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GRU rates aren't the state's highest.......they're second highest

May 7, 2014|

Bob Rose - May 7 - 7AM

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm rose imagine going home and your house is angry and I'm sure I'll dual engine. It's got included new house soon Newbold symbol and sometimes now already. -- sky radio. Rose show on seven point three. Yeah -- local power of the there it is about -- show along with. There's two guys solicitors those that are able to spend all long period of time listening and those who only have a short commute and only get to tune in a little bit. I why I try to make everybody happy is often as I can't. This subject is big enough to where I have to talk about it a little bit longer and I hope it doesn't become tedious for some idea because it's that important it really is. And it's all about the global warming and climate change the president. Not talked about yesterday. And I just wanna point out you know let's try to keep the politics out of it. Is much we can and kind of make up our minds. And in in allow me to present some stuff to you and then. And then you can see how it unfolds politically. And -- can make a choice for yourself. All right. I also wanna remind you that you can win circus Ole tickets out. -- LA to kick off Maine from 97.3 this guy tickets to the spectacular Michael Jackson immoral world tour. Coming Gainesville next Tuesday and Wednesday. Today's code word is glove. Texting -- -- 72881. Now messaging data rates apply. So the president came out and listen if you take a step backwards. The likes of Al Gore and things that he said. And what the UN. People set about climate change in their reports the solar ice caps would have already completely melted the -- I -- solar. The polar ice -- Would have already completely melted it. About a year ago that's right Al Gore sat in the year 2013. We won't half a polar ice cap if we continue on this trend. Well since the year 2000. American scientists even in even negates that they're using for a lot of this data show that the global temperature has now risen in. Fourteen years. So take that into consideration. One of the main things that they think produces CO2. Is the burning of coal. We burn it in America. In a fairly clean fashion can we do it cleaner yes it's expensive. But we do it in a pretty clean fashion now. Especially when you compare it to the way call would be burned or is burned now and India and China. China as one of the worst offenders they are terrible awful polluters. Any of their major cities on any given day is would almost be considered uninhabitable. In the western world. I mean they're not even on the same scale as say in how -- the Los Angeles valley in the early 1970s. They suffer worse than that on a regular basis on a good day. So that gives you a little idea of what's going on here. Even if we make more serious changes that'll be very costly to all of us. It may have had zero impact on the planet if we can't get India and China to go along with it. And chances of them going along -- I've got to tell you. Art between slim and nine. Pushing a little bit closer to none. Now. I've been following this and I've been watching this because I remember. Being scared that there was a coming ice age my scholastic reader when I was a little kid in elementary school they said there's a coming ice age. And as a young impressionable boy. That kind of frighten me. Well they're using the same tactics with today's school kids who have been for the last. And a decade and a half. About this global warming. And so young people now that are graduating from high school and college are pretty well convinced that it absolutely. Truly is happening. And it's you know they feel like yeah I it's man made and now we need to do some about it. So anything that you bring up that is hey this is gonna help you know. Fight global warming are all for it. Regardless of the cost they don't even factor that didn't manage young people that that are idealistic they don't always factor those things and I think in the big picture. Term. But I can tell you without India and China buying in none of this discussion has any meaning to now. Listen to what George well who someone who I don't agree on everything all the time and I don't tell -- he's in that top tier -- -- there -- Charles Krauthammer and other people that highly respect for their. Level of intelligence and and also mixed with a good level of common sense. The so what George will said yesterday when he was on up Brett -- -- special report. On not the Fox News Channel when they were talking about global warming in this new report coming out in what the president was doing listen to what he says. -- however no evidence for the increase in extreme weather I don't know home on an island South Carolina looking south in the direction of hurricanes and after Katrina I would really interest -- When they said this is a harbinger of increased hurricane activity which sends them has plummeted. Now mr. Holmgren and produced this report has his own record very interesting -- forecasts not to mention Al Gore who in 2008 cent by 2013. For those of you keeping score comments last year the price cap from the North Pole would be gone it's not now. There is as Charles says the policy question is how much wealth we want to spend directly or lost. Production in order to have no discernible or measurable effect on the climate. People say well what about this report there is a sociology. Of science scientists are not saints in the white -- restores marks. They've got interest like everybody else. If you want to tenure track position and academia. Don't question the reigning orthodoxy on climate change if you want money from the biggest source from direct we search in this country the federal government. Don't question it's orthodoxy. If you wanna get along with your peers. Conform to peer pressure. This is what's happened. This is exactly what's happening. And somebody like a George will if that kind of information is presented to those who were left of center pushing the president's agenda. It would be called delusional. Now people on the left might now like George will and his take on a lot of things. But I think it would be quite a stretch to consider a person like dad to be delusional. Charles Krauthammer. Echoes many of the same things -- George will talked about as well. Or Sanofi -- -- or came up with his own stuff on his own but very similar takes on this global warming idea. Is he delusional. It by the way a psychiatrist by trade. Is he delusional. He might be able to self diagnose. This is a frightening. Path in which the president and others of the far left progressive agenda have put -- -- This path will lead us. To economic devastation. And the sad part about it is you won't have any impact on temperatures. On the earth. Without buy in from India and China and even -- we still can't be certain -- it will have an impact and even men. We're not even certain based on. The United States scientists own data. That will have that we need to have an impact because the global temperature has not increased. In fourteen years now. So you have to factor all of these things in George will touched on. What will that cost to beat. You could bankrupt. America you could bankrupt Americans. And still not hand out a measurable impact especially if you cannot goodbye and from India and China. I'll tell you what you get India and China to get serious. And then I might actually go along for arrive. But let's see if you can get them to be serious first. And I highly doubt you can do that. In the meantime any scheme that this government comes up with is going to be about wealth redistribution. Making power more expensive for all of us in crippling the American economy that's all you're gonna accomplish. 715. On the Bob -- That this this agenda is so. You know. All encompassing for the left I mean you really put all their marbles in this one little bag denied. In my opinion they did and it's the wrong bag. What's -- you coming up next brought you by Florida pest control the only -- taking a controller litter bugs. Call now 8779759825. Here tuned to the Bob Rose show on news talk. 97.3 this guy. Bearing down just -- almost got -- You're sort of got my wife wants budget year we've got to stand up and we're gonna take your country back. Now he's 77 W sky talk brought to you by Florida pest control 97.3. This guy. 711 on the club pros -- They both taking control or litter bugs blond -- outlook for revenue -- give me -- call right now. -- lines are -- 877. 9759825. Good morning Ed what's bugging you. Bob that global warming it's just one more warfare that they've done they've done class warfare gender warfare now I believe this is generational warfare. You tell yourself they get the idealistic young people to start complaining you all people you -- new year you destroyed it for us. And they forget that these old people are the ones that had through their hard work effort entrepreneurship. Have given them and provided for them all the benefits that they have. And they're turn one generation against another Bob. There are many ways to control people that fear. Fear is a great motivate her and it is. It is easier to manipulate people who -- -- And that's what they do they create this fear and panic type scenario and in the people fall for anything because therein comes the sense of like I said panic. And then they will do whatever desperation. And they say boat just let's just do this cap and trade thing -- just do this carbon thing and you know try to get us on the right track. When all it is is there a giant scam it really is a wealth redistribution scam and it's not just from the rich to the -- it is from the middle class of America to basically the Chinese and now the folks in India. My get right down to it that's occurring right now even without total by -- John what's bugging neo. Yeah Paula -- I've been hearing you on the real world report warming distribute our daily lives. You're looking to really get -- have to write our lives are being disrupted Google the global warming. Go to public a -- -- does structural politicians in Washington. -- -- -- -- -- and one of the reasons why they're able to get away with their dysfunction one of the reasons is because. The American press in the media the ABC NBC CBS is of the world they don't want to report. In an honest. An actionable way. Unless. Unless it's fair it's very agenda look. They've done numerous studies out -- file this for a long time. Most people in the newsroom left of center. Most people. Are left of center they'll call themselves independent but if you go any further into detail you'll find out that most of them are left of center. Now. They've typically had that kind of advantage for awhile now so why would it be so evident well I think probably starting about twenty years ago. Is when you saw that and I don't know if it was because the way things were taught in journalism schools and in nine universities around the country. But it went from hey I've got my personal views but but -- data the door because out here and a reporter who what when where why. Get the news out to the information out. You know make it tough interview for no matter who that person is. That's my. Now it's turn to what can I -- As a journalist I do I do have some control I can make a difference. So they do it out of being idealistic. But what they don't realize is. You're just getting sucked did you're not part of the watchdog. Group that you were supposed to be and that's that becomes dangerous. You know once anybody any. You know entity controls the media and the information flow to the people. That things happen. After that not sometimes every time John -- on the Bob Rochelle is by radio. Don't believe me -- hypocrite like. -- Olympic amateur I'll help out our other people who all the water cracked the corporate -- wives are now pretending to care much about or lives which what the tragedy but it went really got -- look back typically the other odd that people like them all the way. Well you know. When we're gonna look back at it I would save dad Saddam. You know the ten year the twenty year and a fifty year mark would be fair. And then we'll judge in will say. What happened in Iraq was very painful we gave up a lot of blood and treasure will we be able to say but look. We started something that was rare in the Middle East other than Israel. You know Iraq had had some semblance of a democratic society where. Fifty million people basically. Found some level of freedom that they never enjoyed before and south government. So I don't think -- it is over yet whether we can. Say case closed it was a failure or not to be honest to India. And sell and that is a separate issue from what went on in -- Ghazi but I know people like to lump that together or bring up that stuff -- as a diversionary tactic because you're so sensitive to what happened in -- Gaza im glad you're sensitive to it now don't be so defensive about it. Or. Yes suck more than -- what -- me -- people have not being. Invested in this country and take from this country get to vote. Yeah and I've talked about that before now I don't know what the remedy as a man I've brought up pay I think maybe somebody should have to be a you have to be you have to have a job. Or at least somebody in your family and other were to be a stay at home mom and still get a vote I've talked about that people Sony can't do that that's class warfare that's this that's that. And I said what about being a property owner Ernie said the same thing. But it is interesting that a lot of people who don't have any investment. Are given the ability to make choices the same as everybody else when the everybody also be the people that would have to pay for. I mean let's get a good begin don't give me give me a vote around a round table where in now. I'm million on the poor sky at the table. And let's all agree that the company that I work for you know will -- everybody -- -- car. 50000 dollar sports car. I don't have to pay for -- could also look for it. In now is it coming out of my paycheck now absolutely not Bobby make less and everybody else series with the rest of the afield -- end up paying for OK now both -- UCL easy that is no I agree with -- but I don't know what the answer is. We can't even get the Democrats do agree that a photo ID is a good idea. To make sure that are you know voting system at least maintain some level of credibility. They they think that's people are put upon for that which of course is are absolutely absurd on every level. 728 on the Bob Rochelle thanks so much for contributing to what's bug any abruptly by Florida pest control it would bugs AK controller litter box. Sky rise will remain open. And we've got a lot more coming up I haven't even have to have even scratched the surface somebody brought -- Ben Ghazi. So about that little -- coming up on news talk 97 point -- guys. It's Sean had a Hannity at 3 o'clock you're Smart you're stimulating afternoon talk some people are so don't I'm -- seven point three. The sky. This segment is brought to you by the king insurance. Big issues little issues local issues. National issues got it on at all. And I share with you right now hey welcome back to the Bob Rochelle at 739. I've got circus so lady kick off may taxed globe. To 72881. Right now today's code -- his glove. To when a pair of tickets -- circus LA's Michael Jackson immortal tour these are good tickets. Expensive show I mean you know listen nice prize when trying to -- and heading to the O'Connell senate next week Tuesday and Wednesday. -- -- not 45 find out who won but text the word glove. To seven to 81 message and data rates apply. Number of overall traffic tickets declining. This from Ocala dot com. Number of overall traffic tickets issued by Marion County law enforcement officials declined from 2012 to 2013. Is on pace to drop again this year. The number of one type of tickets beating actually increased. But speeding citations are also turning down so far -- fourteen. I so what do you think that it is the economy I think would play a role in that. I met people don't want their insurance rates to go up they can't really afford that the cost of traffic ticket is very high they can't afford that. So maybe eight. That has been somewhat of a cause and effect possibly. -- about gas prices. Natural -- gas because you watched gauge moving to cry like a baby like idea when I'm driving the V ten F 250 this like a whiny little baby land. I want to isolate -- and a -- day and now now it's it's a delusional day. -- the same kind of delusion I suffer from when I talk about Ben Ghazi the IRS fast and furious global warming -- delusion so I don't usually think sometime tonight you know have money. I trump on aghast he feels so good but I don't do a very often. And hence maybe other people don't as well and that could be a contributor to why overall traffic tickets have been declining. Maybe one of it is texting. Now. People are sitting at the light and they're texting so. They're not getting frustrated as much as they used to in traffic because now we have some to do to occupy their little minds. I know I'm I'm guilty of it too. Sometimes. I'm not actually well China to taxed at a red light in now sometimes you do the always known some was texting. Because -- turn green and are still sitting there. And I don't like on the warning don't wanna live in a society where everybody's a warm -- orcas island of doing something stupid someday to somebody who does that so I don't do it to other people I mean there comes a point -- yeah I -- him little to -- wake him up but it's not like potentially. Okay yeah. I've had some people do that and I can tell you it doesn't make me move faster. I've accidentally slipped it into reverse a couple of times in fact. You don't beat your one -- me. The least of your troubles will be when I opened the hoods. And disconnect your world. Don't beat me if I wanna be -- -- -- live in New York if you wanna -- -- live in New York. Do we understand each other good. -- -- economy gas prices and texting. Maybe that's why people are getting tickets are not driving as fast. But unfortunately I don't think they're paying as much attention either. -- State road 200 -- an issue. And highway for 41 to two of the big issues in Marion County in terms of speed etc. Now. They don't write. A lot of tickets. For folks that are -- ten and under over the speed limit. On the on the interstate especially right anyone cited for going five miles an hour over the speed limit in -- schools now. The sign on an eighty bucks -- -- twenty miles an hour and a schools only pay 350 bucks you know but that's one area where I go. Let's pay attention folks there's the sign there's a little kids. Shut your pie hole put your phone down. Don't violate the speed limit or the school's own slowdown pay attention. That's where I'm totally 100% on board and they were talking law enforcement and stuff like that in -- -- Drivers -- get tickets typically are not traveling at ten miles an hour or even eleven miles an hour over the speed limit. More like fifteen or -- money over and officers cannot ignore that. Is that reasonable. Yeah I think it has. And it is. I mean are you really are they in trapping -- is it -- speed trap if you're doing twenty over the speed limit even if a cop hiding. I mean really you're doing twenty over and you honestly don't think you deserve a ticket. I mean that's a little much isn't that. But sometimes in some jurisdictions depending on a cop the mood whatever their call was that day about a sergeant sending him amount or whatever. You know now. I guess it just bothers me that you know they're hiding out. On -- Sunday midmorning catching people going to or from church or breakfast or something. And it's a beautiful day. Not heavy traffic and they're hiding out looking for somebody doing a little bit over and that's I find the nearest tenth. Land that you see people in bad weather driving without their headlights on if they were doing both and I delivered it. Those are now right a lot of tickets to the -- who will not turn their headlights on even other windshield wipers are flop flop flop in the rain away. I don't feel better. Let's move -- Or take a break let's tease ahead jag was Steve's dad. Let's tease the next segment. Great nose for GRU customers. Are you rates are not the highest in the state. I'll tell you what the -- means next on -- Rochelle 745 news talk 97.3 this guy. Liberals are babies the first few words at about true liberals malware attacks in Spain we exist sixty to their DNA on 97. Point three. The sky. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I did a great news Korea I run around saying this delusional. I've been delusional in the statement I made that GR -- highest. Energy cost in the state. Well how I'm slapping myself I feel so bad for lying to my listeners. -- -- Let me straighten it out for the record. Dismal has the second highest. Energy usage in a state if you only use a thousand kilowatt hours. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you're probably exceeding a thousand kilowatt hours. I'll do so Jeff Foxworthy thing. If EU rule. Have a Smartphone. You probably exceeding a thousand kilowatt hours. -- all have a water heater uses electricity. And probably exceeding a thousand kilowatt hours. -- get my point. In recent months Gainesville regional utilities is that one of the highest. But not the highest residential electric rates interesting for thousand kilowatt hours usage level typically used. As an industry measuring stick. Do we need to know all what the industry measuring stick yes. Could it be that this so called a measuring stick. Is also very convenient. Number. Because that keeps you within that realm of the lowest -- year. Lowest tier when it comes to your electric rate. When I mean -- lowest tier that means if you use more than a thousand kilowatt hours. That puts you into -- number two. Which make sure bill go up substantially. God forbid did you -- mark compound like evil Bob Rose. And you'll five adults listening. In that house enact compound. What does he lowered swarming pool. You're in that third tier and here evil in your carbon footprint. Is bigger than big sports. So -- thousand kilowatt hour measuring stick is really -- Not a good measuring stick in games that hole a lot of users. Are. Young people. Live in apartment one or two in an apartment apartments are small they tend to be somewhat energy efficient. You have some retired seniors that live in the area. They don't use a lot of electricity. You know you've -- their house they refused put on the air conditioning because they're not hot. Because when you reach 85 years old apparently. Com. It could be 97 degrees out you won't feel. All right. So. Really you're gonna write an entire article an offense Chris Chris curry doing a good job here. But you're writing an article to make sure the people now OK okay. A -- off TRU. They don't have the highest rates somebody else does but only when he used -- thousand kilowatt hour measuring stick. Sumter County municipality of bush now have the highest rates for thousand kilowatt hour usage in -- 14305. Jerry was the second highs at 13915. But see the bush now there's. There's no money there are so they can't read distribute the energy bills like they -- in Gainesville you see how that's done. So when you go to the higher tiers. You pay a lot more a lot more. And you know they they've constantly putting out this stuffed him try to make themselves look better than they do. And it's atrocious. And it's not the folks that worked at -- you it is not their fault not taken out on them. They take their marching orders from the city of Gainesville in the city commissioners. Guide that's why elections are important may have consequences. -- steal money right out your paycheck on a regular basis. If you don't make your appropriate decisions come voting day much in a city of Gainesville was about what. 15% of the registered voters making the decisions. For everyone else. 755 and above Rochelle wanna come news talk 97.3. This guy.