saturday night. They failed to negotiate a lefty and curve and drove off the roadway. Both were wearing helmets. But we're traveling at a high rate of speed. And this across the road motorcycles at defense a light pole above the interest to done on high school. After leave in the road motorcycles went straight into a grassy shoulder for about a hundred feet before cutting through the fence. Both drivers were thrown when their motorcycles began to overturn after going through defense. Teller was thrown into several trees next to defense while Richard and his bike travel to further south tumbling through trees and underbrush before they collided with a large tree. No eyewitnesses. As HP had a piece this thing together. The motorcycles exhaust pipes were cold by the time troopers arrived at 730. No reason they even were called us because some folks who were there -- what opened up the partner rainbow river state park. Saw some sort of assault offense was messed up in new cars go off the road there sometimes I guess it's not you know it's a bad turf. Said you know we'll fix defense later but another Europe employee went a little bit further look to the gap in the fence and started investigate. On a motorcycle parts and then a body. -- She pretty gruesome they said it looked like they never even leaned into the curve. So Saturday night around 1030. You're on these back roads. High rate of speed. And you know one goes off the road you know kind of riding you know sort of in tandem. Kind of following. One goes up the rodeo -- gonna follow that's what happens. When Iran like that. Yap kind of scary as sad. Sad nonetheless even you know look they weren't they weren't doing the right thing but still -- -- It's sad. Because -- -- -- give much worsen us. Holocaust survivors or call most vivid memories. You imagine talking to somebody. Who survived that. This won't go with fourteen years old to time. Ripped away from his mother's -- knew they were separating women from their children he knew then. -- life would never be the same. You can imagine can anyone think about it. But we can't forget history it was doomed to repeat it. Now. Jewish folks now. In Israel have every reason to fear a nuclear armed Iran. Netanyahu spoke out about it. And I think he forces that -- gonna wait until it's too late. You were part of that now. Part of that age 27 on the Bob -- -- 877975. 9825. We'll -- because we've -- Florida. Talk about coming up on news talk 97 with three -- Ignites it. Michael so they. And then. Good morning and welcome friends. Hey 37 on a bomber ozone standards and seven Monday we'll make the boasting of they will get through this. -- can wait -- -- may before you know be able Alina. It's crazy. Netanyahu. Links holocaust Jauron suspected nuclear ambitions the Israeli prime minister opened the country's annual Memorial Day. For the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust. By issuing a stern warning Sunday to the world to learn the lessons of the past and prevent another holocaust. He said he in this place I have said so many times that we must identify. -- essential threat in time act against -- time and tonight I ask. Why in the years before the Holocaust to most of the world's leaders not -- danger ahead in time. In hindsight all the signs were there he said. As the world learned a lesson from the mistakes of the past today were again face -- clear facts and before real danger Iran calls for our destruction it develops nuclear weapons. This data links between a holocaust in Iran showed. A more than six decades later the mass murder of Jews during World War II was still a central part of Israel psyche. The nation was created just three years after the end of the war and hundreds of thousands of dazed survivors. Made their way to Israel six million Jews were killed by German Nazis and collaborators in the Holocaust wiping out a third. Of the Jewish population today fewer than 200000 elderly survivors to remain in Israel. The annual memorial they shut everything down. Restaurants cafes everything our radio and TV programming dedicated almost exclusively to documentaries about the Holocaust interviews with survivors and summer music. In the Ukraine. This was -- said this situation you -- Jews are caught in the middle of the conflict between Nationalists in Russian separatists with both sides using anti Jewish rhetoric. While accusing each other of harboring anti semantic supporters. In his comments. Israeli president. Shimon Peres spoke of his family's destruction in the Holocaust and said Israel. Was the deterrence against another one happening. Dog -- on above -- good morning. I've bought it's not just -- -- a big -- -- Israelis have to worry about. There's a low level. Mark -- holocaust but. It's all happening over again what was happening in Germany in the thirties. There is and incredible. Amount of violence against Jews committed by younger multiple males. In three attempts. He -- just overwhelming and no one in this country knows about it because. The media that they air and over -- absolutely will not hot should this story some Israeli official Guerrero was. Set the action came out and -- he was time fortune -- took the lead pretty upset because it's getting to dangerous. And whoever the French government. Official who responded. Didn't say oh my -- wouldn't -- it got to do something about this aids -- criticized the Israeli -- for. Making aren't helpful and divisive comments. And no one in this country knows this is going moderate here. Need. That's yeah that's writing -- some view to be aware of because. You know is there is there are so is it done on purpose of the government and the media not covering it because as well as long as they're taken on. The Jews he won't be picking on us kind of a mentality. And I don't know if that's true or not that leads you to store of wander and think. In that direction -- change gears to a much more upbeat positive saying yeah. You know -- the Bob Rose golf scramble over the weekend and help plantation absolutely. Gorgeous shape the golf course was in the day was absolutely wonderful and Dick Bradley the executive director of mark joins me and -- guy I hope you're going to say it was a success. Are -- that was great just great you know really. Probably clear it of I think it would close about 42000. Last here we're projecting at this point probably in the neighborhood of 47000. You know just it just continues to get bigger and better every year and that -- to you and -- -- Rodriguez played a big role in the success we're really really appreciate you -- -- station. Well we're happy to be a part of it and you know the billboard big gets together and on a very much a voluntary basis comes up with a big ticket sponsors to. Really I mean make a difference and make it all happen and so those are the people that do the hard work behind the scenes and I'm happy to lend my name in the radio stations very proud to be a part of that as well -- and all the finer things in -- does for the community and has for decades and now the saddest thing easier not to be the executive director forever area. Now -- return in January bit you know it's after forty some odd years doing this work permits. Time to get out of the way and let somebody else. Try their hand out that band that -- I have to I have to tell you that you looked good out there with that Harley-Davidson. On the whole number thirteen anybody. Now -- stats are beautiful bike and now but you know it's called the sat Robin people can say you know sad about that Bob and I -- turning our ice tomorrow I'm ready yet but now I'm alike makes funny when I'm not around but I know integrate our beautiful bike and everybody commented on and thanks to gains Harley-Davidson for. Supplying unfortunately nobody want to. Well you know it's there every year nobody's won yet although about four years ago we will have -- -- one contest on every hole unfortunately you don't get -- Harley-Davidson on every hole but. They are young kid that thinks 1617 years old hole in one on one -- the other holes about. I'm like forty years ago and I wanna do won a trip to bombed. And it was Myrtle Beach group you know -- that is playing golf popular Myrtle Beach so you know that it's possible log two in my life so rom. Now. -- -- -- I had a bunch that it was always a miniature golf. It looks particularly. -- yeah that is why the -- tell you thanks again I'm Bob we're really really appreciate you guys in the stations and you know couldn't do without you guys either you know. Well we know he'll be semi retired. At this time next year but. I know he'll also make it out of the tournament so I look forward to seeing you again. Are absolutely say they won't get rid of me that easily you know. Plus in my neighborhood he gets up anytime. Map and I'd take care that's Dick Bradley is he's executive director remarkable actually -- People have developmental disabilities safe and help with group housing and all the programs they have there is the -- This is their largest fund raiser the other Bob Rose golf scramble and now I'm happy to report it was another huge success surpassing last here. It's like -- -- -- close to 47000 dollars. That is a tremendous effort. From the community and now thanks to everybody involved including king insurance I got to meet the owner what a nice guy good guy. I don't Lotta great people I -- take a break. 845 all of Bob Rose showed. 97.3 of the sky. 23. I don't know what about plug it rush he casually discuss this I know there's nothing casual about bought blog Tony seven point 30 this guy. And Christiane above Rochelle tennis -- not a -- Jane Anderson and. 8779759825. Netanyahu giving up pretty impassioned. Speech about the Holocaust. And rightfully so unconcerned about Iran and rightfully so in my opinion. I want you to be able to stay in touch with a Bob Rochelle likes on FaceBook let us know what you think in FaceBook dot com slash the sky you can always email me be rose And don't miss a minute -- Smartphone get the tune in radio app. And listen to the Bob Rose show on demand the podcast is at the sky 973. Dot com. So the Holocaust. Remembered. And it Benjamin Netanyahu the prime minister of Israel being quite concerned that history could repeat itself in some way Iran. It's called for the destruction of Israel. Sarah you're on the -- show. Aren't you mentioned the war. Are shut down -- That -- -- I don't think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Go. -- Up. Credit card. -- While so it's a touching and moving experience everything when they say comes to a standstill everything does. -- -- -- -- And you think people there's concerns -- about. The Holocaust from historical standpoint as they used to be and and and should we be concerned about Iran. -- -- -- I don't know really scary. Carrier and our whole. Also -- sure enough. Now so you have to defend yourself against that haters. It's tough what are you supposed to do I mean now. I mean steak kind of statements that have come out of Iran. I mean of people and Israel should be concerned and fearful and they do have the of the the right and the ability to defend themselves they should be able to. Problem when you talk about nuclear weapon if it is used against him you know. SRO once that things launched its hard to defend against. Once you know that's the thing so preemptively you should you active now weigh. In now it's kind of like damned if you do damned if you don't. That's a tough call. But I I don't know I think that prime minister Netanyahu has been. Pretty patient. On the issue. Because this has been talked about on a serious level for a couple years now on terms of the procurement of Iran and their ability. To make a nuclear weapon and it triggering device. You know there the rocket device the whole thing in. I don't know I mean it depends on what estimates a look at but. Most experts think that you know. There anywhere from six weeks to two years away. At any given point. I don't know that anybody really predicts that more than two years and some of those numbers were were actually from a couple of months ago. So pretty frightening shot here on about Rochelle what do you think. Well good morning -- and -- keeping up my theme of the more things change the more they stay the same. I'd like to ask you liberal listeners who grew up to a Google search or however you search on the Internet. There's an article written by Mark Twain. In 1898. In Harper's magazine called concerning the -- Bring it up read it most of it read it that it was written today. And don't change up thanks a lot. Proceeded to have -- to get down. It's a day forum -- -- showed. 8779759825. Next chance for you to win a thousand dollars will be at 11 AM we do it four times a day 7-Eleven to -- five. So what make sure your listing 7-Eleven 215. Well for the sky and senator keyword and and tech's -- you were to seven to 81 in -- have a chance of a thousand bucks. Message data rates apply so. Luck on that. That's that's ongoing for awhile. Take advantage of that. Not so on in the new always a little bit. And it asked to do with the high school graduation rates. US public high schools have reached a milestone. An 80%. Graduation. Rate 80%. It's maybe not all it's cracked up to be and we're gonna talk about dad in the coming out in the 9 o'clock stretch. 80% compared historically. That would be or should be a good number. But -- high school diploma. Really. I mean what does that mean in real terms today and in terms of learning potential. Doesn't mean everybody has to go off to university immediately upon graduation high school to be a success in life I'm not saying that. What I'm saying keep your options open and that's one pathway. That's recommended. -- trade school of some sort. Some training in some things that'll lead to a future because just walking out of school and high school diploma. And having any expectations. You know hood of the good and decent future and an income he can raise a family on. Not nearly what it used to be. In my opinion we'll share that story would yet and get your input as well coming up on news talk 97.3. This guy.